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A Week Later

Holy crap we survived again! We survived the second coming of Sakura! REJOICE!

Naruto: -bruised all over- You've got to be kidding me.

What? You've looked and had worse.


-clears throat- Uhm...well, you survived. That's a plus, right?

Naruto: You're the worst.

Damn, she really did beat you bad. I'm pretty sure you meant to say, I'm the best.

Sasuke: -comes in- No, he means it. You're the worst. You are absolutely, positively, the worst.

Hm? Where's Sakura?

Sasuke: Sleeping.

Naruto: Thank goodness. Let's hope the sleeping beast doesn't wake up.

You should be thanking God she didn't hear that. TO THE CHAP!

Sakura panted, sweat falling down her hair and face and she winced slightly. Still in her defensive posture, she placed her hand over where her stitches were. They hadn't come undone with all the movement she was making but it was slowing her down. It was that, she told herself and not the other jumbling thoughts clouding her focus and judgement. It had been a week since she saw Sasuke. The memory of him clinging to her was still all too prevalent. Waking up in his bed without him and facing him was...something.

She stepped out the room and had followed the sounds of voices through Sasuke's large mansion halls. She was led to what she remembered to be the dining room doors and was about to enter when she heard Naruto laugh.

"You liked it! There's no excusing that!"

"I didn't know what I was saying or doing! I-I...I-it's…" Sasuke's irritated voice seethed. She could imagine the glare on his face was one that could kill. She already connected that they were talking about her spending the night in his arms. He really never did let go of her. Every time she thought she could sneak away, it was like he sensed it and would proceed to groan scoldingly and somehow getting closer than he already was. His grip always got tighter than before and he had even hurt her wound a bit at one point, though she managed to bite back the scream of pain she wanted to let out at the time.

"It's what?"

"I shouldn't have put her in that predicament. What kind of friend are you anyway to allow her to just stay in the arms of a man?!" Sasuke scolded. She blushed. She supposed it would sound ludicrous to say she didn't mind it at all if it was him. She heard Naruto chuckle.

"The good kind! That smile on your face when you were awake with her proves it." Her eyes widened, a dark blush burning into her cheeks. He was smiling when he woke up? With her? She was beyond taken aback and her mind scrambled. What did that mean? How long had he been awake when discovering her there? How long did he stay? Did that mean...he really was happy with her being there? She could only assume so. She hesitated with entering and was reaching for the knob. Instead, the door flashed open, in front of her a glaring Sasuke with his head turned to eye Naruto, unaware Sakura was in front of him. Naruto grinned mischievously.

"You sociopathic, inconsiderate asshol—what the hell are you grinning at?!" Sasuke snarled.

"Good morning, Sakura-Chan! Sleep well?" Naruto greeted. Sasuke froze, finally realizing the woman was in front of him. He had shakily turned and the moment his baffled eyes came into contact with hers, her entire face was redder than tomatoes. He stiffened and Sakura had to gather so much courage not to run away that instant.

"G-G-Good m-m-morn-ning." She stuttered. Sasuke was still staring at her, frozen in place with a look that she read was between mortification and utter turmoil.

"You hungry, Sakura-Chan? We just made some food!" Sakura couldn't look Sasuke in the eye. His gaze on her alone was enough that it made her heart race with the speed of the fastest jet in the world.

"U-Uhm...s-sounds good." She accepted and watched as Sasuke finally turned from her. He must have made a face towards Naruto because the whiskered blond smirked and turned towards another entryway of the dining room. Sakura assumed it was where the food was.

"Be back in a sec!" He said and zoomed off, leaving the two—alone. Sakura was all too aware of Sasuke's stiffness and the obvious avoidance of looking at her. She found herself fidgeting with her fingers and just as she was about to say something, they both started, speaking over each other at the same time.


"Sasuke-kun." They both silenced, looking at each other. His eyes had finally fallen on her and her wide eyes lowered.

"Y-You go first." He said, turning his head away. Sakura felt her knees tremble. Her words were caught in her throat. She didn't know what to say.

"U-Uhm...about...u-uh, last night…" She started. Sasuke looked back at her, his face grimaced beyond any scowl of utter disgust he had given in her presence.

"Forgive me." He said before she could say anything else. She paused.

"Forgive my behavior and whatever else I put you through." He continued. She smiled appreciative of the apology.

"It's alright Sasuke-kun. You didn't do anything really. I—"

"It won't happen ever again." He said closing his eyes in shame. She froze her face dropping. She looked down and he didn't witness the saddened look in her eyes.

Even now, Sakura didn't know what to feel. She didn't even want to eat after that and ended up asking Naruto to take her home promptly, making the excuse that she had some studying to do for an exam she didn't really have. Her goodbye to Sasuke was rigid and quick. She dodged Naruto's questioning after she had accepted that she would eat. She could only divert the questions with more excuses and the moment he dropped her off, she ran upstairs and called Tsunade to meet her later.

"It won't ever happen again." His voice repeated in her mind. Her eyebrows creased. Tsunade was charging at her with a fist and she barely dodged it, caught up with that last line. Her teeth gritted.


She swung her leg to aim a high kick to Tsunade who blocked, feeling an aggressive frustration grow in her. Sakura jumped, twisting her body to give another kick which Tsunade dashed away from. Sakura found herself glaring, feeling the pain at her still healing wound though her anger caused her to ignore it. Sakura dashed with a feisty yell, it's origin stemming from her growing anger and the heat of her sparring.

Maybe she wanted it to happen again. Maybe she liked it.

She swung at Tsunade just as the woman had done the same. They both were able to catch each other's fists in their palms.

What in the hell was the big idea? Why in the world did she believe she held some kind of special importance to him at all? What in god's name was she off about, thinking that there was a possibility he actually wanted her there? He was drunk. For all she knew, he would have done the same with that Karin woman. In his drunken state, maybe he wanted just wanted a body next to him.

The memory of the girl being all over Sasuke filled her with even more anger. She brought up a leg, straight into the air between her and Tsunade with her flexibility. Unfortunately, it was on the same side as her wound and she winced, her body hesitating against her will. The pain was akin to a stabbing, which Sakura had felt before. Tsunade took advantage, sweep kicking her only other planted foot. Sakura mentally cursed as she fell, and she caught herself, pushing off her hands and feet backwards to escape a following strike from her mentor.

Sakura mentally scoffed. There was no reason at all for her to be so worked up over this. Sure, maybe Sasuke had acted kind and different with her but that didn't mean anything. He didn't shelter some kind of hidden affection for her and Sakura couldn't help but constantly call herself an idiot for believing otherwise. How naive and gullible could she be.

