The Tigress Princess: The lost tale of the jungle @mbcarver
Chapter 4

What darkness that would come upon the city of Agraba, was to be it's last day. The last day that the sun would ever shine down upon that of it's former glory. And what was to be an important day. For it was that princess Jasmine and her sisters had come of age. And as part of the old traditions, they were to be to married to a prince of another kingdom. And as the eldest daughter of the Maharaja, Jasmine was the most abound by that tradition.

And no more so was there to be no greater time then now.

For it was that the Maharaja was growing more older in the years. And with what the passing of his dearly beloved and mother of his three daughters, he wished only for his daughters to be well looked after once it was to be his time.

In the throne room of the castle, the Palace's staff were at work preparing the kingdom for the arrival of the guest. Maharaja rushed back and forth as he inspected their work.

The Maharaja was said to be beloved by all his people. And that I speak true to thy word. For the Maharaja cared dearly for the wellbeing of his people and his daughters too. But for a man with such a big heart, he was quite small on the outside. Smaller and fatter then most would have expected. He had a long white beard. As white as the robs of which he wore and the large turban crown atop his head, with a small blue feather atop a red jewel.

"Look well, people," he called.

"Look well. Our guest shall be arriving soon!"

The Maharaja the paused as he came up to two servants, who had just finished polishing the Marable floor. He came up over the Spot they had just polished, where he saw his own reflection staring back at him as clear as mirror. The Maharaja smiled and chuckled.

"Splendid," he proclaimed.

"Absolutely splendid!"

He cocked his head as he glanced back at the other servants, who had finished preparations on the throne room. The rest of the palace should already be in order for the arrival of his guest.

He took a sigh of relief, seeing that everything was going as he had planned.

"Now," he said, stroking his white beard.

"Has anyone seen my daughters?"

"We're here, baba."

The Maharaja turned back, where he saw two of his daughters, Raksha and Aria. Both of them having to have grown into beautiful young women.

The two princes, born a year apart from each other, both of them bearing the resemblance of their mother. Raksha, the middle child of the Maharaja, a tall woman with olive skin, high cheek bones, her brown hair tied into a low bun, wearing what as her traditional purple sari that left her mid section open. His youngest, Aria, who like her sister similar skin to her sister, as well as cheekbones. Who's black hair was made in a waterfall braid, as well as a sari that was pink.

The Maharaja gasped in glee upon seeing them.

"Ah, my children," he greeted.

"You both look so ravishing."

It was the moment that followed that the Maharaja then noticed that her eldest daughter was nowhere to be seen.

"Where is Jasmine?" He asked, glancing back to Raksha and Aria.

The two glanced back into the throne room. But their oldest sister was not there. Nor have they seen her since this morning.

The Maharaja groaned in utter contempt.

"Confounded, Jasmine!" He uttered in anger.

"Does she have any idea at how important this day is. She cannot keep turning down every suitor!"

Raksha came up to her father, placing her hand atop his shoulder.

"Calm down, baba," she tried to her father.

"She must still be in her room. I will go speak to her."

The Maharaja sighed as he reached up and took hold of her hand.

"Oh, thank you, Raksha," he said, glancing up to her.

"You both are the only of my children I can always count on."

It was to be so that Raksha was the most responsible of all the three daughters. Though she was the middle child, she followed all the customs and traditions of the Royal family. She was much like the Maharaja himself. Honoring the laws and placing the needs of the people before her own.

Raksha and Aria then left to get their older sister, the Maharaja stood pondering. All with the hope that today he may finally start putting all his worries to rest.

Though while the Maharaja was of joy and anticipation for the arrival of the suiter. His feelings were not shared by his eldest daughter. For over the balcony of her room, Princess Jasmine gazed out over the mighty city of Agraba.

The princess once little when she had found, had grown through the sixteen years that past into a beautiful young woman. As fairest as her mother was long ago, with such olive skin, high cheekbones, eyes so brown and hair as black as the knight itself, made into a ponytail reaching down to her thighs. She wore a light blue crop top with in and off shoulder straps, still which still revealing her mid section. Along with blue, V-waist puffy pants and cerulean gold shoes.

The princess also had a blue head band with a sapphire with a golden outline at the center. As well as a pair of gold earrings.

Leaning over the railings of the balcony, the princess gazed out over the city. But it was not out of happiness. But rather, was in contempt. For what one would believe to be the happiest time for the life of a princess, was looked at with distain by Jasmine herself. For the life of a Princess was of disenchantment to Jasmine. Feeling that she was simply a prize to be won by some prince of another land.

