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Two Days of Preparation

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"You're sure this is the place, Kisame?" Itachi asked, eyeing the apartment building they were parked outside of. The man in the passenger seat nodded, smirking at the raven haired, longtime partner next to him.

"Doubting my work after all these years, Itachi? Even if I'm wrong, I went off the documents you gave me, so don't blame me if it's wrong." Kisame scoffed with amusement, eyeing the earned glare he received from Itachi. The obsidian eyed man sighed, opening his car door and stepping out, to be greeted by the mid August, evening breeze.

"I'll meet you around the corner." Itachi said, not waiting for a reply as he shut the door behind him. Kisame drove off and Itachi eyed the building with attention to detail. It was a moderately sized apartment building. Elegant in a sense, but nothing expensively luxurious or overly lavish. It looked pleasant, to put it simply. It was such a building that, if one did not live there, it was easily ignored and disregarded.

Itachi couldn't help but think it made sense for a detective to live somewhere so mediocre and passable.

He walked across the street, the door being opened for him by a doorman he took note of. The man was dressed in a neat black suit and tie.

"Greetings. What floor are you going to?" The doorman asked, obviously acting as a bit of security. Itachi gave a curt nod in greeting.

"The sixteenth floor." Itachi answered simply. The man nodded, bringing out a black book and scribbled something down.

"Identification please." He requested. Itachi's eyebrows furrowed with slight irritation. He knew a variety of high end buildings that asked for such things upon entry, but he wasn't expecting that same treatment here. Was this the detective's doing? He handed his ID after pulling it out of his wallet. The man appeared to write down his information and Itachi was glad he brought his fake information rather than the real one. For what he was about to do, the Uchiha name could not be affiliated with it under any circumstance. Receiving his ID back, he steeled his resolve, hoping Sasuke would understand in some form when he explained things later. He entered the elevator, greeted by an operator.

"Sixteenth floor." Itachi repeated. With a pressing of the button, they were on their way up. In silence, he quietly contemplated and planned every avenue this meeting would go down and plotted accordingly. He wasn't sure if he would succeed in what he wished to, but in the event that things weren't going to go his way, he had several contingency plans in place.

He could only hope that Sasuke didn't do anything foolish. He had been keeping tabs through Sebastian—as he always had—and knew he had to work fast. Sasuke was investigating Orochimaru and he never wanted the two close at any capacity. Itachi was certain Orochimaru was up to something, but there was nothing Itachi could really do about it currently if he didn't know what that something was. All he could do was protect Sasuke as much as he could.

"There are two sides of the business world, Itachi. There's what you witness everyday on one hand, the other a world of secrets and shady doings. You must keep an eye on Sasuke. Protect each other." His father warned him years ago, when Sasuke was still a toddler, sending him on his own path that his mother never understand; as gentle and in the know as she was. Sasuke was right about one thing; he had worried her and he was gone a lot, but it was to keep his promise. The things he learned and witnessed, things he had even turned a blind eye to, he hoped to keep Sasuke as far from it as possible, even if it meant being hated.

"Take care of Sasuke."

Now, Sasuke had Sakura as well. It was best if the youngest Uchiha just keep away from these things. Sakura could be just as much of a target and Danzo's actions were proof of that.

He found the apartment number he had looked for and knocked on the door. Inside was the gentle sound of a piano, the playing of Clair De Lune by Debussy could be heard. It was a soothing melody, calm and beautifully played. Itachi almost didn't want to knock on the door and interrupt such a lovely melody. Still, it had to be done. He reluctantly knocked, the piano sound stopping instantly as he had feared.

"Coming!" A sweet voice called out. In just a moment, he was met with a blond haired girl, friendly violet eyes welcoming him without reservation. Her long hair was curled a bit at the ends, decorated with musical note pins and she wore a simple white sundress.

"Hello! How can I help you?" Itachi gave her a soft smile. It was obvious that being friendly here would be his best option. In fact, she sort of radiated this feeling of warmth, similar to Sakura in a way. There was that air of freedom Sakura seemed to have.

"Good afternoon, Miss. Is there a Saihara Shuichi here?" He asked. Her eyes lit with recognition of the name and she gave an even brighter smile with a nod.

"Ah! You're looking for my fiance? Please come in. He is in his office right now." She carelessly allowed him to enter. Itachi gave a look of slight concern for the female who had just let a stranger into her home. Did she not think he could be an enemy? Her fiance was the ultimate detective after all. It was possible that he had enemies; previous perpetrators that could have wanted revenge against him, yet she seemed completely unafraid. Was that custom of her? He stepped into the modest, but cozy apartment, eyeing the rather old style decor.

"Shuichi-kun! You have a guest here for you!" She called out before turning to Itachi.

"Would you like anything? Tea? Water?" She offered, but Itachi shook his head.

"No. Thank you." Out from a hallway, the dark haired man walked out, eyeing Itachi curiously with a calculatory gaze that seemed fitting of the detective. The woman walked towards him, kissing his cheek.

"Do you need another coffee?" She asked. He watched the man give her a gentle smile, his gaze going from studious inspection to tender.

"Sure, sweetheart. I'll come get it, so just leave it for me in the kitchen, while I talk to this man in my office." He accepted tenderly. She gave a giggle, nodding and walking away from him into another room. Itachi watched her leave, before he was looking back at the man hired by Sasuke for his personal investigations. He was currently in a white button down, dark black pants. His eyes lost their tenderness, becoming serious as his brow furrowed.

"Follow me." He said and Itachi did as ordered. They walked down the hall, entering a room and stepping into a dimly lit office with a fireplace. The room, like the rest of the house, was a lavish old style decor, with a desk, cabinets of bottles, books and folders and so on. There was quite a bit that Itachi had neither the time nor the care for to take in, but it certainly looked straight out of a Sherlock Holmes story.

"Thank you for meeting with me so easily. I'll be honest, I wasn't sure if you'd be busy as the so called ultimate detective." Itachi thanked. Shuichi walked to his desk, collecting a number of files and putting them into respective cabinets.

"It's no issue...honestly, I was expecting you a bit sooner." Shuichi said, looking Itachi in the eye when he was done with his sentence. Itachi raised an eyebrow, his surprised eyes narrowing with observation.

"You know who I am?"

"I do. Although, I do want to ask, does Uchiha-sama know you're here?" Shuichi questioned. Itachi shoved his hands into his pockets, closing his eyes calmly.

"No and I do wish to ask that you would keep this visit between us. Of course, I understand if you will not, but I hope you'll consider my request." Itachi stated smoothly. The detective was silent for a moment, placing a hand over his lips what appeared to be contemplative thought.

"Are you here to deter me from the investigation he's asked me to conduct?" Though spoken through his hand, the question was a loud and clear deduction. Itachi grunted, glad he didn't have to explain his reason for being here. The less time he spent here the better. He could potentially be bringing danger to the man's home just from being here, if Orochimaru was watching his movements.

Or if other people knew he was here against his hopes.

"Indeed. Any and all people relative to Sasuke should stay out of this except for me. He doesn't know what he is getting into and neither do you." Itachi warned.

"I'm very far into my investigation and have been getting dead ends. In my experience, that usually means some bad dealings going on with cover ups. Is that why you want me to cease my investigation?" Shuichi deduced almost perfectly, eyes narrowed, his hand dropping from his face and falling to his side. Itachi nodded again.