She grunted as she stood from her crouched position, panting again. She supposed she should just forget about it all. Again, she had not seen or spoken to him since then and maybe it was for the better. Now with Uchiha Corps back up and running, Naruto wasn't around much to hang around her. He also wasn't around to bring up Sasuke around her, as he suspiciously continued to do ever since she had met the CEO of Uchiha Corps. Sakura was grateful and disheartened by it. While it did give Sakura a chance to meet up with Tsunade as she had promised and it helped that Sasuke wasn't mentioned to keep her mind off him, Sakura did feel a little lonely and bored. She found her days now taken over by meeting with Tsunade at dawn, sparring despite her still healing wound until noon and then they'd drink at Jiraiya's bar. It brought back memories kind of.

When she and Naruto were young, Tsunade and Jiraiya were pretty much the two people everyone in the streets knew and looked up to. Tsunade was apparently an ex-fighter, having fought all over the world before she retired because of her alcoholism. Jiraiya was a writer for...adult books and had apparently acted as one of Tsunade's crew for her fighting days. When the woman retired, he came back to Konoha with her and that was that. They had become the patrons of the slums, looking after the orphaned or uncared for children and if they could help it, beating back the violent gangs that terrorized their streets.

Sakura and Naruto had gotten closest to the two. Next thing they knew, having met the couple at the ripe age of twelve, Sakura and Naruto were being taught by them. A lot of Sakura's fighting style came from Tsunade, who had instilled in her a strength unlike any other. Naruto had gained his own unique fighting material from Jiraiya.

Tsunade panted heavily across from Sakura, glaring at her.

"I know that wound is a hindrance, but how many times have I drilled into you to ignore the pain. Mind over matter. You fight with everything you got! Don't hesitate! These were your first lessons years ago, Sakura." Tsunade drilled, standing tall and placing her hands on her hips. Sakura lifted to stand straight. Her wound had been healing and she had gotten a check up the other day, but it still gave her hard time with over excessive movements. It would throb, especially when doing anything on the same side as it just she experienced now. It was irritating and debilitating. Sakura's eyes lowered in shame, feeling weak. Years of fighting and training all of a sudden seemed to be difficult when before this, she could have taken Tsunade's sparring sessions easily. Sakura held back a grunt, feeling a slight yet sharp pain shoot through her.

"Forgive me Tsunade-Shishou. It seems I'm still in need of healing before being able to go all out." Sakura apologized. Tsunade walked up to Sakura placing a hand on her pink hair.

"Hmph. Even so, you are a bit difficult to keep up with. It seems you may have surpassed me, being able to push me back while wounded. That or I'm getting old." Tsunade chuckled. Sakura's eyes brightened with pride and she smiled. She always appreciated praise from Tsunade. Not really knowing her mother or her father Sakura admired and loved Tsunade and Jiraiya greatly, thankful for all they had done. When they had opened Jiraiya's bar, they would invite Naruto and Sakura in and it was nothing but fun memories in the bar. They laughed and bantered. They shouted and bonded. Sakura couldn't help but see them as family and it was one she wouldn't trade anything for in the world.

"Thank you, Tsunade-Shishou. To be honest, I don't really see a difference of movement compared to years ago. Haha!" Sakura grinned. Tsunade smirked haughtily and pumped one of her fist.

"Hmph. I never slack!" Tsunade proclaimed proudly, and Sakura tried to keep her smile, though it was faltering. Tsunade was the biggest slacker there was. If the woman was not training or something, she was either sleeping or drinking. To hear the woman proclaim such a thing was rather ludicrous and Sakura, not wanting to disrespect the woman that taught her almost everything she knew, from fighting to doctoring, only tried to agree the best she could.

"Y-Yeah." Sakura murmured. Tsunade fell for it, and continued to grin.

"It's about time we go for our afternoon drink. Ready to go?" Sakura smiled and she jogged lightly to Tsunade's side, grabbing her duffle bag of extra clothes and water. Tsunade and Jiraiya lived a floor above the bar in the building. She had taken to showering and changing there after their sessions and commencing with the afternoon activities.

"Sasuke, it's time for your lunch." The voice at the entry of his doorway called. Sasuke's eyes lifted to Itachi. As he had stated a few days prior, he had indeed been taking Sakura's place for the moment as his secretary. Sasuke closed his laptop, standing and walking in silence.

"Thank you." He mumbled. Itachi grabbed his shoulder.

"Everything okay, little brother?" He questioned. Sasuke paused, eyes lowering.


"You sure?"


"...Suigetsu just informed me she's gone to the Toad Sage again with that woman right about now. Again, she has just finished sparring." He mumbled quietly. Sasuke's eyes lowered, glancing to Itachi with confirmation. The older Uchiha glanced back, his following silence a finality that was etched in stone. Sasuke grunted, leaving towards his elevator after locking his office door as usual. He tried to avoid looking at Sakura's desk, just as he had for the past week of being back to work. A part of him regretted giving her two weeks off. Though he hadn't forgotten he had given her a leave of absence, he had found himself wanting her there. To see the same smile she gave everyday at five in the morning and to hear her voice. He had been reverted back to the early days of her working for him, when he wasn't seeing her enough and his mind was a split wreck between work and wanting to see her.

In hindsight he supposed her absence was somewhat of a good thing. He was right the night before his drunken mishap when he believed that after that dream, he wasn't going to be barely able to function correctly in his office. That Monday, walking into his office was terrorizing. Every knock at his door he was delusioned into expecting her, eagerly awaiting her seduction on him like that dream. For her to stride towards him with that look of desire in her eyes for him. The thought of that steamy, adoring gaze in her emeralds, it still made him shiver with anticipation and want. He could still see it and when he did, he wanted bask in it with utter submission.

Sasuke wouldn't have thought in a million years he would want to submit to anyone.

Entering the elevator, the whole ride down, he was full of thoughts. He hadn't seen Sakura since that awfully embarrassing encounter with her after that disgraceful night he did what he did. Naruto was right. When he had awoken to find her in his arms, he was...happy. He never felt so much comfort before, at least until he realized that it was reality and he had only gotten her out of drunken foolishness. His dismay did not end there. She was staring at him the next morning and it was entirely evident she was just as flushed and flustered, if not more than he was. Her face was red and he could only think she was more embarrassed than anything. It's why she decided to go home first rather than eat. She had accepted his apology but he couldn't help just feel the shift in her energy itself when he told her it wouldn't happen again.

