Hidden Lineages @aaliseliza
Chapter 7

I wrote this with the idea of Ross, Monica, and Chandler outing each others secrets.

Chapter 7

"Have you lost your mind?" Harry bellowed, once he, Hermione and Tony were alone in Stark Mansion. Kingsley and Maria wisely chose to give the three privacy following the end of the negotiation session.

"It's an opportunity," Hermione answered with a shrug.

"Yes! For SHIELD. Fury outright admitted he wants to interrogate you, and your solution is to waltz right into their headquarters? What in Godric's name is Kingsley thinking?!"

"He's playing the long game," Tony answered. By choosing to engage Fury's demands, Kingsley now has direct access to SHIELD. Selecting Hermione also means that he now has access to my favorite skill as well."

"Which is what exactly?" Harry asked sounding skeptical.

"Hacking into SHIELD," Tony answered. "I'm quite excellent at it." The elder Stark's grin was infectious amongst Harry and Hermione, despite the former's concerns.

"Can we trust SHIELD at all?" Harry asked.

"Fury's slippery," Tony said, "But I can't say he doesn't have the right motivation. He wants to protect lives."

"The road to hell's paved with good intentions," Hermione sad as both men looked at her.

"Wow," Tony said. "Aren't you a downer."

Hermione slugged him in the arm as Harry laughed.

"Yield!" Tony shouted trying to field off his little sister. "Yield I say!"

"Mr. Stark, shall I alert security?" Jarivs asked suddenly. His voice startled Hermione who raised her wand searching for the intruder.

"No Jarvis," Tony said as he reached for Hermione. "Meet my baby sister and her brother Harry."

"My apologies Ms. Stark," Jarvis said. The witch was so vigilant in her search that she didn't hear the surname Jarvis used.

"Hermione, Jarvis is Tony's A.I.," Harry told her. "He's harmless."

"While you are correct about my identity, Mr. Potter, I can be quite destructive if instructed," Jarivs corrected. "However, my programming does not permit me to hurt members of the Stark family."

"It's lovely to meet you Jarvis," Hermione said as she returned her wand to its concealed arm holster.

"How'd you know about Jarvis?" Tony asked Harry, growing suspicious when Hermione suddenly grinned.

"He was assigned to you," Hermione said. "Any time one of these enhanced individuals appear, the Ministry has sent someone to investigate. One of Doctor Banner's interns works with us, and Darcy keeps an eye on Thor since she was at ground zero of his initial appearance."

"Creepy," Tony muttered, before looking warily towards Harry. "You...you've never turned into a women and slept with me right?"

"No!" Harry yelped jumping backwards to put more space between them. "No offence mate, but I'm into women."

"Just..needed to check," Tony said sheepishly as he poured the each of them a heavy drink.

"Though to be fair," Hermione spoke up.

"No," Tony said. "No addendums."

"You did set him up with Ginny," she said grinning widely at Harry.

"It's not like you slept with her," Harry told Tony after the man spun with an aha declaration. "She slipped you a daydream charm and then bugged your residence. As I recall, you destroyed them with one of your mad experiments within the month."

"My experiments are not mad!" Tony declared. "Besides...that's still not comforting."

"Only because you can't remember what she looked like," Hermione said smugly.

"Don't let Hermione fool you. The whole idea came from your sweet little sister," Harry said before using a falsetto, "Send in a ginger! Stark can't resist them, and we have plenty to spare."

"Betrayal!" Tony shouted pointing his index finger at Hermione. "Betrayed by my own blood!"

"In all fairness Sir, you were unaware of the familial connection at the time," Jarvis said.

"Hush," Tony dismissed the A.I. "Exactly how long have you been monitoring me?"

"Since the Ministry felt you were dangerous to our world," Harry answered. "Honestly it's not even your suits that concerned us."

"The last active surveillance was at the Grand Prix," Hermione added. "After that the Ministry decided you tattled on yourself readily enough to reassign Harry."

"She's right," Harry confirmed. "Which, by the way, is why you should have recognized him on sight. You were there too."

"Both of you?" Tony asked before pulling up live footage from the event.

"I was busy following ROmanov around," Hermione answered.

"She was following him around!" Harry countered gesturing wildly towards Tony.

"Not very well," Hermione said as Tony continued searching for photographic evidence of the two.

"Replicating this invisibility of yours would be dead useful," Tony muttered to himself earning a groan from Harry. "What?"

"This is exactly why Harry's been stalking you," Hermione said, "To prevent you from adapting our magic to your technology."

"That's not fair!" Tony complained. "Harry I thought we were friends!"

"Sir, earlier you described him as family," Jarvis pointed out.

"See even Jarvis understands!" Tony said. "Now I find you've been sabotaging my work?!"

