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Three Days Healed

Helloooooo! I took a break. Here's another chapter!

Sasuke: -rolls eyes- Well look at you. A little over a week instead of a two year long hiatus.

-stares- You don't always have to be an asshole you know.

Sasuke: I'm not.

Only to Sakura you're not!

Sasuke: Hn. She is my wife.

-rolls eyes- Jerk.

Naruto: TEMEE!

Sasuke: What the hell are you screaming for?

Naruto: Come! Come quick! Sakura-Chan's on a rampage again!

Sasuke: -face palms- What the hell happened now?

Naruto: I don't know but she's throwing people out of Konoha!

Sasuke: You mean...


Sasuke: Damn it. -disappears-

Huh. Well then. Guess we'll see what that's about later. TO THE CHAP!

Sakura woke up in her hospital room a bit groggy from the morphine. She groaned, bringing one of her hands to her forehead and rubbing against it, to try and ease the slight headache she felt. She had a bit of a weird dream that Sasuke was there with her last night. She couldn't really remember what was said between them, but she could recall his observing gaze and a gentle grip on her hand. There was a tingling in her chest at just the thought of it, but it was only a dream she supposed.

"Hey, Sakura-Chan." She heard, turning to see Naruto sitting in a chair at her side with Shikamaru. She slowly sat up, tired eyes regarding him with the gaze of a sister to her beloved brother.

"Hey Naruto...what time is it?" She asked looking around the room. It was only him here for the moment and for a reason she knew but didn't want to admit, she was disappointed to see Sasuke wasn't here.

"It's two." He answered, surprising her. She supposed she had a bit of a low tolerance for morphine. Nothing usually knocked her out for so long, not even liquor. Even after a night of drinking she could get up if she needed to within the next hour. She had done it countless times. She supposed after countless nights of nightmares and staying awake to guard herself and others, her brain was just used to it.

"Oh?" Was the only thing she could say. Naruto snickered.

"Yeah. I was shocked too. I got here at around ten and you never even moved. You were totally out." Naruto said. She looked away in thought.

"Was Sasuke-kun here?" She asked. Naruto shook his head.

"Not that I saw. No. Maybe he had some kind of meeting to go to? He does have to clean up after all that's happened, especially if he expects everything back into full swing next week." He shrugged. Sakura sighed, guessing it was true. Sasuke couldn't just spend all his time here in the hospital. He was the CEO of an international corporation. He had other things to do. Besides, he knew she was fine. There really was no need to be here with her. It was just a dream she had.

"That sounds about right." She said, her tone taking on a life of it's own and sounding disheartened. Naruto sighed, shaking his head and closing his eyes in understanding. He knew that look all too well.

"Sakura-Chan, stop worrying so much." He urged, grabbing her hand softly. Sakura looked back to his whiskered face, giving a questioning look. He gave her a big grin that hadn't changed in the slightest since they were children.

"He'll be here when he has the time. No need to get all down. Come on. Give me that smile of yours." He proclaimed and his blue eyes gave her a look of sibling like love. Sakura gave an unsure smile and Naruto laughed.

"Haha! Yep! That one. The one that doesn't believe me even though I'm completely right!" Naruto teased. Sakura couldn't help but giggle, a bit of a grin now playing on her features.

"That one suits you better though." He said, giving a warm smile. Sakura shook her head with amusement and Naruto eyes lowered, his smile falling with his thoughts.

"Sakura-Chan…" He started and her eyes became concerned. She knew that serious look on his face and it meant a variety of things that often worried her. The millions of scenarios of him in some kind of trouble swarmed her mind. His blue eyes met her green ones and his hands on his lap gripped into his dark blue jeans.

"What is it? What's wrong?" She went into worried mode, her eyebrows scrunching together and already beginning to feel useless. She wouldn't be able to help in this state. She hoped her body would heal even faster now. She needed to do whatever she could and if that meant even doing something whilst her stitches were still fresh and the wound was sore. There was absolutely nothing she wouldn't do for Naruto and she didn't care if she may have had to make a return trip to the hospital again.

"Sakura-Chan...I'm sorry." He whispered placing his face into his hands, hunching down. Sakura's gaze became bewildered.

"Huh? For what?"

"I...I failed at protecting you again. I...I should have been there to…" He trailed. That day, he had been rushed towards the exit from the sixty-eighth floor. He didn't know what was going on until he heard one of the guards radios in the stairway saying more shots had been fired. He tried to go back, wanting to see if she was alright but there was so many people in his way, bustling and pushing him. Eventually one of the guards grabbed him, rushing and pushing him to leave. Next thing he knew he was outside and he had searched all over the place, through the crowds of people. When he couldn't find her he tried getting back inside in vain.

"I have always failed at protecting you even though I swore to myself that if I could help it, I wouldn't let anything or anyone hurt you and yet, I-I—"

"You idiot." Sakura sighed out, cutting him off. He looked up at her, confused and wide eyed.

"W-What?" Sakura gave him a soft and promising smile.

"You big doofus. Do you hear yourself? You just said it, you would protect me if you could help it. I know you would because you have done it plenty of times in the past." She said, turning away. Naruto looked down.


"Remember when we had that street fight against Kabuto and his thugs all those years ago? When he saw me he wanted to...make me one of his working girls and you weren't having that. Remember how you did everything to protect me from them for almost half a year? You were a mess. Sometimes you wouldn't even tell me you had a run in with him...but you prevented him every time he tried to get to me. Even in our fights, you never let him lay a finger on me. Don't think I didn't know about you guarding my house either. The cat lady from across the street told me some blond haired boy was outside almost every night." She recalled. It was a scary period of time for her even though she tried to stay strong and Naruto knew it. Kabuto was a thug and just one of the many street pimps in the slums. He set his sights on Sakura when she was only twelve while they were walking to the park they hung out at. He tried to approach her, but Naruto had already knew about Kabuto's exploits and intentions, as well as being a pedophile for young girls like Sakura. Naruto instantly got in front of her and threatened the bastard only to end up fighting against him and his posse and winning. That didn't mean they ever stopped though, being ever so persistent. Naruto was equally as persistent, even going as far as guarding Sakura's house for hours in the night. Of course, Kabuto tried but Naruto was always there to stop him.

"Remember when we were only seven and that Zabuza, the serial killer was in town? I was his next target, chosen by his accomplice Haku and you protected me." She continued. Naruto looked away.

"Still…" He whispered.

"Still you protected me Naruto. You have always protected me. So I swore I would do everything I could to protect you too. You can't blame yourself for this. This was not your fault in the slightest." Sakura dismissed. Naruto gave a small smile.

"Heh. You're always so hardheaded." He chuckled, eyes closing in gratitude. Sakura gave a short laugh.

"You're always so dumb." She responded in kind.


Sasuke panted, his knuckles bleeding from skin that tore off hours ago with the force he was using. It wasn't enough. Damn it, it wasn't enough. His rage and hatred was far from being quelled. Danzo was suffering, yet he could still only feel anger. His teeth gritted. Danzo's head hung low and to the side, spitting out blood that filled his mouth.

"You know...I knew, the moment I saw her." Danzo spoke, turning to look at the youngest Uchiha with a glare in his eye. Itachi watched with a glare, his back against the wall. Sasuke still hadn't given him a turn yet.

"I knew the moment I walked in and saw you looking at her." Sasuke's glare deepened.

