Easy as Breathing @kmckennabrown
Chapter 1

"You left me! You said I was nothing more than a distraction. That it would be like you never existed. I was lost in the woods almost hypothermic, and now that I've moved on you think you have the right to be mad?"

The rest of the Cullen family seemed in utter shock at my words. Had Edward really not told them what he had done? Of course, the golden son would never admit to his shortcomings.

"You have no right to be mad, Edward. I am happy. I am human, just like you wanted. I have moved on, and so should you. I'm over being mad at you about this, I just want to forget that it ever happened. We were not meant to be together. I am his imprint, his wife!"

That reminder seemed to spark something deep within Edward. I could see the silent rage flash across his face and I had never been more terrified in his presence.

Without a word, there was a quick breeze and he was gone. No one made a move to go after him. We were all too shocked.

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