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Blast from the Unfortunate Past

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"Good mooorrning, gorgeous C.B!" Suigetsu greeted enthusiastically in front of Sakura's desk. Sakura chuckled, raising an amused, pink eyebrow.

"Good morning, Suigetsu. By the way, what the hell does C.B. stand for?" She asked, still giggling lightly. Suigetsu grinned.

"It's short for cherry blossom." He said, grinning and placing his hands behind his head casually. Sakura sighed, shaking her head. The pink haired beauty and he had become good friends in the few weeks they had known each other. If she wasn't having lunch with Sasuke or Naruto, she was having lunch with him and well, where Sakura was completely innocent, Suigetsu was not. He was attracted to the beauty, but even he could see it was a lost cause, just from the way she looked at Sasuke.

And he knew to fear for his life with the way Sasuke glared at other males around her when she wasn't paying attention. It was an odd, but beautiful connection between the two. Sakura, the smiling beauty that practically personified spring itself and Sasuke; the cold dark CEO who could kill with his icy glare if it was possible. Yet, there were the moments between these two, where it was obvious, that Sasuke warmed to her smile and she was unaffected by his glare, because she knew he meant no harm. At least, no harm to her anyway. Everyone else—if she was not on her toes to intervene—Sasuke had definitely deemed, up for grabs, the moment another male's eyes wandered a bit too much for his liking.

"Well, it just sounds weird so stop it. Also, you're a bit early to your meeting with Sasuke-kun. I think he's almost done with his client." She informed, giving him her signature friendly smile. Suigetsu sighed, hearing the door behind him open, indicating Sasuke's presence. He decided to have some fun.

"Ah, but I'm not here so early for my meeting, sweet cherry. I'm here to see you! You always brighten my day with your beauty and gorgeousness." He said smiling a sharp toothed grin. Sakura laughed, finding Suigetsu to be a troublemaker more than a flirt. There was no way he didn't know Sasuke was standing right behind him and this was not the first time Suigetsu purposely got on Sasuke's nerves before in front of her. She had questioned if he even cared what Sasuke would do to him, from losing his job to outright breaking every bone in his body. As Suigetsu stated himself to her once;

"At this point, it's a game. If he gives in, I win. And he knows it."

"So, what do you want for lunch today, my sweet cherry blossom. My treat of course." He said smiling. Sakura raised an eyebrow, smirking. Suigetsu was definitely a bold troublemaker; she could give him that much. Especially with what happened next as Sasuke approached behind him and Suigetsu whirled, a punch being thrown to Sasuke, who caught it with ease.

"Whoa! Sasuke-buddy! Don't sneak up on me like that when I'm talking to cherry! You had me thinking there was some kind of attacker and I had a chance to show off." He said, giving a sheepish grin. Sasuke glared at him mercilessly. His eyes were so cold, one could think he would kill Suigetsu where he stood right now. There was a moment of complete silence. The tension grew thick in the air and for a moment Sakura was actually worried Sasuke would commence with pummeling Suigetsu until he was lifeless.

Instead, Sasuke settled for gripping Suigetsu's caught fist tightly and twisting his arm hard enough to put Suigetsu on a knee with a light scream of pain.

"Shit! Can't you take a joke?!" Suigetsu laughed. Sasuke glared, twisting harder, no matter how much Suigetsu was resisting. In fact, resisting made it hurt even more with the way he was gripping his hand. Sakura's eyebrow twitched, instantly rushing around her desk and grabbing Sasuke's hand.

"S-Sasuke-kun, let him go. Please?" She tried to ease, but the Uchiha had no attention to give her right now. He was absolutely livid and Suigetsu was his target. He said he wanted to show off to Sakura and Sasuke decided he was going to show off all right. He was going to show just where Suigetsu belonged.

On his knees, like a dog, in pain for daring to do what he just did. This was not how he wanted his morning to go and now that this had come to pass, he was certain his day was going to be nothing but frustration. Damn it, he wouldn't even be able to be quelled by Sakura's influence today. There was too much going on today, so much so, there was an unexpected meeting he had for his lunch break.

"Oi, oi! Come on! It was just a joke!" Suigetsu whined. Sakura's eyebrow twitched again, a nervous grimace coming to her lips.

So much for Suigetsu thinking Sasuke wouldn't "give in" to their "game". The CEO of Uchiha Corps was obviously not playing this game and if it was, in fact, a game and Sasuke giving in meant he lost, he definitely didn't mind losing in the slightest right now. Sakura frantically eyed the area to see if Sasuke's client was gone, which to her relief, he was. She hastily reached to place her lips against ear. She whispered something Suigetsu couldn't hear and Suigetsu watched as Sasuke's face changed. It went from surprise, only to shift into a haughty smirk that came upon the Uchiha's lips, his eyes glistening with an unreadable intent. There was an uncomfortable blush on Sakura's face and the only thing he could faithfully say, was that Sakura had just bargained with the devil in exchange for his life. It was proven true when Sasuke released his hand and looked to Sakura.

"Is that so?" Sasuke asked, Sakura having his undivided attention. Sakura blushed harder, becoming flustered as Sasuke turned his head to her.

"I s-said maybe! B-Besides, it's almost the middle of August!" She shrieked, blushing madly. Suigetsu raised an eyebrow, now interested in what it was Sakura bargained.

"You also said 'I will' and I have a solution for that." Sasuke said, the infamous Uchiha smirk still on his face. Sakura blushed harder looking to the clock on the wall.

"Oh! Would you look at the time! It's time for your meeting! Better get a move on or you'll be behind!" She hastily whimpered, rushing back to his desk and lamenting on what she had just got herself into. Suigetsu slowly stood, chuckling to himself. Sasuke's lips turned back into a frown, eyeing Suigetsu with scorn.

"Hn." Was the only sound he made before turning. Suigetsu gave a wink to Sakura.

"Thanks cherry! See ya later!" He bid farewell. Sakura could only mumble obscenities under her breath, flipping off Suigetsu for having her save his ass. Suigetsu chuckled again, a grin still on his lips as he followed Sasuke into his office. The CEO sat at his desk, looking at his laptop for emails while Suigetsu stood before him.

"So, what is this about? Also, don't tell me you're going to fire me over a joke, are you? Or kill me?" Suigetsu said, scratching the back of his head. Sasuke glared at him again, a scorning scowl deeping on his lips.

"Stop doing that and maybe, I'll let you keep your job...and your life." Sasuke snarled with promise. Suigetsu chuckled.

"Aww, come on, Sasuke! I know she's yours. No need to be like that. Cherry and I are just good friends. Nothing more." Suigetsu sighed out, placing his hands into his slacks pockets. Sasuke's eyebrows furrowed, looking away with slight contempt. It was his fault Suigetsu knew about him and Sakura. He had told the security guard to protect her on certain nights and to be frank, he had been so busy being focused on Sakura, he had forgotten that fact. He was only thankful Suigetsu hadn't told the tabloids or anything like that. If there was one thing that proved, it was that Suigetsu was indeed trustworthy and loyal. He was fine with that.

"I told you to stop calling her that." He growled. Suigetsu gave yet another grin.

"I can't give a friend a nickname?" He countered. Sasuke scowled further, his teeth clenched together to hold restraint.

With Sakura's given deal, he had to behave.

"Have you noticed anything suspicious as of late?" Sasuke asked, changing the topic. Suigetsu shook his head.

"Not really, to be honest. The occasional creep hitting on her here and there, but nothing that screams danger. She always handles those bastards herself. I've included that in my report to you. Is there something wrong?" Suigetsu questioned.

"I wanted to give you new orders." Sasuke said, as calmly as he could. Suigetsu raised an eyebrow.

"Say the word, boss."

"I want you on full detail with Sakura. There will be others joining you as well soon, but for now, Sakura is your main and only priority, no matter what. I will appoint someone else to take charge of the building and I'll give you a nice raise. Are we clear?" Sasuke said, giving a slight glare to the head of his security department. Suigetsu's eyebrows furrowed with concern. As much of a goof and as laid back as he often seemed, Suigetsu was, deep down, a driven and serious person. He would always get his job done without fail and it was the reason his credentials found their way into Sasuke's hands. He wasn't here because he was an old college friend—more like associate or acquaintance, but Suigetsu was never one for details. He took in what he saw, he observed what he observed and he acted upon it with pure instinct alone. It had never failed him. Sasuke had often let him stick around and for someone with status like him to do so, Suigetsu simply liked to consider himself an old, out of touch friend.

"Crystal clear, Sasuke, but what's the deal? I can tell by your voice that something's wrong." He said, crossing his arms. Sasuke was silent for a moment, an obviously troubled look coming to his face. That was another thing that made Suigetsu consider himself a friend. Sure, he didn't get to see much from Sasuke between anger, stoicism and just plain indifference, but there were times where his mask came off before him. It wasn't much, but for someone like Sasuke to show that he was troubled in front of someone meant a number of things, most of them meaning the person had his trust. Suigetsu just so happened to be one of those lucky few. A moment of silence passed and Sasuke's eyes lowered, pressing his folded hands against his lips.

"Danzo has been placed on bail. Sakura's in danger and I don't trust anyone whatsoever, except those I know have nothing but absolute loyalty to me. I want you to keep her as safe as possible. She shouldn't leave your sight for even a second, unless she's home, with me or with Naruto." Sasuke urged quietly.

"Tsk. Danzo, huh? That bastard. I have a bone to pick with him after what he did, but with how sleazy he is, I'll have a bit of my work cut out for me." Suigetsu sighed, rubbing the back of his head, before his eyes s steeled and looked into Sasuke's, lowering his hand back into his pocket.

"I'll go after him right now if you—"

"No, you won't." Sasuke cut off.

"I already have people looking into him. You are just to watch Sakura as closely as you can at all times. In the building, on the streets, her home. Anywhere and everywhere she goes, you must follow. Any and all suspicious activity around her, I want relayed back to me. Until I have looked into a few more security companies that I feel aren't involved with Danzo, you'll be relegated to a certain schedule then." Sasuke ordered, standing and walking towards his window. He put his hands in his pockets, staring at the early morning sun, brought about the busy streets of Konoha. Suigetsu's eyes hardened, his lips in a neutral, thin line.

"You got it, Sasuke." Suigetsu accepted fully.

"Suigetsu...do not fail me." Sasuke said quietly. Suigetsu gave a smirk, a playful gleam coming to his violet eyes.

"You can count on me, Sasuke. Besides, now, I'll be getting to spend more time with sweet, sweet, cherry! We can continue the conversation we had over lunch the other day." Suigetsu said grinning. Sasuke's eyes narrowed, snapping his head back to Suigetsu with a dangerous glare. Suigetsu grinned as Sasuke walked up to him, grabbing his collar and pulled him angrily. Suigetsu stared into Sasuke's very pissed eyes, watching as the obsidian orbs steeled and narrowed with vicious rage.

"You are to watch and protect. Nothing else. You've already pissed me off this morning with that stunt of yours and now you want to continue?" Sasuke snarled, now second guessing his decision to put any man on this mission. Maybe Sebastian would be enough, though the butler was getting old. Suigetsu snickered.

"Alright, alright! Geez, who would have guessed that you'd be so damn possessive Sasuke. I figured you'd be more of an aloof kind of boyfriend." Suigetsu teased. Sasuke shoved him, releasing his collar and turning away.

"Damn it, can't you just do what I'm asking of you!" Sasuke yelled. Suigetsu raised an amused eyebrow, his attention to detail spying a hint of red at the top of Sasuke's ears. He snickered, turning around and deciding that was enough. Who knew how much the Uchiha was able to take before he fully snapped?

"Sorry, sorry. I'll be going now." Suigetsu waved and walked out of the office grinning, being eyed suspiciously by Sakura.

"What did you do this time?" Sakura sighed, giving an amused smile. Suigetsu gave her a cheeky grin.

"What makes you think I did anything, cherry? I'm an innocent being, I'll have you know!" He answered, his grin getting wider. Sakura scoffed, a chuckle added along with it.

