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Chikina in Love (2)

Sereria blinked as she retrieved the pieces of clothing from the house's washing machine. Quietly, she put them into a basket besides her, but upon picking up what seemed to be an underwear belonging to her trainer, her mind returned to a show she saw just the other day. For some reason, there seemed to be an amount of people who believed men enjoy the touch of fabric belonging to girls.

She didn't understand. Depending on how one makes the cloth, it could be wool from a Pokémon, or even dead Pokémon skin. Why would that sort of thing excite anyone at all? Humans are truly a mystery beyond her comprehension.

But she was curious. If there was anything that all those fictional (as far as she had seen) characters do for some reason, it was smelling the fabric itself.

...well, I suppose it would smell good if you just washed it, she thought. And so, lost in her curiosity, the Psychic-type slowly raised the just-washed fabric to her face. She pressed her nose softly against it, taking in a slight whiff of the lovely scent of... what was it called? Detergent? Hm. Nice. She sighed, feeling a bit calmed.


She froze, and slowly turned to the door. That damned Ghost-type, Gan the Gengar. He never makes footsteps, since he was a ghost- understandably- but she really hated it when he, of all the Pokémon residing here, stumbles upon something that looked scandalous.

Sereria wasn't an idiot. Everyone in the house already knew of her and Chikina's relationship, so she wasn't afraid of him revealing her love for the blonde. However, her brain could come up with all sorts of misconceptions that could form from this situation, so she also started planning ways to effectively shut him up for good. "(My... Greetings, Gan.)"

"(...good day to you too.)" Gan looked straight at her, seemingly unamused, most likely judging her really hard.

The Psychic-type returned the stare. "(...I think that there may be a misunderstanding here.)"

Gan raised an eye(brow). "(Yeah?)"

"(I was just curious, why some people sniffed clothing.)"

The Ghost-type went quiet for a while, before rubbing his chin nonchalantly. "(Well... I guess, that sounds fair.)"

Sighing with relief, the Psychic-type gently set the piece of undergarment asides into a basket. "(Thanks for understanding.)"

Nodding, the Gengar slowly turned around and trotted away. Content that her comrade had been so understanding and forgiving, she chuckled.

Then the humanoid formed a dark ball of evil energy in her hands anyways, her eyes narrowing.

No sooner than later, in less than thirty seconds, the Ghost-type suddenly came back with an ambitious leap of faith, his mouth wide open. "(Let me try toooo!)"

Before his eyes could even widen, the prematurely charged Shadow Ball had already been crammed into his forehead, pushing the ghost away and sending him flying through the walls of the house, fortunately not leaving any holes in the structure. After imagining his disappearance from the sky like some sort of masterpiece, Sereria brushed her hands together, then turned back to the finished laundry.

She began pulling some more freshly washed pieces of clothing once more, neatly folding them and placing them onto the basket. Then, closing the washing machine's lid, she picked up the basket and looked inside. Wait, I'm going to hang them to dry later. Why did I even fold it? she thought.

Soon, she stopped walking and stared at another undergarment on top.

The humanoid's mind wandered back once more to the perversion depicted on the television.

...what the hell am I thinking? Shaking her head, she felt her cheeks become red slightly. As nice as the scent of freshly washed laundry was, being caught in the act was already embarrassing enough, not to mention being misunderstood and judged by others.

The female Embrace Pokémon tiredly continued on her way to properly hang the wet clothes.

The light shone through the crevices of the leaves, a beautiful ray of bright green spreading everywhere. Surrounded by a never ending swarm of emerald plant life, the blonde twirled around happily. Warmth enveloped her hands, and smiling with her, laughing with her, was a white skinned Pokémon whose beauty transcended that of even a Goddess'.

"It's so lovely! This place!" Chikina rejoiced. "All these leaves, all these trees, it's almost like... like a paradise! Isn't it?"

"Indeed it is, Chikina," Sereria replied with a gentle smile. "Although if I had to say so myself, I think nothing can beat you when it comes to beauty."

