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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

The three stood staring down at the amulet glowing around Bella's neck. Edward dind't fully understand what the sudden fuss was about; he had assumed at first that it was just a simple necklace that had a unique glow to it. However, through everyone's reaction and Bella's grandmother's thoughts told him differently. Or, at least it was only meant to glow one color and that certainly wasn't it.

"No it's not!" Bella exclaimed as she stared at her amulet. "I thought it was only supposed to glow red!" she nearly shouted at her grandmother, convinced that once again her grandmother lied to her.

"It is only meant to glow red Bella," her grandmother countered, sensing the accusation of yet another lie. It's not meant to glow any other color...she silently told Bella, still unaware Edward could hear her.

"How is it glowing another color if it's not meant to then?" Edward spoke up, surprising Bella's grandmother. I can't believe we're still here and him? Of all people, why him!...

"Grams, he asked you a simple question," Bella told her, wanting answers. "I want to know. Why is it glowing this weird dark pink color!" Was it a bad thing? Why else would her grandmother be freaking out about the sudden color?

"Bella, let's go home and talk about this," her grandmother answered. This isn't for him to know; you need to be kept safe from him. I don't care what the amulet says...

"I'm not leaving him," Bella said through clenched teeth, tightening her hold on Edward's hand.

"I mean you granddaughter no harm," Edward told her, trying to to let his anger get the best of him. "I just want to keep her safe." They all say that..she thought. "And I am not just saying that. If theyr'e looking for her, she needs proper protection, not just charms and spells."

"You told him!" her grandmother glared at Bella. "How dare you! How could you be so stupid! You can't trust him Bella! He'll turn you over in a heart beat!"

"No he won't!" Bella shouted. "He's done nothing but help me and be honest with me from the very beginning which is a lot more than you ever did!" Bella, vampires cannot be trusted. You shouldn't have told him anything!...

"She should have," Edward chimed in. "Otherwise she would be in danger. My family and I can and will keep her safe. We are nothing like the Volturi, I assure you that."

"How do you even know I think she shouldn't have told you!" her grandmother spat back.

"Aside from your behavior, the same way Bella knows what you're thinking. Afterall, you are directing your thoughts about me to her," he explained. Great, another mind reader! "Precisely."

"Grams, please get back to the point...what's with the amulet?" Bella asked again.

"I guess telling you with my mind is pointelss since your vampire friend can hear me," her grandmother said, annoyed.

"His name is Edward." Bella said coldly.

"Right. Fine," her grandmother grumbled. "it's extremely rare for that amulet to glow any other color but red, which you already know warns you of any danger. But dark pink, it's the symbol of unconditional love Bella. I still can't believe it myself. It means you've found your soulmate." "That's nothing we've ever come across...

"So you're saying that because it glowed while I was with Edward, he's my soulmate?" Bella asked, trying to hide how hopeful she was of that being true. She'd wanted to be with him for the longest time, for them to be meant to be would have confirmed everything she felt for him. the spark whenever he was near, the pull towards him even when he wasn't around. It would have made sense why she felt drawn to the school that day; and why she didn't leave when she originally meant to. He was the reason all along. She was meant to be with him!

"That's exactly what I'm saying," her grandmother mumbled, wishing she'd found him years from now. "Now you two listen. I absolutely forbid you to be together. Now is the time Bella needs to be focused." You, Edward, are a distraction!..

"With all due respect Ms. Swan, I must respectfully inform you that the decision is not yours to make," Edward started, trying to keep his thoughts blocked from Bella. He didn't want her to know just how much he hoped she wanted to be with him. He knew she was meant to be with him...the amulet simply confirmed it. Now, he just hoped she felt the same for him.

"She'll get killed with you as a distraction!" her grandmother shouted. "I've already lost my daughter, I will not lose my granddaughter too!"

No, she won't," Edward disagreed. "I'm sorry for what you've had to go through losing your daughter. But Bella will not meet the same fate. There are ways to keep the Volturi in the dark."

