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Saturday Night

Long time no see guys...hehehehehe...

Sasuke: Tch. You think?

Did you not learn your lesson last time?

Sasuke: -silence-

-smirk- To THE CHAP! THE...long awaited...chap...hehe.

Sasuke stared at himself in the mirror, a glare on his face as water dripped from his tresses and skin from his just finished shower. He scoffed, eyes closing in irritation as the recall of an earlier memory flooded his mind from just the hour prior.

"Out Master Sasuke? You? Going out?" The voice of an aged man in his sixties, questioned with disbelief a snowy white eyebrow raising with the same confusion. Behind Sasuke stood the six foot house butler, an elderly man in his late sixties dressed in a neatly pressed tux, grey and white hair short and slicked back. Gentle and calm silvery blue eyes staring at his employer's back as the said man threw chosen clothing onto his bed carelessly.

"Naruto invited me. To Temi's." Sasuke stated calmly.

"Temi's? That raunchy establishment, sir?" He inquired incredulously. The baffled tone of his voice made Sasuke's eyebrow twitch and eyes glare with irritation. With an equal amount of aggravation, he closed the wardrobe with a slam, he started walking towards the bathroom.

"Have Mari iron those, Sebastion. I'm leaving soon." He grumbled vengefully, the bathroom door shutting behind him. Blue silvers looked over to the red dress shirt in the bed, black pants and tie. Yet again, a single brow raised, before a tired and hopeless sigh escaped, moreover accompanied with an amused chuckle. He shook his head, folding the clothes into a pile and carrying them.

"Interesting…" He murmured quietly, walking out and brazen overlook of the black tie on the floor.

Sasuke's lips turned downward. Was it that much of a shock for a twenty-five year old to just decide he wanted to go out for a change? Maybe he didn't want to just sit at his desk in his study, looking through emails and proposals, billing statements and employee pay stubs. Maybe, just maybe, he wanted to go out for a drink and not just a drink alone on his balcony. After five years, he couldn't take a break? Was that really too much to ask?

"Sakura-Chan will be there too!"

No. This had nothing to do with that stupid email. So what if she was going to be there?

It didn't mean anything. They were both adults and if she was someone who wanted a drink to ease his stress, then so be it! He had no control over her outside of his building's doors. He scoffed with affirmation, his ego and pride manifesting into an air of power, even with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. Walking into the bedroom he dressed; black jeans, a red dress shirt and black shoes. Sasuke raised an eyebrow. Where the hell was his tie?

His eyes rolled. Mari. Of course. Yet another employee he wasn't sure why he kept around, though he did not detest her. She had been around for quite some time, she was just to clutsy for him to tolerate sometimes. You'd think she'd have the mastery of Sebastiian, who was near perfect except the old butler liked to belittle him. Something he had tried to reprimand in his adult years, but the old man only turned into his tutor and scorned him for talking back to his elder. His eyebrow twitched in annoyance. He walked out into the hallway, filled with doors and artwork. He had long become unfazed by the victorian style grandeur he had become accustomed to. He had long since changed the decor from its former days, but kept the artwork and everything else.

Still, walking down this hallway still filled him with dread. Shifting, he came to the large opening of the hallway, on each side grand white marble steps cascading in a curve from the veranda he stood on. He took the left and a few steps away, entered into the designated room.

"Mari." He called, the woman in the room shrieking in sheer terror. She turned; a hand over her heart.

"Oh! Young Master, forgive me! You gave me a start!" She whined, the short, plump elder sighed, fanning herself with her hand. Sasuke's eyes rolled yet again.

"Where's my tie, Mari?" He inquired. She stopped her actions, a grey eyebrow raising in confusion.

"I beg your pardon, young master?" She questioned. Sasuke's eyes narrowed.

"You ironed my clothing Mari. Where is my tie? Sebastian should have brought it with the rest of it." He questioned a bit sternly. This was wasting time he did not have and there was nothing more he hated than wasted time. Mari gaped, looking around frantically and rummaging through a pile of clothing she had just finished laundering and ironing. It was but a moment before she turned around, her brown eyes apologetic, in her hands, one brown tie and one blue.

