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Seven Days in Heaven

False alarm everyone! Nothing bad this chapter...somewhat.

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Her hand was the only thing he felt when walking back to her apartment. His entire body felt weightless, even lighter than air. He noted every single shy glance she threw at him. His eyes could honestly not leave her. Every movement, every sway, was copied and burned into his mind. As they walked up the stairs, she was like an angel, guiding him to the gates of heaven. That brought the question to mind. Did he die? Was this his own personal heaven created for him? How did he even die? 'Who cares?' His conscience instantly answered to his questions and he couldn't agree more. Why anyone in the world cared was beyond him, because he sure as hell didn't. If this was his afterlife; an eternity with her at his grasp, he couldn't have cared less about his life before passing.

What was it they said when someone passed away sometimes? He was in a better place? He sure as hell was.

They entered her apartment, the door closing behind him. The moment the door closed he pulled her against him, claiming her lips. He kissed her feverishly, being urged with how closely she held him. Both her arms wrapped around his neck and she was trying to kiss him just as hard as he was. Both their reservations of each other were gone now that he had claimed her. It was as if everything they had both been holding back was now pouring out of them, unable to even stop or slow down for even a split second. She was hopelessly moaning lightly in his mouth and with her cropped shirt, he gripped at her silk like skin.

One of their phones was ringing but he didn't care and neither did she. He could only continue kissing her, relishing in the feeling of her kissing him back. Her hands massaging through his hair. The feeling of her body against his.

What the hell was a phone anyway?

When they pulled away, their eyes met, connecting to each other through thought and soul alike.

"You'll...really stay?" She asked. Sasuke kissed her along her cheek bone, kissing until he was hovering his lips over her ear.

"Whatever you want." He muttered. Sasuke lowered his head slightly to her neck, taking in her scent.

"Do you want me to leave or do you want me to stay?" He questioned, awaiting to hear her answer. She felt his hands graze across her skin, touching her gently and sending chills down her body. Wherever his fingers left she could still feel them, a pleasant sensation sending electricity throughout her body. Her eyes half lidded and hazed she turned towards his adjacent ear and she gave her answer.

"Stay with me." She mumbled. He pulled back to kiss her again. She moved, guiding him over to the living room where he decided to sit first and pulled her down to sit on his lap. She gasped in surprise and blushed with embarrassment, but he didn't care.

She was his and he was intent on making that permanent for both him and for her. He'd break down her final walls and have her in such a need for him she'd realize every last thing she had done to him, from breaking his sanity to outright taking over his mind. He'd have her begging for him the way she made him dream of. He kissed her and he didn't care what anyone else thought. So long as she was in his arms, so long as he was in her presence, everything else in the world was second to her. She was his priority and his only want. He kissed her again, easing her into relaxing on him. They fought a tongue war, time passing them and being ignored by them both. His father's very first lessons gone and out the window thanks to her; watching the clock was a nuisance he couldn't care less about. Especially with her moaning in his mouth having won the war of dominance. He felt the need for more, feeling her turn a bit towards him. His body shivered when her fingers grazed down his neck and to his chest, the touch sending electricity through one side when she was touching his skin.

They finally pulled apart and Sasuke stared up at her with his eyes filled with longing. It was everything he dreamed of. Everything he wanted. That look in her eyes of mutual desire was everything he imagined. Her touch was everything he fantasized. Gently his legs spread so that she now sat in between them, her legs hooked over one of his. She clutched to his chest, pushing herself closer to him. He found himself begging the question, why? Why had fate been so cruel to not allow him to discover her sooner? Why couldn't he have met her years ago? Why did he have to wait all these years to find her?

His hand grazed her lower back, feeling the scar he once felt. Unrelated to her gunshot wound, it was a slash, running across her back towards her hip. His eyes lowered.

"Where is this from?" He asked. He felt her body become rigid, her eyes lowering. He used his other free hand to caress her face.

"Tell me. I want to know everything about you." He said softly and gently, his caress of her face coaxing her to come out of that shell of hers. Sakura continued to avoid his gaze as he continued to stroke the scar. He only stared at her face, awaiting an answer. If she didn't want to answer, then he would accept it, but he did not lie in saying he wanted to know. He still had yet to unravel the true mystery that was Haruno Sakura. He still had yet to break down these mysterious barriers she had in place that he could see but could not get passed. He was sure that these were the walls put up because of her past and he was determined to be the first and only to break down those walls.

"It...happened when Naruto got kidnapped years ago. I had already left the slums for the Accelerated Education Foundation, but Tsunade-Shishou got word to me that she hadn't seen him in a week which was just not right." She started and Sasuke listened. His one hand still stroking the scar, his other moved to stroke her soft locks.

