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Tale of two Sisters

Chapter 1, The tale of two Sisters.

"Jamie!" Mrs Bennett called from their driveway.

"Come on, it's almost time for school!"

"Coming mom!"

Not a moment later Jamie ran out the front door of their house, shrugging his backpack onto his shoulders. He was filled with such anticipation for the day ahead, most notably after school, for today he was going to get to fly the new kite which he had bought from the store the day before. He couldn't wait to tell his friends at school and had high expectation for them to come and fly it with him. The nine year old ran across the porch and down the ramp to the driveway. He came around the car to his mother, who was setting his younger sister down in her seat in the back.

"I'm ready." The boy said.

His mother backed out from the open car door and turned to him. It was then that she smirked amusingly when she saw that Jamie was wearing his winter cap.

"I think it's a bit too warm to be wearing that hat today, don't you think?" She asked.

"Huh?" Jamie asked, curiously.

Jamie reached up and pulled the winter cap off from his head. When he saw that it was his winter cap, the boy gazed in realization.

"Oh." He said.

"Are you expecting it to snow today?" His mother joked, taking the cap from the boy.

His mothers theorization did have some matter of truth to it. Needless to say that winter was very much still present within the boy's mind, especially after the one they had this year. It was when recently declared guardian of the children, Jack Frost came to town to bring yet another winter to Burgess. What followed were entire months which were all filled with days of fun and joy for the children in town and far beyond. From snow ball fights to sledding down hills, Jack always came to being such a new way of experience to it all. One of which could never be forgotten by Jamie and wished that it didn't have to end the way it inevitably did.

"No." Jamie said.

"Come on, get in." His mother said.

"You don't wanna be late for school."

"Okay." Jamie said, turning to the passenger side door of the car.

Jamie opened the door and climbed into the car before he slammed it shut behind him. It was after pulling the seat belt over himself and strapping in that he then gazed out the passenger side window to the street outside. Though he mostly looked upon the very spot which he had seen the guardians in what had been their most desperate of times, when all the children were starting lose their belief in them, what Jamie had almost done himself. It was upon that same night that he and hid friends had stood up for them against Pitch and helped defeat him. He always remembered that night and the promise he made to Jack. Though their was a small part of him that wished he could see them again.

The school bell had run, signifying what was to be another day of school. Jamie walked in through the doorway of his classroom where he saw his friends, Pippa, Monty, Claude, Caleb and Cupcake sitting together in a straight row of desks. All to eager to tell them of his new kite, Jamie jotted over toward the row of desks which they had been assigned to.

"Hey guys!" Jamie said as he went down the isle to his desk behind Pippa's.

"Hey Jamie." Claude said.

Jamie took off his backpack as he sat down in his desk.

"Guess what?"

"What is it?" Monty said, readjusting his glasses.

"I just got this cool new kite last night." Jamie explained.

"It's looks like this cool dragon and it's got these big wings and stuff."

"Really?" Monty asked curiously.

Jamie nodded his head.

"Ahuh!" Jamie said.

"I'm going to fly it after school, you guys got to come over and see it!"

Claude looked back at his brother, both frowning to each other.

"That's awesome, Jamie." Claude said, turning back to Jamie.

"But we can't."

"Yeah, our mom and dad is having everyone over today." Caleb added on.

Jamie then looked forward to Pippa and Monty.

"Pippa?" Jamie asked, curiously.

"Sorry, Jamie, I can't either." She said.

Monty shook his head no.

"Uhh... I can't either, Jamie." He said.


Jamie frowned with the complete disappointment that his expectation of his response, was not met with the one he wanted to hear. He had such high hopes they would all be together in his backyard when he would take his new kite for it's first flight. But such a wish could not be so. Though this wouldn't be the first time that he had to play on his own, it has been going on a lot since winter had ended and Jack had left Burgess. It seemed that everyone just couldn't come and play at time, at least some of them couldn't. However it was more times then none had Jamie had to do things they always like to do alone, much like what Jack had endured for nearly three hundred years.

Though he didn't have much time to dwell over it.

They heard the classroom door open in the back. The kids turned and looked back to see a tall man with dark brown hair, wearing a light blue button shirt and black dress pants, caring three books under his arm. He walk passed them through the isle between the row of desks to the left to the front of the class. He came up to he teachers desk and set down his books. .

"Good morning, class." He said, before he walked over to the chalk board and wrote down the name, Mr. Fredrick with one of the thin pieces that laid on the dash below.

He then turned back to face the class, dusting the chalk off his hands.

"My name is Mr. Fredrick and I shall be substituting for Mr. Fredrick today. Your teacher has given me a list of things which he wants us to do today, so if we can get through today without any trouble, I'm certain that we'll have a great day together. Now if you can pull out your social text books, we can get started.

