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That Selfish Night


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Finding a parking spot and walking towards Sakura's apartment, Sasuke tried in vain to understand what Itachi could possibly be doing. Why would he interfere in such a way? Did he know something? No matter how many questions circled his mind he was unable to comprehend Itachi's thought process. Then again, he never really could understand Itachi in the past. Sasuke could never truly grasp Itachi's reasons for doing anything really.

Reaching her door, he did his best to submerge those feelings of anger. It would probably be best if he didn't worry Sakura.

"Sasuke-kun?" He heard and flinched. He was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn't realize she was standing in front of him. A first. She had always been a grabber of his attention any time she was in the same air as him, but for the first time ever, she wasn't and it bothered him. This was serious. While it was about her, she had been placed at the back of his mind and other than for work, that was a first. She tilted her head, a look of concern coming to her face.

"What's wrong?" She asked worriedly, sensing he was troubled or stressed. He stared down at her before giving a sigh. If he spoke to Sakura she'd just get it involved and knowing how headstrong she was, he wouldn't be able to stop her. He needed to keep her from this as much as possible, until he had things under his control. Then and only then would he fill her in. For now though, he would much rather she be in the dark and protected.

"Nothing. It's been a long night. Sorry if I seem out of it." He deflected, shifting his gaze from her a bit; for the first time ever, shielding his true thoughts and concerns from her. Her brow furrowed and when he looked to check her reaction, he could already tell she didn't believe him. He was worrying her and he hated that. He didn't like the worried look in her eyes. He leaned in, kissing her sweetly. Once finished giving her that short sweet kiss, he cupped her face to bring her gently in for a forehead kiss.

"Come. Let's go upstairs. I'm tired...and I want you in my arms as much as possible." He said the last part lowly but Sakura didn't miss a word he said. Her eyes glimmered, clutching one of his hands in hers and as always, she would be his guide inside.

"Do you want to eat?" Sakura asked as they entered her apartment.

"No. Thank you." He answered, already taking off his shoes and loosening his tie. He was trying to act as normal as possible, but the news he received not longer than ten minutes ago still troubled him greatly. Again, he became caught up in his thoughts. He turned to look at Sakura's back in the kitchen, watching her as she put away the leftovers she had obviously kept warm for him like she usually did if he was coming over late. He stared at her for a long while before his hands clenched into fists, beginning to glare at the floor.

What did he do now? What was his next step? He thought he could rely on Itachi to help him; not get in his way or interfere. There were now too many variables he had to consider and he didn't have the slightest idea of what to do about them all without fearing a negative impact on the others. For once, he was truly at a loss of how to plan ahead for whatever was coming his way. One of his first lessons of life was officially null and foreign to him and for the first time ever, he longed to find out what his father would do.

He had honestly resented the man for declaring him as the next successor to the company and he had despised the constant drilling of all his lessons and rules growing up even if he was diligent about it. He never wanted to be the CEO of Uchiha Corps. His father said he needed to be the CEO. He must be. Only an Uchiha may run Uchiha Corps, but now that he really thought about it, he hated the day Itachi was disowned. If Itachi hadn't done whatever he did in the past and remained heir, maybe he could have lived his life his own way. His fate to his restricted life was sealed the day Itachi gave up his right to the company and his resentment grew with each day he spent with Sakura.

Life was different with her. It was still busy and a little more hectic with her influence on it, between the new experiences she brought to his life to the friends and acquaintances he made. He never appreciated Naruto as much as he should have and it was only thanks to her that he did. His life had always been so painfully strict this whole time and when he was the only heir, his lessons had become even more rigorous.

Now, all that resentment had turned into remorseful acceptance. He wanted to relearn all those lessons. Maybe there was something in them years back that would have told him what to do in this moment. Now he wished he had his father's counsel and guidance. He'd probably know what to do about this.

"Are you sure you're alright? You look bothered." Her voice snapped him from his thoughts again. His eyes lifted, already trying to shield her from worry by putting on another mask of fatigue. She was definitely unconvinced. It appeared he really couldn't hide from her, as proven by the growing of even more concern in her eyes.

I found out who he is supposed to marry. Indra's words from a few hours prior bothered the back of her mind again. She noticed the careful look he gave her. It was that secretive glance that made her all the more fearful of the statement. Was it...true? Was he expected to marry? That obviously meant they couldn't be together, didn't it? Why would he hide something like that from her?

"Did something happen?" She questioned vaguely, hoping he'd tell her something. Her instincts kept telling her something was wrong with him and she wanted an answer other than he was tired. Sasuke stayed quiet, thinking himself.

He knew she could probably even give him an idea of what Itachi's motives were if he spoke to her about it. She was way smarter than he would ever be and could probably handle this situation with ease, but it still wasn't something he wanted to bother her with. Between Orochimaru, Danzo and Indra, the things he was doing behind the scenes were not her burden. No. He swore to her she would never had to carry another burden again. He gave his word that he would shoulder everything, long before they had become an item and he never went back on his word. That discipline was magnified by thousands for her.

He had to distract her. If she read any further into him, she'd know something was very wrong and she'd pry the truth from him.

He moved, kissing her again and hoping it would work the same as it did downstairs. He felt her hands rub up his chest and into his hair. Upon entering his tongue his hand gently slid around her waist. She moaned and it certainly took his mind off his angered and troubled thoughts. He pulled her against him tightly, his other hand slowly lowering to her rear. She gasped in his mouth when feeling it and he took advantage of it, exploring her mouth with his tongue as he did many times over. They separated and Sakura stared up at him blushing. He stared, his eyes tender and heated at the same time, remembering what happened just hours ago in his office.

That...would be one way to distract her…

No. He instantly thought. Something like that, needed to come from the heat of the moment. It just needed to happen out of passion, not in a need to hide. The same way it happened in his office. Like hell would he allow his fantasies to go to waste out of fear.

"Does that answer your question?" He asked, his mind fogging between his troubles and her. Where he meant for this to be a distraction to her, it was just as equally a distraction to himself. Sakura caressed his face, looking deep into his eyes. Though a blush was on her cheeks and Sasuke's hold on her rear sidetracked her greatly, she still felt something was off. But Sasuke wouldn't keep anything from her...would he? He lowered his lips to her neck, licking and kissing where he pleased, hearing Sakura moan lightly.

"Will this get you to stop worrying about me?" He questioned huskily, now being sucked into his desire of her. It was growing more and more as he continued lowering to her collarbone. He felt her hand move into his hair, a pleased sigh escaping her.

"Sasuke-kun…" She quietly whispered. Hearing it roll sensually off her tongue, his eyes hazed and he paused from taking nips and kisses at her skin. He was brought back to his troubles yet again. What if, despite his best efforts, he couldn't protect her? What if he failed? He had never failed at anything, yet, he had already failed her once and it lead to her bleeding out on his office floor. What did he do if that happened again? What if something else came along in the future that threatened her safety? Would he ever hear his name from her lips like that ever again? What would he do if he lost her? What would he do if he never felt her lips again? What if he could never see her smile again? Now that he had the overwhelming confirmation of his feelings for her, the thought terrified him. When his parents died, the grief was immense. What if it was her that left his life forever?

The thought made him grip her tighter.

"You know you can talk to me, right? About anything...you can tell me anything." He heard her voice say. He knew that. He knew she would stand at his side, loyally and devoutly. She'd probably even shoulder all his burdens onto herself if he asked. She'd make it her own personal mission to go after Danzo and Orochimaru if it would ease his mind but it wouldn't. It'd be the exact opposite and it was enough to further his resolve.

"Please, if something is happening or if something is bothering you, don't leave me out of it. I want to be there for you. I want to help you and I want you to rely on me…and I don't want you to hide things from me." His brow furrowed listening to her. So, she could still sense it. No matter what act he pulled, he couldn't hide from her. An ability he found she had a long time ago. He lifted his face from her neck, staring into her eyes.

"I promise, I'm strong. I can handle anything you need me to because...that's how much I care for you..." She trailed, her voice caught in her throat. He didn't doubt it. He knew she was strong. He knew she was dependable. But just as much as those were absolute facts, he never wanted her hurt ever again. Not for him or because of him. He couldn't predict where the connection between Orochimaru, Danzo and Itachi tied to. Indra was a separate matter that he could handle easily. His newfound rival for her heart was not a true priority. The threat lied with the other adversaries and he refused to even take the chance of her being hurt because they wished to attack him.

"Is it about the situation with Danzo? Is it something else?" She was too smart and intuitive for her own good. Of course the woman he had fallen for would be sharp and calculative. It was just his luck that he'd find a woman who could read him like an open book. Annoying. She was so annoying. Couldn't she just sit back and allow him to continue his labors for her without sticking herself in the midst? After everything she had been through in her life, couldn't she just let him be everything he promised he would be? He was going to be her knight in shining armor. He wanted—and was—going to give her the life of peace and leisure she deserved so why couldn't she just let it be?

"Sakura enough. Stop worrying. You have nothing to worry about. I already told you, I'm just tired. I'm gonna head to bed now." He ended, pulling away and walking off to do what he said. It was his final defense against her; giving his back. If he didn't face her, he wouldn't be so weak to her like he always was.

Sakura watched him go, her alarm bells ringing too loud for her to ignore. As she had feared, he told her nothing. He turned his back to her and deflected from giving her a straight answer that she could accept. Was he...really hiding the fact that he had to be married soon? The thought brought the burning sensation of tears to her eyes. Her throat was choking up and her mind raced. Another woman would just take her place at his side? Would he go through with it? Would he ever tell her?

"Why aren't you telling me anything?" She spoke suddenly, unable to hold back her emotions when it came to him and she noted when it stopped him in his tracks. Sasuke stayed with his back turned, his lips frowning and his eyebrows creased together. The more the thought of him and another woman festered in her mind, the more her anxiety grew. No. She didn't want to lose Sasuke. She didn't want to lose the man who showed her what falling in love was like. For once, she wanted to be selfish. Just this once, when the rest of her life had been nothing but selfless acts. She wanted to be the one he came home to. She wanted to be the only one he kissed and cared for.

She wanted to be the one he married.

"You're hiding something from me and I know it!" She cursed herself when she heard the absolute strain on her voice. She didn't want to cry or start a fight. She didn't want to push him away but her fears were growing. Sasuke instantly turned the moment he heard her. His eyes were pained, seeing the tears she was fighting against glistening in her eyes. She stared at him almost accusingly and he hated the look from her. It was an instant loss on his part the moment he turned around. He walked towards her.

"Sakura—" He tried to soothe, only to be cut off.

"No! Please! Please, don't tell me it's nothing to worry about. Please...I know you're lying." She looked down at the ground, cursing mentally as a tear escaped her eye. In her mind, there was no way Sasuke felt the way she did. Now, she couldn't look at him. Sasuke's chest ached.

"You...you won't look me in the eye each time you lie. Whenever you speak to me, you always look me in the eye but tonight, no matter what question I ask, you won't. You're doing everything not to. Why?" She whispered painfully. His heart panged. She noticed such minuscule details? She saw right through him just from that and it hurt her like this? The last thing he had ever wanted to be was a source of her pain. It was the very thing he was striving to protect her from. Yet, still, here she was. Not hurt physically but emotionally. His teeth clenched and he found himself grabbing her at the shoulders. It forced her to look at him and he gave a stern look into her eyes.

