Kingdom Hearts: The Journey Home @mbcarver
Chapter 1

Master Yen Sid was sitting silently behind his desk. He opened his eyes and saw King Mickey and his two loyal subjects standing at his side.

"I sense a disturbance." Master Yen sin stated.

"As if time itself has been meddled with. The events of the past are being altered."

The king and his two subjects gasped.

"But how can that be?" Mickey said.

Master Yen Sid stroked his long bushy white beard.

"A doorway to the past has been opened. He stated.

"One that I believe the two of you have used before."

The king turned to Donald and Goofy. He hadn't recalled them ever saying that they had traveled back in time before on their adventure. Though they had little time since they had returned to the castle before being summoned once more by Yen Sid.

Donald and Goofy thought for a moment.

"Hmm." Goofy moaned stroking his chin.

Slowly the realization poped into their minds. They gasped and turned to each other.

"The doorway!"

The king raised an eye brow, curiously.


"Back at Hallow Bastion." Goofy explained.

"Maleficent and Pete found a doorway that lead back in time before the castle was built. Pete whent back and tried to smash the cornerstone. But we managed to stop him."

Yen Sid groaned.

"Yes." he said.

"And I'm afraid that same doorway is being used once again. To change the events of your journey."

"But how?" Donald asked, curiously.

Yen Sid was silent for a moment. He had watched and has seen all that was being changed of time. But there was one place in particular that was being altered by who ever was using this door. Far back to the time of master Eraques's students and when Xehanort had but then claimed Terra.

"By preventing the Keyblade's choosing."

The king and his subjects gasped with a look of shock and awe.

"You mean... Sora?!" Goofy exclaimed.

Yen Sid groaned and nodded his head.

"Who would do this?" The King asked.

"It couldn't be the Organization. They needed Sora to collect and create Kingdom Hearts."

"This was not the doing of Organization thirteen." Yen Sid explained.

"I sense the magic of Maleficent is behind this."

"What?!" Goofy and Donald exclaimed.

"Maleficent!" The king said.

"Of course. She's altering the past by preventing Sora and Riku from being chosen."

"We gotta stop her!" Goofy stated.

"Yeah!" Donald agreed.

"I'm afraid we can not interfere." Yen Sid stated.

"What?" Donald said, shocked.

"But why, Master Yen Sin?" The king asked.

"Only one with the purest of Hearts may guard the light from the darkness." Yen Sid said.

"This is to be the destiny of another."

Donald and Goofy glanced curiously at one another.

"Destiny of another?" Donald asked, curiously.

"Purest of Hearts?" Goofy asked, curiously.

"But who?" The King asked.

Elsa folded her dress. She turned and placed it into the open trunk at her side. And as she stood up, Elsa looked out her bedroom window. It was the first day of summer. But she wouldn't be here to enjoy it with her sister. She was preparing for a diplomatic mission to the kingdom of Korada. Korada was far to the North, but a few days. Their king had offered a treaty for their Kingdoms to be trade partners. They could offer Arrendelle the goods it needs. And as Queen of Arendelle, her duty was to her people.

Elsa was to leave today, leaving Anna and Kristoff in charge of the kingdom.

She heard a knock on the door. Elsa turned and saw Anna standing in the doorway.

"Anna." she said.

"Hey, wants some help?" Anna asked.

Elsa smiled to her sister.

"Sure." She said, nodding her head.

Anna walked into room and came up to her.

"So are you sure your gonna be Okay?" Anna asked, curiously.

"I'll be fine, Anna." she insisted.

"It's just gonna be two weeks."

She reached into her wardrobe and took out one of her gowns. She stood there with it in hand, glancing down at the blue dress. Elsa turned to her and saw she looked concerned. Understandable, really. She was leaving her with the entire Kingdom.

"Anna, it's fine" she asked.

"Kai will help you with whatever you need."

"It's not that." Anna said, turning to his sister.

Elsa glanced to Anna.

"I was... just thinking about mama and papa."

Elsa frowned. She remembered what happened to their parents while on their voyage.

"What if the same happens to you," Anna brought up.

"I mean, not the same since your going by carriage and all. But what if you get attack by wolves on your way there? Or a group of bandits or..."

"Anna, Anna." Elsa said as she came up and took her hands.

"It's fine. Nothing going to happen."

Anna took a deep breath and exhaled.

"Okay, Okay..." She said.


Elsa smiled. She took her gown and placed it down in her trunk. She then stood up and turned to her sister.

"It's gonna be alright, Anna." Elsa reassured.

"I'll be fine."

Anna looked to her sister. Taking another calming breath. She knew Elsa was right and that nothing would happened. She would be escorted by the royal guard after all. Not to mention with how well she is able to use her ice powers, she was more then capable of taking care of herself.

There was then another knock on the door.

"Your majesty."

The two sisters looked and saw Kai standing outside in the hallway.

"It's time." He insisted.

Elsa and Anna walked along the castle bridge with Kristoff, Olaf and Sven. The last of her luggage was loaded onto the back of the carriage. It was time for her to get underway to the Kingdom of Korada. As they came up to the carriage, Elsa turned to her sister.

"You sure you got this?" Elsa asked.

"We're sure." Kristoff said with a nod of his head.

"Be safe, okay?" Anna said.

"I will." Elsa said.

Anna smiled. She came up to her sister and hugged her tightly as Elsa did the same.

"Your majesty, we're ready to get underway."

Elsa looked back to her guards. She then turned back to her sister.

"Take care, okay?" She said.

Anna shook her head to her sister.

"You, too." she said.

Elsa turned and walked toward the carriage. One of the Guards stepped in and opened the door for her. Elsa climbed inside. And as she sat down and the door closed behind her, she peered out the window to her family. Anna was staring back at her as she waved goodbye. Elsa smiled as she waved back to her.

The carriage began to move as they then got underway to Korada.

(I hope you enjoyed the first chapter to the rewrite of Elsa and Sora. I'm still kind of debating where I should take it. If anyone has any ideas, I would really appreciate it. Till then, Please comment and review! And happy valentines Days!)

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