Dreams of a Life in Twilight @kmckennabrown

I opened my eyes to sunlight streaming through my window, a reminder that I was not really Bella. I checked the time and began getting dressed quickly. Aunt Maggie had to be at work soon and I didn't really feel like riding my bike to school today. I grabbed my bag and headed downstairs to see her sipping a cup of coffee from her travel mug. There was a second one on the counter waiting for me with a muffin.

"Good morning," I said, reaching for both.

She just quietly nodded her head and began walking to the door. I followed behind and got into the Jeep quickly. I knew she wouldn't say anything to me this morning; she hadn't finished her coffee yet. It was one thing we had in common. The ride was short, quiet and comfortable.

"Have a good day," Aunt Maggie said as I got out of the Jeep. I just nod my head in return, travel mug in my hand. I make my way into the building, dreading the day ahead.

My brain knew that this was only my second day of class, and yet I felt like it had been so much longer. I had spent a week in Bella's life in my dreams. The stark contrast between the two timelines almost had my head spinning in confusion, and yet, I could remember everything with perfect clarity. Even though it was a dream, it felt like I had really been there. Maybe I was. It all seemed so unsure at the time.

My thoughts centered on this possibility as I went through my day. It passed in a blur, and I felt as if I was a mindless body going through the motions. I said "here" when prompted, gathered all of the books I missed getting the first day and got the syllabi I missed. I tried to stay conversational with Caroline so she wouldn't worry and it seemed to be working, at least for today. By the time I made it into my last class I was ready to go home.

Walking into the room, I froze. There, sitting on the other side of the class was Travis. I hadn't seen him since that day, although I'm sure Elizabeth had told him about our interaction the day before. Or maybe he had dropped her once she found out she was pregnant. Wouldn't surprise me. He's the type to do it. Nothing like my Emmett.

Wait… My Emmett? No, not… yet.

I was still going to hold to the decision I had made last night in my dream. I wouldn't fight anything from happening, but I also wouldn't force it. I'm not going to go out of my way to make him like me when I know he is supposedly Rosalie's mate. It just wouldn't be right. I would be no better than Elizabeth and Travis if I did that to the two of them.

I took a deep breath and steeled myself, lifting my chin as I went to the teacher's desk to talk to them. I ignored Travis' presence in the room and vowed to myself that I would make it through this class despite his presence and that I would not be a coward and try to get out of this class. I would learn from Edward in the books. He tried to get out of class with Bella and it didn't help. It was just one class, the last one of my day at that, and if I could not make it through these 55 minutes, I had a problem.

I settled into the only empty desk available and made sure that I was paying attention to the teacher the entire time. I could feel eyes on me, knew he was looking at me, but I didn't turn to meet his gaze. I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing any reaction from me. I wouldn't let him break me any more than he already had.

The final bell had me standing from my seat and out the door before anyone else. I made my way out to the familiar Jeep, a small smile on my face for my victory today. I knew that I could face anything now that I had spent almost an hour in his presence without breaking. I was getting stronger and I knew that it was because of my dreams.

While I had broken down only yesterday in reality, I had spent a week in my dreams, and that was just the time I needed to pull myself together. I couldn't say it was all because of Emmett because it was all me. In Bella's body, I was more confident. I was acting more like who I wanted to be, the real me. It was a huge boost to my confidence and I couldn't wait to see what else could come from these dreams.

Aunt Maggie seemed shocked by the smile on my face, giving a small one of her own in return but didn't say anything. When we got back to the house, I grabbed a quick snack and headed upstairs to sit down at my desk and do my homework. I needed to get it all done before dinner so I could go to sleep sooner. Knowing where I had left off last night, I had some big decisions to make when I returned to Bella's body.

The homework was easy and by the time I was done Aunt Maggie was calling me down for dinner. We had some small chit chat while eating, but not really a substantial conversation. Those were saved for rare occasions, and I could probably count them on my fingers. That was the oddest thing about living with her. We were both quiet people and kept to ourselves, so she was more like a roommate than a guardian, the only difference being that she gave me rides to school and I didn't pay any of the bills.