"Yeah right." She laughed. Suigetsu gave a gentle smile, looking at her. The beauty couldn't be his, for sure, but being a friend was just as good enough. A sweetheart and just all around likeable person like Sakura were people he had quite the soft spot for, especially in the years he had been doing security. Sasuke was a lucky man, for sure.

He'd protect her with his life, not just because Sasuke had asked, but because he wanted to continue their nice talks during lunch, as always.

"So, see you for lunch, Sakura?" He asked kindly. Sakura smiled and nodded.

"Sure. Meet me at the new sushi spot around the corner?" She inquired. Suigetsu scoffed, shutting his eyes in delight.

"I'll pick you up in the lobby, hun." He said chuckling.

"Get the hell off my office floor, now." The two heard a dangerous voice from behind Suigetsu. Sasuke stood there, his eyes glaring menacingly at Suigetsu. The white haired man turned back to Sakura, a nervous grin now on his lips.

"Looks like I have to skedattle. See ya." He said, hastily walking off. Sakura chuckled, standing and walking towards Sasuke who was glaring down the departing man.

"Sasuke-kun, stop it." She sighed, giving a knowing smile.

"Hmph, if I didn't actually need that bastard he would have been long gone." Sasuke snarled, turning and walking back into his office. Sakura followed, knowing he was expecting her to and closed the door.

"How long until my next meeting?" He questioned, eyeing her wearily. Sakura shook her head.

"Ten minutes and then after that, you'll be completely booked with meetings and a few conferences back to back until four thirty. After that, more meetings around the city." She informed and just as she ended her briefing, her waist was grabbed, her body pulled against his. She gasped, looking up at him in surprise. She didn't even hear him approaching, though he hadn't been far from her.

"Ten minutes, huh?" He questioned, one of his hands cupping her chin and tilting it upward.

"I only need seven." He murmured, lowering his lips to hers.

"Oh come on, Sakura! Tell me! What the hell did you tell Sasuke to stop him from killing me this morning?" She was pestered for the nth time while eating her sushi. As promised, she and Suigetsu met in the building lobby for lunch at one o'clock. She had asked Sasuke if he wanted to join, only to be told he had an emergency meeting. She was now wishing she hadn't agreed to lunch and had just stayed at the office.

Suigetsu wouldn't stop asking what she had whispered into Sasuke's ear and frankly, she really, really didn't want to say it out loud in a public place. Or to Suigetsu of all people.

"Ugh! Suigetsu, stop it! I'm not telling you so leave me alone!" She whined, plucking another kimchi roll into her mouth. The spiciness of the kimchi, coupled with wasabi and soy sauce almost made her soar to the heavens.

Though, she wasn't sure if she could compare it to the seven minutes of making out Sasuke had put her through earlier. Just at the thought, her blush deepened and her eyes stood stuck on her food for a moment. Suigetsu popped a dragon roll into his mouth, swallowing before sighing in disappointment.

"Aww man. What a bummer C.B…" Sakura rolled her eyes and silent moment coming between them as they both sipped on their water.

"...Can I at least get a hint?" Sakura glared, her eyebrow twitching. She slowly brought down her drink.

"Fine. You can get a hint, if you stop calling me C.B. It is kind of ridiculous, Suigetsu. Even for you." She said smirking. Suigetsu gave a pout, crossing his arms.

"I thought it was cool…but fine." He grumbled beneath his breath. Sakura snickered and took a moment to ponder a good hint that wouldn't give away what she had said earlier.

"Uhm...well…" She trailed, suddenly becoming fidgety. Everything she could think of was way to revealing to her deal with Sasuke.

"Let me take a guess!" Suigetsu said, grinning. Sakura raised an eyebrow.

"Okay, I guess." Suigetsu gave a smirk, watching as she drank some more water.

"He gets to see you in a nice, revealing bikini if he behaves." Sakura blushed hard, her eyes widening into complete shock and distraught, choking on her water that she tried valiantly hard not to spit out into his face.

"W-What!?" She yelled after struggling to swallow, gaining attention from other patrons of the small sushi restaurant they were in. It was a nice place; a homely, small restaurant visited by lunch goers and neighborhood regulars alike. Sakura looked around, quietly murmuring an apology before snapping a glare to Suigetsu, who was grinning like a madman.

"Looks like I'm right on the money." He chuckled. Sakura blushed hard.

"If you let him go and behave, maybe I will go to the beach with you before you leave for the cruise."

Sakura officially regretted taking Temari and Ino's advice on using "feminine goods" to subdue Sasuke. She regretted even trying it and now, Sasuke was expecting it to happen. Even if it wouldn't be his first time seeing her in a bathing suit—considering he had been bribed with pictures of her in a bathing suit a little over a month ago—she couldn't fathom how this was going to go down. What would he do, physically staring at her in a bikini? They were obviously attracted to each other as well and Sakura really wasn't sure how this or where this was going to go.

Again, she cursed Temari and Ino for their so called advice. Yesterday, Sasuke had been damn near uncontrollable with how livid he was and she understood it. He had been busy and she could see the stress in his face anytime he walked out his office. His patience was paper thin and there were even times when he addressed her that he lost the tenderness he usually spoke to her with. Sometimes, he'd look at her, as if begging for the day to end but no matter how many times she offered to reschedule his meetings so he was less busy, he'd simply deny it, the same explanation given to her every time. He wanted to do as much as he could now, so he had peace of mind while he was away. She had complained to Temari and Ino yesterday, wishing that he would lighten up. He was so mentally exhausted and strained that he had even driven her to Temari's place yesterday in silence, saying one or two words only to kiss her cheek in farewell.

Then came the conversation that she could sway him with "feminine charm" and Sakura could not be anymore embarrassed, than if they had walked in on her and Sasuke two days ago and she accepted saying "I'm yours" while on his lap.

"Come on, Sakura! He's attracted to you and everything! I bet you just saying something erotic would make him wrapped around your finger." Ino said.

"Heh. Twenty bucks says you telling him anything that means less clothing on you would get him to behave like a dog. Give it a try! Maybe you can win back some of your money from our last bet." Temari smirked.

Why did she listen to those two at all? Now she owed an extra twenty dollars. She really needed to stop making bets. Sakura put her head down into her folded arms. She mentally groaned, hearing Suigetsu laugh out loud, absolutely hysterical.

"And he accepted it! Holy shit, he took that deal! My boss is a pervert!" Suigetsu laughed out, unable to stop the tears coming out of his eyes. Sakura now groaned out loud.

"Shut up! I-It's n-not even like that! Baka!" She growled when Suigetsu wouldn't stop laughing. Trying to compose himself and wiping a tear, he grinned wildly at her after catching his breath.

"So, if it's not 'like that' what is it then?" He asked smugly. Sakura blushed again.

"I-I said we'd maybe go to the beach, before he left for the Otsutsuki cruise." She said quietly. Suigetsu snickered, trying his best to hold back a laugh again.

"In other words, he gets to see you in a bikini if he behaves."

"Suigetsu!" She whined. He chuckled again, raising an eyebrow.

"So, have you guys, done the deed yet?" He asked, smiling lecherously and wriggling his white eyebrows. Sakura blushed again looking away.

"N-No! It's still only been two and a half weeks. W-We're taking things slow!" She feverently denied. Suigetsu smirked.

"Heh. No wonder he's easily bribed with seeing you in a bikini." Suigetsu chuckled.

"Ugh!" Sakura groaned, standing and thanking whatever deity above that she was finished eating. Suigetsu chuckled, walking out alongside her, his hands behind his head as they casually walked towards a small park not very far from the building.

"Relax, C.B. I'm just teasing okay?" He sighed, giving her a friendly smile. Sakura gave a slight glare.

"I thought we had a deal that you wouldn't call me that." Sakura grumbled. He gave her a mischievous smile.

"We had a deal that if you gave me a hint, I would stop calling you C.B. But, I guessed it so, C.B it is!" He grinned triumphantly. Sakura's eyebrow twitched.

"Suigetsu." She warned angrily. Suigetsu grimaced, pouting lightly.

"Alright, alright...C.B." He said laughing, earning a glare from emerald orbs.

"What? That's the last one, I swear, cherry." He shrugged. Sakura sighed, sitting down on a bench with Suigetsu at her side.

"You know, I think you bring out both the best and worst in him. Just thought I'd put my two cents in." He said absentmindedly, grabbing her attention. Her eyes became concerned. She brought out the worst in him? Was she bad for Sasuke? Should they not be together for his benefit?

"What do you mean? The worst in him?" She asked in complete worry. Suigetsu smiled at her.

"I don't mean that in a bad way, cherry. As a matter of fact, I think it's definitely a change that he's needed for years. I mean, did you see the look he was giving me for hitting on you?" He reminded. Sakura raised an eyebrow, not really following where he was going with this.

"Well, yeah. Sasuke-kun is always like that."

"No. He's not." He retorted, catching her by surprise. Suigetsu looked to the ground, hunching forward with his forearms against his knees.

"I knew him back in college and trust me when I tell you, he's not one for caring about much of anything. Sasuke's only ever been driven by stuff like duty and obligation. He's never, ever, done something because he wanted to and after considering how I almost died this morning, that's the worst of him." He explained. Sakura's eyes widened.

"But...I think that's all thanks to you. You've given him something other than just his inheritance and his work to act on and you know, for the first time ever...I can actually tell he's a human. He's a man like anyone else. He's not a robot on autopilot and he isn't just some cold, arrogant bastard without a care in the world." Suigetsu looked back at her, giving her a grin.

"It's to my personal belief, Sakura, that you finally brought out the 'human' in him and I find it absolutely amazing. You've given him some kind of freedom and I'm not sure if he even realizes that yet. Hell, maybe, he'll lay the load off work once you guys get very serious." Suigetsu grinned cheekily. Sakura's eyes glimmered, a look of gratitude coming to her face.

"Thanks...Suigetsu. Can I be honest with you?" She asked.

"Of course, cherry." Sakura sighed, smiling and looking at the small fountain spouting water in the center of the small city park.

"I think, Sasuke-kun has brought out the best in me too." She said quietly, but confidently. He eyed her, continuing to listen.

"I am not someone who trusts very well. I'm always suspicious of everyone. I have so many damn issues, I can't count them, but...with Sasuke-kun, there's none of that. I'm calm around him. He doesn't pressure me, put me on guard...he doesn't frighten me like he does to a bunch of other people." She giggled.

"He's never judged where I came from, or bombard me with questions about what I've done in the past, even though I'm sure he wants to know. But...I feel like I don't have to worry about anything if Sasuke-kun is with me. And even when he's not, I can tell I have nothing to worry about. For the first time in my life...I actually feel at peace. True peace." She ended, smiling brilliantly, her eyes closed in delight. Suigetsu stared at her, wide eyed with astonishment. She looked absolutely beautiful when she smiled like that. Slowly, he smiled, now officially and completely jealous of Sasuke. He took out a cigarette, placing it onto his lips and lighting it.

"Heh. I don't know your story...but if he's making you smile like that…," He leaned back, slouching against the bench and puffed the smoke away from her, into the air. Once the smoke left his lips, he turned his still upturned head towards Sakura with a grin.

"I'll take your word for it." And Sakura giggled.

"Thank you for allowing some space during your lunch break for this meeting Uchiha. Forgive me for forgetting to get these details to you the other night. It would seem I am indeed getting old." Hagoromo sighed. Sasuke gave a curt nod and closed his eyes indifferently. They sat in his office, himself, Hagoromo, Asura and Indra. Where he was trying to remain calm, something bothered him. Each time he looked at Indra he could have sworn the man was glaring at him. Sasuke disliked that look of challenge, because it made him just as eager to accept that challenge. Still, it was best not to start a fist fight—or any fight for that matter—with the Otsutsuki. He had been keeping his cool ever since greeting them. Sakura was long since been on her lunch break by the time they arrived much to his dismay. He damn near begged her to stay just a few minutes longer, only for her to give that sweet giggle of hers, disarm him with a kiss and seriously told him to "behave".

His eyebrow gave a light twitch. Thinking about it now...was he subconsciously operating on her wishes? Was he "behaving"? To think, Sakura had this much sway over him.

Not that he minded in the slightest.