"I-I'm sorry Young Master, but i-if my memory serves me right, Sebastian only gave me what you are wearing now. I don't remember receiving any tie. But! I do have these for you, just ironed!" She smiled cheerfully, offering him the two ties. He looked down, eyebrow twitching. Sebastian. What was that old butler up to? He sighed in irritation.

"Thank you, Mari. I'll go find Sebastian. Please continue your work." He waved off, walking away. Mari sighed in relief.

"Yes, Young Master! I'm so sorry!" She called out again. The door was already closing behind him, but she could just hear the response;

"Wasn't your fault."

Sasuke looked down at his black diamond rolex, eyebrows furrowing.

"Tch. I'm late." He grumbled, walking to grab a blazer hanging for the coatrack. Sebastian came out almost on cue, just as he reached for the door handle.

"Sebastian, why didn't you give Mari my tie? I laid it out. Where did you put it?" Sasuke pressed, particularly aggravated he was late thanks to this little endeavor. Sebastian gave a calm smile, bowing his head.

"Forgive me, Sir. However I didn't think the tie was most appropriate for an evening at Temi's." He expressed, walking over and grabbing the blazer from Sasuke's hand as well even with his glare of objection. The look did not faze the veteran butler, who had practically raised him from infancy and the boy's father from young adolescence. Truth was, the boy's father was a walk in the park compared to him, but still, it was nothing Sebastian hadn't handled before.

"This is no business meeting, my Lord, Sasuke. This is an outing, one I hope you enjoy." He stated calmly, unbuttoning the first two buttons of Sasuke's shirt, the act earning yet another glare of question from the head of the house.

"Try to relax and cut loose. After the last ten years of hard work to succeed your father, you have earned it." He smiled again, patting the twenty-five year old on the shoulder. Sasuke's onyx eyes lowered, turning and taking his leave without another word. Sebastians silver eyes grew somber, a saddened and gentle smile playing itself on his wrinkled features.

"She must be a truly beautiful woman to get you out there. Again, try to have fun, Young Master." Sebastian mumbled quietly, closing his eyes in genuity. Sasuke paused, eyes widening. Next thing he knew, an image of her flashed into his mind, short pink hair flowing, those emeralds she had for eyes stared at him with temptation and warmth. For some reason he heard her giggle, twirling a strand of hair. He felt a burning on his cheeks, snapping to shoot a glare at Sebastian.

"I-It has nothing to do with her! Naruto invited me and I figured I'd finally go out for once!" He yelled out in aggravation. Sebastian gave a knowing chuckle. Sasuke glared in more defense, turning and stalking off without another word. The butler obviously didn't believe him, not with that smug smile on his old face.

"Yes, of course sir. Have fun. Please be careful whilst driving." Sebastian called out as Sasuke stalked. He grumbled, inaudible obscenities, all the more embarrassed. Sebastian watched as the bright lights of Sasuke's black Lexus LFA flashed on, the engine revved to life. His wrinkled hand ran thorugh his slicked back white locks as Mari pulled up beside him.

"S-Sebastian! You almost got me in trouble with the Young Master! I didn't know he needed a tie!" She whined, stomping her feet while Sebastian chuckled.

"No worries Mari, Besides, I have a funny feeling the Master will be a bit preoccupied for a while to even bother with us. Now come. We still have work to do." He proclaimed, closing the door and locking it, Mari following suit.

Sasuke walked through the door to the bar. As expected, the first thing he was hit with was a stifling air of cigarette smell and booze. It was a moderately full bar for the Saturday night. The bar was crowded, another group growing around the pool table in the back. Some patrons were sitting and having their drinks at tables, while others screamed at the television displayed above the bar. A sports game Sasuke had no kind of interest in was on. Instantly he grew reluctant.

He didn't see Naruto or Sakura any-

"Hey! Teme, you made it!" Naruto screamed, throwing a arm around Sasuke's shoulder, a drink in his other hand. Sasuke's eyebrow twitched, eyes rolling.

-speak of the devil.

Naruto grinned wider, dragging Sasuke over to the bar. The two took their seats at the bar stools.

