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Unexpectancy's Aftermath

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Sasuke: ...To the chap.

...I'll...just start running now.

Sasuke's eyes were wide at the mystery person kissing him as he was backed against a wall of the closet. He couldn't see a thing in the darkness, fumbling between trying to maintain his balance after being thrown off it, and trying to get whoever the hell this was off him.

He tensed, feeling hands rummage roughly and hastily through his tie and the buttons of his shirt before he could do anything about it; next through his hair, and he felt a not too pleasing moan coming from the woman kissing him. Then he felt one of the hands grab his groin without reservation. His eyes widened even more furiously and he grunted with rejection. He grabbed and pushed at what he felt to be a woman's waist and shoulder, pushing furiously as he slammed the person to the opposite wall, but with the grip this person had on him he was pulled against the feminine body as well. He heard some of the supplies of the closet fall off a nearby rack from their fumbling, increasing his anxiety. Whoever this was, they were not letting up, no matter how much he tried to discontinue this.

Damn it. Was this how Sakura felt with Indra back then? This was how she felt with being unable to stop a man within her abilities? Holpless, helpless and afraid. No wonder she cried for forgiveness from him that night, despite having done nothing to betray him herself. This in itself felt like a betrayal to Sakura, even when it wasn't his fault.

He didn't want this. Not if it wasn't Sakura.

And this, sure as all of hell, was not Sakura. He could tell, even in the pitch black darkness. After having completely memorized her kiss, touch and body, he knew it wasn't her. He knew the ecstasy her touch felt like. He knew what she felt like. Right down to her lips.

These were not her lips. This was not her body and certainly not her touch. He had memorized all of her perfectly and whoever the hell this was, it was not Sakura. He'd know it and he was certain Sakura would never do something like this. Afterall, she didn't need to do something like this. She could have simply came back to his office. She could have given him a single look after closing the door behind her and he would have been all over her right there. This was not his woman. This was a stranger. For him, it was unquestionable and it instilled panic into him.

What if Sakura found him here? She was on her way back. What if Sakura saw him like this?! He was able to rip his lips away for just a moment from the grasp the woman had on his hair. The damn wretch was pulling and gripping his hair or touching his chest, with such force, and at an area of his scalp that made it hard to pull away from her grip.

"Stop—" He started growling, but the assailant pulled him even closer and tighter and kissed him even more, this time shoving their tongue into his mouth. His still open eyes glared even more, as he felt the woman rub a leg and lock it around his hip. His mind mentally scrambled, and he frantically tried to shove the woman off. Damn it, they wouldn't let him go! He grabbed what he felt to be wrists and pried them off him to slam them against the wall, even feeling some of his hair being pulled from his scalp from the force he ripped them off with. He panted from his loss of air, thanks to the wench not giving him any sort of breathing room.

Fucking finally. He was finally free. Now—

As if on the worst of cues, just as he was frantically asking one of many questions mentally, the door to the storage closet opened and his eyes widened in both disgust and utter shock at who he looked down at, with the revealing light.

"K-Karin?!" He seethed at the woman who stared up at him dreamily, and thrashed back from her in disgust and she was still trying to disgustingly lick his lips. Just as he thought. It wasn't Sakura. But that led to him mentally asking, who opened the door?

Slowly his wide eyes turned towards the door and he froze. His eyes widened even more and his heart most certainly stopped as everything moved in slow motion.

"Oh, Sasuke-kun! That was amazing!" Karin drooled. Sasuke was in too much shock at the person in the doorway to move and it allowed for Karin to slip from the grasp he had on her wrists to throw her arms back around his shoulders, whilst giving a sneakily smug look to the doorway. His eyes were wide, as his entire world damn near crumbled before him.

He stared at the one person to make this situation worse. The exact person he didn't want to open the door was standing right there. She wouldn't stop staring at him, wide eyed and blank. The coffee he had asked her for dropped from her hand to the floor with a plop, and the files she went to fetch for him dropped with a flutter. She stood as still as a statue; so still, he didn't even know if she was even alive anymore. She didn't even appear to be breathing anymore and it was with that terrifying thought that he snapped out of his thoughts.


For her, time was moving at such a slow motion, a second took decades. Ten seconds felt like a century.

Never doubt my love for you.

'What...is this…?' Her consciousness immediately questioned, with the thought to never doubt him. The gears of her overactive mind began spinning and turning, trying to make sense of the scene her heart was screaming bloody murder at. H.,e even told her he wanted nothing to do with Karin in the past so, what was this? How did she make sense of this?

I love you Sakura. So much. I love you with all that I can give.

Then, why? Why was his tie partially undone and the buttons of his shirt open to the fourth? Why was that bitch's leg wrapped around his hip? Why was he holding her at the wrist…? He had held her the same way. In the office. Their first night.

And then she remembered one of the things Karin said, from what seemed like so long ago.

Do you really think you're his first? A h,andsome God like Sasuke-kun? Don't make me laugh!

But...he loved her so much. She couldn't doubt how much he loved her. He showed her over and over he loved her so much. He...He made her fall so deeply in love with him. Was this why he told her something came up? Was this why he told her to stall coming back?! After the way he touched and kissed her this morning. And last night. And the night before that!

'I...I don't understand...' She thought to herself in a silence so deafening in her mind, she wasn't sure she heard anything at all. This wasn't true...was it? Her mind was just playing tricks on her. This was just some stupid nightmare she was having. That was it. It had to be. If she blinked enough this would all go away and she'd be against his chest, just waking up from this terrible dream.

But she wasn't waking up. This was reality and she was terrified of it.

I'll never have enough of you.

She thought and felt that was true. Sasuke wasn't lying to her. And after all they had been through, why would he lie?

Why was he with her in a damn closet?!

You'll see! When he gets tired of you, he'll come crawling straight to me!

'It's not true. It's not true. It'snottrue. Itsnottrue!' Her head was being overloaded. Logic, memory, understanding, her love of him and her anger at the scene, all mushed together into a mashed up and muddled heap of unmanageable and disproportionate thought as she desperately tried to assess it all; and what caused her more distress was that none of this made sense to her. She couldn't make sense of it. After everything that had happened between her and Sasuke...after all the feelings she felt for him and from him, this entire scene before her was illogical and nonsensical. It was ludicrous and irrational. 'This isn't real.' She told herself.

I love you so much, Sakura.

She stared, wide eyed. Her eyes wouldn't stop shifting between them. From him, to Karin, Karin and back—finally their eyes met. She couldn't think properly, even though she wanted to. She was trying her very best to make sense of what she was looking at, in the decades it was taking seconds to pass, only to come up with complete blanks. She couldn't fathom this. She couldn't accept this.

I love you more. So much more.

'It's not real, it's not real, it's not real.' She told herself over and over, in mental screams. He wasn't with her in a closet and he wasn't half dressed like that. He wasn't...but her vision wasn't switching back to an empty storage closet. But, the pale look on his face said otherwise. The look in his eyes was distraught, fearful and panicked. He was still there, staring at her wide eyed and having just noticed her.

I want you Sakura….I want to be your only one…

So, why...

I want you like this. Right now.

He just said that hours ago. So, why? Then, what was this?! What the hell was going on?!

'It doesn't make sense!' Her curse of a mind was screaming and her inward self was literally tearing out her hair to at least take the scene in. Why was this an issue? Why was this a problem? She couldn't take it anymore. Her tears and anguish were too much and she just wanted to be that little girl again, all alone in the world with no one but Naruto. She didn't want to be here.

Sasuke swore he saw tears well up in her eyes and those emeralds grow wider as Karin rubbed a hand down his open chest. As he glared and pushed her off, Sakura felt all her thinking processes shut off. One of her defense mechanisms to escape the reality of the situation. If she were a computer program, the error message 'Sakura .exe has stopped working' came over her with the Windows XP error sound effect. For whatever reason, be it her love for him or just her mind breaking, she couldn't comprehend this. Her jaw tightened and her bottom lip quivered.

She decided to do the only other thing she could do, and that was to just block it out of her mind for a long, long while. She said nothing, turning away quickly to leave. Another defense mechanism; the instinct to flee from a disagreeable situation. She wanted the image she had just witnessed gone from her mind. She didn't want to see it. And yet, it was all she could see.Sasuke snapped out of it the moment she made movement.

"Sakura! Sakura, wait!" He yelled, running after her. Sakura didn't stop walking. Her wide eyes were still staring at the ground with confusion and turmoil. Her curse of a mind was trying to make sense of this world but from what she saw, she couldn't. This world didn't make sense. Her chest wouldn't stop aching and all she could feel was her heart palpatating against her chest. Why did he make her fall in love with him? Why did he make her love him so much?

Why did he make her love him so much, only to do this?

"Let me explain. It's not what it looks like!" Then, he reached out to grab her hand, only for her to flinch at his touch and snatch her it away. He was about to reach for her again.



His head stayed jerked to the side, his eyes wide with pure shock and pain. The harsh burning on his cheek was nothing to the very destruction of his entire being as it was happening right now. When he slowly turned his head back to her, Sasuke came face to face with tears streaming down from her angered emerald eyes. Her eyes were hurt and distrustful. Her lips scowled bitterly. He froze, his own eyes gleaming into even more pain filled orbs. His lessons in life forced him to read her entirely and what he saw broke him.

'Traitor, liar, deceiver!' was being screamed at him through her tearful gaze.

No. Not that look. Not that face. Not towards him. He'd never betray her. Other than omitting the truth, he never lied to her. He mentally begged her, with those honest truths, that she didn't look at him the way she was doing now. She turned away, starting to walk and he was already reaching for her again, despite the slap to his face.

"Sakura, please, wait—" Before he could begin explaining, Karin jumped on him, wrapping her arms around him from behind in a piggyback style embrace. She squealed and her eyes caught Sakura's as the woman turned around at the sound of her shriek.

"I can't wait for the wedding, Sasuke-kun! How many kids are we going to have, Anata?" She cooed and Sasuke glared at her. Hadn't she done enough already?!

"Get the fuck off!" He seethed, throwing Karin off him. Then he heard it. He heard the slightest hitch of breath, and when he turned back to her, he watched Sakura's shoulders tense. Sakura had turned back around and stared, a pain stabbing her chest over and over. Was what Karin said in the past true? Had he already tired of her? They had only been together for three weeks. Was she not enough? Had she not given him enough? Did she not please him?

Her hot tears flowed even more and her face became no short of tortured. His heart broke just from witnessing it. This wasn't happening. This seriously wasn't happening to him and he damn near lost it when she spoke.

"A...An-a-ta…?" She questioned with a whimpered whisper that absolutely broke him. That was not how she was supposed to say that term of endearment. He never imagined that word coming from her lips in such a way, ever. If she was ever going to call him that, he imagined it the same cheery and joyous way she called his name.

A lighthearted, loving "Anata! Welcome home!", he had imagined once in his many dreams of her. And now, her voice cut into him like a knife so painfully it happened, over and over again for him.

"Sakura don't listen. I—"

'I...I should have…' She thought in pure agony. With each moment she stood here, her heart broke. She gave him everything she had to offer. She gave him her heart, her body, her mind. She was so certain she could have her own little world with him and now this. Because of course, nothing in her life came perfect. She didn't understand why life had always been so cruel to her. She didn't do anything wrong, right? She didn't deserve this. What had she done in her life, she questioned, to receive this kind of torment? Was it something she did in her past life? Why was she blessed with a man like him, only for this to happen? Why was this happening to her?

Her questions ceased and as always when she was too upset, her mind just shut itself down. Her crying eyes lowered to the floor. What did it matter anymore? What she had or hadn't done was irrelevant. She wasn't enough for him. A streetrat like her, who could give him nothing but her body was worthless. She couldn't have all those things that she wanted and fantasized about with him. She couldn't be his only one. She couldn't be his wife. She couldn't be the mother of his children...because she was a streetrat by origin and he was an affluent king. She wasn't from his world.

"I should have known...I should have known you were too perfect to be real. You were...way too good to be true. I should have known." She whispered pitifully. Sasuke's heart slammed against his chest.

"N-No...no, Sakura...it's not what you think..." He quietly claimed, but his voice was that of desperation and despair.

'He's just like Indra.' A damaged part of her suddenly thought. She was just a momentary pleasure. Just a moment in time, for what he wanted and needed, and then leave when it suited him; just like Indra. Her eyes cringed at that realization. She realized, she had fallen for the same pattern. Yet again, someone else she found comfort in. She weakly gave into those feelings of comfort, safety and security. After all these years of avoiding it, again, she let herself fall prey to some other human she quite frankly just jumped right into a relationship with. Because he made her feel safe. So fast. So easy.

I had...to protect my image. You didn't know back then but you know now, I am an Otsutsuki

A man like him that can get anything he wants and you decide he wants you just because he said so? Think about it Sakura! He grew up the same way I did.

It all felt so clear all of a sudden. He was just like Indra. History truly did repeat itself, especially when she apparently didn't learn a damn thing from it. She had fallen in love with a man who was just like Indra. A man she couldn't have. Another man she could never have because of her life. Because this world was cruel in its choosings and even those as deserving as her were to be cast into hell; whether warranted or not. Whether they deserved it or not, nothing in this life was fair or just; even to those deserving. It was just cruel survival. So cruel.

And she couldn't face it right now. She couldn't and didn't want to face the world anymore. She had spent all her life fighting the world and now, this world had finally broken her. She was spent. Done. She had no more strength, not for now. She couldn't face the world anymore. Her heart felt ready to implode on itself. Her mind was breaking and shattering. Her body wanted to collapse.

She needed to leave. She needed to get away. She just...needed to forget everything. The pain in her heart was too much. She couldn't be here anymore. Physically, mentally or even spiritually.

"Sakura, I swear it's not what it looks like! I—"

And she could only defend herself the way she knew how; with anger and rebuilding the walls he had crumbled with so much ease it was embarrassing. What was she thinking? What had she been doing in fairytale land, thinking her life would be perfect with him from here on out? Nothing in her life had ever been perfect. This world was cruel, and always had been, especially to her. Why did she expect him to be any different? Why would she think that she all of a sudden had some sort of stroke of luck, meeting him and falling in love the way she did?

Probably because he sold her on a fantasty that was just too good to be true. A beautiful world at his side and she had been so blinded by all the sunshines, rainbows and butterflies he gave her, that she ignored the damn stormcloud she should have known was on its way. Her teeth clenched and she cut him off.

"So, it's true!? You're supposed to be married! You're...you're going to get married, so you don't lose the support of the Otsutsuki!" She yelled angrily. Sasuke's eyes widened in bewilderment. True? Like she had heard about that before? How? What nonsense was she talking about with the Otsutsuki support? When and where did she even hear that?! Unless that damn Kaguya proclaimed to media outlets that he would marry without his say so for such a reason; a power move that would force him to do so. He never imagined, even Kaguya going so far, nor did she. She never proclaimed to any tabloids or newspapers that he was to marry. He'd know that for sure, before Sakura read such a thing. Sasuke knew whenever and wherever his name was printed. As he frantically asked himself these questions, a sudden clarity came to him.