"We're supposed to be conspiring against SHIELD," Harry said trying to change the subject.

"We're not done with this," Tony promised him before agreeing to switch over. He pulled up several documents onto the screen in front of them. Many of which contained information of Hermione.

"Good news is that outside of Hermione, Fury and SHIELD have almost nothing on the magical world. Bad news is that because of my search they now have a list of muggleborns, which includes familial connections. While the same pattern did not appear within the states, Fury could still pursue those in the U.K."

"You think that's going to be a problem?" Harry asked.

"Everyone has a price," Tony answered. "I wouldn't be shocked for Fury to find one witch or wizard who caved to his offer." The three of them fell silent as they examined the list of names that had been compiled.

Cattermole, Paul

Potter, Harry

Creevey, Dennis

Creevey, Colin

Finch-Fletchley, Justin

Finnegan, Seamus

Granger, Hermione

Thomas, Dean

Dunbar, Faye

Davis Tracy

Cattermole, Eliza

Tremlett, Donaghan

Cattermole, Marty

Tonks, Nymphadora

Lockhart, Gilderoy

Hopkins, Malfalda

Tonks, Ted

Cattermole, Mary

Wright, Bowman

Warren, Myrtle

Riddle, Tom

"Not all of these are muggleborn names," Harry said before re-reading the list. "Many of them are halfbloods."

"You recognize them?" Tony asked.

"Some," Hermione answered.

"These are all names I found of eleven year olds who abruptly disappeared from the British school system without documentation or other explanation," Tony explained. "Some names are repeated, which I assumed are familial matches."

"Tonks went to a muggle public school?" Harry asked sounding shocked.

"Ted was muggleborn," Hermione pointed out. "Besides, I'd bet you my Gringotts account that Andromeda agreed simply to piss of her parents."

Harry began laughing as he nodded, "Molly and Andromeda just had a fight about sending Teddy to a muggle preschool. Molly keeps insisting it's better for him to be taught at home."

"Why's Lockhart on here?" Hermione asked, prompting Tony to click on the name.

"Notes say he was one of three children," Jarvis answered. "His sisters went on to graduate and the standard amount of documentation one would expect. Gilderoy, however, disappeared at age eleven without a trace."

"You know him too?" Tony guessed.

"Hermione had a crush on him when she was twelve," Harry disclosed before dodging a bat boogey hex.

"You put him a mental ward after erasing his mind!"

"He did that himself," Harry argued before looking at Tony. "He was wanker who tried to leave Ginny for dead and erase my memories along with Ron. Word to the wise, don't use a broken wand."

"Getting back to the list," Hermione said, "Dennis and Colin are deceased. Colin committed suicide after Dennis died in our civil war."

"What about their parents?" Tony asked. "Sounds like a prime opportunity for SHIELD."

"They chose to be obliviated after Dennis' death," Harry answered morose. "Justin was arrested by the muggleborn registration commission and didn't survive Azkaban. Umbridge had his family executed."

"Tonks and her dad died. The only family they have left is Harry's godson and Andromeda," Hermione said. "She won't cooperate with Fury."

"Tracy just married Nott," Harry said. "SHIELD will have a hell of a time even locating her. Honestly, the Cattermoles might be their best option considering what Mary endured during the war."

"I don't know anything about their children," Hermione admitted.

"Did anyone survive this war?" Tony asked.

"Muggleborns are rare to begin with," Hermione answered. "Even fewer halfbloods even bother with the muggle world, so it's not an accurate look at our population. Harry we need to tell Kingsley to speak with the Cattermoles."

The front door slamming shut interrupted Harry's response.


"Sir, if I may, Ms. Potts has arrived and seems quite irate," Jarivs supplied.

Pepper despite her anger still exuded grace as she barreled into the room, clutching a magazine in her fist. Her eyes narrowed when she saw Hermione.

"I see they finally got something right," Pepper said throwing the magazine at Tony's face. "You utter asshole!"

"Pep…" Tony said as he glanced at the magazine cover. "Oh...gross."

"That's all you have to say?!" Pepper demanded. "Gross?"

"Well it is," Tony defended. "Sweetheart, Hermione's my sister."

The CEO of Stark Industries promptly deflated as she looked back and forth between the two siblings. Her face flamed instantly.

"I'm so sorry!"

"Told you he likes gingers," Hermione muttered to Harry as Tony introduced them to Pepper. The witch managed to snag the magazine before glaring at her brother.

"Tony. Did you change my last name without my consent?"

"Course not," Tony lied.

"Then why are tabloids claiming you recently got married to Hermione Granger?" the witch demanded.

"Bad journalism?" Tony asked.


"What's the big deal?" He asked. "You're a Stark. Now it's simply reflected by your last name."

"I'm going to kill you," Hermione swore at him.

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