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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The room was shrouded in darkness as far as Bella could see. The familiarity of the surroundings did not go unnoticed the further she walked down a long hallway, until finally Bella entered a bedroom. She knew this room. She'd spent many afternoons watching shows and looking through photo albums with her aunt in this room. After all, the owner of this bedroom was Bella's aunt Renee. It was the same person seated with their back facing her as she entered the room, unnoticed. Bella called for her aunt, but each attempt to reach her went unnoticed as though Bella was not truly there; as though she was simply a visitor.

However, her aunt's failure to acknowledge her presence did not stop Bella from getting closer to see her aunt. She hadn't had any contact with her since she left Jacksonville, nor did she opt in informing her aunt of the revelation of Bella's newly developed powers. Something about telling her aunt didn't sit well with Bella, which alone was a surprising feeling to have. Aunt Renee was her mother's sister. She was family. Family was supposed to trusted above all else, right? So the fact that something within Bella told her to keep it quiet from her aunt spoke volumes, especially since she made sure her grams kept quiet as well. In fact, Bella made it a point to have her grams say it was all a false alarm…that nothing happened when she turned sixteen. This wasn't the original plan…not at all. But when her aunt suddenly began calling nonstop, insisting on answers on the supernatural ability Bella may or may not have possessed, Bella became even more cautious.

"It can't be right," she heard her aunt suddenly say as she rummaged through paperwork laid out in front of her. "I know it's not right. Lies, all lies!"

Curious to see what had her aunt so worked up, Bella chanced to get closer to her aunt. If she hadn't been detected already, chances were no matter where she stood and no matter what she said; her aunt still wouldn't know they were in the same room. To Bella's surprise, she saw hundreds of scattered papers all over the floor. Majority of these papers were pictures of Bella, of course, completely unaware of any pictures being taken of her at the time. While Bella's face was not seen in the pictures, it was the levitating objects that stood out the most.

"I know it's all lies!" her aunt exclaimed, going through all the pictures, looking for something specific. What she pulled out of the pile was a newspaper clipping of that day Bella unexpected changed the nice, warm sunny day into a full blown storm. "This says it all! I know it!" Her aunt suddenly threw down the newspaper and pulled out her laptop, fingers frantically typing away. Bella took a closer at the screen to see what had her aunt so worked up. Her aunt was planning a trip. To get a closer look at the screen, Bella moved even closer to her aunt, taking a seat beside her on the floor and leaned closer to see where her aunt was going. Italy. Her aunt was booking a flight to Volterra, Italy.

Suddenly, her aunt looked right at Bella; as though she knew Bella was sitting right next to her. The sinister look in her eyes had Bella inching back away from her aunt; she was nearly unrecognizable. She looked like a mad woman on a mission.

"It's time." She told Bella. And as quickly as those words came out of her aunt's mouth, everything disappeared. Instead, she found herself in a place she did not know. She stood before five very pale, sinister men…though they appeared to be beyond the regular man. Their red eyes shook Bella to the very core.

"I've been looking for you for a very long time," the one in the center said to her as he stood from his seat which seemed to be a throne. "You managed to escape us once but I assure you, that will never happen again."

"Stay away from me!" Bella shouted, moving backwards, hoping to find an escape. She quickly took in her surroundings, hoping to find something she could telepathically throw at them long enough to run away. She stood a chance as long as she could run. But no matter how much she willed her powers to surface, nothing happened. She was trapped. She turned to run, but was caught by two others she had not known were in the room with them.

"It's no use fighting," the vampire taunted her, inching closer and closer. "You are no match for us. He launched at her, causing her to scream.

"NO!" Bella screamed, only to find herself alone in a bedroom rather than an old ancient room about to be attacked by a vampire.

"Bella?" Alice rushed into the room, though Bella could hear Edward's frantic thoughts of worry and disagreement that it was Alice rushed to check on her instead of him. His over protective nature was shining through once again and while Bella truly appreciated him looking out for her, she couldn't deal with it at the moment. However, still being shaken by what turned out to be just a dream, Bella didn't realize Alice was truly with her and she was safe.

"No!" Bella screamed when Alice lightly placed her hand on Bella's cheek in hopes of snapping her out of her nightmare. As soon as Bella screamed, Alice was sent flying across the room and Edward could no longer stand by the sidelines waiting for everything to be ok. He needed to help Bella.

"Bella," he said quietly, making sure to approach her carefully so not to startle her. "Bella, love…it's Edward. I'm not going to hurt you," he assured her and was relieved he made it close enough without being sent flying. He managed to sit down on the bed, again all with careful motions but refused to avert her attention off Bella's eyes. Eye contact seemed to be working so far. His hand slowly made its way to Bella's cheek. Careful Edward…Alice silently warned. And careful he was. He slowly took Bella into her arms, thankful she hadn't sent him away like she had with Alice. "Bella? Can you hear me?" Slowly, she nodded her head. Finally, they were getting somewhere and on some level she knew she was actually safe and not trapped in her nightmare; if that's even what that had been.

