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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

The days went by with several failed attempts for Bella to escape. She searched for several passage ways, hoping one would lead her to freedom when the others wouldn't. Despite her best efforts, each doorway simply would not let her pass. Bella was trapped in that cottage and soon felt defeated. Locking herself in her room, Bella refused to let her grandmother n even though she somehow managed to appear in there without using the door when she needed.

Each day gave Bella new insight towards her surroundings, courtesy of realizing other worlds were in fact out there co-existing. Learning about vampires was possibly one of the greatest things that happened to Bella though now she couldn't go on without knowing exactly what she was. Surely she could not be human.

The shield keeping Bella trapped within the cottage only rose Bella's suspicions. From her understanding, shields weren't something vampires could do-afterall, neither Edward nor Jasper could explain the one on the bridge. The shield had to be other worldly. Bella was sure of it. It was powerful and mystical...almost like magic. It explained everything if it was the true reason. And if magic was real, would that make Bella a witch...she wondered this every day.

Just then, a knock came from Bella's door. Her grandmother was once again making an attempt to get Bella to understand what was going on.

"Bella, open the door please," her grandmother called from the other end.

"I'd rather not!" Bella responded coldly. Her grandmother was her family; family doesn't imprision you in your own home against your will. The fact that her grandmother had been lying to her for years no longer affected her the way it used to. For Bella, being trapped against her will was far worse.

"Bella, do not make me ask again!" her grandmother's voice grew louder the more serious she became.

"Then don't make me say no to you again and you won't have to!" Bella shouted back.

"Have it your way!" her grandmother countered. Silence once again filled the room, giving Bella relief thinking she had won for the time being. Feeling somewhat relaxed, Bella laid back on her bed, grabbing her pencil and sketch book. She flipped through the pages she had recently started working on and began to sketch. She sketched another figure in her picture as Edward's golden eyes stared at her from the sheet. She missed him. for all she knew, he'd given up on her the first day she didn't show. She blew her chance with him, she knew it.

"If I have to, I'll take that door off its hindges and you can forget about any chance of privacy!" Bella heard her grandmother order at her, the voice no longer coming from outside her door. Bella closed her sketch book and got off her bed, facing her grandmother. She looked between her grandmother and the door; it was still locked.

"So which is it, you can astral project or clone yourself?" Bella asked as she crossed her arms. The magic theory was looking more accurate by the second. Her grandmother stood, taken back by her question. How could she possibly know...I'm "I'm not naive despite how much you're wishing I was. Did you really think I wouldn't figure it out?" Bella added.

"I don't know what you're talking about." her grandmother simply said, trying to maintain an even expression. She can't possibly know...

"You're relentless, still trying hard to convince me something does not exist when clearly it does," Bella said. "So explain the shield to me, no more lying." Bella ordered. Before her grandmother could answer, the clock struck the first stroke of midnight, indicating the beginning of the new day and marking an official week since Bella had been trapped in the cottage. The moment the clock struck twelve, Bella fell to the floor, unable to resist screaming out in pain. A glowing light flowed throughout her body, lifting her from the ground. Her grandmother stood back, not interfering with what was going on. All she could do was reassure Bella that everything was fine. Bella, just breathe. You're ok... But she didn't feel ok; she felt pain. As the seconds went by, the glow intensified, only causing Bella more pain. On the final stroke of midnight, Belal was dropped to the floor as the light slowly began to fade. Bella remained on her knees, trying to catch her breath.

"Bella?" her grandmother called out in concern. Don't be afraid...

Bella looked at her grandmother; she was furious. "What did you do to me!" Bella demanded as she stood to her feet. "Keeping me prisoner here wasn't enough for you?" Bella you misunderstand what just happened...I didn't do anything to you... "You've been lying to me my entire life, why should I believe you now! And suddenly you believe I can read your mind that you're addressing me personally...are you kidding me!" Bella...what just happened is the one thing that now unbinds me from having to lie to you..."Explain!" Bella demanded.

"Bella, before you were born, your mother bound me from telling you the truth," her grandmother started. "You honestly think I enjoyed lying? It goes against everything I believe in!"

"Then why agree to it?" Bella countered.

"To protect you," her grandmother told her. All your mother wanted was for me to keep you safe...

