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It was a regular day in Jacksonville, Florida at the local High School. The sun was out shining brightly in the sky giving all the students something to look forward to, especially with the final bell dismissing everyone to go about the rest of the day. Not everyone was phased by such spectacular weather, however. As everyone left the building with anticipation and excitement at the chance to finally enjoy the warm, sunny day, Bella Swan could be found sitting far off under a tree; away from the sun, enjoying the breeze the shade provided, sketching. Bella wasn't known to be the shy type. It was the opposite really. She was warm hearted, friendly, compassionate, talented and loving. Not very many people had problems with her, except for those simply could not understand her preference for solitude. For this, Bella became an easy target. Some took enjoyment in bothering Bella more than others and today, they would not give her a break.

As three guys gathered in the center of the field, they contemplated going over to Bella. When the coast was clear and the risk of being caught hassling the young woman was gone, they made their way over to Bella's tree with smirks plastered on their faces. As soon as they approached her, the boy who stood to the far left of her-Peter-snatched her sketch book before she could even realize what was happening.

"Hey, give that back!" she pleaded, already aware of what they would do to her sketches. Bella was never the person to fight; she always chose the high road though now she feared what it would come to and if she had it in her to really defend herself. It didn't help her case that these three were seniors, already assuming their status gave them some unspoken power to pick on a freshman. The guys refused to answer or comply with her pleas, clearly basking in the current successes of their scheme. They looked through her pages, laughing.

"What a freak!" the one in the middle-Sam-laughed as he looked at Bella's sketches.

"What's with the golden eyes, freak?" Peter asked though Bella remained silent. She knew what he meant...most of her sketches revolved around the mysterious man she had seen years back when she visited her grams in Forks, Washington. She remembered his face...flawless, pale, beautiful and those mesmorizing golden eyes. All she had from that day were the sketches she began creating to carry him with her and now, these three guys mocked the memory. She attempted silently to keep herself under control; as soon as they had mentioned the golden eyes anger began bubbling inside of her-something completely unusual for her.

"He asked you a question!" Sam exclaimed, poking Bella hard against her chest as she stood to face them at eye level. She didn't back down this time, she didn't know what was different about today but she would fight back.

"Answer, freak!" Peter added, already making his way to ripping her sketches out of the book. That attempt alone did it. Bella's head snapped up, glaring at Peter.

"Give. Me. Back. My. Sketch. Book." she said through gritted teeth. "Now." They laughed in response.

"You think you can tell us what to do?" The third one-Mike-finally spoke up, challenging her.

"Yes." she said, refusing to break eye contact. "Hand it over." She put her hand out, expecting them to hand it to her without further protest. Of course, that would not be the case.

"And if we don't?" Peter pressed, his voice menacing. As he said this, Mike had already torn out one of Bella's most treasured pictures of the mysterious golden eyed man. As soon as he ripped the sketch, Bella saw red.

She could no longer keep herself under control. These emotions were new, however. She had always been peaceful but now, her anger had taken over and she had no more control over herself. Suddenly, the wind picked up, the sky grew dim. The light from the Sun was no where to be found. The ground beneath the three guys began to tremble, instantly instilling fear in the once overly confident guys.

"The book." was all Bella said, ignoring the chaos going on around them. They stood, dumbstruck, questioning if she could possibly be causing the chaos around them. When they did not comply, Bella focused her gaze and within an instant the book flew out of their hands and into hers. The boys looked amongst theselves and began screaming in fear as they ran off. That was the last time those boys would ever bother Bella again.

Once they were gone, the sky began to clear, the ground ceased to shake and the wind vanished. Bella stood, recollected but with terror on her face. She took in the change in her surroundings until finally, she glanced into her hands which now held her sketch book. It occurred to her that they never handed it over. In fact, if she remembered correctly, it flew into her hands. That couldn't be possible, right? Bella thought to herself as she tried to make sense of the situation. Terrified, Bella did the only thing she could think home. Her aunt would know what to do...though by choosing to run home, she'd be breaking one of the biggest rules she had to obey while living with her aunt. But she needed to get there and fast. The only way was to go through the woods; not very many people would be there at this time while the roads would be packed with witnesses. She ran towards the woods as soon as she gathered her things. She could successfully hide her inhuman speed this way. Bella always knew her inhuman strength and speed would catergorize her as a freak had anyone known of it but what had just happened in the fields of the school was new territory for Bella. And yet, even with everything she could do, she still didn't understand how she could. It simply wasn't human.

"Aunt Renee?" she exclaimed as she ran into the house. Bella, to this day, had been raised by her aunt. She never knew her mother nor father though she would continuously ask the two important people in her life about them. Her aunt, would simply brush her questions off, unwilling to answer while her grams, simply would tell her "When the time is right, all will be revealed." Bella never understood why she would never simply get the answers she seeked...they were her parents. And to make matters worse, she already knew what response Renee would give her when Bella told her what happened. But she needed answers. Things couldn't go ignored and unanswered, not anymore. Not after what happened.

"Bella?" her aunt called out, rushing down the stairs realizing Bella was back much faster than she should have. "You ran here didn't you?"

"No one saw me..." Bella attempted to assure her aunt before she completely lost it. "I went through the woods, it's all fine."

"That's not the point Bella. It was one rule! You know not to run. Period." her aunt was furious to say the least. Bella didn't know the truth but her aunt did; there was so much Bella didn't know about herself.

"I'm sorry...I really am and you know I wouldn't have broken that promise unless it was necessary..."Bella was scared,especially of how her aunt would react.

"What happened?" in an instant her aunt shifted from being furious to panicked and serious, as though she had been waiting for something.

"These jerks from school took my sketch book, calling me a freak as per usual. reaction wasn't what it always is Aunt Renee. I was angry and I couldn't control my emotions..."Bella paused, trying to figure out how to explain what had happened.

"Bella, I need to know what can tell me," her aunt pressed, growing somewhat anxious.

"I don't even understand it, I'm so confused. One minute it's sunny, warm, perfect weather and the next I'm angry and the wind is heavy, the sun disappeared and the ground was shaking...they wouldn't give me my sketches back..they were taunting me and I'm afraid they succeeded. I was so furious...I demanded the book back and the next thing I knew it flew out of their hands and was in mine," Bella stopped, looking at her aunt and waiting for a reaction. "I know it sounds impossible but...once they were gone and I had myself under control, everything went back to normal. It was almost as if I had done all that..but that's impossible..." Bella's head dropped between her hands. Renee remained quiet, processing everything that had happened. She'd been waiting for this...dreading this day would eventually come. Afterall, it was months away from Bella's sixteenth birthday. She'd preyed it would never come down to this but events from the day pointed in all the right directions. It was time.

"Bella..."her aunt started. "I can't give you the answers you are looking for..."

"You never can!" Bella cut her off, angry that once again she was being left in the dark. "Why is it I can never get an answer out of you or grams? Just one!"

"Bella...I can't give you those answers. However, it is almost that time for everything to reveal itself, just as your grams as told you. And well...I'm afraid you won't find those answers here..."her aunt confessed.

"Then where will I find them?" Bella pushed, still annoyed for having to wait yet again. She'd been waiting all her life.

"In Forks, with your grams," her aunt informed her. "It's time for you to move to Forks'll be safest there."

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