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Sakura stood from her desk, stretching lightly with today's tiresome tasks. Today had been especially busy. Sasuke had a blockade of meetings—much to his open complaint and gruntled dismay—and tonight, she was going to be alone again. She had a mind to hit Temari's bar for a few pool games, but she knew deep down it would still be a lonely ride home. It was a slight disappointment and sorrow for her really. At one point, she had Sasuke all she wanted and the next week, he was too busy for her, even though he assured time and time again he wanted to be with her. Where there was the return of a loneliness she had forgotten the week she and Sasuke spent together, she just as eagerly awaited when he would come back to her. He had, one night after a long day of barely seeing him, came to her apartment. It was late and she of course wasn't sleeping. She opened the door to him and felt the sudden wave of relief that he was there. She was ecstatic, despite the two of them seeming tired and Sasuke in particular appearing mentally drained.

As always, in his arms and presence, she was brought a comfort she wished to never part from. But not all things could last forever. After all, there was another two weeks until Sasuke would depart for that cruise she had informed him of and while she did her best to prepare for it, Sakura only found that she internalized her unwanted solitary experience again. Maybe it would be just three weeks that would pass by quickly...but it was three weeks that just when thought about bothered her very soul. She did her best to simply not think of the time that would come, whether she liked it or not. She did her best to remember that Sasuke would come back. Even if he had to leave again, like that night he, with complete exhaustion, came to her apartment, he would come back. If not, she'd get a call or text. Surprisingly enough, she had even been visited by Sebastian twice, explaining he had been sent by Sasuke himself to ensure her needs were taken care of.

She couldn't help but laugh at the time. Where she understood Sasuke was serious about taking care of her; two weeks in and having a butler to her disposal was a bit more than she expected. At the same time, Sasuke was indeed a rather extreme man. When she tried to assure Sebastian that she had no need for him, the older gentleman simply smiled politely as well as apologetically, explaining he was ordered to remain at her side until the late evening as per Sasuke's "very specific" orders. She ended up having tea with the old man, pleasant conversations shared and her loneliness slightly lifted. She had even been brought aware to some mishaps of Sasuke's childhood, one laughable memory brought up after another as she was told of the "young master's" eagerness to fulfill his father's will and being chased home frantically by infatuated girls. Security guards placed by Sasuke's mother had apparently been completely ineffective against hordes of school girls from all around the city and had simply been sacrificed by Sasuke himself without remorse as he ran for his life.

Thinking back on it, Sakura was sure she might have seen such a sight when walking around the streets once, years ago. She wasn't really doing much, just waiting around for Naruto or Shikamaru to contact her so they could hang out as usual. If she remembered right, everything was normal for the most part before the next thing she knew, a blue blur dashed down the street, being followed by a large horde of screaming girls, so massive in size they kicked up dust as they ran with hearts in her eyes. She only raised an eyebrow, wondering what it was about before deciding to mind her business. She decided she would ask Sasuke about it later, considering when she asked Sebastian on the probability that it was him those years ago, the old man shrugged and only answered with a "Maybe."

"Hmm. Another week down. Yep. A pool game sounds nice tonight. Would be nice seeing Temari too." Sakura sighed out to herself. She looked at the time and of course, she was late to clocking out again. Thankfully, it wasn't over an hour this time but nonetheless, she figured she should clock out now. Sasuke was still in a meeting and so far, in front of his clients, partners and other employees—besides Naruto—they had kept their relationship a small secret. She understood entirely why. It would sound quite scandalous as well as unprofessional for a CEO to be romantically involved with his own secretary. They talked about it and Sakura didn't truly mind that no one knew about them. Sasuke would certainly be a long chased after man and she had experienced first hand how tenacious reporters and tabloids could be and where Sasuke was a private person she was just as much of one. She'd rather everything be a secret, only known to their closest friends. It made the most sense to her and she didn't mind it in the slightest.

It was as she was clocking out at the fingerprint scanner that Sasuke stepped out with his last office meeting. He had a few others for the night and Sakura wasn't really expecting him later. Afterall, he had a final meeting in his very own house by none other than one of the Otsusuki's. They were probably still on their flight and where Sasuke wanted to fight it, she had given back the words he told her. It was in his best interest to stay on their good side and so long as they didn't ask anything ludicrous, they shouldn't go ignored. She inwardly chucked, remembering the glare she received that was only given whenever she was right about something he didn't want to acknowledge. She found that she could get away with most things others couldn't and never would. Sure, she would receive a glare of reprimand but other than that and a rather shy "tsk", she was in the clear. Everyone else was granted no mercy and was instantly face to face with a glare that wished a painful death upon its subject.

"Thank you for your time, Uchiha-sama. I look forward to working with you." The man said while walking out. She heard Sasuke give his signature grunt, turning just as his currently callous gaze shifted from the man to her and back; a notation of her presence and a signal to stay right where she was. In an understanding that needed no words, she stood right where she was.

"Hn. I give you my thanks as well. Expect me to contact you in a bit over a month's time. I apologize it cannot be sooner. I will be having a departure for business in a while and might not be able to contact you. In any case, should there be an emergency, contact Sakura. She will act as my messenger. If she is unavailable, then expect to be contacted by Kakashi." Sasuke informed. The man bowed, showing his respect.

"Understood Uchiha-sama. Farewell and I wish the best in your endeavors."

"Farewell." Sasuke bid, his eyes shifting back to her as the man's attention was lost to him. Sakura gave a smile, staying in place as the man straightened and walked towards her way.

"Sakura-san, correct?" The man questioned with inquiry that could be meant for a detective such as he. Sakura turned her attention to the man, nodding with affirmation.

"Yes, Shuichi-san." She confirmed. The darker haired, gambogeish grey eyed man bowed to her respectfully.

"Thank you for your assistance on setting up this meeting with Uchiha-sama. I hope to work more with you two in the future." The man dressed in a black and white uniform continued and Sakura smiled with humility, doing her best to hold back a laugh as she eyed Sasuke behind him. The dark eyed man was giving a vicious glare at his prospective hire and Sakura had to reach into her years of dealing with Naruto to hold back. She had also now discovered Sasuke was an extremely jealous man. He didn't really like her being looked at and hated it worse if she was acknowledged, even when she deserved praise. If it was from another woman, he was fine, but if another man just so much as looked at her with admiration, he was heated. There was an obvious rage boiling in his eyes and Sakura, even in as little as two weeks had found out how to calm it down, if but a little bit.

"Agreed Saihara-san. Please, take care of Uchiha-sama for me." She talked softly. The instant she said so, all malice seemed to fade, shifting into a surprised look, before he became grumpily disgruntled. She had did a majority of the research into Saihara Shuchi, and assured he was one of the best detectives around. If she acknowledge such a thing, Sasuke had no choice but to relent, she found. She watched in amusement as Sasuke incoherently grumbled, exact words inaudible. He shoved her hands into his pockets, a grudging glare looking away defeatedly. Sakura closed her eyes in delight, understanding this was his way of accepting her decision, when he was just as ready to get rid of the man simply because he had her favor. Now that she asked something of the man for his sake, he could not deny it and was effectively forced into accepting the man she was sure would help them—him—exceptionally. Shuichi bid them goodbye and as the elevator doors closed, Sakura was next surprisingly dragged into Sasuke's office with a tight grip on her wrist. The door was slammed behind her and she raised an eyebrow, completely unaware if his intent.

"Sasuke-kun! What's the matt—" Her question of concern was cut off immediately. She was pinned against the very door that had been shut behind her and kissed into oblivion. She gasped in surprise, staring into his already closed eyelids before her own lowered. One of her hands clutched his blazer, the other rubbing up his chest. His rough kisses began to shift into more gentle ones, as if wanting to savor her. Her hand rubbing up his chest moved into his hair and it was only then that he pulled away, as if he was waiting for her to hold him so cravingly. Sakura blushed gently, staring into eyes that screamed he wanted her more than she could fathom. Dark abysses that she didn't mind getting lost in.

"What's so great about that Saihara guy?" He growled angrily. Sakura couldn't help but giggle. Yet again, she was confronted by a jealous Sasuke and this wasn't the first time she has been interrogated in their first two weeks together. She found Sasuke absolutely despised other men in her very presence, no matter if they were here because of him. He absolutely hated her attention being drawn to others and she was punished with angry makeout sessions, as if to solidify her place of being with him. She honestly wasn't surprised at it. A man such as Sasuke who owned what he had and claimed everything he wanted; it seemed out of character of him to not be possessive and again, she didn't mind. She understood it came from an unspoken discretion to not lose her and with his overmanaging personality, he'd rather neglect all he worked so hard for. Of course, she didn't let him, understanding how important the company and his familial legacy was to him, leading to her response.