"Enough, Sakura." He said calmly, but within himself, he was begging her. He couldn't be strong if she made him weak like this. He couldn't protect her like this. He closed his eyes and placed his forehead against hers.

"I don't know what's gotten into you, but...don't worry about me. Everything is fine." He murmured, wiping her tears away. She was right. He couldn't look her in the eye when he was lying. Everything was not fine. It wasn't. But he could take comfort that at least she wasn't a part of it. If he could just figure out what Danzo and Orochimaru's plans were and prevent them from getting their filthy hands on her, she wouldn't have to be this distressed. He was worrying her to the point of crying, and it slammed a train of immense guilt into him.

"I will always worry about you. I have no choice but to…you…" She lifted her eyes slowly, locking his gaze with hers.

"You..drive me crazy. Ever since you told me about Danzo's bail, over the last few days, it's like you have been hiding something from me and it frightens me. I'm scared now. I can't stop thinking that somehow, I'll lose you..." She admitted softly. His eyes widened and then filled with a mixture of understanding and turmoil. Was it really the same for her? Did she even understand how much worse this was for him? He was so scared of losing her, it drove him to this. He was reduced to hiding behind a facade of fatigue and indifference. He, the indomitable Sasuke Uchiha, a man whose very name, shook the hearts of anyone who knew his worth had been reduced to just another man.

She did this to him.

If you feel this way, imagine how strongly Lady Sakura must feel.

Did she feel the same way he did? Could he say it? Should he tell her like Sebastian had suggested? He had been so caught up with work and the developments with Danzo and Orochimaru, he had completely abandoned his initial intentions to tell her how he truly felt. But what if she didn't feel the same? What would he do if she didn't say it back? Could he even handle that? No. The answer was no. He wouldn't be able to handle it if she didn't feel the same. He'd do anything and everything for her to love him, but he couldn't stand it if she were to ever say she did not.

Now wasn't the time anyway. She was upset and he wished to quell her troubled thoughts. It was enough that he was stressed about everything. The last thing he wanted was for her to be stressed out as well.

"You have nothing to be scared of, Sakura."

"I don't believe you. Please, Sasuke-kun...I-I…"

"I…don't want to lose you. I want you to be in all aspects of my life and I want to be part of yours. I-I…don't want you to hide anything from me. I feel like your hiding something from me and I..." She trailed and she decided then and there, she had to say it. She had to tell Sasuke just how much he meant to her. She had to tell him for her own sanity's sake. Because she wanted to know right now, before this went any further if he had another woman he was promised to.

Just so that she didn't fall any deeper in love with him. If she knew he would belong to another woman, at this point, she could let it go. It would take some time. It would hurt. But at least she wouldn't break. Anything passed this point, would be the final seal of her own coffin.

She'd love him until the end of his days if this continued further.

"Please...Sasuke-kun...look me in the eyes and promise me, everything is okay. Please." Was there really no way to deter her? Was there a way to keep her at his side while keeping her out of his already decided actions? Could he juggle the world of business and his world with Sakura? His lack of answers for these swirling questions frustrated him and he only closed his eyes, while giving an exasperated sigh.

"You're so annoying." He grumbled as he had a few times to her. Her face blanked, an eyebrow twitching and very ready to lash him with some sort of retort before he claimed her lips. He kissed her deeply, holding her as tight as he could. He eyed her tenderly, locking his gaze with hers and stroking the back of his fingers against her face when they pulled away.

It was selfish of him. He had obtained the treasure that was her heart and love and now he wanted to lock it away...just for himself. Would it be too much to ask that she not leave her apartment ever unless with him? Could he even ask such a thing?

"You have no idea what you do to me, Sakura…" He whispered, brushing his nose against hers. They shared a few more short, sweet kisses.

"And neither do I." He murmured against her lips, his eyes shining with need and agonizing want. He stared at her like she was a priceless treasure that he had to have for himself. It completely disarmed her. Again, she reassured herself, despite her insecurities that Sasuke would not look at her this way if he had someone else. There was no way he was going to agree to a marriage, if he looked at her like this and unbeknownst to her, she was right. She was everything he wanted. No one else on this Earth deserved her. Still, to this day, the strength of his feelings for her were beyond his own comprehension.

"What do you mean by that?" She murmured between the continued kisses he laid on her. He didn't stop kissing her, but he couldn't contain his emotions; not with her. Not with the fears he had coursing through his veins and his anxiousness to lay those fears to rest. As he lowered himself to give a long passionate kiss and he pushed her against the wall, there was no stopping the question on his mind;

How could he love someone so much? Was this normal? Were his mother's words that truthful? Was it just in his blood to love someone to the brink of insanity? Was this what it felt like? He never knew what it was like to feel like an absolute mess over one person. At this rate, he would love her and only her, forever.

They parted their lips and Sasuke only brushed his nose against hers, his eyes hazed in content as well as inner turmoil.

"Stop thinking and analyzing" Naruto's words egged him on. He looked her in the eye again.

"You are beyond precious to me." He said the closest thing to his feelings as he could and even this did not suffice.

You'd die for her. I know it.

"You have no idea...how precious you are to me…" He trailed his words. No. It wasn't enough. These words were not enough and while it was the truth, it was not the full extent of it.

"You're precious to me too, Sasuke-kun. I...I don't ever want to lose you...ever..." She admitted quietly as they pulled away.

"Why are you so worried about that? I'm not going anywhere, unless it's for work. I've told you that. You have nothing to fear." He soothed, hoping it would end this talk and they could get to bed. She hesitated further, blushing gently and lifting her eyes to his. It was now or possibly never for her. Thinking back, she had always been one to act upon what she felt.

"I...I-I…" She suddenly couldn't meet his gaze, scared of what his reaction was going to be. She wanted to tell him how she felt. She couldn't be in his presence, knowing she confessed her love for him to someone besides him. Her talk with Indra was the final nail in the coffin. She wanted tell Sasuke. She said it and now, all she could do was hope that Sasuke felt the same. Nonetheless, he waited, hearing for what she had to say.

"I...love you." His eyes looked into her gleaming ones, staring in disbelief and shock. He couldn't breathe. His heart stopped. His head was absolutely blank. Did he hear her right? Did she say those words echoing in his ears right now? Was it a trick on the ears? Were they that connected that she felt his love for her? Or was it just that obvious? She stiffened, reading the shock in his eyes in a negative light and she bit her bottom lip.

"I-I know I said we'd take this slow—I know this is fast but…" She wanted to keep going. She wanted to explain her feelings but there were no words for this moment. Fear was washing over her. He wasn't saying anything and she took the shock on his face negatively. He didn't feel the same. He was going to abandon her. It was over. This was dumb. Why did she think to say this?! Nevertheless, she opened herself up to him. Her feelings came pouring out. She confessed she loved the man and nothing—not even hell—could be worse than this moment.

"I…don't want to see you with anyone else..." Her voice started shaking. Her heart was racing faster than a speeding train. As a matter of fact, maybe it wasn't even beating anymore. In anxiety, her hands clamped over her chest, feeling the thumping of her racing heart. She was certain the last thing There was no stopping it.

"I love you so much my heart can't stand it, Sasuke-kun and I-I understand if you don't feel the same. I-I know I—" Her shaking whisper was silenced. He leaned in and kissed her feverishly not wanting her to change her mind out of doubt or fear. Caressing her face, he felt her moan against his tongue and he made sure they weren't stopping until they parted, panting heavily. He thanked her. Over and over he mentally thanked her for saying it.

She said it. She said it and now he didn't have to hold back anymore.

"I love you more. So much more." He murmured huskily, claiming her lips again heavily as soon as the last word left his lips. He lowered his hand around her waist, gripping her tightly. He had to get to the bottom of everything happening in the background faster. He had to handle it, dust whatever residual dust it left behind under the rug and he was going to indulge in this whole new world of only her. He was going to squash his enemies and come back home to this.

He caressed a spot up the arch of her back and her body grinded against his on impulse. He grunted, liking the way that felt. He did it again himself this time, lowering his kisses down her jaw and her neck. He breathed heavily, as her hands lowered down his neck, while he kissed her like a madman, she began unbuttoning his shirt. When it opened and she rubbed up his abdomen and chest muscles, he felt his body shiver. Her hands went to grab his shirt and blazer, pulling it off his shoulders and he obliged to help with the rest. He threw it to an already forgotten place. Their lips smacked against each other's before he pulled away slowly. He studied every detail of her flushed face, caressing it. She leaned into it, one of her hands rubbing up his chest to his shoulder before it massaged to his neck and he welcomed the tingles her touch on his skin left.

It was late. No one would interrupt this time...they better not anyway, if they valued their lives. He slowly lifted the hem of her tank top from her skin, looking into her eyes for affirmation. He may have been very forward with his actions earlier, but for something like this, he wanted it to be like before. For this, he wanted to hear her say she wanted it. He wanted her to be just as into it as he was, rather than a one-sided feeling of lust.

Either way, he'd want her, no matter if they took the next step or not.

"Sasuke-kun…" She whispered as he parted from her lips. He eyed her, watching as she blushed but this was different. The blush on her face was of a heated want. A desire gleamed in her eyes, the same as two nights ago and that was his confirmation. This was happening and he honestly couldn't wait any longer. He felt himself become breathless with her touch.

"Sakura…" He breathed out, leaning down to kiss her. He was going to remember every detail of this night. Every touch and every sound. He lifted her tank top over her head and she lifted her arms to help him take it off. He threw it away in the same manner he threw his shirt, his eyes instantly pleased with the sight of her still confined chest. His eyes traveling all over her, he damn near willed her red bra to burn away; if only he had such power.

His. Those were his. This body was his. This skin was his. Those lips were his. The very way she looked at him was his. All of it was his and his alone and anything in his way was subject to harsh punishment by him.

She gave a hard blush, shyly lifting her arms to shield herself. Her insecurity was getting the better of her. Maybe he didn't like what he saw. She didn't find herself to be the most attractive female she'd like to be.

"S-Sasuke-kun, why a-are you s-staring like that?" She questioned quietly. He glared when she blocked his view, his hands grabbing both her wrist tightly and moving them to the sides of her head a bit roughly, before he slid them up the wall. She gasped in surprise, watching him stare at her lustfully.

"Don't you dare hide yourself from me. I want to see all of you." He mumbled with a hint of aggression that stemmed from impatience and pure greed. His eyes traveled, taking her body in one more time for a long moment before his dangerously enchanting eyes raptured hers. How dare she shield her body from him?

'I am going to kill for this woman.' Was the only intelligent thought he could think of at that very moment before he kissed her greedily. Once satisfied with claiming her lips, he kissed her down neck again and the most she could do was moan out quietly and rub her leg up his. He breathed heavily, releasing her hand for one of them to rub down her thigh to the hook of her knee. With a tantalizing slowness—for both him and for her—he raised her leg, holding it in place around his hip. He grinded his hips against hers, his other hand still having one of hers against the wall. He felt her hand rub his bicep, as if to feel him and he was never going to forget the pleasing tingling it left.