Suddenly, he was brought back to the first night they made love. A realization hit him from the words she said. Her continuous worry of her "somehow losing him" and the constant questioning of him hiding something from her. Was that why she had been so afraid of him leaving her? Because she thought he was going to marry some other woman behind her back? Did she not want to confront him fully about it back then? Surely, if she didn't want to outright confront him for it, surely she knew it was absolute ridiculous bullshit. And he didn't tell her about it because of that same fact. It was ridiculous bullshit! It was Kaguya meddling, being old and traditional, and Hagoromo just so happened to pass the message along, so he was prepared during the cruise if she tried to catch him off guard with it.

Not to mention, he was more concerned with having to hear that Danzo was free!

His eyes began glaring angrily, as he questioned who the hell told her this nonsense. Who had placed doubt in her with him like this? There was no way she got wind of his talk of marriage—which he declined—with Hagoromo. That happened in his home and at the time, she was in hers. Who the hell put the absurd idea in her that he would—

A very simplistic answer came to mind. One he couldn't ignore, as well as dismiss. He knew exactly who would even bother putting such a stupid rumor into her head, whilst knowing it was spoken about. To think that very same bastard called him a child for just talking about spreading a rumor. Yet, that bastard had already done the same thing he had only threatened to do! At least his rumor would have been truthful.

'That fucking hypocrite, Indra!' His own voice mentally snarled the answer and cursed the man's name. It was the only way she could have known. They were the only ones who spoke to him about such a subject. But when? Suigetsu gave no report of contact. Did it happen when Suigetsu wasn't paying attention? Or was it at a time when Suigetsu was not there? That only left him with the one person who could know her and the conversation of his marriage. Indra. Damn it, he'd deal with him later.

He had to deal with the matter at hand, right here and now. Sakura was more important than his anger at another man. Sakura was more important than his need for revenge. Sakura needed to know this wasn't true. This wasn't what he wanted. She had been the only thing he ever truly wanted in his life. She was the only thing he had ever asked for. She was the only thing he had ever truly worked for. The company, his life; it was all just given. Sure, he still worked hard and he still tired himself; but she was different. He had to earn her. He tried with effort, the entire time, to gain her heart even if it was in a rather unconventional way. He struggled with his emotions and all kinds of actions he made, because of her, until he finally got her.

And now that he had it...assholes like Indra and Karin wanted to rip that apart.

"N-No! That's not true, Sakura—" He pleaded his case. Sakura's teary eyes glared. His eyes cringed. He could see it already. She didn't believe him. So much disbelief for him, that she cut him off.

"Then what is this?!" She yelled. His teeth clenched and he grabbed her at the shoulders and pulled her to him.

"This is a misunderstanding! Sakura, you have to believe me, I wouldn't do this to you! I would never do this to you! I know what it looks like, but I swear, if you just let me explain—" Sakura shook her head, and she turned away from him, so she could get out of his hold. She receded from his touch entirely.

Everything Indra had implied and told her had officially been true, in her eyes. It was all, right here in front of her; his shirt partially open, tie loosened and disheveled and his hair a slight mess. What Karin just said. She felt like a fool. She felt so stupid. Or maybe this entire thing was stupid. Falling in love with a man after just three months was absolutely and positively stupid. It was her own fault. She let him in. She let her guard down. She disregarded everything life itself had taught her, under the premise of smitten adoration. Her teeth gritted.

"What...what was I to you?" She snarled. Sasuke stared wide eyed, speechless as to why she would ask such a thing.

"What..." He asked because he couldn't make sense of it. What was she to him? Only the woman he had gone absolutely head over heels for. She was nothing short of the light that brightened his world. She was the one and only thing he had ever wanted in his life! She was the woman who made him go absolutely insane for any and every little thing! She was only the love of his life! Her glare on him only hardened, despite his obvious shock.

"Was I just some toy?! A doll you had your fun with and now you're already moving on to the next bitch you can get your hands on?! The poor commoner...was I just that pitiful to you?!" She scowled out. Sasuke glared, being instantly brought from his shock and straight into anger. He didn't want this! This had to have been some ploy! This was Karin's game or something! He just needed to convince her! His teeth grinded against each other.

"I...I-I thought you loved me. Were...were you ever even really real? Was your love...real?" She sobbed out in anguish.

'This is not happening right now. This is not fucking happening!' He couldn't help but furiously beg the heavens. This was a fucked up prank. A stupidly planned joke that wasn't funny in the slightest.

"I do, Sakura! I do love you! You're not some toy! You're not pitiful or anything like that! You're everything to me! I love you because I love you. Our love is real! Just listen to me! Please!" Sasuke yelled back. They both heard Karin snicker behind Sasuke and Sakura's glare snapped over to the red haired woman, flashing with a rampaging violence for a short moment; long enough to make Karin's blood run cold. She could kill the wench right now if it wasn't for the fact that she just wanted to get out of here right now. If she stared at her any longer she was going to start strangling her.

That witch stole Sasuke from her and she felt nothing but rage and vexation. Was the woman even worth her time? Breaking the hands that touched the man she loved, breaking the same leg that she had wrapped around him; was it worth it? Every part of her screamed yes. Her body was screaming to dash past Sasuke, tackle Karin to the floor and start whaling on her without restraint. That's what she wanted to do.

But what she wanted to do more, was get out of here. She wanted to leave this place and not come back.

"This whole thing is not what it looks like. I swear." He swore to her, reacquiring her attention from the wench. His tone was begging her to hear him. He neared her, reaching for her hand. His hand gently grabbed hers, and he held it, squeezing with reassurance, honesty and certainty. He stared into her eyes.

"Sakura, you know me. I would never do anything to hurt you, I swear. You know it. You know I lov—" She yanked her hand from him the moment he was about to say those words she didn't fully believe anymore. He was about to say what she thought he was going to say and she didn't want to hear it. Not after this. She didn't want to be reminded of his love. She didn't want to be weak to him again and she knew she would be if he said it. If he gave her that adoring stare and said those sweet words he always said so lovingly, he'd take over her mind, body and heart and she'd fall for this all over again. She'd fall for him all over again!

"Don't! Don't you dare say—" Grabbing her wrist again tightly, he pulled her close, stared into her distraught eyes and said it anyway. His agonized eyes stared into hers.

"I love you, Sakura." Karin's eyes widened the moment the words left his lips.

'He...already loves her? How...? They've only known each other for months!' Karin thought in shock. With her tomato red colored eyes, she watched as Sasuke's hands gripped another woman at her wrist closely. She watched as his eyes became anguished and desperate as Sakura tried to yank her hand away and he held it in a tight grip. She watched Sakura be despaired and disinclined to listen, no matter what he said. With the way Sasuke had always treated her, she didn't think they would be this close, so quickly. Sasuke had always kept her at arms length, despite growing up with him. Yet, here was some streetrat, ready to marry rich and get lucky for the rest of her life and he loved her?

In hypocrisy, technically, she was doing the same thing, but she was of similar status at least. Her family name meant something and they had been well off. Once they were back in business, all would be well. She'd stand beside Sasuke, not behind him like the pink haired woman probably did. The streetrat didn't deserve Sasuke. She was just another gold digger using him for his money...

But the agony Sakura displayed showed otherwise. Was...this worth it?

"Stop! Stop it! Stop!" Sakura gasped and cried out, trying to keep her hastened and constricting breathing in check. No. She didn't believe it anymore. She didn't want to believe it anymore, and yet, he said it the same way he did before this and it broke her even more. He was such a convincing actor the whole time. She didn't even know if he was acting. It was too much. She couldn't breathe. She couldn't deal with this. She needed some air. He was too close. The walls of the hallway were caving. Sakura snatched her hand away, stepping and stumbling back. Then her eyes caught a glimmer around his neck.

The necklace she gifted him for his birthday. He still wore it, everyday. He didn't take it off. She had seen it whenever they made love. Whenever it wasnt covered by the collar of his button down shirts, it was always there.

She didn't know what to think anymore. She couldn't think anymore. She didn't want to feel this pain. She gave herself and her heart and now, the pain was so much, she didn't want to feel anything, anymore.

Sasuke grabbed her at both her wrists and pulled her close to him in desperation. He placed his forehead against hers and kept their eyes locked. She had to hear him this way. If he held her like this, if he looked at her like this, she had to find a way to believe him; he prayed she did.

"You know I love you! You know I would never do this to you! You know you're everything to me! I love you. Only you, Sakura! I love only you, so please—" He begged, staring down at her obsessively. Through his eyes, he begged her not to leave him. In those dark, beautiful, scared, cringing eyes of his, she watched herself become the only thing that mattered in this world. Now, she didn't know what to believe at all. His eyes never lied. Not to her. He didn't lie when he looked her in the eye and she was all the more torn. Her eyes cringed with pain.

'Stop it...stop looking at me like that...' She pleaded with him in her mind, because the words wouldn't leave her lips.

"Please, believe me. This isn't what you think it is. I promise. I swear."

'Stop looking at me like you love me more than this world!' Her eyes cried, and the tears fell from her ducts like neverending rainfalls.

"I love you, Sakura. I love you." Her body trembled as he said those words.

'Stop...stop making me fall in love with you!' Her teeth gritted with complete suffering.

"Please...just calm down and hear me out. Please, calm down and let me explain this whole mess."

'I can't! I can't do this!' She couldn't deal with this now. Not like this. Not while she still had the image of him and Karin in her head. It was all too much. Her heart was imploding and she had just realized just how much it would break her to see him in the arms of another woman.

She shut her eyes quickly, cutting off that damnable connection between him and her. She wouldn't be able to resist him any longer if she kept staring. She couldn't think for herself whenever he looked at her like that. That soul bonding connection that made her yield to him; she couldn't focus or think with it. It made her mind and thoughts blind. She needed space. She needed to breathe. She needed to think and right now, it was just plain impossible to get a grip and ground herself. To form rational and conscious thought was just not possible for her right now.

"No! Let go of me! I-I...I can't do this! I can't take this...please, let me go!" She fought and tugged against his grip, but his superior strength didn't yield. He yanked her again, pulling her against him, the force of his pull making her look up at him with her tear stained face.

"I am not letting you go! I told you I would never let you go, didn't I?!" He yelled. Her teeth gritted from the agony of loving him. Her body trembled with combatting between staying near him and tearing herself from him. She panted with heartache and grief, feeling one of his hands free her wrist and caress her face of its tears. She sniffed and sobbed, unable to stop herself from slightly nudging into his palm whilst staring into his eyes. His touch. She always loved his touch and...oh, God, he was making her swoon again. She was falling for him again.

"Please. Please, listen to me. I would never do this to you, Sakura. I would never hurt you. I promised Niko, I would never hurt you. I promised Naruto and Kakashi, I would never hurt you. I swore to this entire world that I'd protect you with my life. I love you, and I would never, ever hurt you like this; I would never hurt you in any way. Espeically, not like this!" He murmured, continuing to brush his nose against hers, hoping it would remind her of their love. He'd say it a million times if he had to. He'd tell her over and over, in front of the world how much he loved her if it would remind her of his love and end this ridiculous situation. He hoped she remembered his promise to Niko, and how he promised the boy that he would give his life for hers.

It almost worked. Her pained filled eyes glistened beyond the tears that filled them and he could see the remembrance of their love. He could see the love they shared in her eyes, behind the pain she was feeling currently, and it brought him some hope. And with that, he pulled her closer, hoping she could see past that damning scene and see only him. He hoped she could see only their love and nothing else.

"I love only you, Sakura..." He whispered gently and it was when his lips brushed against hers that everything slammed back into her a thousand fold. For that small moment, she lost herself to him. Again. As always, he made her lose her sense of self and she couldn't think. For that brief, moment, she had her heart stolen by him just from touch and his sweet nothings, and it was just simply too much to handle. It was too much to bear, with the memory of Karin's body against his and all the power he had over her with her love of him; even if he didn't know it. Even if she was close to him…even if she loved him as much as she did...

He made you his employee, why? To keep you close so he could obtain your heart? Then what? He wants to be with a secretary?

She thought it was like that...that's what Sasuke did. He said he wanted to be with her. He was here, begging her to hear him out, brushing his lips against hers like he always did. He was staring down at her as he always had, albeit, he had a frightened look behind it.

Frightened...because he got caught...

...In a setup?

The desire to run away from all it all won over her wanting to trying to make sense of it. Over her love of him and want to understand him, she just wanted to get away. She couldn't deal with these racing emotions. It was going to destroy her if she didn't get away soon. Fight or flight mode kicked in with the stressful situation, and her body was choosing flight, since her mind was out of commission to make the decision. So, her mind did what she always did when she didn't want to handle something and she wasn't able to make sense of it. She cut her connections to him and she pulled her body away again.

She built her walls faster than the blink of an eye and sealed herself within them, where no one could reach her until she felt like it. And after this, she wasn't going to open the seals for anyone. She wasn't going to let anyone in, ever again. He was going to be the very last person to hurt her. He was going to be the very last person she ever let in again. He was going to be the last one to break her heart!

"Let go. I can't take it anymore! Let go!" She screamed this time, inciting his wrath. His wide eyes, shocked from her behavior, became infuriated with both his own confusion and dismay. Why? Why was she still fighting him and their love? He felt it for a brief moment. She was hearing him out for a brief second. She was back to loving him and now she regressed to getting away!

"I don't want to be here anymore! Let me go!" She didn't want to remember him in another woman's arms. She didn't want to remember how his hands had Karin against the wall, the same way he had held her. She didn't want to remember them being so close. She didn't want to be here. He gripped her wrist even tighter and he pulled her against him once more, this time, in complete and utter desperation.

"I love you! I told you I love you! Does that mean nothing?! Is that not enough for you to at least hear my side of the story?!" He yelled in frantic panic and it only made him seem desperate. The wrong kind of desperate, unfortunately. Rather than seeming desperate to keep her and make everything clear, it only seemed he was desperate to cover his tracks. At least to her. He was desperate enough to scream those words that had captured her heart ever so completely.

"I love you more. So much more." He had said before, and right now, there was no proof of that. With her cruel, argumentative mind, there was no proof of that being truthful and it broke her even more.

'I can't tell anymore...' A part of her bitterly thought and it made her want to disappear. It made her want to forget everything. Her mind, as complicated as it was, couldn't handle all this confusion, on top of the absolute turmoil and agony she felt. She just wanted to get away. She wanted Sasuke to go away. She wanted this all to go away.

"I don't know anymore!" She yelled, angrily yanking him off with success. He froze with disbelief and she turned away from him, giving him her back. There was a tense silence, given birth by Sakura's anger and Sasuke's utter shock.

