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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Just as the high school back in Jacksonville, Forks High seemed broken down into cliques to Bella as she stood leaning against a tree just outside the high school's parking lot entrance. She made sure she would not be seen from her spot, wanting to avoid the assumption she was a new student when she-much to her dismay-was not. Bella had always enoyed going to school despite how certain people treated her; perhaps that was truly why this particular morning Bella felt she had to at least see the school. Something was drawing her in though she could not figure out what as she stood there; the school seemed normal enough.

Standing there, observing the interactions of her peers, Bella for the firest time felt resentment towards her grandmother for she was the reason Bella would not be attending the high school. It looks perfectly safe, Bella thought blaming her granmother's stubbornness for claiming it wasn't. It made no sense; Forks was such a small place that hardly welcomed new inhabitants, what wasn't so safe?

From what Bella could tell, it seemed classes had not started ; there weren't very many cars in the lot.

I wonder what that girl is doing just standing there like that...Bella heard yet there was no one close to her to overhear. She looked around though as she realized there truly was no one around, she began to panic. Was she hearing things? She'd never heard that voice before...

She's pretty...maybe I should introduce myself...yea, I think I will...she heard aain. She looked in the direction of the parking lot again, confused and noticed a somewhat tall blonde haired guy turning in her direction and begin walking towards her. Even with the distance between them, Bella could see him clearly. Another inhuman and confusing thing she'd noticed about herself along with her perfect hearing. Even with the distance, Bella could see his mouth was not moving as she heard the couldn't be him could it? Did I just hear his thoughts? She asked herself.

As he approached her, Bella stood straight shifting from her leaning position against the tree, preparing for an introduction she had not expected.

"Hey there," he greeted her with a smile. "I'm Mike." He extended his hand out for her to shake, which she did hesitantly. She could see through his thoughts the things he would want to do with her, making her extremely uncomfortable; she now had a face to match with the voice she had been hearing.

"Bella." She simply said, wishing he'd leave just as quickly as he made his way over to introduce himself.

Man she's hot...I wonder if she's single...she heard though again, cringing at his hopes. She know, if not before, that it was his thoughts she was tuning into considering his lips did not move when she heard those words. Am I really reading his mind? Bella questioned herself.

"So what are you doing out here?" he asked, unwilling to get away without getting her number.

"Just checking out the area." she told him, still trying to figure out how it was even possible for her to even hear his thoughts.

"Did you just move here?" he asked.

"Not too long ago, yea." Though Bella had been in Forks for a month now; she didn't need to explain her grandmother's fear for her safety if she'd gone to public school.

"So are you starting at Forks High?" He asked, hopeful.

I hope she is...we could end up having classes together. She heard him think. She still couldn't believe this was happening. She thought if she left Jacksonville all the weirdness would go away-apparently that was just wishful thinking.

"No, I'm being homeschooled." she hated homeschooling; she refused to give up on attending public school though. Eventually, she would get her grandmother to let her attend.


"That sucks, it would've been nice having you around here," he said smiling, thinking Bella was clearly into him.

Oh yea, she's into me...I've got to her get number...he thought and instantly Bella took a step back. She definitely was no interested in him. How he could assumed such a ridiculous thing was beyond her; all she did was answer his questions-shortly at that. She didn't think her simple responses would cause that reaction from him. If she had, she would've excused herself from the very beginning.

"The school's pretty big...who knows if we would even see each other." she brushed off, trying not to show interst in the possibility of seeing him around the school in case she finally did get her way and enroll there.

"Big school...not too many people though," he countered. Bella remained quiet. Before he could get another word in or ask for her number, the bell rang.

"I'll see you soon, right?" he asked before rushing off.

"Not sure. But you better go, you don't want to be late," she told him as she silently thanked the bell for saving her.

Nearly defeated, Mike turned and ran towards the school, being tardy again was something he'd been warned about.

Damn it, I didn't get her number! I hope I see her again, I'm so asking her out next time... He thought and unfornately, Bella heard. Despite that feeling which brought her here in the first place, she began to regret the choice to not resist it. Shaking her head at the recent events, now feeling overwhelmed at the fact that she'd read his mind, she decided she needed to do research. If her grandmother wasn't willing to be honest with her about what was happening-which was not all in her head-she'd need to take matters into her own hands. She needed to understand what was happening to her. She took one more look at the school and went to turn around when suddenly that same feeling she had that morning overcame her. She turned back, confused and looked into the lot to the far right side to see a silver Volvo parking. Nice car but didn't seem special enough to call her attention so strongly. This feeling was urging her to walk forward...towards something. She wanted to look away but just couldn't. It was pulling her in.