For some reason, Sasuke wondered if he had just dug a deeper hole for himself when it came to obtaining her heart. He didn't really even mean what he said, he just thought it was appropriate to say, considering he had apparently clung to her all night like she was his night time teddy bear. He had never, ever done such a thing before. He had never even had a woman in his bed before.

Walking down the street his eyes lowered in distraction further. He still commissioned for Suigetsu to watch after her. She had indeed lied that day. She was just trying to get away from him. That day, it was actually Itachi who found her, considering Suigetsu called and informed she didn't appear to be home. He heard no sounds, nor saw any lights to indicate that she was there. With Itachi's multiple connections throughout the city streets, they had found she had gone to the Toad Sage. She got drunk and stayed with the woman and that old bartender Sasuke could only believe his name was Jiraiya. He faintly remembered the blond woman screaming that name constantly and how she appeared to have a motherly blond with Sakura. With that, he simply ordered that Suigetsu keep his eye on her from a distance, to stakeout the area surrounding the bar for any threats and to report back to him any and all findings. He was thinking of ways to make it all up to her. Sasuke had absolutely no idea how he was going to, but all he knew was he didn't want her to be uncomfortable or apprehensive around him. Maybe anyone else, but not him.

He wanted that night to happen again, just differently. He wanted to remember what it was like to be held by her. To be by her side with all guards down and not in a business state. In his bed, in his home, he...wanted it to happen again, so long as this time around he could be able to feel her, the way he did when he woke up to her.

He sighed out, shoving his hands into his pockets and looking off distantly as he strolled by people going about their day.

He was pretty sure he screwed up the possibilities of that happening anytime soon. He needed to fix this.

"Sasuke-kun!" He heard his name called. With his thoughts on Sakura, he had thought the voice belonged to her and he stopped. The followed squeal made him regret it instantaneously, as he turned and saw Karin running towards him, shoving people out of her way without a care if they looked back to her with distaste. Sasuke mentally cursed himself. As if he didn't have enough problems on his mind.

"What are you doing here Karin?" He questioned, unenthused. She grabbed a hold of his arm, her red eyes sparkling behind her glasses frames. He glared at her with annoyance.

"I just so happened to catch my eye on you! I'm on my way to lunch! Say, since you're out of the office it's your lunch break right?" She questioned suggestively. His eyebrows furrowed, his lips frowning. Karin may have been an obsessive worker for him before but now that she wasn't under his employment, she wasn't stalking him was she? He hoped not. After all the court dates he had coming up, between the trial against Danzo and another for Sasori, he was far from willing to appeal to the courts for what would be his thirty-second restraining order. To be fair, a lot of the fawning fangirls of his didn't really go all that far when it came down to invading his space. Maybe the offer for dinner or the occasional number given to him—none of which he kept or called—but to be frank, there were not many who actually proceeded with stalking or being intrusive with his life. However, it had become almost laughable to the judge he usually had acquired to these cases and he had long grown tired of the ordeal.

It was wasted time and money. He didn't care for the money but there was nothing more he hated than wasted time.

"Karin, let go of me." He grumbled, eyebrow twitching and walking. She did as he asked, but remained at his side. Out the corner of his eye, he could see her eyeing him up and down almost feverishly. As he remembered, she was practically orgasming in his presence and not only was he disgusted, he was completely creeped out by it.

"So, what do you say Sasuke-kun? Shall we have a nice brunch?" She cooed, closing her eyes and clasping her hands together. Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"No." He mumbled, turning off a corner. She stood there for a moment baffled. She was wearing one of her lowest hanging crop tops today and he still wouldn't go after her? As a matter of fact, she didn't even see him peep on her exposed cleavage. She thought he had been just drunk that night but here he was, sober and rejecting her. She glared, determined not to give up. The image of Sakura and that look he gave her in his eyes flashed across her mind. Her hands clenched to fist.

She was especially not going to lose to that pinky.

She changed her facial features, closing her eyes in delight and rushing to follow at his side.

"Oh come on, Sasuke-kun! One lunch?" She pressed. Sasuke glared.

"I said no. You know my answer is final Karin. You spent six months learning that." He growled to her, getting more annoyed with her persistence. He should have just ordered a delivery instead of going out. That or had Itachi bring him something when he had gotten back from lunch. Either way, he was about five seconds from turning around and going back to his building. He heard Karin snicker, and his eyes slanted towards her with suspicion. She eyed him back, giving him a flirtatious smile. He stopped walking, not liking where this was going and so did she, full of intent.

"I'm very well aware. I just think that maybe…" She stepped towards him, putting her body against him and walking her first two fingers up his chest. Karin held back a shiver, feeling the toned skin beneath his white shirt.

"...I should be more persuasive, like your rivals." Her fingers had walked up to his collarbone only for her wrist to be grabbed roughly. Her mind instantly thought she was going to be dragged off for a number of adulterous things to be done to her, but his murderous glare on her wiped away any notion of the thought.

"Get this through your head, Karin." He snarled, his grip on her wrist so tight she winced.

"Do not touch me. Do not follow me. Do not try something like this again. I am losing my patience with you and if you pull something like this again, I'll have you put on a restraining order like all the other woman I had you file for." He growled at her. He released her, stalking off, pissed beyond compare. Karin watched, her eyebrows scrunching with yet another rejection. She scoffed crossing her arms.

Catching him drunk didn't work. Catching him sober didn't work. With a fixing of her glasses, Karin decided it was time for 'Plan C'.

Sasuke walked with an anger in his step. His scowl deepened, even more frustrated than he was before. It was enough that he had blundered things with Sakura, that his time without her at work was strenuous and even more irritating. He was going crazy with what he could only, seriously admit to be sexual frustration of Sakura. Now this.

He didn't even want lunch anymore. Screw it.

"Sakura. You. Are being. An idiot." Tsunade deadpanned, staring at her student with prejudice. Taking a sip of the sake they were drinking, Sakura furrowed her eyebrows together, turning her gaze away.

"I'm not being an idiot! I'm using common sense!" Sakura proclaimed, slamming her cup into the table, looking away grudgingly. Tsunade refilled for the both of their empty cups, sighing hopelessly.

"I can't believe this. Maybe I should have cut back on all that training and taught you more about men all those years ago." Tsunade grumbled. Sakura snapped towards her.

"Give me a break! Isn't it obvious?" Sakura scowled. Jiraiya came by, bringing over another sake bottle with the hunch that the two drinkers had already burned through their second bottle of the afternoon.

