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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I can't believe I did that, Bella thought to herself as she fled the scene, knowing the risks her actions had risen. Of course they'd suspect her of such unusual behavior, it's what Bella had grown accustomed to. Afterall, somehow Belal had become a threat to them before anything even happened. She was full of mess ups today; runing home at full speed was yet another mess up. One thing was for certain though, her grandmother definitely wouldn't be able to tell her everything was in her head, not anymore.

Bella ran into her cottage, catching her grandmother off guard. But before she could even process being frightened by the sudden intrusion, her grandmother saw red and Bella saw in her mind why. Once again, Bella had broken a rule she'd been given when she was just a little girl. No running full speed.

"How many times do you have to be told running like that is too much of a risk Bella?" her grandmother fumed. "Do you not have one ounce of self preservation?"

Her mother would roll over in her grave if she knew how careless you were. Bella heard in her grandmother's mind, instantly being taken back by the disappointment her grandmother felt towards her. Explanations wouldn't make a difference to her grandmother at all, Bella was sure of it.

"Grams, I had no other choice..." Bella tried to explain.

There's always a choice, she's clearly not ready.. her grandmother thought. "And why is it you had no other choice?" her grandmother asked, already set on whatever the reason was, it was still wrong and careless.

"Grams, it happened again..." Bella told her, though she felt it best to keep her mind reading to herself for the time being. It was probably the only way Bella could get some answers out of her grandmother.

"What did?" her grandmother asked, annoyed. soon?

"The same as the incident in Jacksonville only time time...I threw someone back into a wall..."Bella admitted. She couldn't believe she had done something like that...

So powerful and she hasn't even reached her sixteenth birthday...this is marvelous! Bella heard.

"Bella, don't be ridiculous," her grandmother said, fiegning disbelief in her granddaughter's confession.

"Grams, do not tell me this is all in my head!"Bella exclaimed, furious after hearding her grandmother's thoughts. "You know exactly what is going on and you know why! Just tell me!" she pleaded. Her new found abilities were scaring her. After causing that guy to fly back into the wall, who knew what she was capable of.

It's too soon...why can't she just be patient..her grandmother thought.

"Grams, I don't understand what's happening to me. You can't keep hiding the truth and expect me to not find out," Bella added, not caring anymore if her mind reading was also in the open.

"Bella, you are almost sixteen years old. You're too grown up now to be imagining such things," her grandmother lied. "I don't want to hear another word about this."

"So it's alright to believe in my inhuman speed, strength, vision and hearing but add telepathy to the equation and that's an overactive imagination?" Bella fumed. "How about the fact that I know exactly what you're thinking? How I know you're praying for me to just drop all of this and be patient until I'm sixteen or how I know you're impressed with how powerful I already am...whatever that even means! Is all of that imaginary too!"

She can't read my mind...could she? her grandmother thought.

"Yes I can read your mind and you're lying to me! You've been lying to me my entire life!" Bella exclaimed. "What I want to know is why my own family is keeping secrets about me from the one person its regarding! You know exactly what's happening to me yet you can stand there an tell me it's all in my head? I should've never come to Forks!"Bella found it difficult to hold in her tears, along with her anger. How could her grandmother lie to her like this? Without even realizing how anger she had allowed herself to become, the plates in the cabinets began to shake as the lights began to flicker. This did not go unnoticed by her grandmother.

"Bella...listen to me, you need to control your anger," her grandmother said soothingly. "There's so much you don't're not safe anwhere but here. I just can't tell you anymore than that..."her grandmother could no longer lie. The evidence was right in front of them.

"Why am I not safe!What am I?" Bella demanded.

"I can't tell you..." her grandmother said regrettably. She wasx sown to keep this a secret until Bella's sixteenth birthday; she had no choice in the matter.

I'm sorry...her grandmother said through her thoughts. Bella stood in disblief as the lights flickered uncontrollably. She felt angry, hurt, betrayed. This whole time she'd been made to feel as thought there was something wrong with she knew there wasn't. She wouldn't be told what and while Bella tried to get the truth out of her grandmother's thoughts, she couldn't. It was as though she was blocked from them. Bella needed to be alone. She needed to calm down before things got even worse.