"I went after him. I found him in Suna, believe it or not with a crew that was with Sasori too." The mention of a name that seemed from so long ago made his blood boil. That bastard had not only troubled and caused her strife more than once but had laid his hands on his best friend as well. He felt his rage increase.

When the finalization of him owning the prison was over, he'd have some alone time with Sasori. The man would give him names and he'd find every last person who dared to hurt her.

"I fought them all with Shikamaru and another friend of ours. But, one of those guys had some sort of whip that they were using on Naruto and they caught me there." Sasuke's eyes narrowed.

"Where are they now?" He questioned. Sakura gave a soft shrug.

"I don't know. Other than Sasori, I'm not sure what happened to the others that were there." She answered. His hand moved. Those pictures of her in a bikini did more than just show him gorgeous views of her body. He saw her scars in them as well, and while they weren't bad looking, he noted every last one of them. His hand touch another on her shoulder, this one faint and a bit dark but old.

"What about this one?" She closed her eyes feeling soothed by his touches. She never thought a single touch could be so calming and relaxing. She wanted more of it.

"I was running away from someone and they caught up to me. I was pretty little so when they kicked me, I was sent to the floor hard and I scraped it on the concrete." She said quietly. He glared at nothing in particular, scowling and teeth clenching with disdain. Who else did he have to go hunting for? He didn't care if it took him years of his life, he would find anyone and everyone that ever hurt her and end them himself. He'd make them suffer and he'd force them to beg for forgiveness. Even if she didn't want it, being the gentle soul he knew she was. He knew if she very found he did such a thing she'd scold him, chastise him, tell him to let it go. Even so, it was a risk he was willing to take.

He had said it before, anyone and anything that ever hurt her would be subject to answering to him and him alone. His hand moved to her thigh, an x-shaped scar on the side of it, near her knee.

"What about this one?" She was silent for a moment, before she buried her face into his neck.

"It...was an attempt to make me talk." She whispered. His eyes widened. If he was interpreting right then this scar...was an act of torture.

"Make...you talk?" He questioned slowly.

"They...wanted Naruto. He knew someone they wanted to get to and since I foiled their plans the first time when they kidnapped him they came for me." She answered. Sasuke's eyes lowered, feeling her body start trembling slightly in his hands. He supposed now he had no choice but to thank fate. He could have never met her to begin with. She could have been long gone from this world and he wouldn't have been none the wiser of it.

"Kakashi and Naruto found me. They...saved me…" Sakura whimpered and she found herself breaking. It wasn't a breaking of her soul or spirit but she felt she had no choice but to tell Sasuke everything. A boundary. A wall being torn down just from Sasuke's command.

"I-I was...so scared. I ...was so weak and stupid to fall for their trap. I-I..." She never told anyone this. Only Naruto, Kakashi and Shikamaru knew and she didn't know what made her open to Sasuke. It was one of the memories that haunted her. A reason she didn't sleep much at night and a reason she drank sometimes. She did her best not to start crying, as she swore she'd never break down about it ever again. Yet she could still feel the punches, kicks, slaps, cuts, all while being unable to defend herself. Yes. She was scared. She had even lost hope in being saved by anyone. Her hands clutched Sasuke's shirt for comfort.

"I was so weak...so stupid! I-I—" In almost an instant, the fear, the terrifying memory; it was all gone. All her fears of the past washed away as his hand lifted her face and he kissed her again. He kissed her with so much passion he hoped it made her forget about everything that had ever happened to her. He hoped she found solace in his arms. He wanted nothing more than to make her feel safe and he now had a new goal in his life. He'd protect her with every fiber of his being. With all his might. With his life and last breath. Honestly enough, Naruto was right in his statement earlier. He'd die for her if need be.

Pulling her as close as he possibly could, he kissed her harder and more feverishly. He relished in her moans and was egged on further into desire as she held him close. He'd make her forget every horrific moment she ever had in her life. He'd make sure she knew only that she was here in his arms, safe from those bastards who would never touch her again. He also made a mental note. He was going to find every last bastard who touched her and make them suffer. He may not have been around at the time, but now that he knew about this he was not going to let this go. Not even a little bit.

"Sasuke-kun…" She whispered softly as they parted for air. His thumb caressed her lips staring down at them with obsession. It long been decided. His entire mind and body was hers to bend and use to her will. Whatever she wanted, it would be done. Without question, he'd grant her any request. Would his life be the same way it was before he met her if he never did meet her? Would he be stuck in a constant loop of work and sleep and nothingness. A dull, empty cycle that was now broken thanks to her and everyday was fun. Everyday was a joy. Everyday there was something to look forward to and all of that was through her. He'd do the same for her. He swore to himself he'd give her a life of nothing but happiness, where all her dreams came true and she had nothing to fight about. Naruto said she had fought and struggled for all she had gained and now that he was here, he would ensure she achieved whatever she wanted without effort. Even if he had to pull a few tricks with his influence.