"Is it because you are a part of these dealings as well?" Itachi stared back at the dark haired man, his onyx eyes meeting Shuichi's, a seriousness overtaking his eyes.

"That is not your concern. However, if you value your livelihood and if you care for the safety of your fiance, you should stay out of this while you still can." Itachi warned further, watching the implication of danger to his woman, make the detectives eyes fluster. His eyes lowered, another contemplative and even fearful look going to his eyes. Itachi's brow furrowed, looking at nothing in particular and recited his father's teachings.

"In some ways, the business world is just as much if not more dangerous than any violence committed. These are people with power and wealth. They can get away with most things and that's why you've reached the dead ends you have. This is your chance to pull out, while these people are still unaware of you." Itachi ended with finality, hoping it would push him off the case. He saw the fear in his eyes, so it should have been enough to deter him. Another moment of silence filled the room, that is, until the gentle, smooth melody of Clair De Lune began to play from somewhere in the apartment again. The tune appeared to ease the man before him and his eyes gleamed, as if finding some sort of resolve.

"I'm not a stranger to threats, Itachi-san." Shuichi said, catching Itachi off guard. He knew his name? How much ability did the ultimate detective have? Itachi's eyes widened slightly.

"Don't look so surprised. I did do my research on your family before applying to Uchiha Corporations. You have an extensive history and I have always thought it odd about you being disowned by your father years ago, yet, you appear to move around freely at your own will. There is also no evidence of you having an occupation to support this kind of lifestyle and everything about you is nonexistent after your disowning. Moreover, all records are practically erased of you after the death of your parents those years ago." Shuichi started, his tone certain and assertive. Itachi's eyes gave a slight glare, though it wasn't directed at Shuichi. His gaze lowered to the wooden floors. Shuichi eyed him for a moment.

"So I asked myself, why would a prodigal son, heir to a multibillion dollar company be disowned by his own father, yet not cut from the will. If you really had bad ties with the family, it strikes me as odd that they never restrained you from whatever you were doing. I found a few misdemeanors from your teenage years, but nothing about a reform school or even jail time that you should have spent. I wanted to ask—" Itachi lifted his eyes again, catching the man's eye with his stoic gaze.

"My past is irrelevant to this." Itachi diverted, cutting him off. Shuichi gave a look of suspicion.

"I suspect that isn't as true as you make it out to be. Certain things throughout the years that have coincided between your disownment and questionable events leads me to believe quite the opposite. I made a promise some time ago, to always fight for the truth and that's a promise I made to my fiance. To be honest, she has more courage than I do and it's because of her that I've gotten to where I am. So, sorry. But I can't stop my investigation." Shuichi said valiantly, an air of confidence suddenly coming over him. Itachi's eyebrows furrowed, a frown coming to his lips.

"There's no reason we can't work together. After all, I also believe that while you may have a hand in this suspicious activity, I think you are actually trying to save and protect the Uchiha name...and your brother. Am I right?" Shuichi said, a small uncertain smile on his lips. Itachi stayed quiet for a moment.

The man wasn't wrong. He certainly was the ultimate detective after all.

"What makes you think I'm not the one you should be wary of Saihara? I am the one standing here and threatening you." Itachi questioned, but Shuichi only shook his head.

"No, that's wrong. You're warning me. Besides, if you truly wanted to hurt me or Kaede, you surely would have done it by now, especially if the people you're trying to warn me of are as ruthless as you make them out to be." Shuichi said with certainty. Itachi stared and though his face didn't show it, he was slightly astounded by the ultimate detective. What exactly has he found out to come to such conclusions? Itachi was certain that the man had no reason to trust him. If this were himself or Sasuke, he was certain they would have done everything and then some to ensure the safety of those precious to them. No one would be trusted, not fully anyway.

"There's no reason we can't work together, Itachi-san. Whatever it is that has brought you to warn me, we can end it faster if we work together." Shuichi offered. Itachi shook his head, turning and deciding to leave now. He had spent too much time here and he didn't want to draw attention.

"You should think it over, Detective. For your safety and your fiance's safety. I will handle things on my own. It's better that way." Shuichi was quiet, walking out with Itachi and towards the door. As Itachi was let out, he turned back just slightly to look Shuichi in the eye.

"Be careful, Saihara. Remember my warning." He reminded. Shuichi gave a small smile.

"Thank you, Itachi-san...and I promise, I'll find out the truth of everything. If you have anything that I should know about, please let me know." The detective bid farewell. Itachi nodded, commencing with leaving the building. The detective was quite reliable and he was more intuitive than Itachi had originally anticipated. The man at first glance really didn't seem like much, but his background and their conversation proved he was very dependable. He might indeed by quite the asset to Sasuke, for Sasuke. Maybe, Saihara could be useful, if he had the right connections.

He walked out the building towards where he said he would meet Kisame and entered the car quietly. The man looked at him upon his entry, turning the car back on, that is, until a figure caught his eye.

"Itachi…" Kisame called out, gaining the man's attention. Kisame made a motion with his chin, motioning for Itachi to look across the street. His eyes followed Kisame's gaze, widening at the sight he saw from the street. Izumi was there, waiting to cross the street with her phone to her ear. She appeared to be on her lunch break, a smile on her beautiful face as she spoke to whoever she was speaking to on the phone, dressed in a lovely yellow sundress. Itachi's eyes became lost to the view, a pain surfacing in his chest. He couldn't hear what she was saying, but her voice was a permanent and prominent memory carved into his ears. She looked back and forth from the street and though Itachi knew she couldn't see him in the dark car, he felt their eyes lock for the briefest moment.

"You want five minutes? You've been on your best behavior for years now. I doubt it will be a bother to at least talk to her. Maybe you can even explain some things." Kisame said, a genuine understanding in his tone. Itachi was quiet, watching her cross finally. He stared for a moment longer, only to see her approaching Tenma, sharing a short sweet kiss. His eyes pained and he willed the throb in his chest away. He closed his eyes, dashing all thoughts and emotion from his mind.

"...No. Let's go." Itachi said quietly. The longtime partner stared for a long moment, before shifting the gears. He said nothing on the matter, knowing that there was nothing that could truly be said.

They had gone over this years ago and nothing had changed between then and now, not the way Itachi wanted it to.

Sakura was absolutely rigid as the last meeting left Sasuke's office. After what almost happened two nights ago, she could now barely stand in his presence, but of course, being his secretary, it was impossible to avoid talking to him. Each time they were in the same space together, she could feel nothing but tension and it wasn't bad either. Instead, her stomach did flips every time he looked at her and the looks he gave her now were electrifying. Still, she couldn't help but feel absolute mortification about what had happened and what was about to happen.

Yesterday, she was able to hurriedly leave before he could catch her with the excuse that she had something to take care of but that did not change seeing him first thing in the morning. Each time he looked at her, her heart raced. His gazes on her had become so intense compared to before and she would sometimes catch him looking her up and down. Not that she didn't like it, but she was a bit embarrassed about what had happened. She had totally threw herself at him and she could still feel his hands, his licks. Her hands appeared to remember how his firm chest and abs felt. The words he said, the way he looked at her; it was all permanently burned into her mind despite the bit of alcohol into her system. Even so, when she did have a clearer mind and after getting quite the talking to from the girls, she found she didn't and wouldn't have regretted it. She didn't want him to stop and it scared her, that she could be so bold as to just straddle his lap the way she did. The things they said to each other.