"He's a rich, handsome, business owner, with so much money, he can probably feed Africa! He has a mansion, cars, nice clothes that are probably top dollar and I bet he can get any woman he wants! Maybe he's even had every woman he's wanted!" Sakura yelled out. Tsunade stared in something between disappointment and understanding. Sakura turned away, looking down at her cup and seeing her reflection.

"What does...why would he want a girl like me?" She mumbled, her voice completely insecure and disheartened. Tsunade stared at Sakura's downcast eyes.

"Sakura...you're a beautiful woman with a good and humble heart. That's why he would want a woman like you." Jiraiya cut in, smiling at her softly. Sakura looked up, eyes still discouraged.

"That doesn't matter. All I am is his secretary. I'm...just reading signals wrong." Sakura murmured.

"He's been a kind employer. And so far, a pretty good friend." She continued as Jiraiya and Tsunade stared at her, their looks attentive.

"He doesn't have time for romance." She ended. Jiraiya smirked and then started laughing. Tsunade glared.

"What the hell are you laughing at, bastard?!" Tsunade scolded, punching her husband on top of his head with a fiery look in her eyes. Jiraiya winced, rubbing the top of his head and grinning. Tsunade had always been his little firecracker, bursting and fiery with her thoughts. There wasn't a moment that went by that he didn't love her feisty side.

"Sheesh. Can't I say what I have to say first darling?" He asked. Tsunade scoffed, crossing her arms and turning her head, nose upturned. Sakura snickered, always lightened by the antics between the two. They were pretty funny to be around but the love between the two was always felt. Jiraiya closed his eyes with amusement before looking back at Sakura.

"Sakura you shouldn't underestimate the desires of a man, nor should you dismiss what he will do to obtain his wants." Sakura raised an eyebrow.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Sakura grumbled. Jiraiya only smiled.

"If he wants a romance, he'll make the time for it kiddo. If you're important to him, he will use any space in his schedule for you. Try to keep your head up and be patient. Give him time. If you really think there might be a spark between you, even an inkling of it; well, a spark is all you need to start a fire." He answered. Sakura's eyes filled with thought. She found herself eased all of a sudden. Sasuke did appear to make time for her. Going to lunch with her some days, visiting her in the hospital. The day after the surprise party she threw for him, he even returned home early from work and they had spent the rest of the day together with Itachi. When she had asked why he came back so early, he had only answered that he wanted to be sure she was comfortable. Jiraiya snapped his fingers.

"Heyyy! That's another good one! Gotta write that down!" Jiraiya said grinning, bringing out his book and writing. Tsunade slammed her fist against the bar, making Sakura flinch and turn her attention to the woman who almost raised her.

"Have confidence in yourself Sakura! Don't allow anyone or anything to get in your way! Catch him by surprise! When he's alone in his office, you walk in there and you seduce him! Show him exactly how much woman he is missing out on!" Tsunade yelled, her voice triumphant and certain. Sakura choked on the sake she was just drinking, hastily placing down her glass and putting her hand to her mouth. Her eyes flew into full shock. Jiraiya's eyebrow twitched.

"S-Seduce?! I-I'm not trying to—"

"Nonsense! It is the conquest of women Sakura! This is our world! We have the power. Once you have him wrapped around your finger, there's nothing he won't do for you! You will reign as QUEEN!" Tsunade cut her off, leaning towards Sakura to add emphasis to her courageous words of victory. Sakura sweatdropped.

"Oh lord, here comes the "femme-fatale" speech again." Jiraiya mumbled to Sakura's ear. Sakura's shoulders slumped, watching Tsunade rant and rave about "women power" and the like. She slapped a hand onto her face, closing her eyes in horror.

"Great." She grumbled.

"Ah? Sakura, is that you?" The three heard. They turned, their individual eyes falling into a masked man in a suit, his silver hair styled coolly in an upwards and to the side fashion. He was dressed in a black suit, his shirt a light grey that matched his hair. Sakura's eyes brightened with surprise. Tsunade raised an eyebrow. Jiraiya grinned.

"Kakashi-sensei?" Sakura regarded with surprise. His eyes dark eyes closed, the small wrinkles at the end of his eyes and lifted eyebrows indicating a smile. His left eye brandished a scar, an old injury Sakura never learned the cause of.

"It has been quite some time, neh? Also, you don't have to refer to me as your teacher. It's been years since you left the A.E.F and I don't teach there anymore either." He waved, sitting beside her. Sakura smiled reminiscently, fully open to having Kakashi join her. He was like her, in that he had been brought up in her neighborhood and had been in the Accelerated Education Foundation. Like Shikamaru did, Kakashi had been a teacher and Sakura had known him for years. He had been assigned to her and had become—yet another—parental figure in her life. He had even visited her every once in awhile throughout the years she had left the foundation.

"Sorry. I guess it's still a habit." Sakura chuckled, scratching the back of her head. Kakashi chuckled back, patting her head.

"What'll you have, Kakashi?" Jiraiya asked, wiping down the bar.

"I'll have a shot of whiskey." The man answered and Jiraiya went to serve.

"So, how is working for Sasuke?" Kakashi questioned. Sakura smiled, trying to hide her troubles with the mentioned CEO.

"It's been swell. Nothing I can't handle." She said, closing her eyes and drinking. Kakashi stared for a moment, receiving his drink and lifting his shot glass. He knew Sakura well. She was an enduring woman. She hid her pain but if you knew her well, you could catch the hints of strife in her features. He lowered his mask, no one watching him and drank his shot.

"I see...as I expected." He said covering his face again. Sakura looked at him.

"You? How long have you been working for him?" She asked, eyeing his glass. She inwardly cursed. To this day, she had never seen Kakashi's face. He had covered it for as long as she could remember.

"Like you, it's nothing I can't handle. I've worked for the Corporation for a few years now. Actually, I was advising his father before Sasuke became the CEO." Sakura's eyebrows raised.


"That's right." He answered. Sakura chuckled.

"Now…tell me what's bothering you." Kakashi said, closing his eyes in knowing. Sakura flinched, before giving a diverting grin. Kakashi always did see right through her and would always call her out. She really could hide nothing from the man, no matter how hard she tried.

"What do you mean? Nothing is—"

"She's an idiot, that's what's bothering her." Tsunade cut in. Sakura snapped over to Tsunade. Kakashi took the opportunity to drink his refill of whiskey.

"Am not!" Sakura scowled.