"Oh, Sasuke-kun, don't be so aggressive. He's a great detective and will be a great asset." She assured. Of course, much to her expectation, he only glared more harshly. Even acknowledging another man was to be faced with scrutiny. He wanted to be the only man she favored. He wanted to be the only one she gazed upon and smiled at.

"Tsk. That has yet to be seen." He grumbled grudgingly, feeling anger. Of course, she was defending that bastard. He didn't give a damn if the guy was harmless. He couldn't care less if the guy would be an "asset" as she had put it. Did she have to always be so kind? Why did those beautiful emeralds he adored wander to other men? He didn't care if she wasn't thinking of them in the way he imagined, it was the gazes back at her that enraged him so. He could practically read all their minds when males looked at her. No matter if they were married or in relationships, he had no doubt in his mind part of them wanted her. They all did and the very thought made him scoff and scowl again. Sakura gave a knowing look.

"Just give him a chance, Sasuke-kun. I'm sure he won't disappoint." She eased. He shifted his glare from her, a scowl still lining his lips disapprovingly.

"Whatever. I bet he's nothing but a sham." Sakura gave a smirk of her own, raising an eyebrow. Checkmate on the king who opposed her. Now he was just being stubborn and she knew how to shut it down.

"If that were so, I'm sure you would have sent him on his way without promising to contact him, yeah?" His wide eyes told her she had him cornered. He couldn't refute that. He had indeed said he would contact Shuichi some time after he returned from the cruise. Sakura couldn't help but giggle, watching as he couldn't come up with a single, solid argument to rebuttal her and resorted to glaring.

"Tch. Why are you so annoying?" He grumbled, more of in defeat rather than insult. Sakura laughed again.

"Well, why are you so stubborn rather than cognitive?" She shot back. Sasuke glared at her for a moment again, before he settled for stealing kisses from her lips. She giggled in between kisses, knowing this was his way of understanding he lost, again, to her. She loved their moments like this. She loved when they taunted each other. They even had inside jokes between them from a few of their banterings. He grunted pulling away and staring at her with agitation.

"Stop laughing." He ordered irritably and Sakura couldn't resist laughing.

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry. Stop being so grumpy." She both apologized and chastised. He scoffed, crossing his arms and turning his nose up into the air. Sakura laughed again, kissing his cheek and watching a blush form his cheeks.

"I'm gonna get going to Temi's. I'll text you when I get home." She promised. Sasuke's eyebrows furrowed, obviously uncomfortable with her decided plans.

"Why are you going to Temi's?" He questioned. She shrugged.

"I haven't seen her in a while. It would be nice to catch up." Sasuke sighed, moving closer to her again and placing his forehead against hers.

"My next meeting isn't for another twenty minutes...stay with me until then." He murmured, his eyes not meeting hers. Sakura smiled gently. Another thing she learned about Sasuke was he had a bit of a shy side around her. Sure, he was not the least bit hesitant to grab her and kiss her, but he did have reservations when it came down to spending time with her. He was especially cautious when around other people. Sakura honestly wasn't sure if it was because he wanted to meet whatever high expectations he thought she had or if he simply was unsure of what to do around her. So far, everything was fine and she was happy just being in his presence.

"Alright." She accepted. Sasuke seemed surprised for a brief moment, before he grabbed her hand, gently pulling her along before he sat at his desk. As she knew he expected, she moved to sit on his lap, feeling him snuggle into her neck. A tired sigh escaped him as she combed through his hair, an action she found he liked quite a bit.

"You've been pretty busy. Try not to push yourself so hard. It's bad for your health." She said gently. He grunted, his hands around her waist holding her even tighter than before.

"Do you want me to reschedule your day tomorrow? I think you can lighten it up just a bit." Sakura absently thought. Sasuke shook his head.

"No. I should do as much as possible before leaving. Kakashi can manage just fine but I'd rather be sure as much as possible is done." He explained. Sakura's eyes lowered. She still wasn't all that happy about him leaving. She came to grips with it but she wasn't all that thrilled about the minimal contact between them. If anything she supposed their little contact all this week had been a slight practice of it and she still wasn't at all thrilled.

"Yeah...I know. Are you...coming over tonight?" She asked. She felt him begin to trace mindless lines on her thigh and she had to hold back from shivering. He had a habit of doing that. He liked brushing his fingers over her. Sometimes, it would be along her hand, others it would be her arms or legs.

"Do you want me to?" He asked, pulling away to reveal his smirking face. Sakura's blush deepened, her cheeks burning. Another thing about Sasuke; he was an absolute tease. He seemed to relish in teasing her, often being flirty and suggestive, only to deny her affection.

"I-If you can…" She mumbled, shifting her eyes. Sasuke's smirk widened a bit, loving the effect he had on her. He nudged his head into her neck again, closing his eyes with content.

"Then I'll call you when I'm finished with work. I'll be a bit late. Maybe I can pick you up at Temi's?" He offered and Sakura shook her head.

"I don't plan on staying there very long. Just come over when you are done with the Otsutsuki's." She said. She felt Sasuke nod, holding her tighter.

"I just have one condition." He said, leaning back in the chair again. Sakura tilted her head in confusion.

"Hm? What?" He smirked again and Sakura swore, whenever he smirked, her heart stopped. It had to have been criminal to look so handsome and cruel at once. She knew he wasn't a cruel man, but she'd be sure as hell lying if she said he couldn't look the part of some dashing villain. Especially when he smirked like that.

"Kiss me." He ordered, bringing her surprise and shock. Her widened eyes relaxed, a grin coming to her face and she giggled. She caressed his face and brushed her lips against his while their eyes stared into each other.

"You don't have to bribe me for that." She murmured, closing her eyes as she what he ordered. Sasuke kissed her back, gentle smooching sounds made as he threw the very thought of work out the window. Finding opportunity, he slid his tongue in, feeling Sakura tilt her head to deepen their liplock. She moaned lightly, feeling him pull on her waist and thigh. They were brought back to the world around them with the sounds of Sasuke's office phone, to which he violently glared at as Sakura pulled away from him. Sakura couldn't resist chuckling, trying her best to stifle her giggles with a hand. Sasuke's look of irritation shifted to her, his eyebrow twitching with absolute fury that would soon be directed at whoever dared to call right now. Sakura even felt a bit bad for him, though she wasn't sure if she should feel more sorry towards him, or the poor soul calling.

"Answer it." She urged. Sasuke scoffed, defiantly glaring at the phone.

"Sasuke-kun…" She continued with a tone of warning. This always happened. As powerful and scary Sasuke maybe to others, she honestly had never seen such an underrated manchild in her life, save for Naruto of course. She supposed it was to be expected really. He was probably used to getting anything he wanted, when he wanted and now, this was getting in his way. The only way she believed Sasuke could react was either pure indifference, or unyielding rage. Grumbling, he reached for the phone bringing a smile on her face. She was even able to to boss him around which she honestly found fun to do.

"What?" He snarled so viciously even she flinched. She mentally sighed and sweatdropped. She may be able to boss him around but she sure as hell couldn't control his temper, at least she never tried to anyway. Considering it now, she wondered if it was possible.

"Yes, I was busy and yes, you interrupted me, now what the hell do you want?" Sasuke was seething. Sakura clasped a hand over her mouth, doing her best not to laugh at the blatant lie. She leaned over kissing him sweetly on his cheek. She wondered if it worked, feeling his muscles slightly relax and seeing a slight ease of his eyebrows. His eye shifted to her in an apologetic glance. She smiled in both amusement and understanding. It really did work. She kissed his cheek again, littering gentle smooches on his cheek. He did deserve a reward after all. She knew he hated when his time with her was intruded upon.

"...Hn...my apologies. I'll grant you another fifteen minutes to arrive." His voice maintained its usual calmness, but his anger did fade, at least a little. She felt his other hand on her waist wrap more around her, tightening its grip. She raised an eyebrow.

"Very well." He ended the call, putting the phone down.

"Eh? You're giving him extra time? Why?" She questioned, only to be met with a smirk. Sakura damn near shrieked, even though her very voice was caught in her throat. Looking at his smirk, she couldn't escape knowing Sasuke had just gained something in his favor. If this were some form of game, he had won against the entire world—maybe even the universe. There was no escape for her actually. This was checkmate and she was neither the white king or the black king. Instead...

