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Chapter 16

Chapter 16

"I'm just saying, it was a stupid idea," Rosalie whispered to the others as they sat in the cafeteria the next day. Everyone was surprised when Bella announced the wolves would be fighting by their side during the battle. Rosalie more than anyone else. It gave them strong numbers, ultimately that's what they needed.

Later this afternoon, the Denali coven would arrive at the Cullen house. Bella had taken it upon herself to create a similar barrier around the Cullen house that she had around her cottage, just in case.

"Rosalie, this isn't the time or place for this discussion," Edward whispered back. No human would be able to hear their conversation, though there was still the risk. Who knew when Alec would be making an appearance? They didn't know if he would follow the same scent Jane did or what he would do if he did.

"Whatever," she hissed, crossing her arms. Bella couldn't help but smile at Rosalie. It was funny really because Bella knew Rosalie wasn't angry at all. It was the opposite. More numbers gave her hope of a positive outcome. It didn't matter to her who was involved as long as they stood a chance. But Rosalie was tough and she refused to show otherwise. "What are you smiling at?" Rosalie glared at Bella.

"Oh, nothing at all Rosalie," Bella smiled at her. Better be nothing…I know you know something and if you say anything I'll make your life hell Bella…

Edward didn't like the threats and instantly was on the defense. But it wasn't necessary. This was a great opportunity for Bella to try to expand her shield without Edward making her feel aroused. She blushed just thinking about that night. They couldn't very well be counting on that during the battle. She took deep breaths, trying to concentrate. She tried to see the shield expanding. It took a few frustrating tries but when she finally saw it, she grew more serious. Now that she had it, she didn't want to risk losing it. She focused on pushing out towards Rosalie and Rosalie alone. Since she was arguing with Edward and insulting Bella in her thoughts, it would catch him off guard if suddenly Rosalie's thoughts disappeared. She saw as the invisible sheath easily expanded towards Rosalie and gracefully took her under its protection. The moment she was under, Edward looked at Bella.

"What did you just do?" he asked for all to hear. Everyone was confused. Bella made sure the shield was secure before she looked at Edward.

"What do you mean?' she asked, feigning innocence.

"I mean Rosalie's thoughts just disappeared," he told her, a glint of surprise and wonder in his eyes. "Are you doing that?"

"It's a high possibility, yes," Bella smirked, feeling pretty proud of herself.

"Wait, you're shielding me?"Rosalie asked, looking at Bella.

"Yes, I am," Bella smiled at her. "Now Edward can't hear you. Well, he can't as long as you're under the shield."

Good…I don't want him to hear this…Thank you. I know I'm being selfish and too protective of Emmett, but he's my mate. I can't stand something happening to him. So thank you, for finding a way to help all of us and giving us a choice. I do like you, but it's hard to just let the hostility fade…I hope you can understand me and forgive me if I continue to be a bitch to you…old habits and all…

Bella smiled at Rosalie, showing she understood and did forgive her. She was just as protective as Edward, though she didn't dare keep him from doing things to the extent Rosalie had. Why would she? She didn't wait around for him to tell her she could or couldn't do something.

"I'm going to try bringing it back," Bella told them. "So get ready for him to hear you Rosalie…" She focused on the shield and began extracting it. She watched in fascination as it smoothly retreated and came back to her, protecting her just as it always had.

I'm not your guinea pig, you bitch! Rosalie thought angrily in her mind.

"Rosalie, enough!" Edward hissed at her, but Bella couldn't help but laugh. She knew why Rosalie thought that and in the corner of her eye she saw Rosalie smirk.

"I guess we know it works now," Bella smiled.

"Pretty sure you probably won't have to concentrate that long to get it to expand," Jasper told her. "It's impressive and comforting knowing you can do this, Bella."

"Thanks Jasper," Bella smiled.

