Republic of Us @kmckennabrown
Chapter 1


I pull my car into the open spot, surprised to see one so close to the building. As I lock my car, I swear I can see Jake's bike.

You're paraniod, Bella, I think. Jake is working until four today, which gives you plenty of time to set up his surprise.

I grab the cooler from my trunk and make my way up the stairs to his apartment, letting myself in with the key he gave me. I push open the door and head into the kitchen to set down the cooler when I hear a noise coming from the bedroom. Thinking he must have left his TV on, I make my way down the small hallway, only for the noise to get louder, and now I can tell that it is moaning. A feeling of dread sets in my stomach as I push open the door and I cannot unsee what is right in front of me.

Jake fucking another girl. And not just any girl. Leah, my stepsister.

I must have made some sort of noise because they both turn to look at me as I just stand there frozen in disbelief.

"Bells..." Jake tries to say something to me, but I just shake my head and run from the room, tears streaming down my face. I keep running until I am out of the apartment and in my car. I look in the rearview mirror to see him standing on the balcony in his boxers, watching as I pull away.

A/N: I know, the all to cliche, Bella is with Jake and he cheats on her with Leah. However, as this is the rewrite of I'm With the Band I thought we needed something a little punchier to get us started. This is just the first chapter, and if you like it, please follow this story. I will be posting the first chapter of all 7 stories I plan to complete on this account before I start anything new, so be on the lookout and know that this story may take some time to finish.

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