"It's fine, Hagoromo. It's no trouble at all." Sasuke replied, opening the folder. Nothing he did not expect. An expensive, luxurious cruise ship, named The Moon was pictured, complete with schematics of the ship. Of course, there would be lavish rooms fit for kings and queens and only the most exquisite dishes known to man. Party venues, bars, entertainment, musical performances, large pools both indoor and outdoor, conferences held in one of the office rooms; the usual. He had been to the ship before and definitely wasn't a fan of the Otsutsuki's lavish, yet flashy venues. Either something was going on or they were having Asura plan these things the whole time. He usually just kept to himself when going to these things; rejected some women, spoke to who he had to speak to and that was that. He counted the days to getting back home. He hated going to these things.

It would now be worse, with the fact that he'd be far away from Sakura.

"Is this necessary, Hagoromo? Other than the conferences and meetings being held there that you said required my attention, I don't see the point in holding one of your infamous cruises." Sasuke questioned, again, trying to find a way out of it. The older man sighed.

"I will be making an announcement, so this is also a celebration of sorts." Sasuke raised an interested eyebrow. An announcement? From the Otsutsuki's? He stared at Hagoromo, eyeing the man with a calculative stare before he closed his eyes in conclusion. The older man smirked, crossing his legs and sitting back in the chair.

"I...see." Sasuke grunted. Hagoromo clapped his hands light applause.

"Heh. Fugaku really did teach you well, Young Uchiha." He chuckled, catching on that Sasuke, already figured out what the announcement is.


"You still haven't told us what that announcement is, Father." Asura said, scratching the back of his head. Sasuke could feel himself mentally rolling his eyes as he looked to the youngest Otsutsuki.

"You will find out with everyone else, son." There were light knocks on the door.

"Enter." Sasuke sighed out. In walked Sakura, already a few feet in the office with a pleasant smile on her face as always.

"I've returned from my break, Sasuke-sama. Do you have any tasks for m—" She froze. The men in the room were all looking at her, but her widened gaze was staring at one man. Her face dropped in an instant. The room filled with a thick tension instantaneously. Sasuke's brow furrowed.

She was staring at Indra.

"Is that really you, Sakura?" It was not a question. He knew it was her with the way he said it. Sasuke's eyes glared. Sakura was silent, paralyzed with shock. She looked completely blank. Sasuke wasn't even sure if she was breathing. Indra turned a bit more to face her.

"It's been some time. You've grown so m—" Indra began softly, only to be cut off in the most shocking way possible.

"Shut up." She finally spoke, her tone quiet, quick and enraged, even when it came out so calmly. As quiet as it was, it sounded loudly through the room, the men being caught by complete surprise; that is, except for Indra. Sasuke's eyes widened, watching Sakura's eyes fill with a variety of emotions. Anger, pain, disdain, disgust. Hurt. Her hands had curled into fist and Sasuke could see her slightly trembling as if she was trying to hold back. For a moment, Sasuke thought he was looking at a completely different person. A violent person. A tortured person. Her eyes were murdering the man she stared at and what he questioned the most was that she was pained to be doing so. She looked like she was killing the most important person in the world to her. Indra didn't move. Only remained in the same spot he had been standing and staring at her. His dark eyes showed pain, as if he thought she wasn't going to look at him this way.

"Hey! Do you know who you're talking to lady? Show some respect to one of the men responsible for your livelihood!" Asura yelled ignorantly. Sasuke stood, glaring at him and gaining Asura's attention.

"Don't you dare talk to my employee like that." Sasuke seethed darkly. Asura scoffed.

"Then maybe you shouldn't be so lenient with them! Look how unprofessional and disrespectful she is. She needs to be taught a lesson." Asura mouthed off. Sasuke sent one of his death glares, his lips frowning as he imagined strangling the prick.

"You will not speak of Sakura that way." Sasuke snarled. Hagoromo stood.

"Asura, that's enough. Forgive him, Uchiha." Hagoromo sighed.

"Forgive me?! What is this nonsense?! She's the disrespectful one!" Asura yelled. Hagoromo glared.

"While that may be so, you do not disrespect employees, especially those that are not yours, Asura. How many times do I have to tell yo—"

"Sasuke-sama…" Sakura's voice cut through the room. Sasuke looked back to Sakura, confused as all hell, but concerned when he looked to her.

She was bowing, not daring to lift her face. Her loose hair even acted as a curtain.

"Forgive me. May...I have the rest of the day off, please?" Sasuke's eyes widened incredulously, trying to piece what was happening right now. Sakura had lost control for a moment and now was too controlled. It was as if she was breaking right before his very eyes and he didn't understand why.

"I apologize profusely. I suddenly don't feel very well. I promise, I will work all weekend for this unprofessionalism." She ended, the room becoming deadly silent. Sasuke's eyed her with worry, a frown coming to his lips. He was busy today with a few things but he would definitely have a talk with her later. That's for sure.

"Of course, Sakura. Please, let me know when you feel better." He said, unable to hide a small bit of softness that slipped through his collected businessman tone. He hoped she got the hint to contact him as soon as she could or as soon as she wanted.

"Yes, Sasuke-sama." She responded still bowing. Sasuke gave a slight glare. This was the first time Sakura had acted like this. Addressing him this formally. Even her voice had become cold. Spinning and standing upright, she took her leave just as quickly as she hand came in, no other words daring to leave her mouth. Sasuke watched the door close behind her, the air still the with the tension that came from her. His eyes snapped over to the only thing that he could think of. The one she stared at so viciously.

"Care to explain, Indra?" Sasuke said stoically, demanding an answer. The man only remained staring towards the door Sakura left through. Sasuke's eyes narrowed. He walked around, getting just inches away from Indra's face. Indra gave a deathly glare back, remembering what he saw last night all too vividly.

"I'm talking to you." Sasuke said with a deadly calmness.

"It's none of your business, Uchiha." Indra snarled back. Sasuke's eyes flashed with pure rage. Hagoromo got in between them, placing his hands on both men's shoulders.

"Now now, you two. This is both unbecoming and unprofessional of you two. Calm down and let us act like men, rather than animals." Hagoromo eased. Sasuke and Indra continued glaring into each other's eyes.

"Indra! My son, that's enough!" Hagoromo yelled, for the first time since here. The two sons flinched while Sasuke side glanced at the elder in the room. He didn't give a damn about Otsutsuki right now. There was obviously something between Indra and Sakura and he wanted to know now. If he was one of the people from Sakura's past that had caused her pain, he was sure as hell ready to go on a warpath. He didn't give a damn if the Otsutsuki's were his equal and even just slightly superior to him.

If he hurt Sakura at all

"My sons and I shall take our leave. Please forgive this transgression Sasuke. I will have a stern talk with my sons." Hagoromo promised. Sasuke gave a shared, passing glare to Indra as they began to depart. Sasuke was left in his office, instantly giving a call to Sakura.

"Hey...sorry. I didn't mean to cause a spectacle." She instantly apologized. Sasuke scoffed.

"As if I care about that. The only thing I care about is you...so tell me what's wrong." He retorted. She remained silent for the moment.

"I don't want to talk about it right now." She sounded sad, as if she wanted to forget something. His hand tightened on the phone. He was worried. For Sakura to have such an extreme reaction was new and something he hadn't experienced before. The rage in her eyes was absolute. He could have sworn he even saw hatred in them.

"Alright...have you left the building already? Will you at least have Suigetsu take you home?" He asked, looking down in concern and exasperation. He didn't like this one bit. It was off putting and alarming to him. Moreover, this was more to stress about. On top of having to deal with Danzo and Orochimaru, he was now worried about Indra. Where was his place in all this? What was he to Sakura?

"I've already left and Suigetsu flagged me down. He's going to take me home." His furrowed brow eased with that piece of information and he sighed in slight relief. His concern wasn't gone, but that was at least one thing he didn't have to worry about.

"Alright...let me know when you get home." He requested softly.

"Yeah, I will." She hung up and he stared at his phone. Damn it. He made another call.

"Sebastian, I want an update. What have you gathered?" He questioned, his voice strained and bothered.

"Only bits, sir. I cannot seem to obtain Danzo's current location, however, that Saihara-san of yours seems confident he may have a clue. He has assured me that he will get to the bottom of it and will inform me the moment he finds him. I am currently tailing Orochimaru and still have yet to find any evidence of movement against you, sir." Sebastian detailed with complete excellence. Sasuke's teeth gritted. Those two were definitely up to something. He was certain of it. It was too coincidental that someone he had no trust in was all of a sudden helping someone who wronged him once already. However, he was unsure of Orochimaru's motives. What could he gain from moving against him? His company was on good terms with Uchiha corps. Where he didn't meet and deal with Orochimaru often, there was no doubt that they both benefited from a good partnership between them. Sasuke updated his equipment with the latest tech from BioTech Inc., and in return, he paid them quite a sum of money.

"Saihara is also informed about Orochimaru, correct? He will investigate as well? His contract isn't exactly finalized..."

"Of course, sir. When I brought up that matter, he informed me he didn't mind. Such a kind man. I believe he will give you results Young Master. He is nicknamed famously as the ultimate detective, after all." Sebastian reminded. Sasuke scoffed.

"We'll see about that." Sasuke growled, hanging up. His eyes narrowed, not feeling at ease one bit. Indra knew Sakura and Sakura knew Indra. The very people he didn't want her involved with and she already knew them. Then again, he should say she only appeared to know Indra. Asura obviously didn't know her. Hagoromo seemed to show no knowledge of her either. In the meeting last night, he didn't regard her as someone he knew and he was certain Sakura said her name for every phone call. Did Naruto know anything about this? Should he ask him or just wait to hear it from Sakura herself.

Today was going to be a long day. He would have to find some kind of opening in between his meetings to go see her as soon as possible.

"Turn right, here. It's the third building on the left." Sakura instructed Suigetsu. The white haired man turned the car eyeing her worriedly. They pulled up to her apartment, Sakura grabbing her bag only to get grabbed at the wrist.

"Wait, Sakura." He stopped her quietly. She looked back at him, the distress all too evident in her eyes. His concern grew. They had just finished having a good lunch together and the next thing he knew he was watching her rush out the building. Her face at the time looked like she had seen a ghost and he had refused to let her leave without him. He had already vowed to himself that he would protect her the best he could and he wasn't going to go back on the word he made to his very self.

"What happened? You want to talk about it?" He asked, gently releasing her. Sakura stared at him, looking back to down to her lap.

"I...can't, right now." She whispered softly. Suigetsu stared worriedly.

"You sure? You can talk to me. You know that, right?" She stayed silent, keeping her gaze downward. Suigetsu's eyebrows lifted worriedly.

"You'd rather speak with Sasuke, first, I bet?" He asked softly. Sakura bit her bottom lip in response and he saw it all too well. Gently, he placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, whatever it is, try and keep your head leveled, alright? I'm sure Sasuke will come to see you soon, but until then, try to relax." He eased. Sakura looked back at Suigetsu, a somber yet faint smile coming to her lips.

"Thank you, Suigetsu." He smiled at her.

"Anytime, C.B." He said with a wink and where earlier, she probably would have berated him, but right now, it brought out a chuckle from her. She gave a slightly bigger smile though there was still an obvious pain in her features. He reached into his pocket, pulling out a card.

"And here. You can call me anytime you need to, alright?" She took the business card, giving him a grateful smile. She exited the car, looking back at him through the window.

"I'll see you tomorrow?" She questioned. He winked again.

"You know it." With that, she turned, walking towards her building and Suigetsu watched closely the surrounding area. His eyes became serious, driving a bit when she entered the building and thankfully, finding a parking spot, facing Sakura's building. He turned off his engine to cancel the noise. He brought out a cigarette, lighting and smoking in silence. He sighed, hearing his phone beep and eyeing that he received a message from Sasuke.

'Anything about Otsutsuki Indra around Sakura, report as well.' Suigetsu raised an eyebrow. The Otsutsuki? Why would he have to do that?

A car passed his parked one by. He eyed it, seeing it slow, obviously looking for a parking spot. He kept a close eye, blowing out smoke from his lips. The car found a parking, not too far off, across the street and Suigetsu's eyes glared at who he watched getting out the car.

