Deception @kmckennabrown
Chapter 1

I step forward, my heels clicking on the stone floor. My long cloak drags the floor behind me and everyone I pass bows their head. I take my place at the front of the Great Hall beside my father. He kisses my hand and turns me to face the crowd.

"Ah, my lovely daughter has finally graced us with her presence. I'm sure many of you know her, but let me introduce you to my heir and Dark Lady."

I drop my hood and am filled with joy at the looks of horror and betrayal on the faces of our captives. I let out a small giggle, similar to Aunt Bella's dark laugh and suddenly they are filled with fear.

"Thank you, father. It is such a relief to not be hiding behind that false name. Who knew being a goody-two-shoes Gryffindor could be so much work?"

With those words, Hermione Granger was no more. Now I stood for all the world in my rightful place as Selena Riddle.

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