The group went their separate ways when the bell rang. Bella couldn't wait to get back to the house to practice with her shield. It was indeed comforting knowing she could protect her family from something she brought upon them. She still hated that they decided to fight with her; as much as she had disagreed with her Grams's idea of controlling the power and using it to kill them all…essentially sacrificing herself in the process, she did have a backup plan. If worst came to worst, she would sacrifice herself to save the ones she loves, no matter what. Alice still hadn't gone down Bella's back about a potential future of Edward disappearing with that contingency plan, so she felt safe enough to have it on the back burner.

Bella got out of gym class early, for once and made her way to the parking lot to wait for the others.

It's just too weird, why the hell is she attending school? And the Cullens' go to school too? Unnatural…but man is she looking hot in those tight skinny jeans…

Bella heard Jacob's thoughts before she spotted him approaching her in the lot. He still didn't know she could read his mind, so he wasn't holding back when it came to his thoughts of her. And unfortunately, on school grounds she couldn't send him flying anywhere.

"Bella," he greeted her as he approached, checking her out from head to toe. "How are you?"

"I'm not exchanging pleasantries with you Jacob Black," She said, crossing her arms. That only brought his attention to her chest. "Eyes up here pervert!"

"Can't blame a guy for checking out a very attractive girl…" Jacob smirked. "You busy later?"

"What's it to you?"

"I'd like to take you out," he smiled. "And if we happen to hit it off, then even better."

"You realize I can kick your ass, right?' Bella asked.

"Trust me, you can't," he laughed. "You'll only hurt yourself." But then again…I could take care of you if you get hurt…

"Bella…"Mike approached suddenly. I guess Edward's out of the picture…now's my chance… "What time should I pick you up Saturday night?"

"Excuse me?" she asked, taken back that he would even dare approach her after what happened over a month ago. Why was he suddenly unafraid of her?

"Well, I'm assuming with Cullen out of the picture, you're available to take me up on that date," he told her, stroking her arm up and down. She didn't hesitate. The moment he touched her, her fist went back and connected to his nose so fast he didn't realized what had happened until his nose started bleeding.

"What did I tell you about invading my personal space you asshole!" she yelled at him. He clutched his nose, crying out in pain. Jacob had an amused expression on his face.

"What the hell did you do that for!?" Mike cried. Damn..that hurt…but she's still hot…

"I warned you last time what would happen if you touched me again," she told him, glaring. "Keep your hands off of me! Unless you want a record, I'd run off to your friends and stay the hell away from me!" He ran off before she could say anything else.

"Feisty," Jacob smirked. "I like that."

"Go away Jacob," she told him as she scanned the parking lot for the Cullens. They were only now making their way out of the building. "I'm not available nor am I interested."

"Oh come on," Jacob pushed. "Don't be like that."

"Why don't you tell me why you're really here," she told him, trying to avoid how gross he was being.

"Aside from asking you out," Jacob started. "We need more to go on. What are we supposed to expect? What are they even after?" I want to get it over with so I could get to take you out…A few hours alone and I'll show you how great we can be…

"I'll be happy to discuss that Jacob," she smiled. "With Sam. The Leader."

"Why not me?" he asked, getting slightly angry. It was rightfully his and he suddenly felt a tinge of regret for not taking over as Alpha when he changed. Then she'd talk to him… "I'm his second in command."

"I'd rather talk to someone who isn't a perverted, horny teenager," she spat at him. "At least Sam is professional about all this."

"I can be professional," he pushed.

"With those perverted thoughts, you are clearly incapable of having a conversation with me without imagining different ways of getting me naked. You're disgusting." She smiled at Edward when he saw him approach with the others. She knew he heard the exchange, especially since he looked angry. As he approached, she intertwined his hand with hers. "Edward, you're here! Jacob was just leaving…you can send Sam and I'll happily tell him what he wants to know." Jacob didn't like how close Bella was to Edward, but of course, he didn't know they were soul mates. That's disgusting and unnatural…how can they even be together without him breaking her...she's human!

"You can leave now," she told him, expecting him to go.

"Not until you agree to a date," he pressed.

