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Chapter 1

As I looked out across the sand to where my family gathered, huddled around the bonfire with its shifting flames of green, blue, and orange, I thought about what brought me here. I wrap the blanket tighter around my shoulders and slowly walk towards my husband, our son in his arms as he shows him off. I think about what an amazing father he will be, to both of our children, and I can't help but smile.

I never wanted to let go of this moment, and I knew that I needed to appreciate every second of it because you never knew how fast it would be gone.

A howl sounded on the chilly sea air having everyone suddenly standing at attention. My husband walked towards me, placed my son in my arms, and kissed my forehead. Tears stream down my cheeks and I send a prayer to Taha Aki for his return. The other wives and I huddle, and I take my daughter back from Emily. Holding my twins close, we wait out the deadly fight coming for our wolves.

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