"So am I." she said just before running out the door.

" won't be able to get passed the bride! Please be careful!" her grandmother shouted after her. Bella didn't stop to think how her grandmother even knew she was headed toward the lake in the woods not too far from the cottage. Bella just didn't want to listen. She just wanted to run free and even the one thing that felt natual to her was becoming a burden; anothe rthing about her she just couldn't understand. Nonetheless...she ran. She ran far enough away so that her grandmother's thoughts no longer haunted her. And when she reached the bridge, she wanted so badly to cross to the other side. She even stepped onto it with the intention of passing but something held her back. Something would not let her proceed passed the middle of the bridge even though she tried countless times. There was no hope; it wasn't working. And so she gave up.

After several failed attempts, Bella sat down in the middle of the bridge and let go of every emotion she had somehow managed to bottle up through the years. She didn't know who she was...or waht for that matter. As all the thoughts and questions seeped into her mind, she could no longer control her tears. She'd known for so long she was different but she never once thoguht of it in a good way. How could she when her own family seemed content with allowing her to believe she had an overactive imagination? Her own family...

That's impossible...she can't possibly be causing them to float like that, could she? She's so beautiful...I should leave...I'm intruding...Bella heard suddenly. As soon as she heard the words, she knew who it was. It was Edward. Instantly, she looked up at him, catching him slightly off guard when out of nowhere four rocks lunged at him. He ducked before they could hit him; Bella sat there in shock. Where had the rocks even come from?

"Are you ok?" She asked, worried he may have gotten hurt and somehow it could've been her fault.

She's sitting here, clearly in pain and she's worried about my well being...she's so selfless...she heard.

"I'm ok, thank you," he assured her. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to intrude..." he said, trying to decide if it was better for him to stay or go.

"It's didn't know anyone was here," she told him as she attempted to wipe away her tears. As he stood before her, he was able to try and pick up on her thoughts..pick up her scent but he got nothing. All he could do was take in her pale complexion, her deep brown eyes, her long brown hair and her slightly melodic voice.

She has to be human...her heart is beng for it to not be true...Bella heard these thoughts. She heard everything but the one thing he had taken note of; she didn't hear his heart. How was that possible?

"I could leave you alone if you'd like..." Edward offered though it was the last thing he wanted.

"You can stay...I'll go," Bella told him.

"Dont' be were here first.." he said as he started to turn to leave.

"Wait...there's more than enough room for the both of us, wouldn't you agree?" she quickly said, not wanting him to leave her. He nodded his head in agreement and made his way closer to her on the bridge but something kept him from taking a seat directly next to her. The farthest he could get was on the top step of the stairs.

"I don't bite," she teased when she noticed the slight distance he was keeping from her. " you can move closer.."

"I'm sure you don't..." Edward smiled. "This seat is fine though"he told her, pissed that he couldn't move closer.

"You stuck too?" Bella asked after hearing his the annoyance in his thoughts about not being able to sit where he wanted.

"How'd you know?" he knew he had to keep up pretenses but for some reason, he didn't want to with her. He wanted her to know everything and accept him for who he was, even if it was a monster.

"I'm stuck too," she told him.

"Why is that?" he asked, hoping to get some answers.

"Your guess would be just as good as mine," she said, still not understanding what would be keeping her from crossing the bridge completely. "I'm Bella by the way.." She extended her hand out to introduce herself.

"Edward Cullen," he replied even though he already knew she knew his name; he just didn't know how. Edward was hesitant about shaking her hand, fearing his cold skin would send Bella running for the hills. She waited patiently for him to shake her hand but nothing happened. Deciding to take the initiative-while not knowing where her confidence came from-she reached her hand out as best she could and took his hand in hers. Instantly, Edward froze, as did Bella. Not because his hand may have been a colder temperature than normal but because of the surge of electricity each felt the moment their hands met. Bella never noticed his cold temperature because well, there was no cold when she touched him. His hands were rather warm.