"Because now, for an extra fifteen minutes…" His hand reached up, cupping her chin with a gentle caress. Sakura's face burned red as Sasuke reached to brush his lips against hers.

She was cornered. A cornered queen by his very own side in a game of chess. She may have thought she had him checkmated but his next two words solidified that thought as false. She had won for only a short time. She had him on the ropes for just a bit. She had him on edge for just a minute.

But even so, she lost. She lost, long before she thought she had him in the first place. The moment she kissed him. The moment she opened herself to him, it was already over. He had already won.

"You're mine, Sakura."

Naruto walked down towards the elevator, finally done with work for the day. He waved goodbye politely to his coworkers and relished to be on his way home. Today had been long and busy but with a bit of perseverance, he survived and was now stronger than ever. Now, he'd go treat Hinata to some dinner—ramen, most likely—climb in bed and snuggle against her with complete satisfaction. The elevator doors opened with the sound of a ding and his eyes brightened at who was there as well.

"Sakura-Chan! Hey!" He shouted with excitement, only to be met with silence. He raised an eyebrow eyeing the currently rigid woman. Her hair covered her eyes but there was no hiding her completely red face and ears.

"Uh...Sakura-Chan? Everything okay?" He called out, about to place a hand on her shoulder.

That is until Sakura did an about-face...and started slamming her forehead against the elevator wall. Naruto's eyes widen, screaming in shock and fear.

"S-SAKURA-CHAN! W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? STOP! Y-YOU'LL HURT YOURSELF!" He screamed trying to get a grip on her, only for the scene to be turned into a chase as Sakura slammed her forehead against each wall. Naruto cried animatedly, in total despair and confusion.'Why the hell is this happening?!' His mind frantically cried out and Naruto could only give the honest answer that was, "I don't fucking know!"

The bell of the elevator door seemed to stop Sakura's self destruct sequence and she kept her head low and made no eye contact. Naruto, unsure of what to do, took the chance to grab her hand and gently give her a squeeze.

"H-Hey, Sakura-Chan, I-I know days at the office can be a bit...stressful...but don't worry! Tomorrow is another day! H-How about we go to Temi's and talk about it?" He tried to appease pulling her beside him. Sakura had no words, only silently following at his side as he pulled her along. Once he managed to get Sakura into the car, he quickly took out his phone to text Sasuke instantly.

"What the hell is wrong with Sakura-Chan?" Sasuke read the text as it came to his phone. The smirk that was already on his face widened, followed by a short chuckle.

Sasuke snickered, sending back a simple text.

"Revenge." He scoffed to himself in amusement, replaying the last ten minutes back.

"You're mine, Sakura." His husky voice murmured to her and he ensured that it released some of his internal struggles to her very soul. Her cheeks burned red. His smirk never leaving, his hand glided up her thigh while keeping her eyes locked on his. He felt her tense up as he lowered his face into her neck.

"Say it." He ordered and the feeling of his lips against her neck made her breath hitch in her throat. Where they had agreed they would take things slow, Sasuke could barely hold back. He never pushed her too far and yielded when she asked him to, but the last two weeks taught him that he was even less of a patient man than he had ever thought himself to be before.

"S-Say...i-it?" He chuckled at her stutter, lifting his lips to her earlobe.

"That's right. Say it. Say, 'I'm yours, Sasuke-kun.'" Her eyes were completely bewildered, wide with the fear of not knowing what to do. This was worse than she could probably ever imagined. He didn't only have her trapped, he had her at his mercy and she wasn't sure if it was scarier that Sasuke knew it, or she knew it. This was worse. Way worse.

"B-But…" She whimpered, only playing more into his hands. He had gone through every imaginary possibility of things like this between him and her. He had an idea of how to play the strings and now, he was getting his practice in.

"But what, Sakura? Not sure?" He playfully questioned, taking it further and about to push on even more if she still didn't answer. Sakura only shivered all too noticeably. His fingers on her waist had lifted to be just underneath her bust, not touching her, but closed enough that he might as well be and Sakura found that she wanted that. She wanted him to touch her. Yet, he wasn't. These small glides of his fingers and teasing gentle caresses were both an inch too close and an inch too far and her mind fogged with what she needed right now. Did she need him to touch her, or did she need to be released from him? The worst part about it, was either side was a catch twenty-two. On one hand she was left dissatisfied and in need. On the other, she wasn't sure where it would all go from there. Then there was the absolute wild card in her that screamed, "Who cares where they went from there! Screw it!" It then proceeded to feed into the option that was giving herself entirely to him without a second thought.

"Are you trying to tell me you belong to someone else?" He asked, his fingers strategically lowering from going further up her thigh or waist. The reaction he was hoping for came when he looked into her eyes and she looked back in absolute terror. Her hands wrapped around him had grown tighter and in her eyes was nothing but an apologetic plea as well as a blatant desire. That same look he gave when she stopped him from touching her last week, but, poor Sakura was not as good at hiding her emotions like he was. He had learned restraint a long time ago. If there was one thing she and Naruto had in common though, it was making them react. They were both too impulsive and too reactive to the world around them. If he was an evil man, he could have played them like puppets, though that was never and would never be his intentions.

"N-No! I don't belong to anyone else! J-Just—" Sasuke's smirk turned into a wicked grin, his eyes glinting with new information. He caught her. This game was over.

"That's right. No one else. Just to me. You're mine. Right, Sakura?" He pushed further. She froze, feeling his hands begin to rise on her again, this time, the one on her thigh slid under her slightly risen office skirt, though he remained tauntingly far from pushing boundaries. It snaked so slowly it tortured her and she felt him reach under her bra again. She felt him lick her neck and couldn't help but moan in absentminded reaction. At the sound, there was switch flipped somewhere in his mind and where his tongue was stroking her neck, he moved it the last time towards her cheek, licking near her eye. She couldn't help moaning as he squeezed her thigh.

"Say it, Sakura. Show me." He commanded and next thing she knew, she lost all thought. Her actions were not her own when she violently pushed him back against the chair and placed feverish kisses upon his lips. This time, her tongue dominated, despite the many others it had lost and she remained strong. Her hands raked through his hair without thought. Her body grinded and moved on its own and she couldn't stop as his hands rubbed up and down her body. She didn't want to stop and he felt it—he understood it. He knew of this reckless need she had for him now, because she had filled him with that very same desire, without even moving a finger. Sometimes, all she had to do was give him a look and he was already craving her.

They pulled away, their panting lips just centimeters from each others and their eyes locking. She caressed his face in both her hands and Sasuke was awed by the look of adoration he received. He could die happy if this was the last face he ever saw. Hell, if it was Sakura herself killing him and she looked like this, he'd die happily. He gave a soft smirk, his thumb stroking her thigh gently.

"Well then, Sakura?" There was a silence of only fearful hesitation. Her glimmering jades stared into his and he wished he could stare into them forever. Those eyes, so damn beautiful they could be a reason for life itself for him.

"Say it."

"I-I'm…" She stuttered. His lips lowered to kissing her neck again, small soft butterfly kisses that sent tingles wherever his lips touched.

"I'm...I-I'm yours...S-Sa-Sasuke-k-kun…" She whispered shyly. Sasuke smirked, already having the entire situation under his control. His lips glided to her ear and he whispered probably the cruelest words he could say to her right now.

"Say it, again."

"E-Eh?" She squeaked out.

"Say it." He damn near chuckled out.

"I'm...yours, Sasuke-kun…" She whimpered again and a large, wolfish grin plastered onto his face. This was now the final blow. He cupped her chin, brushing her lips against hers.

"One more time, Sakura." He whispered. Sakura's hand gripped his shirt, suddenly feeling compelled. Sasuke had casted a spell over her and little did she know, it was his intention the entire time.

"I'm yours, Sasuke-kun." Her voice lost its shyness. Her voice was lustful and direct. She was his and hearing her say it the way she said it this time made his blood rush. Sakura watched as his gaze went from playful to smoldering, in an instant. His grip on her tightened possessively and he watched Sakura's eyes become just as heated as his were right now. Again, he was being driven mad by her. She made him feel insane with desire, his dreams and fantasies coming to haunt him right now. Where he hoped he was driving her to the same madness that completely changed his world, he only found himself being driven deeper into his need and want.

