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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

"Seems you have your own personal stalker now, Bella," Edward teased as he walked her to her first class.

"Ha-Ha," she responded sarcastically. "Leave it to me and my luck to run into that creep on my first day here!"

"It's not a very big school Bella," Edward tried to comfort her.

"Yea well, now he can leave me the hell alone," Bella said matter of factly.

"I'm not so sure about that," Edward laughed. "He's dead set on fighting me for you."

"There's no competition," Bella admitted. But before Edward could say anything, the bell rang and once again the two had to go separate ways. As soon as Bella entered the classroom, the whispers and thoughts about the new girl began. Unfortunately, there would be no escaping it. And this was just the beginning of the day. Bella walked over to the teacher, who at first had been completely oblivious as to why she approached the front desk to begin with. It seemed his students hardly approached with inquiries so to him, this was a first.

"May I help you with something?" he asked, obviously not realizing that Bella was in fact new. I haven't even started the lesson, what could she possibly need….

"Yes actually, I'm new here," Bella started and watched his face as the so called light bulb went off in his head. "I was told to have you sign this slip." She handed him the paper which he quickly signed for her.

"Of course, of course, I should have known," he chastised himself. I should probably pay better attention to who is in my class…I hate it here…"The textbooks for the course are right against the windowsill if you want to grab a copy."

"Thanks," she told him. "Where should I sit?"

"Seats aren't assigned in the class, so take your pick of whatever is available," he answered and quickly resumed to preparing the lesson. Bella did the only thing she could in that moment: get her book and pick her seat. As she made her way to the back of the classroom to her chosen seat, more and more thoughts began to rise from the students in the classroom. This caught Bella completely off guard. The fact of the matter was that Bella's abilities were completely new and the past few days since she'd discovered her new ability, she'd only been around seven people at most. She never thought or expected it to be this intense with so many voices filling her head. It was almost unbearable. But Bella was determined not to let it affect her. She needed to appear normal and showing up the first day and then freaking out over something no one would see or believe in would cause her to stand out instantly. She needed to blend in, not stand out.

Who's the new girl, she's hot!

Eww, she has like no fashion sense…

I bet I could get her to go out with me by this time tomorrow…

That's the chick I saw Mike talking to…she better stay away from him!

She seems to be struggling, I wonder why…I should introduce myself….

Sweet, fresh meat!

All thoughts went on throughout the teacher's math lecture. As hard as it was, Bella pulled through and seemed to really enjoy herself; of course, only when she managed to ignore and get passed the crude thoughts of the teenage boys in the class. She couldn't believe they would really see her as a piece of meat; as someone they could just use while they felt like it…she didn't remember high school guys being that bad with the exception with the ones who messed with her. That was also a time when they viewed her as a freak. It was only a matter of time before people here thought that too, Bella thought to herself. Lost in the thoughts of all those around her, Bella hadn't noticed the bell until one of the girls came up to her, initially introducing herself.

"Hi, I'm Angela," she smiled and held out her hand to shake. Bella shook it, hesitantly. She wondered if this was one of the girls who viewed Bella as a threat. If so, Bella would definitely have to be in control of her temper.

"Bella," she told her.

"It's nice to meet you," Angela responded. I knew she'd be nice! I wonder if we could be friends…"What's your next class?"

"English literature in building five," Bella told her as they started to leave the classroom. As it turned out, English literature was another class the two shared. So as per Angela's request, the two decided to make their way to class together while Bella tried desperately not to give in to all the silent voices filling the halls. It was worse than in classrooms! Bella thought. No matter how much she tried, she simply could not tune out the voices. It amazed Bella how Edward was able to go on day by day without the slightest indication that he was in pain. Could he control what he hears? If he does, maybe he could help her…. Her only hesitation in going to speak with him was the matter of the Mike Newton incident. She'd let her emotions get the best of her when she admitted there was no competition at this school for Edward. Edward was the only person she ever had her heart set on. It was simply a bonus that he turned out to be her destined soul mate. Now, it was the matter of whether he wanted to be with her simply because he learned she was his mate or if he truly felt those feelings for her. Would he have felt those feelings for her if the soul mate issue never came up? What then…

"Bella, wait up!" a voice called from the distance. She recognized it as Mike Newton's voice and cringed involuntarily.

