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rage, rage, against the dying of the light @glasspeach “We have a word for people like you, y’know.” “People like what? And what ‘we’ are you even talking about?” “The Xingese. We have a word for those with golden eyes and hair. It translates to ‘light-touched’ or ‘truth-made’ or something along those lines, depending on how you use it.” “Okay, one? I didn’t ask. And two? Don’t assume you know anything about me or my 3 years 4.5K 0 0 Fullmetal Alchemist- All mediaFullmetal Alchemist Teen & Up English In Progress AdventureFantasyHurt/Comfort Edward E.Roy M.Alphonse E.Jean HavocLing Yao Edward E./Ling Yao hurt/comfortCanon-Typical ViolenceAlternate Universe - Canon DivergenceCanon Disabled CharacterEmotional Hurt/Comfort Read 1. one day the'll know just how far we went 527 0 0 2. kneel before the coming dawn 2461 0 0 3. beneath bedrock, the divine 1496 0 0