"Well, I'll be damned." He murmured, taking out a notebook, jotting down the date, time and the fact that the man was walking towards Sakura's apartment building. He watched Indra look around suspiciously before pulling out something Suigetsu couldn't see from this distance. Suigetsu knew from previous nights that Sakura and other residents of the brownstone apartment had to physically come down to open the front door once the bell had been rung. Suigetsu's eyes widened, watching Indra do something and then, open the door.

"What the hell is he doing?!" He growled to himself.

Sakura sighed, entering her home and looked down.

After all these years, she couldn't believe how quick she was able to recognize him. The blast from her past, Indra. Her teeth gritted, tear welling in her eyes again after she had finally and successfully finished getting them to stop. Pathetic. He was the last man she said she would cry about. She threw her bag on the kitchen table and grabbed her signature whiskey. She drank straight from the bottle, her impatience winning out over properly finding a glass.

A child's face entered her mind. A young boy at least seven years old. Long, disheveled brown hair. Big, happy and joyful green eyes. A big grin that was mischievous...but playful all the same. Rosy cheeks. A tan face. An innocent, naive, carefree and young loving boy. He just wanted to have fun. He meant no harm. Not one bit. His family was one of the many others that were in constant struggle with their livelihood in the slums. But he was different. He showed Sakura and Naruto that even if their conditioning was poor and even violent, they could still be children. They could still have fun.

Her eyes filled with tears again, drinking to try and forget that day. She swore she would never forget his face, but she never wanted to remember that day.

The day that happened because of Indra and now she knew it happened because of Indra Otsutsuki. It made so much damn sense now. How everything happened...it all made sense. He was way higher than she had previously thought. For that day, for the abuse of his power, she would never forgive him.

A knock at her door grabbed the dark thoughts from her mind. She scoffed. She wasn't in the mood for company right now. She started drinking again, deciding to pretend that no one was home. As she put down the bottle, another set of knocks came. She shook her head. Unless it was Sasuke, no one was entering her apartment and he had already texted her that he'd be here by seven. That was a whole five and half hours away. She was glad she didn't bother turning anything on yet. There was enough light shining through the window to light her small apartment graciously. This was fine. She preferred darkness anyway. She began drinking again.

"I know you're home, Sakura." She heard, causing her eyes to widen. She slammed the bottle back on the table, to keep from dropping it on the floor entirely. She stepped out into the hallway, bottle in hand and staring at the door. So many feelings filled her body. Anger. Hate. Betrayal. She never wanted to see him again. She didn't want to open that door. She didn't know what she would do if she did. Would it be her left fist, or the bottle in her right hand that would swing first. She wasn't in front of Sasuke right now. There was no damn need for controlling her buried urges.

If there was one thing she didn't want Sasuke to ever learn about her, was her struggle between straight out hurting someone for no reason at all. They could simply look at her wrong. She could have been paranoid and thought someone was going to attack her out of nowhere. Either way, her reactionary urges instilled in her from childhood had not left her. Sometimes, she and Naruto needed to remind each other that they needed to reel back. They needed to remember they were adults now, in a better situation that didn't require them always being on guard or instant aggression.

Where she wanted to hold back, she didn't think she was going to right now.

"I just want to talk to you...I've been looking for you for a long time now." Looking for her? For a long time? She called bullshit. He still spoke through the door. She hated his voice. That calm and collected voice that now that she listened to it, was damn near mocking Sasuke's in her mind. Her teeth bared, drinking. Just ignore it. Ignore it. He was nothing like Sasuke. Sasuke was everything this man was not!

"Please...Sakura, open the door." She drank the whiskey again, chugging her bottle a bit excessively. She just wanted to be drunk and alone right now. That's it. She'd sober up in a bit for Sasuke but right now, she needed a drink. No. She wasn't going to open that door. Who knew what she'd do? She walked back to the kitchen, sitting at her table and placing the bottle down. Maybe he'd go away. After all, that's what he was good at. All he had to do was go away. That's it.

"Sakura…I've finally found you." She flinched, immediately standing and turning around. There he stood. In her apartment. Dark eyes and brown hair everything she remembered. He was of course taller now. That last time they had seen each other was when they were children. Now they were grown adults. He was a man. She was a woman. Her wide eyes glare, hearing her entry door close on its own as it always does. She's stuck, in her apartment, with him. This bastard.

"How the fuck did you get in?" She seethed all too calmly. Indra is quiet for a moment, before his eyes lower to the ground and a reminiscent smirk come to his lips.

"You don't remember? You were the one who taught me how to pick a lock after all and you didn't deadbolt it." He said as if it was okay to be laugh in her presence. She was just as disgusted that he dared to smile before her. She stayed silent, because she wasn't sure what her body wanted to do. Did she grab her kitchen chair and lug it at him? Then keep hitting him with it? She didn't want to waste her liqour, but it would be most effective and more practical for slamming against his skull. He eyed her unchanged look, dropping his smile and lowering his gaze. She turned. Maybe it would be easier if she didn't face him.

"What do you want…?" She struggled to say. Her tone is barely holding back the pure hatred she has for him and it pained him. He deserved this look and this reaction from her. Accepting that still didn't make this any easier. He had thought of her for years. He had dreamt of her. Remembered her.

The last face she made at him of pure and utter fear had never left his mind.

"Sakura...I've looked for you. Ever since that day, I looked everywhere for you and I couldn't find you. I wanted to explain myself. I wanted to apologize. I—"

"Apologize?" Her voice was a whisper of complete disbelief. He silenced, her dropped head not raising. She chuckled, cruel giggles following and she turned grabbing the bottle. Don't throw it at him. Don't throw it at him. Don't throw it at him. Sasuke could possibly get in trouble if she did something reckless. That tabloids would probably have a field day with this one. "Uchiha Secretary savagely attacks Prince of Otsutsuki's!" She lifted it to her lips, drinking for a long moment. He stared at her back worriedly, taking a step towards her.

"Sakura—" The moment he started saying her name, she whirled, throwing the glass bottle at his surprised head only to miss, either from his sheer luck, or her inebriated shot. She glared at him ferociously, as the bottle crashed against her wall. Her enraged gaze screamed an absolute 'Fuck it' deciding that if she did somehow hurt and mangle the so called important man before her, she'd take the fall for it. She'd quit before the tabloids ever uttered she worked for him and she'd keep her door lock to decline all comment. Whatever came next came next, but as far as she was concerned, she was absolutely not going to be able to hold back. That throw itself that just happened on its very own accord, was proof of that.

"I get beaten half to death, because of you and you want to apologize? A CHILD DIES BECAUSE OF YOU AND YOU WANT TO APOLOGIZE!?" She screamed in utter fury, panting and doing her best not to move. Her hands are tingling. The memory of facing off against an enemy who was going to give her no mercy and the feeling of it shifting her body's gears was all too prevalent now. Her fingers twitched and for whatever reason a tear fell down her face. No. She didn't want to cry in front of him. But she could never forget that day. What his friends had done. What he had done.

Because of that day, she wanted to ring her hands around his damn throat.

"Sakura I didn't think they would do such a thing! I thought they would leave you alone! I told them to come, that I'd go with them—" He tried to justify himself.

"After what you said…that we were nobodies to you. Just slum kids who were harassing you for money?" She seethed, reminding him of that fateful night. He sighed, looking down in shame.

"I had...to protect my image. You didn't know back then but you know now, I am an Otsutsuki and—"

"And so the safety of your "poor" friends took second to your image. It worked. You must be so damn proud." She snarled, turning and rummaging through her cabinets. She had another bottle of whiskey somewhere...hopefully she didn't throw this one decided instantly as she began to chug the bottle, the next thing she would throw would be her chair. That was certainly better than wasting any liquor.

"I'm far from proud and that's why I'm here."

"Oh, good for you. You understand shame. You want a fucking trophy?" She seethed, drinking again.

"Sakura, please, I just want to ask you for your forgiveness. Please. Try to understand…I never wanted you to get hurt!" Sakura glared.

"You didn't say jack shit when they started hurting me. Hurting us!" She snarled. His eyes pained.

"You didn't hear me shouting at them to stop…" He whispered. She whirled around to face him, damn near ready to throw the second bottle of whiskey and she was going to be sure not to miss.

"YOU LEFT!" She screamed.

"I WENT TO GET HELP!" He screamed back finally, losing his patience. Her eyes widened. His pained eyes stared into hers as she silenced, her tear filled eyes still falling with tears. Her eyes lowered, turning back to the counter and she drank.

"Get help…? You went to get help?" She whispered. He thought she had calmed, taking a step towards her in the kitchen.

"Yes. I ran, as fast as I could. I tried and by the time I got back—"

"You...fucking coward." She seethed suddenly. He stayed silent.

"You went for help when you could have helped yourself! You could have stood up for us! Fought for us! I bet if you just grew some fucking balls like you did when you were in the slums, they would have stopped! You had no problem fighting with us against a bunch of poor kids." She snarled, staring into her eyes angrily.

"But your friends come along and the most you can do is go and get help. FUCKING COWARD!" She screamed, tears falling down her face.

"It was the worst mistake of my life going with you to wherever the fuck you wanted to take me. If we hadn't gone...if I had just "remembered my place", everything would be so much better. I sure as hell learned my place that day. That day wouldn't have happened if I just remembered that I didn't belong anywhere near you." She whispered, her voice tortured and bitter.

"That day shouldn't have happened. I wanted to take you somewhere special. To tell you something important." He said quietly, his brown bangs covering his shameful eyes. Sakura's teeth gritted and she gave out a hitching sob.

"I don't give a fuck about anything you have to say to me. Don't you fucking get it?! CAN YOU THINK OF NO ONE BUT YOURSELF AT ALL?!" She screamed, making his eyes widen completely with pain. He wasn't outright expecting forgiveness, but at the very least…he hoped she would hear him and understand him. She used to be so understanding. She was always listening and always kind. Sakura couldn't control herself. She was in front of him in a flash, her hand lifting to punch him but he grabbed her wrist. Her body didn't give up. She lifted her other hand, only for him to grab that wrist too. She was pushed against the refrigerator, him keeping a leg between hers so she couldn't try to knee him like she just did. She was pinned.

"GET OFF ME! HOW DARE YOU EVEN TOUCH ME!" She screamed in pure anger. He stared at her remorsefully.

"Just...please calm down." He pleaded. Sakura glared maliciously, her teeth gritting.

"Not everything has to be a fight. We can always just talk. Hate is not the answer to everything." Naruto's voice barely reached her.

"Get. Off. Me." She snarled. He did as she wished, backing away.

Now, as he could see with her turning her back to him, she could barely look at him.

"...Do you even remember hisname?" She asked with scorn, her voice a pained whisper. She drank again. Indra stayed silent. For all these years, he never felt worthy of saying that name again. He never forgot his face.

"YOU DON'T EVEN REMEMBER HIS NAME?!" She screamed, her shut eyes paining and she sobbed, only to feel arms wrapped around her from behind. Her eyes widened. Her body froze. Where with anyone who wasn't close to her would have had their heads slammed into the nearest option, for whatever reason, she didn't move. His arms were wrapped around her waist, a heartfelt hug from him to her and she stayed confused. She hated Indra. She...she absolutely hated him and she knew that for a fact, but why wasn't she moving? She didn't even feel agitated. It was the alcohol. It had to be.

"Yota…" He whispered into her ear. She flinched, another tear falling down her face. He stayed quiet, not wanting her to push him away as she had been.

"There isn't one day I don't remember his name, his face. We had so much fun together for those several months, when we were children. I could never, ever forget him. The same way I couldn't forget about you." He whispered, taking a secret whiff of her hair. It was so sweet he almost got high. His lips parted, hearing her remain silent.

"There isn't one day that I don't wish things turned out differently. I never wanted that to happen. He was an innocent child. You both were. I couldn't believe what those...bastards started doing to you. I did try telling them to stop. I did. Please, believe me Sakura." He begged.