"Ugh, not again!" Bella whined, wondering when this creep would take the hint that he simply was unwanted.

"Ah, I see you've met Mike Newton," Angela giggled, understanding why Bella would shy away from Newton's attention. He truly was a creep; one who thought way too highly of himself.

"More times than I would have like actually," Bella admitted, giving Angela a small smile.

"Bella there you are!" Mike announced as he cut someone off in order to block Angela and Bella's path to class. He was determined to make his intentions known this time, especially if he was competing with Edward Cullen.

"Yep, here I am," she said sarcastically as she rolled her eyes and looked pleadingly at Angela.

"Listen, I know there's not much time between classes so I'll make this quick," he smiled, completely ignoring Angela. "I'm sure whatever is going on with Cullen isn't anything important. I mean, it's your first day, what do you really know about him anyway. So I was thinking we pick up where we left off, forget Cullen ever entered the picture. What do you say?" he looked at Bella smugly, convinced she'd give in to his charm. There's no way she'd be into that freak…not when she can have me…

Bella and Edward? Wow I've never even seen him interact with the girls at this school…Angela thought as she heard Mike's pointless rant.

"What do I say?" Bella asked, which caused Mike's smug smile to widen. I've so got this in the bag…he thought. "I say you must be either blind or one hell of an idiot to have the audacity to come up to me, after clearly seeing my involvement with Edward and tell me to forget it for what? For you? You must be joking!" Bella could feel herself lose control of her emotions. It was bad enough she alone questioned Edward's feelings towards her but to have Mike treat the two of them as insignificant simply threw her over the edge. The clouds in the sky began to darken as lightning filled the sky. All that Bella wanted to do in that moment was rid the school of the creep. She was sure no one would miss him. Lightning struck right outside the window where the three were standing, catching Mike and Angel completely off guard. The weather was known to act up, considering Forks was popular for rainy weather. But this storm had a mind of its own. It was on a mission it seemed.

"Wow can you believe how quickly the weather changed?" Angela mused aloud. I've never seen anything like it…It was those thoughts that caused Bella to resurface; not completely but enough to realize what she had just done. Willing herself to calm down and the skies to clear, she watched with amazement that upon her will, it began to happen. Her nerves were still on haywire but as long as she was aware of them and embraced them and knew what she needed to do, she seemed to get a handle on the situation.

"Yea, that was weird," Bella agreed, hoping none of what just happened brought any attention to her. Mike however, was too pissed at what Bella said that he hadn't even thought twice about the strange occurrence with the weather. Yes, it caught him off guard but as soon as it stopped, he demanded proper answers. Answers in which Bella chooses him, not Edward Cullen.

"Of course I'm not joking! You don't honestly expect me or anyone else to believe that Edward Cullen has decided to give you—someone he doesn't know—any attention. Attention that's practically meaningless! You could have me Bella; it was fate that brought us back together. We didn't get our chance last time we met yet here we are…go out with me Friday night, I'll show you how great we can be," he smirked at her, enjoying that he'd affected her negatively at the mention that she and Edward stood no chance. It was when he began moving his hand up and down her arm in an attempt to seduce her that made her want to snap him in half, though she couldn't let her power get out of control again. There were other things she could do; things she knew well to control through years of having to master her strength. As soon as his hands began touching her, Bella threw back her hand in a tightly closed fist and launched, punching Mike Newton in the nose thus earning him a bloody nose and soon to follow, a black eye to match.

"AHHHH! My nose! You punched me! You freak, what is wrong with you!" he screamed, clutching his hands to his bloodied nose.

"You might want to go get that checked out Mike," Angela told her, trying her hardest not to break into laughter right in front of him. Angela took Bella by the arm and took her into their next class, just making it before the bell. "I can't believe you just punched Mike Newton!" Angela whispered to Bella after getting her note signed.

"I can't believe that creep saw no problem invading my personal space," Bella whispered back.