"Don't be afraid anymore...I'm here. I'm here to stay and I won't let anyone hurt you ever again." He promised her tenderly and this time she reached up to kiss him. He responded with utter bliss. Her kisses were so tender and loving. Her lips practically melted into his. His phone in his pocket rang caused her to pull away and it made him scoff. Dismissively and in rejection, he buried his face into her neck and closed his eyes. Sakura giggled a little, eyeing him with a raised eyebrow as he didn't move after that.

"Sasuke-kun what if it's something important?" She said, an obvious push for him to answer the phone but he didn't give a damn.

"The only thing important to me is here…" He grumbled in annoyance, nudging further into her neck. No. There was no fucking way anything was going to interrupt them right now. He refused. He absolutely, positively refused and anything that was going to come in between them, was going to see wrath, death and afterlife judgment through him all at once. His hand reached into his pocket, pulling out the phone and turning off the damn thing before tossing it somewhere.

He swore to all the heavens and the hells of every world culture alike, even the ancient ones, the next person to knock on her damn door tonight was not going to survive.

Sakura giggled again, his exasperated sigh causing the fanning of a slight ticklish spot at her neck as he returned into snuggling into it. She combed a hand through his hair.

"Are you tired?" She asked. His body relaxed, and his mind felt slightly clouded. It had been a long time since anyone ever asked him that question. Such a simple question that sounded almost foreign to him and yet when she asked, he felt weighted. He was realizing he was tired and more than just tired from the day's passing. He had been exhausted—for years. He was so drained and fatigued and he was only noticing it now.

"Yes…" He mumbled.

"Do...you want to go to bed?" He held her tightly, the object of sleep sounding all too comforting, especially if it was with her. Looked like he was getting a second chance at holding her all night. He'd remember it this time too.

"Do I get to hold you all night?" He asked, eyes closed and still nestled into her neck. Sakura blushed at the question, the memory of him holding her while passed out replaying in her mind.

"I-If you want...you have a few phone conferences at eight am tomorrow."

"Whatever." He grumbled.

"Ah. And I think you're having another appointment with another lawyer tomorrow at twelve." He glared into her skin, his eyebrow twitching with annoyance.

"Hn." He grunted in slight irritation. He wanted nothing to do with work right now and with that thought, he stood and lifting her effortlessly, bridal style. Sakura gave a surprised shriek, clutching on to him. She blushed.

"You didn't have to carry me!" She whined lightly as he walked into her bedroom, the short distance between the living room and there allowing for a quick escape. Sasuke only rolled his eyes.

"It was either that or wait until you ran through my whole schedule for tomorrow." He grumbled. Sakura glared and pouted, being placed on the bed. She crossed her arms and glared, sitting cross legged in her bed as Sasuke stepped over to the only chair by a small desk in the room. He eyed the picture on it as he took off his blazer, seeing her and Naruto with an arm wrapped around each other. They both held up the peace sign with big grins on their faces. Naruto seemed like a teenager and so did Sakura if only a bit younger. He smiled softly. Her pink hair was still short, but was a bit wilder and almost layered. In it was a red ribbon, the ties poking out from the bottom of her hair near her ends. She was wearing ripped black jeans, black and white converse and a red tank top with a large black sweater.

So that's what she looked like younger. Naruto was not lying all these years after all. She was a pretty girl. He still had yet to ask Naruto why he never introduced them before…

"So mean. I was just going to remind you that you…" She paused. Sasuke was still looking at the picture on the desk but had removed his blazer and vest, resting it on the chair. He started pulling down his tie, looking at her with the sudden silence.

"Remind me of what?" He asked. Sakura blushed, watching as he took it off and began to unbutton the first two in his shirt. In the dim lighting of her bedroom, filled only with the soft warm light of her lamp on her desk, he looked almost godlike. Perfect shadows and accents lined his handsome face and body made Sakura forget whatever it was she was about to say and spurring butterflies in her stomach. She asked herself if this was real. Was she really about to lay in bed with such a handsome man?

"Uh-Uhm…" She blanked, looking down in embarrassment. She completely lost her train of thought, eyes doing her best to avoid looking at him. Sasuke raised an eyebrow, sitting in front of her crossed legs, turned sideways to face her.

"Sakura?" He questioned, now a bit confused.

"N-Nevermind. I-I'm...just tired too." She stuttered, still blushing. Her eyes lifted to meet his confused ones and the instant she did he decided to let it go. It didn't matter.