"How many times do you need to be told no before it gets through that thick skull of yours?" Rosalie spoke up, crossing her arms. She didn't like how much he was pushing something that would never happen.

"Stay out of this, bloodsucker," Jacob threatened. "This is between me and Bella."

"No, nothing is between you and Bella," Bella said to him. "Now leave before I make you leave."

"Sweetie, you can't," Edward told her regretfully. He would've enjoyed seeing her knock him down again, but the risk of exposure was too great. "Exposure." The one word explained it all.

"Damn," she whispered. "No matter, I can still hit you."

"I already told you," Jacob said to her. "You can't hit me without hurting yourself. It's a wolf thing."

"Really?" She asked, welcoming the challenge. She took a step forward and used all her strength to knock him in the nose. It didn't help that behind the force, some of her telekinesis came through and not only did she cause his nose to bleed, but he went flying down.

"What the fuck!" Jacob exclaimed, surprised that she had knocked him down, made him bleed and walked away uninjured.

"That's a Bella thing," she told him, a little smug. "Now run along like a little puppy. We're done here."

She took the keys from Edward and got in the car. They didn't wait to see what he would do next. They drove off laughing about the exchange.


"I just got off the phone with Carmen," Carlisle told everyone. "They'll be here before the night is through."

"Did you tell them why we needed them here?" Bella asked.

"I feel it's better to explain the situation in person," Carlisle answered.

"And you're sure we can trust them?"

"Absolutely," Carlisle assured her.

"You may want to keep an eye on Tanya though," Emmett snickered from the corner.

"Who's Tanya?" Bella asked.

"She's been after Edward for years," Emmett smirked. "Tries to get him to come around every time she gets within five feet of him."

"Is that so?" Bella quirked her eyebrow and looked at Edward questioningly.

"Don't look at me," Edward backed up a bit. "Nothing was ever reciprocated." An image popped into Edward's mind of the last time he rejected her. He hadn't intended for the thought to enter his mind, but he was adamant about not wanting anything to happen with Tanya. Bella needed to see that.

"She's blonde?" Bella scoffed. "Looks like a bimbo to me."

"You don't even know what she looks like!" Rosalie pushed, keeping up the pretense of not being Team Bella.

"Yes, I do," Bella retorted. "Thanks to Edward and his thoughts."

"You were thinking of Tanya, bro?" Emmett laughed. "Guess you won't be getting lucky tonight!"

"Emmett!" Esme scolded. "Inappropriate."

We should've found a way to let them know we'd be making an appearance; what if they see this as an attack against them, Sam?

We're allies in this upcoming battle, Jacob. This is the only way to get to them, I'm sure Edward will pick up on our arrival and let them know. You didn't need to come with me for this.

Like hell I didn't.

She said no, Jacob. She's no interested. Was the bloody nose not enough for you?

I still don't know how the hell she did that and walked away unscathed. No human can do that!

She already told us our fault is in the assumption that she is human…

When did she say that?

During our last conversation. What were you doing that you can't recall the information provided to you?

I can recall the information…

Right. I think you were too busy envisioning a future with someone who can't stand the sight of you.

She'll come around…

Unlikely, Jacob. I saw what happened at the school today. Did you not notice her holding hands with one of them? She's involved.

She didn't hold hands with one of them…

It's in your memory…you really need to start paying attention Jacob. She's right, you're unprofessional.

I am professional.

We shall see, there's the house, we need to phase back…

Edward and Bella picked up on the conversation between Jacob and Bella the moment they ran closer to the property.

"We have company," Bella told them. She and Edward stood up and went outside, with the others following close behind.

"You're barrier still up?" Edward asked.

"Yea," Bella assured him.

"And nothing comes through that you don't allow?" he asked, making sure. She smirked at him, not needing to give an answer.

The next moment, Sam and Jacob came into view in human form.

"Sam, welcome!" Bella said, anticipating what she knew was about to happen. Sam had passed the barrier without problems. Jacob, however, was sent flying back. Bella did not want him there. Emmett started laughing when he saw the look on Jacob's face. Rosalie couldn't help but laugh as well.

