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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Bella stood wide eyed, taking in the scene before her. She watched, in strange calmness as Jasper's body shattered three trees in his path as he was lunged backwards. She couldn't get her mind around it...the strength he must have to be able to take out whole trees like that wasn't possible. Yet here it was, happening before her just like it had at the school. Only difference between the two incidents proved to be that at the school, she had caused it. This time...she couldn't figure out what threw him back. As fascinating as it all seemed, Bella was overwhelmed. They had moved so fast...they were so strong..just like her. In some way...a way she hadn't known...they were all connected. She sat down as the thoughts crawled into her mind, not sure what to make sense of first and if she could make sense of them at all.

"Bella, are you okay?" Edward asked as he rushed over to her, though as he attempted to go past the first step, something threw him back as well. Something...a shield of some sort was keeping him from passing.

"I'm fine," she assured him as she tried to rush over to him. She too was blocked from getting off the bridge; the middle was as far as she could go though nothing pushed her back. It simply kept her in her place. "Are you okay?" she asked, worried he may have gotten hurt when he was thrown back. Edward was on his feet and at the top of the stairs instantly, no longer worrying of the risk of exposure. What she had just witnessed spoke for itself; he knew that.

"I am, you needn't worry about me," he told her. Bella, did you do that? He silently asked her. She shook her head no; she had no idea what was causing the commotion. Shuffling sounds came from the trees as Jasper emerged back into the meadow, even more furious than he had been before.

"I don't know how you did that, but I will get to you one way or another," he promised as he glared at her. Edward, she is a threat. Whatever just happened speaks for itself. How can you be so blind? Jasper silently addressed Edward, obviously not knowing that Bella could hear him too.

"Ok, seriously!" Bella exclaimed, taking both Jasper and Edward by surprise. She looked directly at Jasper, no longer caring to keep her secrets from them. She knew of all people to understand and help her, Edward could and if Jasper came around, he could too. Bella was sure of it. "You just tried to attack me and even plotted ways of killing before at the school and you have the nerve to label me a threat? Clearly you are the one who is blind!" Jasper stood, beside himself while Edward couldn't help but laugh at her outburst. He wasn't sure how she would respond to the events that had just transpired so seeing her perfectly calm, with attitude to boot was fascinating. He liked this side of her.

"She does have a point Jasper," Edward agreed. "If anyone is a threat here, it'd be you." Jasper stared at her, ignoring Edward's remark.

"I don't know what games you are playing at girl, but you will not confuse me like you are confusing Edward," Jasper declared, refusing to see reason.

"Is he always this friendly?" Bella asked Edward, who chuckled before putting his direct focus on Jasper.

"Jasper, listen to me for once. We all thought of the possible risk of exposure with Bella," Jasper scoffed at the sound of her name but Edward continued. "This is why we split up, without you. We needed answers rather than jump to the conclusion that she knew. You're being irrational; you're not thinking logically. Look at the facts here...the fact is she knew nothing. Quite the contrary, she has a lot more in common with us than we thought..."

"I agree with Edward," Bella spoke up. "You are being fairly unreasonable...but don't listen to me. I'm just the threat." else would she have known who you were...Jasper questioned.

"I could answer that!" Bella exclaimed, taking it upon herself to respond. "I have you to thank for that." she told Jasper. Afterall, he had been the first to address Edward by name.

"Wait, what do you mean?" Edward asked. He now knew she could in fact read minds but what did Jasper have to do with anything?

"Back at the school when the three of you noticed me, Jasper addressed you by name when he first became concerned I knew something about you," she told him.

" were far away, how couldn't have heard us," Edward told her. And those thoughts weren't verbal.

"I heard you all loud and clear," she declared.

Supernatural hearing...that of a vampire..impossible. She's not one of us...Her heart beats...she heard from Jasper. Immediately, Edward darted his eyes at Jasper. He knew Bella would hear Jasper refer to vampires; he had just given them up.

"Vampire?" Bella asked, surprised and intrigued by Jasper's thoughts.

