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Chapter 14 Part 1

Chapter 14 Part 1

Bella jolted awake from her sleep, not having enough time to process the shock and betrayal she'd witnessed in her dream-like-state. She didn't even have enough time to fully process Edward sitting concerned next to her because not a moment later, she stood up and took off at vampire speed towards the cottage.

Bella, what's going on? Edward thought as he took off behind her, following her to wherever her destination was.

"Woah, what's the rush?" Emmett teased as the two stormed out of the house.

"What's going on?" Jasper asked when he noticed how quickly Bella and Edward took off out of the house.

"I'm going after them," Alice said as she got ready to take off as well.

"What if they need to be alone?" Jasper asked.

"I don't care," Alice scoffed. "I said I was having words with her when she was awake and I meant it!"

"Besides, didn't look like they were leaving for some alone time," Rosalie interrupted. "Looks like something's going down. Big shocker there."

But Alice didn't stick around to fight with Rosalie. Instead, she took off in the direction Edward and Bella seemed to run off toward, not caring what issues they may or may not have been having. She needed to make sure the future she kept seeing play out could in no way happen.

Bella stopped abruptly right outside the barrier, waiting and listening for her Grams. She wasn't sure if she was too late, she just knew she had to make sure she didn't get anywhere near the potion her Grams created or Bella's powers would completely take over control and who knows what would happen to her.

"Bella, what's going on!" Edward asked as soon as he noticed her stop. You took off so suddenly, are you ok?

"I'm listening," She told him.

"For?" Alice suddenly said, appearing next to them. Edward looked at her questioningly, wondering why she followed them. "What? I told you I was having words with her. Don't think both of you could run away and not expect me to follow to get my answers!"

"I'm trying to see if my Grams has been here," Bella told them, not caring what Alice's reason was for following.

"Should she have been?" Edward asked, confused.

"No, but apparently it wouldn't be a first for her," Bella said angrily. "I can't believe I trusted her."

"Wait, what's going on?" Alice asked. "I thought she was one of the good guys."

"Messing with my powers, trying to control me for her own personal vendetta does not put her on the good guys list," Bella said between gritted teeth. "Not in my book."

"Wait, she's been doing what?" Edward asked. "How do you know?"

"While I was asleep, I had a vision of sorts, you can say," Bella started. "Sort of like when I knew my Aunt went to Volterra. Well, the last thing I saw before I woke up was her mixing a potion, thinking once it takes effect, the next time I use my ability to will things to happen she'll be in complete control of me and the power and I'd be her perfect weapon! I knew I wasn't imagining hearing her voice!"

"I think you're a few steps ahead of us Bella, what voice have you been hearing?" Alice asked, trying to keep up.

"I'll explain everything when we get back to the main house," Bella assured them. "But right now, I have some business to attend to with my Grams. There is no way she'll be getting through this barrier. She's no longer welcome."

Edward and Alice exchanged looks, not sure how to approach this situation. This would be the second family member Bella had left that would be betraying her in the worst way possible. No one deserved this yet it seemed Bella could never catch a break.

A screech came from the far side of the barrier, where Bella's Grams was thrown back on her attempt to pass through. She had yet to notice Edward, Bella and Alice standing to the side of the cottage. She couldn't understand why suddenly the barrier was keeping her out. She attempted to use her own magic to break through it, but nothing worked. She attempted to astral project like she had before, but nothing happened. Everything bounced back. None of her barriers were ever this powerful. It was obvious Bella had been practicing the craft as well. There has to be a way of getting this inside.

"Edward," Bella whispered. "That potion she has in her hand, you need to get it. But keep it far away from me. I can't risk it working on me if I get close to it. Take it somewhere and destroy it." Your Grams is trying to control you through your powers? He silently questioned. She nodded her response, focusing on her opportunity to confront her Grams. She could only do it when the potion was far away from them both.

"It might be too obvious if you try to snatch it with your vampire speed," Bella mused. "But then again, as soon as it leaves her hands it'll become obvious."