"What the hell did you do that for!" Jacob shouted as he went to stand up. Why am I always getting knocked on my ass?

"I didn't do anything to you Jacob," Bella smiled at him.

"Just like you had nothing to do with sending me flying into the trees back at the treaty line," he said sarcastically. "I don't know how you did it, but I know that was your handy work."

"No, that time it was me," Bella told him. "This time it wasn't me, not directly anyway."

"Whatever," Jacob muttered and once again tried moving forward to reach the others. The barrier sent Jacob flying back on his ass. Everyone burst into laughter; even Sam had to admit it was somewhat funny. "Would you stop!?"

"I told you it wasn't me!" Bella snapped at him. "And don't yell at me or I will be the one responsible for knocking you on your ass. It wouldn't be the first time I knocked you down."

"You shouldn't seen it," Emmett snickered, remembering Jacob landing on his ass after Bella punched him.

"Then why can't I get through! What the hell!?" Jacob was becoming frustrated. Bella, however, was enjoying herself immensely. "It's like something's blocking me!"

"No shit," Bella said. Jacob gave her a look before he tried to step forward. The previous result happened again.

"What the fuck! Let me pass!" Jacob yelled. I don't know how you're doing this but let me pass!

"Say please," Bella said, crossing her arms.

"Please." Jacob said through his teeth. When Bella smiled, he thought that was his ticket to getting through and tried to step forward. But he was sent flying back. "I said please! What gives?"

"Just because you said please, doesn't mean I want you here," she said as though it was obvious.

"Is all this really necessary?" Sam asked. "Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying him get knocked on his ass, but we have more important things to address."

"You're right," Bella agreed.

"So can I join you guys or what?" Jacob asked, afraid to take another step forward.

"Bella, you might as well let him in," Alice told her.

"Fine, but one perverted, inappropriate thought out of your mind and you're out of here," Bella warned Jacob. "Understood?"

"Yea, fine," Jacob said, crossing his arms. Not like you'd know if I was thinking of you naked.

"Yes, Jacob," Bella said, answering his thoughts. "I would know if you were thinking of me naked." Jacob looked at Edward, wondering how she knew what he thought.

"Don't look at me, it's all her," Edward said, wrapping his arm around her shoulder.

"So are you going to behave?" Bella asked, snickering under her breath.

"Yea, I'll behave," Jacob said, giving up.

"Good," Bella smiled. Even though she really didn't want him in, she conceded and allowed him to be welcome in. "What are you doing standing there? You can pass." Jacob was hesitant, afraid he'd be sent flying back. Cautiously, he took a step forward and when he didn't get sent back, he breathed a sigh of relief.

"So, now that we're all here, what do you say we take this inside?" Alice asked.

"Here's just fine," Jacob said, crossing his arms. He was more angry at the prospect of having to control his thoughts.

"Jake, don't be rude," Sam told him. "But if you wouldn't mind, we'd like to stay out here."

"Of course," Carlisle answered.

"So first things first," Sam started. "What are the Volturri after?"

"Not what," Bella answered. "Who. And that's me."

"You?" Sam asked, somewhat taken back. What could they possibly want with a human?

"I'm not human," Bella smiled. "I told you not to make that assumption, remember?"

"Yes, you did," Sam agreed. "I just don't understand. You're not a vampire; we would be able to tell. Your heart beats…so how could you not be human?" I'll admit…your heart beats a bit on the faster side…

"She's a hybrid," Edward told him, looking at Bella making sure she was ok with someone telling the story. She smiled at him, allowing for him to continue. As long as Sam was up to date, she didn't care how he got the information.

"Hybrid?" Jacob reiterated. "Of what exactly?"

"Half witch, half vampire," Bella answered. "But the only vampire in me that I can tell is the heightened senses, super speed, and super strength. I don't really eat…so yea."

