Kingdom Hearts: The Journey Home @mbcarver
Chapter 3

The currents of the tide washed over the beaches of the island before being pulled back out to sea. Elsa stood along the sandy beach. She gazed curiously out over the deserted island of which the portal had brought her to.

"Where am I?" Elsa said, cocking her head to the side.

"This doesn't look like Korada."

It was right at that moment she heard a strange warping sound from behind. She then glanced back and saw the portal that had brought her to this island began to disburse.

"Wait..." she said, reaching out her hand.


She quickly rushed back to the portal. Only for it to disburse and disappear into thin air. Elsa paused there with a look of shock and disbelief. Her only way back had disappeared before her eyes. Leaving her stranded on this deserted island. Elsa lowered her hand to her side. How was she suppose to get home now?

She then glanced back at the island. Upon looking back at her surroundings, it became apparent that the island may not be a deserted as she had first thought. There were several wooden structures around the island. Such as the small dock behind here and the shack that stood several feet from her.

Along with a wood bridge that connected to a small island. She then gazed up to the large tree off to her left, where she saw a makeshift tree house built in to the tree. It must mean that there are others here as well. Maybe they would be able to help her get to Korada. Or at the very least help her get back to Arendelle. But there was no one else in sight. Could they be hiding?

"Hello?!" she called out.

"Is there anyone there?"

But there was no answer. Only the sounds of the tides and the seagulls which flew over head. Elsa made her way toward the waterfall.

"I don't mean any harm," she insisted.

"I'm lost."

There was a sudden wooden clank as she felt her foot hit something. She glanced down where she saw a toy sword laying over the sand. Elsa kneeled down and picked up to sword in her hand. It must belong to a child. She glanced up at the treehouse above, scanning the high treetops.

"Please, I'm not here to harm any of you." She insisted.

But even still, the pleads of the Snow Queen had gone unanswered. Only met with the rustling of the trees at the gust of the tropical winds. Elsa sighed, seeing how hopeless it seemed to be. She then narrowed her head before glanced over at the small pool of water that stood under the water fall. She came up the wood ramp where she came before the small pool of water. She then kneeled down, scooping some of the water into her palms. She then splashed it over her face, moaning. She then placed both hands over the sides of the pool, when suddenly ice began to spread from her hands and spread over the pool of water.

Elsa gasped, lifting up her hands.

"No, no, no!" she said, glancing down at her hands.

Elsa took a deep breath, trying to calm herself.

"Calm down, Elsa," she said to herself.

"Just take a breath."

Elsa took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, calming her nerves. Unaware of the figure standing in the mouth of the cave nearby, gazing to her. Elsa glanced to the side, when she the caught sight of the small cave, where she saw someone standing there, looking back at her. Elsa then stood up as she turned to the figure shrouded in the cave's shadows.

"Hello?" she said.

"Is someone there?"

Slowly she came around the pond as she approached the cave. She came up over the ledge, where she turned to face the small cave. Looking down at the figure, it became apparent to Elsa that it was a child.

"It's okay." she reassured the child.

"I'm not going to hurt you."

Before she could get close, the child then turned and ran back into the cave.

"Wait, don't go!" she said, reaching out her hand.

She rushed over the cave. She kneeled down and crawled into the mouth of the cave, following after the child.

Making her way through the tunnel, Elsa then emerged into an open space. She then stood up, glancing around the Cave. The walls were of many large boulders stacked atop one another, where tree roots protruding from the narrow openings. At the very end stood a wooden door of some kind. But the child was no where to be seen.

"Hello?" She said.

Elsa walked to the very centre of the cave, where a bright light beamed down from a whole above. The snow queen glanced around the cave, seeing the the walls had drawings over the boulders. When suddenly she heard a sound from behind. The snow queen turned, where she saw what she presumed to be the child she was following slid back behind the corner where they were hiding.

"Wait!" she said, turning to the child.

Elsa came up to where the child was hiding.

"Please, don't be afraid," she reassured them.