"...Get your hands off me, Indra." She whispered. His eyes lowered, abiding by her wishes and taking a step back. If there was one thing that hadn't changed, it was her violent nature. Angered, Sakura was a force to be reckon with and that was just when she was at the ripe age of eleven. Now, in their twenties, he saw it increased tenfold. Maybe even more than that. He had to be patient. More patient than the over ten year long wait he had until finally finding her again. He moved to ensure he wasn't in the direct line of shot of the bottle she might hurl at him at a moments notice, like she had just before. The first shot was lucky, but he still felt the air of the bottle whizzing past him. Only an inch over and it would have definitely slammed into his face.

"...You said you got beaten...half to death…" He asked quietly, looking to her wooden floor. Sakura stayed quiet, keeping her back to him. She drank again, trying to stay calm. She remembered what Naruto said.

She sighed in exasperation. It was a true statement. So many problems she had solved, just from talking alone. Sure, she had her urges, but she had experienced just as much that she could talk her problems through. It didn't mean she forgave Indra...but maybe, just maybe, this could put to rest at least one event that haunted her.

"Yeah...after they noticed that me and Yota weren't moving...they left. Ran off, like a bunch of punks. I tried...to protect Yota, but I was weak. I couldn't stand up to them. Two of them knocked me down and beat on me, while the other three focused on…" She trailed, her hand gripping the bottle tightly. She remembered screaming, not for herself, but for the small, frail boy they were mercilessly beating. They didn't even hold their punches against her either, a young girl. Twelve year old boys...beating on a seven year old, malnourished boy and an eleven year old girl.

"Where did you go? I didn't even find him when I got back…and I was only gone for about fifteen minutes." He asked solemnly. Sakura drank again.

"I don't know how far into them beating us it was when you left. I got knocked out for at least a minute or so, but my body was strong enough to take it. Then...I saw him and I...tried to wake up Yota…"

"What the hell was Indra-san thinking bringing peasants up here from the slums?" She heard a faint laugh, followed by equally echoed laughter from others.

"Heh. Don't think about it too much. You heard what he said. They're just poor kids following him around. They're just looking for a handout. Father says the poor kids from the slums are the worst."

"I heard! Mother says they're better off dead."

"Heh. Probably. Let's call Shojo's chauffeur to come pick us up before it starts raining!"

"I bet they won't show up here again, looking to scam us out of money."

"I'll take that bet!" Shared laughter again, that was getting farther and farther. They were leaving. So cruel. If she thought children in the slums were cruel, these kids were worse. At least, in the slums, something like this was warranted. It was never for no reason. Indra said there was a special place they would go to it the more prosperous parts of the city and as she had initially thought, it was a bad idea. She knew people wouldn't take kindly to slum kids...and she was absolutely right. Everything she feared came full circle, when they were surrounded by so called friends of Indra.

Yota...wanted to go so badly, after Indra promised it would be fun.

With that thought, groggily, her bruised eye opened slowly. Her blurred vision could make out the crumpled small body a few feet away from her in the alleyway. It had started drizzling. Her body felt broken and she felt nothing but pain all over. She lifted one hand to push her face up, left to lay on her side. She winced, pushing herself onto her other hand only to yelp in pain and hear a sickening crack, falling right back against the concrete ground. Her left wrist was broken. Feeling a pain in her sides, her ribs might also be broken. She wasn't sure what else was broken, but she could only stare at the crumbled lump not too far from her.

"Y-Yota…" She winced out, her good hand moving to drag herself towards his body painfully. Each movement sent a jolt of discomfort and pain all over, which she ignored. She gritted her teeth, struggled noises coming from her small throat until she finally reached the small boy's body. He was only two years younger than her and while he had never been truly healthy, she and Naruto played and cared for the boy. They had so much fun together. Where she was the youngest, she had now become a big sister when Yota came into their lives only a year ago. She grabbed his shoulder, tears welling in her eyes. She had failed as a big sister. She couldn't prevent this.

She was too weak.

"Yota." She shook, calling him a bit louder. He was facing away from her.

"Yota!" She whimpered, her tears falling just as the rain began coming down. She turned him and he limply rolled onto his back. Her eyes widened at his beaten and contorted face. The blood on his head and coming from his lips. She sobbed pulling herself to place her head against his chest and her eyes widened. She couldn't hear anything. She couldn't even feel his chest rising and falling for air. She forced herself on her knees, an excruciating pain in her right leg shooting through though she didn't care about it. She began crying hard and hysterically. Gently she lifted him to hug him, not caring that her broken wrist was hurting like hell. This...This hurt worse.

"Yota! Yota! Wake up! Please!" She cried into the boy's beanie covered brown hair. She sobbed, her body trembling as she began holding him even tighter with his lack of response. She didn't know what to do right now. This wasn't the first time she saw a dead body nor was it the first time losing someone she cared for, but she never had to handle the aftermath. It just happened around her...not to her.

"What do I do?! What do I do?" She whimpered bitterly, burying her face into the boy's purple and brown beanie. The rain began to pour, thunder was heard, but Sakura's tears never stopped and she sobbed in agony. She was now officially fearful of the area she was in, having just been viciously attacked for not being up to the standards of the area. The pain in her wrist and side was now becoming more overwhelming.

"Y-Yota...Yota…" Sakura whimpered, the rain pouring. She nuzzled against the young boys head, before hearing footsteps approaching them. She didn't dare move. Maybe if she didn't even look at them, they would just pass by. It happened all the time in the slums. It had to have been true for here.

"Oh my...what's happened here?" A female voice said in complete shock. Sakura flinched, the stiffening of her body in complete reaction. Sakura sniffed and whimpered, holding Yota a bit tighter, in both fear and her still fresh grief. Slowly, but surely, she looked up and through her blurry vision and dizzy gaze, could only make out dark long hair, an umbrella being held for her by a larger figure beside her.

"Oh my goodness. They're hurt!" The woman gasped.

"They don't appear to be of the area." The man spoke, already bringing out Sakura's worst fears for this dilemma. She bit her still bleeding lip, tasting her own blood and mentally apologizing to Naruto and Shikamaru. Would they ever even know what happened to her? Slowly but surely, the woman approached, appearing to observe them with the man getting closer along with her to hold the umbrella over her.

"It...looks like it's too late to save the boy." Sakura heard a man say. Hearing it, Sakura's breath hitched, squeezing the limp body tighter.

"Little girl, where are your parents?" A gentle voice questioned. Sakura didn't answer.

"Can you tell me what happened here?" She asked softly. Sakura stayed silent again. Who cares what happened? Those boys obviously didn't and she was certain she knew, it was because they didn't have anything to worry about. They were rich.

Who'd listen to the word of a poor girl over the prestigious and affluent?

"Dear, would you put her into the car? I'll take her to the hospital. Do you think you can handle the boy?" The woman's soft voice said. Then footsteps, Sakura felt a hand on her shoulder from behind and she flinched. Pure adrenaline filled her, along with pain and the only thing she could do was cry out and bite whatever hand was placed on her. The man released, letting out a wail and Sakura dashed, only a few feet before collapsing on the ground. Her eyes widened, not even realizing what happened and she felt an excruciating pain in her leg and her sides. But all she cared about was the absence of weight in her arms. She turned, only to blurrily see the woman holding Yota's body before it fell. The man was cursing and the woman sighed.

"Dear, you startled her! Can't you see something traumatic has just happened? You shouldn't have just grabbed her like that!" The woman sighed. The man grunted.

"Either way, I'll have to get this checked out." He gruffed. The woman sighed and the pain wracking Sakura's body sent her mind into a slight blackout. Her eyes were hard to keep open and each time she did, the woman and the man had gotten closer.

"Who knows what kind of injuries she has. She can barely stay conscious. Quick, get her to the car." Sakura heard, this time unable to fight back. She was lifted into strong arms, shielded by something. Her tunnelled and failing vision caught it as they passed by. Yota's body. Her hand reached out for him out of sheer will, causing the man to freeze.

"Y-Yo...ta…" She whimpered. She felt the man grip her a bit more tightly.

"So, that was his name, hm?" The man grunted rather softly. Vision barely there, Sakura's eyes slowly looked up, only able to make out brown, neck length hair and frowning lips. No other distinguishing features.

"I'm sorry this happened to you." He said, the sincerity of his voice ringing in her ears. The man sounded so stoic before, but all of a sudden, there was a tenderness in his tone. Then she heard the sound of cop cars. Then she felt the warmth of a car and then something warm draped over her.

Then everything went black.

"When I came to, I was in the hospital. I don't know who it was that helped me, they weren't there. I asked about Yota and all the staff said was that the funeral happened two days before. I had a minor concussion, a broken wrist, two broken ribs on one side and three on the other, one of which had punctured my lung. My leg was also broken. They had no one to contact, so no one knew where I was, but the pair had apparently been visiting me when they could. I was in there for about two weeks they said." Sakura ended the story. Indra never looked up from the ground, a heavy silence between them. Her back remained turned and she couldn't stop looking at the bottle. She drank again, hoping to ease the pain.

"What...happened after?"

"I broke out the hospital and made my way home." She answered seriously, drinking her bottle again. Indra snorted.

"With a broken leg, broken wrist, having just gotten your ribs fix and wound's stitched?" He asked incredulously.

"I didn't want to stay there, so during the night when the staff was low, I found my clothes and snuck out. It wasn't easy but I managed to steal a crutch after hobbling around for a bit." She shrugged.

"You always were Ms. Mission Impossible." Indra chuckled. Sakura was silent, not laughing with him. She didn't know how to feel about this right now and whether it was the uncontrolled drinking or the thoughts of the past, her mind felt like a numb blur. She drank again, suddenly feeling a presence behind her and a brush of fingers against her shoulder. It moved to her hand that gripped the bottle, settling atop hers.

"It...may not mean anything and I don't expect you to forgive me, but I'm sorry. I'm so sorry it happened." She didn't answer, only felt confused as to why her instinct to attack wasn't happening anymore. She should...turn around and punch the bastard. Instead, she only slowly turned and faced him. She couldn't feel forgiveness for him, but rather, she didn't feel as angry as she did before.

"There's something I wanted to tell you for a long time. Even though we were so young..I just...I wanted to tell you that…" He trailed, watching as tears fell down her face. His eyes lowering to her lips. Lips he watched get claimed by Sasuke last night. Last he saw them, they were young and innocent. Now, looking at them from so close, they were so tempting. Slowly, he leaned down, kissing away a tear, an action that made her freeze in place. She gasped, feeling him trail the kisses up and down her cheek.

"W-What are you doing?!" She yelled, pushing him back. He flinched, his eyes lowering and not daring to look into her eyes.

"This is why I looked for you Sakura. I did. I asked my butler to check the hospitals...though in hindsight, I suppose that was stupid. There are over a hundred and eighty hospitals in Konoha and I was asking them to find you by your appearance and name. The only thing I couldn't check personally was the slums, as father feared me running away again and I was on a strict leash after I returned." He spoke. He reached out grabbing her hand.

"We were so young...but I cared so much about you. We had so much fun together and you are so beautiful now it pains me. I could never stop thinking about you all these years. I should have been by your side. I should have been there. I should have helped you more than I did...I've wanted to tell you for so long." He murmured. Sakura stared at him understanding somewhat of where he was getting at. In her thoughts, which were definitely now a bit tipsy, he neared her, grabbing her waist with a soft tenderness.

"It should have been me." He whispered, remembering that image of her and Sasuke again. Sakura felt his other hand lift and caress her lips with his thumb, though unbeknownst to her, he wanted to wipe away all traces of Sasuke. He didn't know how long he and Sakura had been together so far, but it couldn't replace their history. She stared up into his dark eyes.

They were dark like Sasuke's...

"Even if the past is painful between us, for the both of us, I want to start over...and I want to start like this...Sakura." He whispered, his lips nearing hers. It was when his nose brushed against hers that Sakura snapped back into her senses. Sasuke's words somehow driven into her, she could damn near hear his voice in her ear. "You're mine, Sakura." Her eyes widened and she thrashed back, out of Indra's hold. Indra's eyes widened, watching as she looked away from him in shame.

"That's not what I want, Indra…" She whispered. His eyes pained, his hands shaking into fist.

"Why not?" Sakura scoffed, another fueling of anger beginning to take over her mind.