"Your half vampire?" Jacob asked, surprised.

"What's the matter Jacob?" Bella teased. "Upset that someone you found attractive turned out to be half of what you hate and kill?"

"Just, surprised," Jacob answered, confused. "I didn't even think vampires could have kids."

"Well, this is where I come in," Carlisle spoke up. " Centuries ago, I spent time observing the lifestyle of the Volturri. One day in particular, a nomad name Xavier arrived requesting an audience with the guard claiming he had made a fascinating discovery with our kind. Of course the Volturi were intrigued and brought him in right away. He discovered a new breed of vampires. His interest was to create an army and take over society, with the help of the Volturri. However, they viewed this as a potential threat and killed him before he could continue with his Volturi immediately seeked out the child and eliminated it before they could fully understand its developement. Once that was taken care of, they all assumed everything could go back to how it was," Carlisle answered.

"I guess it's safe to say that it didn't?" Jacob interjected. Carlisle shook his head no and continued with the story.

" It was rumored that about seventeen years ago another nomad planned on taking over Xavier's plans and succeeded. The Volturri found him, of course but were unable to find the woman he had chosen. They've been searching for years but to no avail," Carlisle told him. "Which is why they claim it to be rumor."

"What was special about this particular woman?" Sam asked.

"There was something specific about that woman...about the child she would bring into the world that had Aro particularly fearful...some prophecy he wants to ensure does not come true..."

"Prophecy?" Jacob asked.

"What I heard is she was a powerful witch, prophesized to bring forth a child to this world who is of extraordinary power. Power that neither world could even imagine..." Carlisle told him. "If this prophecy were to be true and this child did exist...she could very well end the Volturi's reign over our world and bring proper order."

"And you are that child?" Sam asked, for confirmation.

"It would appear to seem so," Bella answered.

"If all of this was rumor, then they have no way of knowing if that prophecy even came true," Jacob protested. "So how is it you're expecting them to make an appearance, let alone start a battle?"

"They learned it wasn't a rumor," Bella simply said, angry at the truth behind why they knew about her.

"Who told them?" Sam asked.

"Her aunt," Alice said angrily. "She wasn't able to lead them straight to Bella or show them in her mind what Bella looks like. Bella's Grams blocked her aunt's mind to keep Bella safe."

"So where's your Grams?" Jacob asked. "Shouldn't she be here, standing by your side to fight? She's a witch right? I mean your mom was, I'm assuming it runs in the family?"

"My Grams is no longer part of any of this," Bella told them. "She can't use her magic anymore, nor can she be trusted. That's all you need to know."

"Ok, so they've sent out a search for you, right?' Sam asked.

"Yea, but I killed the one they sent," Bella told him. "Her disappearance rose suspicion. That's why another one is on his way. We've got another two weeks before he enters the area."

"Then what? You attack?" Jacob asked.

"We'll have to see," Bella admitted. "They'll just keep coming. There's a chance they're just laying low trying to remain undetected until they get what they want and the guard shows up. I just need time to get myself ready to be able to keep everyone safe from being defenseless against them."

"And how will you do that?" Jacob asked.

"Vampires with abilities aren't able to use them against me," Bella explained but kept eye contact with Sam. "It's because of a shield I have protecting my mind. I've learned to expand it to others. If I can perfect it, I can keep everyone safe under its protection, creating an even battlefield."

"So once we're all shielded, we can attack them," Sam said.

"Yes, but be smart in your attacks," Jasper told him. "Don't go for the obvious kill. These vampires are centuries old and are more than capable of holding their own. They may never have had to resort to actual battle, but you shouldn't underestimate what they are capable of. We should probably find battle ground and practice. Help you see which strategies may work in your favor."

"And you're going to be the one to show us?' Jacob asked, rudely.

"Yes," Jasper said, as though it was obvious. What makes you qualified.. Jacob thought.

"He's help train a vampire army years ago," Edward told Jacob. "He knows strategy better than any of us here. We'll all be learning pointers from him."