"Why...Why did you change the target to her? She had nothing to do with us!" Sasuke snarled menacingly. Danzo smirked, pissing off Sasuke even further.

"I'm sure you know the answer to that. To make you suffer. Fugaku always gave that look to your mother." Danzo remembered.

"Once I got rid of your little pink haired tart you'd be destroye-"


Danzo's chair flew back with the excessive power Sasuke threw into his strike. He hit the floor with a hard thud, losing consciousness with the blow. Sasuke was about to kick him, only to be stopped by Itachi.

"Let me go! Let me go!" Sasuke screamed, wide eyes targeted on Danzo with fury, seething.

"Sasuke, he's unconscious. You won't get satisfaction that way." Itachi said, still holding Sasuke from his underarms. Sasuke's teeth gritted, scoffing and shaking Itachi off and turning.

"You've been at this ever since six this morning Sasuke. Why don't you take a break. Go wash up and take a breather." Itachi said. Sasuke snapped a glare to him, the rage in his eyes flaring with the intensity of storms.

"He calls her what he just called her, almost kills her and now that he's in my grasp, you want me to take a breather?" Sasuke snarled. Itachi placed his hand on Sasuke's shoulder.

"I understand and agree with your feelings Sasuke. Even so, you are falling deeper and deeper into your hatred of him. Go. Wash up. Let your big brother handle this for a while…I'm sure a certain someone is wondering if you'll see her today." Itachi reminded. Sasuke's eyes widened as if he just remembered her. Itachi's eyes softened with understanding. He had been to caught up and focused with his rage for Danzo.

"Go to her brother." He shoved lightly. Sasuke looked away, feeling a bit reluctant.

"Hn…call me when he wakes up." Sasuke grumbled, leaving the basement. Itachi watched him go before his eyes turned back to the unconscious Danzo. The eldest Uchiha gave a devilish smirk finally deciding just how to make Danzo suffer.

Sasuke may have been vicious in his punishing of Danzo, but the younger Uchiha paled in comparison to all the things his older brother would do.

Sasuke arrived in the hospital wearing now a grey button down, tucked into black slacks. He checked his watch. Four-fifteen. He hadn't seen her ever since the predawn hours. He looked at his bandaged knuckles and became a bit concerned. She would probably question him on it. Maybe he could just say it was from training. He arrived at her door, entering the room with his hands in his pockets. She was laughing before her eyes set on him. Naruto's cheesing grin lowered with slight surprise.

"Oh, Teme, you're finally here. I was starting to think you were gonna be late. Were there a lot of meetings today?" Naruto said. Sakura smiled. Sasuke walked over, putting his back against the window, on the other side of Sakura.

"You can say that. I got a bit frustrated today after and decided to do some training to take the edge off." He said closing his eyes, keeping his face nonchalant. He never liked lying but it would be better for him if they didn't know. This was not their burden to bear. Besides, in the event that this somehow backfired on him-which he fully doubt it would-they were better off not knowing anything. Despite that risk, he didn't regret a damn thing. He would have his vengeance, for his and Sakura's sake, because she had been hurt. He would never forgive such a thing and he being the man he was he didn't care if it was wrong or right, so long as it was made even.

"Really? Everything okay?" Sakura's voice pulled him from the recesses of his mind and his eyes opened to look at her, meeting her doe like emeralds.

"Of course, Sakura. No need to worry." He eased her. She smiled in relief.

"Oh! Sakura-Chan, are you gonna tell him?" Naruto chimed in, a big smile on his face. Sasuke raised an eyebrow looking back at Sakura from the spiky haired blond.

"Tell me what?" He asked. Sakura grinned.

"Well, the doctor said if I feel up for it, I can be discharged either tonight or tomorrow!" She said. Sasuke's eyebrows furrowed, an unsure look in his dark eyes.

"So soon? You've only been here three days. Shouldn't you stay longer?" He questioned. Naruto snickered at the obvious worry in Sasuke's tone. Sakura closed her eyes with delight.

"Normally yes, but the doctor says I'm healing pretty fast. It makes no sense to spend more time and money here so he just wants to do another check up on me tonight and if he feels comfortable about it, he will discharge me." Sakura informed. Sasuke was still a bit unsettled. Even if she was healing quickly, that didn't mean she was fully recovered. Everything would have to be easy for her. No heavy lifting or running or any strenuous activity, period. She must have been tired of being a patient anyway. Sasuke didn't know anyone who liked going to a hospital. While she did strive to become a doctor, he was sure she felt bothered as a patient.

"I see. That's good news." He said softly. Sakura grinned again.

"I'll be back to work with you next week!" She said smiling. Naruto shook his head sighing. Sasuke gave her a slight glare.

"Sakura, I'm not allowing you to come to work." He stated bluntly, noting the shock in her eyes. Her eyebrows raised in alarm.

"Huh? B-But why?" Sasuke's eyebrow twitched. Was she serious? She just got shot three days ago and she was ready to go back to work already? He was starting to think she was an even more dedicated worker than he was.

"I'm giving you two weeks of paid sick leave. You need to recover. I don't want you to work while your wounded." Sasuke said, pushing off the window.

"But I can work! It's not a lot and all I really do is sit behind the desk and—"

"Sakura." He cut her off.

"It would keep my mind at ease if you rested for a bit. You've been through enough in a short timespan, you should take a break. So please, stay home and rest." He pleaded lightly. Naruto looked at Sasuke giving a smile. Sasuke never said please to anyone the way he did to Sakura. It was a soft plea. Usually, he said please with expectancy and it almost always came across as more of a command rather than a polite mannerism. Sakura gave a perplexed look on her face.

"O-Okay…" She said softly. Naruto sighed.

"I told you he wasn't going to let you come back to work so soon." Naruto said shrugging his shoulders. Sakura glared. Sasuke gave a knowing smirk.

"Shut up!" The pinknette growled. Naruto snickered. The trio sat and bickered for another two hours. Though they knew each other for different lengths of time, their bonds were strong, almost as if they were meant to know each other. Maybe they had known each other in another life and another world and they were fated to be brought back together again. Sakura was glowing. Naruto was grinning. Sasuke's usually stoic face had become gentle and he smirked softly, almost smiling. The doctor walked in, a clipboard in hand and his eyes skimming whatever he was reading.

"Sakura-san, how are you feeling now?" He walked over. Sasuke gave a hidden glare. Why did her doctor have to be male…

"Ah. Dr. Hisagi, I'm feeling fine. To be honest the wound is a little sore but I'm sure that's to be expected." Sakura informed.

"Indeed Sakura-san. Are your stitches holding well?" He asked.

"Yes. Whoever stitched me did an excellent job." The doctor raised an eyebrow.

"Hm? You didn't know? It was Shizune-san. Has she not come to visit?" Sakura's eyes lighted. Sasuke's eyes narrowed slightly. If he was reading things correctly, Sakura knew the doctor with more familiarity than just being his patient.

"Eh? Really? I haven't seen her since she graduated with you!" Sakura said, her surprise giving away to reminiscence. The doctor smiled.

"She must be busy. She was so worried about you." He stated, writing something down. Sasuke closed his eyes. So they did know each other. He guessed he shouldn't have been surprised. She must have had connections with fellow doctors and medical personnel. Sakura gave a light laugh.

"I guess so. She's an even harder worker than me. Tell her I said hello!" Sakura beamed. The doctor nodded.

