Soulmates? @kmckennabrown
Chapter 1

The nightmares keep me from a quiet night's rest once more. I try to climb out of bed slowly, careful to not move the mattress and disturb my bed partner. The sound of my bare feet on the wooden steps is the only sound. Making my way into the familiar kitchen, there is already a lamp lit, and I see one of my husbands sitting with a mug of hot cocoa, head in hand.

"Nightmares get you too?" I ask, coming behind him to wrap my arms around his shoulders as I gently kiss the top of his head. He relaxes into my embrace, exhaling deeply. His sleeves are rolled up, and I can see the scars from our past on full display. The years have done little to fade them.

"It's the anniversary. I can never sleep through the night when it draws near."

"Neither of you can," interjects the deeper voice of my other husband. He comes forward, wrapping us in his arms, toned from frequent exercise. My face turns into his chest, inhaling the comforting scent that means safety, no matter what.

"I tried not to wake you," I say, barely more than a whisper.

"Tried being the operative word, Granger."

"Oh hush, you. When are you ever going to get over that school boy habit? We've been married for five years now, Draco." He stands from his seat at the table, engulfing Harry and I in the group hug we all need.

"Would he really be our Draco if he did, 'Mione?" Harry chuckles.

"I suppose not. At least call me by our married name if you insist on surnames."

"And which one would that be, my lady? Potter, for our dear husband-who-lived? Malfoy, for my own family? Granger for yours, which you insist on using at work? Or perhaps Black? We have that one too, not to mention the others."

"Prat!" I reach back and pinch his bum.

"Can the two of you stop bickering long enough for us to try and get some sleep tonight? You know the twins will be up early."

With that we head back to our room, holding hands no matter the awkward angles. No one understood when we came together save for Draco's family. It was hard for the world to understand. But I would never change anything about it. This was my family, and I loved my husbands dearly.

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