She stood, quietly shutting down her computer, hearing Sasuke bid the man farewell.

"Sakura." She flinched. Even the way he said her name now. It was like he had taken control over her and they didn't even pass second base. Oh God, what would happen if they moved to third base? She audibly gulped, turning towards him and giving him her best smile that she could muster as flustered as she was.

"Yes, Sasuke-kun? Everything okay? I'm done for the day." She proclaimed smiling. Again, she was met with that intense stare, but Sasuke seemed reluctant to be near her as well. She wondered if she had indeed moved too fast for him. Maybe she made a wrong choice, doing what she did. Did she seem easy? Did he now lose interest in her? She didn't even know how to properly apologize for it, even though she already had.

Unbeknownst to her, she couldn't be any more wrong. He didn't want to make a move. Getting near her, he wasn't sure what he would do. Sure, he had an idea of what his body would do, the moment he was in an arm's reach of her, but he didn't want to push her away with his new found lust. Ever since that night, she had been the only thing on his mind. He desperately wanted to control his newfound urges. Despite that, Sasuke found fighting against himself proving beyond difficult. His body was damn near begging to touch her. He wanted to grab her again. He hadn't even had the chance to kiss her since.

"Where are you going tonight?" He finally asked after a moment of silence. She blinked for a moment, before looking away with a blush. At least he wasn't being so pressy about what they almost did a few days ago. He hadn't mentioned it once.

"I-I...was just going to go home. I don't have anything planned. Naruto said he might come over with Hinata, but he isn't sure, since he is having dinner with her parents." She answered honestly.

"I see." He said quietly. Another moment of silence again before Sakura uncomfortably shifted her purse on her shoulder and he had enough of this space between them.

Damn, he couldn't take it anymore.

"U-Uhm…I guess I'll be going no—EEK!?" She was bum-rushed into his arms, her lips angrily captured by his. He pulled her close, a hand going into her hair and unable to stop from pushing her against her desk behind her. He kissed her feverishly, his kisses becoming bruising ones as he felt her kiss him back. God, he missed it. Even kissing her, made him desperate for more. How in the absolute living hell was he supposed to deal with this ache for three whole weeks? She gasped against his mouth, the opportunity taken by him to let in his tongue, except to be stopped, as she ripped away from him. He grunted, eyeing her as they both panted.

"S-Sasuke-kun, wait…" She whispered breathlessly. He gave an agitated glare, looking down at her, but heeded her nonetheless. Her hands were against his chest and subconsciously moved upwards towards the sides of his neck. She blushed, now feeling like a complete mess. No. She didn't want to stop him, but still—

"Sasuke-kun, you're next meeting is going to be here soon." She reminded. His brow furrowed, a frown coming to his currently neutral lips. Of course. Of course, she'd stop him for such nonsense. He let out a sound that was a mixture between a scoff and a snort, deciding to ignore her by smashing his lips back on hers. She gave out a whine of protest against his already impatient tongue to which Sasuke pulled away in annoyance.

"I haven't had a moment with you since…" He trailed, obviously referring to that night. She blushed harder, looking away from him. She felt the hands on her waist shift, lowering down to her hips. He was trying. Whatever divinity above that wrote out his very thoughts knew he was trying so damn hard to restrain himself but it was now nearly impossible. The last two days had been hellish for him. He was plagued by her over and over, every time he saw her after Ino's barge in, he couldn't stop thinking of the words she moaned out to him. She wanted him and he was damn sure she could never fathom his want for her. It was an immense struggle between duty, respect and plain excruciating need that threatened to torture him until the end of his days.

"Goddamnit Sakura." He growled, kissing her recklessly again, giving into his body and mind's desires. For the first time ever, he had absolutely no control of himself whatsoever and the cares he gave for it were slim to none. He released her lips, leaving her breathless. She was now officially losing her own fight of reasoning and logic. Instead she would rather lose herself to Sasuke, the stealing of her breath proving it ever more. The lock he had on her gaze was further confirmation. Still, there was no escaping the voice in the back of her mind that whispered caution. He moved closer to her neck, getting a whiff of her scent as her hands rubbed up to his shoulders. She turned into him, wanting to be even closer than they were now.

Was it selfish that this was all he wanted? Now, with her in his arms, he felt so much more calmer than before. All the stress of the day and the frustration he had been feeling whenever thinking about her was gone.

And damn, he was itching to touch her in more ways than this right now.

"Can I come over tonight?" He asked. There was one more week before he left for the cruise. He was not looking forward to it one bit and he had very little time to be with her, but he wanted to spend as much of it as he could with her. As a matter of fact, even if he wanted it so badly it haunted his dreams, he didn't mind if they didn't do what they almost did. It was enough just to be with her and for Sakura it was the same.

"Of course, but...are you sure you have the time? Tomorrow is Friday and you have a very important conference in the morn—mmph!" She was cut off by his lips again.

"Will you stop being my secretary and shut up about work? I know that already." He grumbled against her lips with irritation seeped into his tone. Sakura stared into his agitated irises, watching his face grimace as she gave him a short, apologetic laugh.

"Sorry, Sasuke-kun. I can't help it sometimes." She chuckled. He was certain he had a little bit of time, but there were cameras watching. He didn't care about his security guards, but what he wanted to do right now, would make him front cover news for months on end. He needed to hear those sounds again. Even if just a bit. There was still some time before Mei arrived.

"S-Sasuke-kun…a-about the other d-day…" She trailed, not sure where to start. With the way he was towards her right now, was it necessary to apologize?

"Let's go into my office." He murmured. Sakura blushed, her heart racing faster than a speeding train. She was pulled with haste. There was no time wasted when the door closed behind her. She was pushed up against it and feverishly kissed. Her voice acted on its own accord, moaning as his hand rose up her side and grabbed one of her mounds. Her lips were released, soft moans escaping her as his hand palmed and rubbed with a teasing slowness. She panted, looking up at him with a growing lust in her eye as he continued.

"S-Sasuke-kun...s-someone w-will hear…" She whispered only to be kissed and palmed at a bit more roughly. She now found the true answer to a question she had earlier, that being what she would do if Sasuke wanted to do this with her. She seemed unable to resist his demanding touch and kisses. She could only feel the same want as he was showing and she had no idea what she was in for.

Sasuke, on the other hand, had a number of ideas of how this was going to go.

"You've been driving me crazy, Sakura." He mumbled against her lips. Ever since two days ago, his patience was absolutely gone. His restraint was diminished. He couldn't even think properly anymore. His other hand lowered, glad she was wearing slacks today. That would make this easier.

"You know that?" He gently brushed his fingers against the fabric, earning a high pitched gasp. His hand moved back and forth, slowly adding pressure with each sound she made. His heated eyes stared down at her pleased face, burning the image into his mind. He multitasked, palming her one of her breast in the other hand.

Sakura was all his and he was officially going to do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted with her. The only way he would stop would be if she blatantly said so.