"From what? What is so dangerous that the only way to protect me is to lock me in here and keep me out of school?" Bella asked, trying now to calm down.

"Bella, there's so much you don't understand," her grandmother started. "There's so much out there that I'm sure you neer dreamed existed." I don't know where to begin...

"A world filled with magic and witches and stuff..." Bella questioned. "Right?"

"How did you know?" her grandmother asked, surprised. How could you possibly that...

"Come on Grams," Bella rolled her eyes. "The inivislble shield keeping me from crossing the bridge and the cottage, you being in two places at's obvious and not very of this world." I suppose I haven't done a good job of being conspicuous then...

"Yes, the world has far more to it than humans will ever realize," her grandmother explained. " Witches are very real, such a world does exist. But you, Bella, are so much more powerful than any of your ancestors." This is overwhelming, I know but you shouldn't be afraid...

"I'm not," Bella told her. "I just need to know the truth."

"I understand that Bella and I can finally tell that you're 16," her grandmother smiled."Happy birthday Bella." Bella stood back surprised. Was it already her birthday? Had she really been stuck in the cottage for a week? "At 16, your powers fully mature, that's why the closer the date came, the more incidents you had with your powers."

"So they're stornger than what I've already experienced..." Bella concluded though she was extremely concerned at how much they had grown.

"Exactly." her grandmother confirmed. "But Bella, you are unlike others of our kind. You're very special and are destined for something quite extraordinary." This may scare may want to run but this is something you cannot run'll follow you anywhere...

"Then tell me Grams," Bella pleaded. "The longer you wait, the more you're freaking me out!"

"Bella, witches are not the only beings of the supernatural world. It's important you understand that. And just like the human world has their enemies, vampires are said to be very dangerous to witches and vice versa," her grandmother explained. Bella froze. Edward was a danger to her? She couldn't even begin to process the thought. He couldn't be a threat...she refused to believe it. He was too good, too caring to be her enemy.

"All vampires? It's not possible for some to be good?" Bella asked, hopeful.

"Perhaps...but our primary concern for the past seventeen years has been the Volturi. They control the vampire society and they, my dear, in lack of a better way of telling you this, are after you." Don't be afraid, just listen..."There's a prophecy, very familiar to both our worlds. One that has the Volturi leader in a panic. It threatens their existence and offers a peace between our worlds...something they don't want.."

"What prophecy?" If the peace it offered meant she could be with Edward, she wouldn't be against it. How could she?

"It prophesizes the birth of a child, a child of both worlds who would fight and defeat the Volturi and bring peace to the worlds by uniting them. The child is meant to keep that peace for all eternity," her grandmother told her. Bella, you are that child...

"What do you mean by both worlds?" Bella asked. Internally, of course, she was freaking out. She was meant to go against an extremely powerful group of vampires and bring peace for all eternity? All eternity? How could her grandmother be so sure that they wouldn't kill her before she got to was absurd.

"I mean, half vampire-half witch and of course, a small part of you that is human," Her grandmother told her. "It's an extraordinary honor. You really shouldn't be afraid, you should embrace your destiny.."

"Shouldn't be afraid? That's easy for you to say, no one is after you!" Bella exclaimed, angry with how calm her grandmother was with all of this. "And all eternity? That's not even day I'll die and then what? No more peace!"

"Well, Bella it is possible for you," her grandmother smiled, loving the idea that their family magic would live on forever through Bella. "Sweetie, you're 16 now. Finally martured in every way necessary and possible. This is it for you..." You'll be and look 16 for eternity and I mean the literal sense of the world. It's thanks to your father's side of course...But thanks to him, our family's magic will live on through you's wonderful...

"Do you not realize how insane this all is?" Bella shouted. "How can you be so calm!"

"Because it's your destirny," her grandmother said calmly. "Your mother knew it, as did your father. This is why they brought you into the world...they both wanted that peace."

"My father, the vampire who is supposed to be our enemy!" Bella exclaimed. "She knew what he was!"