"That's...right…" His whispered almost breathlessly, brushing his lips against hers. Sasuke kissed her, leaning back against his chair. He relished in her kisses and tongue and damn it all, he wanted so much more. He broke away from her lips, dipping back to her neck, feverishly kissing and nipping at her skin. She allowed this much and graced his ears with the pleased sound of her voice. He felt a hand reach into his hair.

Despite his want for more, this was just as perfect. Claiming her and marking her as his was just as gratifying so long as she made those sounds. He moved to a more discreet placement of his mark, biting and sucking a bit harder. He felt her gasp, her neck arching to give him more skin. What he wouldn't give right now to place her on his desk. Satisfied with his work, he pulled away, eyeing the red mark with a smirk.

'Mine…All mine.' Was the only thought on his mind, as he licked her lips in plea for a kiss. He was about to get what he wanted, until a call came to his office phone. He growled in irritation. Fucking work. He had her right where he wanted her and damn it all, if it wasn't for the fact that this was an important appointment, he would have flat out ripped out the phone, cords and all with the intent to throw it out the window. He and Sakura separated, much to his displeasure. He stared into her eyes, feeling a pain in his chest as she looked down at him. There was a bit of disappointment in her gaze and it was his fault. He had pushed her to this point. He was the same.

He didn't want to part from her. He didn't want her to leave his arms. He didn't want to be torn from her gaze and just from the shift of her eyes, he knew she felt the same. He checked his watch, his eyebrows furrowing was with even more contempt. His bit of borrowed time from the late client was pretty much up. Sighing and looking to the phone, he reluctantly reached for it.

"Uchiha." He sighed out, feeling Sakura move to stand. His burning body suddenly felt uncomfortable and cold. His hands felt empty. He scoffed mentally as he watched her, bringing out his phone quietly.

"Uchiha-sama! I wanted to inform I would be upstairs in a bit. I am in the lobby." Sasuke toyed with his phone, a small smirk coming to his lips, though it was not at what the client said. He had a final parting gift to Sakura. One last thing to mess with her.

"Aa. Very well." He replied, standing once he found exactly the time stamp he was looking for. He hung up the phone.

"Your appointment's here, right? I guess I'll get going." She said as he walked up to her. He wrapped an arm around her waist, kissing her in farewell. A sweet, gentle kiss that promised he would be reunited with her soon.

"I'll call when I'm on my way. Call me when you're leaving Temi's." He murmured as they parted. She smiled up at him sweetly, nodding in acceptance. A parting peck to his cheek, she walked away from his arm, his body already missing her. He stared as she didn't look back and instantly, wanted revenge for having even more control over herself than he did.

"Sakura…" He called, causing her to pause at the door. She turned, eyeing him with curiosity. She was met with a smirk and the raising of his phone. Sakura eyed the screen, raising an eyebrow. An audio recording?

He pressed play.

"I'm yours, Sasuke-kun." Sakura suddenly heard and her body froze, her eyes widened. Her face paled as if her soul left her very body in that instant. His smirk widened.

"Don't forget. Have fun at Temi's." He taunted. She damn near robotically left his office, the door closed behind her. The instant his door closed, he couldn't hold back his chuckle as she gave a lengthy scream of agony.

This was definitely his win.

Naruto's eyebrow twitched at the reply he received. Revenge? Revenge for what? What the hell had Sasuke done? Sakura looked beyond defeated, sitting in his car and not daring to make eye contact with anyone whatsoever. He had never seen Sakura look so...submissive before. He eyed her worriedly, grabbing her hand gently.

"O-Oi, Sakura-Chan, you okay? Does...your head hurt?" She finally turned her gaze to him, a blush still adorning her cheeks and a emaciated look in her eyes.

"Want to tell me what happened now?" He questioned, wondering if the solitary confinement of his car would be enough to get her to talk. She looked away from him, a tingling in her chest as she remembered the event.

"You're mine, Sakura."

She blushed harder, suddenly a warmth stemming in her stomach and uncomfortably moving lower and lower to a certain spot. She had never felt this way before and it appeared that only Sasuke had been able to cause such a reaction in her. She felt so hot. Her body was in need of something and while she knew what it was, she wasn't used to this feeling one bit. Did Sasuke ever feel this way about her? Was that why he seemed unable to control himself in the kitchen when he touched her? This was the exact same thing she felt when he pulled away from her that day.

"That's right. No one else. Just to me. You're mine."

Her legs squeezed together, the warmth and tingling between her legs growing all the more prevalent. She could still feel Sasuke's hand on her thigh, his lips on her neck.

"Right, Sakura?"

"I-I...need a drink." She murmured. Naruto stared at her, raising an eyebrow before his eyes caught something on her neck. With her head turned, it was now visible; a bright red mark meant to be hidden. He raised an eyebrow, before putting two and two together. He snickered, giving a knowing smirk. That bastard, Sasuke. Could his best friend not be a little bit more patient? Poor Sakura probably couldn't handle this much quite yet. Now, it made sense. The discomfort of her body and the blush on her cheeks. Her absolute lack of response indicating she didn't even know how exactly to deal with what she was feeling. He and Hinata had been through it before. He remembered how Hinata could barely look at him after their first time. He sighed, shaking his head and beginning to drive.

"Alright. It's on me, okay? But you have to talk to me about it. Deal?" He questioned, shooting a smile at her. Sakura bit her bottom lip, hesitantly and reluctantly nodding.

"And Sakura-Chan…" He called out, making her look at him again.

"It's okay to feel embarrassed." He chuckled. Sakura blushed again, wondering if Naruto had somehow known about what happened. She looked out the window, watching the passing cars and buildings as they made their way to Temari's bar.

"B-Baka…" She grumbled. Naruto snickered, putting on the radio for some music and Sakura did her best to keep away thoughts of her and Sasuke...doing so much more than kissing. They sat in silence for the half hour drive it took to get to Temari's and upon walking in, was greeted by the long time friend.

"Hey guys! Wassup? How are things?" She said cheerily, giving them a grin as she grabbed glasses and began to get them their usuals as they sat at the bar. It was still early and being a weekday, the bar was filled with very few patrons, save for them two. For Naruto, a simple pouring of beer. She was about to make Sakura her usual whiskey and coke before she was stopped.

"Make it on the rocks, Temari." Sakura whined, placing her head into her arms. She raised an eyebrow, looking to Naruto for an explanation before he sighed.

"It's on me. She's suppose to tell me about it in a bit." He claimed, eyeing Sakura with a small smirk. Temari raised an eyebrow, pouring Sakura's preferred whiskey over ice and placing it in front of the girl. Sakura eyed Naruto, a small blush on her face again.

"H-How was your day Naruto? Temari?" She questioned to try and keep her head clear and away from those temptive thoughts. She began to drink, very clearly not pacing herself. She gulped down the burning drink, ensuring she put down at least half the cup before stopping. Naruto snickered and Temari raised an amused eyebrow.

"Woah, you're drinking like that? Is this a code blue?" Temari questioned. The group of friends had come to categorize Sakura's drinking states, as the pinkette was an avid drinker. The codes went by how bad she was drinking; code white, blue and red. Then they were split into categories, ranging from one to five, code red, category five being the most severe. Sakura shut her eyes.

"Just...how was your day guys?!" Sakura questioned again, hoping to keep her mind off the events of today. Naruto gave a sigh, knowing that he would have to bring out what exactly was wrong with Sakura.

"My day was fine, but I think I'm officially more interested in whatever the hell had you banging your head against the elevator walls." Naruto answered, continuing to chuckle. Temari gave out a laugh, staring at Sakura in disbelief.

"What?! What the hell happened to you girl?!" Temari questioned, completely baffled and hilariously imagining poor Sakura slamming her forehead against the elevator. Sakura blushed looking down at the drink.

"S-Shut up! I-It's not funny!" Sakura defended, albeit a bit childishly, looking away and lifting the cup again. Naruto sighed, drinking his beer as well.

"Well, come on. Explain what happened!" Temari urged, propping up an elbow and leaning on her hand. Sakura looked back and forth between them before she sighed, looking down.

"U-Uhm...w-well…" Sakura started. She bit her bottom lip, blushing as she relayed everything that happened between her and Sasuke. By the time her story was over, Temari was grinning wildly and Naruto gave out a boisterous laughter, irritating Sakura even further. She punched him hard on the head, making the blond fall out of the bar chair, though it did not cease his rambunctious laughter.

"Shut up, Naruto! It's not funny!" She yelled, grumpily drinking the rest of her cup. Temari did her best to hide her laughs behind her hand, but certainly not enough to not gain Sakura's aggravated attention.