Her shorts allowed him a generous feel of her silky skin and he wanted to touch her so much more. But, despite his wants and desires to make her his already, nothing had changed his previous decision. He was most certainly going to take his time with her. He was going to be absolutely selfish. He was going to savor everything. He was going to touch every inch of her. And if the goddamn blond or anyone for that matter interrupted them right now, he was absolutely going to murder someone. This fact solidified itself just by the running of her freed hand into his hair and the obsession he felt with the pleasurable feeling. Unable to control his urges any longer, he released her other hand and used pure, untapped strength to lift her against the wall. In instinct, her other leg wrapped around his hips, not having to work hard to stay wrapped around him. He continued his work on her neck, slowly lowering his nips and kisses lower, along her collarbone while holding her.

This was far from a distraction. This was a whole new world for the both of them.

He wasn't sure he could hold back anymore.

"Sasuke-kun…" She mewled as his kisses lowered to her cleavage and her breath shook when he gave a long lick up to her chin. She rubbed her arms across his shoulders.

"Do you want me, Sakura?" He huskily questioned near her ear, taking nips and kisses at her lobe. She turned her head and arched her neck, granting him more skin.

"Yes…" She breathed out, rolling her head to hover her lips over his ear. Her hold on him tightened territorially, feeling him sucking another mark on her collarbone. Her eyes were fogged, and there was a fire burning her body into complete instinctual movement. Her head was a blur of desire and need the more Sasuke grinded his body against hers and the more he kissed and touched her body.

"Say it." He murmured. Her lips still over his ear there was no stopping the shiver down his spine with she breathed out those three words.

"I want you." The moment she uttered the last word, she was kissed into next week. He whisked her from the wall, keeping his lips locked on hers while he messily maneuvered down the short hallway towards the bedroom. Whilst kissing her, he glared quite viciously at her closed bedroom door when her back hit against it. She gave a slightly disgruntled moan, increasing his irritation with the door even further. It may have sounded extreme, but he wished he could summon lightning. That way, the door would be absolutely obliterated. He fumbled for the door handle.

"Fucking door." He grumbled against her lips, making her giggle between their kisses. He grunted when he finally got the door in and stumbled into the room. He had to swirl a bit to keep his balance, but not once did he stop kissing her.

"Sasuke-kun, wait…" She whispered, giving him pause. He never felt such a painful ache jolt throughout his entire body at once. His heart stopped for a moment and he immediately thought the worst. Did she not want this? Did she think this was a mistake? If that was so he would of course respect her wishes, but damn it all, he was so damn close to throwing her onto the bed behind him.

He hadn't had enough. This taste she had granted him left him thirsty for more. It was going to be the greatest test of restraint he had ever had in his life, not to lay his hands on her without wanting to really touch her. His hands were already lessening on her when she lowered to her feet rather gracefully. His hands damn near trembled when they were about to leave her skin, only to feel her gently push him and walk. His eyes widened, looking into hers only to see her hazy eyes full of intent. It instantly enchanted him and it was completely under her influence when he stepped back. He felt as though in a trance, until he flopped down to sit at the edge of the bed. He eyed her when she remained standing, taking the even better opportunity to look her lean curvy body up and down.

She stepped back, just out of arms reach of him. She hugged her arms at first, turning away from him slightly with a hard red blush on her face. Sasuke said he wanted to see all of her. He wanted to see everything and Sakura to be frank had no idea what she was doing. She only hoped to the heavens it would increase his desire of her if she was reading his intensity right. She wanted to please him. She wanted now more than ever to be wanted by him.

Eyeing him shyly from a side glance, she slowly pulled down her shorts. He watched the cotton fall down her legs with frightening detail. Until it hit the floor, his eyes never left the fabric only to be caught as her slender feet stepped out from the holes. It was then that his eyes scanned up her creamy legs, her red colored panties, all the way up to her eyes before they took in her body again. He felt his muscles tense and his heart pound against his chest rapidly as she turned to face him but kept her shy gaze from him. His hands twitched in anticipation and his lips parted in awe.

Was this really reality? All of that, belonged to him? He had somehow managed to obtain a Goddess? He could only say four simple words; an idiot mortal man too dumb to truly articulate the divine beauty he had been blessed to gaze upon. His eyes had gone blind to everything that wasn't her.

"You are so beautiful…" He murmured dreamily, loud enough for her to hear and it made her heart race. She had been called beautiful before but never did it make her feel like this. She never thought she was a beautiful woman but when Sasuke said it, she found herself instantly believing so. She was the most beautiful woman alive and Sasuke believed it, making it absolutely true. Her shy eyes met his smoldering ones and instantly, she felt as if he was connected to her very soul. He could feel everything she was and vice versa and through this, there came a mutual understanding. A oneness with each other.

"Come here…" He raspily ordered, already reaching a hand out for her. She did as he commanded, pulled in close the moment he touched her skin. There were still barriers in his path but he wanted to be the one to take them off. Moreover, he wanted to worship her body. He was going to prove a devout and true lover of her temple and her gospels. He wanted to touch every centimeter he had yet to touch. He wanted to hear the songs straight from her voice.

His hands graced the uncharted territory of her thighs and legs, traveling mindlessly upwards just to touch her. He pulled her closer, kissing her abdomen the moment it met his lips. He licked and kissed as many places as he could, feeling Sakura move her body sensually in his arms. He liked kissing her navel especially. Her hands were feeling up on his sculpted shoulder muscles and biceps.

So sinful it was, to taint a Goddess like this, he thought. At the same time, he felt nothing was more sacred.

She maneuvered, straddling him with confidence and he pulled her against him the instant she did. He kissed and licked all uncovered parts of her breast while massaging his hands up and down her body needfully. On her left, where her heart should be, he made a mark, approved by Sakura's moans. Her head lulled back as he kissed up her neck.

He pulled her to lock eyes, her hazed emeralds looking into his heated obsidians that adored her.

"You have no idea how much I've wanted this." He murmured huskily, staring into her eyes. They glimmered despite the misty haze of pleasure. This was the first time she was hearing true words of desire over her. She never realized how good it felt to be so wanted and for it to be expressed so reverently.

She caressed his face and she felt his hands rubbing her thighs, before they cupped on her rear. Just like before in his office she didn't want to refuse his touch. Like two nights ago, she wanted Sasuke to touch all of her and damn did it feel good to know he wanted her so badly. She never could imagine making a man like Sasuke feel, look and say the things he did, to her. He watched her eyes lower down his body, feeling pleasuring burns as her hands roamed down his chest and abs.

"Tell me…" She commanded quietly and it was an instant trap spell casting. His eyes flickered back up to hers and for the first time ever, he was the most readable she had ever witnessed him become. She saw it all. The immense and still expanding love he had for her. It made his onyx eyes shine and Sakura fell completely and blindly in love with him. As for him, he was yet again, placed under a spell, enticed to answer, but the answer was not so simple. For starters, he didn't even realize when this happened. Where the hell did he start?

"I'm crazy for you. From day one, Sakura. You have made me lose lose my mind. Just from your smile, I completely forget everything. About meetings, about work, about everything in this world that isn't you. I denied it at first, but no matter what I did, I could only think about you. And I only realized this as it got worse and worse. I couldn't stand even the thought of you with another man. It was painfully torturous and wonderfully amazing to realize I wanted your heart. I wanted to be the only one you smiled at. I wanted to be the only one you wanted." He admitted, moving into her palm as he simply spoke what he felt the answer was. He couldn't lie, especially not to her, and he couldn't cover it either. So, when the words left his lips, he grudgingly gave a mental point to Naruto for spotting that he liked her the first day they met.

To think, that day and the blond teasing him would lead to this moment. To think their paths would align to this. A single chance meeting that probably wouldn't have ever happened if he never went on his lunch break. Would he have ever found her another way? Was there an alternate universe, where he had claimed her? Was their union a permanent canon across all universes?

He hoped so. He prayed it was so.

"The next thing I knew, everything...it was all about you. You took over my mind, without even meaning to. I could be focused one minute and only have you in my eyes the next second. I knew too damn well, I wanted you. Even now...it's so much worse." She gave him a small smile, kissing his lips gently. He slid the straps of her bra down her shoulders, keeping his eyes locked with her.

"I guess I see what you meant…" She whispered quietly, a sly smile coming to her lips, giving an impossibly cute tilt of her head.

"When I said what?"

"When you said I had no idea what I did to you. I thought you were way out of my league. I didn't think I had a chance in hell." She chuckled out. He smirked, giving her a playful glare.

"My turn then." He growled lightheartedly. At the same time, he unclasped her bra, slowly removing the constraints. He eyed the released contents hungrily, rubbing his hand to palm at one of her breast. Such beautiful mounds, he couldn't help but think. Sakura blushed, her breath hitching when he began taking nips down her neck and trailed to the neglected other. He rubbed his lips against her peak, while pinching the other. His breath and lips caused her body to tense.

"Tell me why you love me." He spoke against it and she flinched when he gave an experimental lick. He liked that reaction and went to test what exactly his tongue could do to her. He started off slow, licking her perked nipple up and down before he swirled it with his tongue. When she moaned and rolled her body in approval, he grew even bolder, completely covering her teat. Sakura gasped, as he sucked and flicked her peak, ending with giving it a pull with his teeth. She yelped, feeling him bite a little harder. She whimpered, finally making him ease off and lick the now sensitive peak. Her body grinded, her moans echoing in his ears as she accidently rubbed against a certain hard spot in his pants and she gave a sharp gasp when he released.

"Tell me, Sakura." He trailed kisses across her cheek, down her neck, reaching her chest again, this time to her other teat.

"I love everything about you." She moaned sensually. He repeated his experiments as he had the first time and she made those sounds he was quickly becoming addicted to hearing. He dragged his tongue up her chin, wanting to hear what she had to say. His hand rubbed up her thigh, holding no reservation of going passed her panties and to that curious spot he only grazed earlier in his office. Sakura gasped in complete surprise, not ready for that surprise attack. She let out a loud moan, feeling him rub a single finger up and down her folds. He rubbed slow and gently, noting how she was already so moist. She moved her hips to his touch, looking into his smoldering eyes.

"Keep going." He ordered huskily, keeping a slow and torturous place that made her mind fog even further. He lowered his lips back to her teat, and Sakura gave even more desperate moan, running her other hand through his hair.

"I love your strength and pride. I-I love the way your actions speak in place of your words. I love annoyed looks you give to others. I love the way you look at me." His tongue swirled around it hastily, being driven mad at the sounds she made with his actions. In her statement, there was a distinct shudder and breathlessness in her voice, she sounded so tempting. Confident he had doused her teat with saliva, he finally lifted from her peak. She gasped out, feeling his finger teasing her entryway. He pressed and tapped against it, rubbing teasing circles around the place he instinctively knew he wanted his member to be buried into. Her eyes shut, panting in pleasure.

"You always make me feel so safe. If your eyes are watching me, I know I'm safe..." She pulled his face up for a reckless kiss and his heart panged and for a brief moment he recalled his distress. She felt safe because of him? He made her feel safe? He was undeserving of that praise. She wasn't fully protected yet. He had yet to secure her and things beyond his knowledge were happening. He needed to work faster. He had to protect her in anyway he could. He wanted to hear this, so he could live up to her expectations. Now, after hearing this, he is going to work ruthlessly. He was going to speak to Itachi as soon as possible and he was going to be sure she was watched at all times. She would always be safe, under his care. Always.

"You said I made you forget about work…" She murmured against his lips, a glimmer of something shining in her lusting gaze. She stared into his eyes, looming over him and giving that gaze he wanted only for him.