"Will do Sakura-san. I will be prescribing you some pain medication, incase you feel the need to take away some of the pain you may feel. I'm sure you already know but you might feel discomfort when standing and laying down. Otherwise, I feel comfortable discharging you. I know you can take care of yourself." The doctor said smiling. Sakura smiled.


"I'll have the staff bring your stuff. I don't suppose you have a change of clothing though?" He questioned. Naruto stood from his chair.

"I'll take care of that!" Naruto proclaimed. Sakura smiled.

"I guess that settles that. I hope the next time I see you Sakura-san, it is as my colleague and not my patient." The doctor remarked, giving her a high regarding smile. Sakura nodded.

"Same here!" She laughed. The doctor took his leave. As if in cue, Sasuke's phone rang.

"Excuse me." He said quietly, bringing out the device.


"He's awake Sasuke." At the sentence, Sasuke's gaze calloused, a switch flipping in his mind.

"I'll be there soon." Was all he said as he hung up. He sighed, looking to Sakura. Naruto had already left to go pick up clothing for her. He sat on her bed, looking at her.

"Gotta go?" She questioned already knowing the answer. He gave a curt nod.

"Yeah. Remember what I said Sakura. Rest as much as possible." He said softly. Sakura smiled, looking down bashfully.

"I will." With her uttered words of promise, he stood beginning to walk away.

"U-Uhm...Sasuke-kun?" He stopped turning only slightly to her. She was blushing, trying to avoid his gaze.

"I-I...I think I had a dream, you were here at night...or earlier this morning. W-Were you?" She asked blushing harder, looking back at him. She didn't know why she slipped it out, but she supposed there was no going back. Sasuke couldn't help but smirk, a smoldering smugness in his eyes. He had half a mind to walk back over to her if he didn't have a more pressing matter to attend to. He knew it was reality but if she thought it was a dream and a dream she was blushing at the very thought of, he felt a soaring of confidence and even felt a bit cocky.

"What do you think, Sakura?" He questioned haughtily. Sakura gave a thoughtful look, unsure and confused.

"U-Uh…" Sasuke chuckled turning back around.

"See you tomorrow, Sakura." He said, already leaving.

"W-Wait—" He was already gone, the door closed behind him. Sakura looked away, flushed with embarrassment and confusion.

"He didn't even answer my question…" She whimpered. She guessed it was just a dream, but then again…

"What do you think, Sakura?"

Sasuke Uchiha was definitely an enigma for her. Could...he really have been here, holding her hand the way he was in her dream? Staring down at her with a look in his dark eyes that made her melt and shiver in a good way?

He wouldn't...would he?

Sasuke walked into the basement holding Danzo, seeing Itachi sit in front of the glaring man.

"If you think I'm gonna let you Uchihas get away with this you're dead wrong!" Danzo snarled. Itachi stared into into Danzo's eyes, his face deadpan and unfazed.

"Oh, I'm sure you'll find some way to try and get back at us for this. We just want you to understand Danzo...you have started a war that will only end with the destruction of your pathetic life." Itachi said, Sasuke walking over to his side. Danzo glared.

"Where have you been? Went to go see your little whore?" Danzo sneered, seeing Sasuke's eyes go from rather calm to enraged with a single blink of his eyes. He stepped towards him only to stop when Itachi put his hand up.

"Wait, Sasuke." Itachi stopped. Sasuke glared.

"You're stopping me again?!" Sasuke snarled. Itachi stared at Danzo.

"So, first she's a tart. Now she's a whore. Anything else you want to add, Danzo?" Itachi questioned. Danzo scoffed.

"If I had known that bitch was going to live, I would have sent two assassins. I know the slut helped with my conviction of embezzlement but to think the little cunt had the audacity to look at me the way she did. I saw the look in her eye. You must have her pretty whipped to have her on your cock the way you do, Sasuke." Sasuke's teeth gritted, not taking anymore of this. Itachi grabbed Sasuke's wrist and Sasuke looked back. Itachi gave him a look and shook his head. Sasuke's eyebrows knitted together. What was Itachi planning?

"Anything else, Danzo?" Itachi asked.

"Tch. Well judging by the way your brother gets angry about me insulting her, I guess he's the one whipped. She must be real good in bed." Danzo smirked.

"You're awfully talkative for someone who just might die tonight!" Sasuke growled, Itachi still gripping his wrist.

"HA! You won't kill me. It will be enough that I am returning to jail looking like this. My death after it was your request for my Furlough would be quite suspicious wouldn't it?" Danzo sneered. Sasuke glared. Fuck that. He'd deal with it. Now all he could think of was slicing the man's throat and watching him choke on his own blood. Or burning him at the stake. Or breaking all the bones in his body.

"I think I'll just deal with it." Sasuke snarled, his body shaking with anticipation.

"Oi, Danzo." Itachi called, getting the man's attention.

"Why did you pay for my brother's death?" He asked, making Danzo frown in disdain, a hateful look in his eyes.

"FUGAKU SHOULD HAVE MADE ME THE CEO OF UCHIHA CORPORATIONS!" He screamed with his own wrath. Sasuke's eyes widened. Itachi's look showed no surprise. Instead he seemed to be expecting the answer. Sasuke shook, glaring angrily at the older man who tried to take his and Salura's life.

"Years! Years I spent at his side! Making him profit, helping him shape and recreate Uchiha corporations from what it was before hand. I thought he would name me as next in line, then he had you two brats!" Danzo continued. He glared into Itachi's eyes with hatred.

"When you got disowned I was relieved. I figured there was no way Fugaku would have both son's prepared for this world when his eldest was already qualified enough! It had to be me!" Danzo snarled, the malevolence and resentment drenched in his acidic scorn. His attention turned to Sasuke.

"Instead, Fugaku chose you. He gave it all to you! A twenty year old over me, with over twenty years of experience! As if that humiliation wasn't enough, all he did was make me a branch manager. To report to you!" Danzo seethed angrily. His single eyed glare filled with a menacing hatred.

"Your father was a pathetic fool." He ended, his tied hands clenching. Sasuke's glare grew even harsher.

"So instead of just leaving and starting something of your own, you were expecting to just get rid of me and somehow get hold of the company?! You're even more fucking pathetic than I previously thought!" Sasuke growled between gritted teeth. Itachi stood, chuckling, catching Sasuke's and Danzo's attention. Sasuke was about to say something before Itachi kicked Danzo in his chest, making him and the chair fall straight back with a thud. Danzo couldn't scream with the wind knocked out of his lungs, even though he wanted to considering he felt the breaking of his hands tied behind his back around the chair.

"I think I've heard enough." Itachi said on his face a smirk and his eyes a menacing promise. He turned, walking to a table in the corner of the room, and came back with a knife in hand. Sasuke's eyes widened with surprise. Itachi was going to kill him? If that was the case, then he wanted first dibs.

"Itachi." Sasuke called, watching as the older brother kneeled over Danzo. Itachi turned his head to Sasuke a smile on his face.

"Now now, little brother. You had your turn with him all morning. Just enjoy the show." Sasuke scoffed, crossing his arms grudgingly. Itachi chuckled, before turning his attention back to Danzo, who glared at him wide eyed.

"Y-You can't kill me!" He growled. Itachi smirked.

"Oh, I can kill you. I can kill you in a million ways and then some and I should. After everything you've done, from insulting my father and plotting against my brother, I should kill you in the most painful way there is." Itachi absently proclaimed, cutting open Danzo's shirt. Danzo turned rigid, as Itachi placed the point against his skin. Itachi moved it, not cutting into Danzo yet, but skimming for a nice area to begin.

