Hidden Lineages @aaliseliza
Chapter 1

While updating Codename: Don't Tell Fury (I'm missing a part I'd written) I stumbled upon this story I'd written and never published.

Chapter 1

"Bloody worthless muggles!" Ron seethed as he paced up and down the corridor of St. Mungo's Hospital. The redhead ignored his best mate's glare, assuming it was due to his choice of language. "Who the fuck just goes around attacking other people?"

"Ron," Harry said, failing to prevent him from creating a scene in the middle of a public hospital.

"She's lying in a bed dying!" Ron bellowed. "How are you not angry? Those people...they just shot her without any reason. It's like they're fucking mindless animals, and yet you're not even upset!"

"I never said I wasn't angry," Harry said rubbing a hand through his messy hair. "Of course I'm irate, but..."

"You certainly don't seem to care that Hermione is bleeding out on a gurney right now. Merlin's Soggy Bottom, she might die!"

"Do you know anything about Hermione's obliviation file?" Harry interrupted struggling to remain calm after Ron had cut him off.

"What?" Ron asked finally stopping his yelling to look at his friend. "What file?"

"The Ministry keeps a file for every Auror, documenting the frequency that they have to call the Obliviation Squad for memory wipes. It's to prevent abuse and violations of the Statute, while also protecting all of us."

"Who bloody cares?!" Ron asked getting frustrated again. "What does this have to do with anything? Hermione's in a bed right now unresponsive!"

"Hermione rarely uses the squads," Harry said choosing to talk over his best mate. "Even when she absolutely should send them out, fuck, when she's required to send them out to deal with a situation... Hermione refuses to do it."

Ron stared at him for a moment. "Why?" He finally asked.

"After the damage the spell caused to her parents, she won't risk permanent damage to anyone," Harry said with a heavy sigh.

"What does Hermione's parents have to do with her lying in a hospital bed?"

"I'm trying to tell you!" Harry yelled, finally losing his temper. Ron eventually quieted down enough for Harry to explain, and stop earning stares from the staff that surrounded them.

"Hermione is good at blending in with Muggles. Merlin….she's the best we have, and so she's often sent on difficult missions that involve heavy interactions with muggles. However, when missions go ary…" Harry paused, "That's why we have the Obliviation Squad."

"What are you saying Harry?" Ron asked confused as he watched his best mate scrub his hands through his hair again..

"Muggles have extensive information about Hermione," Harry said. " More than they should. She won't utilize the squad except when multiple muggles directly witnesses magic. If it's just one, and she absolutely has to wipe their memory, then she'll perform the spell herself. However, when she gets caught in a tight space or a glimpse is caught of her in restricted areas, she won't risk the damage to the muggles."

Ron's mouth plummeted, "But that's incredibly risky."

"Yes," Harry answered. "It also means that muggle governments have reason to be extremely suspicious of her, and they're more likely to shoot first."

The heavy silence between the two conveyed what they were both thinking. Hence why Hermione was lying in a hospital bed.

"Did you know she was taking these risks?" Ron asked. When Harry looked at him shamefully, the redhead swore, "How could you allow her to be so reckless with her safety?"

Harry snorted before responding, "Sorry, but have you met Hermione?"

"Is this accurate?" Tony asked, without looking up from the blood test results. He hadn't taken his eyes off of them since Agent Coulson had shoved them into his hands after entering Tony's living room. Pepper was perched next to him with a worried gaze due to his lack of chatter.

"Yes," Phil answered quickly. "SHIELD ran her blood through our database, and delivered both you and your father as familial matches." Both men knew that his statement was supported by the documents in Tony's grasp.

"How long have you been watching her?" Piper asked, trying to parse out what had Tony so captivated. Neither Phil nor Tony had explicitly stated who the girl was, nor the relation to the Stark heir. Upon entering their residence, Agent Coulson handed a thin file to Tony without an immediate explanation..

"We haven't been. These are more..." Coulson paused, "Glimpses or run ins with this woman. Not even Romanov or Barton have gotten more than glimpses of her. The level of cleverness she displays, especially at avoiding detection is extraordinary"

"Wow," Pepper said while still watching Tony for a response. The man just kept rereading the slim file.

"She seems to favor highly restricted areas," Tony muttered after a moment. "It must be driving you all nuts."

"It is quite vexing," Phil agreed before adding, "Even in those areas she successfully avoids capture."

"What aren't you saying?" Tony finally asked.

"That file is a compilation of years worth of encounters," Phil admitted. "She's by far the best operative I've encountered."

"Do you know her affiliation?" Pepper asked curiously. "Have you figured out her nationality at all?"

"No," Coulson answered. "It's that precise lack of knowledge that's perplexing, and it prevents us from surmising her intentions."

"Couldn't she be an ally?" Pepper asked as Tony continued to remain silent. "Has she proven to be hostile?"

"She took down Agent Barton two days ago," Phil said wearily. The admission certainly caught Tony's attention.

"How did Romanov react?" Stark asked almost eagerly.

"Agent Romanov subdued and apprehended the subject," Phil answered clinically. "Per procedure she called for backup, and we got both of them medical attention. It was during post-op recovery that the woman disappeared. All we have on her is that file and the name Granger."

"You speak like this on purpose don't you?" Tony muttered annoyed. "How did Romanov subdue her?"

Phil hesitated before answering, "Romanov shot her."

"What exactly do you want from me?" Tony finally asked after looking at the file again.

"SHIELD would like you to bring her in," Phil said, no doubt, anticipating Stark's negative reaction. He didn't disappoint.

"Wow," Tony said staring at Phil. "SHIELD really is desperate. You show up, announce that I have a sibling and then demand I bring her in?" Pepper's jaw promptly dropped at the admission.

"I agree, it's not ideal," Phil answered, his eyes quickly flickering over to Pepper who was still stunned. "You're right, the Director is a bit desperate in this situation. She's managed to infiltrate multiple missions, and we need to assess the damage she's done. The only way we can do that is if we interview her. All of SHIELD's attempts have proven fruitless. However, you have demonstrated a particular talent for proving extremely adept at this type of work."

"Was that a compliment?" Tony asked exuding sarcasm. "Flattery will get you everywhere, usually, but not this time." The two men stared down each other, with Pepper watching warily.

"Tony, she is your sister," Pepper finally murmured.

"Jarvis," Tony called out.

"Yes sir?"

"I need you to conduct a search on the name Granger and Anthony Stark. Include all of my father's financials, and anything you deem imperative. Nothing is too small to be included."

"Right away sir," Jarvis answered as Tony looked at Coulson and raised an eyebrow.


"Yes. I'll see myself out," Phil said, knowing when he had overstayed his welcome. .

"You do that," Tony responded darkly, ignoring Pepper's look of reproach as she escorted Phil out. Tony opened the file that Phil had left with him, rereading the results, which said his father had given him a half sister. He wished he could say that he was surprised, but his parents' marriage hadn't always been happy, although he figured his father would have been discreet with any dalliances. Considering the culture surrounding affairs at the time, getting caught was not acceptable. Certainly his mother wouldn't have tolerated the shame.

The small glimpses of the girl, his sister, caught on camera showed a brunette with curly hair. Aside from that information, there was very little. He couldn't deny he was curious about her. How similar were they? Did she inherit his father's intelligence? How would his childhood have been different if he'd known her? Would he have been on such destructive path after his parents died if his sister was in his life at the time?

Ultimately, Tony knew he had to find her.

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