Work? He honestly understated when he told her she made him forget about just work. She made him forget a lot of things from the next meeting he had to the very world around him. Just in her presence he lost all function and it wasn't good. All his life he had been groomed for business and just looking at her...having her, he forgot all about it. He lost all concerns with matters he had long since considered his life and found in her something else. Something he couldn't explain nor did he understand in the slightest but he wanted to. He needed his damn control back else his company took a major hit at his faulting focus.

He stole kisses from her lips before easing in a finger. She moaned louder in pleasure, unable to keep from opening her legs wider. The blush on her cheeks deepened and Sasuke was enamored with how tight and warm she felt. He shoved it, slowly, all the way in, taking note how her walls quivered with the intrusion.

"You do." He spoke softly and huskily, kissing her neck as he tried to shove his finger deeper and experimented with moving it around inside her. His free hand snaked up her abdomen grabbing one or her breast and palming at it. Her hips rolled in reaction to him and he was granted with the sweetest moan he heard from her to this moment. He was never going to forget that sound. How many nights had he simply lost sleep to her? How many times did he lose his mind over her? Countless nights and now she was like this on top of him. Her eyes hazed in pleasure and he thanked whatever God above that he honestly didn't believe in. How was it that he had even obtained this?

He was certain, this night was going to lead to many more sleepless ones. He was going to go away on the cruise in just another seven days and he was going to be absolutely restless thinking about her. Especially since this was real. This wasn't a dream or a fantasy. Or was it? He didn't care.

She blushed, his onyx eyes gazing at her with that hungry and predatory stare. That look he gave when he was determined or adamant about something, but on her they were a rush of electricity. He wanted her and those eyes said so. She lost herself further in those dark eyes, feeling his finger begin giving slow pumps in and out of her, being even more driven by desire as her hips grinded and rolled as the result.

"I want that...I want to make you forget about work…" She whined, her body grinding to his hands. She moaned loudly when he curled his finger inside her. It felt too good. Sasuke's hands were two gifts from heaven she didn't know she needed until now. Her eyes opened to meet his again, a quiet plea for more being begged through her gaze.

"About meetings…" She muttered, kissing him again. They separated with a string of saliva between them, Sasuke giving her another look but one she had seen before. She had his full attention and he was carving everything she was saying into his memory. She gasped feeling him trail kisses down her abdomen, not forgetting her stitches. He started pumping his finger faster. He earned louder moans, his heated eyes looked up as she lost her train of thought.

"What else?" He pushed further, pumping his finger harder. Sakura panted and whined, pleased eyes looking down at him to meet his eyes.

"A-About messages and emails…" She continued further, feeling him run his tongue up her neck. She moaned with each hit of his digit and each move she made just added jolts of the ecstasy she was feeling. Her body was moving on its own as it whined and her hips rolled. It added so much more to the feeling and it only incited in her a need to continue.

"I want to make you forget about everything that isn't me. I want to be everything on your mind." She whispered to him hastily, giving out a cry of disapproval when he so suddenly took out his finger. She looked at him with that impossibly erotic and pleading gaze that he was absolutely enthralled by. She wanted him. She wanted to be everything on his mind? Did she not know by now that she already was the only thing on his mind? What in the world did she think she was doing to him now?

"On one condition…" Sasuke murmured to her, deciding to make this proposition. In contractual business, like he was setting now, she could only agree to his terms or deal with the repercussions. She looked at him, feeling his fingers rub circles against her bud as he had learned was particularly sensitive earlier, with a flustered blush. It felt so good. She wanted more. She wanted his finger inside her again. He reached up to kiss her, feeling her rub his neck with need. He shifted, placing her down on the bed, kissing her over and over, feeling her hands in his hair. She gasped against his lips, her pleased eyes opening to meet his burning with want and desire as he held himself over her from his still seated position. Like this, she was mostly on the bed though her lower half was hanging off just a bit from the edge. Upon detaching from the kiss, they stared into each other eyes, confirming with each other that this was happening. This was real and they were here. Sakura's hands moved, caressing his face and his eyes warmed. His hand traced down her bosom and her abdomen, rubbing her treasured place again.

"I become the same thing for you." He said huskily, laying down the terms of the contract he hoped she acceded to. When her glazed eyes remained captured by his, he shoved away the notion that she wouldn't agree to his terms. She was already his and that look in her eyes proved it so.

"I want to be your everything…" He surprised her, shoving two fingers inside her. Her head threw back and she moaned louder with the slightly bigger intrusion. He slowly moved all the way in, before pulling back out, Sakura's hips grinding against his thrusting fingers. He took her arched neck as a chance to take nips and licks at it.

"A-Aah!" His eyes ignited and he felt a prideful smirk line his lips. It inflated when he had stopped moving his fingers and she had cried out in protest, attempting to feel them by grinding her hips. He resumed, smirking at her moans of approval.

"I want you to be here, like this with me and only me. Everyday...when I wake up and come home. I want you...Sakura. I want to be your only one..." He trailed, pumping his fingers harder. Sakura reached up, kissing him into oblivion. Sasuke kissed her jaw and jaw line, moving downward. The sensations of his body as she roamed her hands across his tense muscles were new and foreign as this was the first time he had ever done this before. But he would not be controlled. He was Sasuke Uchiha and he would be damned if she got the upper hand, especially now that he had right where he wanted her. His fingers slammed as deep as he could go into her and Sakura moaned out louder, a squealing pitch tinged in this time.

"Deal, Sakura?" He questioned. She gasped and panted grinding to his fingers as she desperately tried to meet his pace.

"Yes! Yes, Sasuke...kun!" She moaned out, igniting a fire in him with the desire to hear his name like that again, feeling juices spill onto his hand. She made that sweet sound for him again as she had in his office. That was only one of the many seals to her contract. She gasped when he continued, still panting in her ecstasy as he made her ride that extreme wave of pleasure he got her to. He looked down at her, smirking at her pleasured face. She panted, her hips writhing as he rubbed her up and down. He pulled away to stand, eyeing her position. His eyes drank her entire body greedily, trailing her legs, to the last thing in his way. Her red panties.

"S-Sasuke-kun…" She whimpered, feeling him tug down the last thing of fabric that covered her. He moved, dragging her panties down her legs and burned the image into his mind. His eyes flickered and never in his life did he realize how much he needed something and not known until he received it. His greatest desire laid there before him and it was everything he imagined it would be. Such divine beauty and it was all his. He shuddered in lust, eyeing every detail in his sight. Damn it all, she was going to be in his sight at all times now that he knew she had a body like this. No one was going to be allowed to touch her from this day forth. He couldn't stop people's eyes, but as he had decided for the poor soul even offering her a handshake, he was going to cut off their fingers.

On second thought, maybe he'd gouge a few eyes out as well. So enamored by her exotic gaze, he took a moment, staring down at her in her beauty.

"Mine…" He couldn't help when the one word sneered through his mind with haughty pride. Sakura's already blushing face darkened, watching Sasuke stare at all of her. She wasn't prepared for the adrenaline of haughty lust that would race in her own pride. She had never been an arrogant woman. She was quite humble but to watch Sasuke look down at her the way he was, she couldn't help but feel like a goddess. Sasuke looked absolutely spellbounded to her. He was standing and staring down at her, but she couldn't deny that gleam in his eyes. He wanted her more than she knew and staring into his eyes as always, he wanted her more than she could comprehend at the moment. It was proven when his hands caressed her feet, from her toes to her thigh and he bent down, licking and kissing up her leg, bypassing her core and kissing up her body.

"How badly do you want me, Sakura…" He asked huskily, touching her core again slowly. She gave a gasping shriek, still having yet to fully come down from the clouds she had been flying over. She was his. Now, that she was his, now that he knew she wanted him, he was enthralled to have her like this. He wanted to hear it again. He wanted to hear her answer to the same question he asked two nights ago.

"Tell me." He whispered against her skin, between her breast.

"I need you, Sasuke-kun." She moaned out the words of his fantasies as he nipped at her neck. Her hand moved brushing against his nose and lips.

He brushed his fingers across her navel, only one other selfish thought crossing his mind.

"You know...what I'm thinking about Sakura?" She met his gaze, watching his obsidian shimmer, it was like looking into the night sky. She had no idea what he was thinking. She could barely think herself, with him staring at her like that.

"What are you thinking about?" She questioned, her hands caressing his face. He smirked. If he told her, she'd probably faint and he sure as hell didn't want that right now, no matter how amusing it might be. Besides, that kind of thinking was especially too early to even consider.

Even if he wanted it just as much.

"I'm thinking of all the ways to make you mine." He answered huskily, brushing their noses together, before dipping down to her neck, making his mark on her and hearing her moan for him. He moved to her collar bone, taking nips and kisses as she arched against him, giving more skin for him to claim.

"How beautiful you are." Lower and lower he kissed her body and Sakura relished in it. It all felt so good—so right. This was right. Sasuke kneeled on the ground now, eyeing her womanhood with a lustful gaze. He kissed her inner thigh, earning a surprised yelp.

"How amazing you are." He whispered against her bud, having already sneakily holding her thigh in one hand and parting the other. Her breath hitched, bucking reactively. He watched devilishly as her eyes widen with absolute surprise and then she gave him a look that sent shivers down his spine. Need. She needed him and he could see it. His hand stroked up feet, rubbing up her leg and thigh.

"And how much I can't wait to hear you say my name." He ended, his tongue giving feral long licks, before sucking and nipping at her clit. Her hand shot out to his hair, sliding into his locks and following the movement of his head. Her head threw itself back, her eyes shutting with euphoria.

"S-Sasuke-kun!" She moaned out. One if his hands went to massaging her breast, the other teasing her entry way again. He did this for only a moment before he shoved his tongue inside instead. Sakura was in heaven giving out a squeal of surprise as in and out Sasuke's tongue moved. He moaned at the sweetness he had only tasted earlier and Sakura seemed to be lost to cloud nine. She really was a sweet meal fit for a king.

'Please don't let this ever end.' She mentally begged as the world around her blurred into nothingness and there was only him and the pleasure between her legs. Sasuke continued his experiments, listening for any difference in her moans. If he moved his tongue up and down her folds, she grinded her hips and gave throaty groans of ecstasy. If he sucked and licked her bead, she writhed her hips as if unable to control herself. And when he entered again with his tongue—

"Aaah! Oh, Sasuke-kun!"

God damn everything else. This was all he wanted. This is all he could care for. Her quickening moans and feeling her hands grip him with need was all he needed to live at all. Her hips bucked for his tongue as he pumped it in and out her. Soon. He would be inside her soon and he had to remind himself of that in order to not snatch off his constricting pants right now and go for it. As he already decided, he was going to take all the time in the world with her. He was going to make every bit of her his.

This was vengeance enough for driving him insane. It was all her fault he didn't know what was up or down, left and right.

He went on a full attack, ravishing her like there would be no tomorrow and Sakura lost it. The pleasure was almost too much but she didn't want him to stop. It would be agony if he stopped now. He grunted, feeling Sakura's hand grip his hair tightly. She was making these sensual gasping moans that made his heart race. His other hand grabbed her other breast, palming both of them as he continued his work. He licked her in every way he could, adding pressure and circling her breast, teasing and twisting at her peaks at the same time.