I finish eating and help Aunt Maggie with the dishes. She mentions that she may have to go out of town over the weekend for work and it makes me smile. With her gone, I won't have to be awake and can spend more time in my new dreamland. It really doesn't feel like a dream anymore and while I was excited to continue the story, there was a small part of me that was scared. I wasn't really sure what had started these dreams of a life in Twilight. I also didn't know what they meant.

Taking a quick shower, I proceeded to lay out my clothes for school the next day like I had last night. It seemed to be a good process and made sure that I wasn't rushing in the morning. I set my bag down in the desk chair before crawling into bed. My phone lay on the charging pad, and I made sure I had an alarm set for the morning. I pulled up a playlist of relaxing music and let myself drift off to sleep.


When I opened my eyes, something was different.

I jumped up to look outside and couldn't keep the smile off my face. There was snow everywhere! I let out a tiny squeal and quickly got dressed, pulling on a dark emerald green sweater and the only pair of boots that she had in her closet. I quickly pulled my hair back into a loose french braid, pulling a beanie on once again. I went and grabbed one of Charlie's scarfs from his one, not having one readily available in Bella's closet and made my way out to the truck. I knew that he had woken up early to put the chains on the tires so there wouldn't be a problem with the snow and ice, so I decided that I would go by the store quickly after school to pick up a few ingredients to make him a homemade pie. Just a little treat to say thank you.

I was excited to get to school and see Emmett, no matter how much Rosalie may hate me, glared at me, or growled at me like she did yesterday afternoon. I fixed a travel mug of hot chocolate for myself and I made my way down the walk carefully because even if you weren't as clumsy as Bella, you could still fall on your face when it came to icy patches.

I made my way to school and parked much closer to the actual building then I normally had been. Part of this was due to me wanting to avoid where the wreck was supposed to happen and the other part of it was fueled by my new job helping in the office during the last class period. I didn't see the familiar Volvo yet and decided to wait, perched in the bed of my truck over the back wheel. I sipped slowly from my travel mug, enjoying the small thing of having hot chocolate on this chilly morning. Angela had come to school before the Cullens and joined me, not even asking why, but just enjoying the beauty of the snow from a distance. She also had a travel mug of hot chocolate with her and we sat sipping our drinks and chatting.

I figured that Alice had sensed something off about today when I saw Emmett's jeep pull into the parking lot, followed shortly after by the silver Volvo. The Jeep pulled into the spot beside me and I gave a little nod of my head to Emmett as he exited. Alice and Jasper had been riding with him and they both greeted me with a little wave. Edward and Rosalie had been riding together, which struck me as slightly odd seeing as she was supposedly Emmett's mate.

The two stragglers had made their way about halfway toward our little congregation at my truck when it happened.

There was a high pitch screech as tires lurched on the icy parking lot. Tyler's van was careening, spinning out of control and headed straight for the Volvo. The look on Edward's face was one of pure horror as the van hit not once, not twice, but three times, completely decimating the vehicle it had run into. I couldn't keep the small chuckle from leaving my lips and I knew that Rosalie had heard me, as she whipped her head in my direction and gave me the dirtiest look to date. I just smiled and waved at her, making her turn around and growl, stomping in the direction of Tyler's van.

I had a feeling that she was about to do something incredibly stupid, so I came down from the back of my truck, making my way towards the van as well to help Tyler who was surely hurt. Everyone else in the parking lot seemed to be frozen and unsure of what to do. I could sense the presence of my three favorite Cullens behind me and knew that I had some support.

It was as if my presence in this body had broken all rules for reality. Suddenly everyone got to see Rosalie for who she truly was, standing there yelling at Tyler for not watching what he was doing and hitting Edward's car, while Tyler sat helplessly in his van with a cut on his forehead. I made my way over as quickly and carefully as possible until I was standing between her and the van and I turned to face her. I did not let the hateful look in her eye stop me from doing what had to be done.

"Excuse me!" I yell, getting her attention. "What do you think you are doing yelling at him for an accident!? I mean, seriously, he couldn't help the fact that there is ice on the lot. How could you blame anyone for that? And in case you haven't noticed, bitch, he needs medical attention as he has a cut on his forehead. How self-centered can you be? I thought your dad was supposed to be a doctor and you can't even help someone in need." After that everyone just looks at me shocked as I make my way towards Tyler's van.