"Well, that I believe. Newton thinks he's God's gift to the female population even though he's never in his life had a girlfriend," Angela laughed. "It's sad to see, really."

"Yea, there's no way I'd ever be the one to help change that status of his," Bella told her.

"So…you know Edward Cullen?" Angela asked, intrigued.

"Um…yea. We met not too long ago," Bella told her; this is where the lies had to start kicking in. The more false information people knew about her, the real it would seem to them, ultimately throwing the Volturi off her path.

"Are you two dating?" she asked. Jessica would freak if she found out he finally took interest into someone who isn't her…though I would love to see that…

"It's complicated," Bella admitted but reminded herself not to give away too much about them.

"Aw come on, that's all you've got?" Angela complained, though in all honesty, she'd just met Bella and understood her hesitancy in not being as open.

"For now, yea," Bella told her. "Sorry Angela."

"No, that's ok," she smiled. I hope it works out for the two of them…Bella heard Angela's thought and couldn't help but smile. It made it easy to focus on one person, who didn't even know her, being supportive of something she really wanted. Other people, however; were intolerable.

I swear I saw her deck Newton!

Did she even know him?

Where does she get off like punching Mikey, I hate her!

Lauren's going to be pissed when she hears Mike wanted to date the new girl!

If she's not into Newton, I'll ask her out.

She punched him, that's so hot!

Rumors of various versions of the truth about what happened between Bella and Mike had spread rather quickly throughout the day. Bella realized this as soon as people she'd never seen before began thinking about what had happened; the story had spun so out of control. Some rumors starred Bella and Mike as already a couple and Bella freaked when he asked Angela out in front of her. Others say Bella just went nuts and hit him for just saying hello to her. It was ridiculous what people would come up with. It was bad enough to be surrounded by all the voices as she went from class to class; but for her to star in the leading role in something no one truly knew the truth about just made no sense. This is what I'd been missing out on? Bella asked herself. When Bella first entered the cafeteria, she stood at the entryway looking for the Cullen's It took a few minutes before she spotted them in the crowded cafeteria; of course they'd pick the furthest table in the back. But the moment she stepped into the overcrowded cafeteria, the already painful silent voices increased tenfold and Bella could not take it.

"Forget this," she mumbled to herself as she turned and headed in the opposite direction. She needed to get away from the crowded school and be alone with her thoughts. She made her way passed the parking lot, back towards the woods and found a spot under a tree to sit at. If this wasn't the perfect time to think about her dream, she wasn't sure when it would be. It had felt so real, but could it be possible for her to have premonitions too? Wasn't that Alice's department? All Bella was certain of at this point was her previous suspicions of her aunt could possibly be correct. Bella was most likely right to try to keep her aunt completely in the dark…another part of Bella screamed that Aunt Renee knew everything and something horrible was coming.

"Bella?" Alice called out. There you are…

"I'm surprised Edward didn't put up more of a fight over who came after me," Bella chuckled as she saw the argument take place in Alice's mind.

"I figured you'd want some girl time," she smiled back, taking a seat next to Bella. I've heard you had quite the interesting day…

"Don't act like you didn't see any of that happening," Bella retorted. "Way to warn me about Newton."

"Well, I didn't see him coming up to you before your literature class," Alice admitted. "But I was surprised when I heard you punched him in the nose and gave him a matching black eye. You're really making yourself known around here."

"Do you think I was wrong hitting him?" Bella asked, afraid she'd let her emotions control her a bit too much.

"No, I'm glad you did it," Alice told her.


"Of course, it was either you or Edward who would've done something and by doing it yourself you showed him you didn't need him coming to your rescue. You're quite capable of defending yourself," Alice smiled. "That stunt with the weather, on the other hand…"

"I know, I know," Bella sighed. "I've got to start getting in better control of my powers, especially when I'm enraged."

"I couldn't agree more," Alice responded. "We'll have to start soon, maybe tonight if you're not too tired."

"Tonight's fine," Bella told her.