"S-Sasuke-kun, I-I'm c-close! I'm—Ah!" her head and back arched against the bed and Sasuke was granted sweet juices he wanted. Sakura moaned out loudly, her hips bucking as he lapped up the liquid fruits of his labor, giving a final long lick up her womanhood. He licked his lips, standing and taking in the sight with complete attention to detail. Sakura panted, her eyes half closed in pleasure, her head tossed to the side. Her legs twitched from the sheer fulfillment she had gotten. It enthralled him, seeing her this way. He never thought he could be so attracted to a woman but damn, did all of her look luscious. She looked so impossibly erotic, he could barely hold back anymore.

Her body language screamed surrender to him and he was more than ready to oblige.

"Please, Sasuke-k-kun…" She whimpered unable to take anymore much longer. She needed all of him right now and her body was screaming for him. She was getting desperate and so was he, but he had to be patient just a little longer. He hovered over her, looking into her eyes territorially.

"What do you want, Sakura…" He questioned huskily, though his haughty smirk implied he already knew the answer. Her hands hastily lowered to his belt, fumbling with the black leather before she could get it loose. He kissed her hard and rubbed his fingers at her clit again, refusing to allow her to get any upper hand on him. He needed to make her beg. He needed to make her scream for him.

"Tell me." He gruffed out. Sakura mewled with euphoria.

"Take me, Sasuke-kun." She whispered to him, the words he'd been dying to hear. Her enraptured eyes held a fueling need of him and he was going to give it to her. He was going to give her everything and then some.

"Please…take me. I can't take anymore. Please...please, Sasuke-kun." She damn near begged and she rubbed her hand along his length. Hearing her pleas in such a way was euphoric music to his ears and he teased at her entryway again. She whimpered.

"Is that so...you really want me that badly?" He mumbled huskily into her ear. She rubbed him up and down from outside his pants and he had never felt so impatient in his life.

"Oh, I want you. I want you, Sasuke-kun, please. Please!" She panted out and he flinched when her hand got into his slacks. He groaned at the lack of rubbing in his perfectly fitted slacks allowed. No. No she was not going to get the best of him tonight at all. He parted from her bed, standing before her as she watched him intently. He slowly slid down his pants and boxers watching her eyes widen in surprise and her face blush at what he was packing. Sakura was now officially convinced that Sasuke's very existence was nothing but God given birthright. He was blessed in every way from social status to his entire body and quite frankly, Sakura was intimidated.

That fear was instantly gone when he got on top of her and all she could see was him. She laid her head against her pillow staring up at him lovingly. He caressed her face, his smoldering eyes staring into hers.

"Are you scared?" She heard him ask while trapped in his dark eyes. She started caressing his face back, stealing kisses from his lips.

"No...but..." She whispered. He stared down at her, waiting for her next words.

"I-If you c-can...please, be gentle…" She whispered even more quietly, but he heard every word. He leaned down to kiss her passionately as a token of his word, brushing his nose against hers when they pulled away. Slowly he positioned himself, rubbing against it. Sakura gasped, whimpering at his length. He had to have been twelve inches and with its thick girth, Sasuke was questioning if he would even fit inside her. He'd be absolutely pissed if he couldn't. He started with teasing her drenched entryway, looking into her eyes.

Both he and his throbbing erection could not hold it anymore.

"Tell me to stop whenever you want." He leaned down and kissed her whilst entering her, Sakura gasping in what was both pain and pleasure. She clawed into his back and Sakura heard Sasuke groan and grab her body tight as he slowly pushed his length into her. Sasuke buried his face into her hair. Dear God, he wasn't even a quarter in and he felt nothing but pleasuring sensations wrack his body. He gritted his teeth as he slowly pulled out and reentered, this time attempting to push halfway inside her. She moaned, her head falling back against the pillow and her back arching.

It hurt. It did but in the pain there was pleasure and Sakura willed herself to only think about Sasuke. He wanted to be her everything and she could make that so. Especially as he kissed her all over her neck, moving to thrust into her again. Sasuke was reminding himself repeatedly that he had to be gentle. Control himself. Don't start pounding her into next week, the way he somehow knew his body wanted.

Be gentle. Be gentle. Be gentle!

But she was so warm and tight. He could already imagine slamming into her over and over with his—

Be gentle!

Summoning a control he didn't understand he had, he pushed as deep as he could go and stopped, grinding his hips against hers to try and get her used to the feel of him. He reached up, kissing her lips while rocking his hips against hers. Each move was a jolt of pleasure. Just feeling the extension of himself wriggle and twitch inside of her was driving him to the brink of insanity. He couldn't help it when his next pump was a tad bit rougher, shoving hard enough to make her legs jump into the air and wrap around his hips. She whimpered desperately in his mouth, their tongues separating with a line of saliva as he pulled up to look into her eyes apologetically. He paused inside her again, caressing her face gently and his eyes turned smitten. She looked so beautiful. Her face of pleasure and shining eyes were so beautiful he fell in love with her all over again, on top of the love he had for her now.

"I'm…alright..." She whispered, knowing he was stopping for her. He stayed for a moment, kissing her passionately again, still staring into her eyes as he moved. She couldn't maintain eye contact for long, her eyes shutting with pleasure and he felt her body move beneath him. Reciprocation. Acceptance. He became one with her and she with him. With each slow thrust her body melted against his and her hips rolled. He grunted feeling a jolt of ecstasy flash through his body when she did that. In reaction, his next following thrust paced a bit faster into her and Sakura moaned louder.

"Sasuke-kun..." She moaned his name, a different pitch this time than when she moaned it before and it drove him wild. He groaned, his hand rubbing down her thigh and hooking her leg and lifting it a bit higher. He thrusted a little deeper with the improved access. His other hand held himself up, staring down at her pleasured face.

"Aah...hah!" She moaned out as he moved faster. He took note, picking up the pace and lowering to her ear.

"Like that?" He whispered into her ear, earning an answer in the form of louder and pleasured moans. With each thrust she moaned, her body moving with his movements.

"Yes. Yes! M-More!" She cried out, her eyes of fruition looking into his. His eyes flickered, again the words of his dreams uttered in a form way better than he imagined. The desperation in her tone, the need and desire she stared up at him with—it was more than anything he had fantasized. It was absolute submission. It was absolute surrender. He lost it. She panted out those three simple words and he lost his mind. His pace moved faster, his thrust became harder, granting her wish and fulfilling his own. She had unleashed something in him, saying those words and looking up at him like that and it came in the form of a voice. He was never, ever going to let her go. She was going to be his until the end of her days.

Anything and anyone that felt otherwise, wouldn't just have their lives ruined. Their lives would be taken by his very hands.

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura panted, crying out in praise. Her neck arched back, her face that of bliss. His eyes shut from the increased pleasure and he buried his face into her neck. His grip on her became tighter and he felt his teeth clenched. She felt so damn good. He could have never imagined this. This was beyond anything he could fathom or even dream of. This was bliss. What was real? What was an illusion? What was a dream? Whatever the answer was, he didn't give two shits about it. This was happening and so long as he spent even a moment like this, he couldn't care less what was real and what was fake. She was here, giving herself to him and he couldn't be more grateful for anything in his life. Not his wealth, not his business, not his home or cars. Not his clothes, accessories, or other material property belonging to him that he never cared for to begin with. None of that mattered; just her. Only her.

Damn it all, he wasn't going to be able to leave her anywhere. She needed to be with him at all times. Tonight, her entire body was his. Tonight and all other nights henceforth, every inch of her belonged to him. He would have her all he wanted. He'd do anything he wanted to her and making sure she had gone mad for him was one of the things he wanted. His other hand spread her other leg wider, thrusting even harder. Her body jumped against his with his thrust and he couldn't help but give out a groan.

"Oh! Oh! Oh, God, yes! S-Sasuke-kun!" She yelled and he felt a pleasurable burn claw into his back and her legs wrapped around his waist in a vice grip. Coupled with her saying his name, he was motivated to push himself even further. He'd push her to the breaking point, to the point where she had no choice but to scream for him. Again, like earlier, she was prey, caught in the eyes of a wolf, ready for its dinner.

Sakura yelled in ecstasy, the hand in his hair gripping tight and the other holding—scratching—his back. He groaned, each of his thrust becoming harder and harder until she was on cloud nine. She cried in absurd pleasure and Sasuke lost his mind. He panted and groaned, gritting his teeth as he relished in the extreme pleasure he never realized he needed. He lowered to kiss her bouncing mounds and Sasuke felt complete gratification at her screaming praise. In reaction, he slammed harder and harder, holding her even tighter while lifting her hips to penetrate her deeper. He hissed, slamming his pelvis against hers. His heated eyes gave a serious glare into hers and Sakura was hypnotized. He looked absolutely ruthless, but it was ruthless love for her that steamed in those dark eyes.

"All of you, belongs to me. Me and only me." He growled out to her with absolution.

"Yes! Yes!" Sakura panted and moaned with each of his thrust, her mind gone to Sasuke. Sasuke was everything to her right now. He was all she wanted and needed. Just him and nothing else.

"I love you! I love you so much, Sasuke-kun! Only you!" She whimpered desperately and he pounded her even harder. He was sure he felt his eyes roll to the back of his head behind his closed eyelids from the increased pleasure. More. He needed more.

"Tell me...you're mine!" He grunted out, his brow furrowing in concentration. Sakura's pleasured eyes stared into his trying to meet his reckless thrust.

"I'm yours! I'm all yours! Ah!" Something was building near his naval causing him to thrust in and out of her even more recklessly. He was officially mindless, spreading her legs wider and their skin slapped together. He swore he felt himself get harder if that was even possible and her molten sheath was getting tighter.

"Sasuke-kun! Sasuke-kun, I-I'm almost there! I-I ca-can't—Aaaaaaaaahh!" She moaned loudly, throwing her head back and the euphoria racked her entire body a hundred fold compared to the other times Sasuke made her climax. Sasuke buried his face into her neck, groaning lengthily as her juices splashed against his member and urged him towards the same release Sakura felt. Just a little more. A little more.

"Fuck...S-Sakura…" He groaned in ecstasy, feeling her scratch into his back more. She chanted his name and his hands gripped her tighter. Sakura could only sob out with each slam he gave her. He hissed, shakily gasping when he felt a wild rush release from him. He continued pounding, spurting his seed into her and Sakura squealed in praise. He slammed a final time into her, remaining buried inside and rolling his hips against hers in ecstasy as they both panted from the activity. Her shining, glistening body trembled beneath him, whimpering and breathless. He stayed there his face against her in absolute rapture. This was the greatest thing he could have ever received. He had her love and he was so damn happy. He lifted to stare down at her, unable to stop from kissing her lips lovingly.

"T-That was...amazing." She mumbled, glowing beautifully. He rubbed his nose against hers, unable to stop from giving a soft chuckle. Sakura blushed in embarrassment. Everything that just happened came reeling back full circle. She had just given herself to Sasuke Uchiha. This man had made love to her and she was smitten.

"What if he breaks your heart?" Indra's question floated around her head for a brief moment and Sakura truly didn't have the same answer of melancholic indifference that she had given to Indra earlier. She would be broken if he broke her heart. Destroyed. God, she didn't know what she was going to if he decided he didn't want her anymore. Her fearful thoughts ebbed away the instant he kissed her sweetly again.