"S-Sasuke…" She whined against his lips and he was ignited with fire. She wanted more. She couldn't—didn't want to—tell him to stop. She was absolutely weak to him and felt her mind blank the more he continued. Now, she felt she wanted her clothes out of the way. Feeling his hands on her skin and now only feeling them over clothes was now just a treacherous taunt. The one between her legs was an even more excruciating tease.

"I couldn't stop thinking of you...or those sounds." He murmured huskily, adding a bit more pressure. Sakura gripped into his blazer in reaction, doing her best to keep quiet whilst her mind fogged with pleasure. Sasuke must have noticed her attempt at silence, because he gave her another glare. He was definitely not pleased by it one bit. His hand shoved into her pants, feeling the fabric of her panties. She gave out a louder moan and Sasuke gave a lecherous smirk. He rubbed, noting a moisture he could feel as he slid his fingers back and forth.

"So warm." He murmured absentmindedly, watching as she clasped a hand over her mouth. Her eyes met his, a prey staring up into the hungry eye of her predator. She panted and moaned, her hips moving against his movement as the closer proximity of his fingers to her treasured area sent her to cloud nine. His eyes gleamed at the action, watching her cheeks flush a beautiful crimson. Her other hand rubbed up his arm, needing to touch and hold him. She reached up to kiss him only to be denied the affection with a taunting lift of his chin, taking advantage of his height. She gave a scolding groan, her hand gripping the wrist in her pants simply out of reaction when he experiment with circles. She tensed, only for Sasuke to snatch her hands at their wrist and held them above her head with his unoccupied hand.

"Say my name." His command was raspy as well as barely heard. Sakura was actually at a point where she wasn't quite sure she could comprehend even the most basic meaning of language. The only way she could communicate right now is with whatever sound her throat made as Sasuke worked her towards something she couldn't name at the moment. To have it before him was music to his ears and he was desperate for more. Her body began trembling against his, a tortured look coming to her eyes when his pacing slowed.

"Say my name, Sakura." He murmured again. Now, being punished with a lack of pleasure he watched her shake her head in agony. His hand found the area her bud would be. The moment he pressed on it, her hips involuntarily bucked. Sakura's head moved back against the door, her eyes shutting as she lost her breath. A sound rumbled from his chest, an almost feral and territorial growl that vibrated proudly at the obvious pleasure he was giving to Sakura. She writhed in agony when he refused to urge her to that sweet, sweet brink she was reaching and just as he wanted, she lost her mind. She haphazardly bucked her hips in complete desire and Sasuke reveled at the sight. If this continued any further, he was going to take her right here and now.

"Sasuke-kun! S-Sasu-ke-kun!" She whimpered out, driving him insane.

"There, huh?" He noted, staring down as he rubbed her in circles. Sakura panted, unable to stop her hips from moving sensually to his hand and Sasuke was absolutely enamored with the sight. He had half a mind to cancel his appointment right now. If it hadn't been for the fact that Mei was already on her way, he probably would have. He moved, nipping and biting her neck as he moved his hand faster. She pressed her lips together hard, trying to muffle her moans, only to make strangled whimpers.

"Let me hear you, Sakura. Tell me what you want." He huskily commanded, rubbing her up and down again, experimenting. He was watching every reaction with specific detail, watching her breaths quicken, her eyes fog. He wanted to learn. He wanted to know everything and anything that sent her mind into oblivion. Her body felt like it was burning and it felt so good. She suddenly couldn't bite back her moans anymore, making the sweetest sound he ever heard in his life while throwing her head back. Her eyes stared up at him with a dangerous need.

"Please kiss me, Sasuke-kun!" She pleaded almost helplessly and he had never been so turned on before. He had never done this to anyone before but if he knew he'd feel such an adrenaline of power as he did right now, he would have tried this sooner. She was completely under his control, a complete slave to his touch and he loved it. It was outstanding. Watching a woman he considered the epitome of strength, respect and even power be reduced to putty by his doing, was absolutely gratifying. He leaned down, claiming her lips as she had requested feeling the vibrations of her moans against his tongue. Each kiss from her grew more reckless than the last and he felt her panties get noticeably wetter.

"Ah! Hah! Haaah!" She sobbed out when he released her lips and Sasuke felt addicted to hearing those luscious sounds. Hearing them be made for him boosted his ego to a euphoric height and damn he wanted to hear so much more.

"Feels good?" He asked huskily.

"Yes! Yes!" She whispered, unable to tear away from his smoldering eyes. She was loving that look and everything he was doing and her body was definitely wanting even more than this. She wondered how much more of this seemingly never ending pleasure she could get at Sasuke's hand. He wasn't even inside her. His skin was still not even touching her flesh. How would that feel?

"Aaah! Please, don't stop!" She practically begged and his eyes sparked with fire. Her eyes shut tightly when he both increased the pace and pressure, the moisture seeping onto his fingers through her panties. Her head swung back again, her hips bucking even more exaggeratedly. The friction was increasing the euphoria coursing her body, her mind becoming far gone. She melted as he moved to lick her neck again, his grip in her hands tightening when he felt her pull on them. Despite his strength she didn't relent, causing him to release her in curiosity only to feel her wrap her arms around him, one in his hair while the other gripped his blazer over his shoulder. She was grabbing him for dear life, biting down on her bottom lip as she felt a churning in her stomach and he was not prepared for the world of a difference he would feel when she grabbed him like this. Her hands held him so tightly, as if she needed him to live and her grip was only getting tighter. It built up more and more, before the next thing she felt was pure ecstasy.

She had never made such a beautiful sound as he felt her panties soak against his fingers, her legs shaking with her wild rush as she threw her head back. He groaned instinctively, moving her panties to the side and feeling her slicked juices while staring into her pleasured eyes. She gave a high pitched squeal of pleasure as he brushed his fingers on her sex, panting as he slowly felt her up and down and he burned the image in his mind. She shakily gasped, panting excessively when he finally pulled out his hand, still holding onto him languidly. He brought his fingers to his lips, tasting them and his eyes damn near glowed with lust. He honestly hated sweets, but she tasted so damn good he was hungry. He moved to kiss her lips again, his hand lowering back down for her sweetness in the midst of their liplock, hoping to feel her again.

Until his office phone began ringing. He growled and Sakura whimpered against his lips.

Goddamnit, Terumi.

"Tsk. I thought she'd take longer." He grumbled, his eyes narrowing. Sakura slowly slid her hands down his back, catching her breath still. He didn't want to let her go, but he'd be damned if Terumi of all people met Sakura right now. The woman would probably go into wedding plans and that was definitely something he did not want to embarrass Sakura with.

"I-I told you she'd be here soon." She whispered, her blush never leaving her cheeks. He smirked down at her, brushing his nose against hers.

"Not that you wanted me to stop. Pretty sure I heard the exact opposite actually." He purred, continuing to ignore his ringing office phone. Sakura blushed harder, turning her gaze from him, a flustered look in her eyes.

"Y-You j-jerk!" She grudgingly growled. His smirk widened.

"Now I'm a jerk." He sighed, one of his hands grabbing her rear, gaining a soft shriek. He pressed his lips to her ear.