"Even me," Bella said matter-of-factly.

"Bella, we want to avoid you having to fight," Edward told her.

"No, you want to avoid it," She smiled at him. "I'm going to do it."

"How are you going to keep the shield up and fight?" Edward asked, trying to find his way of keeping her out of the battle.

"I can do both. I tested it today, I can keep my focus on the shield and on any attacker I face," she told him, looking smug. "Leave Aro to me."

"Alright," Edward conceded.

"What's with you two?' Jacob asked suddenly, not liking how close they were.

"What do you mean?" Alice asked. "They seem fine to me."

"No, he means our relationship," Bella explained to Alice. "He's still sour about the fact I rejected him. I told you I was unavailable. I'm with Edward." Not like you're bound together…

"We are, actually," Edward told Jacob, smirking at him.

"We're soul mates," Bella smiled.

"No such thing," Jacob whispered, not believing his own words.

"Jacob, you know better than to say that," Sam said to him. "You know an imprint is your soul mate. You didn't imprint on her, you have no claim. You need to move on or you will not be included in this battle."

"Give him a break," Bella giggled. "It's his first crush. You'll get over it, when you imprint and all."

"We should probably go," Sam said. "We should update the others and then set up a time to meet up to practice. We'll be in touch."

When Sam and Jacob entered the woods, a car pulled up to the Cullen household. By the thoughts of the five vampires in the car, this was the Denali clan. They were earlier than expected, but they were worried something was wrong with their family. They had no problem getting through the barrier; Bella had made sure it wouldn't backfire against them. She didn't want to start off the entire meeting with having them lunged away from their destination.

Bella instantly recognized Tanya; she had seen her clearly in Edward's mind earlier. She zeroed in on Tanya, keeping track of her every move and thought. As soon as they stepped out of the car, Tanya started her search for Edward. When she found him, she completely ignored the fact that Edward's arm was around Bella's shoulder. All she saw was him.

Edward….it's so good to see you again! Maybe this time will be different? Want to go somewhere…just the two of us? I guarantee you'll enjoy my company…

Bella glared at Tanya the moment she heard her thoughts. She was angry but she wouldn't lose control. She'd come a long way since the times where her powers got the best of her. For a moment, Bella opened her mind to Edward. If she vocalized her thoughts, things would not go so well…

If I blow her up, you think her family would be angry? She thought to Edward. He couldn't help but laugh. Instead of answering, he turned to look her in the eyes.

You've nothing to worry about, I love you and only you…forever. He leaned down to kiss her, not caring they had an audience, especially not caring that Tanya was witnessing the entire exchange. Bella's smile widened when Edward pulled away, knowing what he had done by kissing her in front of Tanya.

Bella turned to face an angry, glaring Tanya. The rest of the coven seemed to be pleasantly surprised to see Edward behaving this way with someone. He had spend so long alone, it was a nice change to see he found someone.

"Who's the human?" Tanya silently asked Edward.

"Hi everyone," Bella stepped forward, holding Edward's hand and ignoring Tanya. "I'm Bella. Thank you so much for coming on such short notice." Carmen and Eleazar were the first to come up to Bella and shake her hand. They were surprised when she didn't flinch from their cold skin, causing them to assume she knew of their kind.

"So good to see all of you," Carmen spoke. "And Bella, such a pleasure to meet you. We didn't know Edward was involved with someone." She smiled, meaning no ill will towards the couple.

"She's my mate," Edward smiled. "I'm happy you are all here and have the chance to meet her."

"Your mate?" Tanya asked, in disbelief. "She couldn't possibly be!" She's human!

"Tammy, is it?" Bella asked, purposely messing up Tanya's name. "So nice to meet you. Don't be insulted or anything, but you really shouldn't make assumptions of things you do not know about."

"My name is Tanya!" she glared. I could kill you…then he'll forget all about you…

Before Edward could say anything Bella looked at him, shaking her head. She had this one.

"Carlisle, we can trust them completely, right?" Bella asked.