"You are amazing." He muttered against her lips. She blushed, giving him a soft, beautiful smile, before a thought came into her head. Her gaze shifted away from his.

"How many times...have you…" Sakura started to ask but hesitated. She wasn't sure if she wanted to know the answer to that question. How many other women had this experience with Sasuke? What was it that left him with no one at his side the way she was? Was it her worst fear and that he simply used her to get into bed? Was she going to get dropped now that she had given herself to him? He said he loved her and she was certain they had just made love rather than meaningless sex. She felt it. Everything about it, from the words he whispered to her to the way he made love to her.

"This is the first…" He murmured, kissing her. Her eyes widened, earning an amused smirk when he got a look at her surprised face.

"Was it really that good?" He teased and Sakura chuckled. She gave another slightly embarrassed blush, drawing mindless circles on his chest.

"Maybe…you...just seemed to know everything that you were doing..." She answered back. He gave a soft sigh through his nose, watching a look of insecurity flash in her eyes. He was learning to catch those doubtful looks more and more and he was going to do everything in his power to silence those thoughts from her mind. He supposed it started with thinking of the best way he could explain how he knew what to do at all. He just did. He touched where he wanted to touch. Kissed and licked where he wanted. His experiments were part of the process and after tonight, he had hundreds of thousands of others he was most certainly going to try. He leaned in and kissed her.

He suddenly realized what his mother's words to his father may have meant. In a way...

"I loved you the way I wanted to." His whispered softly to her, caressing her face to look up at him. Her eyes met his and Sakura's heart fluttered to soaring heights. As always, if he was looking her in the eyes she knew he was telling her the truth. She kissed him lovingly.

"Sasuke-kun…" She murmured, rubbing to embrace him, one of her hands rubbing into his hair. His forehead fell against hers. He was in heaven. This was his heaven. This is what absolute bliss felt like. He didn't think he was going to ever be able to get enough. He needed this feeling every day and night. He had to keep her.

"Please don't ever leave me." He heard her whisper. Caressing her face still, he kissed her tenderly and whispered out a single word he had already decided upon.

"Never." She caressed his face with both hands, being doused with sweet kisses from his lips.

"I'll never let you go." He whispered between his kisses. He moved a bit, feeling his muscle inside her twitch back to life already from exhaustion. He groaned and Sakura gasped, feeling him beginning again. His strong arms traveled to grip her body and it absolutely melted into his. He was already kissing her neck, grinding his hips.

"A-Again? Ah!" She yelled out, feeling him already getting rough again. He smirked, nipping at her earlobe.

"I want to love you more, Sakura. I want to love all of you." He said huskily to her, starting to exit her. She gasped and whined when he was just at his tip and froze for a second, before he slid back in and repeated. He lifted to look at her, continuing this routine in a slowly and steady pace to watch her face turn into one of need. His eyes hazed, lowering to hover over her lips, sliding one of her legs over his forearms and spreading her legs wider.

"I'm going to love you the way I want to." Off he went to his newfound world of ecstasy that was her body. He indulged in his wildest and greatest dream to his heart's content. He already decided he'd touch her everywhere. Not a single inch of her was safe from him. This just might be the best night of his life. He became absolutely gluttonous and he was insatiable. The room resounded with her sounds of pleasure, his panting breaths and the bed creaking. Round two was just as blissful as the first, though he had to take a break afterwards for Sakura's sake. Even then, having her in his arms, he couldn't stop touching her body. He apologized when he couldn't hold back anymore and ended up putting her through round three.

When it was over, she fell asleep almost immediately when she laid against him and he bathed in the absolute glory. As exhausted as he was, he couldn't sleep from the absolute euphoria he felt. He could only stare down at the beauty in his arms. They were in the same position he woke up to, that one drunk night over a month ago. Of course there was the obvious difference of them being naked and slicked with sweat but that just made it all the more magical for him. He couldn't help stroking her hair or her bare shoulder like this. He couldn't get enough and the more he stared at her, the more smitten he became. Hours had passed though it was still night, he wished that every second of his days could be spent like this. He wished he didn't have to leave her ever. So, he stared for as long as he possibly could. He recalled every detail of their night and her features obsessively, to be sure that if he could close his eyes he could feel, hear and see everything as vividly as it had happened. Every moan, look, kiss and touch was seared into his mind and he had plenty of room in it for more.

In the dark and in his thoughts, with her asleep against his chest, his brow creased with the reminder that she wasn't safe. His most precious treasure was in danger from his adversaries and he was now even more desperate to secure her. She said so herself; he made her feel safe and he swore he would live up to that expectation. Nothing could happen to her. No one could touch her. He swore it to himself and to her despite his vow being unspoken. Then, he swore it to the many people who wanted her safe.

His phone ringing from somewhere in the room broke him from his bothersome thoughts. He glared murderously when he heard Sakura groan at the disturbance.

"Sasuke-kun…" She muttered against his neck, having tiredly tilted her head upwards towards him. He hushed her, kissing her forehead, while beginning to move.

"I'll get it. Go back to sleep." He muttered softly. She gave a displeased hum, moving off of him to allow him more space to sit up. He gave a glance towards her, watching her turn to her side and it was an instant addition to his reluctance. This was going to be what he hated most about leaving. He wanted to be by her side all night. Reluctantly, he stood from the bed, spotting the bright invention not too far off. He grudgingly picked up the device and glared at the caller ID. Unknown number. He walked out into the hallway, pausing to look back at Sakura again.

"Who is this?" He answered quietly, staring at her from the hallway.

"Hello...little brother." Sasuke's eyes narrowed, maneuvering through the dark hallway and into the kitchen. Just in case he was about to get very angry, he didn't want to wake Sakura to this. He stopped into the kitchen, looking through the currently closed window blinds while trying to restrain himself for Sakura's sake. To think, he just had the best night of his life and of course, it had to be ruined somehow. That's always how his life had been anyway. He guessed it was too much to ask for just this one perfect night to stay perfect. Even growing up with a silver spoon in his mouth was an absolute bother.

Still, he had just made rounds of love to the woman he loved and she loved him. That was at least one thing that could go untouched. They were connected and he felt his bond to her feel stronger than ever.

And Sasuke was going to do anything he must to ensure that it would stay that way, forever.

"Where are you?" Sasuke asked monotonously. He was officially back to feeling royally pissed and wrathfully motivated. He wanted answers now. He had to get to the bottom of everything as fast.

"I'm outside brother. I know you're with her...and I know you want to speak with me." Sasuke's glare hardened, feeling even more confused. Why was Itachi interfering? Why when he was working towards keeping the woman he loved safe was he getting in his way? Sasuke didn't know what to think. He had his unresolved issues with Itachi and his resentment, but he was just as certain that the elder Uchiha would not mean him harm. Especially not to Sakura.

"I'll be down in a few minutes." He hung up the phone and ran a hand through his hair. He sluggishly walked back to the bedroom, eyeing his sleeping woman. Damn. He wanted to go for round four right now. She had returned to laying on her back—the very position he had her all night—and he was all the more tempted as well as awed. Then for some reason, staring at her position pained him. One hand was by her face while the other stayed limply at her side. Her head was tilted slightly towards her open palmed hand and he watched as she slowly breathed in her slumber.

The position of her body, as alluring as it was, brought him an uncomfortable sense of deja vu that he could not pinpoint and something inside him grew even more resentment towards himself and his fated life. He was going to leave her like this and he didn't want to.

He slowly took a seat at her hip, trailing his fingers up and down her exposed legs. He didn't want to wake her. She looked so peaceful. He leaned down, placing soft, tender kisses along her cheek. At the very least, he didn't want her to wake up without him there. Who knew what kind of thoughts would be placed in her head if that was the case.

"Sakura…" He called out quietly.

"Mmm?" He smirked, seeing just how tired she was. He couldn't help himself during their activity and the fact that he still wanted more of her was scary, even to him.

"I'll be right back." She opened her eyes at this, eyeing him sleepily while wrapping her arms lazily around his neck to pull him down to her.

"Mmm…stay…stay." She whined tiredly. She kissed him, repeating that one word over and over between the smacking of their lips. He groaned in dismay, one of his hands caressing her face while the other held himself up. He was already losing his fighting resolve. She was already taking over him again. His mind and body only wanted her again.

"Come back to bed." She raspily commanded against his lips and her hand gently rubbed down his chest, sending shivers down his spine. His kisses became heavier, his hand against the bed began clenching into a fist. He was falling deeper into not wanting to leave one bit. He wanted to stay like this. He wanted to crawl right back into the messy sheets and embrace her in his arms all night. But even so, just for now, he needed to be torn from her. She was his priority in all things and he had to do this for her. Even if he had to leave her.

It was the worst thing he ever felt. He wondered just how selfish it was, to ask her to never leave him while he would have to leave her constantly. He would never let her go, but he would have to leave often.

For her. It was to protect and take care of her and that fact is what made it bearable.

"I won't take long. I promise. I just have to talk to Itachi downstairs." He kissed her heavily again. Hell no he wasn't going to take long. He wanted to get back to her as soon as possible. He had to. Hell, at this rate, round four was an absolute must when he got back to bed. She grumbled, obviously disappointed as well as easily defeated. Her body felt limp and exhausted. She didn't have the strength or willpower to plead with him to stay. He had absolutely ravished her to the point where her body protested any and all movement now that it was finally able to rest. He couldn't stop the snicker that sounded against her lips.

"Can't it wait until morning…?" She asked grudgingly, her eyes already closing again. He sighed, remaining quiet for a moment and stared at her resting face. He wished it could. In any other situation, he would have had it wait until morning. But this concerned her. This was about her safety.

"If it wasn't important, I would. Next time. I promise." She knew that. She knew he'd stay if it was something he could put off. It didn't change the fact that she wanted to hold him still. She wanted to feel his warm, firm body as she slept. She wanted to be in the comfort of his arms. It was selfish of her.

"Forgive me." He murmured, the affection and heaviness of his voice making her eyes open again. Again, there was that look of turmoil in his eyes. It was that same look she saw when he was at her door. The ever gentle stroke of the back of his fingers to her cheek bone, while meant for good intent, felt as if it was meant to ease her into a state of comfort and not just out of loving intimacy. It felt like something was wrong.

"What's wrong?" She asked, caressing his face. He turned into her palm, kissing it.

"It has nothing to do with you. Don't worry. It's nothing I can't handle." He excused, grabbing her hand and kissing on top of it. Before he could let go, she grabbed his back. She didn't know why, but she didn't like the idea of a so sudden and extremely late visit from Itachi. From the way Sasuke looked earlier, her alarm bells were ringing. Naruto did this all the time when they were younger. She knew the signs. He'd show up with a troubled look in his eyes that he'd dismiss or blame on something mediocre. He'd swear to her that everything was fine and alright. Right after, were the late night excuses from home. Hushed secrets between him and Shikamaru and others because he knew she would be forced to act, the moment she heard danger.

Then he'd do something stupid. Something dangerous. Naruto had gotten himself into plenty of situations over the premise of "keeping her safe" and of course she'd find out later; after the damage was already done. She hated it. She hated those nights when he came back, messily patched up and grinning at her with guilt.

"You...remember what I said, right?"

"About what?"