"Need I remind you, you make me this way, Sa-ku-ra? And that I can't even have you right now? Who's the real jerk?" He mumbled huskily, sending shivers down her spine. His very voice seemed to instill her body with a want for more, suddenly gripping his neck and blazer again. She felt him take nips of her earlobe, before there was the sound of his phone ringing again. He groaned again, his eyes glaring behind him towards his phone.

"Goddamnit, Terumi." He seethed beneath his breath. He pulled away from her and she eyed him, still feeling her legs trembling lightly from her very first orgasm. She watched Sasuke speak on the phone and was suddenly filled with a want to be near him again. She wanted to be next to him, or in his arms. Or even, more embarrassingly, as the deepening blush on her face would proclaim, on top of him. Her mind finally whirled back to what just happened and now her body felt so suddenly cold. All the warmth that her body was just previously burning from was gone and she eyed Sasuke with an agonized need. This was definitely a new feeling and she now wanted to feel so much more of him she wished they had more time. He hung up and their eyes met. Her breath hitched in her throat.

He was still giving her that look in his eyes. That steamy, clouded look that looked ready to pounce on her. She felt her legs tremble again out of sheer reaction to that gaze, a blush coming to her cheeks.

"S-So...I-I'll see you later." Sakura proclaimed quietly, turning away to hopefully dash the onslaught of sinful thoughts a single gaze was bringing her. She was about to turn the knob on the door, until she felt his large hand over hers, the heat of his body directly behind her. His breath fanned down her neck, causing her body to freeze in place, waiting impatiently for what he would do next.

"I'll be over a bit late." He whispered, brushing his lips against her cheek. She nodded, the action making her feel his gentle lips lower to her neck.

"Alright." She murmured quietly. Sasuke reluctantly released her hand, expecting her to just walk away from him only for her to whirl around, kissing his lips heatedly. Taken aback by her sudden affection, he couldn't respond as instantaneously as he wanted—not that it was an issue to match her lips with his own and catch up. She was pulled even closer at her waist, feeling like she was drunk with him. Her dopamine levels skyrocketed and she bit his bottom lip as she finally pulled away and oh, did it send shivers down his spine. He raised an eyebrow, watching a look of uncertainty wash over her features and slowly he smirked, reading Sakura like the open book she was.

"Hn. What's this? Don't want to leave so soon now? You practically ran from me yesterday." Sasuke observed. His smirk widened when Sakura didn't answer and the blush on her cheeks turned a deeper crimson.

"Or is it that you want more?" He taunted, giving a small stroke to her naval and pulling the hem of her pants again with his finger. Her reddening blush answered for her, a cute pout coming to her lips.

"S-Shut up…t-that's uncalled for..." She growled, placing her forehead against his chest in an attempt to hide from him. He gave an amused chuckle, his hold tightening just a bit.

"If it makes you feel better, I don't want you to leave either." He murmured, as she clung to him. Sakura was quiet for a moment, believing him. Even his hold was telling of that, if his tender tone wasn't enough. Her head lifted slowly to him, being met with that hard gaze he naturally gave off. Staring into her innocent eyes, he wasn't sure if Sakura would ever truly comprehend how much he wanted her; the things she did to him, without doing anything at all. He was about to lean in for her soft lips, before hearing knocking on his door.

Sasuke scoffed, gritting his teeth as Sakura left his arms and he reluctantly released her. Sasuke eyed her one last time, watching as she smiled at him one more time and departed, opening the door to the woman he was meeting with. He mentally groaned again, turning to greet the approaching Mei. Sakura couldn't help but eye the beautiful woman as they passed each other, watching from the elevator as she approached Sasuke. It was odd, really. They had just had a moment together and yet, she couldn't help but feel horrible whenever Sasuke was around one of his female clients and meetings. Naturally, there was no escaping that he had to be around males and females alike, but she couldn't help but wonder if the way Sasuke so angrily lashed out on men around her was because of this very feeling in her chest. Of course, she was more quiet about her small bouts of jealousy, but it didn't change the sinking feeling in her stomach as Mei and him shook hands and the doors closed on her with that final scene. Her eyes lowered again, sighing and shaking her head.

As she told herself, time and time again, she didn't need to think that way.

"Mei." He grumbled grudgingly. The woman eyed him with a sly grin, a knowing look in her eye.

"Hmmmm. Did I interrupt something?" Sasuke's eyebrow twitched at the woman.

"What are you insinuating this time, woman? I'm not in the mood for your annoying antics." He scowled, glaring at her. She chuckled, raising a finger eyebrow.

"I can read a room, Sasuke. As a matter of fact, that look in her eye when she passed by was more telling than ever. Also, you sure took your time with letting me come upstairs." Mei teased, placing a hand on her hip. Sasuke cleared his throat, closing his eyes.

"I guess it's too much to even think you'll consider yourself wrong." Sasuke growled. She giggled again, an amused shine glossing her one revealed eye.

"No. Even I'm wrong sometimes...but I'm pretty confident, I'm not this time. Especially with the way your eyes followed her out the door." She proclaimed needlessly. Sasuke scoffed, walking to sit at his desk.

"That was her, wasn't it? She's the one? She's absolutely gorgeous." Mei asked, taking a seat in front of his desk. Sasuke was silent for a moment, eyeing the woman with a scolding glower.

"It's none of your business." He growled angrily. He was only met with a sly smile and an amused gaze. They sat in what was an uncomfortable silence for him before Mei's teasing voice cut through it.

"Soooo, that means I'm right, right? Does she sound as sweet as she looks?" His blood ran cold, his eyes snapping from the file on his desktop with a stabbing glare. After what just happened moments ago in his office, that was a comment he could not dismiss or ignore. Then there was the newly released side of him that couldn't help inwardly smirking; 'She isn't wrong.' His own voice murmured in the back of his mind, flustering him more as Sakura's moans replayed in his ears.

There was no stopping the burning on his cheeks.

"Goddamnit, Terumi!" He yelled, only feeling more flustered with recurrent thoughts, earning a laugh from the fellow businesswoman.

Sakura rode with Suigetsu in complete and utter silence while the white haired man ranted about the day. She had been told that it was by Sasuke's very command when she said she would just take a taxi yesterday and with the recurrence of him driving her home again today, she supposed that it was true. Suigetsu even bragged that he was getting a pay raise, not that it was any of her business. Not that she minded again, but Sasuke absolutely intended to spoil her and she wasn't used to it.

Moreover, she couldn't get over what happened in Sasuke's office. She was absolutely dominated by him and she loved it. That look in his eyes was still making her heart pound against her chest. Even the words he said to her were reverberating in her ears. His lips on her neck. His kisses. His touch. Everything was making her go crazy about him and she couldn't deny the stressing of her body wanting so much more. It was ludicrous. First she threw herself at him two days ago and now, he was touching her whenever and wherever he pleased. Her heart raced further, the possibilities of what could possibly happen next taunting her conscience and all she could do was blush and try to dash them away. Still, no matter how hard she tried, all she could think of, all she could feel, was him. She could barely listen to Suigetsu's rambling.

"Oh, look! Sasuke's here!" Suigetsu suddenly said. The man's name made her flinch out of her thoughts and she gasped. Straightening in her chair, she blinked into her surroundings. When she finally realized they had simply arrived at her apartment. She blushed, now realizing she had gotten excited and moved to glare at the now hysterically laughing Suigetsu.

