The Pack's Mate @kmckennabrown
Chapter 1

Our family keeps growing by the day and it makes me smile. My sisters and I are proud to birth the next generation of fighters for our tribe and the love we share is more than I ever thought possible. While many may judge what our family does, I know that I would never want anything else. To be this safe, secure, and wanted… Isn't that every woman's dream? I must stop writing for today. There is much to do before the pups are born. Once they arrive, we will know who their fathers are, and they will take the names. But they will not know 'father' or 'mother' as they are ours.

I set the book down, the words I read swirling in my mind.


Could this really mean what I think it means? Do the elders know? I needed to talk to Old Quil but as I sat there with the journal of a pack wife, I knew in my soul I was right. I also knew that that was my future. And like the woman whose journal I was reading, I wasn't mad at that.

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