"Bella, do you want to talk about it?" Alice asked quietly from the foot of the bed, keeping her distance purposely to avoid making Bella feel smothered.

"No, not really," Bella whispered. She couldn't think about it. All that went through her mind in that moment was trying to figure out what it all had meant. The only way to do that was to process it, and when she was ready, come to everyone and get answers together.

"Maybe it would help to talk about it," Edward suggested but was instantly scolded by Alice about pushing something he should not be messing with. It was important for Bella to have her space. He thought maybe Alice was right; that all he knew how to do at this point was get in Bella's way and the idea alone nearly broke him. Reluctantly he began to pull away, fully intended on giving Bella her space. Unexpectedly however, she held on to him and hugged him tightly to her. His comfort was what was holding her together no matter how annoying his over protective side tended to get. Whenever you're ready Bella, I'm here for you. I always will be.. he silently told her, which resulted in a tighter embrace.

"Thanks Edward," she smiled at him when she pulled away.

"Yea, thanks Edward," Alice said sarcastically. "Now how about you leave us alone so we can get Bella ready for her first day of high school?" And that wasn't a request…she added, forgetting Bella could also hear her. Getting all the details ready for Bella's first day had gone over as smoothly as expected. However, using her full name and real last night was something everyone agreed should not happen. When the idea was originally brought up, something in Bella screamed at her to use a different last night. Just as something told her not to tell her aunt the truth. Now, after whatever she had dreamt about, she knew the decision was for the best. She would still go by Bella. No Isabella. Just Bella. Bella Platt, which she had learned was Esme's maiden name. The last name also had no way of attaching Bella to her lineage and it felt right. And so it was decided. Bella's grandmother temporarily relocated to the private island owned by Carlisle and Esme. Of course, at first she insisted Bella go there but they couldn't take that chance. Bella was also dead set against that idea. Her secret intentions were to fight the Volturri when the time finally came to it. She just needed to master all of her abilities for when the time would come.

"Bella?" Alice called as she completed the finishing touches on Bella first day of school outfit. "I know you don't want to talk about it, but you're kind of scaring me and I don't scare easily," Alice told her.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to worry anyone," Bella apologized though she still didn't fully feel like she was herself after waking up. She didn't think it was just a dream. It felt more powerful than any dream she had ever had. It felt like a warning. And it all led back to her aunt. Somehow she was a key in whatever Bella had seen.

"We care about you, that's all," Alice smiled.

"Alice, if I asked you something, could you answer honestly?" Bellaasked, though she was fully aware of all the sensitive ears around the room. She willed that somehow their conversation would be shielded from the others. Once she willed it, she felt something strange stirring inside of her, stretching, expanding until it left her completely and surrounded her and Alice. Bella didn't think twice about what that was. Just felt peace and safe from sensitive ears.

"Always Bella," Alice assured her.

"And without asking me why I'm asking or for any details?" Reluctatnly, Alice agreed though she was very curious. "What's in Voltera, Italy?" Alice stood there, for the first time ever dumbstruck, wanting to know more than anything how Bella knew that specific Italian city.

"Bella…Volterra, that's where the Volturri are…" Alice whispered, hoping no one could hear them; also unaware that whatever Bella did made sure they were protected from everyone else. Bella sat there, absorbing that information though part of her knew that's who they were. The man who threatened to kill her, who almost did was one of them. And her aunt…her aunt was going to them. But why? To stop them? To give them what they want? She needed to know.

"Thank you," Bella told her. Not one word was uttered from that moment on until everyone arrived at the school. Alice had made sure everyone gave Bella her space, especially after whatever happened earlier that morning. Edward, however, couldn't shake what had happened and fought with himself whether or not he should mention his concern again. But he backed off as per Alice's advice.

"Alright Bells, we're here!" Emmett exclaimed as everyone made their way out of the car.

"You nervous?" Edward asked, trying to figure out how she was feeling. It was extremely difficult to get a good read on her. It was frustrating.

"No, I'm ready," She told them. It was the truth. She'd been ready to return to school since she arrived in Forks. It was her fresh start only this time, it was also her only chance of staying hidden.

"I'll take her to the office!" Alice exclaimed before Edward could even offer to take her himself. Before anyone could say anything, she linked arms with Bella and wondered off, leaving the rest of the family either laughing at Edward's reaction or annoyed because yet again, Edward was brooding.

