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Children Shouldn't Play Woth dead Things

Dean begrudgingly reduced his ire to mere grumbles once he realized Hermione had indeed handed him an apple pie. No doubt it helped that she kept replenishing it when his back was turned.

Dean and Sam hit the pavement while Hermione remained in the hotel room researching about what could be responsible for the death magic. Despite her initial assessment, Sam began doubting there was a legitimate case after speaking to Angela's father.

"Do you believe me now?" Dean asked after Angela's roommate Lyndsey confirmed that Matt had turned up dead. "Spirit haunting is still a possibility," Sam insisted, "Lyndsey did say the guy claimed he kept seeing Angela before his death."

"Would that cause the effects at the cemetery?" Dean asked.

"No. A restless spirit would need centuries to cause that much decay," Hermione explained. "Angela's only had a week. She wouldn't have enough juice let alone the control required."

"It doesn't hurt to be thorough," Sam argued as Hermione snorted from across the room where she was examining a map of connected sightings of Angela, and suspicious activities.

"I've already told you that grave is empty, but by all means go dig it up," Hermione said. Surprisingly, Dean wasn't inclined to go along, and Hermione watched in bemusement as Sam dragged him out the door. Their departure was conveniently timed, not that Sam had any idea she'd been leaving the motel to do her own sleuthing about town.

After first hearing Dean and Sam mention Angela's friend Neil, and describing him as shifty, the witch decided to organize a meet cute by "bumping" into the man. Perfectly planned and executed, Neil caught Hermione just as she tripped, which allowed her to heap compliments up on him.

Their second meeting entailed Neil rescuing her from two muggers, which she then insisted on buying him a drink as a thank you. That night she learned not only did Neil have an unresolved crush on Angela, but he was also her father's teaching assistant. Hermione was positive that tonight she could figure out where he was keeping the dead girl.

Unfortunately, while Hermione was off on her side project of "Use Neil to locate Angela," the Winchester brothers were returning to the motel room.

"Can't we waste it with a headshot?"

"No Dean," Sam answered, exasperation leaking into his voice. "Do you ever bother listening to Hermione when she talks?"

"Isn't that what you're here for?"

"Essentially, there's too much lore and all of it contradicts the rest. Legends vary from 'wild dogs have to eat its heart' to shooting it with silver bullets. One even claims you have to nail it down in its coffin in order to kill it."

"So essentially," Dean said grimacing at the imagery of the last legend, "You have no idea and we need to ask the witch?"

Sam glared at him as he wrenched the motel room door open.

"Mia! Got a quick question for you," Dean called out, following Sam into the room. When Hermione didn't immediately respond, both hunters pulled their weapons and did a sweep.

When it was clear Hermione was gone, Dean swore, "I'm going to gank that witch."

Once in the impala, Sam started rapidly dialing Hermione's cellphone. "She's not answering her phone."

"Does she ever? The girl is worse than Dad ever was about picking up," Dean said.

"Let's just think, if we find Angela, we'll probably find Mia."

"Stupid witch," Dean muttered as he pulled out of the parking lot. "Do you really think she went after Angela by herself?"

"I doubt it," Sam answered. "It's more likely she's following up on a hunch. Real question is where's Angela," Sam answered.

"Think she went after Matt's side piece?" Dean asked. "She killed Matt for cheating right? Lyndsey seemed really torn up about his death."

Sam and Dean barely managed to save Lyndsey from being stabbed with a pair of silver scissors. Emptying several rounds into Angela's back forced the dead girl to escape out of an open window. After ensuring Lyndsey was unharmed, the hunters chased Angela back to Neil's house.

"At least she's not with Mia," Dean muttered as Sam peered into the nearest window at Neil's house.

"About that," Sam said with a grimace. "Hermione's inside, with Neil and Angela."

"You're supposed to be better than Matt!" Angela shrieked from inside the house. "I break one rule and you've already replaced me?"

"Just calm down Angela," Neil said trying to placate the dead girl. Behind him, Hermione stood tense, with her wand already in her hand, prepared for a fight. Shrieking, Angela launched herself at Hermione, just as Dean threw open the front door, and emptied his clip into Angela's back. The momentum enabled the zombie to tackle Hermione, and knock the wand from her hand.

Before anyone could separate the two girls, a bright blue light suddenly encased both women and Angela howled in pain. Failing to escape from the blue and white flames licking at her skin, the dead girl continued to scream until she was nothing more than a pile of ashes at Hermione's feet.