"Tch. Do you really expect to just walk into my life after fifteen years and all of a sudden just fall into your arms, like some fairytale?" She questioned. He gave a glare.

"Why not? Is it because of Sasuke?" He snarled his name and Sakura flinched.

"S-Sasuke-kun has nothing to do with this." She tried to lie only for Indra to slam her against the kitchen counter.

"I saw you two last night, Sakura. I know." He seethed angrily. Her eyes stayed wide with shock. Sasuke didn't seem aggravated and she was sure she would be if one of the Otsutsuki's found out about them. Did he not tell Hagoromo? Did they not care? She stayed silent, unsure of what to say.

"What has he given you? I can give you ten times of anything he has." Indra growled enviously. Sakura glared.

"I owe a lot to Sasuke-kun and I'm not someone who can be bought, Indra!" She refuted angrily. Indra glared down at her.

"You don't owe him anything! How do you even know if Uchiha cares for you like I do? Do you really think a man like him could ever romance you like I can? The way I want to Sakura?!" He snarled, making her eyes widen. She felt one of her fears growing in her chest. Sasuke's feelings towards her.

"A man like him that can get anything he wants and you decide he wants you just because he told you so? Think about it Sakura! He grew up the same way I did." He continued.

"Why would he want someone of your status? Did he not even tell you?" Indra said vindictively. Sakura's heart panged. These were questions she asked and she and Sasuke had both already talked about this...but why was Indra talking like he knew something she didn't? Indra's teeth gritted, knowing what he was about to say could either be a damaging catalyst for her and Sasuke or one for himself and her. Either way, he refused to give up. All these years of lamenting and being tortured in his dreams by her gaze, he couldn't just let this go.

"Tell me what?"

"He's expected to marry soon, Sakura." He spoke and her body froze. Marry?

"W-What…?" Indra stared down at her. It was a lie, but it was indeed a half truth.

"If Sasuke expects the continued support of the Otsutsuki, my grandmother has urged that he arrange a marriage. A marriage to someone of prestige and status." He informed her with a half truth. As Sasuke said last night, he would turn down the proposal, but Indra would say anything right now to gain her heart. He'd commit any sabotage to Sasuke that he must to obtain her. Her eyes widened further.

"Tell me, Sakura. Do you really think that woman is you? Do you think he cares for your feelings over his success? The Uchiha will do anything for more power. His father was the same." His hand lifted caressing her face.

"I, however, don't have to worry about that. I can give you the world if you wish it Sakura…just be with me." He whispered, leaning in again. Teeth gritted, Sakura pushed him away again.

"You...you don't know anything about Sasuke-kun!" She yelled defiantly.

"You can't just show up especially after what happened and expect to me to believe such bullshit! Sasuke-kun has never given me any reason to distrust him! He'd tell me if he—"

"Would he, Sakura? Would he tell you of such a thing if all he wanted was to get in your pants?" He further sowed the seeds of doubt. She flinched, not wanting to believe a word he said. She didn't believe it, but her heart ached. Sasuke said he didn't care about status...he said he wanted to be with her. She had no reason for doubt...but what if it was true? Would Sasuke tell her? Would he even consider it any of her business?

"T-That's not what he's after…" Sakura whispered.

"Then what is he after, Sakura? He's made you his employee, why? To keep you close so he could obtain your heart? Then what? He wants to be with a secretary?" Indra questioned.

"Stop it! Shut up! You don't know anyth—" He cut her off, her lips captured by his. He wrapped his arms around her, effectively binding her arms with his grip. Her eyes widened, trying to tear her head away from him. Trying to move her body. Her scream was muffled and Indra's strong body was pushing hard against her. He willed her to feel him. He prayed she would somehow feel the same. They had been so close those years ago and no matter what woman he dated, no matter which one he took to his bed, he never stopped thinking of her. He never stopped imagining her.

Seeing her in Sasuke's arms that night, feeling her rejection spurred in him both a pain and anger he never imagined he could feel.

Finding no other option to get him to stop, Sakura bit down on his forceful tongue as hard as she could. Indra let out a scream, thrashing away from her. She didn't draw blood, but the pain was enough to know he was going to be feeling that for a while. Sakura and he panted and she stared at him with a new fury.

"How dare you…" She growled shakily, her lips bruised with the roughness he displayed. Indra stared back at her, remorse filling his eyes. He didn't know what overcame him. Whether it was his jealousy or his feelings that spurred him to take such an action, he didn't know, but for him, it was still no excuse. Still, he hoped she would consider his words.


"Get out…" She seethed. He stared, remaining before she lifting her crying eyes to him violently.

"Get out!" She screamed. He was silent, deciding he had done enough damage as it was.

"Consider my warning, Sakura." He said softly. She heard the door open and shut to her apartment, clasping a hand over her lips. Her horrified eyes increased as she wondered how she would even tell Sasuke of what just happened. Should she tell him what happened?

What did she do? What could she do?

Unable to process or think, she whirled, grabbing her whiskey and chugging.

Indra walked out her apartment building, lost to his thoughts as his gaze remained on the ground. Just then had been a whirlpool of emotions that he found he had no control of. He did what he did without thinking and he could only hope that maybe, somehow he could make it up to Sakura. He had to. Somehow. Someway.

"Yo, aren't you Otsutsuki-sama?" He heard, only to see ahead of him who he recognized to be a security guard from the building of Uchiha Corps. The white haired man was dressed in a suit, purple eyes eyeing him with what looked like amusement, but Indra was no fool. He could read the man pretty well, almost anyway. Where he seemed nonchalant, Indra couldn't help but find it too coincidental for one of Sasuke's security guards to suddenly be near by Sakura's home, about half an hour away.

"You are?" He questioned, glaring with suspicion. Suigetsu gave a sharp tooth grin.

"Ah, I figured someone with such status wouldn't be aware of a lowlife like me. Can't be helped. I'm used to it." Suigetsu said, winking. Indra grunted, continuing to walk towards his car, intent on ignoring whoever the male was.

"Oi." Suigetsu stopped him, just as they were shoulder to shoulder.

"My boss is not someone who appreciates unsolicited visits. Especially to his employees." Suigetsu said, his eye side glancing towards Indra. Indra gave a glare, reading into the phrasing. His. His? As hypocritical as it sounded, a self entitled bastard like him didn't deserve to call Sakura his. He didn't know anything about her, not the way Indra did. With that, Indra decided to give a message of his own, knowing full well this would get back to Sasuke.

"I see now. You must be one of Uchiha's lapdogs. Am I right?" Suigetsu sent a glare of his own.

"You're quick to catch on. Which obviously means you know damn well your doing something my boss doesn't want nor would like you doing." Suigetsu warned. Indra grunted.

"I can visit whoever I wish, whenever I wish. In fact, I think it would be wiser if your boss not get so attached to "his employee" so much." He snarled. Suigetsu's eyes followed him, a seriousness coming to his gaze.

"I might just take her away." Indra threatened, continuing his strides again. Suigetsu stared at the departing man's back, a steeled glare coming to his eyes. Instantly, he turned, his steps hastily making way to Sakura's apartment, to officially and physically guard the entrance. He didn't like what Indra said. If what Sasuke told him earlier this morning was true, Sakura had more on her plate than just Danzo.

What probably startled him more, was that Sakura, still hadn't called him.

Sasuke finally found a slight open window to get to Sakura's apartment between six and eight. He would cut it close to arriving for an eight fifteen meeting he had, concerning Sakura Care, but that wasn't a particular concern of his right now. He had even already informed the party he would be meeting that he might be late. It might even be so, that he would have to cut the meeting short. He just wished he could have gotten here faster. He eyed Suigetsu standing in the front entrance of the building, his brow furrowing with concern. Suigetsu was usually a bit more discreet. He wouldn't be posted in plain sight of anyone and everyone and that made Sasuke's anxiety rise just a bit. Something had to have happen. Suigetsu locked eyes with Sasuke, as the raven haired man climbed the steps to the entrance.

"What happened?" Sasuke questioned, as if already knowing. Suigetsu glared at the ground, keeping his arms crossed while leaning on the railing.

"That Otsutsuki was here earlier." Suigetsu growled. Sasuke's eyes narrowed.

"Report." Sasuke seethed. Now, he was pissed. Indra somehow knew where Sakura lived and he didn't like it.

"He somehow got in. Sakura didn't open the door for him, so I'm guessing he knows how to pick locks, even one as complicated as this one. I inspected it and it's not broken. He was inside for a total of ten minutes before he left, alone. I don't know anything other than that." Suigetsu briefed. Sasuke's teeth gritted, glaring angrily. Sakura wasn't hurt, considering she had texted him not too long ago when he informed he was on his way, but he definitely wanted to know what Indra had done. If he could pick the lock to the front entrance, could he also pick the locks of Sakura's apartment? Was that why he was here for ten minutes?

Sakura didn't call him here, did she?

No. It couldn't be so, with the way she was glaring at him.

"I should also tell you, I confronted him." Suigetsu continued. Sasuke's brow furrowed. He trusted Suigetsu's judgement, but this was drastic for him. Suigetsu was a master of observing when not distracted, yet he felt the need to make his presence known to Indra.


"In my previous job, making an appearance to entitled assholes like Indra usually thwarts them a bit. He now knows he has an obstacle in his way to the target and from what he said to me when I gave him a warning, he is going to try to get to her again." Suigetsu said proficiently and professionally. Sasuke's hands, in his pockets, clenched into fists.

"What exactly did he say?" Sasuke growled looking into Suigetsu's eyes, his face disdainfully unpleasant. Suigetsu could see the wrath forming in Sasuke's eyes, piling on top of the already existing anger he had in general.

This might just push him to declare all out war.

"That my employer shouldn't be too attached to his employee...and that he might take her away." Suigetsu said quietly, not really wanting to be a messenger that could potentially cause a war between two people. He had no doubt Sasuke had the resources necessary to have some kind of cold war with Indra and with the way Sasuke was looking at him now, with that dangerous, livid glare, it may be possible that Sasuke would attack Indra physically.

"We'll see about that." He growled viciously.

"Go and get some rest. I'll be here for at least an hour." Sasuke said quietly. Suigetsu pushed himself from the railing, bringing out a cigarette as he turned to descend the steps.

"Actually, I'll be staying in the area." Suigetsu suddenly said, lighting the stoge. Sasuke raised an eyebrow, his head tilting slightly with a small glare that stemmed from confusion and Suigetsu's disobedience. Suigetsu took note of the look, taking the cigarette from his lips and exhaling the smoke. He gave a well meaning smile.

"I'm not going to rest well anyway, knowing cherry is in danger." He guaranteed. Sasuke watched Suigetsu walk down the steps.

"Give me a call when you leave. I'll be napping in my car down the block." Sasuke looked back at Suigetsu, his profiled eye watching the man begin to walk.

"Suigetsu." He called, turning fully. Suigetsu looked up at him, a questioning gaze in his purple eyes. He watched as Sasuke appeared to show slight discomfort, his dark eyes lowering.

"Thank you."

Suigetsu's eyes widened. He had never gotten a thank you from Sasuke. Not in his three years of working for him and not in the years he knew him in college. This was monumental and Suigetsu gave a grin.

"Heh. She means that much to you? You're even willing to thank me of all people? With the way you acted this morning, I thought you considered me a rival for cherry's heart." He joked. Sasuke glared again, a malice overtaking his obsidian eyes.

"Don't push your damn luck, Suigetsu." He snarled, only to gain a bigger grin and a laugh.

"I am a lucky guy. Just...not luckier than you." He sighed, bringing the cigarette to his lips again. Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean?" Suigetsu smirked.

"Well, do you see me with a gorgeous woman who obviously adores me?" He laughed out. Sasuke stared for a moment before giving a smirk.

"I guess I am luckier than you." Sasuke taunted. Suigetsu smirked.

"Don't think you've won yet, Uchiha! I'll have you know I gave her my number to call me if she needs to and she took it." Suigetsu said, giving a grin as Sasuke's smirk instantly turned into a frown.

"Don't think that just because I think only slightly better of you means you can do whatever you want, Suigetsu." Sasuke growled. Suigetsu snickered and turned, waving a hand behind him As he departed.