"Yes and she didn't care," her grandmother said. "Your mother loved him and wanted peace among both our kinds so they could finally be together. She believed in thhe prophecy. And while she knew what she would be giving up by what she did, they wanted that peace to be a reality. Even if she wasn't around to see it. Of course, the Volturi learned of what he had done and killed him. But they coudln't find your mother; my magi cloaked both of you from them until today..."

"So now, they can find me," Bella said. "Is that what you're saying?"

"They could...though you're very powerful. Your magic alone may be enough to hide your scent from them," her grandmother told her. The two sat in silence as Bella processed everything. After time, her grandmother finally spoke. "I have something for you," her grandmother told her as she walked over to her dresser and took out a wooden box. "This will help keep you out of harms way," she handed Bella a necklace from the box.

"what is it?" Bella asked as she studied the beatuful, ancient necklace.

"Your amulet," her grandmother answered. "If it turns red, whoever you are with is dangerous. You can't allow anyone to get to you Bella. Go ahead, put it on.." Bella placed the amulet around her neck, feeling overcome with a new form of power. Everything she had just learned was too much for her. She needed to get away from the cottage..she wanted Edward. Did he know about her? Is that why he was being so nice? What were his true intentions? Bella had to know.

"I have to go," Bella stood, walking to the door hoping the shield was gone. No Bella.." You can't keep me here forever Grams!"

"Bella, have you not heard a world I've told you? I don't have you cloaked from them anymore! I don't know if they're out there right now looking for you!"

"I don't care!" Bella shouted, getting angry. "You think this is something I wanted? To be chased down by powerful vampires who want to kill me because of some prophecy that says I'm meant to destroy them and unite two worlds I know nothing about!" The floor began to shake as Bella's anger magnified. need to calm down... " And you need to let me go!" I will not take the shield down..I promised your mother I would protect you! But Bella didn't care. She just wanted out. If she was as powerful as her grandmother claimed she was, then she should be more than capable of keeping herself out of harms way.

"It's not up to you anymore!" Bella coutnered as she glared at the door. She could see a thin lining covering the entrance. Instantly she asssumed it was the shield. She kept her focus on it, wanting nothing more than to destroy it; it was the only thing standing in her way; she refused to break eye contact. Her grandmother's thoughts were faint in her mind as she angrily stared at the shield, willing it away. She watched as it slowly began to tear and dissipate into nothingness. With a smirk planted across her face, Bella stepped out of the cottage, finally free.

Bella, you shouldn't be able to do that...her grandmother thought in a panic. No witch could disable another witch's magic. But Bella didn't listen. She was out and had one thing on her mind, to find Edward. She ran faster than she ever had before. She needed Edward. She couldn't go another minute without seeing him though now, she had to be more cautious. The idea of them being enemies didn't sit well with her at all.

With so many thoughts coursing through her mind about the potential threat they posed to each other, she hadn't been paying attention to her surroundings like she normally would have. If she had, she would have noticed the step to the bridge ahead and she wouldn't have tripped over the first step, falling down with a loud thump.

"Bella!" a voice called out. Recognizing the voice insntantly, she looked up to see a surprised and concerned Edward on the other end of the bridge. Bella, are you okay? I've been so worried about you...But she couldn't answer. Bella was at war with herself; should she trust him or view him as an enemy? As she watched him, hearing his concerned thoughts, she once again noticed the thin clear lining in front of him, blocking his way to her. It angered her that it was keeping them apart after all she had gone through to see him again. At the moment the shield is all she focused on; she didn't care if he wanted to hurt her. She glared at the shield as she stood up, slowly approaching it and Edward as well. Bella, I'm not going to hurt's ok...Edward misunderstood the situation; how could he know Bella was trying to destroy the shield that kept them apart? She remained silent, focusing on the shield and allowing herself to feel all the anger she had been building. Bella...She watched as the shield finally began to break apart, just like it had done at the cottage. Whatever she was doing was working, causing Bella to feel empowered. Afterall, her grandmother had said she wasn't supposed to be able to do that. She believed in herself and her abiliites more than she ever had before.'re safe...Edward continued assuring her. She looked so angry..almost as though she was ready to attack.