Across the way, a red eyebrow raised, matching eyes watching with intrigue. She watched even more interested, as Sakura turned back to Kakashi, saying something and Kakashi grabbed her hand. The older man's eyes seemed to soften. She honestly wasn't thinking she was going to catch the pinky here, but now was as good an opportunity as any.

Karin gave a grin. This ought to be enough for Sasuke. His pink haired secretary, looking courted by his adviser. She brought out her phone camera, snapping a few photos. The first as they were now. The next with Sakura looking away as if she was considering something. Another and another, damning photo as Kakashi wrapped an arm over her shoulder and rubbed it for comfort. The final one being Kakashi looking into Sakura's eyes, a gentle grasp on her hand and another on her shoulder. She was looking up at him with attentive eyes.

Karin grinned mischievously. She attached the photos to an email, entering a certain address and clicked send.

Sasuke was as good as hers.

Sasuke sighed, turning off the monitor across from him on the wall. He sat at the head of a large conference table, the heads of each division in his company having already left a half hour ago from the meeting he held. The end of the day had finally come.

"Tired?" Kakashi questioned, watching as Sasuke stood from his chair in the conference room they were in. He had just finished a video conference with a few of his partners about their stocks and a few pitches of projects they wanted to uptake, as well as discuss the potential for Mei Terumi's online matchmaking service. Everything was smooth and now he was going to go home to look over some documents.

"Just a bit. But it's nothing. It would have made my life easier if you had come on time to the meeting though." Sasuke grumbled grudgingly at the silver haired, masked man. He chuckled.

"Sorry about that. I took my break at four and thought I would be back on time. But I had something to deal with first." He excused. Sasuke nodded.

"It's fine. I don't necessarily have a gripe with you being late but if I need you in a meeting, I need you here on time." Sasuke urged. Kakashi nodded.

"Got it. It won't happen again." Kakashi promised, raising his hand in oath as he began walking out the room. Sasuke picked up his briefcase and checked the time on his watch. Seven o'clock on the dot. It was a long meeting.

"What do you think about the request from the science department?" Sasuke asked.

"Well, that department is pretty young compared to other companies and we have the technology to allow for an increase of their prospects. I don't think it will be a bad idea to increase their budget a bit." Kakashi said, putting his hands in his pockets. Sasuke nodded.

"Then I will sign off on it." He said, shoving his hand into his pocket and walking out with Kakashi.

"By the way, Sasuke," Kakashi called out. Sasuke shifted his gaze towards the man walking beside him.

"If you have the time, I would like to discuss something with you in private. Do you have a day you can be available?" Sasuke closed his eyes, remembering his schedule like the back of his hand.

"The fact that you are asking for a day would mean you can't discuss with me tonight, am I right?" Sasuke intuitively guessed. Kakashi gave a curt nod of confirmation. They exited the elevator, walking out the building.

"Correct. I have somewhere to be." He stated. Sasuke looked back at Kakashi, who had hailed a cab.

"Does it require a lot of time?" Kakashi opened the cab door, turning back before entering.

"Maybe about a half hour of your time. At most I believe." Kakashi shrugged.

"What's it about?" He questioned.

"It's something I'd rather discuss in private. I don't think outside is appropriate given the sensitivity of the matter." Kakashi stated matter-of-factly. Sasuke raised an eyebrow. Sensitivity? What was Kakashi going on about? Nevertheless, it was getting later with each passing minute and if Sasuke wanted to be asleep at least by midnight, he would have to go now. He pushed it to the back of his mind, not very concerned as he knew and trusted that Kakashi only would use his time for something important.

"Very well. We can talk tomorrow. Does seven o'clock work for you?" Sasuke inquired, awaiting Kakashi's response.

"That's fine. Thank you." Sasuke turned.

"Hn. Good night." He bid farewell, walking away. Kakashi entered his taxi.

"I'm going to two ninety, Konoha Street." He said. They began driving. Kakashi sighed tiredly, before he made a phone call.


"Hello Naruto. Glad you answered." Kakashi replied.

"What's up Kakashi!? Haven't really seen you in a while!" Naruto's voice said excitedly. Kakashi chuckled.

"Indeed. Are you available tomorrow at seven?" He asked.

"Uh, sure." Kakashi began to walk out.

"Good. Listen carefully now…"

Sasuke walked into his car, turning it on and sitting for a moment in thought. He truly wondered what it was that Kakashi couldn't say in a room as private as the conference room. They were alone as well. What subject was so sensitive he couldn't just say something to him then and there? He brought out his phone, checking his emails as he usually did.

A single email caught his eye. He recognized it as belonging to Karin and was about to delete it until he read the subject heading.

Kakashi's always late isn't he?

His eyebrows furrowed. He wasn't sure what she was talking about. Kakashi was usually late, however he was a diligent and loyal worker. He had worked for his father and there was no one Sasuke trusted more than Kakashi other than Naruto. But why would Karin all of a sudden feel this needed his attention. He rolled his eyes. This was probably some other cry for attention.

His curiosity however, got the better of him. The drilling of needing to know anything and everything about his company had taken over and he opened the email.

His eyes widened in shock, his mouth suddenly becoming dry and mind blank of thought. His mouth parted and his hand gripped his phone tightly. He scrolled through the attached photos, each one increasingly more intimate than the last.

Kakashi and Sakura…

I would like to discuss something with you in private.

Rage began filling Sasuke's eyes. His teeth gritted as he looked at a picture of Sakura looking into Kakashi's eyes. Even though they appeared to be sitting on bar stools, they were close. They were so close. Kakashi was staring down at her softly.

I have somewhere to be.

In another universe, the phone in Sasuke's hand spontaneously combusted with flames. Kakashi had somewhere to be tonight? Now Sasuke bet he knew exactly where Kakashi might have had to be and he was filled with anger. Especially with Sakura. Had he truly screwed up with her so much, she had...she would be interested in someone else? Granted, he didn't know if she felt anything for him and he had known that she knew Kakashi. Sakura had accompanied him once to speak with the man and Sasuke was surprised to learn they had known each other for years. He had figured they had something of a father daughter relationships. These photos painted a different story.

He looked at the details of the photo. Taken today. After four. This was why he was late. This was what he had to "deal with."

"Kakashi-sensei! I asked you to keep it between us!" Sakura cried out, her face in her hands. He had just told Sakura about speaking with Sasuke tomorrow.