After everything...after everything he said and done, she didn't know?! Because of this? Was he seriously about to lose her for this? For Karin?! Time and time again, he assured and reassured her he didn't want Karin when the woman was harrassing her. He loved her to the fullest; he showered her with affection and love, that still wasn't even enough to show the true extent of his feelings, so why? Why was she even entertaining this ridiculousness?! She turned away hastily, rushing towards the elevator with her teeth clenched. He followed.

"What do you mean, you don't know?! Of course you do! Everything! Everything I have ever done ever since meeting you was because I love you! Since day one, Sakura! You know that!" He yelled, watching her jab the elevator button multiple times, as if it couldn't come fast enough. Sakura turned and sent him a damning glare, full of distrust and disbelief.

"So, you're getting ready to fuck her in a closet because you love me?" She seethed. He glared in frustration. Why wasn't she listening?! Was everything he was saying going through one ear and out the other? Could she really only focus on what she saw? She couldn't recall how just earlier this morning, he had grabbed, touched and kissed her with obsessive need, just minutes before a meeting arrived? Did she not recall how he made love to her last night? How he made love to her the night before that?! How he loved her, before even that?!

"Are you not fucking listening?! I told you it is not what it fucking looks like! It's a fucking setup, Sakura!" He yelled louder, out of anger. Sakura stared, the tears flowing down her face never ceased and her hands clenched into fists. She wanted to believe him. She wanted this whole thing to be a misunderstanding. She'd rather she'd be wrong about what she was seeing. A setup the damn bitch plotted, but the only thing she could think of right now was him holding Karin against the wall, pulling away from what appeared to be a heavy make out session. His shirt was still unbuttoned and all. Hw was she supposed to believe that? Was it a setup...by Karin…

"A setup by her, or by you?" She asked quietly, stabbing him in the heart.

"S-Sakura...y-you...have to believe me...please..." He stated slowly. Her eyes cringed.

"How do I know...which is which? After this...how can I believe you? How do you expect me to...just accept this?" She questioned further. He shook his head in aguish and grabbed her hand, pulling it to his chest.

"How could you think...how could you think I would ever be capable of this? You know me. You know me, Sakura, I would never do something like this! I know it looks bad, I know how it fucking looks, but—" He was cut off by her broken hearted chuckle. She laughed. Spewing sad and pain filled tears, she laughed. One of her hands went over her crying eyes.

But what? It was a mistake? It was all just a screwed up misunderstanding she walked in on? How in the hell was she supposed to believe him after all this? Off love?

Love and life had never been so kind, nor generous. Not once in her life and just when she thought that maybe karma and the universe was throwing her a bone with his entrance into her life, wham! It was as if she were a fish in the sea and he was the bait she unknowingly attacked, while it was on a fishing hook. Life reeled her in, with such a precious resource and then ripped it away. And not just the bait. It took her heart; her life.

It wasn't just him. It was everything. It was her pain now. It was her past trauma. It was the constant struggle and strength it took, to overcome years of nightmares and PTSD. Everything just finally came crashing down on her, after all this time of trying to keep it together; for her sake and everyone else's. It was all of this and she just didn't want to believe anything anymore. She didn't want to believe anything was real. She didn't want to believe he was real. He couldn't have been. He had been too perfect to be real, and that had to been the reality of it all. He was nothing but an illusion, born out of a reality she wished was real. He was a fake.

And shit; it was her own fault.

"I...I was a fool. I thought...I thought I could actually be worthy of being by your side, but...I'm not. I was so...so stupid to think I could actually have you. A streetrat like me...actually being at your side for the rest of my life? What would everyone even think? I'd look like some gold digger." She whimpered and chuckled, breaking his mind. Their first night making love, she had confessed she thought she didn't have a chance with him. Did she really think Karin was a better alternative? Seriously?! She was shattering him.

She had never felt so far away from him before. Even all those times he had mentally whined and complained about her not being near, even when they had their several misunderstandings before this, she was never, ever so far; and she stood no more than a few inches away from him. She turned and he stared at her back, still holding her hand.

"S-Stupid...I was so...stupid to fall in love with you. Stupid!" She gasped and heaved out of her lips. A lesson she remembered learning all those years ago when Yota died.

"You should have learned your place, slumkid."

'I should have known my place...if I had known my place...' Her teeth gritted, now angry with herself. It was like she didn't learn from the past.

She shouldn't have stepped out of her place. Life proved it, if she desired to step out of her place, it would punish her tenfold back into it and it did. It always did and she should have known this would have been the same outcome, despite how she felt.

Sasuke could feel it—the severing of their connection. He felt like his chest was being torn open with that statement and his heart felt like it was being stabbed over and over with a burning knife. He felt like he wanted to die, right now. The only other thing he could question was if she felt the same way. Maybe that's why his heart was hurting so much? He was feeling her...and it was breaking him.

And while he didn't know it, it was the same for her. Or maybe he did know, and for the moment, he could only think of his own agony at this happening. Sakura could see the torment in his eyes. She could see the anguish and the desperation. But she couldn't think right now. She didn't want to think or feel anything and with that objective in mind, she kept her eyes downward, so she wouldn't be spell-casted by him again.

"Sakura, that's not true. You're not unworthy. You're not stupid. You're everything I have ever wanted. You're everything to me. Please, don't—"

Sakura's tears flowed faster and harder. She wanted to believe it. She wanted to. But how could she? Feeling like he was lying to her, getting confirmation of those lies...she wasn't sure about his love for her anymore, when she originally had no shadow of a doubt for it.

"Even if you doubt me...never doubt my love for you."

How could she not?! How could she not doubt his love with what she saw? It wasn't just that she doubted him now. She doubted everything. She doubted every single thing that had ever happened between them and she doubted everything he told her. And he felt it. With his study of her, he knew his integrity to her had been lost, whether it was his fault or not. She saw what she saw. Even if he was as innocent as he was, it didn't change what she saw. It didn't change his shirt and tie being partially undone. It didn't change the position he was caught in.

The elevator door opened behind her with a sounding bell, and her hand slid from his as she turned away.

"I'm...I have to go. A-and I...I quit." She murmured, walking into the express elevator. He stayed frozen in place for a motion. Time moved in slow motion again. I quit? What did she mean? What did she mean she quit?! What was she quitting?! The job? Him? Everything? She didn't even say. The elevator door was just about to close before he threw his hand on it, the sensor stopping the door and reopening. He entered, grabbing her shoulders tightly.

A last ditch attempt.

"Sakura!" He yelled what he could feel was the final chance he had.

"Don't leave me! Please, Sakura, just hear me our and let me explai—" She pushed him back hard, with enough force to throw him out the elevator. He barely caught his footing.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" Sakura suddenly screamed. He was taken aback, staring as she stopped herself from saying anything more and as she panted; trying to obtain some kind of breath she lost. He had never been a target of Sakura's rage; not even receiver of a single moment of anger that she had displayed to Naruto. The small spat they had when Karin first tried to come between them with Kakashi was nothing compared to this. However, that yell—that look that flashed in her eyes as it happened was damaging enough to make him freeze in his place. He silenced in an instant only to watch absolute grief appear her eyes.

]She stared at him the same way she stared at Indra in his office that day. She stared as if she was cruelly murdering him with her eyes, while her eyes claimed he was the most important person in this word. She was killing him in her eyes, over and over, and this time, her eyes were even more anguished than when she stared at Indra. She was in so much more turmoil and pain, staring at Sasuke and his entire self was being severed in pieces because of it.

"S-Sakura..." He called and reached, too slowly. The elevator doors were already closing.

"Don't...touch me...ever again..." She whispered hugging herself, as the door closed between them. It sealed shut and Sasuke let out a breath of disbelief and shock he didn't know he was holding. His hand reached out, palmed against the elevator doors, willing for her to come back but he didn't have that kind of power, even for a man such as himself. His body trembled with angst. His knees wanted to give out, and it had to have been the paralysis of shock and muscle memory that kept his body standing. His teeth clenched before he banged his head against it, staring wide-eyed into the gold elevator doors and his hands clenched into tight fists.

Damn it, no. Not after everything being wonderful between them. He had finally taken the step to push their relationship all the way. She gave herself to him and now it was all gone. Sakura was gone and—and fuck; she took his sanity with her. What did he even do right now? What was he supposed to do right now? No. No, this wasn't happening. This was not happening.

Karin bit her bottom lip. She had started this. She made this happen. Now, she had to go through with it. She made her bed and now she would lay in it. Even after seeing what had transpired, she couldn't let this opportunity go to waste. She got the pink haired wench out of the picture. Now, she just needed to insert herself into it. Surely, she could make the Uchiha fall for her, now that she had his attention. This had to have been her only chance now.

All those years in college; where he disregarded her and rejected her. She didn't understand. She did everything she could to obtain his attention. She prayed, this would make him accept her. She could finally hope for him to take care of her, when no one worth a damn in this worthless world would. She was of his class after all, unlike that streetrat. There shouldn't have been a chance for that slum bitch to gain his heart entirely. Surely, he would look past someone worthless, to someone like her, who grew up in his societal class. She was determined to melt her family with the Uchiha, so they could obtain one of the most ultimate statuses.

She could save her family from going broke, if she married Sasuke Uchiha; and her family was prestigious. It would work out. With her familial money and their promises, it would all work out and Sasuke Uchiha would be her husband. She'd gain all the benefits in the world and life would be perfect. It was now or never. She would gain Sasuke's heart, here and now, especially when he was truly abandoned by his lover. With the pink haired wench out of the way, he could finally notice her.

Still, rather hesitantly, she put back on her seductive mask. Be it the sudden fear she felt or slight apprehension from the display of love he showed to another woman, she was fearful to even continue. She gave her best smile. She needed to do her best work, to make sure Sasuke would instantly come to her. If she could swoon him, she could win him.

Just as she wanted. This was the plan, after all.

"Ooooh, Sasuke-kun, just ignore her. She isn't worth your time. You see? That streetrat wouldn't even listen to you. You won't have that problem with me. I'll do anything you want." The sentence itself erased what had just happened in front of her, and she was stuck on the image of doing anything for him. Anything. Surely, that invitation would erase his thoughts of the other woman. Sasuke tensed.

"I can certainly do much better than her." He heard Karin's snarky, hideous voice behind him and his eyes flashed with complete and utter rage from their distraught gaze on the elevator doors. He heard her nearing him. Sasuke turned around slowly; his eyes glaring at her exponentially darker, with each click clack of her heels. She neared him, placing a hand against his chest, not bothering with reading his murderous facial features at all. Sasuke stared at her with enraged disbelief as she stared up at him with lust and caressed his face, the way Sakura had. Her red eyes stared up at him adoringly and without any regard at all to what she just witnessed.

Even after that, she dared to touch him? Even after that, she dared to imply that she could match Sakura's place? What did she call Sakura? A streetrat?

Sasuke stared at her blankly, with complete, guttural rage. He just remembered, the first week of him and Sakura being together, Karin had approached her. She had talked crap about how Sakura was less than him and how she didn't deserve him. That had to have added on to all of this.

I was a fool. I thought...I thought I could actually be worthy of being by your side, but...I'm not.

S-Stupid...I was so...stupid to fall in love with you. Stupid!

His hands slowly clenched into fists at his sides. It did effect her. It did effect Sakura and all that had just transpired. Words that had been put into her head because this bitch in front of him couldn't leave him alone.

A street rat like me...actually being at your side for the rest of my life. What would everyone even think? I'd look like some gold digger.

He never cared about her status. He never cared at all about her past other than what had hurt her or what had occurred to make her the woman she was today. It shouldn't have mattered. It didn't need to matter. He didn't care if what people saw or thought or thought was her being a gold digger because he knew she wasn't. She loved him, truly and he loved her. He never cared about his status. He didn't care and he didn't think Sakura would care either. Their love was supposed to be enough. Their love should have been enough.

It would have been enough...if not for this!

"Sasuke-kuuun. Don't worry." She damn near moaned to him as she placed her head against his chest and he stayed staring down at her with complete disbelief. His eyes had widened even more and he begged for humanity. He begged all Gods' above, for humanity and sanity. He begged all divinity, that he could find humanity in himself to not kill Karin, right here and now.

He truly, truly begged. And if his prayers had indeed been answered and he was given the humanity and sanity he so desperately needed right now, it was not enough.

He wasn't sure any amount of humanity or sanity could be enough to save him or her at the moment.

"I can give you better. I'll make you happy, Sasuke-kun. There's no need to think about her. I'll help you forget all about her. Why don't we continue where we left off to make you feel better." She said seductively, touching his bare chest and it dragged down towards his crotch. She gazed at him with temptive eyes...

And it enraged him even more. Her continued arrogance and ignorance filled him with nothing but pure wrath and disgust. She was trying to look sweet and gentle with him, but he could only see a monster. A disgusting beast that took Sakura from him with it's disgusting and unwarranted actions. How many times had he told it to go away? How many times had he told it to fuck off? And like an incurable fucking STD, she just kept popping back up, despite his warnings and despite his wants!

His body fully tensed up. His teeth gritted. His face had become nothing but the epitome of rage, and she would have noticed herself, if it hadn't been for her delightedly closed eyes.

"Let me make you feel good, Sasuke-kun." She whispered temptively.

She really did hope to gain his heart like this? Was this woman that insane? Did she not just watch everything that transpired?

"Better...than her?" He questioned with revulsion.

He felt sick to his stomach. She ruined everything. She was the reason for everything that just happened! She took Sakura away from him and a blind rage consumed him instantly at the acknowledgement of it. If it wasn't for her...Sakura would still be here. She'd be waiting for him at Temari's bar. She'd have waited for him to pick her up or met him at her home. Before she left, she would have kissed him goodbye and he would have held her in his arms for however long he could. If it wasn't for her...

If it wasn't for Karin...

"H-Huh?" Karin sounded out and it incurred his wrath even more.

She was proclaiming she could make him feel better? After what she just did? She claimed she could make him forget about Sakura, even after what just happened?! After he damn near begged Sakura not to go...he couldn't wrap his head around how Karin deemed that she could possibly match Sakura's importance. How could she match the desire Sakura gave him, when he had none for her? How could she hope to make him "feel better"? By just touching his crotch?

She gave him none of the things Sakura gave him. None of the desire. None of the longing. None of the want and need. The woman had always just thrown herself at him, when he didn't want it and he always pushed her off because of that. Because she always acted like this. Like she somehow owned him, and could do whatever she wanted with him, when that was never the case.

"You? Better than her? You really think...you could ever be better than her?" He started seething. Karin finally seemed to notice how pissed off he was. Her act dropped instantly and she stared up at him warily. Karin's eyes widened. Finally, she seemed to catch on to his fury. The rage in his eyes was unfathomable. His aura was murderous and uncomfortable, so much so, she stepped back from him.

"S-Sasuke—" She called his name, and he had never been more horrified to hear it in his life.

