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Chapter 3

While updating Codename: Don't Tell Fury (I'm missing a part I'd written) I stumbled upon this story I'd written and never published.

Chapter 2

Establishing Hermione's trail was more difficult than Tony would ever admit. He was mildly impressed by her talent for hiding, but ultimately his obsession with discovering information won. Eventually he figured out that she was, in fact, still living in England, or at least spent an incredible amount of time in the country. Once that had been confirmed, he convinced Fury to set up a news release announcing the discovery of two missing persons, using her parents photos, and asking for anyone with information to come forward.

Surprisingly, Fury agreed to keep this mission within the Avengers, with assistance from Phil and a handpicked agent. The group set up at one of London's prominent memory hospitals, and waited to see if their trap worked.

While waiting to see if their entrapment was successful, Tony focused on collecting legal documentation to convince his sister, Hermione, that he wasn't in fact a lunatic. Even with all the progress he'd made, Tony still didn't know how to approach her.

Considering SHIELD's information, he was wary of a public venue, and if she was familiar enough with the organization, it was safe to assume she'd never willingly step foot into Stark Industries. He still hadn't located a phone number for her, and had no desire to put the information in a letter, not to mention he had no intention of letting SHIELD find either of them.

Tony finally settled on leaving a sealed envelope at her favorite cafe, along with a significant tip to ensure the barista handed it to the right person. As a lure, Tony included that he had valuable information on her parents (which was true), and left the address of the flat he'd been using in London during his search..

"Sir," Jarvis interrupted. "A young lady matching the description of Ms. Granger, has entered the building. She seems rather irate."

"Thanks," Tony answered, before muttering to himself, "As if I'm not nervous enough."

Before Jarvis was able to respond or allowed to, Tony's flat door was blown open, revealing a small woman, with a mass of curly hair. Jarvis had indeed been correct when he suggested that the girl was angry. Tony had not anticipated already pissing his sister off, although wasn't entirely surprised he'd managed to muck it up already.

"Who the bloody hell do you think you are?!" She hissed, stalking towards him, as the door swung shut.

"Er...Tony," he answered before wincing at how lame he sounded.

"How dare you try to use my parents," she said throwing the letter he'd left for her at him. "Did you find it amusing? Were you going to reel me in with pretty promises of restoring their memories? Did you believe I'd be so desperate and hopeful to fall for such lies?"

Listening to his sister yell at him, Tony realized he'd gravely miscalculated their first interaction. However, he couldn't help the fondness that forcibly bubbled upwards in his chest. His little sister could stand up for herself!

"I think there's been a misunderstanding," Tony said, trying to soothe Hermione.

"Clearly! There's no doubt that you've misunderstood who you tried to blackmail!" she retorted, and he swore her hair was sparking. It was so fascinating he temporarily stopped listening while he fathomed what could cause such a phenomenon.

"Say something!" She yelled, pulling him back from the depths of his musings.

"I apologize Ms. Granger," Tony said trying a new tactic. "You're incredibly difficult to contact, and I wanted to speak with you about your birth father."

"I beg your pardon?" She asked stopping suddenly before repeating him, "My birth father?"

"Please just indulge me," Tony said gesturing towards two chairs and a coffee table. He walked over, and picked up the file he'd put together, enticing her to sit down with him. It took one glance towards his little sister to realize she had perfect posture. Despite her acquiescence, Tony didn't hesitate to begin explaining himself.

"I was handed a file, several months ago, that contained these blood results," he said pulling out three relevant documents and handing them over to her.

"These are familial matches," Hermione said after glancing over them. "Two children and a father?"

"Yes," Tony answered before gesturing towards them, "This one is mine, and this is my father. I've been trying to track down the individual that this was taken from."

"You believe I can help you find that individual?" Hermione asked clearly perplexed. "I'm not really sure what I could do to help you."

"No," Tony said before smiling briefly. When his sister looked at him confused he continued, "Your mother attended a medical conference in London about ten months before you were born."

He handed over several transaction receipts and her birth certificate which he'd circled the absent paternal name before continuing, "My father stayed at the same hotel during that time."

The next two documents were her parent's marriage certificate, dated a year and a half after her birth, and an adoption certificate for Robert Granger.