"She knows!" Jasper growled. "And you tried telling me I was jumping to conclusions." Without hesitation, Jasper once again lunged for Bella, only to be thrown back.

"If you really want to keep something from me, you might want to not think it while I'm around," Bella told him, crossing her arms. "And while you're at it, stop trying to attack me. Clearly that's not getting you anywhere!" Jasper lay perched on his elbows on the ground, looking over at Edward.

Edward, is she implying she can read my mind...he silently asked.

"Yes I can read your mind and I would appreciate being acknowledged too! I may be able a lot of things unexplainable but invisible is not one of them!" she exclaimed. if he suspected she could hear him, would it not be safe to assume she heard him question Edward about it in his mind?

"You can hear me..."Jasper mused aloud, finally looking at Bella who nodded in response. "So I'm now the reason you know something you should not." Jasper felt like an idiot. He'd taken his assumptions way too far and only ended up causing what he tried to prevent. Edward had even tried to warn him, help him see reason but he wouldn't. "Edward...I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am..."

"I'm not the one you should be apologizing to Jasper," Edward shook his head, not wanting to listen.

"Of course," Jasper replied. "Miss, I'm awfully sorry for my irrational behavior. I assure you, it will never happen again. I assumed you know something about our family that would put us at risk and as a result, I ended up helping you acquire that knowledge,"Jasper looked down at the ground, ashamed of himself. It was dangerous and forbidden for a human to know of the vampire existence.

"It's Bella and I'm sorry for pushing you back into the wall back at the school..."she replied. "I still have no idea how I did that...but I am sorry."

"I assure you, you didn't hurt me. You simply took me by surprise," he assured her.

"So vampires?" Bella asked, wanting to know more.

"Vampires, I'm afraid," Jasper breathed out, shaking his head in how wreckless he had been.

"They're real?"she questioned...

"Yes, we are..."he answered.

"So then are they myths true? You can't go out in the drink human blood...sleep in coffins...?" she mused. Somehow she felt this was exactly what she had been searching for; the answers she had spent her entire life searching for. Both Jasper and Edward laughed at her take on vampires. I wonder why she's so interested...why isn't she running scared...Jasper thought to himself but Bella did not comment on his thoughts. She just wanted answers.

"We can go out into the sunlight," Edward chuckled. "It won't kill us; for exposure reasons we stay away from it when others are around. As for blood...most of our kind do drink human blood. However, my family and I survive on the blood of animals. Think of us as vegetarians, if you will. And coffins? Really Bella?"

"What? It's the myths feeding people with false information," she shrugged her shoulders. "What about the speed and strength...?"

"You caught on to that?" Jasper asked, though it was obvious she had.

"It was kind of hard to miss," she laughed.

"It's part of being a vampire," Jasper explained. "We're naturally built to be hunters. The speed, the strength, the heightened senses...all part of allowing us to do what comes natural to us." Bella sat in silence, taking in all the new information. She recalled both their thoughts at one point...she was human, her heart was beating, yet so much of what they were built for, she could do. Not one memory from her childhood did she not have heightened senses and unnatural speed and strength. She was born with those abilities..

"Bella..what are you thinking?" Edward asked. She heard him but she had been so deep in thought she did not answer right away.

I can't understand her emotions Edward...she's overwhelmed, yes but there's more to it. She heard Jasper's thoughts.

"I'm just trying to figure it out," she told them, feeling she could trust them with her secret. Afterall, they had bascially confessed to being vampires.

"How vampires could be real?" Jasper asked, attempting to figure out where her mind was.

"No...not that," she told him, shaking her head. "Those abilities..the speed, the strength..heightened senses...only vampires are built for that, right?"

"Right...why?" Edward questioned, curious as to where she was taking this.

"And there's no chance a human is capable of such extraordinary abilities?" she pressed, ignoring his questions.

"None. We were once human Bella," Jasper explained. "During the change, our bodies are transformed with the venom into something far more powerful than you could imagine. Our hearts no longer beat and very few of us come into this new world with abilities."

"And to clarily, vampires have no heart beat," she confirmed.

"Correct," Jasper told her.