"However, I'm not going to kill you. I'm going to make you suffer. That is what my brother wants, in regards to you plotting something so dastardly as hurting someone so precious." Itachi said, his movement stopping at Danzo's abdomen, around where Sakura got shot.

"Now...I'm going to give you a bit of a reminder of everything you just said." Itachi ended, pushing the blade enough to cut into Danzo's skin deeply. The man grunted, his teeth gritting.

"Let's see. I think here I'll put...bitch." Itachi smiled, moving the blade slowly and surely while Danzo tried to hold back his screams, wincing and stared, watching Danzo's face contort and twist with pain.


"Remember how many insults you gave Danzo?" Itachi asked callously.


"That will give you an idea of how long this will be going for."


Danzo screamed, earning a pleased look in Sasuke's eyes. As he began to shake and thrash, cutting himself even more than Itachi was doing, a smirk began to grow on his face. This was perfect.


"Danzo, if you move it will be more messy. I'm trying to keep it as neat as possible." Itachi continued on. Danzo screamed further.


Itachi lifted the blade out of his skin and gazed at his work. That was a fitting place to put that word. It was where Sakura was shot and the word suited him there considering his way of doing things.

"Sasuke there should be some alcohol on the table." Itachi said staring down at a panting and wincing Danzo. Sure enough Sasuke walked and came back with alcohol. Itachi took it, opening the bottle.

"Don't worry Danzo, the blade is pretty clean, but just to be sure you don't get an infection, I'll keep the wounds clean. It's the least I can do." Itachi chuckled, pouring the liquid over his wounds. Danzo screamed louder than before and Sasuke grinned. This was going to be an eternity for Danzo, all within the timespan of a few hours with the slowness Itachi used. His obsidian eyes gleamed with approval. This is what he was missing earlier. Even though he hurt Danzo pretty bad he didn't get a chance to hear him scream. Hearing them now, filled in him a satisfaction he didn't think he was going to receive.

"YOU'RE ENJOYING THIS YOU SICK BASTARD?!" Danzo screamed, panting and glaring wildly at Sasuke. Sasuke kneeled down on the other side of the man, across from Itachi. He pointed to a spot on Danzo's chest.

"I think here should be, 'cunt'." Sasuke suggested. Itachi placed his free hand under his chin, eyes giving a thoughtful look.

"Hmmm. What about 'fool' there instead? 'Cunt' can go here?" Itachi said pointing at the spot just above Danzo's belt.

"Fair. Instead of 'fool' though, how about 'cock whipped'?" Sasuke suggested. Itachi looked at his brother with a sudden and newfound appreciation.

"Ah. You certainly are a genius brother. You make me so proud." Itachi commended with humbled joy, closing his eyes and trembling slightly out of pride. Sasuke's eyebrow twitched.

"Oi. Is now the time to get emotional?" Sasuke questioned, raising an eyebrow with a gaze unamused. Itachi turned, wiping a stray tear droplet from his eye.

"Of course."

"YOU TWO ARE INSANE. FUCKING INSANE! YOU SON'S OF BITCHES!" Danzo interrupted. Itachi smirked, eyes shining on Danzo with a malevolent grin.

"Oh? You've given me more words to remind you of?" Itachi questioned. Sasuke smirked.

"By the way, our mother was deeply loved, by everyone. Especially her sons. I'll be thinking of something else to do before our time together is over." Itachi smiled, beginning to cut into Danzo's skin again. The man screamed. Sasuke watched.

With each hour that passed, the more screams he heard, Sasuke fell deeper and deeper into satisfaction. So much so his mind drifted off to thinking of Sakura. Her scream in front of him had been repaid. Those pain filled eyes he had to bare witness to were magnified by millions. With each word Itachi carved into Danzo's body. Cunt. Slut. Whore. Fool. Brat. Pathetic. Son of a bitch. Insane. The last word Itachi saved for Danzo's lower back. Tart. A nice tramp stamp for the man going back to jail soon. Each and every word was doused with burning alcohol. The man had passed out from the pain in the end and Sasuke couldn't have been more pleased. Itachi was cleaning the knife, side glancing to Sasuke.

"Satisfied?" Itachi questioned. Sasuke smirked.

"I'll be sleeping pretty swell tonight." Sasuke whispered, walking away. Itachi would handle dropping of Danzo.

"Ugh…" The two heard Danzo wince.

"D-Damn yo-you, U-Uchihas…" Danzo groaned painfully. There was still the singing of the fresh wounds, the beating Sasuke gave catching up to him. Sasuke stopped at the door.

"I'll...get you ba-back for t-this. I swear. You...better w-watch your back!" He struggled to say. Itachi scoffed. Sasuke turned only his head, catching his eye with Danzo's.

"I'll be waiting to see you try. Just know…" Sasuke turned back around and walked over, stomping on Danzo's chest earning a yelp of pain from the man. His shut eye looked up into Sasuke's who stared down at him with malicious promise, his head held high with dominance.

"If you hurt Sakura ever again, I won't let you live. I won't send Itachi. I won't go out of my way to get you out of jail by Furlough. I won't send the plenty of other people I know who have no problem with blood on their hands. I don't care if you're in jail. I don't care if you get transferred to another country all together. I will find you. I will hunt you down. I will end you with my own hands and not the use of some assassin. This is your first and final warning. If she gets harmed in any way and I find out it was because of you, you better watch your back and bet your ass, I'm coming for you." Sasuke said, his tone monotonous and deadly. Danzo glared, teeth gritted and only revealed eye enraged. Sasuke relinquished his foot from Danzo's chest, walking away.

"So choose who you target wisely." Was the last thing Sasuke said before he left the basement. Itachi smirked, crossing his arms across his chest.

"Hmph. Well, you heard him Danzo. I honestly couldn't have said it better myself." Itachi said, lifting the man and walking over to a table across the room.

"His words mean nothing." Danzo growled. Itachi chuckled, coming back with a rag full of chloroform. He smirked, patting Danzo's shoulder.

"That's where you're wrong Danzo. His words to you are a promise, not just a warning. I'd say you should take his advice. I'm sure you'll try to get us back, so I'll just repeat what he said before we part ways for a while." Itachi continued and pressed the rag against Danzo's nose and mouth. The man struggled and as he did Itachi spoke.

"Choose who you target, wisely. Until next time Danzo." The elder brother said, leaving those words in Danzo's mind as he fell unconscious.

It had been two days since they had brought Danzo back to the prison. Sasuke sat in his traditional style study room, grumbling over documents on his mahogany desk. The contractors who fixed the bullet holes in his office walls and ceiling had been paid. He had a final meeting with Detective Mura some hours ago about a few details for the case. Everyone was scheduled back to work for Monday in another three days, considering he decided to just push the time to return for that day instead of a Friday. Kakashi had told him that due to the shooting, they had an increase of support from investors and their partnering companies. Gaara flew in to check if everything was alright and to offer any aid, though not much was needed. He looked at the time. Two-thirty-four. Suigetsu was late.

He didn't get the chance to see Sakura like he said he would. There was just too much he needed to do thanks to the incident. He had explained it to Naruto, when the blond asked if he was going to see her like he said. She had told Naruto he would and he could only send him a text, to tell her he was sorry. He had it in mind to text her himself, but each time, it was almost like the world wanted to keep him from her. He would get a phone call, would have to go to a meeting. Something always popped up whenever he brought out his phone to try and contact her. Before he knew it, it was Naruto texting him instead.

