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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

It didn't take long for Jasper and Edward to reach the school where Edward had left his Volvo. Bella was all he could think about; her beautiful eyes, flawless smooth skin, her faint blush,everything about her was pulling him in. Ther was no escaping the feelings he had so quickly developed for her. But what intrigued him the most was how a fragile human girl could possess such extraordinary power.

Edward...Jasper thought to him as they got in the car and headed back home. Edward slightly turned his head towards asper, informing him he had his attention.

Could you possibly get a hold of your emotions?...Jasper asked.

"Sorry," he said, truly not intending for Jasper to have to deal with his emotions which he simply could not control. He couldn't understand how his feelings had already grown so immensely. "I don't know why but I feel such strong feelngs toward Bella...I don't understand it."

Believe me, I can tell...Jasper smirked. I am sorry for jumping to conclusions...I hope you could forgive me too...

"Your intentions were pure. You were trying to protect us, I understand," Edawrd assured him. "But I warn you now, don't let that happen again. I won't let you get away with it easily."

Keep telling yourself that...Jasper retorted. "You think we'll find something to help Bella?" Jasper finally spoke aloud.

"I hope so. I promised I'd do everything I could to help her and I fully intend on keeping that promise." Edward told him. He was determined not to let Bella down.

"Carlisle may know something ...we could always go to him about this,"Jasper offered, knowing Edward's hesitation about informing the others. But if Bella really needed their help, they all needed to know.

"You're'll be for the best,"Edward admitted.

The rest of the ride remained silent. It wasn't until the two walked into the house did the commotion start. Jasper and Edward were greeted by an enraged Alice, ready to explode and not caring which of them would be first. She was on a mission.

You are both dead! She screamed at Edward, who had anticipated her next move and had ducked out of the way when she lunged at him. Jasper, however, wasn't as quick and ended up being thrown back out the front door.

"Alice, what is wrong with you?" Jasper asked as he managed to get out from under her grip. "And why is it I am the one who is constantly being thrown back?"

"Do either of you know what hell I've been through the past three hours?" she yelled at them, placing her hands on her hips.

"Clearly we don't," Edward answered. "Care to explain?"

"Three hours ago both of your futures disappeared! I had no idea wehre you were or if you were even alive!" she shouted before she turned to Jasper. "Where the hell were you and don't you dare try to control my emotions Jasper!"

"Edward found the girl, Bella," Jasper told her. "We were with her."

"Damn it!" Alice shouted and turned to go back into the house, collapsing onto the couch.

"Alice?" Jasper questioned as he and Edward followed her into the house.

"I can't see her in my visions! That's obviously why I couldn't see either of you! Being with her clouds you from my sight! Don't you ever do that to me again Jasper!" she exclaimed. He simply took her into his arms, comforting her until she finally settled down. A few minutes later, Alice stood and charged over to Edward, slapping him. She didn' tcare that it didn't hurt him; it still got the point across.

"What was that for?" Edward asked.

"I can't belive you found her and I didn't! I searched everywhere!" she exclaimed. "What's she like?"

"She's incredible," Edward told her, chuckling at her sudden change in attitude. He made his way over to the couch to continue informing her. Alice followed in suit and sat cross legged across from him, waiting impatiently.

"Well, go on," Alice pushed. "I want to know everything!"

"Well, she didn't know anything about our kind," Edward started.

"See, i told you she's not a threat!" Alice exclaimed, directly her comment to Jasper.

"Yes, you did," he told her. "You both did."

"She does know now though," Edward added.

"What? How?" Alice whined.

"Jasper." Edward told her. "He wasn't as convinced she wasn't a threat when he first found me with her."

"You didn't..." she gasped, looking at Jasper who was now looking down in shame. "Now I'll never know her! Jasper how could you!" Alice complained.

"He never got to her...something on that bridge threw him back," Edward continued. "It took a lot of convincing and a lot of back talk from Bella before he realized she wasn't a threat."

"Back talk?" Alice questioned.

"It seems Bella didn't appreciate me only addressing Edward as I questioned him through my thoughts...she wanted to be included," Jasper explained. "Claims I was being rude."

"Wait...through your thoughts?" Alice asked.

"She could read his mind," Edward shrugged nonchalantly.

"Oh another mind reader!" Alice exclaimed, getting excited. "That's incredible! Oh! Does that mean she actually did have something to do with what happened at the school?" The idea of finding someone outside of their family-a human, no less-who could relate so easily to them fascinated her. She wanted to know more about Bella...she was sure they'd be great friends.

"She did, unintentionally, but she did." Edward confirmed.

