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The Aftermath

Chapter 14, The Aftermath

As the Nightmares disappeared from sight through the skylight, North came up to the controls of the globe. He gazed down over the workshop, where he saw the Yeti's and Elves picking up the toys that the Nightmares had destroyed. Many of the yetis had a look of awe and contempt, seeing the toys they had worked so hard on be destroyed. He bowed his head, narrowing his eyes as he sighed. While Christmas was many months away, the sight of all the toys destroyed brought a feeling of distraught. Much like how Tooth and Bunny had felt when Pitch had tried to destroy all they had made.

Tooth, Sandy and Bunny came up to North. They placed their hands over his shoulders, comforting him. North glanced back to him, nodding his head. He then glanced down below, where the sight of Jack and Elsa caught the big eyes of the burly man of Joy.

Down below, Jack and Elsa walked along through the workshop. Jack paused for a moment, frowning as he lowered his staff to his side. The sight of the toys all destroyed and workshop in ruins, the Fifth Guardian of Childhood was left with a feeling of both saddened and angered at what Pitch had done. Just like how he had done to Sandy, Tooth and Bunny, he had tried to destroy Children's belief in him.

"They were after the toys!" he said, glancing to the side, uttering a angered groaning as he clinched his fist.

Elsa came up next to him, gazing down at the toys that laid broken over the floor. She glanced up where she saw a yeti picked up a small doll he had made for some little girl, it the came apart in his hand which caused him to sigh and narrow his head. Another yeti came up to him and patted him over the shoulder.

She frowned as she came up to them.

"Here." she said.

She twirled her left hand as her powers swept up the pieces of the doll. They them came to the body of the doll, stretching them back over it. The Yeti gasped in awe, holding up the doll. He glanced up at the Snow Queen, nodding his head to, saying thank you in a muffled mumble.

Elsa smiled, nodding his head to him.

"Your welcome." she said.

She the turned, glancing down at the other broken toys that littered the floor of the workshop. She shook her head in confusion.

"I don't understand," Elsa said, glancing to him.

"Why would they destroy toys?"

"Because they bring joy to children," He insisted to her.

"It's the one thing that North brings to the Children every Christmas."

Elsa squinted her eyes, turning to Jack.

"Your talking about Santa Claus." she said.

Jack glanced to her, nodding his head.

"Yep, that's him," she insisted to her.

"We call him North."

It was right at that moment they head voices from above.


Then turned and glanced back and saw Tooth and Sandy descending from above.

"Tooth, Sandy!" Jack said.

Tooth then glanced to Elsa, where she then gasped in awe.

"Oh, you must be Elsa!" she said, zipping up to her.

"We've heard so much about you!"

Elsa gazed up at Tooth with a wide eyes expression at the sight of the winged fairy.

"Um... hello." she greeted her.

It was the sight of Elsa's teeth that Tooth smiled in awe.

"Oh my gosh," she said.

"You teeth! They look just like Jack's!"

Tooth's fairies came up to her, squealing in excitement. Elsa of which smiled at how cute they looked. Jack came up next to Elsa, who glanced to him, curiously.

"El, meet the Tooth Fairy." Jack said.

"You can just call me Tooth." Tooth said, holding up her hand to her.

Jack glanced over at Sandy.

"And this is Sandy," He said.

"All the pleasant dreams you've had over the years, those were all him."

Sandy nodded to her, tipping a golden sand hat to her.

"He doesn't take much." Jack insisted to her.


Jack and Elsa then turned where they saw the lift descend from above. As they set down over the ground, North kicked open the gate as he and Bunny came off the lift.

"North!" Jack said.

North came up to him and Elsa. Despite all that had happened within his workshop, it was the sight of the snow Queen that brought a look of awe over his face. As if he had seen someone who he hadn't see for so long. He came up to her.

"Elsa?" North said, squinting his eyes.

"Can it really be?"

Elsa turned to the white bearded man, of whom she assumed was Santa himself. Though needless to say, his appearance was not at all what she had expected he would look like. Santa was always said to be a big jolly man with a long white beard. While he seemed to fit most of that description, she never imagined him to be a tall, muscular man wielding two swords within his hands.

"I am," Elsa proclaimed to him

"Are you really Santa?"

North smiled as he nodded to her.

"It's been some time, no?" North insisted.

"You have not changed one bit."

Elsa nodded her head in agreement. While it was that she had never met Santa in person, it did indeed feel as if she had just met an old friends that she hadn't seen in years.

"Hate to break up this little reunion here, North," Bunny said, stepping in.

"But think we need to talk about the fact that Pitch is back. I mean, he could go after any one of us next."

Tooth gasped, covering her mouth with both her hands. She remembered too well what had happened last year, when Pitched had tried to kidnapped all her fairies and had tried to make the children stope believing in her. She glanced down at Sandy, who had that same look of concern.

Elsa turned back to Jack, curiously.

"What's going on?" Elsa asked, curiously.

Jack glanced to North, who looked at him. He then nodded his head, knowing that they needed to show her.

Elsa stepped up over the balcony, gazing up at the Globe that was covered with solid ice. The sight alone caused her to squint her eyes in contempt, reminding her of the incident long ago. When she had lost control of her powers and almost condemned her kingdom to an eternal winter. Jack came up next to her looking up at the globe. Elsa shook her head.

