Alternate Magic @aaliseliza
Chapter 10

"Clint?" Hermione asked. She was slightly dazed from hitting the car, and was positive it was affecting her vision. "Are you holding a bow and arrow?"

"It's a specialty weapon," Clint answered, shooting an arrow at a flyby monster. "You disappear for a week, no note to anyone, and that's the first question you ask in the middle of an alien invasion?!"

"I didn't 'resurface,' I've been in New York City working on research project. It's not my fault the apocalypse erupted today."

"You could've at least called Laura!"

"Barton, bigger issues remember?" Hermione asked, as the archer nodded.

"Yeah bit of a long story. Basically, an Asgardian megalomaniac has imported an alien army to takeover the world."

"Of course," Hermione muttered under her breath. "There's always a Dark Lord in need of toppling."

Clint gave her a speculative look before glancing around, "Street's pretty empty."

"I've been sending people into the subway system. Better to keep them out of buildings and off the street."

"Which begs the question, why aren't you down there too?" Clint said, suddenly frowning when he figured the answer to his question out.

"Hermione are you out of your mind?! You've no business fighting aliens. Do you even know their weaknesses?"

"They seem to disfavor their torsos being separated from the rest of their body," Hermione answered shrugging, "Oh and arrows to the head are also effective."

"I've had specialized training! Not to mention I've fought in warzones before," Clint said shooting another alien out of the sky without taking his eyes off Hermione. "Do you realize how dangerous battlefields are considering multiple hostiles and friendly fire?"

"Cute," Hermione said, brandishing her wand and cutting down an alien with a powerful slicing hex. The alien's torso and legs landed around Clint, who sighed.

"Laura is going to murder me," Clint muttered under his breath. "Alright, if we do this, you don't leave my side. Don't fall behind, and if you get trapped you communicate, got it?"

Hermione smirked, "That won't be a problem. You're the old man remember?"

"First, we need to get to higher ground, and we'll need to be creative considering the destruction. Follow my lead." The archer took off at a sprint, using a nearby car as a spring board to launch himself into the air. Grabbing onto an alien flying by, Clint used it to reach a nearby roof before dropping into the air, and shooting an arrow at his ride.

"Fancy," Hermione said from behind Clint after he landed. Pivoting, Clint had an arrow notched and Hermione in his sights instantly.

"How…what…I take it Christmas wasn't a bizarre phenomenon," Clint muttered, slightly lowering his bow. Hermione smirked before shooting a bombarda at the nearest hostile alien.

"That's disgusting," Clint commented as guts rained through the skies. "Disgusting, but effective. Alright, we'll watch each other's six and try to pick off as many of these hostiles as possible. Hope you've got some other tricks up your sleeve."

The two of them took opposite stances on the roof with their backs to each other.

"Oh, Clint do you remember all those 'spells' I've been teaching Lila?"

"Christ!" Clint swore, "Potter, my daughter better not destroy my house!"

A peal of laughter escaped Hermione, "Lila doesn't have magic. She only knows the incantations and accompanying wand work; your farmhouse is safe."

"It better be," Clint said releasing three arrows simultaneously. "You'll be the one explaining to Laura what destroyed her house."

"Traitor!" Hermione called back as both grinned and continued their assault against the alien army. They were successfully diminishing the opposing force when Hermione suddenly called out, "Clint!"

Turning, the archer saw a monstrosity of an aircraft flying through the air in front of Hermione. It looked as though it were alive, despite the destructive blasts it emitted while releasing more alien soldiers. The two humans stared at the creature ship.

"Don't panic," Hermione said, without taking her eyes off of it.

"Panic? Why would I panic about a giant spaceship flying through New York City? What could possibly give me a reason to panic?" Clint asked, as Hermione suddenly turned towards him. A loud crack sounded, and Hermione was no longer standing in front of him on the roof.

"Mia?!" Clint bellowed, sprinting forward to look over the ledge of the building. She wasn't anywhere to be seen. An anguished shriek pulled his attention back to the leviathan, which Hermione now stood upon with her wand pointed at it. Unfortunately, her attack also drew the attention of every alien within the vicinity.

Swearing, Clint pulled his bow, and started releasing arrow after arrow to prevent any attack on Mia. He kept her six cleared while a bright orange light shot out of her wand and into the Leviathan. Clint sighed in relief when she reappeared next to him on the roof. Both watched the Leviathan careen into the nearest building as it rapidly descended to the ground.

"Did you set it on fire?"

"Nasty version of it," Hermione answered, her eyes on the alien aircraft. "Scabior's family created it to destroy all of the organic matter in a confined space and then extinguishes itself. They used it on prisoners of war."

"Friend of yours?"

"No," Hermione said. "I stole his family grimoire after he used the spell on my friend Ginny. Originally, I intended to kill him with his own spell. Never got the chance, unfortunately."

Clint gave her a speculative look, but before he could respond, they were interrupted by flying Gryffindor colored tin suit who landed next to them on the roof.

"Robin Hood," The Tin Suit greeted, before glancing at Hermione and her wand. "Didn't realize you planned to bring Maid Marian to the party. Showing off by taking down the Leviathan?"

