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I almost couldn't believe my eyes as Harry suddenly appeared in front of the stands clutching Cedric's body. I could tell from the stillness and lack of color that he was dead and I had a sudden surge of power welling within me. As Cedric's father came forward and wailed in agony over his lost son, that power snapped and suddenly I was there with Harry, my arms wrapped around him and we were surrounded by… feathers? I tried to look around us but everyone was backing away, their eyes wide.

Fleur's hand came up to cover her mouth and I was wondering what had happened to make everyone had such reactions. A strong scent caught my attention, and I refocused on the boy in my arms, instinctively checking him over for any wounds. A purring sound made its way to my ears and I couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from.

"Hermione," Harry said, breaking my focus. "Hermione, you have to relax." I realized then that my hands had turned to claws and my talons were gripping his arms tightly. I loosened my grip and felt his hand come up to stroke my cheek. I leaned into the touch as he looked up at me with love in his eyes.

"Mademoiselle Granger, please come with us," an older French woman says from nearby. Looking up, I saw Fleur and her mother standing there. Her mother was the woman who spoke and she held an outstretched hand to me. Taking a deep breath, I make my way to her, feeling Harry give me a reassuring nod.

There were questions that needed to be answered.

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