"Of course," he assured her, while the others looked confused as to why she had to ask. She had all the information she needed, so she thought, what the hell. She could always bind their memory if they tried to screw her over. Bella looked over at Tanya and smiled.

"Tiffany," Bella started, smirking when she saw Tanya glare at her for messing up her name again. "You can try to kill me, but I assure you, you won't be successful."

"What?!" Tanya asked, taken back. Everyone looked confused.

"Sorry, she thought she could kill Bella and once she was out of the picture, I'd forget about her and be with her," Edward explained.

"But how could she know that?" Irina asked, intrigued.

"One of my many charms," Bella smiled. "We'll tell you all more about it. But for now, I'm warning you Trisha, keep your thoughts in check and don't try to attack me. You won't get anywhere near me. And you'll never have Edward."

A shriek came from Tanya's mouth as she took off for Bella. This was the first time in so many years she was about to slip and kill a human. Bella simply smiled and stepped away from Edward. Within an instant, Bella appeared behind Tanya and Tanya fell to the ground. She had thought she would have caught Bella and tackled her down, but she was met with air. She turned; surprised to see Bella standing in the spot she once stood. The rest of the Denali clan stood surprised at what they had just witnessed. They thought Bella was human…but she moved at vampire speed…

Tanya lunged again, only this time Bella braced herself for an impact. When she saw her opportunity, she turned to the side, grabbing Tanya by her neck and slamming her down into the ground. She hadn't ever fought before, but this felt instinctual. It all came naturally. Tanya's body left an impression in the ground. In the background, Emmett was cheering her on as Edward stood in awe of his mate. Her technique was flawless. Bella backed up a bit, allowing Tanya stand from her current position.

"You done?" Bella asked, taunting her. I don't know what tricks you're trying to pull, but I will get my hands on you! I will end you! I don't care if he thinks he loves you…he belongs with me! "Sorry, no. He doesn't belong with you. You remind me of someone I just met; you're both delusional. Maybe you'll hit it off…you don't mind shape shifters, do you? Guy is your type, right? Or is it girl? That's ok too,"

"I'll kill you!" Tanya yelled and lunged for Bella again. Instead of running or attacking her, Bella used her telekinesis to knock Tanya down on her ass. She kept her down there, enjoying Tanya's struggle to get back up. "Ugh, what is this!? I can't get up!"

"I know," Bella smiled. "I think I'm enjoying watching you squirm."

"Bells, as much as I'm enjoying the show, our guests seem very confused by what they just witnessed," Emmett said between laughs. Bella looked at the onlookers, and smiled innocently.

"Sorry, I hope you don't mind," Bella said to them. "Self defense and all."

"I can't get up!" Tanya continued to wail from the ground.

"I'll be happy to let you up," Bella told her. "But who can keep the leash on her…I don't want to have to keep detaining her from attacking me."

"We'll see that she controls herself," Carmen told Bella, unable to hide the smirk from her face. It was all very interesting to witness. Surprising, confusing but very fascinating. She liked Bella already.

"Really Tanya, you're centuries old," Eleazar scolded. "This type of behavior is beneath you."

"She's just a sore loser," Alice said from where she stood. Bella let Tanya loose. The moment she had to stand, she tried to lunge for Bella again but Irina and Kate both had their grips on her.

"I have no problem detaining you again," Bella reminded her.

"It won't be necessary," Irina told her.

"But I think I speak for everyone when I say this," Carmen spoke up. "What the hell did we just witness?"

"That's part of why we asked you here today," Carlisle smiled. "If you would all step inside, we have a lot to tell you."

"Of course," Eleazar led the way as the rest of the coven entered the house, Tanya glared at Bella the entire way in. Alice and Jasper followed in suit. Then Carlisle, Esme and Rosalie. Before Bella could enter the house, Emmett winked at her. That was amazing Bells, can't wait for the next showdown…

She couldn't help but laugh. She looked at Edward and smiled. "I can't wait either."

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