"Forgive me, Sakura. Try not to stress about it. I won't be telling him anything you wouldn't want me to." Kakashi tried to ease the now panicking woman. Sakura slammed her forehead into her kitchen table, staying there and groaning.

"This is all Tsunade's fault." She mumbled.

"She's an idiot, that's what's bothering her." Tsunade cut in. Sakura snapped over to Tsunade. Kakashi took the opportunity to drink his refill of sake, placing back on his mask.

"Am not!" Sakura scowled.

"Hm? What is this about Sakura?" Kakashi questioned. Sakura snapped back to the man.

"Don't listen to her!" She quickly discredited. Tsunade snorted, rolling her eyes.

"Oh please. She's stuck on stupid. She thinks her boss doesn't have a thing for her when he obviously does." Tsunade informed a little too openly. Sakura's head whirled back to her mentor.

"Tsunade-Shishou!" She whined. The blond scoffed, drinking her sake. Kakashi raised an eyebrow.

"Sasuke has a thing for you?" He assumed. The wild, beet red blush coming on Sakura's face did not help her case.

"N-No! It's not like that! I-I...w-we—" She was cut off from her beginning excuses, by Tsunade's drunken and booming voice.

"He's throwing signals and doesn't know what to make of them! Haven't you seen the way he looks at you compared to other people?!" Tsunade growled out. Sakura shook her head in denial.

"It's not like that! It's strictly professional! He wouldn't—"

"Actually, Sakura I agree with Tsunade." Kakashi interrupted. Sakura froze staring at Kakashi before her jade eyes lowered.

"What...makes you say that?" She asked quietly. Kakashi sighed, placing a hand on Sakura's to provide comfort.

"Sakura, you have always been an overthinker and I've seen the way he looks at you. Tsunade isn't wrong." He stated, his eyes lowering in memory. Sakura's mind was both a gift and a curse. She could calculate and anticipate a million things but it didn't help if half of them were things that worried her. It was worse if it was things she couldn't help or stop. She was always finding a way to contribute and be useful but there were times where even her own matters had seemed hopeless and futile to her. She didn't give up, but she got to this point, where she was sulking and trying to figure out what she needed to figure out. She looked to the side in consideration.

"But...I-I...he's just my boss. M-Maybe we're all looking at it wrong." Sakura dismissed. Kakashi placed his other hand on her shoulder, catching her attention.

"Sakura, I'm sure you can see that Sasuke is not a very expressive man." Kakashi pointed out. Sakura looked into Kakashi's eyes and the warming of his eyes indicated he was giving her a just as warm smile.

"You have an affect on him and where it seems he wants to hide from the fact, he can't. It is forced out of him with just your presence. I fully believe that he does indeed want something." Kakashi said. Sakura bit her bottom lip.

"If he does then…" She trailed, losing track of her words. Her mind trailed back to what Sasuke had said last week.

"...Sakura." She looked back up at Kakashi.

"Be patient." He said simply. Sakura's lips parted and Jiraiya laughed.

"Told ya, cherry blossom!" The long, white haired man laughed. Sakura gave a sheepish smile. Kakashi chuckled.

"U-Uhm...Kakashi…" Sakura called out, picking up her drink. Kakashi hummed in response, his eye side glancing at her.

"Will you...keep this between us?" Kakashi stared at the request. Sakura was quite literally and figuratively his little girl and unfortunately he was not going to just let this slide. He wanted to have a talk with Sasuke, to make sure they were on the same page.

"I will Sakura."

Here they were. Hours later and now she had just learned he was going to talk to Sasuke about it. Why couldn't Tsunade keep her mouth shut. It was obvious Kakashi was going to let it go if Tsunade hadn't opened her mouth. Sakura whimpered, shutting her eyes in turmoil. She mentally begged for someone or anyone to save her from what might happen tomorrow and she was considering running away, changing her hair and eye color. She would then move out of the country, onto a farm and live the rest of her days milking cows or chasing chickens. Yep. That would be her life. As far away from the city as possible. She'd never be found. It would be like finding a needle in a haystack and if she kept up with coloring her hair, maybe she could get away with it.

"Rosita." Sakura murmured. Kakashi raised an eyebrow.


"That's my new name. Rosita. I'm getting a new identity. I'm leaving Konoha to become a farmer on an island, far, far away from here." Sakura mumbled hopelessly. Kakashi sighed, shaking his head. Sakura was indeed a bit dramatic at times. He walked over to her side, patting her on the shoulder.

"There there. No need for that, Sakura." There was a phone ringing and Sakura recognized that it was hers. She groaned, standing and walking to the kitchen counter where she placed it. Her heart died in an instant, seeing the name on her phone. Sasuke. The saliva in her mouth disappeared. Her mind was rushing through a million things. Trembling, she answered the call, placing the phone onto her ear.

"Hello?" She tried to sound normal, but her knees were shaking. She was sure it came out forced, though she didn't mean it to.

"Sakura." The sound of his voice sent shivers through her. She knew that tone. He was angry, but as always, when it came down to her he held restraint and it made his voice sound like that of a punishing god's. She stiffened.

"Is something wrong?" She asked.

"What are you doing?" He questioned her. She raised an eyebrow. Now she was a bit confused. This was the first time she was hearing from him in a week and not only did he sound angry, he wanted to know her whereabouts and happenings? Something felt off and it made Sakura hesitate upon answering him.

"I'm...home." She said slowly. He remained silent on the other line.

"Hn. Good. I guess you don't mind me coming over then?" He questioned and Sakura was rigid. After everything, she really wasn't all that ready to see him. She was still confused and even though she had received nothing but encouragement from Tsunade and now Kakashi, she was only worried that maybe it just wasn't what they made it out to be. For all they knew, Sasuke was treating her as a friend.

"U-Uhm...s-sure." She answered looking back at Kakashi. The man stared back dully, though his eyes were questioning.

"I'm coming up." She froze, hearing the three words.

"Huh?" The line disconnected and she whirled to look at Kakashi.

"What's going on?"

"S-Sasuke-kun...h-h-he's c-c-coming! He's c-coming r-right now!" Sakura stuttered, pacing back at forward frantically. Kakashi chuckled at her reaction, walking over to her kitchen window where the fire escape was.

"Well, I'll take my leave then. Give you guys some alone time. Have fun." He teased, making his way out onto the fire escape. Sakura groaned, watching as Kakashi carefully made his way down the stairs and then to the ladder. A knock at the door—banging, actually—made her jump and turn. She looked back down to already see Kakashi gone and sighed. She walked over, opening the door knowing it was Sasuke. Sure enough, the dark eyed CEO stared down at her, a cold and suspicious look in his eyes as if she had betrayed him. Sakura tilted her head, confusion alighting her eyes.