"You honestly think, of all people in this world, you are better than her? You can replace her for me?! You?!" He growled angrily.

"Sasuke-kun w-wait…d-don't be angry! D-Didn't it feel good? I can do more—" She whimpered fearfully. He glared even more harshly. Don't be angry?

"What should I be right now, Karin? What should I feel?! Should I be happy? Should I be ecstatic?! Horny?! After what you've just done?!" Sasuke snarled, nearing the woman, a dangerous aura spewing from him. Karin trembled slightly as fear began crawling in her spine. For each step he took towards her, she took one back. This wasn't the outcome she thought would occur. She had hoped that in kissing him, he'd just give into impulse and start ravaging her. She thought, with their relationship now in tatters, he'd seek the closest comfort he could, which would be her. She didn't think this would be the outcome of her desires.

"I-I can explain, Sasuke-kun. I-I—"

"There's no need to explain, Karin. I understand it all clearly." He seethed, giving her that frightening and murderous look in his eyes. In an instant, he grabbed her neck and slammed her against the now nearby wall she had unconsciously backed up against.

If she didn't get the message after this, then there was no getting through to her at all.

"Gugh! W-Wait! S-Sas-uke—khhh!" She choked out, fear reaching her face. He glared down at her with hatred; an insane look in his hate-filled eyes between the short curtains of his black hair, as he gripped her throat in an iron and unforgiving grasp. Their faces were inches apart. His eyes were glaring maddeningly into hers. He had lost all control of himself.

All he wanted was to choke the life out of her.

"What's wrong? This is what you wanted, right? You wanted us to be close, right? You wanted me to lay my hands on you, right?! Isn't this what you wanted, Karin?!" He snarled with fury, and jerked her roughly at the end of his questions. Her teeth gritted and he watched her eyes fill with tears and fear. He was going to watch the life leave her eyes. He was barely holding back from crushing her windpipe all together, but he wanted to take this slow. He was going to strangle her right here and now, as slowly as possible. As a matter of fact, he remembered an article he was quite appalled from reading. If done right, it can take a while for her to lose consciousness and even longer or her to die. There were even historical records of hangings that lasted close to ten minutes since their neck didn't snap. Even one where a criminal lasted fifteen.

How long could he keep her conscious and strangle the life out of her at the same time? He wondered and he was going to find out.

She grabbed his wrist in one hand and pushed him with the other. He didn't budge.

"P-Please...Sasuke...st-stop! I-I c-can't br-breathe!" She choked out, frantically. Sasuke relished that answer.

'Good.' The single word sneered in his mind and he didn't move his grip. Was this how badly Sakura had him? Was this how much he loved her? He felt nothing but a murderous rage right now. He supposed Karin revealed the full truth of his feelings for Sakura. He was completely willing to take Karin's life, here and now and he didn't care. If he was willing to take a woman's life for her, then surely he'd take any others. It couldn't go any further than this, could it? He wasn't sure.

After his talk with Indra, he thought he finally understood how much he loved her and what made him love her so much, but apparently, he was wrong. Each time it seemed like he got a grasp of how much he loved Sakura, something happened to reveal that he still had no clue of the truth. There was always more. The abyss just grew deeper and deeper.

All he knew for sure, was that he wanted was Sakura back. If killing Karin right now would do it, then so be it.

"I'm curious, Karin. What did you think was going to happen? What, in that thickheaded, dimwitted, fucked up head of yours did you think would go down after pulling a stunt like this?"

"I-I just—" She coughed, finally she could barely feel the ground with her stiletto heels.

"—Wanted y-you to n-notice a-and acknowledge m-me! I-I wa-wanted you t-to...want me…I just...!" Her eyes filled with tears, staring into his and she watched a cruel look come into his already hateful gaze and his grip started squeezing tighter with her reasoning. His mind flashed back to just hours before. That right there was the difference between her and Sakura. It had always been like she saw him as some object, she could have and do whatever, whenever she wanted. Like he wasn't a person. The woman he was currently choking out had never made herself to be anything more than a damn attention seeker and he despised it. All these years, she desired his attention with meaninglessness, and he detested her for it. It was always about the money and the sex they never had.

He despised her even more now, for being the reason one of his only desires was gone.

"Well, congratulations. You now have my full attention, Karin. You have all my acknowledgement. How does it feel? Is it everything you dreamed of? Is it everything you fantasized?" Sasuke seethed diabolically, now squeezing tight enough to make her cough and gag for air. His chest ached, seeing Sakura's pained face again. Karin's feet kicked, both of them grabbing his wrist now with panic. She was gasping and wheezing. He had never hurt a woman before. He had always been taught to be a gentleman. This would be controversy. But he did not give a single fuck in the world. He wanted her gone. He wished she never existed in the first place.

Then Sakura never would have given him that look. She never would have been in pain. She would still be here, if it had not been for this very woman's existence.

"She was everything I dreamed of! She was everything I fantasized! Tell me, Karin! Is this everything you wanted? Have you finally achieved your dreams, after destroying mine? After ruining everything I wanted, have you finally gotten what you desired?! Is this what you fucking wanted?!" He yelled fiercely. Her eyes pained, seeing the torture in his infuriated eyes. Why was she just now realizing that this was overboard? She just wanted to win that badly? She was so driven by obsession that she ignored his happiness?

But she wanted to be the one he felt happy with. She wanted to be the one to make him smile. She wanted to be the one he desperately grabbed and begged not to leave.

But...never. Not once, did he ever give her the chance to be all that for him.

"Why…" She raspily whispered. His eyes widened, the incredulous fury in them stabbing into her.

"Why...not...me…? W-What does she have that I-I don't?! I-I can give you...mo-more than she ever could." She choked out and his eyes widened even more. He was baffled beyond human understanding. His years of reading people and understanding their motions never could have prepared him for something like this. As a matter of fact, this had to have been unprecedented. Humans were crazy as proven by history, but this woman before him had to have topped the charts. A smirk came on to his face and slowly he chuckled. His chuckles and giggling fit slowly and cruelly turned into a full blown laughter in hysteria.

She never thought the first time she ever heard him laugh would be a laughter full of anguish, agony and turmoil. And if it wasn't for this, maybe it wouldn't have been.

"You're insane...you are that...fucking insane?" He laughed cruelly and maniacally. It was a terrible laugh he heard himself. Now, he sounded crazy but then again, this would be the effect on any normal person who had just lost everything they loved and confronted the person responsible. This was a completely normal and justified reaction to losing everything. It was as if this were some thriller movie with a big, mind boggling twist on the protagonist. Maybe he was in a coma. Maybe Karin and Sakura never existed at all and it was just some sort of fake reality projected into his mind. That was it, wasn't it? That was the plot twist. They both never existed in the first place!

Either way, he was going off the rails and he had no control anymore. Not like this. Not after losing his entire world. Not with Sakura out of his reach, both emotionally and physically.

"Sh-She...She doesn't e-even have sta-status! She d-doesn't deserve you!" Sasuke laughed harder at her claim.

"And you do?" He snickered out. Karin was at a loss for words, both thanks to Sasuke's grip and his cruel words. Didn't she? She went to school with him. She was of similar status as him, even if her family was going a little broke. He could fix it. He could fix everything with her if he would just accept her. He could learn to love her the way he loved Sakura...couldn't he?

"Are you seriously trying to say you deserve me, more than she does? What makes you so deserving, Karin? Tell me. Is it your family? Is it ambition? Your unshakeable resolve?" He asked, still chuckling at her. Karin cried, gasping for air as Sasuke's enraged cruelty continued to kill her over and over more than the choking he was doing.

"Your family means nothing. I don't even know who they are. And if I met them at all, I don't remember them. Your family name, whatever it is, means jackshit to me. You mean nothing. Compared to me, you are, at best, middle class—just passed the poverty line. You're not of my class. You are not deserving and if your actions have said anything thus far, you're worse than a streetrat. You're nothing but scum. You disgust me. I can't even see you as a human being." He seethed maliciously. Her tears fell faster.

"I-I don't...u-understand..." She squeaked out, making him all the more bewildered. What the hell couldn't she understand? What about this was incomprehensible?

She destroyed his world and he was pissed off for it. Was there no explanation more simplisitic in this world?

"What...could you possibly not understand? After all this, what don't you understand?" He asked in an incredulous whisper. He had to ask. Because at this point, he didn't understand either. He didn't understand a single thing and it would probably take a miracle to gain even a slight hint of understanding. She gave him a bitter look. A look that resembled Sakura's agonized gaze towards him as he told her he loved her, but nowhere near equated to it. Sakura's had been so much more tortured. So much more painful.

So as he watched Karin give that same agonized look, he felt nothing but disgust and even more rage than before. After what she did? She was just playing victim at this point!

"I can give you more than she can! I can give you so much more! So just give me a chance! Please! After all these years, just—" She was cut off with his cruel and maniacal snicker again. It was ridiculous.

"You have got to be kidding me." He laughed out. This whole thing happening was absolutely and positively ludicrous and absurd, he almost truly didn't believe this was happening. As he thought just moments before, this was nothing but an absurd and fucked up prank; a simulation. This was a crazed nightmare, induced by some ingested drug he wasn't aware of taking. And if this really was reality, he wasn't just angry with her alone anymore. He was angry at himself. He really shouldn't have been lazy. He should have taken the restraining order out on her when he thought of it and instead, he put it off.

All because he didn't feel like going to court and he was more focused on the other things happening around him and Sakura; from his work to her protection. He was too busy getting ready for a cruise, securing Sakura's protection and his company and he let Karin slip so damn far, she did this. He should have just did what he was thinking about doing the whole time.

He didn't think she'd go this far, having known her for the amout of time he did. He figured she'd eventually leave him alone. She usually did, whenever he told her to screw off. He'd figured she'd get the hint. Apparently, he was wrong. So wrong. He should have gone through with it the moment he thought of it and she wouldn't have been permitted within a mile of him or the building. That would have prevented all of this, if he had just did it when he was supposed to.

'Hindsight really is twenty-fucking-twenty.' He mentally noted and chuckled.

"Sasuke—" He couldn't stop laughing. Maybe at this point, he had finally lost it.

"Are you...fucking serious? A chance? You want me to give you a fucking chance? After all this?!" He laughed and heaved. He couldn't believe this. He truly, truly couldn't. Not even the women he had restraining orders against went this far. None of them had violated him like this. They had broken onto his property. They kept calling his phone after gaining his number somehow or they were just straight out camping, either in front of his home or Uchiha Corps, but none of them resorted to this. None of them actually touched him, none had directly sabatoged his life...unlike Karin.

"How the hell can you even expect that from me? How the fuck can you even think that's possible after this? Are you seriously that entitled? You think you can just waltz around and do whatever you want, and expect to have your way? Was I really supposed to want you, just because? After that?!" He asked her. He really wanted to know, was that really what she expected of him? Was he really just supposed to start fucking her in a closet, after ambushing him the way she did? Was he just supposed to break up with the love of his life, after an ambushed kiss and grope in a closet? She didn't answer and he had enough of looking at her. He was absolutely positively done.

"Well then, Karin, let me get this through your fucking thick, undeserving, skull!" Sasuke screamed at her, tightening his grip. Karin choked and her face was turning red. He made sure to look her in the eye. He wanted to make himself clear. If this woman was as obsessed with him as she claimed, then she'd see through his eyes that she crossed the fucking line. She directly intruded into his life. She directly sabotaged everything he wanted!

And he could not be more livid, than whenever he thought Sakura was with another man.

"There is nothing between us! There has never and will never be anything between us! The next time you just as much as step a foot within a mile of this fucking building or my home, or Sakura's, you will be arrested and I will have your life ruined into no return! If you get near Sakura in any way; if you contact her by phone, email, social media, if I just so much as think you passed her or saw her in the fucking street, even by fucking coincidence, I WILL, PERSONALLY, DO FAR WORSE!" Sasuke screamed, his eyes manic with hatred and fury. His other, unoccupied hand raised out of pure anger and Karin flinched for impact.

He stopped himself. He never hit a woman in his life. Just a single thought of this very thing happening to his mother or Sakura made him slam his fist hard into the wall next to Karin's face and not into it. He couldn't do it. No matter how much hate he had. No matter how much he really wanted to right now. He wouldn't dare hit a woman. He was already doing enough as it was, even if it was out of rage. It was no excuse.

"Get the hell out of my fucking sight and don't you dare, ever, come back. And if you decide to try your luck, if you do come back, expect me to actually strangle the life from you. No matter what, Karin." He seethed between gritted teeth releasing her neck and she fell to her knees. She coughed and grabbed her throbbing throat, allowing tears to fall from her face. She watched his shiny work shoes turn from her.

"S-Sa—" She tried, only to look up and see an unforgiving look in his enraged eyes.

"I said get the hell out of my fucking sight." He warned and his seethed voice ensured that it was the final time he was going to say it, before he decided she couldn't live anymore. She ran, crying and sobbing, the instant he gave the order. He remained in silence in the hallway of his office floor, reaching for his phone and dialing a number. A few rings and the voicemail came.

"You've reached Sakura Haruno! Sorry I can't take your call right now, but please leave your name and number and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! Bye!"

Sasuke's eyes lowered, a hand running through his hair. He started pacing in circles.

"Sakura, please...call me back." He said quietly, lowering the phone and hanging up. He walked into his office, sitting in his chair to calm down. This was one situation he truly didn't see coming. He couldn't have predicted this and he damn sure never imagined he and Sakura would ever go through something like this. His next meeting was coming soon. His breathing felt short. He was already calling again.

"You've reached Sakura Haruno!" Her voicemail started speaking after a few rings. His eyes narrowed, glaring with frustration and anger.

'No…' He called again. This time, the voicemail came on faster. Was she declining his calls?

"You've reached Sakura Haruno!"

'Please!' He mentally begged her. He called again. This time, it went straight to voicemail.

"You've reached Sakura Haruno!"

This...this just wasn't fair. For once in his life, he wanted something. He actually wanted something for himself, he had obtained it through his own means and effort and now this. He lost the one thing he wanted and it wasn't even his fault. If he was ever going to lose her, he at least wished it was actually his fault!

"Sakura, I know how it looked, but it wasn't what it looked like! I swear I would never do that to you. Call me back...please. Please, let me explain everything that happened." He pleaded. He hung up. He called again.

Sakura felt herself stop breathing the moment the elevator doors shut with the final inhale she took. She pressed herself against the wall as the elevator started moving, and her vision blurred with tears and she was doing her best not to burst out into a breakdown. Her chest was burning. Her vision was blurry with hot tears and she pursed her lips to try and keep herself together. She just needed to keep it together. Keep it together. She just needed to leave the building. Dear God above—any Gods above—she just needed to make it outside the building and then she could go. She'd never come back here again. She'd never see him again. She shut her eyes tightly.