A knock at his door spurred him from the document in front of him. He refilled his glass of scotch.

"Enter." Sasuke answered. Sebastian walked in, behind him, the very man Sasuke was just thinking about.

"Suigetsu is here to see you sir." Sebastian announced.

"Hn. Leave us." He ordered. Sebastian bowed and Suigetsu walked forward.

"Yo! Wassup Sasuke?" The white haired man grinned. Sasuke gave a scolding glare. Suigetsu raised an eyebrow.

"Oi, oi! No need to look at me like that. What did I do this time?" Suigetsu questioned. Sasuke glared harder, closing his eyes to stay calm.

"As head of my security in my building, you should know exactly what you did." Sasuke snarled. Suigetsu sighed, scratching the back of his head.

"Yeah. I get it. Things totally went awry. You know, I'm still trying to figure out how the guy managed to get into the security cams room. The guys only said that the next thing they knew, they were knocked out." He answered. Sasuke scoffed, taking a drink and sitting back in his large study chair. Sasuke looked down.

"Why did no one check my office floor at all?" Sasuke questioned, his eyes still glaring and upset. Suigetsu sighed.

"Everyone got wind that you weren't on the floor. So no one bothered to che—" Suigetsu was cut off with Sasuke slamming his fist onto his desk.

"If that's the reason you want to give me, I should fire you right now." Sasuke snarled between gritted teeth. Suigetsu stayed silent, before he sighed.

"I'm sorry. It was a dumb decision on the guy's part. I don't know, maybe they thought your secretary went out to lunch or something? I'll have a word with them when we're all back to work Monday, if you'll let me." Suigetsu said. Sasuke scoffed, gripping his glass and drinking.

"I'll will be there with you. I'll let you keep your job, but only because you are someone I trust and have been with for some time." Sasuke said. Suigetsu nodded.

"Thanks, Sasuke. Guess getting to know you back in college really paid off." Suigetsu grinned. Sasuke glared.

"Don't think you're off the damn hook Suigetsu." Sasuke growled. Purple eyes stared into obsidian with weariness.

"Ooh, come on." He whined lightly. Sasuke drank.

"For the next two weeks, I'm docking your pay. For the next week, I'm docking the entire security division's pay. You yourself, will now to manage both lobby and my office floor as well." Sasuke said. Suigetsu's eyes widened.

"What!? How is that even remotely fair?!" Suigetsu questioned.

"You failed at your job!" Sasuke screamed, standing abruptly. He walked around, getting into Suigetsu's face and glaring menacingly at him. Those measly excuses, that's why that bastard Sasori was able to get to Sakura?

"That bastard shouldn't have even been able to get into the building. He didn't sign into the lobby listing! You should have picked up on that and instantly thought he was suspicious! I watched the video recordings and your flirting with some girl as he just slips on by!" Sasuke yelled. Suigetsu's eyes widened, before he looked down.

"I-I...had no idea…," Sasuke scoffed again. Incompetence. Ineptitude. Distraction. Maybe he should just fire the long time colleague.


"I...also want you to look after Sakura." Sasuke sighed turning away and walking back to his seat. Suigetsu's eyes grew bewildered and he raised an eyebrow.

"Hm? Sakura?" Sasuke glared.

"The one you allowed to get shot." Sasuke growled. Suigetsu's eyes widened.

"W-Wait! Sakura! Sakura was the one who—" Suigetsu stopped himself, watching as Sasuke grabbed his drink and chugged. He picked up some documents, signing his signature where it was needed.

"Oh God. Sweet cherry...is she okay?" Sasuke's gaze lifted back to him with a glare. Sweet cherry?

"Don't call her that. She is fine. She's recovering." Sasuke informed, considering she and Suigetsu got to know each other a bit at his surprise birthday party. Suigetsu sighed in relief before he looked back to Sasuke.

"That's a relief. I swear, Sasuke, this won't happen again." Suigetsu said. Sasuke folded his hands and propped his elbows up on his desk, pressing his lips against his hands.

"Listen, Suigetsu. It's imperative that you keep her safe. Under no circumstances, do I ever want to hear she was harmed and you could have prevented it. If that does happen, consider yourself fired." Sasuke growled. Suigetsu nodded.

"I understand."

"Hn. You are dismissed." Sasuke grumbled, going back over some documents again. Suigetsu turned about to walk out the door before he stopped.

"Hey, for what it's worth, as your friend and all, I'm really sorry for failing you like that." He said not turning back around. Sasuke stayed quiet not bothering to look back up.

"It must've been hard to see her like that." Sasuke's reading eyes stopped on a word with his sentence. He looked up, seeing Suigetsu eye him from a profile view of his head. Sasuke looked back down at the documents.

"See you Monday." Was Sasuke's only response. Suigetsu left, leaving Sasuke alone. Sasuke sighed and he brought out his phone. Maybe now he could finally text Saku—

RING! RING! Incoming Call from Itachi

—Of course. Sasuke sighed for the fiftieth time in the last hour and answered the phone.

"What is it Itachi?" He questioned.

"Sorry if your busy Sasuke. But Kiriu called." Itachi informed. Sasuke couldn't hold back from rolling his eyes. He was too busy to waste his time with that pathetic man.

"What does he want?" Sasuke grumbled.

"He's not happy about Danzo. He wants to see you in his office." Sasuke rolled his eyes yet again. He knew this would probably happen but he still wasn't looking forward to it. It didn't matter. He already knew how this was going to play out and he knew how to make Kiriu back off.

"No. Tell him to come here to my study. He needs to be here within an hour or he'll have to wait another day." Sasuke ordered.

"I'll let him know." Itachi hung up. Sasuke looked at his schedule for the rest of the day. Maybe if it wasn't a bother to Sakura, he could possibly go to see her later on tonight, at least by eight-thirty. After that, he had a meeting at ten, then he could go home and prepare for the next day. He sighed taking the change to finally call her. After a few rings, she answered.

"Sasuke-kun?" She answered, her voice sounded surprised. Hearing it, he felt himself calm. Before her, he never realized just how strenuous and irritating his work was. He was tired and wanted to unwind. Maybe even go to Temari's bar again. Something other than all of this.

"Sakura...how are you feeling?" He asked.

"I'm fine. I'm home with Naruto and Hinata, about to watch a movie." She said. He gave a soft smile. He didn't remember what was the last movie he saw. It may have been over ten years ago and he couldn't even remember what he had watched. It sounded nice, to just sit at home and see a movie.

"I see. Glad you're keeping yourself rested." He said softly.

"Do...you want to come over today? Are you?" She asked. Sasuke gave a small smirk. For some reason, he had a feeling she was blushing.

"Does eight thirty work for you? I won't be able to stay long, but...even if it's just for half an hour..." He said softly. Sakura chuckled.

"Well, alright. See you then. I'm on the third floor, apartment seven." She confirmed. He grunted.

"Hn. See you, Sakura." He hung up and slouched back into his leather chair. He looked at the time. Two-forty-five. He glared at his watch, grabbing a file and sifting through the documents to try and distract himself.

Eight thirty couldn't come fast enough.

Like he requested, Kiriu was escorted into his study by Sebastion at around three-fifteen. It was okay timing, Sasuke supposed, considering he had to get to a meeting at five next, but it was still time he didn't want to bother wasting on a man like Kiriu. Once Sebastian left them alone, it was time to start.