He took off his shoes as Sakura pulled the covers back. He laid down beneath them, facing Sakura as she did the same. He stared at her, their eye contact never leaving each other as they stayed in silence. He caressed her hair from her face gently and in response, she shifted to be closer to him. She clutched his shirt gently at his chest and he looked down at her, slowly wrapping his arm around her waist. His head lowered kissing her forehead and wrapping his other arm around her. Sakura's eyes lowered, a smile coming to her face, until her eyes caught a small glint, something shiny around his neck and once she was able to recognize the silver chain on his neck, her eyes shimmered.

"Is that the necklace I gave you for your birthday?" She asked in astonishment. He reached in pulling out the silver chain whilst smirking at her.

"Did you think I wouldn't wear it? I have for everyday I opened it. By the way, no, I don't have dozens of these. This is my first and only one." He answered honestly, recalling how shy she was about the gift when giving it to him. She blushed again, feeling her heart leap with joy at the revelation.

"S-So you liked it?" He snickered, kissing her again.

"Do you know me as a man tolerating anything I don't like?" He asked as they pulled away. Sakura couldn't help but chuckle, already knowing the answer.

"Of course not." His smirk turned into a wholehearted smile and he pulled her closer to snuggle beneath his chin. She accepted without reservation, closing her eyes as she wrapped her arm around him. Sasuke was so warm and cozy. She felt so safe and secure. His slightly musky and minty cologne smelled good and lulled her into sleepiness. Him stroking her hair furthered this.

"Sasuke-kun…" She whispered.


"Thank you…" She said quietly. She was grateful to him. She was grateful for his very existence. He pulled back slightly, only to see tears falling from her eyes, though there was a beautiful smile in her face. He caressed them away moving to kiss her lips.

"Why are you crying?" He asked tenderly. She touched his hand closing her still tearful eyes.

"I'm...just happy. I've...I've never felt like this before." She whispered.

"I've...never had someone hold me like this before. Or kiss me like this before. Or…" She trailed, not getting a chance to finish as he kissed her lips softly. He was her first as well? It made him all the more satisfied. He had won her heart against all the other suitors he could have lost to and he was intent on keeping her.

"I'll hold and kiss you a thousand times and then a million more if you wish it. Ask anything of me and it will be done." He said against her lips, staring into her eyes. She smiled at him, her eyes still tearing a bit.

"Thank you, Sasuke-kun." She murmured, touching the hand on her cheek.

"No, Sakura...thank you...for everything." He murmured against her lips, wiping away a final stray tear. He kissed her again before pulling her back against him, caressing her hair again in soothing, slow strokes. In peace, he closed his eyes. It wasn't too long until he felt her hands lessen their grip from clutching his shirt. Her breathing had become slower and heavier. He didn't know how many hours had passed him after that. He stayed awake stroking through her hair, every once and a while taking in her features. A gentle smile reached his lips.

"Goodnight, Sakura." He whispered softly.

Music woke him up in the morning and after slowly stirring to wake up, Sasuke glared from the ceiling towards the source of cheery piano music. Sakura's phone on the nightstand was his target and in an alternate universe, the poor device spontaneously combusted into flames at his will. He looked down at the still dormant beauty in his arms and as gently as he could he leaned over, turning off the alarm and looking at the time. Seven am. He placed the phone on the bed a little behind her and caressed her face. His tender eyes grew warmer. A whole night of her to himself and he wanted nothing more. No calls, no paperwork, no meetings or emails or phone calls. A night with just her and being with her and he couldn't be happier.

They were both supposed to be at work today, yet, he didn't give a damn. This was better than having to have minimal glances at her and an hour of free time with her at most.

"Sakura…" He gently called out. She only nudged against him.

"Mmm…" She moaned. Sasuke found the sound pleasing to hear.

"It's seven." He told her.

"Mmhmm…" He smirked in amusement. Was she that tired? She had not even the energy for words?

"Do you have something to do today?"

"Mm-mm." No. So she forgot she was supposed to be at work with him? Was she that comfortable in his arms? A small chuckle escaped him. He gently kissed her forehead and softly stroked her face. She groaned, snuggling deeper into his neck. He smirked. So he was still in heaven? He had fallen asleep and awakened in her arms again. This wasn't a dream or a fantasy. This was real. As softly as he could, he gently let go of her and sat up, never one to stay in bed for long, even though everything in him was screaming that he wanted to. He wanted to stay with her body on his, but even so, she was right last night. He had some things to do today and while he could possibly clear some of those things out his schedule, it still required him to get up and get his phone from wherever he threw it last night.

"Mmm...where are you going?" He heard from behind him. He turned slightly, his eye coming to meet her tired emeralds. He reached over, moving a missed strand of hair from her face.

"I just need to cancel some things for today and tell Kakashi a few things." He answered softly. She grabbed his hand.