She focused her eyes on that Volvo, waiting for something to happen-knowing how stupid it seemed-and waited for something to happen, feeling stupid when nothing did. However, just as she was going to give up, the car doors opened. She could see it all as though she was standing right in front of the car. Out of the Volvo skipped out a short haired pixie looking girl who instantly locked arms with one of the guys who seemed to have blonde hair. Very energetic, that one...Bella thought to herself. Even though something about those two seemed fascinating and Bella wanted to continue observing, they were not drawing her in the way the third person was. It was the driver and possibly the owner of the car. Bella saw him as clear as day and at this moment, she was thankful for that unusual ability. They couldn't see her or at least they could if they had been looking towards her direction, she was sure of it. She could see his pale skin...paler than hers which was already paler than usual, his tall, muscular physique, his messy bronze hair when she directed her attention to his face, she saw his golden eyes. The same golden eyes she spent years sketchin. It couldn't be him..Bella thought. That was years ago. It wasn't possible for him to look as though he hadn't aged.

As though on a mission, Bella reached into her bag and took out her sketch book flipping frantically through the pages. So many filled with his golden eyes until she landed on the one she wanted. It was his face. She remembered his face and drew it often; though many were torn out that day in Jacksonville. Yet, thankfully and by some miracle one had remained, confirming that the guy from her picture was the exact same one she was looking at in the parking lot. How is this possible? She thought to herself.

"He can't be the same...he hasn't aged..."Bella whispered to herself, confused more so than she had been when she discovered she could read minds. The moment she said this though, all three heads looked up in her direction. They were now staring intently at Bella as she stared intently back at them. She didn't care about the other was him who held her full attention. She stared at him, taking in every part of him as she compared him to the guy she had seen that day in the woods. Everything matched...Same height..same skin..same bone structure...same hair..same eyes...who could forget those eyes? Though when she finally looked at the other two, she realized their eyes were the same as his...

"You don't think she was referring to any of us?" the blonde haired guy seemed to ask the driver, obviously not knowing Bella could hear him loud and clear. No one answered him. Instead the driver's gaze focused more on Bella, as though trying to figure something out but grew frustrated when he couldn't.

"I can't read her mind." The driver responded. Bella stood, taken back. He could read minds too? Maybe he could help me, Bella thought. If this was something he already was experiencing, maybe he could help me understand it. She was almost hopeful when she remembered her grandmother's warning. No one could be trusted...but that couldn't apply to someone in the same boat as her, right?

"I can't see her either," the girl spoke up. What did she mean she couldn't see me? Bella thought; was this girl blind? "My visions are completely hazed when I try to see her or what she knows..." Visions? This girl had abilities too? "Jasper, can you get a read on her at all?" She asked the blonde haired one, who Bella would now refer to as Jasper.

"She's confused...overwhelmed even,"he answered. "Do any of you recognize her? Is there any chance she could know about us?"

"I've never seen her before," the girl answered first.

"Me either," the driver said.

"Edward if there's the slightest chance she knows..." Jasper spoke up to the driver...Edward. Bella couldn't focus on their conversation anymore. She finally knew his name. After all these years of drawing him, wishing she would see him again...she finally was and finally knew what to call him. She looked down at her sketch, into the golden eyes she had drawn.

"Edward." she whispered, unable to hide the smile that now resided there. She wanted to know him. She wanted to know how it was possible he hadn't aged. She knew it was him; she would never confuse him of all people for someone else. Once again, Bella looked up to see his face. He was finally here. Edward looked back at her, surprise and confusion on his face.

"It seems she knows you..."Jasper told him.

"That's not possible..." he answered, running through every possibility of how she could know who he was.

I would've sensed someone else in the woods with us...I would've known if we were at risk for exposure. How could I be so careless...Edward thought, making Bella sad as soon as she heard his thoughts. She didn't even care to think of how he could sense her near; all she cared about was he was upset and blaming himself for making a careless mistake.

Edward...if she's a threat you know what we have to do. We can't risk being exposed...Bella heard Jasper's thoughts. Instantly feeling a familiar sense of anger towards him. He was a threat to her. He wanted to hurt her. Once more, Bella lost control of her emotions and her anger was taking over. She saw no reason. All she saw was this Jasper and he wanted to hurt her. She focused on him, glaring as her anger rised. Not a moment later, Jasper was lunged backward and hit the back a wall, catching all three off guard. As soon as he was on the ground, Bella's anger faded and she realized what she had just done. Of course they'd notice, Bella thought. She'd messed up...she had to get out of there. While they were distracted and helping Jasper off the ground, Bella took that as her opportunity to get out of there the only way she knew would be effective. She had to run; no holding back.

A/N: So, I hope everyone enjoyed the chapter. It's not as long as I would've hoped but I felt it necessary to end it would be great :) Until I post again...

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