"So now that that's settled, why did you come all the way out here?" Alice asked. She didn't know Bella would make the last minute decision to run off during lunch. She'd seen them all sitting at the table laughing over Newton and his feeble attempts to win Bella over.

"I needed to be able to hear my own thoughts," Bella admitted. "I don't know how Edward can stand it, being around hundreds of people and constantly hearing their thoughts. It was hard enough in the halls and classes, but the cafeteria…I couldn't even imagine how out of control my powers could have become if I'd stayed."

"Bella, you'll learn to control it," Alice comforted her, placing her arm around Bella's shoulder. "Edward will help you, I've already seen it."

"I know he's the best person for the job Alice," Bella told her. "I just need to focus on getting myself under control before having that conversation he's been pushing me to have. There's so much going on right now, I don't even know where to begin figuring it out."

"Edward's not the only thing troubling you?" Alice asked, worried. What's going on Bella? I can help you…

"Alice…do you think it's possible for a dream to actually be a vision?" Bella questioned, keeping her eyes on the grass rather than at Alice. She didn't want Alice to think she was crazy.

"Under the certain circumstances…and certain individuals," Alice smirked. "Yes I do. Did you have a vision Bella?" That could be amazing, you know! Your powers are only now beginning to show themselves. Imagine all that you're capable of!

"If this is one thing I'm capable of, I'd rather send it back," Bella grumbled. The last thing she needed was her own family turning on her. What'd you see? Alice silently asked. Hesitantly, Bella looked up at Alice. "My aunt. She's going to Volterra…or has already gone."

"But why would she go there? The Volturri are there!" Alice exclaimed. She couldn't possibly be going there for why I'm thinking she is…

"Well…considering I saw her refusing to Bella my powers never truly emerged, then booking a plane ticket, I think she is," Bella told her. "There's more…after she booked the ticket the scenery changed. I was surrounded by what I'm assuming was vampires with red eyes. They looked ancient…and one specifically attacked me. That's when I woke up."

"Bella, we need to tell the others…this is too real to have been just some random dreamed up coincidence," Alice told her, standing up.

"Do you realize what this will mean Alice?" Bella asked, the panic and worry was evident in her eyes.

"Yes, I do." Alice told her. It means your aunt is your enemy and she's handing you over to the Volturi.


It had been a long and restless night as Renee's plane finally reached its destination.

"Now landing in Volterra, Italy. We hope you enjoyed flying with Voletrra Airways. We look forward to flying with you again soon."

The announcement was made, yet the feeling she thought she would have upon arrival was nowhere to be found. Her plan had been set in motion for years: since before Bella was even born. From years of snooping around her mother's things, she'd discovered the prophecy considering the birth of a hybrid child; a half vampire, half witch hybrid destined to unite the two worlds into one. Since that day, Renee wanted nothing more than to destroy her niece and join the vampires. Of course, it would be her luck that magic skipped over her and gracefully blessed her wonderful, special and loved-by-all sister. She always was surrounded by nothing but happiness while Renee had the shit luck; always being second best if that. She'd had enough. It was her time to shine and take her revenge.

She refused to believe the powers Bella experienced were simply a false alarm. She knew better. There was no way her abilities would simply disappear overnight especially with how advanced she already was. Bella was it. Bella was the hybrid spoken of in the prophecy and Renee would enjoy nothing more than to hand her over to the Volturi. The closer she got to the main castle, her thoughts of Bella and her abilities and her potential location began to turn hazy. All thoughts which would have given Bella away, even her name, even her gender, even her abilities simply disappeared from Renee's mind. She could no longer recall them let alone say them aloud. All she had was her purpose; that was one thing that could not be taken from her. It wasn't until the receptionist Gianna led her to the main door did Renee realize her memory had been tampered with magic.

"Enter human." Aro called. The scene before Renee caused her to stop in her tracks. If she had entered five minutes earlier, she would have entered a blood bath. For now, nearly a hundred dead and drained bodies lay scattered on the floor and were currently being disposed of.

"Closer!" Aro demanded. Hesitantly, Renee came closer, maneuvering herself around the dead bodies.