"What you drinking? First one's on me, you rich bastard! Oi! Temari! Can we get a drink here?" Naruto yelled, and up walked from behind the counter a blond haired woman, her hair tied back into four spiky pigtails. Her eyes were a dark green, more like teal, in color, and she gave a haughty smirk; a woman who had seen most things in life and had developed a cynical and carefree outlook on life. She wore a low hanging crop top, beneath it a laced undershirt that though obscured her revealed skin was not much of a cover for neither her stomach nor her cleavage.

"Scotch straight." At his order, Temari gave a wink.

"Coming up. Who's the friend Naruto?" She asked, beginning to make the drink with the expertise and experience of someone who had been behind the bar for many years.

"One of my best friend's here! But don't mind him Temari! He's nothing but a stick up the ass. Definitely not gonna be giving you any trouble tonight." Naruto laughed out and Temari gave a chuckle when Sasuke shot a glare at him.

"Hey, hey, I'm just a bartender. I don't mind anything so long as we understand three rules. No fighting in the bar, no breaking things in the bar and no harassing in the bar. Otherwise, you get dealt with. We understood?" She explained, looking Sasuke in the eye as she leaned on the counter. Sasuke glared.

"Just here for a drink. I'll be leaving soon." He scoffed, as she handed him his drink. She smirked.

"I like you already." She grinned, her attention caught by a yell from not too far. He sent her a glare. She raised an eyebrow.

"Huh? What? You taken?" She tilted her head. Sasuke glared again. Naruto was doing his best to stifle his giggles.

"Temari!" A female yell made Sasuke's ear twitch, and his eyes only made it to a side glance before a laughing female slid in between him and Naruto. His eyes widened slightly with the flash of pink and a familiar smile. Temari watched, her own eyes filling with realization. She smirked. She had seen a lot of guys looking at girls like that before. Even more so, withdrawing themselves to play cool like he did just now, shifting to look down at his drink and taking a cool sip. 'Oh, I get it. You're not taken. You're stolen and she doesn't even know it.' She thought to herself, looking over to the woman she had known for a long time.

"Let me get another usual." Temari laughed again, grinning.

"Sure thing Sakura! Jack and coke right?" She asked taking the glass from the apparent regular. She nodded.

"Oi, oi, Sakura-Chan, you remember Sasuke-teme here don't ya?" Naruto turned her fully, her jade eyes widening once they came upon the man she just started working for a day prior. Their eyes met and Sakura's eyes lowered.

"A-Ah! S-Sasuke-kun! What are you doing here? I-I mean…I-I…" She flustered.

"Relax Sakura. I'm not your boss here." He calmed her, already knowing what her stumbling was about. She obviously was not expecting him here, and she obviously did not want to give a wrong impression and the two being in a bar was definitely not professional at all. He didn't truly understand why she really cared at all, considering he hired her after having to punch some drunkard in her former place of work. Then again, not a lot of that was her fault directly. Even so, Sasuke was not above understanding that people were people.

Even the way she dressed, he noted with every detail. Though conservative, it was an outfit rather flirtatious and enticing. She wore a tight, red crop top, long sleeved and off shouldered. Black jeans, also skin tight, adorned with a black and red belt, her feet adorned with strappy leather red heels. He noticed a necklace, a jade crystal held by a simple black rope closely hugging her neck in a choker like way.

He closed his eyes, stopping himself from leering any further. What the hell was wrong with him? He wasn't really checking her out was he?

"Temari, was it?" Sasuke addressed and the blonde bartender placed a sassy hand on her hip.

"The one and only in this bar." She scoffed proudly. Sasuke grunted. The woman, though he was already irritated by it, held her own and she claimed what was hers. He could gather that much from her first impression alone. He respected it and therefore, did not send a glare or look of annoyance in her way.

"Put all of her drinks of my tab. No limit. Allow her to enjoy herself. If you take any of her money at all unless authorized vocally by me, I'll shut down this bar and make it a parking lot. We clear?" Sasuke ordered, taking a large, aloof swig of his drink. Temari smirked haughtily. 'So, I was right huh.' Sakura gasped, shaking her head.