The day had proceeded at a rate which many would consider to be very quick, many of the usual lessons which consist of an average school day. It was now the seventh and final period and the class was now in the middle of their math session. The room was in a complete and silent atmosphere as the kids focused on writing down the equations which were written down upon the board. All the while, Jamie sat in his desk, hunched over his math notebook as he wrote upon the open page. Although it wasn't the equations that were written upon his page, rather he drew a picture of something that happened over their long winter break.

It was him, Pippa, Monty, Caleb, Claude and Cupcake sitting on a toboggan as they were sliding down a snow covered hill. All the while, Jack was flying right in front of them, creating an iced covered path with his powers as he lead them from there and all the way through town. It was one of the most fundamental days of their winter break, mainly the park of them going all the way to the town's centre where Jack had taken Jamie before a year ago. Once there they all had a big snow ball fights. The amount of fun that they had were so beyond the norm, it was what came to make Jamie wish that Jack would stay in burgess with them.

The boy gazed down at Jack once he had pulled his pencil away, pondering to himself about his wish of Jack. He looked leftward to the window where he gazed out toward the field. All the way he wondered about the Guardian of fun, why he had to be gone so long and where he was now?

So caught up within his thoughts, he was absentminded to the sounds of footsteps coming from the walkway to his right which grew louder and louder yet suddenly stopped.

"Having trouble with the equations, Mr. Bennett?"

Jamie was snapped back into reality before he turned and saw Mr. Fredrick standing right next to his desk. The man gazed down to the boy's note book and saw noticed the picture which he drew upon the lined sheet of paper.

"What's this?" He asked.

"Uh... nothing." The boy said, struggling to find the words to say.

"May I see it?" He asked.

Jamie nervously nodded his head to Fredrick, who picked the book off the surface of the boy's desk and proceeded to walk over to the front of the class room. As he came to Monty desk he stopped and the looked back to Jamie.

"This must be all five of you on the toboggan." He said as he turned the boy's journal around for him and his friends to see.

"Uh, yeah." Jamie answered.

Fredrick flipped the journal back to face him.

"And who is this in front of you?" He asked, turning the book to face the boy again and pointed at Jack.

"That's Jack." Jamie answered.

"Jack?" Fredrick asked, curiously.

"He a friend of yours?"

Jamie nodded his head to Fredrick.

"Yeah." The boy insisted.

"He's one of our best friends. But we only get to see him when it's winter, cause that's when he makes it snow."

"Makes it snow?" Fredrick asked, curiously.

"Yeah, it's the power that he has." Pippa insisted upon Jamie's claim.

"Jack is the one that brings all the snow and the blizzards."

Fredrick turned back down to the notebook page, sorting the information Jamie and Pippa had said of their friend. Much of the description they made sounded strangely familiar to him, resembling someone that very much like that. Though it wasn't long before the answer came to his mind.

"You know, I seem to recall there being a Jack who does things like that." Fredrick insisted.

"I think they call him... Jack Frost."

"That's him!" Jamie blurted out.

"Jack Frost!"

"He's your friend?"

It was just Jamie who came to answer Fredrick's question, but the entire class came to speak up.

"Jack comes to Burgess during the winter." Pippa joined in.

"We all play together at the park."

"Yeah, like we had all these awesome snow ball fights and he even took us tobogganing all through town."

The five friends of which came to speak out how it went, when Jack created the ice trail they went on. They slid all through the streets, twisting and turning as they passed by every car and the people they came by. They went all they way to the town centre where Jack made a ramp like he did with Jamie and they all crashed together into a bank of snow. As the kids all came to describe their winter experience, it became all too much for Fredrick to comprehend.

"My, my, my." He said, trying to ease the kids.

"That must have been quiet the tobogganing experience you all had, it all sounds very intriguing."

There was then a moments pause as he once again looked down upon Jamie's Drawing, pondering for a moment of all he had been told.

"In fact... this sounds a lot like an old folk lore I was told when I you age."

"A folklore, Mr. Fredrick?" Pippa asked, curiously.

Fredrick nodded his head.

"Yes, Miss Pippa." Fredrick insisted.

"It's one which has been passed down through the generations in my home country of Norway and it tells of a place who often have the kind of fun you have in winter."

Hearing his teacher, Jamie's attentions was immediately grasped by Fredrick's statement. His young curiosity at this point had full power over him and so too was the eagerness to hear of the tale. Was there really a place that had the winters much like the ones of their own home town? He had to know the answers which lied hidden within the tale.

"Can we hear it?" Jamie blurted out.

Fredrick grinned before turned and walked over to Mr. Issyk's desk, setting down Jamie's notebook before he faced back to the class.

Well... have any of you every heard of a place called Arrendelle?" Fredrick asked, curiously.