"You weren't listening to a word I said, did you?" He chuckled out to her. Sakura gave a grimace, cursing herself.

"N-No...sorry. I had a lot on my mind." She murmured. Suigetsu gave a smirk.

"Heh. Sasuke?" He taunted. She blushed, turning to leave the car.

"Bye, Suigetsu." She grumbled. Suigetsu chuckled, giving her a two fingered salute.

Walking out, Sakura was slightly surprised to run into Kiba and Akamaru, obviously coming back from a walk home. The brown haired, tan skinned man greeted her with a wolfish grin and as always, Akamaru ran towards her, his tail wagging and already whining for attention. Giving the dog the attention he so rightfully deserved, unable to hold back a laugh as he circled her excitedly, she eyed Kiba as he approached her.

"Good evening Sakura! Just getting off work?" Sakura nodded.

"Yeah. How was your day?" The addressed man shrugged.

"Same old same old. By the way, you got a massive package I brought in. It's in my apartment because I wasn't sure if it was something important you might have ordered." He explained, scratching the back of his head. Sakura eyed him with confusion, tilting her head to further emphasize her bewilderment.

"Eh? I didn't order anything. I wonder what it could be." She pondered, promptly following Kiba with Akamaru in tow up the building. They entered, stopping by Kiba's place beside hers and entering his similarly shaped apartment. Upon its revelation, Sakura's eyes marveled at the large box, her eyes widening as he plopped it down before her. It stood at about four feet tall and possibly just as much in width.

"W-Whoa! You weren't kidding. Who sent this?" She questioned, looking around. Kiba shrugged, sitting beside her and handing her a box cutter he grabbed on the way.

"No idea. There's no return label. Just your name and address." He said. Sakura cut the tape of box, flipping open the flaps to be met with a whiff of flora envelope the living room. The smell wafted through the air, ushering through and even causing Akamaru to sneeze. Inside the box were bouquets of flowers, her eyes brought a plethora of colors from the varieties of Madonna Lilies. Her eyes widened, staring at the flowers along with Kiba.

"Whoa. Someone's got a thing for you. That Sasuke-guy is quite the show off." Kiba laughed out lightly. Sakura gave a smile, blushing at the thought. Did Sasuke send her these flowers? He didn't say anything about a package being sent to her house. She picked up one of the all white bouquets, eyeing the beautiful Madonna Lilies in her hands.

"I wonder how he found out my favorite flowers." She mumbled. Kiba raised an eyebrow.

"You didn't tell him?"

"No...maybe he asked Naruto?" She deduced. Kiba shrugged, pulling out another bouquet of brightly colored orange lilies, eyeing the fiery flower.

"Well, gotta hand it to him. That guy sure knows how to make an impression." Kiba sighed a bit enviously. Sakura chuckled, blushing at the lilies still in her hands. Sakura moved, bringing out another bouquet of lilies, the colorations of these a beautiful spotted fuschian inside the white petals.

"Heh. You gonna keep all of these? I might need a few for some pretty girls out there." Kiba asked jokingly, bringing out another set of stunning crimson red lilies. Sakura laughed, swiping the newly revealed bouquet from his hands with a taunting glare on her face.

"Very funny. Maybe, if you can beat me in a game of arm wrestling, I'll let you borrow some, playboy." She chuckled. Kiba twitched, letting out a whine.

"Aah, come on! I can't beat you and you know that!" He complained. Sakura smirked haughtily, placing the flowers back in her box. She had a mind to text Sasuke right now to thank him, but she figured it would be unnecessary. She would see him later, but the flowers were indeed excessive. As a matter of fact, while it was a pleasant gesture, she couldn't help but think it was totally out of Sasuke's style. She gently took the remaining bouquets and placed them back.

"Well then, I'll take this!" She chuckled, hoisting the box in the air effortlessly. Kiba sighed, standing with her to hold open the door. Once settled back inside her apartment, he helped her set the flowers into numerous bowls and vases around her house. By the time they had gotten down to the last and twenty-fourth bouquet, a half hour of idle chat and laughter had passed between the two friends. Sakura took out the last bouquet, only for her eye to catch something at the very bottom of the box. A white envelope sat at the center, with nothing else.

"Huh?" Kiba sounded. Sakura looked at it curiously, slowly opening the envelope and her face paled at the object inside. She slowly pulled out a red ribbon and stared down at it with all emotion gone from her face. She stared down at the small silk ribbon she absolutely recognized.

Sasuke didn't send these flowers...

"Hey...Sakura? You alright?" Kiba questioned, suddenly feeling the air around Sakura change the instant she picked up the ribbon. She swallowed hard, looking around at the flowers as memories flowed through her again. Back to a time she was wearing this ribbon...in a field of flowers. The day she gave it away. She turned her head giving a smile to Kiba as to not worry him, but Kiba knew of that smile before. Closed eyes, the small twitch of her forced smile, he knew it.

"Sakura, what is it?"

"It's nothing, Kiba. Thanks for the help. I'm...just going to go out for some fresh air." She said, putting the ribbon in her pocket. She neared her door before he grabbed her shoulder.

"Oi. You're not going to do anything stupid right? Should I call Naruto?" He questioned. Sakura shook her head, cursing herself for being too easy to read among those that knew her best. Then again, Sasuke did it easily as well. Maybe it was simply tied to her being a terrible liar in general. Kiba's brow furrowed.

"Sakura don't do that. Don't do that thing where you think you have to shoulder and endure pain on your own. How many times do we all have to tell you? You're not al—"

"I'm not alone. I know. Don't worry. I'll give a knock on your door when I come back." She promised, smiling still. Kiba gave a glare.

"At least take Akamaru with you, or—"

"There's no need, Kiba. Stop worrying. I'm a strong girl." She eased, sticking out her tongue. Kiba glared again, more harshly.

"Now you're just overplaying your part, Sakura." She was already walking towards the door.

"I'll be back."

It took a silent forty minute walk to her destination. She thought of nothing, accompanied by the sounds of the wind blowing through the surrounding trees and grass. She maneuvered through the rows of graves in the cemetery she was in. She finally found the grave she was looking for, staring down at it somberly. She slowly kneeled, running her hand over the only four letters of the name she missed calling for years. Her eyes teared slowly, taking the moment to sniff quietly.

"Sakura-Chaaaan, you keep the ribbon! It's prettier on you! Don't pretty flowers get tied with bows?" His scratchy, young voice whined with its youth. She couldn't help but smile bitterly, pulling out the ribbon. Such a beautiful memory. One she held dear to her heart. She sighed, hearing the footsteps she knew would be approaching and she didn't turn.

"Why would you send all of that? Did you really think I'd accept them after what you did?" She asked, standing slowly and turning. Indra stared at her from a distance eyeing her glare. He neared her quietly. She clenched her hands into fists.

"It's my apology for my actions...and I hoped to stir a bit of nostalgia. As you can see...I kept that ribbon all these years. It meant a lot to you...and to me." He said softly. Sakura stared at him sternly, before looking down.

"Indra…" He was now a foot away from her.