'Please, just let me make it out of the building, please!' She mentally begged the heavens and tried her best, in vain, to hold back her over-welling tears. Her chest hurt. Her head hurt. Everything hurt. It all felt like it was too much and all she could do was slap her face into her hands. She wanted to collapse to her knees right here, but she reminded herself she was still in the building. She tried her best to hold back her sobs, but there was no stopping the shaking of her shoulders and the escapes of her whimpers. People entering and exiting the express elevator and exiting were staring at her and she was just trying her best to keep herself together. Damn it! It was taking forever to get downstairs. People kept getting on and off, as if the building was trying to keep her here for as long as possible because she was trying to get out of here as fast as possible.

All she had to do was leave and get away to somewhere and then she could breakdown all she wanted. She could breakdown they way she felt like she had to right now. She was barely holding it back.

And I love you, Sakura, so much. I love you with all that I can give."

Then why? Why was he holding Karin, the way he held her? Why was his shirt and tie undone?

I told you it is not what it fucking looks like!

Even if she tried, even when she wanted it to be untrue, she couldn't get it out of her head. The man that was supposed to be hers, with another woman.

Suddenly, she thought...was he ever truly hers to begin with?

You're mine, Sakura.

He had proclaimed that. Over and over. He had even made her say it, several times. And with the way he acted, from his territorial jealousy to his insatiable need to make love to her, she believed it. She was his, inside and out, she was truly his...but had he ever been hers?

I'm crazy for you. From day one, Sakura.

What had she even given him to make him feel like that? She had nothing to offer. She never offered anything. It was always him. He was the one always giving her everything. He was the one who made all the first moves, besides when she told him she loved him. Why did he even love her to begin with? Did he ever say?

You've made me lose my mind. Just from your smile, I completely forget everything.

You took over my mind, without even meaning to.

She really didn't know anymore. She didn't know anything anymore and she simply didn't want to think anymore. She didn't want to remember anything. She didn't want to feel anything.

'Stop, stop, stop! Stop it! Stop!' She told herself in vain, gripping the sides of her head as the image flashed through her curse of a mind again. Over and over, it replayed while she begged her mind to stop it. Stop seeing him holding Karin against the wall with her leg wrapped around him. Stop seeing Karin rub her hand down his open chest. Stop! Just stop thinking. Stop all bodily functions. Just...stop everything.

'Just...turn it off. Please.' She mentally begged with agony, gripping her own hair. Her mind and her heart couldn't handle this. She couldn't take this. This pain, this turmoil, loving him, even now, she couldn't take it. The other people were starting to stare at her on the elevator and she wanted to disappear. She didn't want to be here.

Turn off the sound, turn off the color, turn off the air; turn off everything!

Will you love him if he breaks your heart? Indra's voice came back to haunt her and as she thought after the first night Sasuke made love to her, she was broken. She felt beyond heartbroken. Her mind was screaming. Her chest was burning and it currently had the sensation of being ripped open from the middle; skin, muscle, bones and all. She loved him so much. She loved him so much, even now. Even with her heart having been ripped from her chest by his and another woman's hands.

"Sakura-Chan?" She heard a familiar voice. A voice that had always been a comfort to her. A voice that always came to her when something was wrong and in an instant, she brought her tearful face up to look at Naruto. His eyes widened, filling with anger instantly upon seeing her face full of tears. His sister was crying and this wasn't going to go without punishment! He swore it. He grabbed her shoulders and gripped her for stability, while staring into her eyes. They were alone in the elevator for now, as she just noticed, but staring into her tear filled eyes, he couldn't give two damns about anyone else. No one else existed right now except for her, whether they were there or not and Naruto gripped her tightly.

"Sakura-Chan, what's wrong? What happened?" He asked with complete seriousness, in contrast to his usual, cheery attitude. Sakura cringed entirely, body, face and all. The only thing she could see was Sasuke having another woman in his hands and the possible makeshift excuse that it was all a mistake. She hoped it was a mistake. She wished it was a mistake. A setup, like he said.

But what did that matter right now?

All she could see was him, with another woman. Setup or not. Fake or not, she just wanted to get away from it all right now. She didn't want to think about it anymore. She didn't want to see it anymore.

With that thought she sobbed, being grabbed in his arms and her brother held her close. His eyes glared at the floor behind her as she wailed uncontrollably into his chest. He held her even tighter and she clutched into the back of his blazer. Sakura hadn't cried like this in years. She had only cried like this when they both lost a close friend a few years back. But this was probably even worse than before.

"Talk to me, Sakura-Chan. What happened?" He interrogated again. She sniffed and sobbed, and did her best to speak, only because it was Naruto.

"S-Sa-suk-e...k-kun…" She stuttered and whimpered into his chest. His eyes glared even harsher.

"Sasuke? What happened? Did he hurt you?!" He growled in notion. Sakura only panted and cried harder at the mention of his name. Naruto held her tighter and his brow furrowed. No. It couldn't be. Sasuke wouldn't hurt her. There was no way. He had been head over heels for her from the beginning and that never changed. The words Sasuke said to him replayed from the other day.

"Naruto...I love her more than I can express with words."

Those words were true. Naruto believed it. Then why?

"I'd give my life for hers. I'd give her the world if I could and the moon along with it. And I love her so much, I can barely contain it."

And that text, just hours ago!

What are Sakura's favorite flowers dobe?

So what the hell happened?! What did that Teme do to screw this up?! What the hell was going on?!

"Sakura-Chan, just breathe. Tell me what happened—" He didn't have a chance to finish his sentence. Sakura heard the elevator bell ring and pushed her very own brother away. This was the forty-third floor and she decided to just take the stairs so she didn't have to do this right now. Others entering the elevator watched her leave with confusion.

"Forget it!" She yelled out and rushed away. Naruto was going to call for her only for the elevator doors to close and other employees blocked his path. He frowned. He knew Sakura well enough. He was not going to get answers from her right now.

There was someone he could get answers from though. A single name she had cried out…and with that, Naruto got off the elevator on the next floor it opened for, to wait for another one. This elevator was going down afterall.

And he needed to go to the one hundred and twenty sixth floor.

Sakura ran down the stairs. Her tears blurred her vision. She pushed passed any one who was in her way and before she knew it, she was finally in the lobby. Her phone started ringing and she grabbed it from her bag. Seeing his name on it only brought her more turmoil. She declined the call. She didn't want to speak with him now. Her phone rang again almost instantly along with the notification that she had received a voicemail. Then it rang again. His name, again. She declined frantically, the tears in her eyes blurring her vision so much so, she missed the decline button the first time.

It rang again and she declined again, this time turning off her phone. Certainly, he was going to call her again and she didn't want to hear his voice. She didn't want to speak with him right now. She couldn't see him after this. She didn't want to think about it or think about him and Karin.

She rushed towards the exit, trying to hide her downcast face until she was called out.

"Sakura! Oi! Cherry! Hey!" She looked over to see Suigetsu walking towards her. The moment they locked eyes, he already had a look of concern on his face. His usually carefree lavender eyes were already completely serious and he started to approach her. She stopped, unsure if it was because of her confidence in Suigetsu or because he was a connection to Sasuke.

Either way, all she wanted was to get out of here.

"Sakur—" He reached her and was about to address her until his phone rang. Checking the caller ID, his brow furrowed. He wasn't liking this. What the hell was going on? Indra left alone. Now Sakura was here crying? And now Sasuke was calling?

And then he reached for his phone.

"Sasuke! Everything alright?"

The moment she heard the name her body took on its instinctual fight-or-flight mechanism. She couldn't fight anything right now, so she had to flee. She had to get away from this place. How could she have forgotten that she was in his property? It was his building. It said Uchiha Corporations all over it. She couldn't stay here and she damn sure couldn't be around Suigetsu. She dashed for the doors.

"Oi! Sakura, wait! Hey! What's wrong, Sakura?! Wait for me!" She heard Suigetsu say behind her.

She dashed through the entrance doors of Uchiha Corporations. Her breathing hastened. The sensitivity of her five senses increased tenfold and she dashed through the street, trying to get away as fast as she could. She couldn't be here. She couldn't be here. She needed to get away and the crowd made her even more frantic; upset, scared, frightened—people pushed and passed her in blurs she could barely see and she tried to move.

Suddenly, the world seemed like a scary place again. Once again, she was thrust into a world she barely adapted to and she was terrified and alone. She was panicking. She felt like the little girl she was before she met Naruto and before she became stronger with Tsunade's training. She panted and gasped. Where was she going? Where did she go? Just away from here! She apologized and spun in circles only for someone to grab her wrist.

She whipped her head towards whoever dared to grab her...only to see Indra.

"Sakura, calm down." He spoke, the way he so tenderly used to all those years ago, whenever she shot up from a nightmare. For whatever reason, her spinning world, finally, centered. She stared at him with crystal tears still spilling from her wide eyes and his own pained from seeing her like this.

"I-In...dra...?" She called his name between her sobs, as if she was unsure if he was really standing there. He frowned with even more concern.

"Sakura...what's wrong? What happened?"

She stared at him with anguish, remembering everything he had told her. It all came back to haunt her. He told her about Sasuke and she didn't want to believe it. She didn't believe it and then…

She gave out a sob and turned. She didn't want to remember anymore. There were too many thoughts swirling in her mind. There was too much happening in her convoluted, overactive mind and it was all too much for her. It was hurting. Her free hand lifted to grip her head from the dizzying strife and the torturous stress. He gripped her wrist a bit tighter. He was concerned.

If she continued like this, she could possibly get herself hurt...or she could hurt herself.

"Sakura…I know you despise me, but that doesn't mean I'm not here for you. Your hate for me, doesn't mean I don't care about you. What happened?" He asked sullenly. She gave him a bitterly pained look.

"You...were right..." She whispered painfully, her tear filled eyes staring down at the concrete with absolute depression. The light in her eyes was gone. She looked almost soulless, had it not been for the tears on her turmoiled expression. Indra's brow furrowed.

She'll be crying and hurt, but she'll be yours...

Her crying like this...looking like this, when he could have done something to avoid it; he was nowhere near right. He wasn't right in the slightest.

'No Sakura...I'm not. I was not right at all.' He thought and squeezed her wrist. If she was like this...he wasn't right. He didn't make the right decision twenty minutes ago. He let everything transpire...and now this was the result.


"You were right...about him..." She whimpered again, as if she accepted it as a painful fact of life. He gave another squeeze to her wrist in his grasp.

"Sakura, let me take you home. Whatever has happened—" She shook her head. She didn't want to go home. She didn't want to be anywhere that would make her think of him. She wanted to be away from here and she didn't want to think anymore. With an anguished sob, full of turmoil and pain, she snatched her hand away.

"Just leave me alone!" She screamed and ran, while he stared at her back. His eyes cringed and he felt a wave of pain that did not only stem from her running off on him with that statement. The pain he felt came from her entirely.

And as he followed her, he really questioned what exactly it was that he had enabled to be done by that Karin woman. Indra wondered how much pain did he just allow and cause the woman he loved to go through...


"...I'll get back to you as soon as I can! Bye!" Sasuke frowned further, throwing his cellphone and putting his head into his hands. He called, over and over and over and she still didn't answer him. He sent her numerous text messages, explaining everything that happened and still nothing.

Karin ambushed me into the closet. She forced herself on me. I was pushing her off. Please believe me.

Still no response. And the fact that he was only getting her voicemail must have meant she turned off her phone. She didn't want to hear from him that badly?

Did she have that little trust or even faith in him? Did she really think that after all they had gone through, after everything he had done and said, he would really do something to betray her? Especially something like this? With how much he wanted her and with how much he couldn't get enough of her, how could she even think he would take a second glance at another woman he didn't have to look at? Did she really think of him as just some other lying, cheating businessman? Is that what she saw now?

Where did he go wrong? Did he not show her enough of his love for her? He had tried to assure her of his feelings over and over. He knew of her insecurities and he did his best to quell them, and yet, it wasn't enough? Was the scene she saw...was it that damning? Could she not look passed it and remember their love?

She took that scene over his words...and now that he thought about it from his own perspective, he couldn't blame her honestly. He would have been upset too, if he saw her in such a scenario. He would've lost his mind, seeing her with another man in a closet. Hell, there was no promise that the man would live after he saw such a sight.

And it pissed him off even more.

He called Suigetsu from his still nearby office phone, intent on telling him to just close down the building. He was going to call his meetings and cancel; he didn't care if it meant more work for him in the days coming. He didn't want to deal with the rest of today. He didn't want to deal with anything today.

He wanted the entire world to end today.

"Sasuke! Everything alright?—Oi! Sakura, wait! Hey! What's wrong, Sakura?! Wait for me!" Sasuke's eyes widened with pain. She was in the lobby. She was leaving. And without Suigetsu! His body trembled as he felt a shooting pain throb from his chest and envelope him in agony. He could scream from the pain if his breath hadn't been caught in his throat. Instead, his voice took on an enraged tone, clenching his teeth and he grabbed his chest. It hurt. It fucking burns! His eyes felt like they were exploding. His diaphragm was on fire. His head was aching with excruciating pain, so much so his free hand gripped at it.

"Suigetsu!" He yelled. He could practically sense that Suigetsu had stopped all motion. His body felt hyper aware. He could probably catch the smallest fruit fly in chopsticks with the hypersensitivity he currently felt.

"What's going on, Sasuke? What happened with Saku—" Suigetsu was about to say her name again and nothing made him feel all the more worse. Her name, just the start of it, brought more pain. It hurt even more.

"Suigetsu, tell everyone to get the fuck out the building." He snarled. Yup. He was officially done with today.

As a matter of fact, the entire world, until Sakura came back, could go fuck itself.

"But what about Saku—"

"NOW! And if this building is not empty and locked down in the next thirty minutes, so help me God, I will fire EVERYONE! Do it, right-fucking-now!" Sasuke screamed angrily. He hung up, panting from the wrath and the agony. His eyes glared down at his office phone and his teeth clenched. His body trembled before throwing his office phone and going into a full blown rage and he didn't stop there. He threw everything off his desk, before flipping the glass desk itself. It shattered into pieces from the force and he didn't stop there. He threw his chair. The filing cabinets in his office were slammed onto the floor and with nothing else to lash out on, he settled for slamming his fist into the wall until his knuckles bled. He slid to the floor, running a trembling hand through his hair in agony. Sakura's crying and angry face flashed across his mind repeatedly.

And her words…

I should have known...I should have known you were too perfect to be real. You were...way too good to be true. I should have known.

S-Stupid...I was so...stupid to fall in love with you.

What...what was I to you?

Was I just some toy?!

Was I just that pitiful to you?!

I-I...I can't do this! I can't take this...

Let go of me!



Don't...touch me...ever again...