Jasmine sighed in utter contempt, narrowing her head.

It was right at that moment, she heard her sister call for her.


From the white curtains behind the princess, Raksha and Aria both emerge over the balcony. It was there they found their older sister standing at the balcony's edge, peering out over the city.

"There you are," Raksha said as she came over to her sister.

"You must come down to the throne room. Father requests that you be there when the suitor arrives."

Hearing the demands of her father, Jasmine groaned as he shook her head.

"Why won't he listen?" she said, glancing back at her sisters

"There is no prince from any kingdom that will come her that will earn my love. Why can't he understand that?"

"The law that we become married, Jasmine," Raksha proclaims to her older sister.

"It is for the good of our people and our kingdom."

Jasmin shook her head as she turned back to her sisters.

"What good is marrying a prince will bring to our people?" She proclaimed to them.

"The only reason they seek to have our hands in marriage is so that they can have power. They don't care for our people."

While Jasmine was not wrong in such an assumption, Raksha was not as convinced as such. Whether a Prince was for power or love, what was best for the Kingdom was important above all.

"I shouldn't have to marry because of the law," Jasmine claimed to them.

"I should marry for Love. The same way as mother and father."

The words of her older sister swayed the heart of Aria. For like Jasmine, it was the truest of love that was most desired by the young princess. But at the same time, she understood the laws. She came up over to her sister.

"But Jasmine," she said, taking her sister by the arms

"Surely, you can find a suitor that could love you for you."

Jasmine groaned as she shook her head. She then then stormed off passed her two sister's, having enough of their constant insisting on how her life should be lived.

"I am not a prize to be won!" She exclaimed as she draped aside the curtains.

The courtyard of the palace of Agraba was where Jasmine had spent most of her time. In the garden of where she, her mother and sisters once played when they were but small. It too was where Sangha roamed. As a cub, she would spend her time prancing within the bed of flowers that covered the courtyard. And even as the tigress who was once a cub, continues to spend her time within the confinements of the courtyard.

It was in the mid day that the tigress was laying over a bed of grass in the garden, awaiting for her princess to return. Sangha watched as the flowers slowly as the flowers drifted in the soft breeze that swept by. It was their majestic beauty that had always drawn the the tigress. Each one of them so different in color and peddle, the sweetness of the scent of which they gave. She often remember them from her short time in the jungle.

It was as Sangha continued to watch the flowers bloom that silence was then broken.


Hearing her princess calling to her, Sangha glanced back toward the palace. It was there she saw Princess Jasmine came down the steps of doorway.

As too did the princess see her pet tigress laying in usually place in the garden. Jasmine smiled.

"There you are." Jasmine said, making her way to her tigress.

Sangha stood up and scurried toward the princess. She came up to Jasmine, and pressed her head up against her bear stomach. The tigress's affection was met with that of the princess's, who chuckled down at her.

"Hello to you, too." Jasmine said.

Kneeling down to Sangha, Jasmine wrapped her arms around the tigress as she held her close. The tigress uttered a purr as she nuzzled the princess.

"Sorry to keep you waiting." The princess said, as she stood up.

Sangha uttered a chuff to her princess. As if she was to say that she was not mad. Jasmine smiled as she felt her nuzzle her cheek. It was then that the princess paused, glancing back at the doorway inside the palace. She then sighed as she then stood up as she walked over into the garden.

She came up over the clear patch of grass, where she sat down. Her head bowing with the ill feeling of contempt that her life as a princess had brought. Sangha glanced backed at the princess, seeing the expression of sadness of which she had displayed. She came up to Jasmine, where she saw the princess's sullen expression. The tigress nudged Jasmine over her shoulder. To which the Princess glanced back up at Sangha, who then nuzzled her.

Jasmine smiled. Reaching up her hands, she placed them over both sides of her face as she pressed her forehead against Sangha's.

"At least I have you, Sungha." The princess said, as she parted from the tigress.

"Your the only friend I have."

Sangha chuffed to her. To which the princess glanced to the side.

"I wish they could just understand." she then said.

Sangha laid down next to Jasmine, laying her head over her legs.

"Why can't they see that I am not a prize to be won," She said.

"I shouldn't have to be married because of some law. I should marry because I chose to. I'm so tired of this life!"

It was not only the law of marriage that had the princess come to scorn such a life or royalty. As it was more evident of her gazing toward the large palace wall at the end of the garden. Never before had see ever been outside the palace. Never has she ever seen the world that reside outside. The Palace that was he home, was also her prison.

The life she lived was but a prison. And it was one that she sought to be freed from.

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