"Oh, no, thank you but that's not necessary Sasuke-kun." She smiled, Naruto excusing himself and giving Sakura his seat. He scoffed.

"Temari?" Sasuke questioned with warning, though his look was respectful and Temari saw it. She gave another sassy smirk, dropping her head in a curt nod.

'Tch. What a handsome show-off. Fine. I'll make you look good but just this once, rich boy.' The thought crossed her mind with slight malice but tendered warmth. Her murky teal eyes shifted to Sakura's healthier viridian green orbs, becoming sarcastically apologetic. The next thought seemed to be sent to Sakura telepathically with just that look. 'It's for your own good.'

"Fine, but I already checked in her last drink and you better not close me down for that." Sasuke brought back down his cup from yet another swig. He closed his eyes with content.

"I'll be sending you the contract in the morning." He finalized. Sakura blinked with confusion.

"H-Hey! Stop making this decision without my say!" Sakura whined. Sasuke smirked.

"Sorry, Sakura. You heard the man. You don't want me closed do you?" Temari said snarkily, wiping the stand.

"N-No! But-I...w-well, Sasuke-kun, please you don't have to buy my drinks." She fended. Sasuke did not even bother to look her in the eye and only signaled Temari for a refill.

"Nonsense. Think of it as my welcome celebration to the company for you." He dismissed once more. She stared at him with continued surprise, slight awe and confusion all in one. Nonetheless, Temari handed him his drink and he pressed.

"Please. Enjoy yourself." He insisted, lifting his freshly received drink to her as a sign of cheers. She grabbed her drink off the bar slowly, a gentle and still slightly confused but otherwise warm smile making its way to her face. She then gave a grin of acceptance, glowing brilliantly, clinking their glasses together.

"Welcome to Uchiha Corporations." He smirked. She nodded and they both drank. Temari excused herself to serve another thirsty customer with a knowing smirk.

The two sat for hours that seemed to pass. Among five drinks, the two had shared a few laughs—mostly from Sakura at things Sasuke said while he would give quiet chuckles and smirks. Sakura had shared a few stories, even the one explaining the man who had drunkenly stormed into Café Blanche the day they met. Not too far away at the pool table, Naruto watched, smirking. Beside him, walked up Gaara, who smirked as well.

"So, that's what you were talking about, huh?" The redhead questioned, dressed in a casual black button down, and denim jeans. The two watched Sasuke and Sakura sitting at the bar, Naruto smiling gently.

"Look at him. I mean, the guy hasn't given just as much as a real chuckle like that in five years. Yeah maybe a smirk here and there but, nothing like that. Thanks for giving him that extra push by the way. I had a feeling he'd need a bit incentive and what happened the day before I knew it. It was only luck you were in town for a meeting asshole." Naruto said, punching Gaara lightly in the arm. Gaara smirked.

"Don't mention it. Anything to watch the bastard squirm." Gaara grinned, drinking his beer.

"Man, you should've seen his face. I mean, he's defended chicks before and all but, dude! He looked like someone spit in his face!" Naruto laughed, before stopping, a devilish maniacal grin adorning his foxy features; the look of a man who just had a million light bulbs of all shapes and sizes illuminate simultaneously with devious intentions.

"Let's turn things up a notch, eh?" Naruto nudged Gaara.

"OI! SAKURA-CHAN! COME PLAY A GAME!" Naruto screamed. Sasuke and Sakura turned towards him, Sakura's grin widening before she grabbed Sasuke's free hand. His eyes widened looking down and the petite hand gently clutching his.

"Sasuke-kun, come on! You want to play some pool?" She asked, standing and still holding his hand. He looked over, seeing a pool table through the crowd of people standing and sitting about. He raised an eyebrow eyeing as well, Gaara beside Naruto. His eyes narrowed, the image of him kissing Sakura's cheek making him infuriated.

Like hell that bastard was going to get a shot at anything tonight.

Sasuke stood, being lead by Sakura over to the pool table.

"Singles or doubles?" She instantly asked.

"Doubles. I call Gaara!" Naruto grinned. Sakura turned to Sasuke.

"Guess it's just us then." She smiled brightly, and Sasuke stared, sipping on a drink. He grunted.

