Hidden Lineages @aaliseliza
Chapter 4

While updating Codename: Don't Tell Fury (I'm missing a part I'd written) I stumbled upon this story I'd written and never published.

Chapter 3

Tony doubled over, retching onto the grass, while Hermione checked both of them for gunshot wounds. Regarding portkeys, it wasn't the worst landing; especially for an unlicensed portkey. Hermione was grateful Romanov missed her shot this tim. The back door of the house was thrown open to reveal Harry Potter.

"Hermione!" He called, sprinting towards her. "What happened? The wards alerted me that you used your emergency portkey."

"I'm fine Harry," Hermione said as she batted his hands away. "It was just a close call."

"You're not saying something," Harry accused narrowing his eyes at her knowingly. "Tell me what happened."

"What do you think happened?" The witch scoffed. "SHIELD's usual meddlesome interference. Bloody nosey buggers. Romanov's really starting to piss me off."

"Isn't that the one who shot you?" Harry asked concerned.

"Yes," Hermione growled.

"Did you leave her alive?" Harry asked, earning a glare from Hermione.

"I didn't touch her," Hermione answered, while rolling her eyes. "Great to know you'd assume the worst."

"I've known you since I was eleven," Harry said grinning slightly. "Would you like me to remind you of Umbridge or Edgecomb first?"

"Twat," She muttered.

"Do we need to deploy an obliviation squad?" Harry asked.

"I think it's a bit late for that," Hermione answered nodding towards her brother, who finally had managed to stand upright and look at his surroundings

"Did we just teleport?" Tony demanded as he looked between Harry and Hermione.

"In a manner of speaking," Hermione answered evasively.

"Hermione...why is Tony Stark standing in my backyard?" Harry asked warily.

"Don't be ridiculous," Hermione said with a sharp laugh. "He's not Tony Stark"

"That's Stark," Harry said ignoring Tony's attempts to cut in. "Why the bloody hell would you kidnap an Avenger?"

"I didn't kidnap anybody!" Hermione protested. "Besides, this idiot is claiming we're blood siblings. He's not an avenger, much less Tony Stark."

"Technically," Tony interjected, "You didn't exactly ask for consent before whisking me off."

"Sorry! Next time I'll just let Romanov shoot you!"

"Bloody Merlin…" Harry muttered to himself. "My best friend kidnapped an American menace, and brought him to my townhouse."

"Harry James Potter! If you repeat the word kidnap again I will curse you," Hermione threatened. "Besides, I just told you he's not Stark!"

"How did you not recognize him on sight? It's your job!" Harry shot back as Tony continuously tried to interrupt.

"You utter prat," Hermione swore at her best friend. "You're imagination has run amok."

"He's not wrong," Tony finally manged to say, "but in her defense we didn't get far enough to exchange names before Romanov interrupted."

Harry looked at Hermione triumphantly while the witch promptly gaped at Tony.

"I told you," Harry said smugly, seconds before Hermione hit him with a stinging hex.

"It's not like I've run into him before," Hermione said, clearly put out. "I'm usually dealing with Romanov and Barton! Stark isn't usually in Europe!"

"Romanov was definitely right about your moonlighting," Tony muttered to himself, realizing how much information these two had about the Avenger group. Listening to these two fight, however, he felt invisible for the first time in decades.

"What the bloody hell were you thinking?" Harry demanded of the witch. "You can't just show up with an Avenger! Fuck...he's a muggle. You broke the statute!"

"I wanted to talk with my brother without the danger of getting shot! Besides the Statute of Secrecy doesn't apply because we're biological siblings."

"Brother?" Harry managed to ask before stupidly saying, "You're an only child."

"Apparently not," Hermione said sighing. "He showed up with an entire file, filled with documentation, birth certificates, blood comparisons, and I'm positive Romanov has it memorized by now. Apparently my dad adopted me after my parents were married."

"Bloody hell," Harry breathed. "We're fucked. We have to contact Kingsley now. SHIELD'S going to be worse than a niffler loose in Gringotts. They're probably already tearing apart Tony's flat. The second he surfaces, they'll grab him."

"What on earth are you mixed up in?" Tony demanded, suddenly terrified of the implications.

"I work for the Ministry," Hermione answered. "Much of my job involves monitoring, and editing, the knowledge various organizations have collected on our community."

"Your community? Is this why you disappeared at age eleven?"

"Exactly how do you know that?" Harry asked alarmed.

"Research," Tony quipped. "I'm right aren't I?"

"Yes," Hermione answered. "It's how I met Harry. We went to school together."

"Except, let me guess, it wasn't a normal school," Tony said as Harry groaned.

"Of course you would have a genius as a brother," He muttered. "You know, my life was just fine with only one of you to drive me batty."

"Go get Kingsley," Hermione said rolling her eyes.

"This is going to bite us in the ass," Harry said. "Again...SHIELD will be worse than a Niffler."

"Like it'd be the first time," Hermione called out to him as he headed into the house. Her best friend threw her a grin over his shoulder before disappearing from sight. Tony wasted no time.

"I can get you out," he said. "I've got the money and resources to relocate you."

"Tony," she said, trying to smother her laughter. "Stop imagining the worst case scenario. I appreciate the offer, but I'm not in danger. I'm protected by the law, and we have many resources. Honestly I'm more worried about you than myself."

"Romanov's escaped an oppressive regime before," Tony said talking over her. "We can easily get you papers and a new life. Hell, if necessary I'll bring your friend Harry so long as he doesn't endanger you."

"Tony!" Hermione half heartedly shouted. "I am not endanger. I like my life. I protect people. Just because I don't work for SHIELD does not mean I'm evil."

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