"Not you too, Temari…" She groaned, placing down the empty glass. Temari grabbed the bottle she kept nearby, knowing Sakura was going to need a refill with the way she was drinking right now. The instant the brown liquid was full in her glass, Sakura drank, blushing and looking away, completely flushed at her friend's reactions. Naruto finally began to recover from his fit of laughter, standing and clutching onto the bar chair he had fallen from.

"I'm sorry! I'm—pfff! I'm sorry Sakura-Chan! T-That bastard! Damn, he's too much sometimes!" Naruto continued to laugh, giving Sakura a grin. Sakura gave him a weary look. Sasuke being too much? That was an understatement and what made it worse was that she didn't mind. She liked that burning gaze in his eyes, the absolute desire he seemed to have of her. She liked his touch. She…

"Did you want more?" Temari asked as if reading her mind. The red blush that darkened on her cheeks gave an answer that Temari smirked at. Her silence and lack of response was more telling than any retort or reply she could have gave. Temari sighed giving a gentle smile.

"Sakura…" She called out with a knowing in her voice and Sakura looked back down at her drink.

"It's only been two weeks. W-We...we said we would take things slowly…" Sakura said quietly. Naruto had finally stopped chuckling, looking to Sakura softly and listening along with Temari.

"I-I...I don't want to somehow lose him and I don't want us rushing things to be a reason for that. At the same time, I...I can't seem to control myself with him. Any other person, I'd push away. I'd probably would've hit them but with Sasuke-kun…" She murmured, her hand gripping her glass. Her eyes turned shy, his husky voice replaying in her ears again.

"You're mine, Sakura."

Her blush deepened. Her hand lifted her glass and she felt like she was losing her mind. She felt like she could still feel his lips on her. His breaths. His hands.

"H-He...I don't know what to think or what to do. H-How can I face him feeling this way?" She whimpered quietly. Naruto gave a tender and sympathetic smile. As a brother, he may have had a little disdain for Sasuke's approach, but it was simultaneously what he was hoping for. He could understand Sakura's confusion stemmed from lack of experience and as he told the raven haired man, there was no one else he wanted her to gain this experience with. Sakura was always and would always be precious to him and with the promise he made to himself to provide her with the best life could offer her, he placed a hand on her head. She looked at him and he gently rubbed the top of her head.

"Hey, I get it. It might be a lot to take in, but just trust yourself and trust Sasuke. He cares for you deeply and I know you care for him too." Naruto said softly, wrapping his arm around her shoulder. Sakura gave a thoughtful look, an uncertainty still lacing her eyes. Temari closed her eyes.

"Want to know how long it took for me and Shikamaru to get down like that?" Temari questioned. Sakura looked up, giving an uncomfortable look as Temari grinned.

"H-How long…?"

"Three days." Sakura's eyes widened at the answer. Three days? That was indeed fast but Temari and Shikamaru had been together for years. She stared at her, a bit hesitant to ask her next question.

"How...were you okay with it? I-I mean, I know Shikamaru wouldn't have done anything to hurt you but how did you...not think that maybe he would leave you right after?" Sakura asked. Temari chuckled, pouring a shot of whiskey for herself and clincked her glass with Sakura's and Naruto's in courtesy. The three drank to the cheers and Temari sighed.

"Well, it's kind of what you and Naruto just said Sakura. I put my trust in Shikamaru. You know, it wasn't even that lazy bum who started it. I initiated it myself." Temari informed with a smile. Naruto laughed at the newfound information, smirking at Temari.

"Seriously?! I know he's lazy but he can't be that lazy!" Naruto chuckled. Sakura sighed, shaking her head.

"For some reason, I'm not surprised." Sakura mumbled. Temari gave a sudden smirk, a lewd look coming to her eyes.

"Trust me, he sure as hell wasn't lazy that night. Never is, either." She said, her smirk widening as she gained mutually deadpanned looks from the two friends.

"W-We...didn't need to know that Temari." Naruto shakily uttered. Temari chuckled again, giving a grin.

"What? I bet if you had the chance, you'd brag to the whole world about how good Hinata is in bed." Temari teased, crossing her arms. Naruto choked on his beer.

"W-What?! N-No!" Naruto tried to defend, only to gain a wary look from Sakura and an eyebrow raise from Temari.

"A-Actually Naruto...one night you were very drunk and...well…" Naruto's eyes widened.

"N-No…" He whispered in disbelief. Temari cackled with laughter.

"I wish you could remember with look on Hinata's face! Poor thing." Temari snickered and Sakura drank, looking down in memory of Naruto's rather lecherous rant. He even went into a few details, causing Hinata to faint in absolute distress and shame.

"SHE WAS THERE?!" Naruto screamed in agony, throwing his hands into his hair.

"Relax, Naruto. It was years ago." Sakura tried to ease. It didn't help.

"YEARS AGO?! S-SHE NEVER SAID ANYTHING!" Naruto yelled in terror. Temari laughed harder, clutching her stomach. Naruto twitched, slamming his forehead into the bar counter.

"I'm the worst. I don't deserve Hinata-Chan." He mumbled. Sakura rubbed at his back.

"There, there. It's obvious she forgave you. You were piss drunk...we just can't mention that night around her ever again." Sakura comforted. Naruto whimpered, looking at Temari with his chin on the table.

"Temari, I need a shot of whiskey too." He muttered, hoping to drown his sorrows.

"Oi, liquor before beer, you're in the clear. Beer before liquor, you'll never be sicker." Temari reminded. Naruto shut his eyes, rubbing his hands frantically through his spikes.

"I don't care! Give me a damn shot, Temari!" Naruto whined. Sakura sighed, drinking her glass again. Temari looked back at Sakura, filling a shot for her and Naruto, while refilling Sakura's half empty glass.

"We've gotten off topic. We're supposed to be helping Sakura." Temari changed the subject and Sakura flinched, looking away shyly.

"It's...hopeless." Naruto looked to Sakura, eyeing her worriedly.

"I don't know what to do and I...I can't stop thinking about it. I can't stop thinking about him. We're so close, but at the same time, there's...so many things that I'm afraid of." She continued, beginning to drink her glass again. She chugged half the glass, her mind moving on to the other pain on her mind. Sasuke leaving.

"What are you afraid of?" Naruto asked, his eyebrows furrowing. She stayed silent, feeling too much like a child. She was a grown, twenty-three year old woman, yet she was concerned with being left alone. She was upset that Sasuke had to leave and he had to leave her behind and the last week of him being busy proved that they wouldn't always be together. It was selfish of her and it was absolutely ridiculous, but she feared if they took that extra step, she'd be even more attached than she already was. She'd fall deeper into that feeling of wanting to stay by his side as she had experienced before.

"I...just don't want him to leave me...but he has to. He's a busy man and I...I can't always be with him. I feel so childish." Sakura mumbled. Naruto's eyebrows furrowed a look of concern coming to his face.

"Is that something you can't deal with?" Naruto asked tenderly. It was true. Sasuke could be gone for months at a time sometimes. He didn't really take that into account when thinking of them together, but he was certain Sakura could get passed that. She wasn't a needy person. Sometimes, she even scolded him for coming to check on her too often. Could she really not deal with Sasuke's absence?

Was that how much she liked him?

"I...I can but…"

"You don't want to, right?" Sakura heard Temari finish for her. Sakura looked back at Temari, giving a pained look before she drank again. Her eyes downcast, she remembered that Temari was in a situation similar to hers. She and Shikamaru had to do things long distance until now. They didn't see each other often. They had managed just fine, but what Temari said was all too true. She could get over Sasuke not being around. She could deal with that, but it didn't change that she didn't want him gone. She wanted him near her. She wanted to be by his side. .

"I know how you feel. It was hard to think of Shikamaru being far, not seeing him, not knowing what he was doing or if he was even with another woman…" Temari said quietly. Sakura drank again and Naruto's eyes lowered.

"Neither Shikamaru nor Sasuke-teme would do things like that to you guys. I know it. You don't have to fear that." Naruto tried to coax. Temari sighed.

"It's not about whether or not they'd do it Naruto. I don't doubt Shikamaru and hell, with how strict Sasuke seems, I don't doubt his integrity either, but this is a matter of the heart. Sakura is going to think of these things no matter what, just as I have in the past." Temari fended seriously. Naruto stared, wide eyed before he looked back at Sakura sympathetically. It made sense in his mind. It clicked. She was going to be here, while Sasuke would be gone. Hell, did she have those thoughts now, even if he was still in the same city and working hard. Did she think that he was using his business as an excuse?