"RACK EM!" Naruto yelled. Grabbing two pool sticks and tossing one to Gaara. Sakura chuckled, smacking her head.

"Gah. I forgot my pool stick behind the bar. Just a sec." She explained, her eyes meeting Sasuke's. For some reason it became hard to swallow and he simply nodded in confirmation. She closed her eyes in delight, laughing softly before walking off into the crowd. Even though she disappeared he didn't realize he was still watching her, following her pink hair. An arm was thrown over his shoulder, turning his attention to Naruto.

"Sooo, how's it going? I hope you weren't just being an asshole to her for the last two hours?" Naruto questioned grinning. Sasuke glared irritably, realizing he lost her in the crowd he shoved his elbow into his best friend's stomach. In response the blond hunched over, gripping his stomach at the night light jab.

"What the hell are you going on about? We've just been having conversation. Nothing more." Sasuke growled, glaring at Naruto with more irritation than usual. Now that he had lost track of the color he couldn't find Sakura through the crowd.

"Oi! Chill out! I've been keeping an eye out." The whiskered man exclaimed excitedly. Sasuke continued looking through the crowd for the familiar shade of pink. What if some bastard tried to…

"I think she likes you!" Naruto grin widened, dumbly and almost knowingly though it was naive belief. For as long as Sasuke could remember, Naruto was a fearless, brainless, knucklehead who wasn't scared of a challenge. He always tackled things head on and tended to see through others, which made him a primary delegate of his company. There were no one else's words he trusted more than Naruto's so when he gave this statement, Sasuke's head snapped to him with surprise, before his eyes dropped to his drink which he was now swirling in his hand.

"What makes you think that?" Sasuke grumbled, his cheeks were burning for some reason. With no other explanation, Sasuke only put it down to he was tipsy. Naruto chuckled.

"Well, for one, you don't have a bruise on your cheek and/or not knocked out cold on the sidewalk, both of which, I assure you, Sakura-Chan is notorious of doing to assholes. I'm kind of shocked actually, considering you are the biggest asshole there is." Naruto explained, rubbing his chin in actually wonder while Sasuke nudged his harshly with his elbow, obviously not happy with Naruto's proclamation of his characteristics.


"Hey come on! You almost made me spill my drink!" Naruto complained in anger. Sasuke glared, rolling both his eyes. Gaara joined them, catching Sasuke's attention. He had had a lot of questions to ask the redhead CEO of Subaku Industries ever since showing he knew Sakura. Something like that was not something he could let fly.

"How do the both of you know her anyway?" He questioned.

"Why do you want to know? Jealous?" Naruto quipped, earning a hard punch to his shoulder. Gaara smirked.

"I met Sakura through the Accelerated Education Foundation. She was extremely intelligent and got recognized by the foundation for it. At about fourteen she was in Suna, completing some examinations to gage her intelligence and gain placement in a field of work. I met her through my father's colleges at the foundation and she was quite brilliant to converse with on any manner of topic and even gave a consultation to father on how he could maximize our profit margins. Us being the same age, we grew to be good friends." Gaara explained a reminiscent smile playing on his features. Sasuke's eyebrows furrowed, the image of him kissing Sakura's cheek flashing in his mind again. His hand clenched his glass.

"What happened in my office didn't look like good friends." Sasuke growled. Gaara smirked.

"Like I was telling Naruto, I enjoy watching you get infuriated. It's the one thing I look forward to whenever we meet." Gaara said smugly. Sasuke scoffed, looking to Naruto.

"And you?"

"Sakura-Chan and I...well…" Naruto looked away.

"We...grew up together. In the slums." Sasuke's eyes softened, his harsh look gentling. There was a silence between the three. Sasuke knew everything about Naruto's past in the slums and it wasn't pretty. Hell, if that was the case and he and Sakura did grow up together he could only assume the horrid stories Sasuke had heard from Naruto happened to her as well. At least until her departure to Suna. She did say during his interview with her yesterday that she grew up there but if she was with Naruto, then...