The girl's face flushed red. "That's not true! I... I think you're the prettiest one here!"

"Oh? Then why don't we have a battle to see who's right?" Sereria asked, grinning slyly.

Chikina blinked, before smiling with confidence. "You're on!"

The two jumped back, away from each other, their arms raised. "Charm!" Sereria said, and her body glistened with sparkles, as a bright pink background faded into view behind her.

Already close to defeat, Chikina gulped. "N-not yet! Attract!" Striking a cutesy pose, she winked to the Psychic-type, who gasped as she clutched onto her own chest, falling to her knees dramatically. "How's that!?" Chikina asked triumphantly.

Sereria feigned a sob. "I... I must admit my defeat here..."

"And now you see that you're the prettiest one here!" Chikina said, crossing her arms.

But suddenly, her Gardevoir began laughing. "Oh, Chikina... don't you see?"


"By beating me with your superior charms," Sereria said, "you've only proven to us that you're the most beautiful one here!"

Chikina gasped. "W-what? But... no! That's...!"

Her Pokémon suddenly embraced her tightly, bringing her lips close to the blonde's ears. "Then, if you're not satisfied, how about a more intimate battle... and see who gives in first...?"

Her mind throbbed with crazy delusions as Chikina felt her heartbeat getting faster. "O-oh, um. Well. I... sure... I'd, I'd love to..."

They pulled apart and stared at each other, looking deeply into one another's eyes.



Slowly, their lips closed in.


"Chikina... oh, Chikina..."

"M-mmhmhm..." the blonde giggled in her sleep, a small smile forming on her face as her comfy blanket was promptly pulled from her body.

'Chikina. Chikinaaaa. Chiiiikinaaaa.' Despite her repetitive, telepathic name-calling, the Psychic-type wasn't getting any notable results in her efforts to wake her trainer up. Arceus, she sure can sleep. What's she dreaming about that's so alluring? Granted, she could already tell the blonde was dreaming about her- and that was already quite touching. Just what was it, though, that could keep the girl asleep so deeply?

Chikina turned a bit in her sleep. "Mmmn... hmmn..."

"(...)" Sereria sighed. Yeah, I guess sleep-talking doesn't just conveniently happen when you need it. The Psychic-type smiled and petted the blonde's soft hair. Some Dream Mist would be lovely right now. Conflicted between letting Chikina sleep, and waking her up, the Gardevoir briefly wondered it'd be funny or not to scream into her trainer's ears. ...maybe some other time.

Chuckling, the Psychic-type leaned closer to her trainer once more and tapped the blonde gently on the head.

"(Hey, silly. Time to wake up,)" she said once more, her soothing echoing around the bedroom.

Eventually, Chikina stirred slightly, and as hr body twisted to face the Pokémon, the girl's eyes slowly opened. "M... mn... hnn...?"

Sereria smiled. 'Hey, sleepyhead.'

Instead of responding, Chikina continued staring at her lover, still half-asleep. After a few seconds, the girl let out a yawn, rubbed her eyes groggily, before grabbing the Psychic-type and pulling her down, back onto the soft comfort of her bed. Sereria was slightly caught off-guard by this, but eventually found herself even more amused, not minding it too much.

"(Oh, you...)" she purred, combing through the blonde's hair with her green fingers. Her smile gradually widened. What an adorable girl... she thought.

"Mn... Ser...ria..."

The Gardevoir blinked. Is she... dreaming about me? Stifling another laugh, the Pokémon leaned closer to her trainer's face. Now that I think about it... I can sneak a quick one right now. She gently pressed her lips to Chikina's, maintaining her moment of bliss for a solid second or two, before pulling back, her white face reddened like tomato. "(That's what you get for being so adorable...)"

Groaning, the blonde opened her eyes again, still dazed. For a moment, Sereria felt all but her heartbeat freeze, staring deep into her lover's eyes, wondering if she had been wide awake. It only took a second of non-intelligent thought before Chikina leaned in for another kiss, wrapping an arm around the Gardevoir.