"Sakura, as scary as it is, my advice is a bit similar to Naruto's from earlier." Temari said quietly. Sakura's eyed her and Naruto's look became perplexed.

"Huh? My advice?" Temari rolled her eyes.

"Dumbass. You were right about one thing. This is all about building trust and this is a different kind of trust than before you became an item. Listen Sakura, like Naruto told you earlier, just trust yourself and put your trust in Sasuke. You guys can go however slow you'd like, but from what you told me, it looks like you two are barely holding out for waiting. So, I want to ask you one thing to make the transition a bit easier." Temari said, looking into Sakura's eyes.

"Do you trust Sasuke?" She asked. Sakura bit her bottom lip, glancing over at Naruto who looked back at her attentively.

"Y-Yes...I trust Sasuke-kun." She said quietly. Temari smiled gingerly, grabbing one of Sakura's hands.

"Can you trust Sasuke even more than you do right now?" She asked. Sakura hesitated for a minute, considering her answer. Trust Sasuke more than she did now? It wasn't that she couldn't, but she wondered just how much trust he would need from her. Did it have to be such blind faith? It was like taking a jump out of an airplane without certainty that the parachute was functioning right. Yet, everything inside her wanted to put that faith in Sasuke. Sasuke was a kind, honest man, a gentleman to her through and through. He had only ever expressed his want to be with her. Everything about him screamed genuine.

"Yes…" She answered, a gentle smile coming to her face. Sasuke had gave her no reason to doubt him and she was silly for thinking she needed to. Over and over he had reassured her and just because she was flustered by him today didn't mean she needed to worry about such a thing. Temari gave a grin and Naruto, a comforted smile.

"Then you have nothing to worry about. There's no reason to strain things, especially if it's something the both of you so blatantly want. Let things between you two take its course. You'll be alright and you know we will always be here for you." She promised softly. Sakura finally gave a gentle and relieved smile, finally comforted. Naruto grinned, wrapping an arm around her shoulder again.

"Hell yeah! You'll always have me Sakura-Chan. From this life into the next." He promised. Sakura grinned, giving a giggle at his antics, placing her head against his shoulder.

"Well...I just need help with one more thing…" Sakura said quietly, a blush coming to her face. Naruto and Temari stared, awaiting her word.

"U-Uhm...I-I really don't think my heart will be able to take doing things like that with Sasuke-kun." She whimpered shyly. Naruto and Temari glanced at each other, smirking before chuckling. Sakura glared in suspicion, eyeing the two.

"Don't worry, Sakura-Chan." Naruto squeezed her shoulder.

"You'll cross that bridge when you do." Temari chuckled.

Sasuke sat in his study, staring at his phone with a haze in his eyes. His finger pressed play at the time stamp again, since he had been home for the last half hour.

"I'm yours Sasuke-kun." He voice replayed for him, filling him with so much desire and need for her, he wished he didn't have to deal with this meeting between him and the Otsutsuki's. He did question why they had to come here to the city, considering he had already agreed to meet with them for the cruise in two weeks, only to receive a short answer of them having things to discuss before then.

Despite coming to grips with his responsibilities and doing his best to focus on work, there was no doubt that Sakura was taking over him, more and more, everyday. He was even beginning to consider going against what he told her originally and taking her with him. Instead though, she would go as his woman, not his secretary. It was a nice thought...if Sakura hadn't been the one to speak with Hagoromo already. It would probably only gain him attention. No doubt, Hagoromo would question why his woman shared the same name as his secretary. It would no doubt cause a scandal for him, even if he was single. It just wasn't professional for a CEO to be involved with his employee.

Still, he wouldn't have it any other way. He needed Sakura. Sakura had to be his and no one else's. Her being even near another man made him want to go mad with rage. Even when he had claim on her, seeing her with other coworkers, clients and possible employees filled him with anger. He had even remembered watching one of the guys from the HR department blush around her and it took everything not to fire the man just for that reason alone. He had even gone as far as to see if there was another reason he could fire the man, but he was clean. Never late a single day in the last two years, his work was perfect and on time and Sasuke could only glare at the profile of the man with scorn.

How was he going to handle three weeks without her? He was probably going to go insane, being so far from her and not knowing where she was. Not knowing who she was with. He had already informed Suigetsu to pay special attention to her during his absence. Naruto was instructed to watch out for Suigetsu, despite the teasing he got after that.

He trusted her, but he sure as hell didn't trust other men, who obviously had an eye out for her. He was taken slightly aback when a message came through to his phone; Sakura. The very woman on his mind right now.

"Leaving Temari's in a few. Naruto is going to take me home." His tense shoulders relaxed, a smirk of relief coming to his lips. His eyes warmed. Naruto went with her today. That made him feel better. Naruto was no doubt, probably the only person he could trust and feel okay with being around Sakura. Sure, there was the question at the back of his mind as to why Naruto never introduced them beforehand, but that was irrelevant presently, considering Naruto was with Hinata. Moreover, every time they interacted with each other at all, he couldn't help but think that he was simply seeing the companionship between a brother and his sister. Naruto would protect her and Sasuke had faith that he would even chase away any other men looking to make a move on Sakura in his absence.

A knock at the door brought out his poker face. His eyes became stoic, losing the passion he had in them from just thinking about her. He locked his phone, placing it face down on his desk, pouring himself some scotch.

"Enter." He grunted. Sebastian walked in, a polite smile on the old man's face as he walked in alone.

"Hello, Young Master." He greeted, smiling. Sasuke gave a slight glare. Ever since the old man had learned of him and Sakura, the old butler had been a bit off. Sure, he was an eccentric man most of the time, but now there was an arrogant air about it. Quite frankly, Sasuke didn't appreciate it one bit. When he had sent Sebastian to take care of her a few days ago, of course then old man couldn't just follow orders without teasing him. He and Naruto loved teasing him when it came to Sakura.

"What is it, Sebastian? Is Hagoromo here?" Sasuke asked, bringing the cup to his lips.

"Not yet, Young Master. However, he did call to inform he would be here in ten minutes or so. I simply wanted to check on you. Do you need anything?" He questioned. Sasuke shook his head, taking another drink.

"No thank you, Sebastian." He answered, lifting a paper on his desk.

"Ah, also, if I have your permission to ask, Young Master, how is Lady Sakura? I understand you have had less time to spend with her this week, but surely you had a bit of time with her today, correct?" The old butler asked smiling. Sasuke grunted, mindlessly twirling his glass. The last thing he wanted to think about was the shorted time he had with her.

"She's fine." He answered shortly, his thoughts darkening a bit. He never once complained about taking the role of CEO after the death of his parents. He never once felt that his duties should come second to anything. Now, he was beginning to despise work. He hated the fact that Itachi wasn't the one who took over instead of him. Then...he could've spent all the time he wanted with Sakura. He could have her all to himself all he wanted, without any interruptions. However, he couldn't change anything about his status and his position. He had to do this. For his family name and for the future.

Besides, he would be able to effortlessly provide Sakura with everything and anything she could ever want. Even if that wasn't what she was after, he was not above wanting to spoil her. It was why he sent Sebastian over to her that one day to begin with. He also intended to possibly have Sebastian take care of her for the three weeks he'd be gone. Then again, that depended on if Sakura wanted that. She had insisted last time that she had no need for Sebastian at all...but that was not much of a concern of his. If he could show her that he wanted to take care of her, then he was certain that he and Sakura would grow even closer. They had to.

Then...maybe she'd come stay with him. She'd stay by his side...where he wanted her to be.

"I expected you would have more news on Lady Sakura, considering you have neglected coming home as of lately." Sebastian teased lightly. Sasuke gave a glare. Of course the old butler would want some kind of insight into things between him Sakura.

"Things...are fine. It's none of your business anyway." Sasuke scoffed. Sebastian chuckled, giving a soft smile.

"I'm only curious, sir. I know Lady Sakura is quite special to you. She is your first, after all. Also, I thought you might be in a bit of distress after not being able to see her much." Sebastian said, giving a wink. Sasuke grunted, looking away.

"So what?" He growled, looking down at his drink.

"I...can't spend everyday with her. I can't always be by her side. I have the company to worry about."

"Well, how about if I give some advice, sir." Sasuke looked up, glaring with suspicion.

"What is it?" Sasuke sighed out.