"I'm not going to hurt you."

From behind the corner, the child slowly appeared, glancing up at her with big blue eyes. They gazed up at Elsa, nervously.

"Are you one of the monsters?" The child asked.

Elsa squinted her eyes, curiously at the mention of monsters. Could he be referring to the monsters she had seen earlier. Elsa then shook her head.

"No, I'm not a monster." she insisted to him.

But even still, the child hid back behind the corner. Enough to hide themselves while keeping an eye on the snow queen.

"It's okay," Elsa said.

"Don't be afraid. I'm not going to hurt you."

The child slowly peered from behind the corner, gazing up at the Elsa, curiously. Elsa smiled down at the boy, tilting her head to them. As if to try and show the child that she was friendly. The child then emerged from around the corner, stepping into the light. They were then revealed to be a boy no older then five years old. He had spikey brown hair, big blue eyes, wearing a white shirt and red shorts and brown sandals.

The boy gazed up at the snow queen, still seeming nervous. Those big blue eyes gazing up at her with a look of awe and fear. Even when met with Elsa's expression of awe, taken by how cute the boy was. She tilted her head to him. For whatever reason, he almost looked familiar. As if she had seen someone who looked exactly like the boy.

"Well, hello there." Elsa said as she kneeled down to the boy.

"Who are you?" The boy said, nervously.

"I'm Elsa." The Snow queen answered.

"I've never seen you on the island before." The boy insisted him.

"Well, I'm not exactly from here," Elsa insisted to him.

"Lets just say, I come from some place... a little colder."

The boy tilted his head as he raised an eye brow, curiously. Elsa only smiled humorously. He must not know what she meant. Living on a tropical island such as this, they must not get many snow like in Arendelle.

"So what's your name?" Elsa asked, curiously.

"I'm Sora." The boy proclaimed to her.

Elsa squinted her eyes, curiously.

"Sora?" She asked, curiously.

The boy nodded his head to the Snow Queen. All but earning a curious glance from Elsa, who narrowed her eyes. That name. She had heard it somewhere before. The day of her coronation, she met a boy who had saved her from those strange creatures that attacked her. He had the same name as this boy. As a matter of fact, this boy looked almost exactly like him.

Elsa widened her eyes in realization.

"That's right, Sora!" She said.

Sora tilted his head, curiously at the snow queen. Though the look of realization she had then turned to that of confusion. She glanced away, pondering as she shook her head. No, this couldn't be Sora. He was far too young to be Sora. But yet the resemblance was too much of a coincidence.

She then glanced up at Sora, seeing him looking confused at her. Seeming just as confused as she was. It was already clear. to the Snow Queen that he didn't recognize her. This couldn't be the same Sora.

Elsa then shook her head.

"So, Sora, what are you doing here by yourself?" Elsa asked, curiously.

"I was hiding from the monsters." Sora insisted to her.

"Monsters?" Elsa asked, curiously.

"We saw monsters last night," Sora insisted to her.

"My friend, Riku told me to go hide here in our secret place. But he hasn't come find me yet. Have you seen him?"

Elsa shook her head.

"I'm sorry, but I haven't seen him." Elsa said.

Sora frowned. He then narrowed his head, worryingly.

"Hey, don't worry," Elsa said, placing her hand atop his shoulder.

"I'm sure he's somewhere safe."

Sora glanced up to her. Seeing the small boy gazing worryingly up at her, Elsa felt her heart sank in her chest. This poor boy was all alone on this island with nobody else. Those monsters as he said could still be looking for him. She knew that she couldn't just leave him here all by himself.

"Look, I don't know what's going on," Elsa insisted to him.

"But I promise I'll help you find your friend. Do you know where he might be?"

Sora glanced to the side, pondering where Riku could be. He then gasped, turning back to Elsa.

"I know where he is!" Sora proclaimed.

"Come on!"

Sora then ran passed as he came up to the Tunnel.

"Sora, wait!" Elsa said as she followed after him.

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