Rewritten @kmckennabrown
Chapter 1




Where was that voice coming from? It felt familiar but at the same time stranger. There was comfort in the presence and yet…


It is darkness around me. I look in every direction and can't see a thing. But the voice is drawing me in and I begin to run. Faster, farther, into the abyss. I start to see pale light ahead, like the light of the moon. I continue to run until suddenly, there a figure waits, bathed in moonlight. The beauty is ethereal. Her tan skin and dark hair. She is basking in the moonlight and as if she senses my presence, she turns to me with a welcoming smile.

"Merry meet, young Kassandra," the silky voice slides from her lips.

"You! You are the one calling me?"

"I have need of you, my dear. Things are not the way they should be and I fear the world shall fall. Can you be my vessel for change? Can you help me rewrite the story?"

"What do you mean? Who are you?"

"You shall know what I mean in time, my child. Fear not, for I am with you." She comes forward, placing her hands on my cheeks, kissing my forehead. Where her lips meet my skin there is a stinging pain. "Now wake up, child. They will find you soon and you must meet your destiny. You are a Daughter of Night, one of my beloved. The world is counting on you."

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