"Your father was the same as you when he met your mother." Sasuke's eyes lifted from his drink, looking into the old man's silver eyes. His father was a strict man. He always had been, but he just as equally showed a softer side of himself to his mother. Sasuke had always wondered what it was like to be such a way. He was even strict and stoic to him and Itachi as they grew up. Sasuke however, found it impossible to think that he and his father were the same. Sure, that soft side was shown, but it was never as prominent as Sasuke felt. Sakura felt like the entire world to him and even if he had to hide it a lot of the time, he could never believe his father felt as strongly as he did.

"Before you and Young Master Itachi were born, he was just as head over heels for Lady Mikoto. I'm sure you can recall that he was very fond of her, right? He complained and whined. He even cried. He damn near couldn't handle it. He never wanted wanted to part from her. He confronted her, unable to stand his constant departures. So, Lady Mikoto told him…" Sasuke drank, his attention on the long time butler.

"If you can't stand being away from me, then stay. If you want to love me, love me as much as you'd like. If the day comes where you can't love me anymore, because it drives you insane, then leave me, because I don't want to hurt you. I won't leave you, because I love you just as much." Sebastian recited the words he still remembered. So many years had passed since then. Sasuke's eyes lowered, feeling a slight pain in his heart. That sounded like something his mother would say. Always so selfless. She always knew what to say. She always knew how everyone felt.

She had this way of looking into everyone.

"Why are you telling me this?" Sasuke questioned.

"You should not fret too much about Lady Sakura. If you wish to be at her side, then go. Love her as you want to love her. I feel Lady Sakura is quite similar to your late mother." Sebastian said softly. Sasuke drank, slowly lifting his eyes. Sakura and his mother. They...were slightly similar, in a way. Sakura had this air of freedom about her. A strength that radiated through her just as tender gaze.

"She...is a bit similar." Sasuke acknowledged.

"Then, Young Master, do not fret. You and Lady Sakura will overcome this trivial time." Sebastian said.

"...Sebastian?" Sasuke called, swirling his drink.

"Yes sir."

"...How...did father exactly overcome this?" Sasuke questioned. Sebastian tilted his head. Sasuke's eyes lowered back down to his drink again, his thoughts returning back to earlier as he eyed his phone. He liked to tease her. Sure. He wanted more and more from her, but he said they would go at this pace for now. Still, he seriously had no idea how much longer he could take of this. Even after she left him, he couldn't stop listening to his secret recording.

"I'm yours, Sasuke-kun." She said it and now all he wanted to do was act upon it. He brought this upon himself. His turmoil was his own doing and he couldn't stand this.

"I...can't seem to control myself around her. I want her so bad, I can't stand it. I…" Sasuke trailed. How selfish could he be? It should've been enough. She was giving him her feelings. She trusted him to be patient and it was warranted. Still, he couldn't stop. He had no self control around her. His attention was grabbed by Sebastian's soft chuckle.

"As I said, sir. You are just like your father. I suppose it is simply in your blood to feel so strongly for someone precious to you. But, just remember the words of your mother." The old butler was cut off by the ringing of the doorbell. Sasuke gave an annoyed glare.

"I'll go let the Otsutsuki's in. But, something to consider, Young Master. If you feel this way, imagine how strongly Lady Sakura must feel. I advise communication. It is key to all things successful." Sebastian said before bowing. He walked out leaving Sasuke for a moment to gather his thoughts.

Maybe it would be best to talk to Sakura. She had to know. As selfish and as much as it was, she had to know how he felt. She had to understand exactly what he felt. Moreover, Sakura deserved an apology for what he did earlier. He may have pushed too far, having so little control of himself. He closed his eyes, drinking his scotch in silence until there were knocks at his door. Upon command, Sebastian entered, followed by three men. Sasuke stood, moving around his desk to meet with the men.

"Young Master, as you expected, Hagoromo-sama and his sons, Indra-sama and Asura-sama have arrived." Sasuke came face to face with the well dressed men, grunting in appreciation.

"Good evening, gentlemen. It has been a while." Sasuke greeted, shaking Hagoromo's hand. THe older man grunted, giving back a firm handshake.

"Indeed, Uchiha. You appear to be doing swell. I would like you to meet my sons, Indra, my eldest and Asura, my youngest." The brown haired gentleman introduced. Sasuke nodded, regarding the men with looks in his eyes. The two brown haired men contrasted each other in their greetings. Indra kept a serious posture, while Asura gave a large grin. They shook hands.

"Good to meet you. I've heard a lot about you." Indra greeted.

"Sup!" Sasuke eyed Asura with his greeting, staring at the unprofessionalism displayed with the younger man. Indra shot a glare at Asura,

"Asura, mind your manners. Forgive him, he's too laid back for his own good sometimes." Indra accused. Sasuke grunted, nodding.

"Hey, no need to paint me as some slacker." Asura growled, twitching. Sasuke moved back over to his desk. He'd rather get this over with. This was certainly a waste of time. He still didn't know what this surprise meeting was about...and he wanted to get to Sakura. As soon as possible. The sooner the better.

"Would you like some scotch?" He questioned. Hagoromo sat down in front of the desk, grunting with regard.

"Like your father, you are a generous host. However, unfortunately, I have been cutting back on drinking. My body simply isn't as young as it used to be." The older gentleman answered. Sasuke grunted, lifting his glass and taking his own seat.

"I see. So, what is this about, Otsutsuki? What is the reason for this meeting?" Sasuke questioned, dark eyes staring into Hagoromo's.

"It is in regards to the cruise happening in another two weeks. I'm sure your secretary delivered my message to you? She sounded very professional and proficient." Hagoromo complimented. Sasuke nodded.

"Indeed. Did you not receive my RSVP? I will be attending."

"Yes, of course. However, I wanted to speak with you in advance. I wished to inform you that my mother, Kaguya will be in attendance." Sasuke's eyes narrowed. The famous Kaguya. A woman said to have a large degree of power and influence. Sasuke honestly didn't think the woman was still alive. He appeared to be wrong. Still, this wasn't something that bothered or concerned him. As a matter of fact, this could have been told to him over the phone. What in the world did he bother traveling all the way to have this meeting for? Surely it wasn't just about this.

"I see. Anything else?" Sasuke asked, slightly losing his patience.

"My mother, has been concerned about the future of your company." Hagoromo said, folding his hands together. Sasuke gave a slight glare, his brow furrowing to knit together.

"Why would she be concerned? We have been performing well. Also, we may be close partners, but I was certain that our contract makes it clear, all Uchiha matters will be handled by the Uchiha." Sasuke said, a slight tilt of his head sending a challenge to Hagoromo. He may have had to answer to the Otsutsuki's, but they sure as hell had no right meddling in his affairs like this.

"Well, that's just it, Uchiha. You are still young indeed, however, my mother believes it is about time you find a wife." Sasuke's eyes grew slightly wide, the look in them becoming incredulous. Is that seriously what this was about? What the hell did it matter if he was married?

Besides...he was working on it already.

"No need for that look. Grandmother simply believes it's about time you had an heir to the Uchiha name. She only wishes to ensure the continuation of our partnership. That's all." Indra spoke. Sasuke scoffed.

"There will be no change in our relations, with or without an heir. Besides, as busy as I am—such as having to deal with meaningless conversations like this—" Sasuke snarled. Asura took a step.

"Oi! No need to take up that tone! Don't forget who the hell you're talking to!" Asura yelled angrily. Sasuke sent a glare his way, his teeth gritting behind his scowling lips.

"Asura, that's enough. You must show your respect as well. Frankly, I understand Uchiha's frustration. I do not believe this is a matter that needs to be discussed, as that is part of his personal life. Mother simply insisted I speak with you about it." Hagoromo appeased, lifting a hand. Sasuke's glare moved to Hagoromo. At least someone in this room had some sense. His phone vibrated, catching his attention instantly.

"I'm home." The text message that popped up said. His eyes warmed, out of instant reaction. He closed his eyes to shield the view from the three in front of him, sighting in exasperation.

"However...I also wish to warn you, Uchiha. If you don't provide some kind of result soon...mother would like you to consider marrying into the family." Sasuke's gaze turned serious. Marry into the family? Was the woman finally senile?

"Tch. As if I would bother even considering such a request. A forced marriage? Don't piss me off more than I already am. This has to be the most preposterous thing I've ever heard." Sasuke snarled. This was absolutely ridiculous. Was this what he was being separated from Sakura for?

"My condolences. I agree. I don't believe anyone should be forced into marriage." Hagooromo said.