Why isn't she running..Edward thought. Her brows furrowed in confusion; why would she run? She'd waited years for a moment like be with know him..

"What is it?" he asked, not wanting to let go of her hand.

"You seem so..." Bella paused, searching for words.

"Cold?" he asked, dredding her response.

"No..I was going for you expect me to run away and you're just waiting for it," she corrected, surprising him. that's exactly what he had been thinking.

"My hand's are not too cold for you?" he asked, curious.

"No," Bella admitted. "It's quite warm, which isn't what I had expected. Most people have cold hands in this weather." It was normal for Bella's hands to have a slightly cooler tempterature though she never knew why. She was rarely effected by the weather and rarely ever got sick.

"I could say the same to you," he told her, raising his eyebrow. He was giivng away too much without even realizing it.

"Believe me, if I knew why that was, I'd probably tell you," she told him, surprised by how true her statement was. She had ust officially met him after not seeing him for years. She felt connected to him somehow though...she trusted him without question. "You may hear this often, but you seem very familiar," Edward froze once again just as he took his hand away. This is what he was afraid of. That he-without realizing-exposed what he really was whiile putting his family at risk.

Oh no...what have I done...he thought. He couldn't believe how wreckless he had been.

"I do get that a lot...then again," he paused. "Didn't I just see you at the school not too long ago?" he asked, playing it off, hoping she was buying it. But Bella knew he was lying and she hated that. Sure, she understood keeping secrets but he could read minds...He could help her undestand what she's now going through..couldn't he?

"I was there, yea," she told him. "I was just checking out the school. I didn't stick around that long though," she was nervous. He knew what happened; she could see in his mind he was trying to make sense out of the situation. He couldn't figure out if she had been responsible for what happened to Jasper or not...

Why can't I read her was ineresting to say the least. No one had ever been silent to him before.

"You couldn't be him though," she said, even though she knew for a fact that it was him. She'd know him anywhere.

"Who?" Edward asked, suddenly confused.

"The guy you remind me of," Bella reminded him.

"Oh right," he said. "What was his name?"

"I never knew his name," Bella admitted. "I'd only seen him once when I was younger."

i thougth she was new to Forks...Edward mused though remembered when he and his family passed through Forks years ago. It wasn't a long trip and they had gone unseen or so he thought.

"I came to Forks to visit my Grams a few years back. This is my first time back since then," she told him, more inending to answering his thoughts. "Anyway, I'd know him anywhere..but you two couldn't possible be the same person. It's mean you never aged," she knew he never aged. She knew it was him. She just didn't know how that was possible, she just knew it was.

She can't know...can she? Why isn't she running? Edward's mind swarmed with questions. He wasn't used to feeling so confused and worried in all his existence.

"That wouldn't be possible," he finally answered, chuckling; a poor attempt to brush off the situation.

"I think anything's possible," Bella continued. How could she not think that considerin everything she's able to do. It'd be completely contrradictory to everything she is. "Don't you?"

"Not really..." he lied. Bella sat and process his lack of belief in the supernatural. She knew he could read minds at the least so wouldn't that alone make him a believer. And how could he be the same guy...obviously he wouldn't flat out admit it. He clearly didn't trust her. They had just met technically.

"I should go," Bella said suddenly. She had enough lying for one day but Edward did not want to let her go. He wanted to know more about her. He had to.

"Do you have other plans?" he asked, disappointed.

"No, I just have a lot on my mind," she explained. His thoughts were starting to get louder than before and it was giving her a headache. She had to learn to control this.

"Well, I could keep you won't even know I'm here..."he promised. Little did he know, Bella could hear his thoughts loud and clear.

"I'll stay, but you don't have to keep quiet," she told him. She'd rather have him busy in conversation than hear his self loathing thoughts.

"Okay," he smiled. "So you just moved here?"

"A month ago," she told him, not second guessing how open she should or shouldn't be.

"But you don't go to the school?"he asked, confused.

"No, I want to though," Bella confessed. She missed going to public school.