"Tch!" He glared at nothing in particular, his jaw tightening with the clenching of his teeth in agony. The way she looked at him flashed into his mind over and over again; each and every last one. The shock, the horror, the pain, the fucking confusion. A knock on his door spurred him out of his thoughts and recollection. He looked at the time on his watch, not exactly sure how long he had been on the floor for. It couldn't have been long. He didn't want to move. He didn't want to see anyone right now, if it wasn't her. It had been a whole twenty minutes since she left.

He stood and straightened himself, staring into his mirror hanging on the far wall. The only thing he didn't break. Karin didn't leave any lipstick on him, but she disheveled his tie and got a few buttons off his shirt. He glared angrily, staring at the luckily undamaged necklace Sakura gifted him on his birthday and cringed. His chest and even a bit of his abs were showing. He glared and ripped off his tie and threw it on the floor without a care in the world for it.

No wonder Sakura looked at him the way she did. No wonder she couldn't believe him, no matter what he said. He might as well have just screamed, "I'm having sex in the closet!" as an alternative. He understood her reaction, no matter how much he wished for a different one.

If he had found her like this with some other man, he would have equally been just as upset.

No—that was a lie; he would have most certainly been even more infuriated than she was. He would have reacted way worse than she did. He could barely handle hearing of her with another man. He could barely handle seeing her with another man, even when it was always innocent. Just earlier, he hated the fact that his own brother gave her flowers. He couldn't imagine what he'd do, walking in on her half undressed, and in another man's arms. And then to receive the explanation from her that it wasn't what he thought it was, after seeing that, he would have just been even more livid.

It was too damning. Where Karin had failed didn't matter, because she also succeeded. She caused a rift in their trust. There was no way Sakura could ever trust him around another woman again, with what she saw. He could feel it. He could feel her heartbreak, on his own. He could feel her anger. He could feel her pain. He felt all of it. He wanted the pain to stop. Why the fuck was everything hurting him so much?!

Another couple knocks—slams, this time—on the door spurred him to fix himself faster, all the while glaring at his reflection. He was now even more livid considering he told Suigetsu that this building should be locked down and empty. Who the hell was slamming on his door like that? How was he supposed to fix his destroyed office also? Whatever work he had to do, none of which he wanted to do right now, would have to be done elsewhere.

He looked over when his door opened completely without his say so, and in walked Naruto, eyebrows furrowed and eyes serious. Sasuke instantly turned away. In his anger and distress, he forgot to lock his office door.

"I told Suigetsu to send everyone home. That includes you." Sasuke grumbled, trying to avoid a conversation. The blond friend and brother to Sakura was the last person he wanted to see right now. He swore to his friend, he would never hurt her, and though it wasn't his fault, he failed. He failed at protecting her from Karin's actions, which hurt her, and he couldn't have been more angry now.

Naruto looked around the office. He had never seen it in such a disarray before and with consideration to both his sister and his best friend, Naruto asked his question.

"What happened, Sasuke?" Sasuke remained quiet. Naruto glared harshly at his silence, his hands already balled into fist so tight his knuckles were white.

"Sasuke!" Naruto seethed angrily between gritted teeth, and Sasuke had no choice but to look back at the blond and he saw Naruto's fury. That angry glare in Naruto's usually carefree eyes meant only one thing. There was only one reason for Naruto to be upset with him right now. He knew what happened; so why was he bothering to ask him? He didn't want to do this. Not now. He didn't want to talk with anyone except Sakura.

Maybe, she just needed to calm down. Maybe they could talk later and he could explain his side of things. That's all he needed. He just needed the chance to explain what happened and then things could go back to the way they were before. She almost listened to him earlier. He saw it in her eyes when he had her against him, she almost heeded his words. She had even reacted to his palm when he was caressing her face and trying to wipe it of her tears. If he could just get her calm and alone, he could fix this misunderstanding.

Surely, once she got a grip and thought things through, once they talked and he explained everything to her, they could get back to the way they were before this. She might be wary of him having to meet with his female clients now, after all this, but he was certain it was something they could work through. After all, he had to do it for her whenever she was around other men. He had to repress his anger at another man being the focus of her attention. He always had to let it go, when she smiled and laughed with another man. So, they could work it out. They could make things work.

He believed it so. Deep down, he knew it was so. If he could just talk to her...

"I'm remodeling my office…I think I want a wooden desk instead." Sasuke grumbled sarcastically. He really, really didn't want to do this right now. He didn't want to talk about it. It just happened. He still had yet to clear his name.

And he didn't know how he was going to clear his name either, other than Sakura miraculously taking his word for it.

"Don't play fucking stupid with me Sasuke! Not right now!" Naruto screamed and slammed the office door behind him. Sasuke stayed quiet, unable to dispute that statement. He was playing stupid, in hopes to avoid talking about this. He especially did not want to have this talk with Naruto, of all people. He promised he would never hurt Sakura. There was the deal that if Sasuke ever hurt Sakura, he was dead.

So, Naruto wasn't having it.

"Fine! If you want to play games, how about we play another one!? This game's called, 'Imagine What The Fuck You Did'! The rules are simple! I'll start describing something and you have to imagine it! After that, you explain what the fuck you did and I decide whether or not to kick your ass! Ready?! Let's start!" Naruto yelled furiously. Sasuke turned away, already knowing where this was going.

He didn't want to imagine it. He didn't want to see it. He didn't want to see Sakura crying and in turmoil.

He didn't want this.

"Naruto, don't—" He tried, only for Naruto to continue.

"Imagine Sakura-Chan, in the elevator and she is crying her eyes out! She's got her face in her hands and she can't hold back for the life of her! Imagine, I stop and grab her and when I try to ask what's wrong, imagine that she can barely make out your fucking name, before she runs off, crying even worse than before!" Naruto yelled. Sasuke's teeth gritted, the image of Sakura in utter hysteria enraging him—hurting him. He wasn't just imagining it. He was seeing it. His hands clenched into fist and his mind damn near blanked with anger. He didn't want this! It wasn't supposed to be this way!

Everything...everything between them was supposed to be perfect.

"Now that you've got that pretty image in your head, explain to me what the fuck you did! You have five fucking seconds before I beat you to death, here and now! Tell me why my sister is crying and why your name has anything to do with it! Why Sasuke?!" Naruto yelled. Sasuke's teeth visibly clenched, and he couldn't only question the same thing. Why? Why did this happen? Why the hell did he let this happen? How could he have let this happen?

Because of Karin? Because of Indra? Because he was caught off guard and couldn't get to the closet door before she opened it? Because he let Sakura go without a thought?

He had it. He had enough of today. It was all too much. Before he could grasp his senses he gave out a frustrated yell, turning and punching the mirror he was just staring into.

There was officially nothing more to break in his office besides his windows and the walls.

"FUUUUCK! FUCKING...FUCK!" Naruto froze as Sasuke cursed and screamed at the glass pieces sticking into his hand. For the first time ever, he saw true emotion, completely not held back by Sasuke and as his childhood friend, it told him enough. The way he stared at his hand, Naruto could tell the pain wasn't from the shards of glass. This was a different pain, from the way he gritted his teeth to his glare.

"...Sasuke…" Naruto called out again. Sasuke turned his back on his only friend again, clutching at his bleeding hand and he didn't care. The pain in his hand was nothing to the pain in his chest right now.

"It...It wasn't me…It wasn't my fault..." Sasuke trailed, remembering all they had said to each other and felt together. He could still see those emerald gems she had for eyes staring up at him, warm and inviting, their bodies touching the way they had. The love they expressed to each other was true and pure. And now, it was tainted. It was all stained by Karin and her actions and he looked like some womanizing jerk. Wasn't that the stereotype? The rich, and handsome CEO that could get any woman he wanted, with nothing more than the flash of his watch.

Was I just some toy?! A doll you had your fun with and now you already are moving on to the next bitch you can get your hands on?!

He understood. He understood completely why she wasn't returning his phone calls. Why she ran out crying. Why she couldn't face him or even believe him, no matter what the truth was. By the heavens, he understood and it didn't make anything better.

"It was Karin. She somehow got into the building...she ambushed me into the hallway closet. She kissed me and tried to undress me. She even groped me and Sakura…Sakura opened the door just when I pushed her off. And with the way I was restraining her...Sakura must have thought..." He trailed, sinking to the floor with his knees propped and his head hung low with fatigue. He felt so tired all of a sudden. And he wasn't going to be able to rest. There was just no way he could rest after this. Only complete exhaustion and being unable to have his eyes open would he be allowed rest. But, until he talked to Sakura...until he saw her again and explained his side of things, he was never going to be at peace. Even if he died tomorrow, his soul would be restless.

Sasuke glared down at the floor below him, wishing everything would just burn, only to stop once he found Sakura and spoke to her. If he was allowed to even be in her presence.

Fuck. The more he thought about it, the worse he felt and the more he understood Sakura's disbelief. He was holding Karin at the wrists, against the wall of the closet. The same way he held Sakura's several times before. He couldn't imagine how that would have made her think. It was probably why she didn't believe him so stubbornly. In addition to his previously disheveled appearance, his chosen hold—the only way he managed to get Karin off him, added on to Sakura's doubt of him and his words. Hell, he'd be just as distraught at a man holding her that way...in that state...

How do I know...which is which? After this...how can I believe you? How do you expect me to...just accept this?

She couldn't. She couldn't know if it was setup by him or Karin, because he was standing there holding another woman the way he had held her several times before. She couldn't know to believe him when he was standing there with his shirt half open and his tie undone and with the bitch's leg wrapped around him. And the bullshit Karin said only added fuel to the already raging fire. She was right to ask him that. How could he expect her to accept what she saw as nothing but an illusion made by Karin?

If the roles had been reversed...if he found her in a closet with another man...fuck, he didn't know. He didn't know what he'd do. He didn't know how he'd react, and that made Sakura's actions all the more warranted—no matter how innocent he was. His chest pained again, so much so, his right hand that was free of glass, grabbed at where his heart was.

He understood her feelings and he understood what she was thinking. He understood too fucking well.

"I tried...I tried to explain..." He murmured to Naruto. Despite his understanding, he couldn't help but feel angry. This wasn't his fault. He didn't ask for Karin to do that. He didn't want Karin to do that. If anything, he wished it was her, instead of Karin. He wish it was her that dragged him into the closet. He wished it was her that so greedily kissed and touched him the way Karin did. If it had been her, he would have indulged himself. He would have made love to her right there, as fast as he possibly could—to hell with the fact that his next meeting would be too soon. For heaven's sake, he almost decided to make love to her in his office, against his desk, just hours before, without a care that his next client was minutes away.

Fucking annoying woman. Sure, she had all the validity in the world. She had all the right to act the way she acted, but he was so fucking annoyed, he could kill something.

"I tried to explain to Sakura what actually happened, but...she wouldn't hear me. What she saw...it was just...it was too damning. She saw me holding Karin against the wall, with my shirt and tie half undone and she thought it was by my design, despite what I said. On top of that, she has some ridiculous notion that I'm supposed to be getting married. She...She thinks I'm supposed to be married for continued support from the Otsutsuki..." His teeth gritted at the memory and his hands clenched into fist. His blood from his left hand was dripping onto the floor and he cared little for the pain. Suddenly, there was a hand on his shoulder and Sasuke turned to see Naruto, sitting beside him. The blond's blue eyes were staring back at him deeply and with concern.

"So, that's what happened? Is this the truth, Sasuke?" Naruto urged a confirmation. Sasuke's eyes cringed and lowered back to his floor with the turn of his head. His hands went to grip the back of his head from the torment.

"I'm not lying. I would never do that to her. Never, Naruto. She's...Sakura's the only one I've ever wanted. She's everything to me. I would never do such a thing. I would never betray her like that! I don't know if we were at the correct angle for the security camera to capture everything since the storage closet is closer to the elevator, but, I would let you have it as my proof." Sasuke trembled and growled. He'd do anything to clear his name. Anything. He'd even show his assault on Karin to the entire world, if it meant Sakura would finally believe him. To hell with the negativity the press would paint him with and to hell with all partnerships and whatnots that would cancel doing business with Uchiha Corporations after seeing him put his hands on a woman.

He didn't care about any of that. He didn't care about anything that wasn't Sakura right now.

"I even...I even put my hands on Karin. I...I was going to kill her...right outside in the hallway...I almost..." He mumbled, shamefully. As much as he despised her, he was fully against putting hands on a woman as a man, even for a woman like Karin. Like earlier, he didn't want it to happen to Sakura and he would go ballistic if it had ever happened to his mother.

But he truly couldn't stop himself at the moment. He wanted nothing more than to hurt Karin earlier. He wanted nothing more than to strangle her because that's how he felt. After what she had done...after the way Sakura looked and responded to him, after she destroyed his world, he felt like he deserved and was allowed to hurt her. He felt like his very oxygen had been stolen from him, because Sakura left and it was because of her. She broke and destroyed everything he wanted, why did he not deserve her life? Even now. Even now, he felt nothing but agony and misery...because Sakura was gone.

At this point, he felt nothing but true hatred for Karin. There was nothing but hatred and disgust and the worst part was, that fact didn't matter. It didn't matter that he hated Karin, because Sakura was gone thanks to her, and Sakura wasn't answering him. She wasn't going to hear him out until she calmed down and it was all Karin's fault.

It was all thanks to her.

"I knew there had to be something in the equation out of your control." Naruto suddenly spoke and Sasuke's eyes widened. He snapped his gaze to Naruto and the blond looked back at him with a sullen smile.

"You don't need to look at me like that. I knew you wouldn't have hurt her and even if you did, there had to be something entirely out of your control for it to happen. I believe you love her—no; I know you love her...I know you'd die for her...and it was just too much of a jump, from you asking what her favorite flowers were this morning, to hurting her at the end of today." Naruto said. Sasuke stared back at him with a pain that his blond best friend didn't know the depths of. Naruto's blue eyes pained just from looking at it and instantly, he knew Sasuke was in absolute turmoil right now. He was suffering, just at the thought that he might lose Sakura for good.

He wouldn't be a good friend or brother to allow that to happen. So Naruto made the decision. Besides...

"I...also...couldn't get the story out of Sakura-Chan, before she ran off. So you were lucky there. If she had told me that she found you in a closet with Karin, I would've just walked in and started kicking your ass. So if you're lying, expect double the ass kicking." Naruto smirked. Sasuke stared back painfully, before turning back to look at the floor. He was not in the mood for jokes. Even if Naruto believed him, it didn't make him feel better. Sakura didn't believe him. The most important person in this world, didn't believe him and he just wanted everything to disappear.

"Naruto...I swear, that's the truth..." He mumbled in dismay. The blond stared back with pained acknowledgement. He didn't doubt Sasuke. He didn't doubt that the man loved his little sister.

It was just a matter of getting his guarded little sister to believe that as well...without doubt.

"Hey, don't worry. I'll talk to her. It's just a big misunderstanding and she'll see that when she calm's down. Everything will be fine. We'll get this all sorted out." Naruto said, giving his word and giving a reassuring squeeze to Sasuke's shoulder. Sasuke stared down at the floor. He hoped for that. He hoped she could see this as the misunderstanding it was and they could move past it. They could get over this and overcome this.