"Even if it's been years, even I cannot find a love that my late wife had given me. Just be ready for when she makes the proposal. She will not back down so easily…I believe she may even have in mind to not renew our contractual obligations to you should you decline her." Hagoromo warned. Sasuke scoffed.

"That's fine by me. Give her my answer ahead of time." Sasuke completely refused.

He didn't want anyone else...except Sakura. He knew that.

"Also, I wished to inform you of one more thing that I feel must be brought to your attention." Hagoromo suddenly stood, crossing his arms.

"I'm listening."

"I have heard from some of my resources that Danzo Shimura has been released on bail." Sasuke's eyes widened, standing abruptly with the news. His teeth gritted. No. How could this be?

"Who…" He seethed.

"Who bailed him out, Hagoromo?" His angered voice didn't waver. Sakura. Sakura was in danger. He couldn't allow Danzo to make another attempt on her life.

"That man, Orochimaru. I heard you had several dealings with him as well?" Sasuke's eyes glared again, filling with a fiery rage. Orochimaru was working with Danzo? What could this possibly mean? It was no secret what Danzo did either. It was all over the news. Was it also that Orochimaru was working against him? Did Itachi know of this?

"I advise you to be cautious of the two of them. I can imagine that Danzo has it out for you and if he is working with a man like Orochimaru, who knows what they could be plotting. We will provide you aid wherever needed. " Indra spoke. Sasuke looked down at his drink. Sasuke mentally cursed, glaring down at his drink again. No. This couldn't be happening. Not now. He wouldn't be able to leave Konoha with a piece of mind if this was true, but the Otsutsuki's had no reason to lie to him. The prison still hadn't been finalized under his name yet, so he couldn't even order that they take him back. He made bail. Anything else was false imprisonment and he could not allow his name out of Danzo's mouth a second time. That would cause him trouble. He had to contact Itachi about this.

And he was damn sure going to talk to Orochimaru about this.

"Is this all? I have somewhere I need to be as soon as possible." Sasuke said, trying to hide the urgency in his voice. He had to get to Sakura. He had to tell Naruto. It was too late to make any calls for preparations on protecting Sakura. That would have to be done in the morning. For now, there was only one thing he could do.

"That is all. I understand how important your time is." Hagoromo said, turning. Sasuke stood, walking out with the men, the haste of his step making him move ahead of the Otsutsuki's.

"Sebastian!" Sasuke yelled, almost forgetting about the three men behind him. Not being far from the study, Sebastian showed himself promptly, following aside Sasuke, who had not stopped moving.

"Yes, Young Master?" The old butler answered, the seriousness in his voice showing he knew more than he should. He probably overheard the conversation. Sasuke's glaring eyes looked to him from the side and only Sebastian could see just how urgent and strained the man was right now. Though, Sasuke had for a moment forgotten about the Otsutsuki's, they just as quickly reached his mind again, hearing their footsteps behind him.

"I entrust you to take care of everything precious to me." Sasuke said, as calmly as he could. They had reached the front entrance, stopping as Sebastian opened the door and bowed.

"Understood, sir. I shall ensure all priceless treasures shall be kept safe." Sasuke stared at the older man in gratitude. He understood his coded talk. He could not be more grateful to the long time butler.

"Farewell, Otsutsuki-sama, shall I bring your car to the front?" Sebastian offered, professionally and dilligently. Hagoromo shook his head, following Sasuke out.

"That won't be necessary. Goodnight." Indra said respectfully, his eye on Sasuke.

Sasuke was already entering his car, pulling out and beginning to drive towards the front gate. Having arrived in separate cars, the Otsutsuki's headed to their own.

"Father." Indra spoke, grabbing Hagoromo's attention.

"I will be back to the hotel later. There is a place I wish to visit." He said. Hagoromo eyed him, grunting and nodding with assurance.

"What?! How come he can go off after you said we would only be here and the hotel?" Asura whined. Hagoromo gave him a small glare, a simply stern look that put Asura in his place. He knew why. Indra was the more responsible of his sons. It was the reason he kept Asura on a leash and allowed Indra to do whatever he wanted.

Indra drove, eyeing a certain car ahead of him, though he stayed a good distance away to make sure he wasn't obvious. The Uchiha was on alert. There was no mistaking the urgency of his leave and something in Indra's instincts was sure it wasn't business related. This was more. Noticing Sasuke slow down, he double parked his car, stepping out and sticking to the shadows. Sasuke had found parking. He was rushing to a building. He practically ran up the stairs to a three story brownstone. What business did Sasuke have here? This was not an expensive looking neighborhood.

A woman that made Indra's eyes widened opened the door, stepping out to meet him. Pink hair. Green eyes, lit by the street lamp next to her home.

She looked as beautiful as he remembered.

She was smiling, before her look became obviously concerned. Sasuke grabbed her at the shoulders, his head dropping as if he was relieved. Indra watched as she neared him even more closely. She spoke words of concern he couldn't hear. Sasuke's head lifted again, reaching to caress her face and pull her in for a desperate kiss. Indra's eyes widened further.

And they filled with rage.

They stood in her apartment now in silence. Sakura eyed Sasuke worriedly, seeing the utter look of turmoil on his face. He wouldn't stop looking out her kitchen window, eyeing anything and everything outside. He glared, seeing a car pass but he had no idea who the car belong to. It wasn't Danzo's car. Did it belong to someone he sent?

"Sasuke-kun, please, I understand why your worried, but try to calm down. I'll be alright. I can protect myse—" His gaze snapped over to her, the wretched memory of the last time she protected herself coming to his mind all too vividly. He reached out, embracing her tightly.

"I know you can...but I can't let you get hurt again. I refuse it. Starting tomorrow, I want you in my sight at all times. Naruto said he'll keep an eye out of course. I'm going to hire a few bodyguards that will be tailing you and—" Sakura pushed him back, pulling his face to look her in the eye.

"Sasuke-kun, stop! You're overreacting. I'm not some damsel in need of saving. He probably won't do anything. So please, I don't want to see you like this." He stared at her with turmoil. Stress. He was scared. Not of Danzo, but for her. She had never thought she would ever see him look this way. He was always so collected. When he had appeared before her, she could see the absolute turmoil in his eyes. He wasn't hiding anything from her. The way he grabbed her, as if he didn't want to let her go, she could feel his hands trembling.

"I...don't want to lose you." He whispered softly, caressing her face. Sakura's eyes widened slightly, before she gave him a warm look of gratitude. She felt like a fool for doubting Sasuke earlier. What did she worry about earlier? Just that she was a bit frightened of what would come next? She lifted to the tip of her toes, kissing his lips softly and loving. She felt his tense shoulders relax. She felt his hands wrap around her waist. He entered a sneaky tongue to lay claim to her. She couldn't hold back a moan and she found herself being pulled even tighter against him. They only separated for air and he stroked her face with the back of his fingers.

"I know you're not weak. I know you're not a damsel in distress. You're not any of those to me. Despite that...I will do everything to protect you." He said so softly, his voice sent shivers down her spine.

"Let me protect you, Sakura." He said. Sakura stared up at him, an exasperated smile on her face.

She had a feeling, it didn't really matter what she said anyway. Especially with that previous statement. He will do everything he could to protect her. The obvious omission of her sayso meant just that. Even if she denied him…

"You'll just do it anyway, won't you, you spoiled Uchiha." She chuckled lightly. After a moment, Sasuke gave a smirk, cupping her chin.

"Of course. You're mine, after all." He said teasingly. Sakura blushed, obviously being reminded of the days events earlier and gave him a glare whilst shoving him.

"Stop! You're the meanest! You're the worst!" She stomped her foot. He smirked even more.

"Only to you." Sakura pouted, crossing her arms and turning away to walk to her living room. She didn't get far. With a surprised shriek, she was pulled at the waist with one arm, his hand was against her abdomen and she could feel his back. Such strong arms. His breath fanned against her ear. She gasped, a blush coming to her face as she looked down at his hand and while it stayed in place, she was imagining it getting lower. His lips pressed against his ear, a smirk coming to his lips at the blush he could see behind her hair.

"Forgive me, Sakura." He murmured huskily. She held back a shiver, still staring down at his hand as his fingers gave the slightest graze to hold her tighter. She said nothing. She only turned and kissed him with greed, the two of them falling onto the couch.

She already did.

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Naruto: Oi? How did you manage to slip away from Sasuke-teme and get back? He's not chasing you anymore today?

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