"...Did...she…" Sasuke started, only to see a flash of pink from the corner of his eye. His head turned instantly only to see Sakura afar, walking over to a table. The table was a group of men and though he couldn't hear what they were saying to her, he couldn't ignore the laugh she gave them, the way her lips moved and her eyes glinted, indicating a snarky reply. She place a hand on her hip, bending over as the other placed itself down on the table.

"Oh, you're watching Sakura-Chan?" Naruto pointed out. Sasuke glared.

"Don't worry about it. Those guys were causing trouble." Gaara waved, sipping his drink. Sasuke's eyebrow raised.

"What does that have to do with her?" Sasuke questioned.

"See the gloves on her hands?" Gaara mentioned, not even looking at what Sasuke was now observing. Black fingerless leather gloves. He didn't recall her having them.

"She works part time here as a bouncer, at least if there is any trouble on a night she's here." Sasuke raised an eyebrow at Naruto's statement. Looking back, only to see the three standing and glaring at her, while she stepped back with a cocky smirk, lifting with her index finger making a rather sexy "come here" motion. Sasuke stared at the scene and he stepped forward, only to be halted by Naruto.

"Leave it be. Trust me. This will end quickly." Gaara said unphased. Sasuke turned to look back, just in time to witness one of them swing at her, only for his arm to get grabbed by her swung in the air at the man he sat directly across from him. The third lifted the table at her only for her to slam it back down. She dodged a swing, taking a grip on his arm and shirt collar. She gave the guy a glaring grin, before lifting him overhead and slamming him into the floor, startling the guest whose chair was in front of. He stayed down, looking as if he had lost breath. The first guy who attacked was already running. Sakura gave a bow of apology to the customer, seeming to give a short explanation before turning to the final one who was up and glaring at her. Sasuke made out a "You bitch" as he was lifting his hand to her only to get punched in the gut. He fell to his knees and she ended him, doing a perfect roundhouse kick in her high heeled shoes. She looked at the other guy who just regained himself who only hastily ran out the bar. She glared at the knocked out one, obviously insulted and turned her nose in the air, walking back towards the bar.

Sasuke's jaw dropped.

"Told ya." Naruto said giving a knowing grin. Sakura truly was a bucket full of surprises. She was actually a pretty simple and normal person when it all came down to it, but she had persevered through so much and was now this. Sakura was a gentle, spontaneous surprise of all kinds of traits and abilities. It's a reason Naruto admired her. He looked at Sasuke who was only following her through the crowd with his eyes.

"She's amazing, ain't she." Naruto said warmly, eyes lowering. Sasuke's eyes shifted to Naruto. He didn't honestly like the look the blond was giving whilst talking about her. It looked...like so much more was there, but more importantly, he had a bigger gripe right now. He glared, deciding instead to just down the last of his glass.

"I'm going to the bar." He mumbled.

Walking over he had lost track of Sakura through the crowd again. Instead, he found his secondary target Temari, who approached him with a weary look.

"Say, Uchiha, listen, I hope you didn't mind that little fiasco back there." She spoke, as if already knowing what was on his thoughts. Sasuke glared at first before closing his eyes in pardon. She had probably been doing this for some time before he even met her.

"...scotch on the rocks." He only said, placing his glass down. She raised a blond eyebrow, beginning to make his drink.

"You're not upset?"

"I'm pissed." His eyes met hers sharply, making her dark greens widen.

"You're putting her in danger. I don't particularly care for how long she's been doing it, but you're throwing her in front of three men like that every night she's here whether she's drunk or not. On top of that, it's apparently normal! How could you endanger her like that? What if sh-" He stopped, eyes widening from the changed attention of the dark liquid in his cup. What...was he saying just now? Why was he talking like…

He looked back up at Temari who was giving him the widest cheshire cat grin he had ever seen a human create in his life. Her green eyes were sparkling with acquired knowledge and she was leaned in towards him to give her full attention. It unsettled him. She was reading him. He gave an annoyed glare looking at his long received refill and turning away, drinking it with a slight blush.

"Geez, didn't you just meet like two days ago? You're really hung up on her." She teased. Sasuke snapped a glare towards her.