"They'll find her," her grandmother snapped. "Nothing you do will help!"

"That's not true. Bella leave no scent for them to follow!" Edward stated as Bella watched the exchange. She, too was trying to figure out which option made the most sense.

"She has no scent to track and what? You think that'll be enough? Even I have a scent they'll find all too quickly being that I'm a witch. I'm using everything I have to keep it blocked. You think her lack of scent will be enough?" her grandmother continued. "They'll follow your scent back to your home and find her with you. I know their abilities. You're not immune, nor can you hide your thoughts from Aro's mind!" Stupid fool...Edward knew she was right. He had to make sure Bella would not be found.

"Then we'll leave town." Edward said simply, though it was the most difficult thing for him to say. He couldn't stand being away from Bella. As soon as he said those words, Bella let go of his hand. He instantly missed the contact.

"You'd seriously leave?' Bella asked, growing angrier. She felt rejected; her supposed soulmate wanted nothing to do with her.

"If it meant helping to keep you safe, then yes," Edward told her, trying to reach for her but she backed away confusing him.

"And what about me? Huh?" Bella snapped to both of them. "I have no say in any of this?"

"Bella, if they come here, they'd pick up our scent and find us. They'll ask and even if we don't say anything , they'll know. Aro will see it in our thoughts. Your grandmother is right," he tried to explain. But Bella had already realized the options. She wasn't safe anywhere if she'd only be surrounded by witches and vampires. It was obvious that's where she'd be if they came looking. She needed a scent all too familiar to the Volturi that wouldn't cause her to stand out. Only one thing seemed to make the most sense to her. High school.

"Ok and running is your solution? Really? I'm the one who is supposed to run! They want me dead! If they came here, you think it won't be suspicious that a girl lives in a cottage but doesn't attend proper high school with her peers?" Bella was in trouble either way. She had either the scent of a witch or the scent of a vampire around her. Add in hundreds of teenagers and they should mask her temporarily. It'd buy her time. That's all she needed. But Edward he could just agree to do it angered Bella more than anything.

"She has a point," Edward mused, seeing what Bella was saying.

"She has a point! Are you kidding me!" her grandmother shouted.

"Think about it. We both have distinct scents that they will follow. They find us, they find Bella.," Edward told her. "But have her surrounded with a scent they wouldn't think twice of'll throw them off long enough to get her out of here. They'd probably pass her irregular heart beat for an anxious human. One they wouldn't waste time on."

"Are you telling me you want me to send her to school?" her grandmother questioned.

"That's exactly what I want...a false address will be needed but that is exactly what needs to happen,"Edward smirked at Bella who despite liking the school idea couldn't look Edward in the eye. It hurt too much. She was convinced he didn't want her. It was so easy for him to decide to leave.

"You're insane! Both of you!" her grandmother snapped. "I'm supposed to protect he. Sending her off, now of all times would be the same as me handing her over to them willingly!"

"No, you'd be helping," he disagreed. "We'd be able to keep a good eye on her there. We want to keep her safe. Alice, my sister, will keep close watch on Aro's decisions..possibly see if he's coming here before Bella blinds the vision."

"He's right Grams," Bella spoke up. "Hundreds of human scent will be around me. Edward's family will know if the Volturi are in town and we'd be able to get out of here before they get me. But even so, I need to get control of my powers so if it does come time to fight them, I'll be ready."

"Bella, I don't want that happening," Edward quickly interjected. "That's what we want to avoid."

"No, my grandmother said it herself." Bella countered. "It's destiny. One way or another, I'll have to face them. Let's just hope we have time before then."

"Bella, are you sure?" her grandmother asked, nervous.

"Yes, I want some sense of normalcy before this battle happens." Bella said. "The Cullens' will be there looking out for me. In fact, can we go talk to them?" she turned to address Edward but avoided looking into his eyes.

"We can, they'll be happy to see you again so soon Bella," Edward smiled though caught on quickly to Bella's hestiation. He just couldn't understand where it came from all of the sudden. Though he assumed she was nervous about the Volturi finding her. "Ms. Swan, would you care to join us?'

