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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Jasper lay on the ground, taken back at what had just happened and how it could have happened. Before he could really take the time to process anything, Alice and Edward were rushing over to him-making sure they moved at human speed-and were helping him off the ground.

"Do you think anyone saw that?" Alice asked, as she appraised her husband or...boyfriend rather to keep up with pretenses.

"Forget if anyone saw that...what the hell just happened? Jasper asked, unable to keep control of his own emotions like he could to others. Jasper wasn't used to being attacked; no one got passed him. Now that someone, somehow had managed to do that, he was pissed.

"I have no were standing with us one minute, the next you were flying back crashing into the brick wall. I'm not sure how we're going to explain how the wall managed to be crushed..."Edward pondered. This would definitely look bad and suspicious if it was connected back on them; something that could not happen.

"I wasn't just flying anywhere...something pushed me back," he told them, recalling the feeling of a strong force actually pushing against him until he crashed.

"There was nothing there Jasper," Edward told him.

"That doesn't mean anything, I felt it." he refused to believe it was just nothing. He knew something caused it...or someone.

"You know...that girl did seem enraged when she was looking at you Jasper," Alice thought aloud, offering a possible explanantion.

"She was focused on Edward, I was watching her," he countered.

"Actually...she was looking at me..up until you told me she could possibly be a threat. But she couldn't have heard you, it was your thoughts...humans can't read minds and she's definitely not a vampire. Her eyes are neither golden nor red and she has a heart beat," Edward mused.

"It's probably just a coinsidence that at the precise moment Jasper threatened her in his mind, she sent him flying back against the wall," Alice asked, though her question went unanswered when all three finally remembered they did have an audience. If that girl hadn't known anything beforehand, she definitely would be suspicious now. "You think she saw?" Alice asked, though none had enough strength to face the truth.

"Really Alice?" Edward replied, annoyed at how obvious it was that the girl had seen it all. "No one would have missed that.."

"I'm only asking because she's gone," Alice said. The moment she told them, both Edward and Jasper turned to see the spot where the girl once stood was now empty.

"Damn it!" Jasper cursed through his teeth. "You two still think it was a coincidence?" He was right. It was too unusual for it to have been a mere coincidence. She must have had something to do with what happened; why else would she have ran away? She knew something and this to Jasper, wasn't good. She was a liability now.

"Well, maybe it was. Maybe she did see and freaked out," Alice attempted to reason. "Maybe that's why she makes sense."

"How could she have gotten away as quickly though..."Jasper questioned, refusing to be swayed. "Our backs weren't turned for more than a minute." More questions rose for the three as they attempted to figure out what really happened and how they connected to the girl. Not sure why, Edward began walking to where the girl once stood.

Edward, what are you doing? Edward heard Jaspers ask silently but he did not answer. He was trying to focus on the girl's scent. Edward knew Jasper's plan. He was set on finding this girl and getting rid of the potential risk. For some reason, Edward could not let this happen. With it not making any sense to him, Edward wanted to protect the girl. Edward was beside himself towards such an unusual feeling.

"Do you smell that?" Edward asked as his eyes furrowed in confusion; her scent was unusual..

"Smell what?" Jasper asked, not catching on. "I don't smell anything..."

"Exactly. There's no scent here." Edward concluded, though didn't understand it. How could it not be there? Humans, even vampires for that matter were known to leave behind a scent. Yet here he stood, in the very spot the strange girl had stood not too long ago, and there was no trace of her. How did this girl manage to hide it? Edward was intrigued; he wanted to know her.

"That's impossible," Alice said suddenly. "There's always a scent left over."

"Yes, I know," Edward said as he rolled his eyes.

"I guess we can't track her down if we don't have her scent," Alice concluded, relieved. She didn't want Jasper hurting this girl, for she too had an unusual feeling of protection towards the girl.