They just needed to talk. If she would allow for them to talk.

"I don't know. I don't know, Naruto." Sasuke's despairing voice admitted. He didn't know what to make of any of his. This was not something he had ever had to deal with before and he sure as hell didn't know what to do. Naruto stared at Sasuke and his eyes filled with pain. He had never seen Sasuke like this. Even the death of his parents didn't cause him to become like this and if it did, he didn't witness it.

"For now, Let's get that hand looked at. I'll call up that private doctor of yours and I'll tell Kakashi to cover for you for the day. I'm sure your clients and meetings later can understand you being injured by accident." He suggested, bringing out his phone and dialing the in-bulding number. Sasuke looked to the broken pieces of glass on the floor. Lost in thought he stared at the crimson dripping down his fingers. The pain in his hand was really nothing compared to what he felt now. He didn't even feel it...and though that was probably a bad thing, he didn't care. His eyes lowered and he looked back at his cell phone with his good right hand. He lifted it and was quiet as Naruto asked for the in-building doctor on his own phone.

Not a single text or call back from her. He frowned and Naruto looked at his long time friend, having hung up the phone.

Suddenly, Naruto's phone began ringing in his pocket and he eyed the caller ID.

"What's up Temari?" He answered.

"Naruto, where are you and how soon can you get to the bar?" Temari's voice sounded concerned. Naruto brow furrowed. He had a feeling he knew where this was going and shooting a glance to Sasuke, the blond friend was concerned. If this was going where he thought this was going, the situation was about to become way worse than before.

"I'm at work, dealing with something right now. What's going on?" Naruto asked. Sasuke eyed him.

"Well, I'm not sure what's going on, but Sakura's here. She's been here for twenty minutes and pounding these drinks like there's no tomorrow. She came in crying too. What's happened and whose ass do I have to kick?" Temari growled on the line. Naruto's eyes widened.

It was already starting? How upset was she? How'd she get to Temari's so fast? Did she run there?

"Code red?" He asked, referring to their codes used for years.

"Code red definitely." Temari confirmed and Naruto mentally cursed. He had to get control of the situation as fast as possible. But Sakura obviously ran there. The time between him seeing her in the elevator and talking with Sasuke couldn't have been more than half an hour. Temari's bar from the office building wasn't more than fifteen minutes away. So Sakura ran there...she couldn't have taken a cab, or else it would have taken longer with the traffic lights and direction.

"Just try to keep her busy Temari. Try not to let her overdo it but keep her there. I'm gonna come pick her up now." Naruto said with urge and promise.

"Alright; but seriously, she's only been here about twenty minutes and is on her third. Straight whiskey too. If I can, I'll try to get her home myself. I'll let you know if anything." Temari informed. Naruto's eyes lowered. Sakura was drinking straight; three glasses in twenty minutes? That wasn't good. She only drank like that when very upset. He had hoped that he talked her out of that, after an episode she had a few years back because of him.

Maybe what happened here had that fly out the window?

"I'll be there as soon as I can. Again, just keep her busy. Traffic might be a bitch, so keep her there for as long as you can." Naruto said and hung up. Sasuke couldn't help but look up and ask.

"What's going on?" He inquired. Naruto shook his head and sighed, hesitating a bit before he answered.

"To put it lightly...Sakura-Chan is really upset. She's at Temari's and she's apparently...she's not taking things well..." Naruto answered, giving a somber look to Sasuke. He watched Sasuke's eyes fill with pain and the Uchiha looked away. Naruto gave a look of concern and he gripped Sasuke's shoulder. This wasn't something he couldn't fix. Sakura was just angry and she'd come to her senses once all was clear and she got it out of her system. Once she got a hold of herself, this could all be laid to rest.

"Don't worry. She just needs time to cool down and relax. I'll fix this. Just worry about getting that hand patched up. The doctor is on his way. I'll call you when I've got her." Naruto said as he left and Sasuke stared at the closed door.

Sasuke stayed silent, and the only thing he wished for, was the power to turn back time. Or go to an alternate dimension. One or the other.

She was crying hard. After Sasuke let her go with all his cruelty and told her never to show herself again, she didn't even wait for the elevator. She ran down the one hundred and twenty six floors of stairs all the way to the lobby, intent on getting as far away as she could after having almost been killed. He was really going to kill her back there. She felt it.

If she had said anything more...if she had said something stupid, if they had stayed there just a little while longer, he would have strangled the life out of her without remorse. Just because of that woman. Despite all the years of knowing her, just his grip on her neck was scary enough. She truly thought he would kill her right there, without an ounce of care on his office floor. He might even laugh about it, the way he cruelly laughed at her just minutes before when she begged to know why she couldn't have his heart. Damn it. Damn it. Her hand lifted to her bruising and hurting neck, and tears glistened in her eyes, bothering her contacts a bit.

Are you seriously trying to say you deserve me, more than she does?

It wasn't fair.

I love you, Sakura.

It wasn't fair.

He said that while she stood there. All these years of wanting him and trying to get his attention and it was stolen right out from under her with ease. He didn't pay for a second glance towards her, but he begged for another woman. He begged her to stay and to hear him out in a way she was certain he would never beg anyone else. She never thought he would beg anyone. Yet he did. He begged for Sakura.

And he would never beg her to stay with him the way he begged Sakura to, and the realization was enough to hurt her more than her failure of obtaining his gaze.

She just wanted a chance...just a chance. After all these years, she wanted a chance that he never gave her and it led to this desperation. After learning the woman had obtained his heart like it was nothing, she couldn't believe his heart was out of reach. She could reach him. She could get him to fall in love with her and yet, as always, he ignored her or disregarded her. He never gave her a chance. And then...the pink haired woman just showed up, from out of nowhere, batted her pretty emerald eyes, and just like that! She had him head over heels, straight up wrapped around her finger!

With a tremble in her movements, she touched her neck again.

It wasn't fair!

She remembered how he wouldn't let go of Sakura, no matter how much she pushed and pulled until she finally left. She remembered how angry and manic he was with her. She remembered his beautiful eyes being filled with nothing but wrath after they were filled with nothing but turmoil and consternation.

Whats wrong? This is what you want, right? You wanted us to be close, right? You wanted me to lay my hands on you, right?! This is what you wanted Karin?!

She knew it was a long shot. She hoped driving them apart would be enough to slip herself in and instead it made her relation with him so much worse, she was certain it would never recover. Certainly others would say she was insane, the way he did, but the truth of it was she was just desperate. Her family would be saved from bankruptcy and she'd have the man of her dreams. It was a win-win for her, so much so she didn't consider the losses.

She still didn't understand. What did that streetrat have that she didn't? According to her research, the pink haired wench grew up in the slums. She had nothing. Nothing to her name. Her name meant nothing. She was a nobody! So why? She and her family were of the same class as him.

Your family name, whatever it is, means jackshit to me. You mean nothing.

She tried to appeal to his manhood. As she touched him in the closet, she couldn't help but think that's how Sakura got to him. She seduced him obviously. It couldn't have been anything else. After all these years of his rejection, it couldn't have been anything else except the allur of a promiscuous woman and her open legs!

And yet...

Sakura that's not true. You're not stupid. You're not unworthy. You're everything I have ever wanted. You're everything to me.

Why? All these years, she pined for his attention. All these years, she begged and wished for him to notice her. She did everything she could from throwing herself at him to all the revealing clothes she wore in hopes of raising his intrigue. And after all these years, not once—not once had he given her a chance. Not once did he notice her! She didn't even do anything to gain his attention!

Was I really suppose to want you, just because?!"

Not just because. It wasn't just because he found another woman. It was because she couldn't stand the fact that he chose someone else other her, no matter what she did. That's all she wanted. After all these years, all she wanted was a chance. A single chance he never gave her. Not once, in all these years of knowing him—since college. He never gave her a chance and she was tired of it.

"She was everything I dreamed of. She was everything I fantasized!"

What did that woman even have? Why was she everything he dreamed and fantasized, after knowing she was nothing but a peasant and unworthy. On top of that, she had destroyed it. Despite him, she had set herself up to give him success and alleviation from this streetrat. In a desperate attempt to win him, she destroyed their relationship and now he hated her more than ever.

Just one chance. Could he not give her that? He could learn to fall in love with her, couldn't he? The way he fell in love with the pink haired woman, he could fall in love with her too. She didn't even care that she was second in his heart. She just wanted a chance to prove he could love her, after all this time. He could try. He never tried looking at her the way he looked at Sakura. He never said her name the way he said Sakura's. He never held or kissed her the way he kissed Sakura. He never did any of those things and she wondered, if he just tried to do that with her, if he just gave it a chance, maybe he could love her too!

How the hell can you even expect that from me? How the fuck can you even think that's possible after this?

You're nothing but scum. You disgust me.

"Karin?" She paused, quickly combing her hair over her bruising neck as fast as she could, since she recognized the voice behind her. She didn't want to deal with this idiot right now. Not after what just happened.

"What do you want fish-brain?" She scowled at him as she turned. She consciously also kept herself slightly turned from him, keeping her long red hair over her shoulder to cover her bruising neck from his view.

And unfortunately for her, Suigetsu was too in tune with happened in Uchiha Corps. Especially with what happened between Sakura and Sasuke. First Indra left the building alone. Next, Sakura left crying her eyes out and now Sasuke was beyond wrathful. He couldn't ignore the signs, even if he wanted to.

"What are you doing here, Karin?" He asked too knowingly. Karin glared at him before turning away.

"Its none of your business." Was her answer and Suigetsu wasn't having it.

"You're in the main building of Uchiha Corporation's when you're not supposed to be, so it is my business. Also, the bossman of said building just gave me a very angry order not more than five minutes ago to clear everyone from the building." He listed his points. As the woman before him bit her bottom lip and looked away, his eyes squinted from the cringe.

"What did you do, Karin..." He asked slowly and quietly. She bit her bottom lip even more and he pressed. Her eyes teared.


"Why...Why does he love her so much?" He stared at her and instantly he started putting the pieces together. He gave her a hard and stern glare with his violet eyes and crossed his arms over his chest, watching tears fall from her eyes.

"Why?! What's so special about her?! Why does he act like she's the only thing on this planet?! I've been around him for years! I've admired him this whole time! I could have given him anything and everything he wanted! I have so much more to offer! So, why?! What does she have that I don't?!" She asked bitterly, stomping like a child. Suigetsu stared at her for a long moment. His eyes lowered to the ground.

"Karin..." Her teeth gritted.

Are you seriously trying to say you deserve me, more than she does?

Fine! She conceded that her methods were flawed. What she pulled today was a cross over the line, but she was desperate. She just wanted to finally be the one he looked at. She wanted to be the one he chased, after all these years of chasing him. It was selfish. It was narcissistic.

But after all these years of chasing him, only for him to continuously ignore her, and then turn his sights to someone else, someone who didn't even ask for it, she saw no other options than this final, last ditch attempt to win him over. And it backfired. She lost him for good and where she admitted it was her own fault, she blamed Sakura. She blamed the woman for everything. For getting in her way. For meeting Sasuke. For capturing his gaze with so little effort, when she had been trying to be seen by him for years on end.

"Why her?!" She asked again desperately. Suigetsu stared at the ground and he sighed, seeing as she was done throwing her fit.

"She makes him feel human, Karin." Her eyes widened at the answer Suigetsu gave her.

"Makes him feel human? I can do that too! I can—"

"No you can't. You'll never be able to. Not the way she does." He stated factually.


"Do you even understand what I mean when I say she makes him feel human? Do you even get what that means at all for someone like him?" He sighed out, closing his eyes with sternness and cutting off her starting retort. Her teeth clenched. She had a number of ideas. The cunt spread her legs for him. She was easy. She invited him and he took it...

But why did he never take the same offer from her. She had suggested it countless times. She had purposefully been flirtatious and seductive around him any chance she could be. She would have done anything to please him...and he never showed an ounce of desire.

"She...She seduced—" Suigetsu sighed in exasperation, cutting off her starting claim.

"No, Karin. She didn't seduce him. Making him feel human has nothing to do with sex, or 'making him feel like a man'. It has nothing to do with that and if you had just taken a second to get your head out of your ass, you'd understand what I mean. Especially for Sasuke." He gruffed out. Karin shut her lips, staring at Suigetsu like he was an alien. He gave a slight glare. She still didn't understand. She was still so damn ignorant.

"Sakura doesn't just make him feel human, Karin. She's not a reminder of his money or status. She's not a reminder of his familial name. She's not a reminder of work. She's not a reminder of his entire life, which has been filled with nothing but his duties and obligations to this company. She's a reminder that he is human. He's a human being, who has his own likes and dislikes." He started to explain and for the first time ever, it seemed like Karin was listening. For once, rather than thinking about herself and her wants, she was trying to understand what he was talking about with Sasuke and in all these years of being between the two of them like a third, but Sasuke-welcomed wheel, this was probably the first time she was taking his words and Sasuke's feelings into consideration.

Judging from the bruises he noticed on her neck and the fact that she was finally listening, she must have gone overboard and Sasuke really didn't take kindly to it. He couldn't say he blamed him, with how distraught and upset Sakura looked. Whatever Karin did, she caused a great deal of damage and the fact that she was walking away with bruises on her neck, with how much he knew Sasuke adored Sakura, was a miracle in itself. She was so damn lucky the man didn't kill her and Suigetsu wondered if the only reason she was alive at all was because she was a woman. He never imaged Sasuke laying his hands on a woman. The man had always been the epitome of self control and composure, as most Uchiha's were; regal and commanding, royal and poised.

But as history went to show over and over again, all rules and universal laws that bounded Sasuke as the man he supposedly was, flew right out the window with Sakura involved. Even as distant as he and Sasuke were, he could tell how much Sakura meant to him. All those rules, all that composure and restraint; they no longer applied whenever Sakura was in the picture...and just like that, Sasuke was granted free will.

And with that...

"She makes him human. With her and because of her, he is Sasuke. He's just Sasuke and nothing else and he doesn't need to be anything else. He is more than just the CEO of a wealthy company and he's not just the head of an affluent and prestigous House. He's a person and not only that, he's free. She makes him free." Suigetsu continued to explain for her.

"He's free. He's free to shirk his duties and free to leave work. He's free to show emotion. He's free to be a human being. He's free to be himself and you know, I don't think he knew who he "himself" was until she came along. He's spent all these years doing everything he was told he had to do, he's never had the time to discover himself. It wasn't until she came along that he was able to just start doing that."

"It wasn't until her that he started doing what he wanted. It wasn't until her that he showed he could feel things other than anger, annoyance or boredom. It wasn't under her that it became apparent that he can be sad. He can be happy. He can be frustrated and when he's frustrated, she gives him peace. She's even made him jealous without meaning to." Karin was flabbergasted at the information. Jealous? She made Sasuke jealous? She had always wanted to be the one to make him jealous. She imagined it being an aggressive and at the same time, cute form of endearment from him. For a man like him to get jealous over her...she considered it an absolute honor.

