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chapter 4

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~'A slip of the foot may injure your body, but a slip of the tongue will injure your bond.'

Amit Kalantri~


Inuyasha had just opened his mouth, no doubt to say something unwise when it happened.

The miko's neck bones moved back into place with a small "snick" sound that was grating on the nerves, but also happened to put her head at a more natural angle, which was strange because her head had not appeared to move very much at all.

Her companions were all grateful none the less. They all watched, appearing spell bound at the reversal of death they were witnessing.

The next thing to change was her coloring, the red and purple blotches faded, as if sinking back deep into her body, the gray and blue staining her skin lightly, disappeared as if it had never been.

The last thing to change in her appearance was her eyes, the whites of them became clear once again.

One second her eyes were clear, but still lacked movement and were like dull mirrors of death.

In the next they sparkled with vitality again as she sat up with a huge chocking, gasping breath. Her eyes were large in shock and fear, they had also started to water instantly. She brought her hands up to her neck in a protective manner, trying to scramble to her feet at the same time, only to topple to her knees, not once, but twice.

Her friends started to converge on her position, wanting to help the terrified girl and make sure she was hale and whole again. Inuyasha, as expected, being the fastest of their group got to the girl before anyone else had the chance. It turned out to be a good thing and a bad thing.

The second he tried to reach for her she panicked even more, blindly lashing out with a fist and subsequently planting him on his back, hard. Her other friends stopped in their tracks, dumbfounded.

'If I was completely human, that might have broken something! Damn, I didn't know she could hit that hard! She looks so small!' Inuyasha shook his rattled head slightly, what happened next was just automatic for him, done completely without thought... Which happened often with him. "What the fuck you stupid girl? I was trying to help!"

When his other two friends rounded on him and started yelling at him about his treatment of the traumatized girl, all while also trying to figure out what had happened from the miko, he realized his blunder. But he couldn't seem to help it as he started yelling back at his friends while also demanding to know what had happened to her too. He had been scared, and one thing they all knew only too well, Inuyasha did not do scared well. In fact, no one of the group seemed to be handling it well this time...

Kagome had her eyes squeezed tightly shut, hands over her ears and tears slipping silently down her once more alabaster cheeks. In fact, now her features were pale. Shippo noticed worriedly.

Sesshomaru, who had walked away from the once again alive miko, raised an eyebrow at his half-brother, smirking slightly when the girl planted her fist in his face. 'The idiot would have been better off to let the girl get her bearings about her again.' He well remembered Rin being disoriented after her death and resurrection. It had been a rather unpleasant ordeal for the girl, no doubt it would be for this one too.

Thinking of Rin brought him to look at her. She had a strange expression on her face, her eyes kept switching between him and the priestess. But then they traveled to the now, screaming friends of the older girl. He continued to give her his attention, wondering what she could possibly be thinking. Seeing as he was starting to get annoyed with all the noise, it was well that he was not left waiting long.

"Lord Sesshomaru, was she... Gone? I mean... Like I was... when you came back for me?"

'Ah, so she has figured out what happened.' He gave Rin a short, sharp nod of his head when she glanced at him. This action had his long hair sliding over one shoulder with the movement until he flicked it back with a casual hand. Rin having looked away already, missed one of her favorite amusements, watching her Lords beautiful hair move.

Rins memory clouded eyes came to rest on lady kagome, who was still huddling in on herself. Also finding her friends, who were in the process of either all trying to talk to the miko at once or yelling at each other. The exception being Shippo, who was off to the side alternating between giving his mother figure worried looks and glaring at all the adults bombarding her.

'They will make it worse.' Rin thought, then quietly walked towards the group who all seemed to be getting louder. Her Lord said not a word, but watched carefully.

"Cease speaking!"

Those words, sounding so much like Sesshomaru, but coming out of the little girls mouth instead surprised everyone so much, they actually did what she said, they immediately shut their mouths with sharp clicks, looking astonished.

Sesshomaru blinked once, heavily. Jaken's mouth looked like a comical fish.

The other adults, still wearing astonishment on their face's, backed away from the miko slightly when Rin started shooing them out of her way in a high handed manner.

Shippo would have thought it hilarious under normal circumstances, a bunch of adults, who were fierce fighter's, being cowed by a child that probably hadn't experienced anymore than seven years of age in her entire life. Heck, even Sesshomaru was looking slightly amused and a little perplexed. Yeah... Under normal circumstances... As it was, the kitsune was grateful to Rin for making the others stop. He was worried about his mother and still reeling with the knowledge that she had been dead. 'dead!'

Once Rin had everyone quiet and had a large enough area cleared out around Kagome that she was satisfied, she slowly came back to face the front of the miko, then quietly sat on the ground about two to three feet from her. Now they just needed to wait. Patiently... The little girl glanced at the others who were now staring at the miko and at herself.

Rin sighed, heavily. Adults could be so simple minded at times...

Authors note:

OMG! I started writing this and it kind of ran away from me! I'm not even sure where in the world the parts with little Rin came from, somewhere in my brain obviously, but still! Gah!

Please, please let me know what you all think. I need some feedback.

I very much have a deeper plot for this than the whole, in my humble opinion, way overly done "Sesshomaru raises Kagome from the dead, Inuyasha treats her bad so they run off into the sunset together" blah!

It's WAY deeper than that, and will come about in time... These first chapters are just getting things set up and started for the roller coaster I have planned. (Me: cackles evilly.) Oh yes, I have plans... Poor characters, lol.

Anyway let me know what you all think.

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