"What brings you here human? Speak truthfully and we may spare you," Caius informed her, though they had no intention of freeing her. She would make a lovely dessert.

"I have information that may be of use to you," she whispered.

"And what information could you possibly have that we'd want or need?" Cauis asked, bored with the human's antics.

"The prophecy. It's come true," she spoke, this time refusing to cower from them. Instantly, Aro was on his feet and in front of her. His brothers remained in their seats, clearly unaware of what she meant and why Aro reacted the way he had.

"Do not toy with me human!" Aro growled, grabbing her by the throat. "Think twice about such lies!"

"It's not a lie, I swear it!" she struggled to say. His grip was gradually tightening but out of desperate need to find this hybrid he let go of her throat but quickly took her hand, looking into her mind for answers. Everything was hazy; something he'd never encountered before. All that stood out was the sun and the state of Florida. Nothing about the prophecy or the hybrid concerning it.

"You have no information for me! Your mind is blank. There's nothing here but lies!" he shouted, angered to have been tricked so easily. His hand was back on her throat tightly as he threw her back against a wall.

"It's true!" she managed to say as she struggled to her feet. "It's magic! Someone's tampered with the information! I would not have come here if I didn't have useful information for you all!"

Aro considered her theory in his mind. Witches truly could never be trusted; this is why they would always be a threat. Her mind gave no indication of deception; magic was truly at fault and it angered Aro more than anything else. He needed to find this hybrid and destroy it once and for all.

"You are no witch." Aro stated. It wasn't a question. He could see without a doubt from her mind the hatred she felt towards her family. He could see her willingness to hurt her family simply for revenge.

"I guess it skips a generation," she told him. "But I assure you, if you look within my lineage you will find what you are looking for."

"Brother, what does she speak of? What prophecy?" Marcus spoke up, curious at the exchange.

"It is none of your concern. This is my war!" Aro growled. "What do you want human? Clearly you have your own agenda here."

"I want to be like you. I want to take my family down!" she said without missing a beat.

"You would be so quick as to turn your back on your family?" Aro pondered.

"My family has done nothing for me. They will pay for all I've suffered through because of them!" she wanted to name names, to say her sister started it all…but her mind came up blank.

"Interesting, how easily you would give you up family for revenge…for immortality," Aro thought aloud. At the snap of his fingers, Alec and Demetri had Renee in a tight grip by both arms purposely taking away any chance of struggle. She felt happy…she was getting what she wanted…to be turned…But when Aro uttered his next words, her face paled and she realized the mistake she had made. She no longer had anything to bargain with.

"NO! Please!" Renee pleaded. "I gave you what you wanted! You've been after this for centuries!"

"This is true," Aro agreed. "You have given me exactly what I wanted. I no longer have use for you."

"Then change me! It's a fair trade!" she demanded as she struggled in their arms.

"Disloyalty is an ugly trait to bring into this like my dear," Aro simply replied. "Take her away!"

"No!" she shouted as she was dragged out of the room and into her new prison. Giving Aro what he wanted was premature on her part but she'd realized this too late. And even so, he still had no idea where the hybrid could be or what the abomination even looked like. It could be anything. But he had to find it before it realized its full potential and won the war. The worlds of witches and vampires could not be united!

"What prophecy did she speak of Aro?" Caius once again demanded. "What are you hiding?"

"All in due time my brothers!" Aro simply replied. As soon as Demetri and Alec returned from detaining the prisoner, he called upon them. "Demetri, Alec, I want you two in the States. Start your search in Florida."

"What about me?"Jane asked, eager for whoever or whatever she could go after.

"Jane and Felix, start your search on the West. The sun filled areas seem to be the place to begin…no vampire would think to step foot in such places."

"Master, what are we looking for?" Jane asked, needing something to go on.

"A hybrid. A vampire, witch hybrid." Aro said.

"But brother, I thought we took care of that issue centuries ago…" Caius replied, remembering the power of vampire human hybrids. Who knew what a witch could do with all that power. The Volturi would be threatened…this could not happen.

"Indeed." Was all Aro said before Jane, Felix, Alec and Demetri set out on their hunt.

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