"Mr. Uchiha!" Kiriu growled and Sasuke gave a glare.

"What is it Kiriu? Also, you better watch your tone with me." Sasuke scowled. Kiriu flinched, but he didn't back down, not that Sasuke was expecting him to. It wasn't a bother to him anyway. Kiriu was an ant compared to him. He was absolutely nothing and Sasuke was going to show him just how much of nothing he was right now.

"You! You did what you did to Danzo, didn't you!" Kiriu accused. Sasuke placed down his pen, before turning to type something on his laptop.

"Did what to Danzo?" He played it innocent, eyes piercing into Kiriu with a dull look.

"Don't play dumb! Y-You, y-you were the one who wanted him on Furlough! Now the authorities are investigating what happened to him! He says it was you!" Kiriu yelled. Sasuke sighed. Exactly as he thought. The man was now frightened because the authorities were involved. They probably went to Kiriu first to find out why Danzo had been on Furlough in the first place. Oh well. Not like that was a concern to him. The authorities were on his side right now considering he just had to deal with a shooting of his office building and wounding of his employees. Not to mention, he had a few ties to the police force himself through family relations. They knew Danzo was behind it. They weren't going to believe him even if he told them.

"Well, Kiriu, I'm not sure what happened to Danzo, or why he's pointing his finger at me, but I don't know what your talking about." Sasuke waved off, taking a sip of his drink. Kiriu's hands clenched into fist. Sasuke knew right then and there he was recording this conversation, hoping to get a confession out of him so he could take it to the police and get off the hook. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

"T-Then why did you want Danzo so badly out for Furlough?!" Kiriu questioned. Sasuke tilted his head.

"I was contacted by a friend of his family. They wanted to see if I could pull some strings into getting him to come out for the day. Other than understanding you would try to get him on Furlough after our meeting in Hoshigaki's, I do not know nor do I have anything to do with whatever it is that's happened. It is actually quite known that Danzo Shimura has quite the number of enemies. Maybe one of them got to him on his only day of freedom." Sasuke suggested easily. Kiriu's teeth gritted.

"You know...Kiriu." Sasuke said, beginning to stand. He walked over, getting closer to the man who was now frozen in place.

"If you're going to accuse someone of anything, you should have actual evidence to back it up." Sasuke said, looking into his eyes.

"Like how there's clearly evidence of you willingly releasing a prisoner for the right price." Sasuke struck. Kiriu's eyes widened.

"T-That was from you. T-Tha—" He started stammering. Sasuke already had him right where he wanted Kiriu. As he thought, the man was pathetic and easy.

"You took it. The money is not in my account anymore. How surprising. I wonder what authorities would say if they found out the owner of a prison will allow inmates Furlough and freedom for money." Kiriu's eyes were as wide as plates.

"Now, like I said, Mr. Kiriu; I don't know what happened to Danzo Shimura. Whatever happened, it sounds like it was just horrible, considering your presence here, yelling at me in my study, like some scared dog." Sasuke snarled, glaring. If they were animals Kiriu would indeed be a dog, but Sasuke was the ever more vicious and dominant wolf, towering over the small, scared domesticated descendant of his species. Just as he would if they had become animals in life, Kiriu shrank back. Sasuke could almost chuckle if he didn't have to save face in display of his rule.

"However, I assure you, I have nothing to fear or hide." Sasuke said, turning and grabbing his glass and leaning on his desk.

"You, on the other hand are in quite the pickle now though, aren't you." Sasuke stated, drinking. He had just decided on something and this would end this quicker as well as give him a lot more revenue.

He'd also have Danzo at the palm of his hand.

"M-Mr. Uchiha I-I—" Kiriu stuttered. Sasuke sighed out hopelessly.

"I'll tell you what...Mr. Kiriu." Sasuke swirled his drink and walked over to one of the lounge chairs away from his desk in the study.

"Since it appears you've lost your integrity, I'm going to give you more money." Sasuke said, eyeing Kiriu's reaction. The man's eyes widened.

"N-No! F-For what?! I won't put out someone else on Furl—"

"No. That's not what I want." Sasuke cut him off. Kiriu stayed silent, figditing and biting into one of his finger nails. Sasuke almost laughed, though he kept a straight face. The fact that he did so impressed even himself.

"W-What do you w-want?"

"I want your company." Sasuke proclaimed, staring into Kiriu's widened eyes. Pure shock was written all over his face.

"W-What?! You can't can't possibly think I'll jus—" Kiriu questioned. Sasuke sighed.

"Listen, Kiriu, it is quite obvious you are not a man for the business world. Your company is failing and now your under investigation. Let me take it off your hands. I'll give you quite a lot of money. I'm sure you'll be able to retire just fine. Take care of any family you may have. I'll buy all your stocks and proceedings..." Sasuke trailed, drinking his scotch and inwardly smirking at his next sentence.

"...and the prison as well." Sasuke ended, closing his eyes. Kiriu was frozen, obviously in shock and confusion. He looked away, clearing his throat.

"T-The Kiriu Company has been in my family for three generations now an—"

"And what? You're failing. You have been failing for the last two decades. Now you're caught in a bind that for whatever reason, you can't deal with and came to push me into one to save your own ass." Sasuke silenced him, looking to the older man with a bored look in his eye.

"Did you even want to be a CEO, or did you take the job out of obligation? Did your older brother beg you to take care of it?" Sasuke asked. Kiriu stiffened. Sasuke noted he struck a nerve.

"Oh. So that was it, wasn't it. You never even had it in you in the first place." Sasuke sighed, standing and walking over to his desk again. From a cabinet on the left hand side, he pulled out another glass, pouring it with scotch and then refilling his own. Kiriu watched him and his eyes seemed to turn pained. Sasuke walked over with the glasses, holding one out to Kiriu.

"Since you wanted to use me to get you out of trouble, then fine. I'll do that for you. You will email me the cost of the company, including that of the prison and your stocks and I'll send you a check via courier in the morning." Sasuke said, still holding the cup. Kiriu looked down at the glass of brown liquid in Sasuke's hand.

"What do you say, Kiriu? I give you my word, the company will flourish under my management." Kiriu looked back up to Sasuke. Where he thought that meeting with Sasuke Uchiha would bring him good fortune and turn his luck around with his company's standing, he was completely wrong. He was excited to receive a call from one of the world's leading CEO's.

As Kiriu took the glass from the man's hand, he could only feel that the moment he had even spoken to Sasuke Uchiha, he had made a deal with the devil himself. Sasuke smirked, clinking his glass with Kiriu's.

"Excellent choice."

Sakura sighed, twirling her twelfth glass of wine. She didn't like pills very much so she didn't take them, but the pain in her abdomen was bothering her quite a bit. Naruto and Hinata left an hour ago, after the movie ended and she was alone in her home, feeling a bit more drunk that she should be. She didn't mean to drink so much really. She had four glasses with Naruto and Hinata when they were, but when they left she tried to bend down to pick up her prescription that had fallen by accident. After that pain, she was downing her wine, until all she could feel was a bit numb and giddy. She twirled her almost finished glass, chugging it and grumbling it when it was done

"Damn. I'm drunk." She mumbled, already refilling her glass. She giggled at her own lack of consciousness as her mind yelled out a grand "FUCK IT" and she was already drinking.