"Perhaps another time," she told him. "I have to get on the phone with the school since now Bella will be attending. You be sure to keep my granddaughter safe, do you understand me Edward?"

"Yes ma'am, I wouldn't let anything happend to her." He smiled. Damn soulmates...her grandmother thought.

"Bella, tomorrow too soon for schol?" her grandmother asked.

"No, it's perfect Grams, thank you," Bella smiled and walked over to hug her grandmother. I've only had your best interest in mind Bella..."I know Grams."

"I'll give your aunt Renee a call as well letting her know everything that's gone on and what will happen," her grandmother told her.

"Actually Grams, can we not tell her any of it?" Bella asked, trying to fight off the uneasy feeling which overcame her as soon as her aunt was mentioned.

"Why?" she questioned; they had agreed to tell. Aunt Renee was family, magic or not.

"the fewer people that know the better," Bella pressed. "It's in her best interest to think my powers were a false alarm, don't you think?"

"I suppose," her grandmother mused. "Alright, I'll just call the school and set everything up for you."

"Thank you," Bella smiled and turned back to Edward, once again avoiding his eyes. "Shall we?"

"We shall," he smiled. "Think you can keep up?"Bella laughed.

"I should be asking you that question," Bella dared and not a moment later the two sped off towards Edward's home. Edward had to make sure he kept his thoughts to himself; blocked from Bella. He couldn't figure out what happened to change her behavior towards him so suddenly. He was determined to find out soon. Bella, however, planned on avoiding alone time with Edward. They were soulmates; they belonged together but it was difficult now knowing how easy it was for Edward to decide to leave her behind. She would give her life to protect him; she would never run. It was as though she was a poor defenseless human who needed to be protected by her 'knight and shining armour'. She could and would fight her own battle. But she needed the Cullens help. They knew the Volturi, they knew what they'd look like. Maybe that would give Bella an upperhand. They knew nothing about her except what she was meant to do.

Much to Bella's surprise, Edward came to a sudden hault at the edge of the forest. Straight ahead was his house.

"Why'd you stop?" Bella asked, looking ahead to what she assumed was his home. It was beautiful on the exterior; she couldn't wait to see the inside. "Isn't that your house right there?"

"It is," Edward admitted, looking from the house to Bella. "I just thought we coudl talk before we go in." Bella stffened instantly. She didn't want to talk.

"Can it wait? I'm really anxious to get everything together." She told him, hoping he'd give in.

"It won't take long, I promise," he assured her, upset by the fact that alone time was suddenly something she was avoiding. Idiot..he thought, though it slipped from all his other thought he'd been blocking.

"Excuse me?" Bella said, not liking being referred to as an idiot. "I am not an idiot!"

"What? Damn it!" Edward muttered. "Not you Bella! Me! I'm the idiot!"

"Oh,' she said, calming down.

"Yea, I'm sorry. I thought maybe we felt the same, especially after learning aobut that amulet but I let my thoughts and hopes get the best of me...I'm an idiot," he rambled. Of course she wouldn't want him. How could he even entertain such a thought.

"You weren't wrong Edward," Bella told him. "You were right about my feelings matching yours though I doubt they are as great as mine. I've known how I felt about you ever since I first saw you when I was a little girl. You've only now met me. You're not stupid though."

"But..I don't understand," he admitted. "You've barely looked me in the eye since everything was settled back with your grandmother..."

"Edward, I've felt this way for a very long time and to have what I've always wished for to be happening really was too good to be true. That amulet messed with my head, I realize that now. I'm just not in the market for getting hurt," she told him.

"I would never hurt you Bella," he pressed.

"Edard, it was so easy for you to decide to leave me here," she said. "I don't htink I could ever do that to you. I'd give my life before I decided to leave you behind. I know it's extreme but I didn't need that amulet telling me we were meant to be together."

"Neither did I Bella. And you're wrong," he confessed. "It wouldn't be an easy thing for me to do; to leave. I just want to protect you." He came closer to her, trying to comfort her.