Taken by surprise yet again, the Psychic-type melted into the half-awake kiss as their mouths mashed together, the heat building up their sweat.

Soft flesh invaded the Pokémon's mouth, eliciting more moans and heated feelings within the Psychic-type. Their embrace tightened, before soon, their lips parted again, only that this time the blonde had fully woken up. Her face was painted redder than Sereria's, breathing heavily.

'Good morning, dear,' the Gardevoir greeted telepathically, her lips glistening with her trainer's saliva.

"...g-good... good morning..." Chikina replied. The girl made to cover her face as she burnt in shame, wondering just how her morning had already become so heated.

'Maybe you should go back to sleep and enjoy your dream,' Sereria teased. 'Seems like you were having such a lovely time with the dream me, hm?'

The blonde's face turned bright red, heating up faster than the frying pan she often cooked the family's meals with. "S-shut up..." the girl muttered. "Stupid... ruining my morning and dream..." she said groggily.

'I can make it better again if you want,' Sereria told the girl.

Sereria stared at her Pokémon with a deadpanned expression, knowing full well what the beautiful creature was suggesting.

Few seconds later, the blonde feeling much more awake, she rolled her eyes and wrapped her arms around Sereria. "Fine..." she whispered, before the two put their lips together to share another moment of intimacy for the morning.

They needed to charge their energy meter of each other's presence and warmth, after all.


Today, she felt rather needy. Maybe it was because she was (sort of) prematurely awaken from her nice, lovely dream, or maybe it was because the wake-up call she ad itself was equally lovely, but she kept getting the urge to just stop caring about life and smother her Gardevoir with lots of kisses.

Sereria's luscious lips were, after all, one of her favorite treats to enjoy.

N-no, bad Chikina. You perv! The blonde shook her head and glanced back down at the frying pan in her hands, a white slab of egg and yolk heating up on the might-as-well-as-be-burning-temperature surface. Everyone here needs food and treats right now - you can get your fill later!

'You sure can,' Sereria remarked with an amused chuckle as she grabbed some condiments from a cabinet.

"S-stop reading my mind!" Chikina yelled, her face skyrocketing in temperature.

Sereria grinned and plopped in front of her trainer. 'Then I'll give you a bonus present for what to expect later today then.' She leaned in and planted a soft peck on the girl's cheeks, earning herself an even hotter burning face.

"S-Sereria!" the girl groaned embarrassedly, yet was unable to stop the huge smile forming on her face.

Suddenly, the door to the kitchen slammed open, and her Squirtle rushed in.

"(Stop right there! We're the police!")" Mex yelled.

Chikina and Sereria stared at the Water-type, who glared at the Psychic-type with disappointment.

"Uh..." Chikina began, but couldn't find the words to ask what the problem was.

"(You shameful pervert! I heard it all from Gan!)" Mex said, with an accusing finger pointed at Sereria. "(Wanting to envelope yourself in her scent is understandable, but even going so far as to take in her discarded garments? That's absolutely filthy! You depraved sicko!)"

("Yeah! What he said!") Gan the Gengar chimed in from behind. ("How dare she do that, and in secret, too! Disgraceful!)"

Sereria closed her eyes and sighed. "(Mex, I was just curious as to why humans do it on the TV. ...the detergent smelled nice.)"

Mex narrowed his eyes. "(Riiiiight...)"

"(Doesn't justify the fact that you were doing it without sharing with us!") Gan retorted.

"(Yeah! That's just... what?") Mex paused and stared at the Ghost-type, who blinked before shrugging. "(...yeah, okay, I see this is just another stupid bullshit. I'm outta here.)"

The Water-type casually strolled out the kitchen as if she never intruded the couple's alone time, leaving Gan to look back and forth between the door and Sereria and Chikina. He then feigned an innocent smile.

"(Arceus says thou must learnst to forgive?)" he said.

Sereria didn't look amused at all, and neither did the Shadow Ball forming in her palms.