A knock at the door spurred her from her drinking place at her window, sitting on her kitchen counter. It was a habit of hers, to take in everything happening outside her home. She raised an eyebrow, lowering her glass from her lips. Who could be here? She walked over.

"Who is it?" She questioned.

"Sasuke." Answered the other side of the door. Her eyes widened. She forgot he was coming by. She looked down at herself. She was only dressed in a cropped tank top and some shorts. Would it be okay for him to see her like this? She was like this with Hinata and Naruto here but that was different. They were long time friends of hers. Sasuke...was...her boss? The wine in her yelled, "who gives a damn?" and won out over her consciousness. She opened the door smiling at him.

"Welcome Sasuke-kun." She said softly giggling. Sasuke stared down at her, eyes going over her, up and down. In her hand was a half full glass of wine, but that was far from his current focus. She wore a cropped tank top, the shorts she wore were a bit tight against her long, smooth legs and Sasuke found he was drawn to her.

"Come on in!" She invited, stepping to let him in and close the door behind him. Sasuke stepped in. Her apartment was a bit small. He could almost say his dining room was probably the size of the apartment, but the apartment was nice and comfortable. Her living room was modest, with a couch, a pretty large flat screen tv and furniture. He noticed a bookshelf to the corner of the living room, filled with books of course.

"I know it's pretty small compared to what your used to. When I woke up in your house the day of the surprise party I was pretty shocked at how large just one room was. I hope you like it though." She eased, walking to her kitchen. Sasuke chuckled.

"It is a nice home Sakura." He complimented and Sakura grinned, opening her cabinet. She looked up, frowning.

"Hmmm. Can you reach up there for a wine glass? Do you want wine?" She asked sipping on hers. Sasuke nodded in appreciation, using his height and grabbing a glass. Sakura smiled, placing down hers and gently pouring his wine.

"Thank you Sakura."

"So, how was work today? Anything interesting?" She asked smiling. She pushed herself gently back on top of her kitchen counter, by the window and crossed her legs. Sasuke's eyes traveled up her legs, her toned stomach and chest, before he averted his eyes shamefully to the red liquid in his glass.

"It was fine. I'm sorry I couldn't come yesterday. Things got a little too hectic." Sasuke explained. Sakura drank her glass, smiling gently.

"It's alright Sasuke-kun. You don't have to apologize." She said softly. He stared, a thought coming to mind and his eyebrows knitted together.

"Sakura, weren't you prescribed pain medication? You shouldn't be drinking." He scolded lightly. She giggled.

"No, no! I didn't take the pill. I don't really like them. I prefer alcohol to numb the pain." She absentmindedly stated. Sasuke stared at her, leaning against the counter, next to her.

"Have you always done that?" He asked softly, eyes lowering, remembering she had a lot of pain throughout her life. Sakura looked at her wine.

"I suppose I have." He looked at her, his eyes piercing and making her look at him.

"Sakura… you remember what I said right? Back at the hospital?" He asked. Sakura's eyes moved to the side in thought.

"About what exactly?" She asked. He stood upright, getting a bit closer to her.

"When I told you, I would take your pain." Sakura stared at him, eyes lowering and a smile coming onto her face.

"Yeah…" He grabbed her hand.

"Will you let me protect you, Sakura?" He asked, making her blush. She didn't really know what to say. She wasn't sure what to make of it. Her drunk mind wasn't helping either.

"I-I...don't understand, Sasuke-kun." Sasuke sighed.

"Sakura, I've asked Suigetsu to be a bodyguard of sorts to you." Her eyes widened with his claim.

"Huh? Why?" She questioned incredulously. Sasuke's grip on his glass clenched a bit, feeling a bit unconfident with her response. Maybe he shouldn't have told her until she asked why she was being followed around by Suigetsu. Despite hoping that he had both scared and angered Danzo enough that he would only come after him next, there was no scratching off the possibility that to get to him, Danzo would make another attempt on her life. The only thing he could say was what he had been thinking the entire time.

"What happened to you should have never happened Sakura. Not under my supervision. There were plenty of security personnel who should have been there to stop the attack. Sasori should have never gotten into the building...and I'm concerned for your safety." Sakura's eyes grew concerned. She softly slid down to the floor, to not cause strain to the wound and she listened to him. Sasuke's stared into her eyes. They were a bit glossy, he assumed from drinking, but it only made them sparkle for her.

"Why are you concerned about that?" Sakura asked, placing a hand against his chest without thinking and he lost his train of thought. She made his heart slam rapidly and his mind blanked about nothing but her so much so he thought he lost his sanity. They were so close like before and his head tilted.

"Danzo. He knows you survived. I have no doubt that he will try to hurt you again. I won't allow it. Suigetsu failed me when Sasori was able to just waltz inside my building. If he was on guard, it wouldn't have happened at all. So, he will accompany you if I or Naruto cannot. Itachi might also." He informed her, trying to keep track of reality, but he only wanted to be lost into the fantasy that was her. She was too tempting for him. She was making him go deeper and deeper into madness. He was still a damn good businessman but now he realized, he was doing everything for her. His buying of the Kiriu Company was for her, though it was a smart idea on his end. He could definitely do more with Kiriu's assets with his resources. He used his name and his money for her. He knew why, he just couldn't understand how and when this happened.

"But I will protect you, Sakura, to the best of my abilities and with all my power." He ended.

"Sasuke-kun…" She said his name, her eyes half lidded. Again, he was struck with want. She suddenly and slowly embraced him, placing her head against his shoulder. He stared down at her, one of his hands wrapping around her. His eyes widened that instant. His hand was touching the skin of her back with her cropped shirt, but where he touched, he could feel a scar. Was her body marked with scars? His eyes lowered. First her hands, now he could feel this one, completely unrelated to her gunshot. It felt like some sort of slash.

He was years too late to protect her.

"Thank you." She whispered, looking up at him while still pressed against his body. He stared down at her. She thanked him too much. She didn't need to thank for the things she didn't ask for. He supposed it showed just how humble and grateful she was when someone did right by her. Sakura on the other hand, was quite relieved. She knew better than anyone that such a direct attack on her didn't mean it was over because she fought back.

Finally. Finally in all her years, she could just relax and feel a little less worried about the ordeal. She wasn't going to drop her guard of course, but if Sasuke gave her his word, then she had strong feelings that she would be alright.

She blushed, smiling up at him and he etched the image into his mind. His hand reached, up about to caress her face before she unknowingly turned from him, grabbing her wine glass. His eyes lowered, hand dropping.

Maybe it wasn't time yet. Even if he felt drawn to her and maybe he was drawing her in the same way, he didn't want to rush things. He needed to control himself. He needed to keep himself in check. Maybe if he just focused all his concentration into work he could take the time needed to ensure that he didn't rush things.

"Want to watch a movie Sasuke-kun?" She asked, turning to him. He smiled softly.

"I can only watch for a little while. Sorry. I have one last meeting at ten." He informed. He looked to the clock on her kitchen wall, reading the time was eight forty-seven. She nodded with understanding, giving a grin.

"That's fine. That's alright. I'm happy with whatever time." She said, starting to walk away only to stumble. Sasuke caught her as carefully as he could and she laughed in his arms. His eyes narrowed piecing together what she said about preferring alcohol over pills.

"Sakura…" He growled, now realizing she was a bit to tipsy. She giggled. Her eyes were shielded from him by her fallen pink hair, all he could see was her grin.

"What?" She questioned giddily, grabbing him for support. He sighed.