"Come on, Ty. Let's get you to the nurse," I tell him, assisting him from the car. Emmett and Jasper come over and help me carefully remove him from the car because we aren't sure if he has head trauma. We help him inside to the nurse and as soon as she sees him, she calls my dad so that he can get a report of the accident. The ambulance is also on its way to take him to the hospital so they can do scans. Jasper steps out to warn Carlisle that Tyler is on his way while Emmett and I sit inside with Tyler so he isn't alone.

"Thanks for helping me, Bella. That was really nice of you," Tyler says. He was laid back on the bed in the nurse's office, some gauze covering the wound on his head.

"It was the least I could do. I mean, there was no reason for her to yell at you. It wasn't your fault," I tell him. I squeezed his hand in reassurance and gave him a small smile.

"She's right, Tyler. Rosalie was way out of line. She didn't have to take out her bad mood on you. I'm sorry about that," Emmett apologized. It was nice to see him opening up with someone other than me or his family. He was just a giant teddy bear but I knew that most people found him intimidating.

"It's cool, man. You don't need to apologize for her," Tyler protests.

"I feel like I should. Are you sure you're going to be okay?"

"Yeah, man, I'll be fine. No worries. Thanks again, for helping me get in here guys."

"You're welcome, Tyler. I hope you get to feeling better."

It was around this time that Charlie and the ambulance showed up. He stopped in to make sure that I was alright and you could tell that he was proud of my role in helping Tyler. He ruffled my hair a bit before setting his deputy up to take pictures of the accident while he rode in the back of the ambulance with Tyler. I made him promise me to keep me updated on Tyler's condition. With that, Emmett and I leave the nurse's office and make our way towards our first periods. Mrs. Cope smiled at me and gave us both notes to excuse our tardiness in the first period. We walk together, but Emmett stops me before I can go into my English class.

"Bella, that was really nice how you stood up against Rosalie for Tyler. She was way out of line and I should have stopped her. You're a really caring person." There was a look in his eye that I couldn't quite make out. He seemed conflicted, but about what I was unsure.

"Thanks, Em. But, really it isn't your fault. I think everyone was just a little shocked that the wreck even happened. I'm sure Edward will be highly upset over his car."

"If only you knew! I'm sure he'll throw a little fit until Carlisle lets him buy a new one though. He is so spoiled," he said exasperated. I laughed at that and Emmett joined me. His laugh is so deep and contagious that I couldn't help but smile. We meet eyes and again I'm lost in whatever connection that we have. We stand like that for a few moments before he pulls back shaking his head.

"Okay, well I have to go to class, but I will see you later, okay," he tells me. I just smile and nod my head. He smiles at me and walks off and I wait for him to get out of sight before I head into English.

I make it through my classes and into lunch relatively easy, a few people congratulating me for standing up to the Ice Queen as I did. Lauren thanks me for helping out Tyler and I just let her know that that is what friends did. She seemed very genuine so I hoped that was a step toward a better friendship between the two of us. When I looked toward the Cullen's table I saw that Edward and Rosalie were gone. I guess they couldn't handle being here anymore. Emmett seemed to be in a pretty deep conversation with Alice and Jasper though, so I didn't want to go over and interrupt like my brain was telling me to.

As if he knew I was watching them, Emmett's eyes turned to meet mine and I got lost in that connection again. I'm pretty positive that we are mates based on what I had learned from the books, but what does that mean for Rosalie? Had she been lying to him this whole time? Something just wasn't adding up.

I get into the art room and start working on my drawing again. Emmett and I work beside each other, not really getting into a deep conversation but talking the whole class nonetheless. When class is over, he helps me clean up and then walks me towards the office so I can help Mrs. Cope. I assume that this is only because Rosalie isn't here and he has more freedom. I wish he would do this every day.