"Sure boss." Sasuke watched him leave, turning to push Sakura's apartment bell ringer. It wasn't long before she was downstairs, opening the door to him. Upon his observation, he was glad to see she wasn't hurt anywhere. However, she did seem distressed and distracted.

"Hey…" She greeted quietly, avoiding looking him the eye. He neared her, kissing her forehead in his own greeting, cupping her face with his hand.

"Do you want to talk?" He asked, his lips still against her forehead. She grabbed his free hand squeezing tightly for comfort before she slowly nodded. Silently, she turned, walking up to her apartment with her hand still in Sasuke's. They entered her apartment and Sasuke couldn't help eyeing the shattered pieces of glass and dried liquid on the hallway floor. His eyes narrowed. He wondered who exactly did that. Was it Indra? Or was it Sakura?

"Are you alrigh—" He was cut off, by being kissed. She had thrown her arms around his neck and kissed him feverishly and as he kissed back, he could taste whiskey on her tongue. His hands held her at the waist.

"You've been drinking." He said knowingly, as they pulled away. She stared into his eyes finally, nodding in admittance. His lips frowned and his brow furrowed, pulling her over to the couch.

"Tell me. What happened? How do you know Indra?" The moment he said the man's name, she visibly flinched. Her laxed hands shifted into fists, her shoulders shaking and she sniffed. He instantly got in front of her, kneeling and watching tears fall from her eyes.

"Sakura…" He whispered, caressing the tears from her face.

"I-I'm sorry Sasuke-kun...I'm sorry." She whimpered quietly. His eyebrows lifted with the pain of seeing her like this. It broke his heart to see her tears and he wanted to know the cause of them. He would absolutely destroy anything and anyone that forced her into this state.

"You don't have to be sorry, Sakura. Talk to me. What happened?" He eased her. She sobbed, her body trembling uncontrollably.

"I-Indra...was here…" She cried with fear that Sasuke would leave her. She couldn't hide this from him. There was no way she could live with a guilty conscience and she hated what had happened. Sasuke stared at her calmly, honestly glad that she was telling him the same truth Suigetsu had said. She wasn't hiding from him and it gave him even more validation that Sakura was everything he thought she was. Loyal, honest and even if it was too early to call it so, she was meant for him and it made him want her at his side even more.

"H-He…He…" She whimpered, sobbing and trying to wipe away tears from her eyes that he didn't get to. He cupped her cheeks with both his hands, taking on the duty of taking away her tears. He hushed her to calm her down.

"Sakura, it's okay. Whatever it is, it's alright." He tried to ease her further but she only shook her head, completely overcome by anguish.

"N-No! It's not alright!" She yelled. Her sobbing turning into her completely accounting the events that happened in her apartment. Her teeth gritted and she told him everything that Indra had done to her, though she was still unable to open up about the past. Sasuke's eyes stared at her, wide eyed. Indra had kissed her. Indra had touched her. She even knew, he was hateful of any other man even being around her, yet this happened. He was furious. He was pained.

'I didn't want it! I-I tried—!" She began to cry out only to be cut off.

He kissed her, continuing to hold her face in her hands and sticking his tongue in. Sakura's tearful eyes remained wide, staring into his closed eyelids and in too much shock to react immediately. He slowly pulled away, moving to kiss away her tears just Indra had and she felt relief. She felt calm. This...this was who was supposed to be kissing her. This man was the one who was supposed to be touching her.

"It's not your fault." He murmured against her cheek, moving to the other one and trailing his kisses, to ensure he wiped away all instance of Indra kissing her. She couldn't help but cry more, still feeling at fault. The guilt wouldn't go away. Even though she had pushed him back and she had indeed acted faithfully, even though Sasuke himself said it wasn't her fault, there was a guilt in her. Another man had laid their hands on her. He kissed her. She felt absolutely terrible. Sasuke was too good for her. She felt it. He moved, sitting next to her again, closely and wrapping an arm around her.

"It's not your fault. It's his. So please, stop crying. For me." He pleaded lightly, pulling her face to look up at him. She sniffed, the back of his fingers brushing away final spewed tears before she was able to hold them back at least a bit.

"I don't want you to leave me…" She whimpered. They sat in silence, before Sasuke kissed her again, hoping to alleviate her worries.

"I won't leave you. Unless it's for work...I won't leave you." He whispered against her lips, his tone full of promise and certainty. He placed his forehead against hers staring into her downcasted eyes.

"Sakura…" He called out to her, eyeing her worriedly. She wouldn't meet his gaze, only stayed quiet before him. He looked at her down cast eyes, seeing nothing but pain in them. He gently grabbed her hand, watching her irises shift and stare at the hand over hers. Her hand lifted, beneath his, maneuvering so that she could hold his hand back. She gripped it tightly and he felt it. His eyes pained, pulling her to be closer to him. She leaned her head against his chest, looking off as she felt him caress her hand with his thumb.

"Do you want to tell me about your past with Indra?" He asked softly, stroking her hair with his free hand. She stayed silent and his eyes closed in understanding.

"If you don't want to tell me now it's fine. I'll wait. For you, I'll wait patiently, until you want to talk to me." He alleviated her. She squeezed his hand again, biting her bottom lip, the memory of Indra earlier bring a sinking feeling to her chest. Slowly she turned, reaching up to kiss him softly and passionately. She gave him several tender ones, before he completely closed the gap for a longer kiss. She moaned when he entered his tongue, kissing her troubles away. Her other hand reached to touch his cheek and the next thing she knew, she moved. Whilst kissing him, she straddled his lap and the moment she was on top, their kisses paused. She stared into his eyes with certainty and lust.

She wanted Sasuke to erase all instance of Indra touching her.

"Sakura…" He grunted, staring back with his heated gaze and desire, damn near impatiently awaiting her next move as indicated by his hands gripping her waist. Lecherously, his mind questioned what she was going to do with him, watching as her gaze dropped to his lips. His restraint and conscience barely got through to him as he remembered she had been drinking. He could still tasted it on her tongue.

"You've been drinking...we—" He was cut off by her lips, a hand gripping his hair. He grunted in surprise.

"I'm yours, Sasuke-kun…" She whispered as their lips departed and his eyes flamed with a wild lust. His hands on her were so good on her. These were the hands that were supposed to be wrapped around her and she could feel with the way he grasped her and the way he stared at her, he didn't want her to get off him. Not one bit. Nor did she want to stop.

He hastily reached up to kiss her, their eyes locked throughout their make out as one of his hands rubbed down to grip her rear, holding no reservation. He was already wanting to feel all of her body, being driven into blind desire, especially after having found out another man touched her. She gasped in his mouth, moaning as he squeezed tightly, making his eyes flicker with a feral excitement. He pulled her as close as he possibly could, only to feel her grind her body a bit. He was given an instant flashback to the first provocative dream he ever had about her. His own imagination did not disappoint when seeing this exact face in his dream.

"That's right." He murmured against her lips.

Was this actually happening or was this a dream again? Was this just another fantasy?

He honestly didn't care, when both her hands cupped his face, moving in to kiss him, to which his response was instant. Their lips smacked against each other as he felt her hands lower. They stared into each other's eyes, pulling their lips away with a string of saliva disconnecting from their lips. Her hands glided down, pulling his tie loose and sliding it from his neck with the same slowness he remembered from that haunting dream of his. He leaned to kiss at her neck, pulling her closer against him. He heard her moan lightly at the demonstration, making his hand around her waist grip her tighter. It slowly moved up her abdomen, feeling her toned curves. She felt him give a bite and gave a surprised yelp, making him release and kiss it.

"Mine…" He murmured almost subconsciously, the huskiness of his voice sending tingling sensations through her. The same feeling she got whenever she remembered him telling her she was his. "You're mine, Sakura", he said just two days ago and she agreed to it, nor did she regret that. She wanted to be his. She wanted this. She wanted him. Her hands lowered blindly as she felt the buttons of his shirt. When she got the first one open, he flinched, pulling away from her neck. She blushed at the smoldering look in his eyes. His face was slightly rude, holding a need in his heated eyes. Her hands unbuttoned him slowly and she watched as his glare began to become impatient. Her eyes lusted further and he witnessed it as she placed her hands against his sculpted muscles. He gave a pant, unable to stop himself from feverishly kissing her. She moaned, their tongues declaring war, filled with strategic withdrawal and furious offensive maneuvers.

His hand traveled sneakily up her shirt, grabbing one of her mounds and she gasped, beginning to pant and moan with his touch. He rubbed and massaged and it felt newer than when he had touched her last week. She was feeling so hot as Sasuke's hands moved to touch her skin. Each touch to each other was a pleasing burn and an electrifying sensation.

"Sasuke...kun…" She moaned breathlessly, before they kissed again. Hearing it egged him on, driving him mad. His hand roughly shoved up her bra, now feeling her turned on peak. As his fingers glided over it, Sakura's back arched, her breath hitching when he grabbed it between his thumb and index finger. His other hand unclasped her bra, hating that her tank top was still in his way.

"Oh, Sasuke-kun...I want you." She whispered lustfully against his lips. A switch flipped on his mind, his gaze becoming clouded with lust. She was turned to lay her back against the couch, Sasuke staring down at her with that steaming gaze. She felt like everything under those eyes. Such beautiful eyes he had. So capturing and demanding. The way he was looking at her made her melt.

As for Sasuke, he was going to make every one of his dreams come true.

"How badly do you want me?" He questioned huskily, his hand palming at her while the other lifted her shirt, slowly and teasingly. He wanted to hear it. He moved, licking and sucking her neck.

"Tell me." He needed to hear it.

"I want to be yours, Sasuke-kun. Only yours. No one else's." She panted out, moving her neck to grant him more skin. He had enough of her god damn shirt after hearing that, even if he wanted to take his time and savor every moment of this. Her hand lowered down his chiseled abs, the other going into his hair as he made a mark. His hand began lifting her shirt, lifting it slowly to tease her. She squirmed with his touch, shivering lightly as he trailed over her still sensitive stitches. He felt them, halting in marking her neck and looking down at his biggest failure. His eyes saddened, gently gliding his fingers over the skin. Sakura placed a hand on his face, pulling his attention to her.

"Sasuke-kun?" She called in question, obviously sensing his slight distress. He moved to kiss her passionately. Sakura said she was almost completely healed, but it never dashed the wretched memory of finding her, bleeding out on his office floor. He lowered, softly placing kisses along her stitches, making Sakura gasp. It wasn't painful. As a matter of fact, the sensitivity of the area made her body grind in complete reaction. He kissed the area all over before reaching back up to kiss her again.

"To think...there was almost a chance I couldn't have this…" He whispered, looking into her eyes somberly. She stared up at him, gently, her hands sweetly wrapping around his neck.

"I'm here and I won't go anywhere...not unless you want me to." She whispered softly as he placed his forehead against hers, indirectly revealing her fears placed into her by Indra. She stared into his dark orbs, watching as she became an object to be worshipped by him. Her mind got brought back to before with Indra. There was no way Sasuke could look at her like this and only want sex from her could he? There was no way he wanted or was going to marry another woman, no matter what status they had, if he looked at her like this.

His response to her, whispered in her ear as he trailed kisses across her cheek, proved it for her.

"I don't ever want you to leave me. Ever." His other hand was lowered down her thigh, trying to be sure he didn't put any pressure on her body. He lifted to look her in the eye again.

"I mean it, Sakura." He urged, giving a slight glare just from the thought of it happening. He didn't know what he would do if such a thing came to pass. She gave a sweet smile, caressing his face.

"Then I won't go anywhere." She promised quietly to him. He stared at her, his eyes warming and suddenly he felt so head over heels for her he could kill for her. How she did this to him, he didn't know. He still didn't understand this strong tie he had to her, but he wouldn't have it any other way. He kissed her again, his body needing her right now. He was already feeling impatient right now, even if he wanted to savor this moment. He wanted to take all the time in the world with her right now and listen to those sounds.

Despite that, Naruto was right those weeks ago. He wanted to hear her scream his name. He wanted her to lose her mind over him.

