Return of the Dragons @kmckennabrown
Chapter 1

Hello! This isn't quite a first chapter, but it is some information that you need to know about the universe of my story before things get confusing.

1) Jon Stark and Arya are twins!

In my version of the story, Jon and Arya are twins, believed to be Ned's bastards.

2) Catelyn knows who their parents are!

Due to certain factors that will become apparent further in the story, Catelyn needed to know and was able to help Ned pass off the children as his bastards.

3) Robert and Cersei have a true born son!

He is older than Joffrey, and the rightful prince. You will see his impact on this story as it unfolds. But do know that the crown prince is a rightful son.

I think that is everything you need to know at this point, but if you have any questions once I start posting the actual story, feel free to leave a review or send me a message and I will answer it to the best of my ability based upon how far along the story is at that point. Some things will be answered in time, but know that this is NOT the same story as the books or the show.

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