"...You can rely on me. Don't shut me out or leave me out of anything. I—" She was cut off with a tap to her forehead. She flinched, her tired eyes widening just a bit while he gave her a tender and equally amused smile. Her lips were captured by his, being gingerly kissed. Her mind was wiped of all doubts and worries. The lengthy kiss did well to end all her allegations and questions. When he pulled away to look into her eyes with that loving gaze she lost all thought. This all felt like a beautiful dream to her and she didn't want to wake up.

"I know. Stop worrying. It's just a quick talk. Get some rest. I'll be back upstairs as soon as it's done." He promised, staring into her eyes. He officially didn't want to leave her. This was his place of peace and happiness. In her arms. With her.

But to keep this, he must. For her. As she wished for, she was his everything now. He'd do anything to keep and protect his world. Even if it meant he had to go through the depths Hell and come out a demon.

"Are the spare keys in the usual spot?" He asked. He had made a few store runs without her while she would cook or shower and was no stranger to using the spare keys she had. As he had—regrettably and unfortunately—learned with Ino, she granted copies to her closest companions and people she trusted. She had said she would make him a pair someday. He smirked to himself.

The thought of being able to surprise Sakura in her home whenever he pleased after what they had done was too much entertainment to bear. He was going to make it another fantasy turned reality.

She nodded, receiving a final kiss. Staring at her for a moment longer and watching her turn a bit to go back to sleep, he couldn't stop himself from kissing her cheek one more time.

"I love you, Sakura." He murmured affectionately, brushing his lips softly against her cheek. He wanted to hear those words again. Just to be sure he didn't imagine it, he needed that verbal confirmation. He was certain this was real. He believed it to be anyway. His marks, still red, littered her neck and chest. He could still feel the slight burning of the many scratches she made down his back. There were even some on his shoulders and forearms. It made everything that happened all the more real. These were the physical proofs of their connection. Now, he just needed to hear her say it again. She smiled, caressing his arm. Her eyes opened to look into his.

"I love you too, Sasuke-kun." She whispered happily. Sasuke's heart raced in his chest, now motivated a thousand times more. Stroking her soft pink locks, he vowed that nothing was going to take her away from him. Not Itachi. Not anybody or anything. Twirling a lock of her hair in his fingers one last time in admiration of his resting beauty, he reluctantly stood from the bed.

He fished through his designated drawer for his "normal clothes" as Sakura preferred to call them when she said she bought them for him. He berated her for doing it that night but she only retorted back that there was no way he was comfortable in just his suits. Which was true. She bought him a pack of comfortable t-shirts, ranging in colors white, gray, navy blue and black. She also bought two pairs of comfortable sweatpants—one black, the other stony grey—and a pair of slip on sneakers. It was useless to try and give her back the money as she only spent it on him; next buying him jeans and more t-shirts. It was astonishing really. He had never had anyone do such a thing for him. His parents had probably stopped when he was a young boy.

He would never admit that she was right.

Placing on comfortable black sweats and a short sleeved navy blue t-shirt, he spared Sakura one last glance. She had already fallen fast asleep as indicated by her signature slow and heavy breathing. Her body had become completely relaxed; one with the bed and messy sheets as if she had morphed into it. He gazed up and down her body one more time before turning to leave.

"Hmmm...Sasuke-kun…" He heard just as he reached the exit of her bedroom. He froze in his step, doing everything in his power not to turn around. If he turned around, chances were that he'd stay. Just one look at her would be his undoing. If there was one thing he certainly came to terms with, it was that she was now officially both his resolve and his weakness. His strength and his kryptonite. He had to be strong. He had to go. For her, he had to go.

He walked out, with that sheer will on his mind, closing the bedroom door behind him. He grabbed the spare keys from a drawer in the kitchen, and locked her apartment door behind him.

As promised, the moment he stepped outside, Itachi stood at the bottom of the steps, leaning against his turned off motorcycle. The older brother uncrossed his arms, standing straight while Sasuke stepped down to meet with him. In his eyes was an already damning glare. Itachi noted it, already comprehending that Sasuke had found out about his meet with Saihara.


"Explain yourself, Itachi. And it better be damn good." Sasuke snarled instantly. The brothers stared each other down, eye to eye. Itachi looked away, shoving his hands into his pockets.

"Explain what, brother?" Itachi stalled. Sasuke's eyes narrowed and his teeth gritted. His body was protesting from excessive movement, was the only thing keeping him from grabbing by the collar. Sakura was right. This should have waited until morning.

"You know exactly what I speak of. Why did you go see Saihara? Who the hell do you think you are?" Sasuke got straight to the point without letting on that he knew more about that meeting. This was a test. Was Itachi going to lie or give him the truth?

"Sasuke...please, for once, just listen to me." Itachi sighed.

"I'm all ears." Sasuke shot back, crossing his arms. Itachi gave him a weary look before closing his eyes to collect himself. He was the older brother and while Sasuke didn't know it, he had made a lot of sacrifices for him, with the hopes of Sasuke living the best life he could. In hindsight, maybe some of those choices were wrong but nothing ever changed the fact that he did everything he could to protect and take care of Sasuke.

"It's...complicated, to say the leas—" Sasuke closed his eyes as he spoke and shook his head. The lingering effect of relaxation and drowsy rapture was now all gone as he understood how this was going to go. It was going to be the same thing it always was and for any other circumstance he would have let it off. Instead, this had to do with someone precious to him.

"Stop right there." Sasuke cut him off, silencing Itachi. Itachi looked back at him. Sasuke opened his eyes again, glaring into Itachi's eyes with a dark look in his.

"I've let you get away with those bullshit "It's complicated" explanations too many times to count in the past and you know what? Back then it was because I had stopped caring about what you did. I didn't give a damn. You always did whatever you wanted anyway and I had the damn company to run. Your little antics and side acts did not effect me or they were small, minimalistic inconveniences that I could get over." Sasuke growled out, trying to keep calm. It was somewhere in the middle of three in the morning. He just hoped he tired Sakura out enough and assured her enough to not leave bed.


"You meeting with Saihara is my own fucking sword to my gut. So, I'm going to ask you again, and I want a straight answer. Why did you meet with Saihara?" Sasuke enunciated the question a second time, seething his words between gritted teeth. Itachi's brow furrowed, a stern look coming to his eyes.

"To assess him, Sasuke. Nothing more." Sasuke stared, now barely holding back from grabbing Itachi at his neck.

"Bullshit!" Sasuke snarled bluntly. Itachi's brow furrowed and Sasuke instantly knew what that meant. He wasn't expecting to be called out so quickly and Sasuke took that as an admission of guilt. It was obvious that not only had his older brother gone behind his back and tried to intervene with his plans, he had also attempted to hide it from him. Itachi obviously did not want Sasuke to know about it and that pissed him off even more.

"It's one thing to do whatever it is that you do with your own time, with your own resources, but it is a-fucking-nother thing when it comes down to messing with what is mine!" Sasuke seethed angrily. Itachi tensed, giving Sasuke his own glare.

"Sasuke, you've known for years that even if I am not part of the company I make it my business to keep my own tabs on it. I only wanted to see Saihara's resolve, that's all." Itachi excused. Sasuke's glare intensified. As always, Itachi was lying and deflecting. Making excuses to cover his own agenda that Sasuke never had insight to.

"Probably the most ignorant thing I have ever done, was let you do that without repercussion. The company is none of your business. It's mine. It's been mine for the last five years and it's been off your damn hands for more than ten. So stay the hell out of my employee affairs." Sasuke warned irritably. Itachi sighed, staring at his younger brother with a pained guilt he was able to shield. Again, there was the resentment he knew he would always be faced with for a single decision in his past. He didn't blame Sasuke for being rigid and angry with him. It wasn't all that fair. How much of a normal life Sasuke had missed, because of their blood and inheritance was almost tragic. Sure, it wasn't all bad, considering how wealthy they were, but it was a solid and solemn fact that they were bound by only their father's will and blood. Their fun years as children were cut short at a young age and they could never bond further than that again. He loved his little brother. He loved him very much and that's why he chose the path he did.

The alternative was not a decision he could live with.

"You are older than Sasuke. Whatever happens, you will be the heir to the Uchiha name, however I'm giving you the choice to choose in what way, because I never had one, Itachi. This world is ruthless. I wish there was another way to provide you both with an easy life and certain future...but you are my son and for that, I am sorry."

"If you do not wish to accept this part of the family business, then I will have Sasuke take your place instead. It is as simple as that."

They had been dealt a shitty hand of cards for life. Rich and wealthy, but in a dangerous world with dangerous adversaries who wanted to take everything from them out of greed. Their father tried his best to protect them from it all, only to—

"Take care of Sasuke."

"Forgive me, Sasuke." He apologized quietly, looking to the ground. Sasuke scoffed.

"I don't need an apology, Itachi." He growled out.

"That being said, what do you know about Orochimaru and Danzo?" Sasuke questioned, crossing his arms. Itachi sighed, crossing off one of the scenarios he had calculateJud before. Sasuke was obviously stepping his foot down, but as much as Itachi wanted indulge him, that's where he had to draw the line.

"...Sasuke, trust me when I tell you, it is best for you to stay away from Orochimaru as much as possible. You don't understan—"

"I've never understood anything. You never told me anything. When we were kids, teens and even now, you won't tell me anything." Sasuke growled. There was a tense moment of silence before Itachi looked away solemnly.

"It wasn't anything you needed to be concerned with. It had nothing to do with you Sasuke." Itachi stated quietly. Sasuke's teeth gritted. It was the same argument between them over and over. Itachi was never around and did whatever he wanted and Sasuke was left mostly alone. As much as he loved his family, it was not like they were there often. Itachi especially. They shared few happy memories together and the only thing Sasuke could remember receiving from Itachi was nothing but excuses and cheap explanations. Explanations like the one he gave now.

It was fucking selfish in Sasuke's eyes. Worse, he appeared to share in Itachi's habit, doing the same thing to Sakura. He gave her vague and deflecting answers only to lose himself to her.

"This situation has everything to do with me!" Sasuke yelled out with impatience and slight frustration. He said he'd do anything for Sakura and now he had become a contradiction to himself. He did the very thing he hated Itachi doing and he was angry enough that he had done it to Sakura! Itachi looked back into Sasuke's eyes, watching him take calming breaths.

"I know it was Orochimaru who bailed out Danzo and we both know about Danzo's grudge against me. That bastard hurt Sakura, because of me and you want to try and tell me that this has nothing to do with me? He paid to have me killed Itachi, even before Sakura came into the picture!" Sasuke growled lowly. His hands clenched into fist.

"You shouldn't get involved, Sasuke! None of you should be involved! This is not your fight!" Itachi pressed.

"I was already involved. This is already my fight and where I didn't start it, I am sure as hell going to end it. He made it personal, the moment Sasori raised his gun to Sakura's face!" The younger Uchiha growled stubbornly. Itachi's brow furrowed. Now he was losing his patience and he didn't want to fight with Sasuke, but this was getting ridiculous. Sure, Sasuke had no idea of the many sacrifices he had made for him, but the least he could do was hear him out.

"So, I take it you're not going to give me anything regarding Orochimaru or Danzo?" Sasuke concluded grudgingly. Itachi gave a hard, stern look and said nothing. The silence being given as his answer, Sasuke decided he was absolutely fed up with Itachi for the night and just maybe, for the rest of his life. He turned around, already ascending the steps back into Sakura's apartment building.