His hand lifted up her shirt further, getting close to her breast as he nipped again at her neck. She moaned.

Then, they both heard the jingling of keys opening Sakura's apartment door. They both froze. Sakura gasped and her face was full of shock and his eyes were filled with complete and unyielding rage. She sat up and so did he, his eyes glaring bloody murder to whoever the hell that was. They were both even more alarmed when they heard the door open and they heard a chirpy voice. Sasuke quickly got off Sakura and Sakura did her best to fix her straps and her ruffled shirt, but there was nothing they could do in the span of ten seconds.

"Sakura! You home? Sorry to drop in like this bu—" There, Ino stood in complete shock, staring at the open shirted Sasuke and the disheveled Sakura. He was glaring daggers and Sakura stared at her supposed best friend in absolute mortification.

"I-Ino!" Sakura exclaimed, a red and embarrassed blush coming to her face.

"Oh. Ohmygod. Oh. My God." Ino said, still gaping at the scene she had walked in on. Sakura stood from the couch furiously, stepping to the blond with an anger in her eyes.

"I gave you that key for emergencies Ino-pig! And how many times do I have to tell you to at least call me beforehand if you're going to "drop by"! Even Naruto follows that simple, fucking rule!" Sakura damn near yelled angrily. Ino's face went from shock to excited smugness. She gave a sly look to Sakura.

"Well, before that you were never so...busy. I figured that would be the same case tonight." She said grinning. She looked back at Sasuke, eyeing him up and down.

"I was obviously wrong. My bad." She said, shrugging her shoulders without an inkling of remorse. She was enjoying this predicament and Sakura could see it all too much. Sakura gave an aggressive look of complete disbelief. Sasuke scoffed, turning and redoing his shirt. Of all the ways to ruin his damn mood, he officially found the one he hated the most. Damn it. He almost made Sakura entirely his. And just what the hell was he supposed to do about the feeling in his pants right now?

Fucking, damn it. Now he just remembered he had a meeting. Absolutely fan-fucking-tastic.

"You're bad?!" Sakura yelled, her bra strap falling off her shoulder since it was still undone. Ino eyed the fallen strap, her grin widening.

"Well, then, I guess I'm gonna just leave a—"

"No need." Sasuke's voice cut off. Sakura snapped her gaze over, only to see him approaching her. His buttons done but tie still missing. He was leaving it here she presumed. He walked over kissing her forehead softly.

"Forgive me. I honestly have to get going. I'm running late. I just wanted to make sure you were alright after today." He said, staring into her eyes. Sakura looked at the time, her eyes widening. She remembered Sasuke had a meeting at eight thirty and it was quite the distance. It was already eight. For what she believed had to have been the first time ever, Sasuke was going to be late. She blushed, looking away. He had gotten caught up in all that too.

"I-I see. Sorry…and thank you." She apologized. If it wasn't for her, he wouldn't have been late. He lifted her face, kissing her lips sweetly.

"Don't be. I'll probably see you tomorrow rather than tonight. I have some documents at home I need to look over and I'm not exactly sure when I'll be done." He explained further. Sakura nodded, looking away and rubbing her arm out of impulse.

"Okay." She whispered. He turned, being face to face with Ino and instantly gave her the deadliest glare he had ever given anyone in his life. He wasn't sure if he had ever even given this look to Naruto before. Ino, however, showed no fear and only gave him a smug smirk.

"Try to keep focus now." She teased and he was sure a vein burst at his temple. In another word, his eyes definitely changed colors. He said nothing and walked passed, fearing that if he made any kind of act towards the blond friend, he'd start strangling the woman while screaming at her a plethora of obscenities. He could already imagine it; his hands wrapped around her neck, shaking her while Sakura pleaded with him to let go of the dying friend. The door closed behind him and Sakura glared at Ino.

"I. Cannot. Believe you right now!" Sakura enunciated angrily. Ino gave out of laugh, gasping in complete shock at what she had just seen.

"I can't believe you right now! If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it one bit! Damn, he has a hot body. You're one lucky girl Sakura." Ino snickered. Sakura's teeth gritted. She could strangle the woman before her right now.

"Shut it, Ino-pig! Why do you have to ruin everything!?" Sakura yelled. Ino's eyes flew into even more excitement.

"Are those hickies I see?!" She gasped. Sakura quickly clasped both her hands over her neck.


"I am soooo calling the girls over right now!" The blond was already taking out her phone.

"Ino!" Sakura screamed.

"Temari! Get your ass to Sakura's and get your ass to Sakura's like, right now."

"Ugh! Why am I friends with you!?" Sakura whined for what had to have been the millionth time in her years of knowing Ino. The blond only sent another smirk her way, knowing that, as always, she was going to get away with this.

"Best friends, forehead and it's because you love me!" Ino sang, dialing Hinata. Sakura's eyebrow twitched, completely giving up and walking over to get herself a glass of whiskey. She needed a drink.

And her body needed to calm down.

The rest of his night, he was restless. Pacing in his room, trying to bombard himself in documents and paperwork received from the last few meetings he had. He had a terrible time maintaining his focus during the last few meetings and where he should have been glad about the newly received numbers pertaining to interest over "Sakura Care", the moment he reached his car was maddening. The numbers were great. They were immense and there was already inquiry from other countries displaying interest in the new insurance plan. Yet, it did not distract him from his current turmoil one bit. He actually screamed in complete frustration, unable to forget Sakura beneath him; moaning and being pleased by his touch.

He had even began rereading statements dating as far back as four years ago. He couldn't sleep thinking of what he and Sakura had almost done. The words she said were better words than he could ever imagine.

"I want to be yours, Sasuke-kun. Only yours. No one else's." His teeth gritted, running a hand through his hair and slamming the papers he held onto his study desk.

Why? Why the hell did Ino have to interrupt them. Damn it, she was all his for the taking and the damn blond just walks right in. Was it simply nature for blonds to be so damn irritating and dumb? First Naruto and now Sakura's friend. It had to be true. That or Naruto and Ino were somehow psychically linked into causing him endless amounts of frustration when it came down to him and Sakura.

"DAMN IT!" He growled loudly, slamming his fist into his desk. He grabbed his scotch, saying to hell with the glass and chugged the burning liquid from the bottle itself.

A shower. A nice shower would stop this if working didn't. He walked into his private bathroom, slamming the door with frustration. He angrily undressed, only to get imaginary flashes of her smiling lustfully at him while he did so. Stepping into his shower made things worse. Even with cold water running on him, all he could feel was her fingers sliding down his skin.

"Oh, Sasuke-kun…"

Sasuke turned to face the voice in his ear, ready to pounce on her at the instant he set sights on her, only to see nothing. He was alone, in his shower. He was losing his mind. She was making him lose his goddamn mind and he knew it wasn't going to be quelled until he had her.

"I want you."

If she was here….damn it. He would—

"Young Master? Are you alright? I heard your door slam so I came to—"

"Give me a towel Sebastian." He gruffed angrily. The shower was making things worse. So much worse. He wasn't calming down. Instead the fantasies just kept piling. Over and over, he couldn't stop feeling the way her skin felt under his hands, under his body. The sounds she made were constantly echoing in his mind.

Damn it all.

"Who are you?" Indra questioned the woman standing before him in his hotel room. She gave a haughty smirk, placing a hand on her hip.

"Just someone who's been watching you, Indra-sama. The name's Karin." She answered, flipping her red hair over her shoulder. Indra gave a glare, walking over to the woman who had already been standing in his hotel room when he arrived.

"How do you know who I am? Are you some reporter?" He questioned again. She fixed her glasses on the bridge of her nose and gave a smirk.

"I have my ways and on top of that, I keep pretty good tabs on my Sasuke-kun." She said, watching as Indra's eyes gleamed with interest. This was a sudden development he didn't mind at all. This, he could possibly use to his advantage.

"Your Sasuke?" He inquired. She nodded, placing her hand on her hip again.

"Damn straight. My Sasuke-kun and that wench you seem to have a thing for stole him from me." She informed matter of factly. Indra gave another glare, this one harsher than before.

"Do not insult Sakura. Or would you prefer being blacklisted in every country that has decent work ethics?" He threatened, his dark eyes narrowed into a dangerous glower. Karin scoffed.

"I guess you don't want to hear my plan on getting her free from Sasuke-kun then, do you." She shrugged, walking by him towards the door. Indra's eyes widened, becoming stuck in place. Sakura, free? Sakura, able to come to his arms? Was it possible? Throughout his long walk and the drive back to the hotel, he couldn't think of anything that would woo her to his graces. He thought of sending flowers, gifts; apologizing to her in the flesh was off the table for now. His tongue was still pained.

"Wait." He commanded, hearing her footsteps pause instantly. She slowly turned, just as he did and Indra eyed her suspiciously.

"What plan…" Karin's smirk widened.

"I'll start off by saying, she'll run away from my Sasuke-kun and straight into your arms." She took the moment to eye her polished fingernails, admiring the job the salon lady did. A beautiful red coat of paint and a perfect manicure. She couldn't wait to be with Sasuke and have them done every Tuesday, instead of once a month.

"How do you know my intentions? How do you know of my connection to Sakura?"

"Like I said, I've been watching. That...woman...has been a thorn in my side. I need her out of the picture so I can get to Sasuke-kun." Indra damn near scoffed.

"Hmph. A crazed fangirl is going to help me get the love of my life? Get out." He berated, scolding himself for even entertaining the idea. Karin gave an insulted glare, walking to the Otsutsuki heir.

"I'll have you know, I feel genuine for Sasuke-kun!" She yelled. Indra gave a cold look.

"I know women like you. You're all too obvious. Ambitious, tenacious and completely without morale. You're a sociopath, only looking to gain without working for it." Indra said coldly. Karin crossed her arms, lifting her gaze to him.

"And what makes you any different from me?" She asked. Indra glared down at her.

"We are nothing alike." He scoffed. Karin raised an eyebrow. An amused smirk coming to her lips, she tilted her head with a cynical look in her eyes.

"Oh? Yet, just like me, the girl you fancy rejected you. You tried everything in your power and just like me, it had never, ever been enough. How long have you been trying? Years?" Indra slightly flinched, his dark eyes glaring further with suspicion. Was the woman a stalker? Was there someone feeding her with information?

"How...do you know all this?" Karin smiled vindictively, twirling a strand of hair in her finger.

" I told you already. We are pretty similar. Sasuke-kun has always in been out of my reach. For years, I've tried getting his attention and his favor only for him to push me off. It's the same for you, right? That's why you showed interest in my plan?" She asked, the arrogance in her smirk unwavering. Indra glared.

"That's besides the point. I will go about things my own way. I am not interested in being assisted by a woman like you." He scoffed. Karin placed a finger on his chest, getting even closer to him whilst looking into his eyes.

"Do you really want her?" She pushed. Indra stared, the room becoming silent.

"Just give me a listen. I promise, with my plan, you won't even have to do much of anything. All you have to do, is wait for her to come running to you. She'll be crying and hurt, but she'll be yours...and Sasuke-kun will be mine. Ready to hear me out?" She was going to get her way and she was going to use any and all resources she could to get to Sasuke. Once she had him in her arms, she was certain he wouldn't let go.

She'd show him how much better she was than Sakura and if this still didn't work, she had one last trick up her sleeve that would resort to.

If that was the case, that Danzo better keep his word.

Sasuke: ...Did you have to make me suffer...that much.

...I'm far from done.

Naruto: O.O...Note to self. Don't piss off Lone Wolf if she writes a story about me and Hinata.

Sakura: -walks in- Oh! I was late to the new chap! How did it go?

Sasuke: -flashes to Sakura, deadly sharingan in eyes-

Sakura: E-Eh? A-Anata? What's wrong?

Sasuke: Let's go, Sakura.

Sakura: E-Eh?! But I didn't get to read the chapter yet, a—

Sasuke: —disappears with Sakura—

-evil eyes- You can run, Uchiha. But I will make you suffer THE WAY I'VE SUFFERED AND

Naruto: Lone Wolf!


Naruto: U-Uh...don't you think you should do your send off? Neh? -grins nervously-

...See you next chap.

Naruto: Oh shit...

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