"I'm not some fragile human who needs protecting Edward! I resent being treated as though I'm not just as strong and powerful as you! I am more than capable of taking care of myself!" she screamed.

"You're right" he whispered. "It's just the thought of something happening to you kills me Bella. That's why I just want to keep you safe."

"Well leaving would practically tear me apart," Bella muttered quietly. "That may be too soon to tell you but it's true."

"Bella-" Edward started but was cut off by a loud crash; someone had run into him and kncked him down. He jumped up, on instinct into a crouch, preparing to attack whatever knocked him down. Much to his dismay he had looked up to find an overexcited Alice hugging Bella as she jumped up and down. He couldn't belive he didn't hear her approach.

"Alice, was it really necessary to knock me down?' he asked, relaxing.

"Sorry Edward," she said with little care. "I just heard you two near by and got impatient, you know me." Bella smiled at Alice's enthusiasm, grateful she came when she did.

"Well you have bad timing,"he grumbled. "Do you mind, we were in the middle of something." Of course I mind, I want time with Bella too; besides, I totally saved you from continuing on with your idiocy...she thought to him, forgetting her mind was not silent to Bella, who couldn't help but laugh.

"Alice..." Edward said through his teeth.

"Oh, she giggled. "Sorry, I forgot Bella could hear me too."

"It's alright," Bella laughed.

"No, it's not," Edward said, wanting their alone time back.

"Edward, you need to relax," Alice said, shaking her head. "Come on Bella; Esme really wants to meet you!" She took Bella's hand before she or Edward could disagree and ran to the house. Edward, of course, was fuming with anger towards his sister, perhaps even more so with Belal considering she was purposely attempting to avoid that conversation. He just couldn't belive it; she felt the same but she didn't seem to believe in his feelings towards her. All he wanted was to keep her safe; that's why he would've forced himself to leave.

As they entered the house, Bella was taken back by its beauty. The walls were glass, giving an amazing view of the scenery no matter which angle you looked from. The space itself was light and open; Bella was impressed by the decor even though she knew it was all for show. It had to be.

"You must be Bella," a beautiful woman with caramel colored hair came from the kitchen, taking Bella into a tight hug. "It's so nice to meet you! I'm Esme!"

"It's nice to meet you too Esme," Bella smiled. It amazed her how friendly everyone was.

"Hope your hungry!" Emmett announced, snatching Bella away from Esme and giving her a bear hug. Had she been human, his grip would've hurt her.

"Emmett, watch your grip," Edward warned, once again being overprotective and acting as though Bella was a fragile human. She hated this.

"He's not going to hurt me!" Bella threw back, irritated by bein made to feel weak. She was meant to defeat the Volturi for crying out loud! She was half vampire/half witch! She had extraordinary abilities; she was far from weak.

"Yea Edward, what's your problem?" Emmett asked, annoyed as he set Bella back on her feet. "She's probably stronger than any of us here." And that's the only time I'll admit it! he added silently. Bella laughed, knowing it was most likely true or at least close to it.

"I just don't want her getting hurt," Edward said. "Is it so wrong of me to care?" I can't just turn off my feelings for you Bella. I'm in love with you and I want to keep you safe...Bella tried her best to ignore his thoughts. She had waited years for this moment, to confess her love to him but this just couldn't be true. She just couldn't believe it and it hurt even more. He wanted to leave...and he would've done it easily.

"No, but Bella's not breakable like a human so tone it down a few notches!" Alice scolded.

"Let's get you some food," Emmett piped up. "I want to see you eat human food." Bella was more than ok with this new distraction though it was clear on Edward's face he was furious. He had just admitted his love for her and she ignored it...

"I don't eat much honestly," Bella admitted.

"Then how do you even survive?" Emmett asked,assuming she didn't live off blood considering she'd just learned about her vampire half.

"Just do I guess," Bella shrugged. "But I'd love to try what you've made Esme." Excitedly, Bella was given a little bit of everything.