"I know. I understand if there isn't a place in your heart for me and two days ago, I have damaged our bonds even further. Even so, I can't let you go, Sakura. I want to make things up to you. If you cannot accept me, at least allow me to restore a fragment of our severed bonds." He said painfully, placing his hands on her shoulders. She tensed, remembering when he last had her close and it was obvious in his gaze that he sensed her apprehension. His eyebrows furrowed, releasing her just as slowly to ease her.

"Let's tell Sasuke our story. Together. It should suffice as proof of my acceptance." Sakura's eyebrows furrowed.

"I...already told Sasuke-kun about what you did in my apartment the other day. He won't be wanting you around and I'm still not sure myself if I do as well." Sakura excused off. Indra gave a bitter smile.

"Not sure?" He questioned, watching her flinch. She hadn't realized her worded phrasing. She looked down, more confused with herself than ever. Again, she did and said something in regards to their past selves. It was like she couldn't help herself from regressing back to what they used to be and to be frank, they used to be close. A wind blew between them and Sakura's eyes lowered again back down to the ribbon.

"I...don't mean anything by that. Just that I have already settled things with Sasuke-kun in regards to what you had done. Whatever redemption you want to seek out about it will be futile against him and I'm not okay about it either." She dismissed. The man before her shook his head, signaling her misunderstanding.

"I don't mean about that. That was wrong of me and I'll do what I can to make it up to you, even if I'll have to apologize to him for that debacle. I meant that we tell him about our past." Indra offered. Sakura turned away. She should have known it was a bad idea to come out here like this.

"It's not like there's much to recall. Our past is irrelevant. You were a runaway and I gave you shelter." Sakura murmured. Indra smirked.

"Really? So you don't want to tell him about the games we used to play? Everything you taught me? The months we had living together. The nights you spent...saying you felt safer in my arms." Sakura tensed, biting her bottom lip. It was true. All those years ago, she had felt safe with Indra. If Naruto or Shikamaru weren't around, she was, happily, with him.

"That was years ag—!"

"The day you gave me that ribbon…in the field of lilies?" He reminded and that one brought a reaction out of her. Her eyes widened, staring into his for a quiet moment before her gaze tore from his tender obsidians. Her eyes lowered to the ruby ribbon in her hand.

"That was years ago, Indra. We were children. I was just telling you of something I thought was fun to learn about. That...That promise is invalid and has lost all validity after Yota died." She whispered. Indra's bitter smile, turned into a smirk.

"We're not children anymore, Sakura and maybe, it's like you said all those years ago." He said, gently lifting his hand with the hopes of stroking his fingers against her cheek. She moved her face away before he could, but her eyes couldn't help shifting over to him for defense's sake.

"Maybe...we are connected by the red string of fate, Sakura. Maybe, it was meant to be this way." Sakura stared at him.

"I don't think so, Indra. I…" She bit her bottom lip. Sasuke's face flashed across her mind. His gentle care and tender looks wracking over her body as if Sasuke was claiming her entire being. She was feeling him touch her again and his burning gaze that claimed her entirely. She placed her hands over her heart, folding them timidly.

"I-I...love Sasuke-kun." She said quietly, barely a tone above a whisper. Indra made no movement, feeling his heart shatter whilst staring at her. He wished for a sign that she was lying. He prayed for any body language on her that indicated dishonesty and discomfort, but he was only granted with a soft shimmer in her downcast eyes. A small, rosy blush slowly crawling to her cheeks. His dark eyes pained and his hands had clenched into fists.

Was he truly years too late? Could she no longer be his? Was it all just a lost cause?

"Are you certain about that?" He asked, his eyes lowering to the ground beneath them. Sakura was quiet, looking away. She was never one to really talk out her feelings. The only people who could really ever get her to open up had been Naruto and now, Sasuke. Everyone else was deflected or misdirected. She had long thought that burdening others with her emotions was overbearing and she felt annoying even when Naruto would sometimes beg her to tell him what she felt.

"I-I'm sure…" His gaze flickered back to her.

"Yet, you stutter." He quietly chuckled. Sakura glared up at him defiantly.

"I-I haven't even told him, yet. What makes you think I would be comfortable sharing that with you?"

"But you did. What does that mean, Sakura?"

"It doesn't mean anything, Indra! Stop it! Stop thinking that there is any bit of the past us in the present because there is not! I don't even know the man you are today and you sure as hell don't know anything about me or my life passed age eleven!" She gruffed out, losing her patience. Indra quieted, not wanting to push her.

Karin had been a bit specific in terms of pushing on Sakura. All he had to do was give her the indication that he was here. All he had to do was remind her that he was an option. Then Karin would do her part.

"Will you love him if he breaks your heart?" Sakura glared at his insinuation. She didn't answer. That was something she rather not think about. She turned, gently burying the red ribbon right in front of Yota's grave. She hadn't been here for years and she was surprised when she even made up the mind to come here, then again, since Indra had planted it there, he remembered who its rightful owner was. She had offered it to her little brother first.


"Neh, Indra-kun?" Sakura called out, laying down next to the boy in the grass. The brown haired boy shifted his gaze to her, seeing the flower child among the flowers turn her face back to him.

"You said, you may have to leave us soon right?" She asked him. The boy gave her a somber look, before he turned his gaze back up towards the blue skies and puffy white clouds.

"I-I...I don't know Sakura. If I do go...I may never see you again, but...I am pretty sure I'm being looked for. So, that's why…m-maybe I can stay with you and Yota? I doubt the people looking for me will find me with you. You said you guys live alone, right?" His eyes hardened with resolve, turning back his obsidian orbs to look into her doe like emeralds.

"I'll protect you, Sakura. You and Yota! W-With as much as you taught me, so...is it okay? Is it okay if I stay with you two?" The young boy asked her. Sakura sat up along with him, her eyes uncertain with slight fear. She looked over to Yota, who was prancing around and throwing picked lilies in the air, laughing to himself in joy. Sakura's eyes lowered again, a pain filling her eyes.

"I-It...It can be dangerous where we live, Indra-kun. It might be better if you just go back to your home—"

"No it's not! It's not better if I go home!" Indra yelled, taking Sakura aback. The young girl flinched with his loud proclamation and she tilted her head in confusion.

"I don't get what you mean, Ind—"

"I just want to stay with you. I want to stay with you and Yota...and maybe, after I'm sure they stopped looking for me, we can meet your other friends. We can have all the fun in the world and then one day, I-I'll…" The boy blushed, unable to keep his gaze on Sakura anymore. He hugged his knees to his chest, an embarrassed look coming to his face.

"I-I'll...get you out of the slums. I'll work really hard and I'll train really hard, like you taught me. I'll...I'll protect you guys, so…" Indra trailed before he heard Sakura giggle. He looked to the girl with slight confusion, only to be awed by a glowing, smiling face and the wind blowing through her released, waist length hair. The hair clashed with the colors of the beautiful lilies of all variations and in her hand was the ribbon previously in her hair. She looked like the absolute personification of Spring. So beautiful and uplifting, for a young age. She neared, grabbing his hand and flustering the boy.

"W-What are you doing, Sakura?!" He exclaimed. Sakura gave another giggle, tying one end of the ribbon to his pinky and the other end to her pinky. She grinned brilliantly at him, holding up her pinky to swear with his.