"Why do you ask?" Edward asked again. She quickly stood up from her seat and began pacing. If it wasn't possible for a human to have those abilities...then how did she?

"Because I am." she told them.

"You are what?" they both asked.

"I am capable of those things," she explained. "I have been since I was born. You're telling me it's not possible for a human to possess vampiristic qualities then please tell me, how is it I can run as fast as you...have strength as powerful as yours...and hear and seeso distinctly at large is it I can do all of that and have a heart beat like both of you have made a point to catch when my abilities caught you by surprise.."

"It's not possible for a human..." Jasper said again.

"Then what am I?" Neither Jasper, nor Edward could think of an answer for Bella. If she was serious and she was capable of what she told them, then it made nothing made sense. They had never heard of any case of a human being capable of what Bella was; her question made sense. What was she if not human?

Bella, I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for all of this...Edward tried to comfort her, seeing the confusion in her eyes.

"And what explanation could there possibly be?" Bella exclaimed. "I'm not a vampire, that's for sure. I was born...I was never bitten by a vampire and changed into what I am now. And the one person who can give me answers is the same person whose been lying to me my entire life!" Bella found herself back on the floor of the bridge, unable to hold herself up. This truly was too much for her.

"What do you mean?" Jasper asked as he attempted to soothe Bella with his ability. She felt too strongly about everything for it to have worked.

"I mean my Grams knows. She has to know something if she's secretly thinking about how excited she is that I'm already so powerful and it hasn't even reach my sixteenth birthday!" Bella told them. " 'I'm sworn to secracy" she though I can't read her mind!"

And your parents? Edward silently asked.

"I never knew my parents," Bella answered. "To this day I know nothing about them...I heard in Grams's thoughts as I ran off something about it being my father's fault and some prophecy needing to come true. Obviously I have no idea what she means."

Edward...this is none of our business but with her permission we could help her search for answers. Carlisle's library is filled with historic books and legends; I'm sure something there will at least lead us in some sort of direction...

"You'd really help me?" Bella asked, intending her question at Jasper but kept her gaze on Edward.

"I'd do everything within my power to help you Bella," Edward told her, both almost completely forgetting Jasper was even there. I don't care how long it takes...I will help you find what you are looking for.

"I'd hug you but something is keeping me from moving passed this spot on the bridge..." she smiled at him, thankful that he had come back into her life. The depth of her feelings for him were still unknown to him; she feared they would not be returned especially after only knowing her the one day. She was inlove with him more now that she ever had been before...dealing with such strongs emotions was something she wasn't prepared for. Not when he was right in front of her.

"When is your sixteenth birthday Bella?" Edward asked aloud.

"Next week, why?" she told him.

"Because from what you told us about your Grams's thoughts...she's waiting for something big to happen on that day. We'll have a week to get some answers for you...I just hope we're successful," he smirked at her. This meant he would get to see her again.

She's been gone too long...she can't have gone passed that bridge. I know something is there...Bella and Edward both turned towards the direction which led to Bella's cottage as soon as they heard the strange thoughts beginning to fill the meadow.

"Oh no, I've got to go," Bella told them. "You guys have to get out of here..."

"Why, what's going on?" Jasper asked, standing up from the ground. He couldn't sense any immediate danger.

"My Grams is searching for me...I've been gone too long," she told him quickly. "You have to go. She can't see you here!"

"Bella...will you be back tomorrow?" Edward asked. She looked at him, thinking if it would be possible. There really was no staying away from him at this point...who was she kidding.

"I'll try my best to be here," she promised, smiling at him. With one tug on Edward's arm by Jasper, they both took off into the woods. Had they waited another moment, her grandmother would have stumbled upon her granddaughter associating with two vampires...who, as far as her grandmother was concerned, were a threat to her. They were the very thing Bella needed to be protected from...tellling Bella the truth about her life would be difficult. Her grandmother knew it. But it was imperative that Bella understood the Volturri were dangerous. Afterall, on her sixteenth birthday she would no longer be cloaked from them and they would come for her. Her grandmother just hoped she'd be strong enough to fight them as the prophecy predicted...

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