"No. We search Forks." Jasper said, not allowing this important factor influence his plan. "Alice, you can't see her in your visions and Edward, you can't read her mind. We don't know what she knows, if she'll tell if she does's too big of a risk. We cannot afford to take any chances." His mind was made up, there was no swaying him with any scenarios of what happened.

"Jasper, I don't think that's a good idea. I may not see her in my visions but I have a feelings about her; she won't tell even if she does know. She's not a threat," Alice attempted to convince him of another option. She knew why Jasper felt the way he did; he was trying to protect the family. But there was something about this girl, something not even Alice could figure out yet she knew deep down the girl was good. Alice couldn't help but be fascinated in how this girl knew Edward and how focused they had been on each other. Alice being Alice, wanted to find her first; she always did enjoy playing match maker.

Edward...we have to make sure Jasper doesn't get ahold of her...she's not a threat, I'm sure of it...she thought to Edward who nodded in response. The two were in agreement. Jasper needed to be diverted.

"I say we split up to find her. Jasper, you stay here," Alice told him, taking the decision into her hands on what to do next. She just hoped she was successful in her search.

"What? No!" Jasper instantly began to protest,which is what was to be expected. "What good is staying here...the one place she is least likely to return!" Jasper wasn't stupid. He knew strategy and despite not getting a good read on her before, he knew humans.

"You don't know that...she could come back,"Edward chimed in, agreeing with Alice. He wasn't accustomed to feeling so protective of anyone, least of all someone he had never met. But she knew him...he needed to know how. The risk of exposure was no longer a concern for him like it had been originally. He was curious about her, yes but the more he thought about her and everything that happened he realized there was something else about her that was pulling him in. He was already completely hooked.

"Fine, but if you find her you call me right away." Jasper told them and stomped off towards the school, knowing there was no chance she would return to the school. He knew they were trying to direct him off his plan...which is why he would have one of his own. One he would make sure Alice would not see.

"Ok, we should split up," Alide told Edward as soon as she knew he was out of hearing range.

"I agree, you take the town. I'll check out neighborhoods," Edward told her though something was telling him to go through the woods. Why would she even go through the woods and alone no less...

"What are you going to do if you find her?" Alice asked.

"Not sure, you?"

"I'm sure I'll figure it out if it comes down to it; I'll stay in touch." and with that, Alce was on her way into town.

Edward had no idea where to begin. He first started heading towards the closest neighborhood though he soon realized he would have no way of finding her without follwoing her scent. To make matters worse for him, he couldn't even read her mind. He wandered aimlessly until he found himself in the woods, not realizing how he got there to begin with. Something about the woods just pulled him in; turning back was not an option. Any time he would turn around, the pull would be stronger and he would find himself back in his original direction. It was almost as though she was calling out to him. Worries of getting lost were no where on Edward's mind; he knew the woods well even though he had yet been in these parts.

Just as he was about to turn around and give up, he heard the sounds of someone nearby-a girl-crying. Normally, he would've walked away, not wanting to intrude on what obviously seemed to be a personal and emotional time for somone. However, this was different. He felt drawn to the soft crys and despite his best efforts to turn away, he just couldn't. He stepped into a clearing, what looked to be a meadow. Flowered filled the meadow though they didn't hold his attention. Straight ahead was a river and over this river was a beautifuly sculpted bridge. Sitting in the middle of the bridge was a brown haird girl. As he stood taking in the vision of the girl before him, he was astounded at what he was witnessing. Though her tears indicated sadness, he could see the anger in her eyes; more so, he noticed stones from the river hovering behind her, taking on a circular path. It wasn't possible...he was drawn to this scene and without noticing, he had taken a step forward. When he took that step, he accidently stepped on a twig, startling her. The stones, which once circled just behind her head were sent flying towards him. He ducked before they could bounce off of him, giving away any more suspicion and stared at the girl, who looked back at him with shock on her face. It was her. It was the same girl from the school. He had found her.

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