"So how'd she take it?" Alice asked.

"Very well actually," Edward answerd. "Only curious about one thing though...she, well I should say we, are curious as to how it's possible for a human to possess the enhanced qualities vampires do.."

"We came back to help with the research...she seems to be in the dark about everything going on with her," Jasper added.

"Wait, are you trying to say she can do everyting we can as vampires?" Alice questioned, trying to see herself how that was even possible.

"Yes," Edward told her.

"That's incredible...impossible but I don't even care!" Alice exclaimed. "Let's start right away! I want to help too!"

"Starting now is a great idea," Edward said, getting up. "You two check the books here while I go stop by the hospital. Maybe Carlisle picked up on a few things through the years that could be of assitance with this..."

"Good luck," Jasper told him as he and Alice headed off towards the house library.

"You too," Edward told them and headed out towards his car.

Edward sat impatiently in Carlisle's office as the nurses staff paged him. As Edward sat waiting, thoughts of Bella entered his mind. He wondered what she was doing, how she was feelings, if she was thinking of him. He wanted it to be the next morning so that he could see her but obviously that wasn't possible. He just wanted to be with her, see her, hold her. His thoughts were irrational but they were as clear as day. In mere hours, Edward had fallen in love with Bella though he doubted she could ever feel the same towards him, a souless monster.

"Edward," Carlisle said as he entered the office, surprised to see him there. "Is everything alright son?" Is anyone hurt..are you hurt?

"No, we're all fine," Edward assured him.

"Arlight, what brings you here?" Carlisle asked as he closed the door and made his way over to his desk. He was relieved to know nothing terrible had happened.

" I was wondering if I could ask you something..." Edward told him. Of course, ask me anything...Carlisle instantly told him.

"Would it be possible for a human to possess vampiristic qualities?"

"I'm not sure I understand..."Carlisle admitted.

"Our strength..our speed..our heightened sense...would it be possible for a human to possess all those things?" Edward pressed.

"It shouldn't be possible..." The Volturi stopped that..didn't they? Carlisle thought to himself, though his thoughts were not safe with Edward in the room with him.

"Carlisle, how are the Volturi involved here? You thought of them almost instantly," Edward questioned.

"It's nothing worth mentioned, I'm sure," Carlisle told him. there was no way the situation he thouht of applied now; it was centuries ago.

"Perhaps it's not, but I need to know nonetheless Carlisle," Edward answered. "It's important to me."

"Very well," Carlisle started, reluctant to be divulging such information. "As you know, centuries ago I spendt some time with the Volturi. One day in particular, a nomad name Xavier arrived requesting an audience with the guard claiming he had made a fascinating discovery with our kind. Of course the Volturi were intrigued and brought him in right away."

"What was the discovery?" Edward interjected.

" A new breed of vampires. Hybrids," Carlisle told him. "He discovered, through a personal experience, the possibility of breeding half human, half vampire children with human women. Of course, the entire gestation period is accelerated and unnatural, it was impossible for the women to survive the birth. His interest was to create an army and take over society, with the help of the Volturi. Hoewver, they viewed this as a potential threat and killed him before he could continue with his plan."

"What happened to the child he had already created?" Edward asked.

"The Volturi immediately seeked out the child and eliminated it before they could fully understand its developement. Once that was taken care of, they all assumed everything could go back to how it was," Carlisle answered.

"And you don't think it's possible he shared his plan with others before the Volturi could destroy him?" Edward pressed. The idea of a half human, half vampire child wasn't possible..was it...?

"It's possible...Aro read his thoughts but spoke of his finding with no one. It was rumored, however, that about seventeen years ago another nomad planned on taking over Xavier's plans and succeeded. The Volturi found him, of course but were unable to find the woman he had chosen. They've been serarching for years but to no avail," Carlisle told him. "Which is why they claim it to be rumor."

"Why continue searching then if they've continuously failed?" Bella..Edward thought...she had to be this child the Volturi was searching for. But could she really not know what she is? Was that even possible for her to not know?

"Again, that's Aro's hidden agenda," Carlisle informed him. "There was something specific about that woman...about the child she would bring into the world that had Aro particularly fearful...some prophecy he wants to ensure does not come true..."

"What's to fear though?' Edward asked. "The woman is human; she is clearly not a threat..."

"What I heard is she was a powerful witch, prophesized to bring forth a child to this world who is of extraordinary power. Power that neither world could even imagine..." Carlisle told him. "If this prophecy were to be true and this child did exist...she could very well end the Volturi's reign over our world and bring proper order."

