Hidden Lineages @aaliseliza
Chapter 5

While updating Codename: Don't Tell Fury (I'm missing a part I'd written) I stumbled upon this story I'd written and never published.

Chapter 4

"Exactly how much of their escape did you see?" Agent Maria Hill asked as she debriefed Agent Romanov. The brunette agent hadn't expected Director Fury to insist on Romanov joining them. She'd only had clearance to induct Fury. MACUSA wasn't going to be pleased at the extra person learning about the magical community.

"All of it," Romanov answered stoically. "The girl had agreed to come with me, before pretending to say goodbye to Tony. As she was hugging him...inaudibly she muttered something and then they just disappeared before my eyes. It was as if they'd turned invisible, yet, I honestly thought it looked as though they started spinning incredibly fast."

"Right," Maria muttered before realizing, "She used a portkey. Clever girl."

"A what?" Fury asked gruffly. Maria sighed before duplicating the agreements she had brought with her to have Fury sign. There was no avoiding including Romanov, not without wiping her memory, and she was far too valuable to subject to an obliviation. Maria ignored the two SHIELD members' open mouthed stares at the blatant magic she was using.

"If you want information about Hermione Granger, recently identified as Stark's biological sister, you'll need to sign these disclosure forms," Hill informed them as she floated the two clipboards over to each of them.

"What the hell?" Fury asked staring at the paperwork in front of him as Romanov cursed next to him.


"Yes actually," Maria answered. "Although it's not considered a slur to us."

"How did you do that?" Fury demanded, completely ignoring Romanov and Maria's previous statements.

"Sign the forms," Maria answered.

"If we don't?" Romanov asked finally taking the clipboard out of the air and looking at it skeptically.

"I've been instructed to provide a cognitive reboot," Hill answered without a trace of humor.

"Instructed by whom?" Fury demanded as Maria stared at him. "Answer me Deputy Director!"

"Until you sign these forms you do not have the clearance to know," Hill answered. The staring contest between the three of them lasted until Romanov sighed and asked for a pen, which Hill tossed to her. After they both scribbled their way through the documents, Maria waved her wand, banishing both documents to her office.

"Hermione Granger holds dual citizenship," Maria explained to the two SHIELD members. "She is both a British citizen and belongs to the Magical Enclave in the U.K. Her job consists of protecting the Statute of Secrecy, which demands that non-magical people remain oblivious to our presence."

"Magical people?" Fury asked incredulously.

"Witches and Wizards," Hill answered, not changing her manner of speaking. "MACUSA is the magical equivalent of the United States Government. Granted we are far more intertwined with our no-maj counterparts than any other country. MACUSA and the no-maj portion of the U.S. Government have greatly restricted the knowledge of this community to prevent witch trials. That said, there are certain government officials who are briefed. Half of the SHIELD council are members of the community."

"You're alleging that a British citizen has been infiltrating SHIELD using magic?" Fury asked. "Yet no one aware of the magical community has thought to prevent her from doing so?"

"All of the contact she has made with SHIELD has been on British soil," Hill said. "Furthermore, she has an extensive record of completing her assignments without harming anyone, nor having to wipe their memories, which includes SHIELD agents."

"She took down Barton," Romanov said angrily.

"With a simple stunning spell," Hill responded. "It knocks the target out without any damage."

"Regardless of her methods," Fury interrupted Romanov's retort. "The fact remains that this woman has compromised SHIELD, and that poses a threat. We don't know exactly what she's changed or shared, which is a problem."

"Exactly," Romanov agreed. "She needs to be interviewed."

"SHIELD does not have the standing to demand an interview," Maria informed them.

"Excuse me?" Romanov asked before Fury could bellow the same question.

"Hermione Granger is a very prominent citizen within her community," Maria explained. "She has earned the highest awards that can be given to a citizen in both of her countries. The Magical British Enclave will not allow you to interrogate her. MACUSA is inclined to support the British Ministry, because she has been protecting the Statute of Secrecy, and has successfully protected their interests as well.."

"You think I give a damn about the British Government?" Fury asked, dismissing most of the information in his anger. "My job is to protect American citizens from threats to their safety, and Ms. Granger has proven herself to be just that."

"Director, you have a duty to protect both magical and no-maj American citizens," Agent Hill countered. "Exposing the magical world is in direct violation of said job. This is a fight you will not win. The International Federation of Wizards will side with the British Ministry of Magic, and it will undermine SHIELD's standing with MACUSA. Not to mention that you will be destroying your alliance with Tony Stark."

"Fucking hell," Fury swore. "This is insane."

"Is it?" Hill asked skeptically. "We've already discovered a variety of enhanced individuals living among us. Not to mention that we've had mythological Norse gods show up too. Learning about an international secret magical society is what you consider too much?"

Fury glared at her.

"We're supposed to just let this go?" Romanov asked frowning. "Allowing a foreign operative to infiltrate SHIELD whenever she wants?"

"No," Hill answered. "Granger has only interfered with SHIELD operations that endangered the British magical community."

"I don't like it," Fury muttered.

"Color me surprised," Agent Hill shot back.

"They aren't willing to let us talk to her?" Fury asked. "Not even to assess that she's not a threat?"

"Not when they believe you use the word interview synonymously with interrogation," Hill answered. "Even if her government provided permission, she'd be sent with an immovable entourage. Besides, I guarantee that Stark will not allow you to be alone with her."

"She's that important?" Romanov asked skeptically.

"The girl is a female version of Stark, one that possess humility and tact," Maria said. "They find her incredibly valuable."

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