"I read yesterday about something called the red thread of fate! Now, this way, if you don't stay with Yota and me, then maybe we can be connected always. They say the red string of fate ties your very heart to someone else and now, we have a real one!" Sakura claimed happily. Indra stared at her in surprise, looking back down to the ribbon.

"And just so we're certain it'll work, you keep this, so that you can keep your promise. If you don't get to stay with us, you have to promise to come find us again, okay?" His dark eyes looked back to Sakura's shiny greens, still holding up her pinky finger.

"Okay, Indra-kun? Promise?" She questioned, holding her pinky finger closer to his. He slowly found himself giving her a massive and cheeky grin, shutting his eyes in delight as their pinkies entwined with each others.

"It's a promise!"

"You haven't answered me Sakura. What if he breaks your heart?" Indra pressed. Sakura looked back at him, walking away. After just a few feet from him, her eyes lowered, wondering if what she was about to say was true or not for herself. There were many forms of heartbreak. There were different forms of pain in the world.

Like the pain she felt when Indra abandoned her and Yota.

"I don't know but if he does, he wouldn't have been the first to do it then…" She whispered and could only quietly question herself; how much did Indra break hers all those years ago? She couldn't deny that in the few months Indra spent with her as children, she had grown close and fond of him. He was the very last person she ever allowed to get close to her so quickly, other than Sasuke. It just now clicked that Indra was a reason for her many walls. He was the reason she didn't trust anyone else for her protection.

He was the reason, she didn't trust another stranger until Sasuke again.

"Just a heads up. I found out who he is supposed to marry. It may be someone you know." Indra said, turning to see her pause in midstep.

"Would you like to know?" He asked. Sakura was silent, contemplating on whether she wanted to even entertain hearing the answer. She eyed him again.

"No, Indra...and please, consider this goodbye. Forget we ever knew each other. Forget our past." She bid him farewell. Indra stared at her back, sighing quietly as she walked away. He closed his eyes quietly, contemplating if this was something he really wanted to go through with now, after her confession. She had proclaimed her love for the man. Maybe he should give up, just on that alone.

As his most precious memory of his promise to Sakura reached his mind, it steeled his determination.

Sakura sighed, walking back into her home after checking in with Kiba like she promised. Entering, her home smelled completely like flora and she took a small gander at the lilies she and Kiba had placed around the room. Her eyes pained, picking up one of the white ones from the vase and staring at it in her hand. She remembered Ino had told her years ago, that flowers had different meanings for different symbolisms. Cherry blossoms, the flower she was named after, meant renewal and life. They meant the coming of Spring. Roses were symbolic of a variety of things based on their colors.

Lilies...were symbolic of devotion and humility. Sakura closed her eyes, in disappointment. She wished these were from Sasuke. These truly were her favorite flowers...and Indra remembered that. She took a slow whiff, before putting it down on her coffee table in the living room.

She had a lot of work ahead of her to throw them all out.

Sasuke sighed in slight exhaustion. He was indeed beyond tired and crawling next to Sakura into her cozy bed sounded all too appealing. It would be an absolute blessing to just sleep in for the day and for the most part, he was actually considering leaving with Sakura today. He just wanted a nap. He was re-familiarized with such a simple act of relaxation he hadn't done for years when Sakura—with little resistance from him—forced him to shut his eyes for the hour long lunch break he was able to open up, thanks to a cancellation. He could not have been more relieved when the client claimed he had a family emergency.

"So you agree to the interview, Uchiha-sama?" The person over the phone questioned as he drove to Sakura's. Sasuke rolled his eyes. He wouldn't have spent the last half hour on the phone if the answer to that question was a meaningless no. People could be slow at times.

"Indeed. I'll have it placed on my schedule for next month, correct?" He confirmed, rubbing his temple and jotting the event down. A full news segment based on Sakura Care that would be aired live on Good Morning Konoha. Millions of people would be watching. Maybe even Sakura would be watching, though he was contemplating on bringing her along just to get her reaction in the flesh. He was optimistic about it, but even so, he could have never imagined the amount of work that went into creating a brand new insurance plan. It was actually quite taxing and more of a headache than he would have ever imagined.

"Correct, Uchiha-sama. Thank you for your time." Sasuke grunted, hanging up and thanking the heavens he was only five minutes away now. The closer he got to her apartment, the more impatient he felt. Just Sakura and bed. That's all he wanted right now.

Alas, his phone was never that kind. He groaned, answering the phone call.


"Young Master, are you with Lady Sakura?" Sebastian asked on the other line. Sasuke's brow furrowed. The tone of the old butler was concerning. He sounded a bit crossed and the seriousness in his voice was enough to give Sasuke a bad feeling.

"I'm close to her home. What's wrong, Sebastian?"

"I was informed of a rather troubling development from Saihara-san…I didn't want you to become upset when with her." Sebastian hesitated and Sasuke glared. He was not liking where this was going.

"Out with it." He growled.

"Apparently, sir, Young Master Itachi paid him a visit." Sasuke's eyes widen briefly before glaring again. He knew Itachi somehow kept tabs on the business here and there, but he sure as hell didn't know Itachi knew of his employees. As a matter of fact, the private detective was a hire that only he, Sakura and Sebastian knew of. No one else. Especially not Itachi.

"Why would he visit Saihara?" Sasuke asked. Sebastian cleared his throat out of uneasiness, a habit the old butler had when a situation was a bit uncomfortable.

"Well, sir, I'm not sure of his reasons but, he...appeared to want Saihara-san to cease his investigation." Sasuke turned rigid, his eyes widening with an angered glare.

"What?" He whispered angrily.

"That...is what Saihara-san explained, Young Master." Sasuke heard, stopping his car, his anger growing steadily. It was one thing to meddle here and there with the business, but this was different. Saihara was an instrument for Sakura's safety. For Itachi to do such a thing was a direct attack on Sakura's protection in Sasuke's eyes and that was something he could not stand for. Not one bit.

"Where the fuck is he…" Sasuke seethed between gritted teeth.

"I am not sure, Young Ma—"

"Find him and when you get in contact with him, you tell him to see me, immediately. And tell Saihara I want an email of everything that happened and what he's digged up so far." Sasuke snarled, hanging up on the butler in anger. His teeth clenched, sitting in the car and collecting himself the best he could. What the hell was Itachi thinking?! Sure, there was still quite a bit he didn't know about Itachi himself but he sure as hell never once thought Itachi would get in his way. Especially when knowing how precious Sakura was to him.

He was absolutely livid.

Well, I wasn't strangled, chased or maimed soooo, I guess Sasuke's gonna love the next chap.

Sasuke: -smirks- Am I really?

So long as there aren't any last minute changes, sure. ^.^

Sasuke: Last minute changes? Like what? -glares-

Hm...storyline. I would like to keep things as they are for now, but I am thinking that maybe—

Naruto: -wakes up from unconsciousness- OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW! TEEMMMEEEE! WHY?! YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO ATTACK ME!

Sasuke: I did it because you're an idiot.



Sakura: Neh...Sasuke-kun is always so eager...-sweatdrop-

Can you blame him?

Sasuke: -sees Sakura, sharingan activates-

Sakura: E-Eh? A-Anata? What's with the—

Sasuke: -grabs Sakura and disappears-

Well, looks like he's starting early. See ya next chap everybody! ^.^


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