The reaction of the class that followed after was the one he expected from them, that being of complete confusion and curiousness. It was needless to say that none of them were ever familiar of the place he mention. Although he wouldn't expected for any other answer then that.

"Well that is very much understandable." Fredrick explained.

"It isn't exactly a place which is still around today. It was once a kingdom in the western part of Norway long ago back in the mid eighteen hundreds, where the people all experience winter the way you all do with Jack Frost. And not just in the winter, but also the spring, summer and fall as well."

"Really?" Jamie asked.

"Yes." Fredrick answered.

"You see, Jack Frost wasn't the only one who had the power to make it snow. Would you believe me if I said that there was someone else who had the same ability as him?"

The kids all looked to one another, all so curious that there was someone else with the same powers as Jack. Though none of them were left in such a manner of thinking then that of Jamie. It was at this point that Jamie's curiosity had spiked ever so, eager to know about the one who had the powers Jack had.

"Well it's true." Fredrick continued.

"Long ago in the kingdom of Arrendelle, there was once a princess of the royal family named Elsa who was born with the powers of snow and ice and much like how you said Jack shares his powers with you, she did the same with her younger sister, Anna. They were all known to be very close to one another, they would often use her powers to have fun and they would always play together within the castle. That was until one night when they were in the ball room that Elsa had accidently struck her sister with her powers."

"Did she die?" Jamie asked.

Fredrick shock his head.

"Thankfully no." He said.

"Her family had found her help far into the mountains by a troll who was said to be mystic healer. He saved Anna by removing the memories she had of her sister's powers. However since the accident their parents the king and queen had come to separate the two, hoping to keep them both safe from danger."

Jamie was taken back upon hearing his teacher, running the thought of what happened to the two sisters through his young mind. He felt a ping of sympathy for them, having to be separated from each other and at such a young age."

"For many years the two were kept away from one another, torn apart by the fear of Elsa's powers. That was until the day of Elsa's coronation as queen did the sisters ever come back together. You see, it was during the party after Elsa had been crowned her powers accidently exposed to her people which in turn had placed an eternal winter upon the kingdom. Elsa had then exiled herself far into the mountains and it was Anna who pursued after her. She found her at the North mountain where Elsa had created a castle of ice."

Fredrick turned to the calk board and wiped away the equations her wrote. After of which he drew the castle of ice which Elsa had made with her powers upon the Mountain which stood North of the Kingdom.

"Cool!" Jamie said.

Fredrick set down the chalk down and turned back to face the class.

"Anna tried convincing Elsa to return and undo the winter placed Upon Arrendelle, but Elsa was far from convincing. She had accidently struck Anna in the heart by her powers, placing her in more greater danger then she was in before. It was soon after that Elsa was captured by a search party from the kingdom and was taken back to the kingdom, where she was soon to be executed by one who sought to take the throne. But before he could have a chance, it was Anna that had come to step in and save her sister and together they both lifted the curse of the eternal winter from the love they had for one another. You see, it was love that could thaw a frozen heart. That's a lesson I took from this tale and it's the one that the queen herself took as well. She began to share her powers with her people all through the time of her reign... and even many decades after."

"Decades after?" Pippa asked, curiously.

"Indeed." Fredrick said.

"Many have come to say that Elsa may still be around to this day, some have claimed to have seen the things they said she did with her powers. They say that if you believe in her you could see her for yourself."

That had all come to convince Jamie's interest to arise and blossom into something much stronger then before. The thoughts and questions all ran through his head like a streaming river that cut it's way through the woods. Could she be real like Jack? Could there be another who had the power to make it snow? The very idea was exciting enough as it is.

"She's real?" The boy asked with such glee.

"Perhaps." Fredrick said.

"If you believe it I suppose."

"Do you believe in her?" Jamie asked curiously.

The children all glanced toward Fredrick, curious of what his answer might be. However nothing was to follow after in regards to the boy's question, rather the man stood silent for the moment to follow. The children waited for his answer until the moment of silence which was expected to be broken by his answer was instead broken by the ringing of the school bell. Instantly the class closed their books and began packing up.

"Good work today." Fredrick complemented, turning to Fredrick's desk.

"Enjoy your weekend."

As Jamie finished zipping up his backpack, he was approached by Fredrick after he stood up out of his desk.

"Thank you, Mr. Bennett." He said, handing him back his note book.

Jamie took back his book and set it inside his backpack before Fredrick turned and began walking away.

"Wait, Mr. Fredrick?" The boy said.

"Yes?" He said as he stopped and looked back to Jamie.

"Do you believe in Elsa?" He asked again.

Fredrick turned to face Jamie, looking as if he was going to say something. Though there was not a single word to be said, rather he then turned and walked back to the front of the classroom.

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