"Why aren't you?" It made no sense...why wouldn't she be in school..

"Grams says it's not safe,"she explained. "She says a lot of things." Bella still couldn't believe her Grams lied to her.

"What's so dangerous?" Edward laughed, though he instantly thought of himself; something Bella picked up on. "Sure, some people like to bully others but they mostly act out of self's not too bad in Forks though. Typical teenage idioacy."

"Oh I know that well," Bella told him. "What was my problem before I moved here."

"I find that rather hard to believe," Edward said, shaking his head.

"Believe it," she chuckled. "People just didn't understand why someone would prefer being alone."

"So you're not the social type..." Edward concluded aloud, though he meant it more for himself.

"No, I prefer to keep to myself." It came naturally for her. She'd had weird occurances throughout her entire life; it seemed obvoius to avoid people at all costs for their safety and hers.

"I can relate-asie from spending time with my family , I prefer being alone," Edward told her, still surprised she prefered to be alone.

Wow...she's so beautiful..Bella heard his thoughts and couldn't help but blush.

"Why are you blushing?" Edward asked, intrigued. He enjoyed seeing a faint shade of red on her cheeks.

"No one's ever called me beautiful before," she admitted. "Thank you."

"What?" he asked, taken back. He hadn't said that aloud. It was then, at that thought, that Bella realized her mistake. She had gotten so caught up in the moment that she slipped.

"Nothing," he said quickly and stood from her seat.

"No...I didn't say that out loud, I thought it," Edward stood as well, refusing to let this go.

"I should go," she turned to leave, kicking hself for being so wreckless.

"Bella don't," Edward said, unable to move forward from where he stood. "You read my mind...didn't you?" He needed to know. He head never come across another mind readed and now, the one person who intrigued him more than anyone else, had his ability.

"I don't know what you're talking about..."Bella said, trying ot figure out how to get of there and fast.

Bella, you don't have to be can trust me...He thought to her. She stood, trying to figure out if she could in fact trust him with this or not. He could help her, couldn't he? If her grandmother wouldn't, maybe he could...

I know I have no right to ask for your trust...but I am. Trust me...he thought to her once more.

"I want to trust you." she finally said, giving herself up. But before either of them could say anything, Bella realized they were no longer alone in the meadow. In the far right corner of the meadow stood Jasper. Edward turned back to see what had caught Bella's attention and stood there, taken back. He hadn't been able to hear Jasper approach...

"Jasper, what are you doing here?" Edward demanded, instinctively taking a protective stance in front of Bella even though he wasn't directly in front of her.

"I tracked you," he replied, glaring at Bella. "I knew what the two of you were doing. Trying to deter me. I knew you'd find her; she may not have a traceable scent, but you do Edward. You led me right to her."

"Jasper, she's not a threat," Edward insisted. "Get out of here before things get out of control."

"I don't know why you're so protective of someone you don't even know Edward," Jasper went off. "I can feel the feelings you have developing for her; this is why you're so blind. You've put us at risk and if you won't take care of it, I will."

"What's going on?" Bella asked Edward from where she stood, though she heard through Edward's thoughts how dangerous things were about to become. He warned her through his mind that she may be scared by what she sees and hoped she wouldn't lose any trust in him she may have developed. He only wanted to protect her from his brother who had jumped too quickly on thinking she was a threat.

"I'm not buying your innocent act," Jasper told her. "I'm going to get her one way or another Edward."

"You'll have to go through me first." Edward growled.

"As you wish," Jasper said and within a second, he lunged at Edward, sending him flying forwards through the air. That slight distance was enough for Jasper to get to Bella and eliminate the threat. He charged at her but she did not move. She stood there, fascinated in what had just happened. Their strength...their speed...just like hers. She was too fixated into what was happening she didn't notice she was now the target. But just as he reached the bridge, he flew back, breaking three trees on his journey.

What just happened? Bella thought...

A/N: So, any thoughts? I tried bringing more development into her abilities seeing as how they will continue growing closer to her thoughts on Jasper showing up? would be great :) Until I post again...

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