"What the hell are you saying woman? She is my secretary." He growled. Temari smirked. Oh, she knew and she also knew exactly how Sakura just so happened to get that job. She couldn't believe Sakura was so oblivious and seriously did not believe her and Ino when they spoke to her on this.

"Whom you appear particularly protective over if Naruto and Gaara tell me right." She slipped, Sasuke giving her a cold glare.

"What did those morons tell you?"

"Nothing. Only you are extremely pissed if another tries to-"

"TEMARI!" A familiar call cut her off. They both turned to see Sakura, rushing over to them.

"D-Don't s-" Sakura stopped. Temari was giving that wild grin that she gave whenever she acquired something of interest. She raised a confused eyebrow, only to see Temari nod her head to a spot next to her. She received a shot of realization, her body filling with electricity that should've spasmed her recklessly, but instead, her body settled for freezing in place.

She turned shakily. Sasuke stared back at her blankly.


"What you do outside of the company building is none of my concern." He said, turning and looking down in his drink. Temari gave a cheshire grin. 'Can't be mad at her?' Sasuke noticed and shot a warning glare.

Sakura's brow raised and she smiled.

"Thank you, Sasuke-kun." She sat next to him. She took off the gloves and handed them to Temari, who went off with them.

"Where did you learn to fight like that?" He asked. Sakura looked down.

"I've traveled many places. A lot of people taught me different things. I don't have a formal fighting style its just enough to fight back any...nefarious means." She explained.

"Hn. I understand. Just…" he trailed, looking back down at his drink.

What if some asshole was in the bar and she couldn't handle it? What if he wasn't here? Or Naruto? The thought of her getting hurt was enough to bring concern to his eyes, his brows knitting together and a frown deepening on his lips.

"Just...be careful, Sakura." He said quietly, though she heard it. Her eyes widened and she blushed. Her heart thumped against his chest and she smiled sweetly, looking back down at her drink.

"Thank you, Sasuke-kun…"

Temari was closing up, having kicked everyone out. Gaara held a completely drunk Naruto over his shoulder, Sasuke on the other side doing the same.

"Aaahh...H-Hinata-Chaaaaan-hic-I can't wait to see-hic- my beautiful Hinata-Chaaaaaaan!" He slurred out between hiccups. Sasuke glared, a bit fuzzy in the head himself.

"Dobe, shut up and fucking walk." He growled with agitation. Sakura had finally walked out behind them, laughing with Temari, a big grin on her face. Gaara snickered.

"Something tells me Hinata will have a hard time getting him to bed." Gaara said. Sasuke grunted.

"She's better off leaving the moron on the floor."

"Aahahahaaa, Hina-hic-Hinata-Chaaaaaan." Sasuke and Gaara managed to get Naruto into the back seat of Gaara's car.

"Thanks for another great night Temari!" Sakura said. Temari grinned.

"No big. You coming back tomorrow? Or I should say tonight, considering its four in the damn morning." Temari smiled, the neon lights reading "Temi's" shut off and she pulled down the shutter locking up.

"I don't think so. I gotta be up and early on Monday." Sasuke looked back at Sakura for the statement. Right. It was back to work. Besides, for not working the last couple of hours tonight, he would be going through hell tomorrow himself. Temari noticed and her eyes glinted.

'Excited for Monday already?' She smirked. Sasuke raised his eyebrow at Temari before turning his attention to the only other female here.

"Sakura." He called out to her. She walked over to him.


"How are you getting home?" He questioned. She was taken aback before smiling.

"Ah. I was going to call a cab." She reached for her phone in her bag. He grabbed her hand.

"No. Let me drive you home." She tilted her head with a smile.

"Really? You don't have to Sasuke-kun." She waived off. He smirked.

"I didn't have to pay for all your drinks either. I wanted to." Sasuke retorted, bringing out his car keys and pressing the button, his Lexus turning on. Sakura's eyes widened.

"The same way I want to give you a ride home. Besides, what kind of employer would I be to not take into account my employee's safety." Sakura blushed lightly, the thought of being alone with her boss in his car making her heart race. She chuckled finally nodding.