I make it through the last period in a daze and drive home, ready for the next day so I can see Emmett again. I continue with my afternoon routine of homework and emailing mom. When Charlie gets home, we talk about Tyler, at least as much as he can tell me. I realized that with all the confusion of the day I had forgotten to go by the store for the pie ingredients. I tell Charlie this and he just laughs and decides to take me to the diner as a treat and to have a break from cooking. I wasn't one to turn down spending quality time with him and so we had our little family date, ending with chocolate malts and laughter.



"We should take your Jeep today," Alice suggested. I just shrugged, getting into the driver seat. I was shocked that Rosalie decided to still ride with Edward, but Alice and Jasper getting into the Jeep with me had me quickly focusing on the task at hand.

"Em, when we get to school, don't park right beside Edward. Park next to Bella's truck. I have a feeling that is what you need to do." I just nod my head and do as Alice says because I know better than to go against her feelings. We make it there in record time and I see Bella and Angela sitting in the bed of her truck sipping from travel mugs. Edward pulls in right behind me and I see him pull into an open spot across the lot.

Bella nods to me in greeting and I notice Alice and Jasper wave at her. Edward and Rosalie are out of his car and making their way towards us when it happened.

A high-pitched screeching noise sounds as Tyler Crowley's van hits a patch of ice on the parking lot and skids straight into the Volvo, crushing it. Edward stands there with a look of pure horror on his face and I can hear a tinkling laugh from behind me that escapes Bella's lips. Rose can hear it as well, and I can see the death glare she is giving her. This was not going to end well.

Rosalie starts to make her way over to the van, followed by Bella. Jasper, Alice and I are not far behind her. Next thing I know, Rose is yelling at Tyler and I really can't believe her attitude. What shocks me even more is when Bella comes over and starts going off on her in return. Did she really just call Rose a bitch? Bella goes to help Tyler from the van and Jasper and I make our way over to help her, Alice smiling like a maniac and Rose growling angrily. I don't really care at this point what Rose thinks.

We sat with Tyler for a while in the nurse's office and I realized just how truly caring my Bella is. Wait, my Bella? When did I start thinking of her that way? I try to push that thought away for now. Her dad comes in and makes sure she is okay before taking care of the accident and I can see just how proud he is of her. When they leave, Mrs. Cope gives us notes for the first period and I walk her to her English class. I talk to her before she goes in, and right before I leave, I get lost in her eyes again. I can feel a connection with her, but I don't know why. It doesn't make any sense.

Apparently it made perfect sense to Alice, as she decided to start questioning me at lunch.

"So, did you finally realize it?" she asks.

"Realize what, munchkin?" I ask her, purposely using that nickname to piss her off.

"Realize that you have feelings for Bella of course! She is perfect for you!" Alice is smiling widely and you can feel the happy energy radiating off her. Or maybe that's Jasper.

"And? What does that mean for me? Rosalie is my mate."

"What if she isn't though, what if Bella is your mate? I mean, have you ever felt that spark with Rose, or had that connection when your eyes meet? I know you've heard mated pairs describe their bond before." Remembering back on all of the conversations I had had with mated pairs, and the encounters I had with Bella I was dumbfounded. I thought that what I had with Rosalie was it, but now that I've met Bella, I'm starting to have my doubts. I could feel someone's eyes on me like they were watching me so I turned my head, meeting Bella's eyes and getting lost in them as I felt a connection between us again. Our eyes remain locked until Alice interrupts the silence.

"See, Em. You guys have totally got a connection going on!" she squeals in happiness. I can't help but shake my head at her.

I didn't really know what to do with this information. Since the day I opened my eyes to this new life, I was told that Rosalie was my mate. Had it all been a lie?

There was nothing I could do about it now, so I went to art so I could see Bella. We talked for the entirety of the class, filling the silence as we worked. When it was over, I walked her to the front office so she could help Mrs. Cope during her free period. Instead of going to my own class, I put the keys to my Jeep inside it for Alice and Jasper and decided to go for a run, losing myself in the tree line so no one could see me.

A/N: Hey guys! I'm trying to steadily work on all of my stories but I know that this was a lot of people's favorite so I worked to get the next chapter of this one up first. Again, any mistakes are all mine as I currently have no Beta reader for any of my work. I appreciate all the support and love I've gotten across all of my writing lately, and I promise to be more active going into 2021.



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