One ghost extermination later, the couple was back to giving each other shy, excited looks.

...until Chikina remembered what they were supposed to be doing. "Oh, no! The egg...s?"

Except that she instead found the egg perfectly cooked and floating in the air, surrounded in bright pink and purple psychic power.


Sereria smiled and petted the girl. 'No worries, Chikina. I got that covered.'

The blonde blinked, before she chuckled. "Thanks, Sereria. I don't know what I'd do if I let them burn to a crisp."

'Zadon would cry and grief,' the Gardevoir said. 'Probably.'

"Heehee. What a baby," Chikina replied as she pulled some plates from the drying rack. "What did everyone else want?"

Sereria gently levitated the fried eggs onto a plate and sent them out to the dining table, with a cover preventing heat from escaping. 'Let's see... fried eggs and for Zadon, is finished. Bacon strips will be there soon.' She rubbed her chin. 'Some of those veggie flavored poffins, for Bana, and... fish, which we already prepared beforehand, for Mex.'

"Everyone's sure getting accustomed to human meals, huh?" Chikina mused. "...then again, you guys were probably already enjoying those already before I caught everyone..."

'It's alright, we don't mind at all,' Sereria reassured. 'We all love it here and we're fine with being your Pokémon, Chikina.'

"I, I know, I know..." the blonde replied. "It's just... I wonder sometimes... do we really need all this... Pokémon and Trainer system?"

Unsure how to answer that, Sereria remained quiet.

Then Chikina jolted. "W-wait, I just realized... I haven't released any of the other Pokémon I've caught yet... oh no! What if they're suffering from being all alone in the PC!?" The girl looked around frantically, suddenly caught up in wondering what she should do. If she rushed to the nearest Pokémon Center right now, she could probably get everyone else out and ask each of them what they wanted to do, but if they wanted to stay over too, she'd have to ask everyone here and she wasn't sure if it'd become too crowded for their liking, especially for Zadon's liking, or not, and, and, and-

Sereria suddenly flipped the blonde around and hugged her tightly. 'Calm down, Chikina,' she said.

The girl paused and hitched her breath, before hugging the Pokémon back. "S-sorry..."

'Everything will be fine. It's too early for all this panicking,' the Psychic-type said. 'How about we carry on with making breakfast and we discuss this with the others later? That sounds fine with you?'

"...yeah... yeah, that's fine with me," Chikina replied, returning to a smile.

With a content sigh, Sereria caressed the blonde's hair for a while before pulling her away. 'So, what would you like to eat? I'll have whatever you're having, so we can whip something up quickly.'

"Well, um... let me think..." Chikina said and crossed her arms, retreating to her thoughts.

Sereria's eyes sparkled as she thought of a fun tease. 'Or maybe... you'd like to have me?' she whispered quietly in the girl's ears.

As she watched the blonde turn red again, Sereria broke into soft giggles. Oh, how she loved her Trainer... no, her lover.

And then, Chikina looked straight into Sereria's eyes, a cute little pout directed at her. "...i-if I said I'll have that... then... can we...?"

...oh, my. Sereria felt her heartbeat elevate as, once again, her Trainer got the better of her with that absolutely adorable request.

She smiled sweetly and cupped the girl's face in her hands, leaning in close to her, shutting the stoves and other devices off with her power.

'I'd be honored to have a taste, darling,' she cooed.

And so, the first half of their breakfast together were filled with nothing but hot, steamy kisses.

This chapter is more or less not so different from the original/previous version's chapter. I lengthened it a bit more and made very few, trivial changes in events, but other than that, nothing much to note. These beginning parts don't really have much focus - I just want to write some cute, wholesome, Girl x Gardevoir loving. ...my definition of 'wholesome' is pretty warped and varies, of course, seeing as their kisses seem to be quite heated. What a shameful, lustful maniac I am. Oh well. Regardless of how heated they get, so far, the furthest they've really gone are the more sloppy kinds of French kisses. Their relationship will only escalate later, huhuhu.
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