"You drank a lot, didn't you." He knew. Sakura laughed.

"What's the big deal?" She whined and laughed. He stared down at her. She was a bit drunk, more so than at Temari's bar. He supposed she limited herself when out, but now, in pain and home in safety, she didn't care for that. She probably forgot that he was coming.

"Maybe you should get some rest Sakura." He suggested softly. She groaned.

"I've rested enough. Come on! Let's watch a movie until you have to leave!" Sakura said excitedly. His eyebrows furrowed.

"Sakura." He warned. Sakura suddenly gave a look in her eyes and a devilish smirk on her face.

"Or...we can do something else if you want." She mumbled huskily to him, her hand brushing up his chest and around his neck. It sent good shivers down his spine. Shivers that were too good. Shivers that pushed him over an edge he had never been to before. He was now completely controlled by her. He was all to her bidding. He bet his life she didn't even know it.

"What do you want, Sasuke-kun?" She mumbled. He was stuck with the answer. He wanted...his business to flourish? No. It was already doing that. He wanted...success? No. He was already successful.

He wanted her...and that sounded too right.

"Sakura, you're drunk." He mumbled. She laughed.

"And?" She questioned, pressing herself against him. He felt himself become flustered.

"Stop this." He whispered turning his gaze away from her. Looking away from her seemed to make things worse than it did better as he had initially thought. All he could feel was her body shaped against his and it was making him want to look even more.

"Stop what?" She whispered huskily. His body trembled to hold restraint. She was torturing him. His eyes shifted to her, only to see her staring at him with a glaze in her eyes and a suggestive smile on her lips.

"Sakura…" He murmured, suddenly beginning to lose his control. He grabbed her and pushed her against the refrigerator, his hands on either side of her face, pinning her. He stared at her, feeling his body tremble. She was making him lose his mind. Each movement she made, each chuckle—still coming from her lips now—he was losing focus. She was making him forget things. She was driving him mad.

"Sasuke-kun…" She mumbled, her temptation drawing him towards her but he paused. At least he forced himself to with sheer will. She was drunk. He didn't want her like this. His dark hair was mixing into her bright pink tresses and he was scratching his nonexistent nails against the refrigerator as he felt her hands rub up his chest and crawl into his hair. Control. He needed his control!

"S-Sasike…" She murmured incorrectly. It was enough to give him some control back. He controlled his irregular breathing and closed his eyes.

"Let me take you to bed Sakura." He said quietly. Sakura giggled.

"Will you come with me?" She asked and his body became rigid. He almost choked on his own spit as the saliva in his throat was forced down. A burning at his cheeks indicated he was blushing and he was itching to act on his body's impulses and her suggestions. It was all becoming too much for him, but he remembered Itachi's words. Control. Control his feelings as his father did. With that he lifted her in his arms.

"WEEEEEEEEE!" She squealed and laughed, wrapping her arms around his neck. She laughed into his neck, her breath against his skin giving him more shivers down his spine. It shouldn't be hard to find her bedroom in such a small house. He walked down her hall, catching the partially open room almost instantly. He kicked open her door softly. The room was moderately sized, modest and comfortable. He sighed, placing her down on her twin sized bed.

"Heyyy, I told you I didn't want to rest!" She whined, still having a hold on his neck. He stared down at her. He wondered if she would remember this at all. He lifted his hand, slowly tracing her bottom lip with his thumb. She smiled up at him, as he eyed her lips.

He closed his eyes. No. This would be taking advantage of her. This was wrong. It didn't matter if he wanted it. It didn't matter if there was a possibility she liked him the way he liked her, he wouldn't forgive himself for doing such a thing to her. With that, he gently grabbed her wrists, unwrapping them from around his neck.

"Rest, Sakura. I'll see you again soon." He commanded softly. Her drunken eyes saddened, looking away.

"You're...leaving?" She questioned. He wished he didn't have to.

But any minute longer of him hovering over her like this, even if he was sitting, he was going to lose the last bit of control he managed to conjure. It was about time for him to get to his final meeting of the night anyway.

"I have to. I'm sorry." He said softly, caressing her face, gently rubbing over the uncovered, still healing cut on her cheek. He glared at it, being reminded she was still injured. She turned her gaze back to him.

"I'm sorry." She replied back. He shook his head.

"Don't be." He whispered. She had no reason to be.

If she had been his before this, he would have gone forth with it.

"Goodnight Sakura." He said softly and watched her beginning to doze off. She gave a tired smile.

"Good...night...Sasuke-kun…" She mumbled

The sound of light breathing because of slumber, an indication she was out like a light. He stared at her for a long moment, tracing her features over and over. He was interrupted with his cell ringing. He glared, answering.

"Uchiha." He gruffed out.

"Uchiha-san, this is Mei Terumi, of MatchMakers and Co. I just wanted to confirm we are still having our meeting at ten tonight?" Sasuke mentally sighed. He almost forgot.

"Yes Terumi-san. I will see you at the Mizukage restaurant promptly." He answered.

"Excellent! See you then." He hung up, giving on last look to Sakura. She had already passed out. He sighed out, grabbing her hand and lifting it to his lips. He kissed it softly, jumping slightly when he heard her moan.

"Sasuke-kun…" She mumbled, still in her slumber. His eyes hazed with many emotions and feelings. He smirked, eyebrows scrunching together and chuckling to himself at everything that had just happened between them.

"That's not fair...Sakura." He murmured, standing and walking out. He brought out his phone, leaving Sakura's apartment and making sure the door locked behind him. Even if it did, he wasn't comfortable about Sakura not being able to securely lock the door behind him. He dialed a number.

"Yo?" Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"Suigetsu." He regarded.

"What's up boss?"

"Come to 290 Konoha Street. Stand guard at apartment number seven." Sasuke ordered leaving the building. Suigetsu groaned.

"Damn, do I have to? It's almost nine thirty!" He grumbled. Sasuke glared in irritation.

"Do it and I'll think about taking a day off your two weeks of docked pay." Sasuke growled. He heard Suigetsu sigh.

"Alright, alright, I'll let you know when I get there." Sasuke didn't bother to continue the call and he hung up as he stepped into his car. He gave one last look to Sakura's apartment building. He sat there for a moment, flashes of the sensations he felt coming to him as he remembered her hands against him. His lips parted and a small smirk coming onto his face. He placed a hand over his eyes, hearing her say his name again.

"Not fair at all." He murmured, shifting gears and driving off to his meeting.


Naruto: -panicking and running around in circles- WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE! SAKURA-CHAN IS GOING TO KILL US!

Sasuke: -twitching-

So, not even you could calm her down?

Sasuke: Someone grabbed her ass.

...Sooo, shouldn't you be handling that?

Sasuke: She already did. All we can do is search for survivors and hope she calms down soon.

Wait...but like, can't you just, I don't know, hold her or something.

Sasuke: Once Sakura is in rampage mode level one hundred, not even I am safe. =.= If she was at level fifty it would be different, but...


You're the Hokage though...


Sakura: -stomps towards Naruto- Narutoooooo -glares-

Naruto: W-W-Wait! Sa-Sakura-Chan! W-What d-did I-I do? I-I'll fix it! I-I'll do whatever y-you want!

Sasuke: -flashes in front- T-Tsuma...

Sakura: -activates byakugou-

W-Well...then, uhm, if we all survive guys, see ya next chap...hopefully...

Sasuke: T-TSUMA! WAIT!


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