When the shield completely broke apart, Bella's expression instantly softened and she took the final step needed to pass where the shield had once been. She was finally able to reach Edward with no restrictions. There was an electric current circulating the air around them as the two finally were face to face. Bella couldn't help but feel overjoyed to be with him after what felt like forever. All the worry disappeared. It was just them as far as she was concerned. she didn't even realize she was leaning closer to him until she was suddenly hugging him. When she realized what she was doing, she paused and tried leaning away. But Edward wouldn't let her go. He held her just as tightly as she had huged him. I'm not ready to let you go quite yet. I've been so worried about you...His concern only made her hold on even tighter; she felt the same for him.

A sudden throat clearing broke them apart but Edward made sure to still have a hold on Bella as he took her hand. She gripped it tightly as she saw five other equally pale and beautiful people standing by the river; two of which she was already familiar with. It's ok Bella, this is my family...most of them anyway...Edward assured her though that did not ease her mind. All she could think about was whether or not these people were a threat to her.

Edward, she's scared...Jasper's thought were loud and filled with concerned. She glanced at him, raising her eyebrow.

"I thought I asked you to address me directly Jasper," she teased.

"You did, sorry," he smiled back. "I'm still getting used to the fact that Edward's not the only mind reader around here."

"It's ok," she assured him.

"Bella, you shouldn't be afraid," Edward spoke up. "We won't hurt you." She looked up at him, searching for the truth in his eyes before looking back at everyone else.

"I really wish you could read my mind right now," she whispered to him, forgetting that everyone could hear her loud and clear.

"Wait, he can't read your mind?" one of the vampires asked. She looked at him, instantly feeling inimidated by his large size.

"No, he can't," Bella answered shyly. Instantly, he broke out into a hysterical fit, catching Bella by surprise.

"I'm sorry," he said between laughs. "That's just hysterical!"

"Don't mind Emmett," Edward whispered in her ear. "He just likes that there is finally one person who can take me without me being able to anticipate their moves."

"Oh," Bella said, trying to fully understand.

"We ignore him sometimes too," the pixie looking girl from the school told her as she ran up and gave Bella a hug.

"Hey, I resent that!" Emmett exclaimed while the blonde bombshell next to him rolled her eyes.

"I'm Alice by the way," the pixie told her.

"Nice to meet you," Bella smiled. "I'm Bella."

"We know," Alice smiled back.

"I don't mean to spoil your little reunion but I thougth she coudln't cross that bridge!" the blonde exclaimed, clearlly irritated. "If she can suddenly cross it then who's to say she isn't a threat to us afterall! Why should we be here risking out lives when she's the one the Voltrui apparently wants!" Bella felt Edward's grip on her hand tighten at the words.

"Rosalie, that's enough!"another spoke up. He seemed to be the one in charge to Bella, though she couldn't be sure. "I apologize for her rude behavior Bella. I'm Carlsle." He approached her, offering his hand to shake. She took it hesitantly. I am curious though...Edward said something was blocking the bridge...

"There was," Bella answered quietly. "It was around my cottage as well."

"So that's why you haven't been here?" Edward asked as realization hit him.

"That's exactly why. I'm really sorry," Belal told him, feeling terrible. "I tried to get out but until tonight nothing worked."

"Damn, and we all thought you just didn't want to see him again," Emmett exclaimed, disappointed. "It was fun seeing him mope around."

"Never mind him, what was it keeping you?" Jasper asked, intrigued.

"A shield created to keep me in," Bella explained, still angry about everything that had happened. She definitely would revisit the idea of Edward moping around without her here...

"That's interesting," Carlisle said. "I wonder how it ot there. I've never heard of such a thing being created." Bella took a seat on the step of the bridge; Edward followed in suit. Bellaw wasn't sure what to do. With the exception of Rosalie, everyone seemed friendly. It didn't feel like an act at all though she couldn't be sure. But if Rosalie viewed Bella as a threat then that would mean they were involved with the Volturi. They knew something, Bella just wasn't sure what.

Bella, what is it...Edward silently asked her, sensing her distress. She looked at him, wanting to tell him but with everyone here, she just couldn't.

"I think we should give you two time to talk," Jasper offerend; he could feel how everyone's presence was making her feel.

"But I don't want to go yet!" Alice complained.