"Stay." She murmured tiredly. He stared, enchanted by her. She had casted some sort of spell over him. It was witchcraft. It had to be. Every command she gave him swayed him and his mind and it was ordained into him. He was impulsed into following every order she gave, even one worded. He leaned down kissing her cheek in apology.

"I'll be right back." He promised. He felt her other hand snake around his neck and he was pulled to kiss her lips. He stared into her closed eyelids for just a moment before he was overcome by her. He kissed her back lovingly, the only thing separating him from her being the need for oxygen. She stared up at him and Sakura didn't want to part from him. It was proven twice now for her; a night in his arms was probably the only way she could sleep through a full night without being awaken by nightmares or paranoia. She had thought last night that he was godlike and now she knew to equate him to the mythological god Morpheus; the God of Dreams. 'Please don't leave me.' She wanted to say desperately. A god of the night that could possibly be the reason for the only night of peaceful siesta she had in years, she didn't want him to leave. She didn't want to see him gone. She had always preferred the night as opposed to the day.

Sakura kissed him again and hoping she would be able to entice the God of Dreams to stay with her by any means. She hoped she could attract him enough for him to stay here beside her, to hold and caress her into peace, for a peaceful slumber she didn't remember ever having even once throughout all of her life. He caressed her as their lips parted, the inky irises of the God of Dreams staring into her very soul.

"Are you hungry?" He questioned. Sakura could only shake her head. She didn't want to let him go. She couldn't let him go. Why did he have to go? He moved to kiss her cheek and lovingly stroked her waist.

"You sure? I'll order us breakfast." He offered. Sakura stared, a gentle look coming over her eyes.

"I'm fine...I'll make us some coffee if you want." She offered. He smiled.

"We both know I can't resist your coffee." He reminded. She giggled only to stop as he gently left her distracted grasp. She turned back on her side, watching him go and her hands were lost to him. Before she could have him in her arms again, he had already stood and she was staring at his back. A lyric from a song she knew crossed her mind.

Morpheus, how could you leave me when I had need of your love?

She watched him leave the door, her heart suddenly beginning to ache. He was only the next room over, how would it be like when he was gone for three weeks out of Konoha? What would she do? Would she just be off without him being there? Would she work without him there? Her eyes pained, clutching at where he once laid beside her. Only the first night of knowing she wanted to be with him and she could barely stand the thought of being without him already. How was she going to be able to deal with this?

"Sasuke? Is everything alright? It's rare of you to take off work when not on business." Kakashi spoke to him on the other line as he walked back towards the bedroom.

"Kakashi, stop questioning me and cover for me like your supposed to." Sasuke snarled, walking back into the bedroom after what felt like an eternity to her, even though he was only gone for the better part of two minutes. Upon his return, she sat up staring at him as he walked towards the bed, and was on her knees at the edge of it to meet with his approaching body. Hinata had been right when she said she didn't have to worry about them getting closer because they already were but what did she do now? How did she keep him the way Hinata kept Naruto or the way Temari kept Shikamaru? She wrapped her arms around his neck and watched as he stared at her, his gaze smoldering and gentle. She stared at his lips, unable to resist as she moved to kiss them. He seemed unable to resist her, kissing her back and holding the phone in his ear.

"Alright, alright, I was just curious. Like I said, it's rare for you to take off of work if you're not gone for a business trip. The only thing I have to ask about is the deal between you and Hyuuga-san that is also supposed involve Terumi and Sabaku?" Kakashi said on the other line. He grabbed her close, having no choice but to kill two birds with one stone. His options were to kiss her for as long as he wanted or to continue on in absolute horror and turmoil from having to be torn from her. Nothing else. He had to choose between going to work with her or desiring her when she was supposed to be his. Instead, he was trapped by her lips, gripping her with need while his other hand was beginning to lose its fight over holding his phone.

"Sasuke?" He was very close to hanging up his phone.

"The deal is already written out. They know what they have to do." Sasuke growled, in frustration as he had to part from her lips to talk. Instead, he was granted with even more influence from her. She was kissing down his cheek and jawline, further tempting him into more than just sharing a bed with her for sleep. He wasn't sure if she knew exactly what she was doing to him. Feeling her body in his hands was an unspeakable want. Screw everything else. Screw all the daily life of whatever it was he had to do. He claimed her lips again, pulling her close to him.

"You got a call from Shirahana-san by the way. She wanted to thank you for your attendance to the venue and has sent some of her scientist over to our department in accordance with your deal." He heard vaguely, pushing down Sakura into the bed after being pulled and his phone fell from his hand. Damn it. He was supposed to be the one influencing her yet she had him wrapped around her finger. Then again, maybe this was his reward for enticing her. He could feel one of her hands wrap into his hair, while her other was rubbing down his neck and chest. He flinched, feeling one of her legs rub against his and instant reaction his body grinded against her. He heard Sakura gasp against his lips, her grip on him tightening and her tongue fought against him in declaration of war. He almost smirked, until he heard the speaker over the phone right beside her.