"So here we are," Alice told Bella. "I'm going to let you take it from here. I know how you feel about being babied and all. I'll see you at lunch!"

"Thanks Alice," Bella smiled, grateful that Alice knew exactly how she would feel about being walked around everyone. She needed to fend for herself. "I'll see you then." With that, Alice wondered off, most likely to see Jasper before the first warning Bella could ring.

The office wasn't too busy, like Bella had expected it to be. Back in Jacksonville it was almost impossible to get a secretary's attention with all the madness going around early in the morning. Here, it seemed simply, care free almost.

"May I help you dear?" a pleasant elderly woman asked from behind the desk when she noticed Bella standing there, just looking around the office.

"Yes, hi," Bella spoke up as she approached the desk. "I'm new here. I was told I needed to pick up my schedule and paperwork in this office?"

"Right, of course," the woman said as she went through some paperwork placed in front of her. "Bella Platt?"

"That's me!" Bella nodded in agreement.

"Bella…such a lovely name. Is that short for Isabella?" the lady asked sweetly.

"No, it's just Bella, But thank you," Bella smiled. So far it seemed people here in Forks were a lot nicer. Either that or it was all an act to get the latest scoop on the new kid.

"I'm Mrs. Cope and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask," Mrs. Cope told her as she handed Bella her schedule. "Make sure to get that slip signed by all your teachers and bring it here at the end of the day. There's also a map of the school to help you get around. It's all pretty simple really."

"Thank you Mrs. Cope," Bella thanked her as she glanced at her schedule. She had trigonometry first, so for now she decided to find that classroom on the map and locate the rest when she got to her first period. She was so focused on figuring out the map that she hadn't noticed anyone around her, ultimately resulting in a head on collision. Bella's papers fell to the ground, along with the other student's books. Again, Bella's main focus had been on retrieving her things that she hadn't even bothered to look up to see who the other person was. It was the thoughts that finally made her hand freeze mid air as she reached to pick up her schedule.

No way! It can't be…can it? Bella? I knew it! It's fate! Fate wants us together…now I can get her number! She'd remember banter like that anywhere.

"Bella? That you?" Mike Newton asked, picking up her schedule for her much to her dismay. She didn't want or need him knowing where she'd be during the day.

"Yea, it's me," she said, looking directly at the schedule he had in his death grip. "Matt, is it?"

"No, it's me…Mike, remember?" Call me anything you want,baby…I can't wait to get you alone sometime soon…Disgusted by his thoughts, she snatched her schedule from his hands without a second thought.

"I'll see you around," she told him as she turned and quickly walked the other way, set out for her classroom. Unfortunately he couldn't take the hint and followed along-side her.

"So what happened to the homeschooling? Your grandmother finally see some sense?" he teased as he followed her.

"Something like that," Bella told him. Keep it short and to the point, Bella told herself. Though in that moment she really wished Edward was around. What better way to express disinterest than to have her soul mate keep the unwanted suitors at bay. At the same time, she didn't want him bailing her out of this disaster. She could hold her own.

"Well it's awesome that you're here!" Mike continued. "I didn't get the chance to ask for your number last tim—" Mike was cut off by a very eager Bella running straight away from him and into the arms of Edward Cullen. The one person in the entire school he could not stand. What caught him even more off guard was Bella's lips suddenly on Edward's. No, no way is this happening! Why Cullen? She's mine Cullen, BACK OFF! Mike silently screamed toward Edward though both Edward and Bella heard him loud and clear. But Bella had had enough and didn't want to even allow Mike to finish his question. So as soon as she saw Edward and heard his own jealous thoughts of seeing her with Newton, she knew what she needed to do. She ran towards him and kissed him. Everything else seemed to disappear. Bella melted into Edward's embrace as his tightened around hers. She had surprised him. She had surprised him so much that even his thoughts were rendered speechless. Reluctantly, Bella pulled away, unable to suppress the smile on her face which formed finally kissing Edward.

"I'm sorry Mark, you were saying?" she said, still in a daze.

"It's Mike, not Mark," he fumed, suddenly angered by her disregard to his name. This is bullshit, I saw her first! You can't have her Cullen! I'll fight you for her! Bella couldn't help but snicker at his thoughts, only to cause Edward to react in the same way towards Bella's response. It seemed his jealously was unnecessary since Bella did not show one ounce of interest in Newton. This put his mind instantly at ease. No competition, no worries.

"Yea, sure," Bella said. "I've got to get to class. Edward, walk me?" she asked sweetly, not taking her eyes off his.

"It'd be a pleasure," he smiled in return and walked off with Bella hand in hand as Mike stood in his place, silently wishing Edward would meet an untimely death so he could swoop in and take his girl back. Mike would not give up Bella that easily.

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