"Good evening Sasuke-kun. Is something wrong?" She asked. Sasuke's eyes lifted over her head, eyeing her apartment and searching for a certain someone. If he caught Kakashi in here...he didn't know what he was going to do. He came here on impulse seeing the pictures he received and while he tried to control himself, he found it impossible. He told himself that this was just another of his outrageous misunderstandings and that those pictures held no merit, especially since they were from Karin, but he couldn't help himself. The next thing he knew, he was outside her apartment.

"I wanted to speak with you. Can we talk?" He asked. Sakura nodded, stepping to the side to allow him to enter.

"Sure." She accepted, closing the door behind him. She turned, watching as he sat at her kitchen table. Though his eyes were stoic and unreadable, Sakura could sense a troubled air about him. Something was bothering him. She stood at the chair to his right, his dark eyes eyeing her and staring as if to yank out of her some kind of confession.

"So, what's this about?" She asked. Something in his gaze flickered and his neutral lips seemed to twitch downward. Her eyebrows knitted together in concern.


"Have you been taking it easy?" He asked, cutting her off. Sakura was caught a little off guard by the question. She wasn't sure what to expect from this surprise visit and all in all, she supposed she should just make the best of it. Take whatever came her way and counter it, just like her training sessions.

"Well, somewhat. I've been doing a bit of sparring with Tsunade-Shishou, but we've kept it light. Do you remember her?" Sakura said. Sasuke grunted.

"Hn. Vaguely. The screaming woman from the Toad Sage." He grumbled. Sakura nodded.


"You were there today?" He pressed. Sakura nodded.

"Uhm, yeah. Why?" Sasuke brought out his phone, trying to relax. He didn't want to screw things up further than he already had with her. He stood, walking closer to her while she faced him.

"With, Kakashi." Sakura's eyes widened. He said it like he knew without a shadow of a doubt and frankly, Sakura began to panic a bit internally. She was now worried he knew about their conversation as well, somehow.

"Y-Yes. How did you know?" She asked. He showed her his phone and Sakura's eyes went wide at the photos. They were definitely her and Kakashi, but if she hadn't known the context behind the way Kakashi was being, she would've thought there was something between them. Sasuke didn't think that did he? He wasn't seriously considering that she had some sort of feelings for a man she saw as a father. He couldn't have.

"Where did you get these photos? Who took these?" Sakura questioned in bafflement. She couldn't believe someone would seriously take these to send to him and she was sure that if it was Sasuke himself, he would have confronted her in the bar right then and there. Someone had to have sent these to him.

"Karin saw you with Kakashi and sent them to me." Sasuke answered honestly. Sakura's eyes widened, the mention of the redhead who had been trying to get Sasuke's attention filling her with pain. She was able to contact Sasuke? He had bothered to receive something from her? There was a pain in her heart. She wasn't special. The questions began to flood her mind. What was Karin to him? Had he been speaking with her the entire time? Was there something between them? Had they known each other a long time? Sakura didn't even know how they knew each other. Her eyes lowered, turning her head away.

"I...see." She said quietly walking to her kitchen window. Sasuke eyed her. That wasn't really the reaction he was expecting from her on this matter. If she was guilty, he was sure she'd be a bit more flustered. Instead, it seemed he had upset her.

"...Care to explain?" He asked, looking at her back. Sakura was biting back tears, trying to keep herself composed. Her heart was hurting. It was hurting a lot.

"Kakashi...was comforting me." She whispered, doing her best to keep her voice from shaking or cracking. Sasuke's eyebrows furrowed. Comforting?

"Comforting you? About what?" He interrogated and Sakura felt her body tense.

"I...I'd rather keep it to myself." She answered. She was glad her voice didn't crack. Sasuke walked over, grabbing her wrist and pulling her to look at him only for his eyes to widen and his body to freeze. His heart stopped.

"Sakura...why...are you crying?" He questioned quietly. Two individual streams fell from her eyes and she quickly moved her free hand to wipe them away.

"I-It's nothing. I just—I'm an idiot, that's all." She answered, looking away from him. Sasuke glared. He searched for the answer. He wasn't sure what had gotten her like this. Was it something he did?

"Sakura, what are you talking about?" She closed her eyes.

"It doesn't matter!" She yelled suddenly. Sasuke was taken aback with the sudden outburst. He pulled her, bringing her to look at him with the opening of her tear filled eyes.

"Sakura. Talk to me." He commanded. He said he was going to fix whatever it was happened between them. Now was the best time. Sakura's teeth clenched.

"What do you care?" She growled and his eyes grew angry. What did he care? What the hell had gotten into her?

"Sakura you're being annoying. What the hell is your prob—" Sasuke said without thinking. He was getting angry. He didn't understand why she was suddenly giving him an attitude. He didn't get what her deal was, when just moments ago, she was fine.

"Oh, now I'm annoying!" Sakura cut him off, her voice scorned and eyes just as angry as his, even with tears falling from them.

"No, you're annoying! You think you can do whatever you want! Well newsflash, Sasuke! People have feelings!" She yelled at him, in her anger dropping the suffix she had been using since the day they had started working together. Sasuke glared at her, staying quiet to hear everything she had to say.

"What was your purpose of coming here to show me those photos from your precious Karin anyways, huh?! Because you think something is going on between me and Kakashi?! The man practically raised me and you know it! Why are you even here?!" Sakura continued to yell, snatching her wrist from Sasuke's grasp and walking over to a cabinet. She pulled out a wine bottle, resisting the urge to throw it at his face. She found a wine glass on one of the lower shelves of another cabinet and uncorked the wine angrily. She lifted it, only for a strong hand to grab hers from behind and slam it down. She was about to turn but next thing she knew, she could feel Sasuke's body behind her, and saw his hand slam onto the counter, pinning her.

"I'm here because I want to fix things, Sakura." His growled words reached her ear and she froze. His grip on her hand that held the wine bottle was tight. She kept her eyes on the white countertop.

"Ever since that Sunday, you've tried keeping me at a distance. Why? You accepted my apology and then all of a sudden it was like I was some stranger to you. And my precious Karin? You have obviously been made dangerously deluded if you think I want even an inkling to do with that woman." He continued and she could feel his fury. Sakura's eyebrows knitted together, her bottom lip quivering. She was wrong about Karin?