"Carlisle...if this is true, what would they do if they found the child?" Edward feared the worst. He was almost certain Bella was the child in the prophecy; it suddenly made sense why her grandmother was trying to keep her safe. If the Volturi was out looking for her and she didn't know; they'd kill her.

"Aro's orders were to eliminate the threat on sight," Carlisle answered. Edward, what's going on? Why the sudden interest in the Volturi and hybrids..

" you view this child as a threat like the Volturi does?" Edward pressed, refusing to answer his questions. He had to protect Bella. He'd do anything to keep her safe.

"Of course not!" Carlisle answered, taken back by Edward's sudden anger. "I respect the Volturi position they have claimed in our world but I do not agree with the way they seek justice. They've abused their own system. If this prophecy were true, I would not stop it. I'd fight to ensure the child was safe from them..."

"So you would protect her, no matter the consequence?"

"I would. The Volturi fear anything that potentially challenges their power in our world; anything they do not understand, they eliminate and label a threat," Carlisle told him. Edward, you said her...the child lives? Are you implying the rumors are is the prophecy I have told you about?

" have to understand I knew nothing about this when I came to you. I came seeking answers for a girl I met today who possess extraordinary gifts; gifts she does not even understand. I don't know about any prophecy...but I fully believe, now after hearing what you've said, that Bella is the girl the Volturi has been searching for. It's the only explanation for why she possess qualities that of a vampire," Edward confessed, trying to figure out how to protect her from the Volturi; it would be impossible.

"This is incredible," Carlisle exclaimed. He could learn so much about a new breed of vampires; information the Volturi were too blind to want to learn. " What is she like?"

"She has abilities, though I'm starting to think she never knew she even had them. Two I'm certain of are mind reading and telepathy but I'm not the one to give you these answers Carlisle," Edward told him. "I need to keep her safe. If the Volturi are after her, I have to find a way to protect her...stall them..something!" Carlisle looked at Edward for a few moments, studying him.

"You seem to be very taken with this girl," Carlisle noted.

"I am," Edward admitted as he stood to leave. "I'm sure you'll think I've lost my mind if you knew just how much I felt for this girl already."

"You're in love with her," Carlisle stating, already knowing the answer.

"I am...I've only spent a few hours with her and I'm seeing her in the morning by the bridge in the woods but I can't wait that long. I want to be with her; I can't get her out of my mind..." Edward admitted.

"Edward, what you've just described to me is a bond between mates. Perhaps she is your soulmate," Carlisle thought aloud.

"If only that were true," Edward shrugged. "I have to go. I need to figure out a way to protect her. I'll call Jasper and Alice, give them the heads up."

"Of course," Carlisle agreed. "I think we should arrange a family meeting; let everyone know what's going on and come up with a plan to protect Bella. If you're able to, bring her to the house. We'll protect her best if we can keep a good eye on her."

"Will do," Edward told him. "I'll head over to the bridge tonight and wait for her until morning. There's something on there...a shield of some sort keeping either of us from getting to each other, though I have my suspicions as to why. I'll meet everyone tomorrow night to discuss this." Edward headed out the door but turned back for one more moment. "Thank you," he told Carlisle and left to go to the bridge.

There was so much to process once Edward arrived at the bridge. Worry over Bella's safety was now his top priority. Perhaps he was jumping to conclusions about her being the child from the prophecy but everything seemed to make perfect sense. It explained, to the tee, why she was able to move, hear, see, like a vampire. Then again, there was more to her than being half vampire. Carlisle told him the woman from seventeen years ago was a powerful that would also make Bella part witch; powerful beyond anyone's imagination according to the prophecy. No wonder Aro feared it coming true. Bella could very well destroy him.

The possibility of them being soulmated also crossed his mind. He wanted Bella to be his soulmate. He wanted her to be with him. He wanted to protect her but feared failing her. He couldn't live with himself if anything happened to her. But what if they could be together...what would that mean for them? What were the rules for Bella, the half human, half vampire, half one knew.

Time seemed to pass quickly as Edward attempted to formulate a plan to keep her safe. Though the closer it came to early morning-the time Bella would meet him-he grew anxious. Something was wrong, he could feel it. Time continued to pass just as quickly as the morning came and Bella hadn't arrived. Come night fall, Edward was sure Bella was introuble. She would've been there to meet him, he was sure of it. Not one doubt entered his mind. He needed to get to her. He ran up that bridge, hoping the shield would not stand in his way, but just as the day before, he was sent flying back. He couldn't get passed the bridge. He couldn't get to Bella. He couldn't save her.

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