"Hello? Sasuke?" His eyes opened to glare at the phone. Damn everything in his life that wasn't her. Forcing himself to part from her lips, he grabbed the phone in frustration.

"Deal with it Kakashi. That's what you're being paid for. Don't bother me for the rest of the day." He murmured, disinterested with whatever didn't require his attention right now. He hung up instantly. That was it. There was no reason now for them to have any interruptions. No one could bother them today. Naruto should be at work. Everyone else should be busy. He'd have her all to himself. Being on top of her like this left very little room for clear cognitive function. Her moans and body further fogging his mind. He moved, trailing kisses along her cheek and down her jaw. His lips pressed against her neck, brushing them down and hearing her gasp in reaction. He smirked, feeling her arch her neck a bit to grant him more skin.

Perfect. He really was influencing her the way she had done to him. If he kept this up, he would have her pleading for him. She'd be unable to resist him.

"Sa-ku-ra…" He murmured against her skin playfully, giving soft nips and kisses at her neck. Last night was not going to be his only act of vengeance against her. He had a lot to get back at her for. Driving away his sanity was one of those things and if she was going to make him go crazy over her, then he was going to be damn sure she lost her mind to him. He decided it. He would take over her mind and even when he wasn't near her, she'd be so crazed over him she'd think he was. Keeping his lips against her skin he brushed them up towards her ear, hearing her give a light moan and her body shivered beneath his touch. His smirk widened feeling it.

"Coffee...sounds really good right now." He mumbled. He moved to watch her face heat up and turn crimson red. Her body beneath his tensed as he kissed her forehead and trailed them down her nose and lips. Sakura shrieked, pushing off him and ungracefully running towards the door. He gave out a laugh, standing and following her to find her in her kitchen. She eyed him, her cheeks still red as she rummaged for whatever coffee she had in the house. She eyed his smirk, giving him a slight glare.

"You're so mean, Sasuke-kun." She grumbled beginning to measure out the coffee and put it in the filter for the machine. He walked up behind her, wrapping his arms around her gently. He watched her movements still. He buried his face into her hair, giving a soft smile as he felt her relax in his arms.

"Forgive me." He murmured into her hair, taking mental notes as she measured the coffee. This was the first time ever he was actually watching her make it and he really always wondered if she did something special to it.

"I already have." She laughed out lightly, placing the filter full of coffee into the machine and pressing the button. He raised an eyebrow.

"Is that all you do to make my coffee?" He asked. She giggled.

"What? Were you expecting something else?" She asked. His eyebrow twitched. He didn't understand. What the hell made her coffee taste so damn good? Even as it was brewing right now, he found himself falling in love with the smell as the aroma filled the room. He bet if he made the coffee it would smell or taste nothing like hers. It was always consistent. Always uplifting and soul encompassing.

"Why does your coffee taste so good if you don't do anything special to it?" He growled out in frustration. Sakura giggled.

"I make it with love?" She said playfully. He smirked. She walked right into this one.

"Oh?" His lips hovered over her ear again.

"Are you already confessing your love for me?" He asked, grabbing her face gently and pulling her to look at him. She blushed a deep crimson red on her cheeks, completely speechless as he lowered his lips to hers, wishing she would say yes. Sakura could only ask herself, would it be too soon to tell him yes? That he had utterly stole her heart without her even realizing when or even how he did? She settled for kissing him, turning in his arms to wrap hers around his neck. It was the only action she was sure about and she didn't fear his response to. She moaned as his tongue ran against hers, pushing her body against his as she tiptoed to kiss him more deeply. He pushed her against kitchen counter. She was so damn addictive. Each time their lips met, he found himself influenced into euphoria. He realized now, he would always lose his mind over her. Each kiss was an addition to his newfound addiction, every minute she spent in his arms was another second he didn't want to let go of her.

The beeping of the coffee maker that indicated it was ready went ignored for a while.

"Um...Sasuke-kun…" She called to him as they pulled away. The smell of coffee was nothing to him. He needed coffee to live and yet, if he substituted her, it was absolutely irrelevant. He watched as her eyes shifted from his, an insecure gleam coming to her eyes.

"What is it?" He questioned, not liking that look one bit. She should have nothing to feel insecure or doubtful of and considering that look was being placed on her face with him, every instinct in him said it had to do with this. With them, like this. She was silent for a moment and seeing her hesitation, he gently cupped her chin and pulled her to look him in the eye.