"So then what's the plan?" Alice asked. Want me to hold her down?

"Alice, that's hardly necessary," Edward hissed. While he strongly disliked the fact that her Grams was attempting to control her, she was an older woman who didn't need to be attacked.

"Please," Alice scoffed. "The second she is able to use magic against you, don't think she won't take it Edward." You both know how angry she was when that amulet soul mate trick…you're standing in her way of getting what she wants. It's pretty obvious..

"I guess not to everyone," Bella muttered, angry for not seeing it before. The first time her Grams commended her on even having that power, she should have suspected. She encouraged Bella to master it a little too quickly and secretly, using Bella's feelings for Edward and the Cullen family to her own advantage. She'd do anything to protect them and was convinced mastering these gifts in secret was the best way.

"I'm sorry Bella," Alice said, regretfully. I'm sure this isn't easy for you…your aunt, now your Grams…

"Alice, enough" Edward told her.

"Let's just get this over with," Bella sighed, though Alice was right. This wasn't easy. "Edward, if you could, run up and stand not too far behind her. I'll get it out of her hands and get it to you. The moment it's in your hand, take off. Don't give her the time to even attempt using her magic on you."

"I thought you said if you used your ability to will things to happen, it'll take control," he said, confused.

"I'm not going to use that. Ever again," Bella said adamantly. "I can use telepathy to get it out of her hands and into yours. I'll be ok."

"You're sure?"

"Positive," she took his hand to reassure him she could handle the situation. We really need some more alone time…He let the thought slip and as soon as he realized, he quickly tried to save the situation before she became upset with him. Bella, I'm sorry…it's not the time to be thinking like that…just forget I thought that…

"Edward," she smiled at him. "You don't need to apologize."

"I don't?" he asked, unsure.

"No," she laughed. "How can you apologize when I was just thinking the same thing?" She didn't give him a chance to say another word before she pressed her lips to his, instantly getting lost in the feeling of being whole. Every time she was with him like this, she just couldn't get enough.

"You two know I'm still here, right?" Alice said, finally breaking them away from each other.

"I'd say I'm sorry Alice," Bella started.

"But you're not," Alice finished for her. "Yea, I see that." Bella had a smug expression on her face, she wanted to kiss Edward again. But first they needed to settle the issue with her Grams.

"Ready?" she asked Edward.

"Wait, what do I do?" Alice suddenly asked.

"You can either go with Edward, or stick with me," Bella told her. "It's up to you."

"I'll stay," Alice told her and saw the grateful look on Edward face.

"Just stay with me under the barrier and she won't get to you," Bella assured her.

"I love that you act as though I can't handle myself Bella," Alice teased her, reminding her how Bella once felt not too long ago.

"Alice, we know you are more than capable," Bella assured her. "I just don't want her using you to get to me. I don't know how strong her powers are."

"You go it," Alice said. "Don't leave barrier. Check."

"Ok," Bella took a deep breath and focused on the potion in her Grams's hand. "Go." Edward didn't waste any time. In less than a second, he stood not too far behind her Grams, waiting for the potion. What was that…he heard her think.

Bella, she's suspicious, you need to act now…He silently told Bella. Bella took that moment to strike, sending the potion out of her Grams's hand and into Edward's waiting hands. The moment he had hold of the potion, he took off and Grams turned to face an empty space behind her. But Bella needed to make sure her Grams's didn't try to go after Edward.

She took a breath and stepped around the cottage, facing her Grams.

"I wouldn't try going after the potion if I were you," Bella told her Grams, who instantly turned to face Bella; a look of surprise on her face. She hadn't expected Bella to awake since her last power blast.

"Bella, dear," her Grams said, trying to step into the barrier. Instead, she was met with a jolt backwards and landed on her behind. "It's so lovely to see you; would you mind terribly taking the barrier down to let me pass?" It's no matter…I don't need that potion…always come prepared.

She had another potion.

A/N: This is short, I know. But it's also only part one.

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