"I don't understand," She said, glancing to Jack.

"Did... I do this?"

Jack glanced down to her.

"We... we think it might be a warning." Jack insisted to her.

Elsa squinted her eyes to him.

"A warning?" Elsa asked, glancing back at North and the other Guardians

"From Man in Moon," North insisted to her.

"He thinks that you might be in danger. And if your in danger, so are all the children of the world."

"And now we know what Danger he was talking about." Bunny said.

"Pitch." Jack said.

Elsa turned back to Jack.

"The man in Black?" she asked, curiously.

"Who is he?

"He's the Boogieman." Bunny claimed, twirling his boomerang in his hand.

"He brings Nightmares to all the Children and gains power from their fears."

"He gains power from children's fears?" Elsa asked, curiously.

Jack nodded his head to her.

"We banished him long ago," North claimed to her.

"And we did so again when he returned. But Now he has returned once more, more powerful then before."

She thought back to what he had said to her earlier. She narrowed her head, glancing down at the palms of her hands. The voice of Pitched echoed from within his mind, saying the exact words she had heard him said to her.

"Your fear had given me power all those years ago."

She had also heard him say what happened long ago. When she had frozen over her Kingdom with her powers. And now by the looks of the globe, it seemed to be happening again. Could she truly be the one that was giving him power with his fear?

"So, this is all because of me?" Elsa said, glancing to Jack with that of guilt and sadness in her eyes.

Jack felt his heart break at the sight. Elsa cupped her hands together, narrowing her head as she turned away. She could hardly bear the thought that she would be hurting others, children no less. Jack shook his head, unwilling to believe any of what she had said. She came up to her, placing his hand over her shoulder, turning her to face her.

"No, that's not true, El." He insisted to her.

"None of this is your fault. And we're not going to let anything happen to you."

Elsa stared up at Jack in awe. The determined look he expressed to her and the words he said touched the heart of the snow queen. Just as her sister stood by her long ago, even after all she had done, so too did Jack and his friends.

"It is our job to protect the children of the world," North proclaimed.

"But will guard you as well, Elsa."

Elsa smiled to them, nodding her head.

"Thank you." She said, turning back up at Jack.

A sight which had not gone unnoticed by the Guardians, North most notably, who raised an eye brow to them. Bunny leaned in toward Tooth and North.

"Uh, what's going on?" He said, pointing to them.

North didn't answer him. Only holding out his hand to Bunny, staring in realization at the two winter. Seeing the way they looked at one another, North could see it. Jack had figured it out. Even if he may not know it.

Jack glanced back to North and the other Guardians.

"We need to find Pitch." Jack proclaimed to them.

North held out his hand to Jack, stopping him in his tracks. He then shook his head.

"Not you, Jack," North insisted to him.

"Or you, Elsa. We'll handle Pitch."

Jack glanced up at North, squinting his eyes.

"What?" Jack asked, curiously.

"We need you to stay here and protect Elsa." North insisted to him.

Jack shook his head, confused at what North was telling him. A look that North knew he had to bring to understand. For there was a reason as to why and it was one he did not get to tell Jack before he had taken off. He glanced up to Elsa, raising a finger to her.

"Excuse us one moment." He said to her.

Elsa nodded her head.

"Okay." She said.

North pushed opened the door as he walked into his office as Jack followed suit.

"North, I don't understand," Jack said.

"You guys need me out there. And Elsa can handle herself. Why wouldn't you guys want us to come with you?"

"It's not about that, Jack." North insisted.

Jack paused for a moment, glancing to North, curiously.

"Then what is it?" Jack asked, curiously.

North turned to faced the window, placing his large hands over his hips. He then narrowed his head.

"There's something that you must know about Elsa." North insisted to him.

North raised his head, glancing back at him.

"Her powers are not like yours," North proclaimed.

"They are tied to her feelings, Jack. And it is fear that causes her to lose control of her powers and endanger all around her."

"Fear?" Jack asked.

North nodded his head. Jack narrowed his head, pondering what North had said. He recalled Pitch saying something similar. It all made sense now. The warning that Manny had gave them was if Elsa lost control of her powers. The reason the town was covered over by snow and the storm from the other night, it was all because of her fear. And that Fear had given way for Pitch to return.

Jack widened his eyes in realization.

"Oh no." Jack said.

"Elsa has lived in fear of her powers since she was a child," North proclaimed to him.

"She and her sister, Anna were playing together one night when she had struck her sister with powers. Since then, Elsa has been separated from her by their parents."

Jack glanced back at North.

"Anna?" Jack said.

Jack cocked his head. He remembered Elsa saying that name from the Night before. When Pitch had tainted her dreams with his black sand, turning it to a nightmare which caused that storm.

"I heard Elsa say that name the other night," Jack claimed to him.

"She's her sister?"

North nodded his head.

"Yes." North said.

"It was the fear of hurting her sister that caused her to lose control of her powers."

Jack narrowed his head.

"If Fear was what made her lose control, what helps her control them?" Jack asked, curiously.

North glanced to him, raising an eye brow as her smirked.

"I believe that you may have already figured out." North insisted, curiously.

Jack glanced up at North, curiously. He narrowed his head, pondering what he meant by that. When it was then he recalled something that Pitch had said earlier. Something that Anna may have figured out long ago... Love.

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