"Talk to me." He ordered, keeping his tone calm and collected, even though he was now experiencing a bit of anxiety. Did she have regrets of allowing him to kiss her? Was this not what she wanted? All along, had he been imagining all of this? He didn't like this feeling in his chest and if he had to put a name to it, it was something he hadn't felt in a long time. Fear. Even worse, this was a new fear inside of him. This wasn't a fear he had ever felt before. Was she going to say this was a mistake? Was that what she thought?

"W-What...does this make us? I-I…" She was still avoiding looking him in the eye and still trying to keep her composure. Sasuke's eyebrows furrowed, at the question.

"What do you mean?" He asked back. He wanted clarification. As always, he was thorough and with her he would be extra thorough. He had already decided she would be his priority in all things.

"W-Well...I-I've never...done something like this before with anyone and I...I really…" Her face blushed again, a look of discomfort flashing on her as he listened to her.

"I-I...r-really...like you...a lot." She whispered hesitantly. His eyes lighted with her confession. She didn't say she loved him, but it was enough for him. He was beyond certain he felt more than just a like for her, but like with everything around her, he'd follow her pace.

"I like you more." He gave as his answer. She stared into his eyes, hers glimmering with the statement, feeling him caress her face.

"This is new for me too and we can take it as slow as you want to. All I ask is that you let me be with you. I ask that you be with me. That's all I want." He ended. Sakura's eyes lighted, a smile coming to her face and she jumped up, hugging him excitedly.

"Yes! Be with me! Please!" She yelled out excitedly and Sasuke had to hold his footing as she kicked her legs in the air. He grunted, his eyebrow twitching and holding her. When he finally got his footing settled while still holding her body in the air, he could only smirk, hearing her giggle. A little over two months ago, he had said he could care less for romantics and he swore he had no time for such affairs. Something like this had no place in his world before and now, it was all he wanted. She was all he wanted. Her smile, her laughs, her kisses and embraces. He wanted it all and to gain that, he'd grant her what she wanted.

"As you wish."

"Did you really think you'd screw me over? Me, of all people on this planet and thought you were going to get away with it?" Sasuke snarled at the businessman in his office. The seasoned man however only glared back.

"Watch your tone with me Uchiha! I abided by our contract!"

"Where the hell does it say in the contract that would could pull the project and use my money to pay off the unused products. Did you think I wouldn't find out?!" Sasuke yelled, standing and glaring furiously. The man seemed flustered, the dumbfounded look on his face irritating Sasuke further. This bastard definitely figured he'd get away with slighting him.

"I-I—" Sasuke had enough. All day today had been nothing but frustrations, one after the other. Every meeting, every phone call, every email, a blatant attempt to piss him off. One employee not doing their job, another screw up from another department. Today had been nothing but a waste of his time, energy and money.

"Consider yourself and your sponsorship terminated. Get out and expect a call from my lawyers." Sasuke snarled. The man stood instantly, the look of regret on his face meaning nothing to Sasuke one bit.

"S-Sir, I—"

"Get. Out." Sasuke seethed. Seeing there was no moving an immovable object, Sasuke watched the man leave and sat down in his chair sighing. He rubbed his forehead, groaning and mentally screaming. The worst part had to have been that his day was far from over. He heard knocks at the door and mentally prepared himself. What now?

"Enter." He grumbled without opening his eyes. Upon hearing the door open Sasuke felt every last frustration he had be washed away in an instant. She walked into his office, closing the door behind her. As she walked over, Sasuke stood, moving to meet her in front of his desk. The moment she was in his reach, he snaked his arm around her waist and pulled her close, at the same time, burying his face into her neck. Nothing was said between them for a moment and it didn't need to be said. Sakura only wrapped her arms around him, one hand combing through his hair and the other rubbing up and down his chest soothingly. He couldn't help but close his eyes in comfort, nuzzling a bit deeper into her skin and carving her scent into his brain. Strawberries and flowers filled his nose, her aroma calming him into almost a feeling of blankness.

The past week had been like this and Sasuke was certain this was whatever deity above watching his life showing him that he needed Sakura more than he had ever needed anything in his life. Every feeling of anger brought to him from a day filled with irritation was lifted from him just from looking at her. Holding her washed away all his frustration. Time lost its meaning when with her. If it existed at all, it was inching by, slower than any sloth on the planet. When it was over, he felt like it still wasn't enough. He always wanted more. It broke something in him watching her leave and it was only quelled at night when he drove her home.

Each night since their first he walked with her hand in hand and in the privacy of her home had her all to himself. He only left to grab extra clothing from his home and return to her. Every night he was granted with her presence. It was a new experience each evening really. He learned the comfort of staying home and simply doing nothing. He had watched movies he never had the time to see before. He found out Sakura's love of horror films and that she absolutely couldn't stand them, but simply liked the thrill of a good scare, even if she grew insanely paranoid after. He had even grown a bit of interest in her studies, reading along with her as she read a textbook on the human anatomy one night. He found that he had forgotten the feeling of just sitting with someone and eating a nice home cooked meal.