Sam, Dean and Neil stared at Hermione with wide eyes as the blue flames receded from her skin and she swayed on her feet. Dean reached her as she crumpled, catching her just before she hit the ground, as Sam retrieved her wand. Swinging her up into his arms, Dean glared at Neil.

"Try not to summon any more dead girls back to life."

The blonde girl whimsically crossed the threshold of the rundown muggle motel room, following the cloud of nargles that had been leading her. The cloud of creatures teased and danced down the decrepit corridor until they disappeared behind the cracks of a motel room door. Stepping forward, Luna lightly tapped on the door until it creaked open to reveal a giant clad in plaid flannel.

"Can I help you?"

"No," Luna said pushing her way past him. "I'm here to help you, though it is kind of you to offer."

"Hello Dean," She greeted, as though the man wasn't defensively crouched in front of Hermione and pointing a gun at her.

"Sam tell me you know who this is," Dean growled, not removing his eyes from the girl in front of him.

"I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Sam yet," Luna answered, pulling her wand out of her hair and casting diagnostic spells over Hermione as her blonde tresses tumbled down.

"How do you know our names?"

"Bobby talks about you incessantly," Luna said absently as she studied Hermione's left forearm.

"You know Bobby?" Dean asked, his voice still harsh.

"Of course. Hermione lives with him. It would be rude of her not to introduce us."

"Do you know what's wrong with Hermione?" Sam asked.

"She's been hiding," Luna answered. "It's heavily strained her magical core. We're not meant to run from our wounds, butconfront them."

"English woman!"

Rather than verbally respond to Dean's demands, Luna unraveled the magical knot anchored to Hermione's forearm. Instantly, all of Hermione's scars reappeared as the glamour charms dissipated into nothing. Dean launched himself to his feet as he stared at Hermione's appearance.

"What the hell did you do?"

"Lies do not become us," Luna answered. "Hermione's been hiding her scars from herself."

"Bobby did say she'd been on the front lines," Sam said to Dean.

"Seriously?!" Dean asked. "I thought he was just trying to distract me from going after her and Rufus."

"Oh no. Hermione was instrumental in the war, but it came at a high cost. She anchored multiple glamour charms to create a semi-permanent concealment charm. They aren't designed to be used as such. Once her core sufficiently recharges, she'll wake up. Don't let her perform magic for at least a week afterwards."

"She'll hate that," Dean said. "Dibs on telling her."

"Take her to Bobby's. She'll heal better at home." Before either of the boys could thank Luna, the witch disapparated.

"I'm really starting to hate that trick," Dean muttered. "Come on Sam, I'm sick of this town."

Driving back to Bobby's was a silent affair. Dean kept the radio off, insisting they be able to hear Hermione if she woke up. Sam agreed, while keeping his smug grin to himself.

"What did you idjits do?" Bobby growled upon seeing Dean carrying Hermione inside the house. "What in tarnation?!"

"Just let me get her upstairs, yeah?" Dean answered. While Hermione slept, the Winchester boys caught Bobby up to speed.

"Little blonde girl…screams of fae?" Bobby asked, as Sam nodded. "Yeah, that's Luna. She visits Hermione from time to time. Scares Rufus to no end."


"Mia says she's got seer blood in her, and that she can see beyond what the rest of us can. It freaks Rufus out."

"She seemed crazy."

"I'd keep a lid on that talk. Mia won't stand for anyone insulting Luna," Bobby told him.

"Well right now she's asleep so it's fine."

"Not anymore," Sam said nodding towards the doorway where Hermione stood. Dean was across the room and scooping her up before anyone realized he'd moved. Plopping her in chair, he retreated to lean against the nearest counter.

"Mia, how are you feeling?" Bobby asked.

"Like I just got hit by the Knightbus and then set on fire by a dragon," she moaned before laying her head on her arms.

"What were you thinking?" Dean demanded. "You weren't supposed to leave the motel room! What if she'd killed you?"

"She didn't," Hermione answered.

"That's not the point!"

"Dean," Sam said warning him. "Hermione, he does have a point. What if Neil had taken advantage of you?"

"Neil's harmless."

"Damn it Hermione! You've been unconscious for days," Dean said swearing at her. "Luna said you stressed your magic and that you're benched from using it for the next week."


"She said you've been exhausting yourself with glamour charms," Sam explained. "She had to unravel them entirely."

Hermione's eyes widened as she caught sight of her forearm.

"We don't care about you having scars, but you can't resort to magic for everything."

"I'll be fine."

"You're right," Dean said. "Because I've already locked your wand up along with that poppins bag you carry around."

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me."

"You're not my keeper Dean!"

"I am for the next two weeks," he shot back.

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