"Sure. I'll tell you the way." He smirked, leading her over and opening the passenger door for her. Sakura blushed again, stepping in and buckling up. Temari smirked at the exchange watching as Sasuke got into the driver's seat. Gaara walked up to her.

"I know that look. What is it?" He questioned. Temari raised her eyebrow, her smirk still fixed on her face.

"Have I not taught you enough little brother? I'm sure you see…" Temari trailed watching the black Lexus drive off.

"Our Sakura has a very rich and very handsome admirer." Gaara smirked.

"She does indeed."

They sat in his car in a pleasant quietness. Sakura was looking out diligently, being sure to give him directions as she was a bit drunk herself.

"A left turn coming up." She chimed. He grunted with confirmation. She giggled.

"What?" He questioned.

"Hehe, I'm sorry Sasuke-kun, it's just, I think it's funny when you make that 'hn' sound! It's not even a 'hmph'. Is it like your own secret language or something?" She giggled. Sasuke smirked, the scotch he had all night obviously loosening his usually collected demeanor.

"It's a habit I picked up from my father." He said, his eyes saddening a bit.

"Hehe. I see. So does everyone in your family do that?" She asked. He grew silent. She raised an eyebrow looking over to him with his silence.

"Sasuke-kun?" She questioned him softly. He looked over to her stopping at a red light.

"It's nothing Sakura." As he knew she sensed his tension. She seemed to blush at his gaze, eyes turning away.

"I-I hope I didn't bring up any bad things for you, Sasu-" She was cut off with him gripping her hand. She gasped, while he gave her an attentive look.

"It has nothing to do with you...Sakura." He murmured to her. She stared into his eyes, a blush on her cheeks, his eyes drowning in hers. Sakura could hear her heart banging against her chest. So did Sasuke. Looking at her, he could only see her and the world around them was entirely forgotten by him. All he could see was her. If only he could just lean in and-


Sasuke shot back in surprise, looking into this rearview mirror to see a car behind him. The light had already been green for only several seconds. He glared, scoffing, looking back to the road.

"Which way Sakura?" He questioned, keeping his eye on the road.

"M-make a right h-here." He heard her stutter. He gave a side glance to her, only to see her staring straight at the windshield, a deep red blush on her cheeks. For whatever reason, he couldn't help but smirk whilst following her command.

"I-I'm to the right on this block here." She proclaimed and he slowed to stop directly at the building number he remembered on her resume. Sakura took off her seatbelt, grabbing her bag and sitting quietly.

"Um, thank you for the ride Sasuke-kun." She said, a sweet smile emerge on her features. Sasuke stared before smirking.

"Hn. You have my number don't you Sakura?" He inquired. She nodded.

"Let me know when you're inside." He commanded and watched as she blushed again.

"Y-Yes Sasuke-kun. See you Monday?"

"See you Monday." He confirmed. She left his car and he watched as she went up the stairs of a small brownstone apartment building. He waited, making sure she entered her front door, before driving off to his own home.

He entered his mansion quietly, as to not wake any of his servants and stepped lightly towards his room. Once reaching it, he was met with Sebastian, who was fixing his documents on his desk.

"Ah! Welcome home, young master! I hope you had a nice time with the beautiful lady?" The old butler smiled cheekily as Sasuke laid on his bed. Without thinking through his drunkenness, Sasuke answered.

"She's...amazing…" He murmured. Sebastian raised an eyebrow, smirking.

"Is that so, young master?"

"She's beautiful. She's strong. She's kind and sweet…" Sasuke trailed. Sebastian listened, smiling softly. He went back to his work while speaking.

"As I expected young master. For someone to catch your attention, I would expect nothing less." He complimented.

"Sakura…" The old butler heard only to look over and see Sasuke sound asleep. He stared quietly before a gentle smile overcame his old features.

"So, her name is Sakura, huh. A beautiful name. Lady Mikoto would have been ecstatic." The old butler murmured.

"Sakura…" He heard Sasuke mumble again. Sebastian smirked, beginning to walk out and closing the door behind him. The old butler gave one last glance back at the sleeping, passed out Uchiha.

"I hope Lady Sakura feels the same for you, young master. Maybe she will show you...there's more to life than work."


Sasuke: Fucking asshole.

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