"J-Jealous?!" He gave a reminiscent smirk.

"You have no idea how many times I've come face to face with Death just because I was a little too flirty with Cherry in front of Sasuke..." He chuckled out quietly. Even at the surprise birthday party she threw for Sasuke in his home, anytime he glanced and Sakura was away from his side, he watched Sasuke's eyes continuously dart to her and he was sure that was before anything had started between them romantically. Over and over. He saw the glares he gave whenever she laughed with him and the other men at the party. It was no lesser here at work. The memory of Sasuke nearly breaking his hand replayed in his mind and the death glare he received from Sasuke. It was enough to be permanently engraved in his mind.

With the way Sakura looked, he truly wondered if he would ever have such fun times like that with her and Sasuke again. If Karin truly ruined their relationship to that kind of degree, to the point where Sakura never came back, then their relationship wasn't the only one she ruined. If Sasuke lost Sakura because of Karin—if Sakura wanted nothing to do with Sasuke, because of Karin—then Suigetsu could only conclude he had just lost a sweet and caring friend as well. He just lost a new friend he cared quite a bit about and he couldn't help but feel slightly angry with Karin for it.

"And she loves him Karin. Genuinely. She doesn't care about his money and she doesn't care about his name. Even if he didn't have his billions, she would have loved him the same. She loves him just as much as he loves her, for no other reason than that their hearts are connected. She feels what Sasuke feels, and vice versa. And from what I know about her, she deserves him Karin. They deserve each other. Can you say the same about yourself?" He added on. Karin's lips frowned, a bitter look coming to her features as tears fell down her face more. Suddenly, she felt guilt. She had caused damage to something Sasuke had cherished. Had she gone too far? Out of her desperation to win, had she really destroyed Sasuke's happiness? She thought their relationship was meaningless. It couldn't have had meaning or love, in such a short timespan and he certainly never gave her the same effort he gave Sakura...so it had to be nothing, right?


I love only you, Sakura...

"...He never gave me a chance..." Suigetsu looked back up at Karin. She was crying, looking to the ground and holding and twisting the ends her hair with trembling fists, the way she always did when she was upset. Suigetsu's brow furrowed.

"He never gave me a chance to do any of that for him! He never looked at me the way he looked at her. He's never addressed me the way he did her. Not once! In all these years, he's never looked at me twice. He's always just looked passed me! Even when he did look at me, it was like he never saw me!" She cried out. Suigetsu sighed.

"Do you remember back in college? His father had some business with your uncle and so Sasuke had to get acquainted with him since he was going to take over the company soon? He had no choice but to spend time with you, didn't he?" Suigetsu started. Karin nodded.

"What does that have to do with—"

"You spent some time with him off campus. Not the way you wanted, sure. He was busy meeting your uncle and all that, but you had time with him, more than any other girl on campus. I was there with you." That was true. At the time, she took so much pride in that. No other girl had spent more one on one time with the Sasuke Uchiha than she did. They could only dream of it, while she would see him off campus almost every two weeks.

But he always acted the same. Always stoic and emotionless. Always addressing her without a hint of warmth or even familiarity. Just "hello's", "get off me", and "goodbyes".


"Now, answer this. Did you ever, even once, try to get to know him as a human being? Did you ever talk to him about anything other than money or your House? Did you ever even ask what his favorite food was? Did you ever once appeal to him? Other than throwing yourself at him lewdly every and any chance you could get, did you ever stop and think of his likes, dislikes, and wants? Did you ever even stop and think that he didn't like you throwing yourself at him?" Suigetsu questioned her. Karin stayed silent.

Because the answer was no. She didn't. Her actions earlier were proof of that, weren't they and Sasuke's reaction was even more evidence of it. She only thought about herself and how badly she wanted him. She acted selfishly. She acted without thought and in her own desperation.

"Do you understand now? Do you understand the difference between you and Sakura? Do you understand the difference between what you offered and what Sakura had to offer? You offered him meanginglessness. Sakura gave him meaning, humanity and freedom."

"I...I could have given him that...I could have..." She trailed. She could have...couldn't she? She could have did all the things for him that Suigetsu described, if she had been given the chance. Maybe back then, it didn't seem like it. Maybe Sasuke thought she wasn't capable because she kept recklessly and relentlessly throwing herself at him. But she could have done all that Suigetsu claimed Sakura did. She could have gave him meaning. She could have made him feel human. She could have made him feel free.

If only

"You know, Karin. Since this is happening, I have to say that honestly; it never looked like you actually loved him to me. After all these years, as you claim, you didn't actually love him. Not the way you think you do." The statement he said so matter-of-factly took her aback. Her eyes widened and she glared at him.

"What do you know about my feelings bastard!? I—"

"He was nothing but a trophy to you. A trophy you were so obsessed with winning you didn't care about anything else. Not even his feelings or his wants. He was nothing but a prize bag to you, that would have elevated your status and your ego. After all these years of knowing you, I bet you figured somewhere in that mind of yours that, so long as another woman did have the same amount of time with him that you did, he was yours. Hell, there were times I could hear you telepathically scorning girls who tried to get his attention." She stayed quiet, because there was a point in time she thought that.

And then he set his sights on the beautiful pink haired woman with emerald green eyes. Then he started seeing her more. Then he started paying more and more attention to that other women and she couldn't stand it. She couldn't stand how he actively pursued Sakura, over and over and over again, without the pinknette even trying for his attention. She didn't even try. And to Karin, it wasn't fair. She couldn't believe how after all these years, he never gave her the same gaze or attention he gave Sakura, with all her efforts and it just wasn't fair.

"It was straight, competitive obsession. Complusive fixation with winning him; not having feelings for him. And whatever you did...if you did something to break him and Sakura apart, that's just even further proof you don't love him." Suigetsu called her out. Her eyes lowered. Maybe she was desperate to win him. Maybe she was too focused on that, but the fact that she couldn't control herself after Sakura entered the picture had to have been proof of her feelings weren't they? She didn't want him to be with anyone else. She wanted to be with him herself. She had been here, under his nose all these years and some stranger was just suppose to take the spot in his heart that she damn near begged the gods to have for years?

It wasn't fair!

"How is it proof I don't love him?! All I wanted was to be with him and she was in the way! I just wanted—"

"Karin, if you loved him at all, you would have considered how he felt about Sakura. I don't know what you did. I don't know what you've done to them, but if you truly loved Sasuke, you would have let him be happy with the woman that makes him happy." Suigetsu cut her off, his eyes staring at her disappointedly. She was still so stubborn. She still didn't think about anyone else but herself. All these years, and she was still so selfish. Her eyes stared at him with shock and continued confusion. So, she was just supposed to let him go? After all these years of chasing him and wanting him, this was just the end?

"I-I...I did have feelings for him. I did." She whispered suddenly and Suigetsu stared at her, almost irate.

To think...he actually had feelings for her, after all these years. He almost couldn't believe still loved her, at all, without reciprocation and she just couldn't see beyond her own vision. To be honest, he was tired of it. He always played the jokester about it. He was always the jester around her, while she whined and pined for Sasuke and Sasuke only. To be honest, Suigetsu was absolutely tired. Sure, he kept silent about his feelings towards her, and constantly shielded them over with argumentative guile and deflective jokes, but he was tired of playing second fiddle. He was really tired of all these years of not being noticed by her, the way she complained Sasuke didn't for her.

And he was really tired of the constant heartache. He was tired of the same thing she was and he wasn't even sure if he wanted to bother with it anymore. He had always cared about her. He always stuck by her side, and even when she did the exact opposite of what he said would be right, she never listened to him.

She said Sasuke never saw her...and she was no different. She was no blinder than Sasuke.

"W-We could have been a beautiful couple! We could have been so much! If he'd just...If he just gave me a chance—!" Suigetsu scoffed bitterly as she spoke. He should've known. She was still blind. She couldn't think of anyone but herself and her wants. She still wasn't even thinking of Sasuke like he said, and it added on to his belief. Unfortunately, for Sasuke and himself, the woman was just plain obsessed.

"For all the shit you talk, you certainly don't walk with it." He sighed out rather depressingly. Karin watched as his eyes filled with dejection and disappointment with her. She was about to retort, before he opened his mouth again.

"He never noticed you? He never gave you a chance? Did you ever...even once...consider that maybe someone else wanted you? Did you ever once consider that someone else besides Sasuke could want you, the way you want him to?" He asked with an almost desperate need to know.

Because he was tired. He was tired of watching her chase after Sasuke, when the man obviously didn't want her. Sasuke obviously didn't want her the way he did, so—the way she questioned so hopelessly and desparingly—why couldn't she looked at him the same way? He had been here all these years, like she said. He had been at her side and just awaiting her to give up so he could finally confess. And yet, she didn't. She was never able to look outside of Sasuke, no matter what he did. His deflective jokes had always been to keep away the thought of having feelings for her while she pined for Sasuke, and she had never noticed. Not once. All his flirtatiousness with other woman, to forget the fact that the woman he wanted didn't want him. Even his flirtation with Sakura.

All an attempt to forget that Karin wanted Sasuke and had no second guesses about him. Despite them being around each other so much. Despite them having similar backgrounds and possibly similar agendas.

But, for all these years, she wanted the more powerful and more wealthy, Sasuke. Like it was a mission. So he had to ask, right now, when she was finally questioning her own resolve.

"Did you ever...consider someone else, Karin? You said Sasuke never gave you a chance, nor did he give you a second glance...so why didn't you just look around? Was it his money? His looks? His name? His status?" He questioned sourly, not bothering to look up at her face with his lavender eyes on the ground. What was the point of it all anyway? After all these years, as always, she felt the way she felt. She wanted Sasuke and no one else.

It didn't matter what he felt. It never had. No matter the jokes, no matter the deflection. It just didn't matter.

"Why didn't you...ever consider someone like me...Karin? The way you want Sasuke to consider you...couldn't you consider me?" He asked bitterly and her eyes widened incredulously with the question. Someone like him? Was he trying to say what she thought he was trying to say? Was he trying to say he had feelings for her? She couldn't believe it. She couldn't imagine it. Feelings from Suigetsu? Of all people? The man constantly got on her nerves. He was always pestering her.

...And she was just now realizing that he was always beside her...whenever or wherever something went wrong for her, he had always been beside her to pick her up. He had always been there to annoyingly cheer her up and give his shoulder. And she was just realizing it now.

"S-Suigetsu...y-you mean...?" She tried to gage. Instead, he turned from her. He had a job to do and she really wasn't supposed to be here. Especially if she was the reason for Sasuke's angered command; she most definitely couldn't be here.

"...You should go. Everyone needs to go before Sasuke takes his anger out on the whole building. He's beyond pissed off." He suggested quietly, making her tearful eyes widen even more. No. She didn't want to lose him too. She was just realizing it now, but Suigetsu had been that one constant. He had always been at her side. He was always the one to give her a text or give her a call. Was she about to lose him today also? Did he also care for Sakura so much, he would decide to drop her as well, after all these years?!

It felt like Sakura ruinied her life at this point. Even if it was technically from her own doing, the pink haired woman's existence was now officialy nothing but her bane, no matter what she did. Karin's hands clenched into fists; unable to take this. Now, she was learning that she was losing Suigetsu to Sakura; of all people?! Suigetsu?! That in itself felt like a straight up robbery and she couldn't think of nothing else, except the fact that Sakura stole from her before she could even claim what was hers.

"So, what, Suigetsu?! You love her too?! Your feelings for me are gone, because of her?!" She asked angrily and Suigetsu stopped. He didn't turn back around and his violet eyes remained downward. Could she really not understand what he was trying to say? Could she just simply not accept it? Despite his salary and despite that he worked closely with Sasuke, could she really not notice him—just this once? Was she just that selfish or...did she just have no clue?

That had to have been it. She really had no clue. She really had no idea what love truly was, having spent all these years on an obsession and on a mission. No wonder she couldn't understand the way Sasuke felt. No wonder she couldn't understand the way he felt.

And he really was tired of it.

"For fuck's sake Karin." He sighed and turned back to her. She stared at him wide eyed.

"How goddamn selfish can you be? Are you just that ignorant or is it that you just don't care? Does it have to be you? Does it always have to be about you? What the hell is it, Karin?" Suigetsu asked with an obvioius pain in his eyes. Karin's fists clenched.

"I...I just..." She couldn't even complete her sentence, because she had nothing else to say. Everything Suigetsu said was right and true. If she just taken, even a bit, of Sasuke's feelings into consideration with her own, maybe she could have seen more. If she had just let go and stopped being so selfish, things wouldn't have gotten to this point.

She could have realized, Suigetsu loved her...if she had just stopped herself.

"You just don't care." He sighed out, still without turning around. He kept his back to her and he decided to just focus on his job. Sasuke asked something of him, and he couldn't slack with how angry the man already was. He started walking.

"Wait! Suigetsu!" She called out to him and he stopped. HIs eyes stayed lowered on the floor and he wished things between them had been different. He wished she had noticed him sooner. He wished he realized he was there in Sasuke's place this entire time. He looked back at her with complete dismay.

"You...you really feel that way for me? You...that's how you feel for me? Do...you love me?" She asked and his face pained even more. His hands shoved themselves deeper into his pockets, and he lamented every reason why Sasuke had her awe. Maybe if he had just admired her? Maybe if he had said he was enthralled and captured with her gaze...maybe she would have realized he loved her more than Sasuke could ever acknowledge her this could have been different.

Maybe if he hadn't been a coward, he would have confessed sooner than this and things could have been different.

"Bossman of the building said everyone has to go." Suigetsu answered, starting to walk and do his job.

"Suigetsu!" She ran and grabbed his hand. He yanked his hand free and ignored her distressed call, painfully.

Afterall, what did she think she did to him after all these years?

"Get out of here, Karin." He warned her and she reached for him. She grabbed his wrist suddenly, and held him there.

"Wait, Suigetsu. I—" He ripped his hand from her again. He next, looked at her bitterly. He stared at her for a long while and tried his best to understand her points. He tried to understand her...but no matter how much he loved her, he couldn't. He couldn't understand. And with that, he turned away to do his job.

"Go home, Karin." He suggested. It was for the best. She shouldn't be here. Sasuke might do worse if he still found out she was here.


"Go." He urged without looking at her. He didn't dare give her a second glance. She didnt dare believe that there was more to this madness than what she had placed.

But there was. Sasuke cared about so much more than just what was supposed to be irrelevance. What she had deemed irrelevant, was Sasuke's entire world.

And she had to accept that...the way Suigetsu did.



Sasuke: YOU HAD HER LEAVE ME, LONE WOLF?! -chasing with sword in hand-

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