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chapter 7


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"Accountability is the glue that bonds commitment to results."

~Will Craig

Inuyasha stiffened, he could smell the muted sent of the deadly, poisonous creature as it came closer. It always surprised him that it was not a completely unpleasant smell, although the emotions that came in its wake usually were - his bastard of a half-brother.

He could feel the static electric jump on his skin that always signified the bigger, full blooded, males aura coming into contact with his own. He tensed further, his hand closed around the hilt of his sword in reflex.

A soft sigh, almost unheard even by him, had him glancing out of the corner of his eye after turning his head just the slightest bit, to the one who had released the sound. His eyes narrowed, eyebrows coming together slightly in confusion. 'What the fuck..?' he thought with a healthy dose of irritation and worry.

Kagome, who had been wound tighter than Shippo's top since that "incident", was loosing some of the terrible tension that had seemed to grip her at all moments, even in her fitful sleep... if one could call maybe 20 minutes of basically passing out from exhaustion, sleep.

Her beautiful, exotic, jewel colored eyes with the not usually present bruising discoloration under them, were blinking in an almost sleepy, unfocused way. Her aura that had been pulled in so tightly, almost to the point it felt as if she was trying to hide inside herself, relaxed some. Her eyes suddenly sharpened with the same intensity that usually paved the way for them to earn a shard of the elusive jewel they sought.

He was pulled from the confused contemplation of the miko by his half-brother, who was alone, emerging from the grouping of trees to the left of the earthen road they had been travelling, but not before he caught the scrutiny in the eyes of the monk who had also been looking at the miko who was slightly in front of the Purple clad human. Inuyasha ground his teeth in frustration.

Kagome was bewildered, the drawing sensation of, something she had mistakenly thought was a shard of the jewel she was connected to, was easing, becoming something with more warmth than the coldness that had felt as if it had been growing in her very soul. Warmth seemed to be infusing the harsh effects she had felt in her whole being. She unconsciously sighed in some sense of relief, not noticing the seeking looks directed her way by her now even more wary companions.

Her eyes abruptly centered on the western lord as he drifted from the trees, her confusion only growing as she registered the fact that it had been him she had been feeling for some time now. 'I don't remember his aura feeling like this before...'. No, she could have sworn the effect it had on her previous to now was more akin to strong shocks, not unlike the time the toaster had zapped her due to boyo having chewed on the cord unnoticed before she had plugged it in.

Of course he was usually focused on beating inuyasha into a bloody pulp when it happened...

He didn't seem to be focused on just inuyasha this time around though. His eyes were pursuing the half-demon but also... she swallowed quietly, her mouth dry. She held her breath, even when it felt as if she could breathe for the first time in a week.

indifference for his brother, which was better than anger as was normal switched to muted curiosity with a bit of, dare she think it, relaxing around his eyes when they quickly 'assessed her?' Only to look away, staring straight ahead of himself, as if he intended nothing more than to walk by the group without a word to them.

Everything was so still, so quiet, that the only thing anyone could hear was the extremely quiet crunch of the western lords boots on the ground. He passed about 12 feet in front of the group and kept up his unhurried stride, not even pausing. The glance from the corner of his eye at the pretty little miko as he passed her did not go unnoticed by all though.

The whole situation was so strange and surreal that Inuyasha didn't even think about pulling his sword until almost after sesshomaru had already walked past him, coolness firmly in place... until his own eyes had caught who the big Male had glanced at next, the very slim change in expression.

Sesshomaru already had his back to the whole group, was clearly walking away with no attempt at harm, when the clear sound of a blade being unsheathed made him pause. He turned his head slightly, catching another look at the young priestess in doing so.

She had been watching the demonic lord pass just ahead of her, feeling strangely safe even with him being in closer proximity than she would have ever been comfortable with in the past, only to have her head whip around towards inuyasha at hearing that distinct sound.

Sesshomaru covertly watched as Kagomes expression changed to a slightly horrified countenance that was quickly becoming thunderous as she looked at his half-brother.

It pleased him, which in turn, made him even more concerned with the situation.

The young mikos voice, sounding horrified, angry and confused all at once, was the next thing to break the rocketing tension. "Inuyasha! What are you doing?!"

The half-demon ignored the girl though. Instead keeping his entire focus on the deadly force that was his sibling. A sibling that never just strolled by without reason. "What the fuck are you doing here asshole?!"

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