"NO, Jasper is right," Carlisle said. "Bella, if you're up for it later, you are more than welcome to stop by. My wife, Esme, wold love to meet you and cook for you." Bella smiled, taking his invitation into consideration and nodded. Everyone ran off into the woods, leaving Edward and Bella alone.

"Bella, what's wrong?" Edward asked.

"Well, I don't eat much...Esme would waster her time cooking," Bella answerd. While that wasn't a main concern, it was still on her mind.

"Don't worry about that," Edward chuckled." But in all seriousness, what is it?"

"Well," Bella paused, somewhat hesitant. "Those people...they're not a part of the Volturi are they?" Edward sat, surprised. Her question confirmed exachtly what he spoke with Carlisle about. All week he had been trying to find more information; anything that would help them protect her but they found nothing.

"No Bella," he told her. "They're located in Italy...we are nothing like them and I promise you, you are safe with us. Don't listen to a word Rosalie says; she is just mad that she doesn't have the attention on her for a change." he smiled, trying to ease her tension.

"I believe you," Bella smiled in return. "But you found something, right? Why else would she immediately label me a threat?"

"I promised I'd find out what I could Bella and I did," Edward told her. "I came back and waited for you but you never showed." I was worried something happend to you...

"I'm so sorry about that," Bella looked down. "I promise it's not something I had a say in." I know...he smiled.

"I had a feeling if you had your way, you would have been here," Edward explained. He was tryin to be careful with his affection and thoughts towards her. They were already closer than he had thought they'd ever be and he didn't want to ruin it by scaring her with his feelings.

"You're right," she said. "I was trying to get out of there every day."

"What happened? You said the same shield that we experienced here kept you from leaving..." Edward asked, not wanting to express he thought her grandmother was somehow involved.

"It's complicated," she told him, not ready to tell the truth. "What did you find out?" He watched her, searching for any indication as to why she didn't want to explain what had happened. It was the first time Edward had felt frustrated towards her silent mind.

"Well, I went to Carlisle for information," Edward explained. "From his experiences through the centuries, one in particular stood out for him. And that would be his frist time spent with the Volturi in Italy." Bella froze; didn't Edeward say none of them were members of the Volturi? Edward felt her tension instantly. He was never a member Bella...He went there centuries ago to observe their's very different from ours..Bella relaxed when Edward assured her she wasn't in any danger with them.

"While he was there, a nomadic vampire named Xavier came requesting an audience with the guard. He'd discovered, through his own experimentation that it was possible for male vampires to have children with human women. Of course, no woman was ever able to survive the birth,"Edward paused, waiting for Bella's reaction. She 'd finaly realized what had happened to her mother. She was gone because of Bella.

"You're sure no one was able to survive that?" Bella asked, hoping somehow she hadn't been responsible.

"The entire pregnancy, from conception was supernatural. From the information Xavier provided, no human could've survived it. He intended on forming an army of half human, half vampire children; unlike vampires, they could be seen out in the sunlight. Humans would've had no way of knowing they'd be in any danger," Edawrd continued. "The Volturi, of course, viewed this as a threat to our world and killed him."

"What about the child he had created?" Bella asked.

"They were able to track him down and kiled him," Edward told her. "There's more though...more of a rumor. No one is sure if it's true because Aro, the leader, has been keeping the knowledge to himself."

"What's the rumor?" Bella questioned, though she was sure she already knew.

"According to the rumor, seventeen years ago another vampire followed in Xavier's footsteps though he had other intentions in mind. He learned of a that has Aro terrifed. Because of that, he had teh vampire destroyed and had been looking for the child ever since," Edward told her.

"So it's not exactly a rumor if he's actually searching, now is it?" Bella spat, growing angry. She could no longer sit still. She stood, catching Edward off guard and began pacing back and forth, trying to process. "You came back to tell me because you thought I was the child they're searching for, didn't you?" Bella asked, not intending to sound so cold.

"It made terms of explaining your abilities," Edward told her truthfully. "Bella, if it's true and you are the one they want-"

"Then what? You and your family would just hand me over to them?" Bella shouted, jumping to conclusions.

"What? Of course not!" Edward shouted back unintentionally. "How could you even think that!" All I want is to keep you save Bella...I want to help you..

"Because we're supposedl enemies," Bella said, defeated as she felld down to her knees where she stood.