"Can't take the credit. Marian did that on her own," Clint answered, grinning when Hermione rolled her eyes. "What's the prognosis?"

"Aliens flooding the city," the suit answered. "We need to shut off the portal. Don't suppose you have any ideas?"

"Cognitive reboot on Selvig? Maybe he can shut it off," Clint answered shrugging. "Worth a try at least."

"Sound theory," the Suit mused out loud before glancing back at Hermione. "Who's your friend? She wasn't at the Avenger meeting. SHIELD so desperate that they're still outsourcing?"

"Hermione Potter," the witch answered, bemused at the robot's attention deficit.

"Oh! You're the newest pain in Fury's ass," it exclaimed. "Normally I get to hold that spot. Thanks for the break."

"SHIELD has an intelligent robot?" Hermione asked Clint.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. First, I'm not owned by SHIELD, nor do I work for them. Secondly, I'm not a robot, I'm Iron Man. That's not even mentioning the fact that SHIELD would never be able to create an intelligent A.I."

"Wow, didn't expect you to be so touchy about the terminology," Hermione said raising her hands to placate him. "I guess I kind of understand the name, although I didn't expect one."

"Seriously?" Iron Man asked, turning to Clint. "Where'd you dig this one up, another universe?"

"You could say that," Hermione answered with a smirk.

"Guys, we're kind of dealing with a bigger situation than introductions right now," Clint said gesturing towards the chaos around them.

"Right. I'm going after Loki. He was last reported fighting Thor at the tower. We need to shut down the portal. Any ideas?"

"Cognitive reboot on Selvig?" Clint asked. "He's got the most experience with this machine. Maybe he'll know how to shut it down."

"Good call, better than just blowing it up," Tony said. "Can you guys handle the rest of these flying monkeys?"

"No problem," Clint answered. "Know where the rest of the team are held up? We'll go join them."

"Central Park," Stark answered. "Need a lift?"

"We're good," Hermione said, "Go."

"You good enough to travel as far as Central Park?" Clint asked after Iron Man was gone.

"Normally, yes," Hermione answered, "but it's too risky considering the likelihood of reappearing the path of their weapons or falling infrastructure. I'm limited to shorter jumps within my line of sight.

"Honestly, it might be better just to hijack one of those miniature airships," Clint suggested, looking thoughtfully towards the sky and taking off towards the edge of the roof. Hermione watched as he impressively overtook an Alien speedster and then hovered midair until she apparated to join him.

"You cover us, I'll drive," Clint said. The witch erected shield charms to prevent the two of them from being knocked off the air-speeder. In between her shields, Hermione shot off a myriad of curses to eliminate the hostiles swarming after them.

"There they are!" Clint yelled over the noise, once he spotted the group, turning directly towards them. Unfortunately, what looked to be a spinning frisbee came flying towards them, which Hermione barely managed to knock off course with a reverse trajectory spell.

"What the hell was that?" Hermione bellowed in Clint's ear.

"That would be your dear old dad!"

Captain America's initial greeting only grew worse once Clint and Hermione joined the rest of the Avengers. Clint gave a quick update to the group for Tony's current plans, which delayed Steve from recognizing Hermione.

"What in Merlin's name are you wearing?" Hermione blurted out, immediately drawing the group's attention, including Captain America's. "Does Fury know he's not a fashion designer?"

"Ma'am?" Steve asked, turning to look at her concerned. Hermione gave a flick of her wand clearing most of the grime coating her skin. Instantly, Steve recognized the brunette in front of him, and overreacted.

"Are you out of your mind?!" Steve bellowed at Clint. "You brought my daughter to a warzone?"

"Not your kid," Hermione muttered under her breath, as Steve continued berating the archer.

"You allowed a civilian to participate in a fight against an alien army?!" Steve continued to yell. "I can't believe this Barton. What were you thinking?"

"That I'd rather be watching her six than letting her run around by herself. Would you rather I left her alone in the middle of the street with an alien about to murder her?" Clint retorted.

"That's not the point!"

"It's great that you feel all parental about a kid you didn't raise, but newsflash Mia's an adult!"

"She's a civilian!"

"She's standing right here!" Hermione bellowed, casting a silencing spell over the two of them. "Since you've both seemed to have forgotten, this army is targeting civilians. We don't have time to pretend that any of this follows the historical rules of war. So instead of wasting time with stupid arguments how about we actually bring an end to this skirmish?" Both Clint and Steve opened their mouths to respond when they realized neither could speak. Hermione rolled her eyes and released the hex.

"How'd you do that?" Steve asked.

"A discussion we can have later. Right now, we need to support Tony and prevent any further deaths," Natasha interrupted. "What's the plan?"

"Right," Steve said before giving out orders. "While Tony takes care of the portal, we need to eliminate the remaining hostiles. Think we can lure them to this area?"

"No problem," Hermione said sending up several rounds of sparks into the sky. It worked immediately, with aliens showing up to investigate the bright lights.

"Alright team, let's go," Steve ordered.

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