"Tsk. Why did I bother to think you'd be any help at all?" He grumbled. Itachi's eyes pained.

"I'm…just trying to protect you...little brother." Itachi said quietly. Sasuke stopped on the step he was on, turning around instantly with a look of scorn in his eyes. Protect him?

"So, to protect me, you'd rather risk Sakura's safety." He seethed angrily. His hands clenched into tight fists, walking back down towards the man he was now even more furious with. Itachi lifted his eyes incredulously, shocked Sasuke would twist his actions in such a way.

"Of course not, Sasuke! Don't you understand?! You'll only increase the chances of her getting hurt, again, if you get involved and imagine if you're the one that gets hurt before she does! It will be worse! She's powerless against men like Orochimaru and Danzo! Just stay out of this! Keep as many people as you can out of this!" Itachi raised his voice this time. Sasuke grabbed Itachi by the collar of his shirt and slammed him against a nearby car. He had enough. He may be fatigued from his activities with Sakura, but he had long since lost his patience.

"Shut your mouth and get through your head one thing." Brother glared into brother, the intense, sharp eyes they had both been born with burning with hard feelings and antagonism.

"If your protection, means that Sakura goes unprotected, I don't want it. I won't let anyone hurt her, ever again. Everything I am doing on my end is for her protection and her safety. If her, or anyone else I care for is in harm's way, I will protect them myself, even if that means I am in harm's way! So, stay out of my way!" His angered tone was final and sure. His words made Itachi's eyes widen.

"Are you sure, Itachi? Once you've chosen this path, there is no going back. I won't be able to protect you from them afterward either. Everyone you love and care for will be a target of your enemies."

"Yes, Father. Besides...if having your protection means that Sasuke or anyone else I care for will get hurt, I'd rather...I'd rather protect him myself. If to put myself in harm's way is the only way I can do that, then so be it."

"...As expected of my son."

So, it was true. The resolve in his eyes was unmistakable. His little brother had managed to at least find love. His sacrifices were not in vain as he had been starting to feel for the last couple of years. He had been waiting for many years for Sasuke to find something in this life to be happy about. He was relieved and happy. Sasuke had something normal in his life.

Itachi now had another decision to make. One that he had already made in this very moment, with the revelation that his foolish, stubborn, stupid, hard headed, passionate little brother was in love.

Sakura would be protected at all cost. For Sasuke.

"I don't care what you do from here on out, but if you get in my way, if Sakura gets hurt because of something you did, I swear on mother's grave—"

"I knew you were foolish and stubborn, but I never would have guessed just how damn blind you are." Itachi snarled suddenly, cutting off Sasuke's seething sentence. The youngest Uchiha glared menacingly, bringing back a fist to punch him, only to be countered, fast and hard. Itachi had switched their placing, twisting Sasuke's thrown arm behind his back and slamming him face first against the same car he had been slammed against. Sasuke grunted in slight pain, glaring back at Itachi with a brewing storm of hate. Yes, he resented Itachi. He had long resented the brother who quite literally abandoned him but it wasn't until now that he felt a hatred towards him. Not like this.

"Listen well, brother. You are not cautious enough." Itachi said sternly. Sasuke's eyes widened, filling with bewilderment as Itachi released him. He turned back to face Itachi, eyeing him suspiciously. For the first time ever, he felt like Itachi was actually talking to him. He was actually going to explain something for once.

"If I can find out about Saihara, so can Orochimaru. It is even possible that he already knows about him and is biding his time. He could already have a plan in place and we don't know what trump cards he has along with Danzo." Itachi continued to brief. Sasuke's eyebrows furrowed taking in the information.

"That being said, you are not equipped to protect Sakura. Hiring bodyguards is not safe unless they are those you trust personally. We can't leave out that any agency you attempt to hire from has their pockets lined with their money." Itachi furthered on and Sasuke clicked his tongue. He hadn't truly considered Itachi's points, not to the fullest anyway. He figured he could stay away from those already having had affiliation with the two. The way Itachi was phrasing things, it sounded like their reach was much farther than he had assumed.

"However, if we were to move her to a secure location...the mansion, for instance," Itachi said, sparking shock into Sasuke's eyes. Moving Sakura into the Uchiha Mansion? After they had just...that was too soon to even ask. Itachi eyed the flustered look and couldn't help the amusement in his eyes. His purposely closed them and turned his head. His little brother truly was an easy read.

"She would be very hard to get to, even if her location had been found." Itachi finished his suggestion. Sasuke's eyes shifted. Confining Sakura? Was that the answer to his questions? What would she say?

"Sakura, I want you to stay in the mansion. You will be escorted to and from there only." That was something he would probably say. He looked deep into his heart, where Sakura's very essence had been etched into him. They were one. He could find her answer in himself and when he did, he gave an amused scoff. He could see the incredulous glare in her green eyes and the displeased scowl she'd give.

"That's not an option. Not a chance in hell." Sasuke said quietly. That's what she would say. Itachi's brow furrowed, looking to Sasuke with confusion.

"What do you mean? It's the best option you have. The mansion is the most secure place for her."

"Sakura will never stand for it." Itachi silenced, staring at his brother in awe. Sasuke, still under the effects of making love to her, despite his anger, sighed tiredly and a tender smile made its way to his lips. As he recalled her words from before their activities, he knew Sakura wasn't going to be some locked up princess in a castle. Especially while he played her knight in shining armor. That was the true answer. She was not a damsel in distress.

"She won't just hide away because I ask her to. It will only call her to action because that's how she is. Nothing more, nothing less. She's so stubborn. I want her out of this as much as possible, so I don't want her to notice she's being guarded, otherwise, the damn woman will be on a warpath. And with the cruise coming in just another seven days, I won't be around to protect her myself." Sasuke admitted grudgingly.

"I have Suigetsu guarding her at all times, but of course Suigetsu can't guard her twenty-four-seven." He voiced out his worries. Now he was even more stressed about things. He could ask Sebastian...but then there was when she was out and about. When she went to bars or hung out with her friends, she was free spirited and definitely confident in her ability to protect herself and he did not deny her skill. But it was due to that confidence and independence that he was certain, Sakura would dismiss any notion of being followed or guarded.

Itachi cleared his throat. Sasuke eyed him.

"This looks like it's time for me to use my resources, Sasuke." Itachi spoke. Sasuke gave a stern look.

"What do you mean?" He questioned. Itachi have a gentle smirk.

"I am officially under your employment. Family discount of course. Free of charge." Itachi stated, with no room for argument. Sasuke glared and scoffed. He saw no reason to entrust Sakura's safety to a man who quite often walked out and abandoned him all these years.

"You? I know you have your partnerships and trades from whatever the hell is that you do for work, but how can you assure me whoever you hire won't have their hands in Orochimaru or Danzo's pockets like you suggested?" Sasuke interrogated. As a matter of fact, if he thought about it that way, it was basically the same as hiring from another agency. It would be a coin toss.

"They are people I trust, Sasuke. All I ask is that you trust me." Itachi said softly. Sasuke stared with slight reluctance and unease. Trust Itachi? To be honest, as much as he resented his brother, he did trust him. Itachi, though he was a nuisance, had always shown to be on his side. He always acted in his favor and even a partner if his revenge on Danzo wasn't proof enough of that, but, that was back when it wasn't something this important to him. She wasn't a multibillion dollar enterprise he had been tasked with to take care of. She was more than that. She was worth way more than his Sakura was everything to him. This was not something he wanted to make a single mistake in. He wasn't sure he could trust Itachi that much. He wasn't sure he trusted anyone that much. Not even Naruto. That's how important she was to him.

"Some of them are even people you know. I can guarantee twenty-four-seven service and she won't even notice." Itachi pitched and Sasuke shifted his gaze in contemplation. He didn't have a hundred percent confidence in this option but when he considered the alternatives it was his only one. It was the safest option no matter how risky he felt it was.

He had to put faith in Itachi...and it wasn't the riskiest decision he made in his years of business, but it would be the one he took the most consideration into.

"You've never told me, what is it you do for work? You run an agency?"

"Something like that...amongst other things." He answered vaguely. Sasuke's eyes narrowed, deciding not to press on that matter. He didn't really care what Itachi did and it was obvious he wasn't going to give him a straightforward answer. Even so, it was true that Itachi's employment history remained a mystery to Sasuke. The elder brother never asked for money and would take a number of trips throughout the year to different countries. As a matter of fact, Itachi traveled more often than he did. How could he trust that Sakura would be safe if Itachi never stuck around to begin with? How could he trust Itachi, when he had no idea about his life to begin with? He gave a reserved look of disapproval.

"...If you fail me, I won't forgive you." Sasuke said, walking back upstairs. This had already taken longer than he wanted it to. He was exhausted. As a matter of fact, between his fatigue from making love to Sakura and the excess stress he had from this conversation, he might just settle for only cozying up in bed with Sakura. Damn, he didn't want to go to the office in a few short hours. Sakura had been right earlier, bringing up that stupid conference.

The signings for Sakura Care would be finalized. The big reveal would come either through Anko's platform, or next month during the official news interview. He hoped she would be pleased.

"Sasuke…" Sasuke sighed deeply, closing his eyes and craning his neck back in a sort of prayer. His patience was at its end and he prayed for any deity to give him strength.


"Did something happen? You have scratches…I noticed on your arm when I countered you."

There was no stopping the smirk that plastered on Sasuke's lips in an instant.

"It's none of your business." He said as monotonous as possible. Itachi raised an eyebrow, watching his brother bring out keys and walk into the apartment building like it was his own. Itachi's sharp eyes then caught a few more when he was beneath the building light. More scratches seemingly on his back?

Itachi turned, slowly walking to his motorcycle and sitting on it for a moment. His suspicious smirk turned slightly smug before he started his engine and rode off.

After sending Sebastian an order to be here for Sakura in the morning via text, Sasuke walked back into the bedroom immediately after locking up the apartment. He stopped at the entryway, feeling a mixture of relief and comfort she was still in the same position. He kept his footsteps light and moved to take off his shirt, which he let fall from his hands and to the floor with indifference. As softly as he could, he laid back down beside her and pulled her gently to face him. He could stare at her forever if he was allowed and he spent God knows how long doing so. He traced everything a thousand times from the length and curve of her eyelashes to the fullness of her lips. Her cute button nose that contrasted her high cheekbones. He supposed—and hoped—that he could have peace of mind now that she was protected. He had everything this world could offer. Wealth, success, good looks and never did his life feel more complete than when he was with her.

He placed his lips against her forehead, stroking his fingers through her hair.

"I'll always protect you. No matter what." He murmured. He heard his phone ring again, this time from its place in his pocket. He glared, grabbing the thing and silencing it before it could disturb Sakura. It was his alarm. The only damn connection he had to his life that separated him from her and it was calling him back. He hadn't realized so much time had passed already. His face showed strife when he glanced back down at her.

He truly was a selfish man. He was so damn selfish and he didn't feel wrong about it either.

With a sigh he stood from bed again and intended to walk towards the shower before he glanced at her again. He remembered Itachi's question and certainly his suit would do well to cover him up. Her not so much. A haughty smirk made its way to his lips, as it had every time he remembered those sounds she made. The way her body surrendered to him. It was the best, selfish night of his life.

He'd let her have the day off.

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