"I'm not sure I understand," Edward admitted as he slowly approached her.

"You don't know the prophecy?"Bella asked, surprised. He didn't know she was half witch?

"No, it was all rumor," Edward told her honestly. How do you know...

"My grandmother finally came clean," she started. "According to that prophecy, a chld of both worlds was meant to be conceived; a half vampire, half witch. The child is meant to destroy the Volturi and unite witches and vampires in a peaceful society. Supposedly witches and vampires are enemies."

"No Bella, they're not," Edawrd chuckled. "They only threaten the Volturi because they are said to be more powerful."

"Are they usually so threatened by something more powerful then them?" Bella asked, with a hint of irritation.

"Always," Edward smirked. "They like their thrown very much." So why now?

"What do you mean?" Bella asked, confused.

"You said your grandmother finally came clean...why now?"

"Oh, I am now 16; fully mature and developed in every possible and necessary way to be able to fight the Volturi and unite our worlds for eternity," Bella told him, trying to immitate her grandmother's voice. "Happy birthday to me." Bella spat with sarcasm.

"It's your birthday?"Edward asked, excited to learn something new about Bella.

"It is and what do I get? I learn a powerful group of vampires want me dead and I'll live forever alone if they fail!" Bella spat out. Live forever?... "Yes, apparently thanks to the vampire half of me, I stop aging at 16 and thanks to the witch in me, my powers fully matured." Edward sat quietly, trying to conseal the excitement in kwoing he'd never have to lose Bella. It was selfish of him to want Bella for eternity...if she'd have him. But now, he wouldn't ever have to worry about losing her. All he had to do was keep her safe from the Volturi and they stood a chance. Of course, he feard Bella didn't share his feelngs; it was probably far from her mind to be with him.

"How old are you Edward?" Bella suddenly asked. It hadn't crossed her mind that as a vampire he'd probably have an unlimited lifespan as well.

"Seventeen," he smirked.
"But how long have you been seventeen?" she pressed.

"Carlisle changed me in 1918, so currenlty that makes me 115 years old," he told her, suddenly feeling old. He'd never given much thought to his actual age.

"So your family...they're all coupled off?" Bella asked. "I only ask because of how it seemed and Carlisle mentioned he had a wife..."

"Yes," Edward smiled. "Jasper and Alice are married, as are Emmett and Rosalie."

"I guess all eternity isn't bad for you when you guys with someone to share it with," Bella said quietly, assuming Edward also had a wife, a soulmate; someone to spend eternity with. She wanted that...It's not bad when you do have someone..not as easy when you're alone and surrounded by happy couples who wish you'd find someone already...

Bella looked up at Edward, registering just how close he was to her face. Not once did Bella break her contact at Edward though the longer they waited, the more intense the electricity between them seemed to grow. Bella couldn't help but lean closer. She was overjoyed at the possibility that they were about to kiss. Are you sure about this...Edward though to her, not wanting to force his feelings onto her. She nodded her head, wanting it more than anything. But just as their lips met, a noise startled them from ahead.

Bella, what do you think you are doing!...her grandmother's mind screamed at her, not knowing Edward could hear as well. They both stood, started to see her standing angrily on the other side of the bridge.

"Bella, come over here this instant!" her grandmother demanded, finally recognizing Edward as a vampire.

"No, I'm fine here," Bella said, taking hold of Edward's hand. Bella he's a vampire! For all we know he could be one of them!..

So that's your grandmother...Edward thought, looking down at Bella who smiled up at him.

"Bella, now!" her grandmother ordered.

"I mean her no harm" Edward interjected.

"This had nothing to do with you!" her grandmother spat at him.

"It has everything to do with me apparently,"Edward countered. "Oh what do you know vamire! Clearly her grandmother didn't know Edward could hear her.

"Grams! You need to stop right now! I'm not leaving Edward and you'll just have to accept that!" Bella rebutted. Her grandmother stood, wide eyed staring at Bella's neck. It can't be...Her gfrandmother's focus was on the amulet she had given Bella. She had never experienced this before; it was very rare. The amulet...Bella and Edward both looked down at the amulet around her neck, both surprised at the sight.

Is it supposed to do that? Edward asked was glowing.

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