"All of this is circumstantial," Hermione finally whispered as Tony nodded, realizing she was overwhelmed at the information.

"Even with the miniscule plausibility," she continued, "How would you have gotten a hold of my DNA?"

"Several months ago, days before I was handed this information, you were shot. Do you remember taking down a man before another person attacked you?"

Hermione stared at him, and Tony knew she'd connected the dots..

"They took a blood sample during your surgery. Apparently you inherited the family curiosity, and have been popping into restricted areas," Tony explained, watching her carefully, terrified she might bolt. Her reaction was so fluid that he nearly missed it.

"What do you want?" Hermione asked.

"I want to know my sister," Tony answered honestly. "I want to make sure you're safe, and not under someone's control. I've been alone since my parents died, and now suddenly I have a little sister. How could I not want to get to know you?"

"SHIELD won't let you keep me," Hermione pointed out. "They'll demand you hand me over the moment they're aware you've found me."

"I won't let them take you," Tony answered stubbornly.

"They'll do it by force," Hermione said sighing pessimistically. You know they will."

"You're not even willing to claim your innocent?" Tony asked surprised when his sister snorted.

"Innocence is relative," she answered, "Not to mention it's wholly irrelevant to SHIELD. Besides, I'm not an American citizen, they won't view me as a subject of your due process laws. Tony, why are you so sure they haven't already realized you've found me?"

"I covered my tracks rather well," Tony answered sounding smug.

"Not well enough," Romanov said as she entered the flat, startling both occupants. "Ms. Granger, you seem actually live up to SHIELD'S reports of your intelligence. How remarkable."

"Is the ability to insult and patronize a requirement of SHIELD Agents?" Hermione asked.

"Yes," Tony muttered as he stood up. "What are you doing here Nat?"

"My job," Romanov answered not lowering her weapon. "Phil suspected you'd be unwilling to cooperate. Clearly he wasn't wrong."

"Pity," Tony said darkly. "I never thought Fury would stoop so low."

"Tony, she's dangerous," Romanov said. "You would risk all of us on a whim, without an assessment?"

"Yes," Tony answered without hesitation.

"You know nothing about her," Natasha pointed out.

"Barton didn't know you," Tony countered earning a glare from the agent.

"It's rather pathetic that your organization was so inept at finding a single girl, you resorted to faking a blood test to manipulate your own member," Hermione interrupted clearly growing angry.

"Ah ah," Tony said. "Consultant!"

"We didn't fake those," Romanov said ignoring Tony's outburst. "We're not that depraved. Besides, Tony would have discovered such a falsity."

"She's right," Tony confirmed. "Yet Fury clearly has no problem pissing me off."

"You know she needs to be interviewed. There's not telling how much damage the girl has inflicted."

"All you have is a flimsy set of photos," Tony argued. "At most you can prove is that SHIELD, sorry you, shot my sister!"

"She attacked Clint," Romanov said. "Unprovoked."

"No. I subdued a man continuously stalking me," Hermione corrected the ginger while tapping her thigh. "Unlike you, I left no damage."

"You healed fine," Romanov said.

"Watch it Natasha," Tony said angrily. "Now if you don't mind, you're interrupting a long due family reunion. So toddle off."

"Don't force me to neutralize you," Natasha spoke to her friend. "I don't want to hurt you Tony."

"I'd watch who you threaten," Hermione said as Tony also spoke.

"If SHIELD touches her…."

"Technically, they've already shot me and stolen my blood without consent."

"Right," Tony muttered at his sister's correction.

"Stark, you're allowing her to manipulate you."

"As you attempt to do the same," Hermione said. "You've threatened to harm Tony if I don't comply, while demanding he allow you to take me without my consent."

"Catch 22," Tony muttered.

"Right," Hermione said studying Romanov. "I'll go with you."

"What?" Tony asked.

"So long as you leave Tony alone, I'll cooperate," Hermione said. "I presume SHIELD's protocol doesn't prohibit me to say goodbye."

"Make it quick," Romanov muttered.

"Don't do this," He begged as his little sister hugged him. "Please, I'll do anything."

"Good. I'm counting on that," Hermione whispered to Tony's confusion. "Just..don't let go."

"Never," he promised. Hermione wasted no time as she muttered the portkey activation code. The last thing Hermione heard was the discharge of a firearm.

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