"How is it?" Esme asked eagerly.

"I bet it's gross," Emmett mumbled looking away from the plated. "I'm getting sick just looking at it!"

"It's really good Esme, thank you," Bella smiled. "I'm getting full though."

Bella, can we please talk...Edward thought to her. She made no effor to respond.

"I don't mean to ruin the fun of watching me eat," Bella started, giving Edward false hope that she was excusing herself for a private conversation with him. "But I'd really like to talk to everyone about an idea we had." Bella..we need to talk... he told her again silently. Though once again, it went unnoticed.

"Of course," Esme said. "Living room?" Bella nodded and got up to follow everyone into the other room. A very angry Edward followed as well. You can't avoid me forever! He snapped at her. She simply rolled her eyes. She was not weak. She resented being made to feel as though she was, hence part of her anger towards him.

"So I assume everyone's got a pretty good idea about what's going on?" Bella asked.

"So it's true? You're who Aro is afraid of?" Emmett asked in disbelief.

"It seems so," Edward chimed in, wanting to get everything over with so he could get Bella alone. Bella glared at him. I'm just trying to help... he told her.

"So what does this mean exactly?" Jasper asked.

"It means they're going to come looking for me. According to the prophecy, I"m supposed to go up against and defeat them ultimately uniting witches and vampires. Supposedly they're enemies..." Bella said.

"Please, they'll make anything an enemy if they're a threat." Rosalie scoffed under her breath. She sat with her arms crossed. I can't believe we're supposed to help her! This isn't even our fight! her thoughts screamed.

"Well if they want a fight, I'll give them one. I just need to buy some time." Bella told them, addressing Rosalie's thoughts.

"And just how do you plan on doing that?" Rosalie asked. She wanted Bella far away from them as possible.

"Enroll at the local high school." Bella said happily, ignoring Rosalie's bitterness.

"That's your genius plan?" Rosalie asked in disbelief. You stand no chance against them. They 'll kill you before you even have the chance to blink...Not a moment later, Rosalie was no longer sittin in her seat on the couch. She had been lunged back agianst the wall, causing it to break into pieces. No one moved. Rosalie stood, competely shocked by what had happened. Bella simply stood with a small smirk planted on her face. Yes, she meant to do that.

"You did this to me?" Rosalie screamed, ready to attack.

"You weren't even angry..."Jasper mused, recalling how angry she had been when she used her magic on him. The anger was as clear as day on her face, he didn't need his ability to tell the difference.

"You weren't kidding when yoyu said your powers fully matured," Edward said, amused by the situation. He would've done it himself for what she had thought to Bella.

"I guess not," she laughed. "Sorry Rosalie, but your thoughts weren't very nice."

"Great, another damn mind reader." Rosalie mumbled.

"I'm having trouble as to how you going to the high school will be beneficial," Carlisle spoke. "You should stay here, we'll keep you safe."

"It'd be the opposite," Edward told him, sensing it was safe to chime in. "Bella has no scent but they know to look for witches, I'm sure. This is what Aro's been hiding. They'll follow her grandmother's scent and find her. On the other hand, they'll pick up our scent and come here too. They'll read our minds. But in school, there are hundreds of student Bella would be surrounded by. The crowd alone will buy her time. If they get close enough Bella will hear them...they don't know about her abilities."

"I see," Carlisle said. "Either way it will be risky for her. Are you sure you're okay with this?"

"I'm more than okay with it," Bella smiled. "I'll work on controlling my powers in the mean time. I want to be ready when the situation calls for it."

"We'll be here too," Edward told her. "Don't forget that.

"What about Jane?" Alice asked suddenly.

"Who's Jane?" Bella asked, unable to contain her curiosity, especially if this person was a potential threat.

"She's one of them and none of your concern. She's our problem." Edward said quickly, remembering the extent of Jane's true power. He knew deep down none of them stood a chance against Jane but if suffering through the agony she placed upon them meant it would distract Jane from Bella then Edward would do it in a heart beat.

