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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Bella watched as Edward and Jasper fled the scene, hoping her grandmother wouldn't suspect anything. She couldn't believe what she had just learned. Vampires were real. Not once in Bella's entire life had she suspected such a world ever existed despite how unusual she was as a human. But now, Bella questioned if she was human at all. Her speed, her strength, her heightened senses-all of which embodied a vampire yet somehow described her so perfectly. She couldn't be a vampire, though she heard both their thoughts loud and clear. Her heart was beating. No matter how faint it sounded to them or how fast paced, it was still beating. So if her heart was beating and she had vampiristic qualities...what did that make her?

"Bella?" she heard her grandmother call out in search for her. I can't belive she ran off like that! I knew she wouldn't be safe out here alone...Bella heard what she assumed were her grandmother's thoughts; she was getting closer. Bella stood from the bridge and headed towards her grandmother's direction, thinking whether or not she should mention her new friends and discovery. She wanted to. She wanted to demand the truth and answers to her questions but she kenw it woulnd't happen. Like every other time, her grandmother would lie to her.

"Bella, there you are!" her grandmother exclaimed as she saw Bella approach her.

"Here I am." Bella simply said, uninterested in conversing with her.

"What happened!" her grandmother demanded. She better tell me the truth...Bella wanted to laugh when she heard the thought. She was expected to tell the truth yet her grandmother could openly lie whenever she wanted?

"What do you mean?" Bella asked, crossing her arms.

"Someone was here with you, Bella." her grandmother stated matter of factly. "What happened!"She's not worked...

"Nothing happened, no one was here but me!" Bella told her. "Why can't I cross that bridge?"

"Of course you can cross the bridge," her grandmother lied. "Don't be ridiculous."She can't know...she won't understand. I had to protect her...

"Grams, the lying bit is really starting to get old," Bella said as she started to head back to the cottage.

"How dare you talk to me that way!" her grandmother scolded as she walked after Bella, taking her by the shoulder to turn her around. But Bella was too strong and the gesture went unnoticed. "Don't walk away from me when I'm talking to you!" I've had it. If she wants to be this way, she leaves me no choice...Bella stopped when she heard the last thought and turned around.

"What only choice am I now leaving you with Grams?" Bella asked, clearly angry. "I've told you already, I know what you're thinking. I know you had something to do with that'd you keep me from crossing? That didn't happen when I left earlier...what's so different now?"

"What's different now is that I realized you have no sense of self preservation and after all we've done for you...still are doing to keep you safe, you've left me with no choice. You won't tell me who was here, that's fine. But without me, whoever it was could've killed you. Lord knows they tried! I've had enough of this Bella. I am your grandmother. You listen to me, not the other way around!" her grandmother yelled, realizing she was giving away too much. I don't care if she knows anymore. She won't leave the cottage...Bella froze. She couldn't keep her from leaving! The moment Bella heard that thought, Bella instantly thought of Edward. She promised him she'd meet him at the bridge. She had to see him again. He was trying to help her...There was no way her grandmother could physically keep her locked in that cottage. she was supposed to be safe, yet her own grandmother was now her enemy.

"You can't keep me from leaving!" Bella said, confidnet she'd get out one way or another.

"That, my dea is where you are wrong." her grandmother replied. "If you want to act so careless, fine. But as long as I am able to, I will make sure you are safe." In time..she'll see..

"See what!" Bella questioned.


"I heard said in time I'll see...see what?" Once again, Bella pressed for answers.

"Oh honestly Bella, this imagination of yours is getting out of control! You can't read minds!" her grandmother scolded, regretting every minute of telling her lies. She knew how terrible she sounded...she fought so hard against it for years, but it was pointless, especially now that Bella was living with her. She was bound to hiding the truth from Bella. It was to keep her safe.

"How can you be so cruel?" Bella cried. "You know exactly what I'm talking about. What continue lying to me?"

"Bella, I've heard enough of this. Go back to the cottage. Now!" She needed Bella to listen to her just this once. The sooner Bella was inside the sooner she could ensure Bella could not leave. Frustrated and hurt, Bella turned and ran back to the cottage, locking her bedroom door behind her once she was inside. This was the perfect opportunity for her grandmother to bind Bella to the cottage.

All night, the only thing Bella could think about as she lay in her bed was Edward. She thought of the first time she had seen him in the woods as a little she spent years yearning for an opportunity to see him finally tell him when she first saw him...She wanted to see him, she wanted to be able to get passed that bridge and be with him but what she couldn't understand was where her feelings were coming from. Yes, she'd spent years imagining him as the perfect guy for her. But now, having seen him her feelings were undeniably strong. She didn't know she could fall for him so quickly but she had. Eventually Bella drifted off to sleep, dreaming her first dream since she had arrived in Forks a month ago with Edward starring the leading role.

The light of the sun shown brightly through Bella's window that next morning, falsly indicating to her that it would be a good day. She jumped out of bed, hurrying to get read so she culd go see Edward. Bella felt refreshed and ready to face the day. When she'd see Edward, she hoped he would come with some answers..anything that could shed light on her situation. Though she knew if he hadn't been successful, she wouldn't care. She just missed him and desperately needed to see him.

The cottage was silent...her grandmother's thoughts were nowhere to be heard. This was the perfect opportunity to get out undetected and without a fight. But just as she opened the door and went to step out, something pushed her back in; a shield of some sort; something similar to what stopped her on the bridge.

"What the hell!" she shouted as she attempted once more to get out of the cottage. Nothing worked.

"I told you Bella," her grandmother said suddenly behind her. Bella turned to face her, wondering where she even came from and ready for a fight. "You are not leaving here until I say you can."

"You can't do this," Bella disagreed. There had to be a way out.

"I don't think you are in any position to tell me what to do," her grandmother countered. Feeling defeated, Bellat turned once more to face the door, wanting desperately to go see Edward. He'd think she lied to him or even worse, didn't want him. But it was the opposite and he'd never know.

"I'm sorry, but you've left me no choice." her grandmother said, who was now outside facing Bella. But she had never left the cottage, Bella thought. How was her grandmother suddenly in front of her? Bella would have had to have moved in order for her to get outside but she hadn't...but there she was. "It's for your safety." her grandmother told her, the voice now coming from behind Bella, yet there she stood in front of her. Bella didn't understand and was suddenly overcome with confusion. She turned back slightly, just enough to be view both the front door and behind her. There stood-behind her and in front of her-her grandmother...there were two of her? Suddenly, the door slammed shut behind her.

"You're not going anywhere."

A/N: So, there it is...not as long but probably everything you've wondered about has been brought to the it's a matter of what will happen next...grandma's hiding more information than what we know already...thoughts? reviews would be great :) Until I post again...

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