"As for that little newsflash of yours, Sakura, I'm very, very well aware people have feelings. It's one of the first lessons of business to understand. Feelings and emotions, people's thoughts and concerns are all part of the class. It's how you come to terms with your rivals and partners." Sasuke seethed. She was silent, indicating to him that she was listening to every word he said. His teeth gritted.

"People have feelings...and that doesn't exclude me." He whispered grudgingly. Sakura's eyes widened, feeling Sasuke release her and then the absence of his body. She heard his footsteps and everything in her wanted to stop him. However she found herself frozen in place, lost of thought at his words.

"S-Sasuke...kun…" She heard his steps freeze in place, at the entryway of her kitchen obviously going to angrily take his leave.

"Y-You...I-I didn't mean…" She started but she couldn't articulate her words. She was unsure of what to say if she should say anything at all. Her head finally found the courage to turn itself, looking at his back. There was a silence and he waited.

"...Can we...just forget this happened?" She whispered. Sasuke turned his head, his striking eye looking at her.

"Forget what happened?" He asked.

"All of this and last week…" She answered somberly. Sasuke felt a pain in his chest. He would never forget waking up to her. He couldn't. He couldn't forget anything she did. Unbeknownst to him and similarly, Sakura was not going to be able to forget the night having him in her arms and being in his.

"...If that is what you wish." He simply replied, trying to hide his melancholy with his cold voice as he turned around.

"One more thing…" He said before taking a step. Sakura stayed quiet.

"Don't ever refer to Karin as precious or mine again. Neither is true and both lies are revolting." Sasuke snarled, walking to her door. A tear fell down Sakura's face and she turned to pour the wine she was going to. She heard the slamming of her door. She sat at her table, enveloped in the silence having just had that argument she really didn't mean to have. She drank, intent on drinking until she passed out right there.

Sasuke stayed at the door for a moment, not hearing anything and caught in his own thoughts. He was angry and distraught, but part of him wanted to turn around and knock on her door again. It was so much so that his body actually turned and his hand lifted, but he hesitated and stilled. He sighed, cursing beneath his breath and turned back, walking off with his hands shoved into his pockets and his eyes on the ground. Again, he was his own worst enemy when it came to her and it pissed him off. He should have went with his gut and left it be.

Later, he sat in his study, going over the documents he was supposed to. He was barely focused and his mind kept going back to her. Maybe he should call to see if she was alright. Or maybe he should apologize for losing his temper. Either way, he felt that he should call, or maybe even drive back.

There was a beeping sound on from his phone. A text from her that surprised him.

I'm sorry.

His eyes lowered, instantly his fingers moved to reply and hit send.

I'm sorry too.

He had enough for the night. He was too tired for the rest of this work and he of course had to be back at work by five in the morning. As he walked to his bedroom, Sakura's tearful face flashed in his mind. His heart panged against his chest.

He never, ever wanted to see it again.

"Wait here." The corrections officer gruffed, letting Danzo to a private visiting area. It gave the still healing man suspicion. Visiting hours of the prison had long since ended and he was in a room with only a table. Danzo looked around as best as he could with his still swollen and only revealed eye. There weren't cameras either. Maybe there were listening devices he couldn't see? He walked, sitting at the table and waiting his hands still handcuffed together but in front of him. It was a short few moments of sitting in silence, a single light bulb the only source of light in the room, before the door opened again and Danzo glared at the entering man.

"You…" Danzo regarded with distrust. A sinister snicker came from the entry as the door was closed behind its origin. An insidious smirk painted on his pale face.

"It's been a while, Danzo." The man said, walking into the light. His black hair was long and his gold eyes were sharp and shining. Looking into them was like looking at glass. He dressed in a dark suit and on one if his fingers, a ring resembling a snake, wrapping around a green diamond.

"It hasn't been long enough." Danzo snarled. The man chuckled, sitting across from him.

"Now, now, where is this hostility from? We were good friends once upon a time." The pale, snake like man laughed.

"I remember painfully well." Danzo growled. A smirk painted the man's lips.

"I've been dying to follow up; how are the areas I experimented on? It would seem prison is not treating you very nicely with the way the right side of your face looks." He questioned idly.

"Tch. What do you want?" Danzo questioned and the man cocked his head to the side.

"Hm? Not going to answer my question first?" He asked disappointedly. Danzo's hands clenched into fist.

"Why are you here?" Danzo asked between gritted teeth, enunciating each word. The man sighed.

"It's simple really," The man started, shrugging his shoulders.

"I heard you've been fired from Uchiha Corps." The explanation began and Danzo eyed the man with suspicion. There had been no doubt this man would catch wind of his firing, but it didn't explain his intentions. With a man like him, Danzo held nothing but precaution. However, depending on how this played out, this may be a quicker way to getting back at the Uchihas for what they had done. This man had the resources and money to make that happen and Danzo knew it. For that reason alone, he would hear him out.

"What of it?"

"I'm sure you still have those loyal to you within the company, am I right?" Danzo remained silent for a moment before nodding.

"Excellent. I would like to offer you a proposal." The man said, a smile forming on her face. Danzo glared.

"What's in it for you?" He inquired. The man licked his lips, tapping his fingers on the metal table, his pinky to his index finger in that succession.

"I get a chance to experiment on a subject I've wanted for years." He replied. Danzo's eyebrows knitted together.

"What's in it for me?"

"Money and the return of your freedom. All I ask, is that you have one of your men make a suggestion that will reach my target." He stated. Danzo grunted.

"Who might that be?" The man snickered, closing his eyes as if filled with delight.

"Why, that would be none other than your former employer." His gold eyes opened, a sinister hunger and intent shining in them.

"Sasuke Uchiha." He named and Danzo could not hold back his smirk. Intrigued and sold, Danzo lifted a hand for a handshake, not thinking twice about this deal. Indeed, this would get his revenge on the Uchihas very quickly. If this sadistic man wanted to experiment on Sasuke, then he was all for it.

It would be a thousand times more painful that what he went through.

"You have a deal...Orochimaru."

Their hands clasped to shake on it.


Sasuke: -glaring-


Sasuke: How dare you have me argue with my wife!

-shrugs- Plot development? Not everything can be sunshine and rainbows. Sure as hell wasn't in your real lives.

Naruto: BURN!

Sasuke: -punches Naruto-


Sasuke: Idiot.

Well, anyway, don't you have more to worry about than an argument with Sakura?

Sasuke: Hmph. I defeated both those two before. I'm certain I will again.

Ooooorrrr not.

Sasuke: What?


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