"We don't stand a chance against her and the others Edward. You know that!" Rosalie barked at him. You don't even know if Bella does either! We're putting our lives at risk for nothing!

"Ok, Stop!" Bella demanded, directly her gaze at Edward. "I'm sick of you acting like I can't handle any of this! This is what I'm apparently destined to do so don't you dare treat me as though I'm a child. You're keeping things from me about them. If you want to do that then you might as well be one of them!" There was nothing but the sound of everyones thoughts filling the room. Bella's outburst had caught everyone by surprise for they had clearly forgotten just powerful she really was.

Bella, it's really nothing you should worry about...Edward attempted to assure her but she wouldn't hear it.

"If you won't be 100% honest with me, then you're against me!" she said, glaring at him. Through her anger, she hadn't realized she was unintentionally lifting Edward off the ground. But this was the person who supposedly loved her; why would he keep important information from the one you love? She needed him to help her, not hurt her. And the best way he could help her was by sharing his knowledge of the Volturri. Anything about them could potentially give Bella the upper hand once they all faced off. The Volturri was hers to deal with. No one elses.

Bella..please put me down...Edward silently pleaded with her. Instead, she made him go higher, pinning him completely to the cieling unable to move.

"I like her!" Emmett boomed in the background, enjoying the exchange between Edward and Bella.

"Yea, we know." Rosalie snapped back. She liked it better when Bella wasn't in the picture at all. No one was puttin anyone at risk...eternity was bearable.

"Bella, come one," Edward laughed nervously, unsure whether she'd let him down or not. "This isn't funny anymore."

"Does it look like I'm laughing?" she said, hardening her gaze. It was beginning to become difficult for Edward to even form a sentence with the amount of force she was using to pin him up there.

"Son, I think you need to rething whatever strategy you've thought up," Carlisle spoke, trying to remedy the situation. "You want to protect her, we all do but keeping details from her may ultimately lead to her downfall. Even with all of us there to protect her. Do you want that?"

"Of course not!" Edward snapped through his teeth. The last thing he wanted was Bella dead. He'd sacrifice himself before he let the Volturri kill her!

"Then let her in Edward," Carlisle said to him. You love her Edward; don't keep anything from her. Protect each other; you're both more than capable...Bella's gaze softened as she heard Carlisle's thoughts even though doubts of Edward's love still plagued her. The moment she relaxed, her hold on Edward faultered and he immediately fell to the ground leaving an extraordinary mark with his body.

"Bella," Edward started, looking up at her with pleading eyes as he rose to his feet. "I'm so sorry..." I truly am...I just thought with our abilities unable to effect you, their gifts wouldn't be an issue for you either so you wouldn't have anything to worry about going in to any potential battle.

"But for you it is..." Bella mused.

"Unfortunately, yes," he admitted. All they need to do is paralyze us or blind us and we won't be able to do much of anything, which is why we want to avoid a confrontation at all costs.

"We'll have to fix that then, won't we..." Bella said after a moment. "We don't know when this battle will happen. All we know right now is that there will be one. It's destined. We need to prepare in the mean time and hope they aren't close to figuring out who I am."

"Bella, we're not immune to them like you are," Edward shook his head, disagreeing with the possibility of fixing their inablility to be immune to the Volturri's gifts.

"Yes, but whatever I have blocking you all is something strong, right? Like a shield of some sort that is keeping you out, much like the one my grandmother created to keep me in and keep you out of the property," Bella started. "So what if I can figure it out, control it and ultimately expand it. I'm not saying I can but if I am, who says I can't expand it until you are all under it and safe from them..."



That just might work...

Can she really do that?

She's so full of shit!...

Thoughts once again filled the silent room.

"We can't be sure it will work though," Edward told her.

"Good thing we'll buy me some time to practice then," she smiled. She didn't dare tell anyone her true plan if she reall did face the Volturri. That shield, if such a shield existed within her, had to work. But not just to keep everyone immune from the Volturri's power. She meant it when she chose to accept her fate. She would go against the Volturri. She would face them. Alone.

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