He hadn't sat and ate with someone that wasn't for a meeting in years. The last time he ate with someone in privacy was when his parents had been around and Sakura renewed those lost feelings of heartwarming comfort and content. Idle chat was becoming easier and he enjoyed his conversations with Sakura. She would even help him draw simpler conclusions to decisions he had to make when he consulted with her. Going to bed with her was just as peaceful and where he was often tempted by the feel of her body, he was just as content to hold her all night. Even in a bed as small as her twin sized one, having her close to him was comfortable and satiated his needs. Tracing the features of her slumbering face was a ritual he repeated religiously and he was sure he could draw her if prompted even when he wasn't an artistic man.

"I heard you yelling again today. Everything okay?" Sakura cut through the comfortable silence, though he didn't mind. Her voice was a melody to him, gentle and soft; one he could listen to all day and night. The gentle vertical rubbing of his chest increased his content. He almost purred.

"It's fine. I'm a bit tired. Don't worry about that." He mumbled. His thumb began rubbing up and down, caressing her back with affection.

"Any messages for me?" He questioned, mostly out of necessity rather than an actual vigilance. He really didn't care who the hell called. He didn't care what messages he had. But if he could listen to her voice and have her all to himself, even if it would be just for an hour, he couldn't care less about having to find reasons for her to come see him.

"Not many for today actually. Terumi-san said she wants to speak to you about the proceedings for her partnership."

"Already sent her a fax." He grumbled.

"Neji wanted me to tell you he's already met the quota you set for your partnership with Hyuuga Inc." Her hand on his chest lifted to caress his partially exposed face. She felt along his cheek bone, gently lowering down to the line of his jaw.

"Don't care."

"Ah. Shuichi-san, the private detective you might hire called in and wanted to confirm tonight at eight. I meant to ask you but I got a little busy with the phones."

"Cancel it." Sakura raised an eyebrow.

"Neh? Why? Should I reschedule it too?" She asked out of complete reaction. He grunted in response.

"I have somewhere more important to be." He informed matter-of-factly. Sakura's eyes glinted with curiosity. What could be so important that Sasuke would straight out cancel an appointment? Did he have some sort of emergency?

"Oh? Where?" She couldn't help but ask. Sasuke held her a bit more tightly. After the last week of constant frustration and fighting, he had only one place he wanted to be at all. The one place he found comfort and genuine happiness.

"Here." He mumbled. Sakura hummed in questioning, not understanding what he meant.

"Hmm? You have to stay late tonight? Did something come up?" Sakura asked a bit densely. Sasuke couldn't help but smirk into a neck, a slight chuckle escaping him. He lifted his head, looking down at her from his height.

"What are you doing at around eight tonight?" He sighed almost tiredly. Sakura lighted slowly with realization. She blushed a light pink shade that matched her hair, staring into his eyes. Sasuke smirked at her stunned silence, moving on of his hands to her face.

"You haven't given me an answer yet. Does that mean you don't want to be with me?" He asked, his face lowering to hers. In an almost hypnotized state, Sakura's eyelids lowered, her hands around his neck. The last week of being with him had been like a dream. A story straight out of a fairy tale. She liked having him around. Lonely nights with a glass of whiskey or wine had become fun nights with him. She wasn't alone and she found herself feeling complete when she was with Sasuke than when she was alone. Where she didn't complain about it, she had always felt lonely. She knew that's why Naruto and the others checked in on her so much and while she had always appreciated the company, she found herself not needing it anymore. Not with Sasuke there.

"I...want to be with you…" She whispered to him breathlessly, his lips brushing against hers. He was just about to claim her lips, until there were knocks on his door. His eyes shifted to the door behind her, giving a malicious glare as she pulled away from him in surprise. Who dared to interrupt his time with her? Who was the bastard? He was certain he wasn't scheduled for anything for another forty minutes. He had set up his lunch break to have Sakura to himself for at least an hour.

"Tch. Ignore it." He grumbled, holding her tighter. She turned back, giving him her attention again.

"But—" She didn't have time a chance to refute him. He claimed her lips, kissing her and pulling her against him. She gasped in surprise and he took the opportunity to claim her with his tongue. Her eyes shut, trying to desperately hold back a moan. Whoever was outside could possibly hear. She didn't want someone to get the wrong idea. Whoever was there gave another set of knocks but Sasuke was stubborn. When she tried to pull away, he'd pull her back in, punishing her for resisting him with a stronger hold and more of his tongue. Sakura lost her thoughts, unable to hold back a shy and soft moan. Sasuke inwardly smirked, continuing his influence on her. He rubbed up her back and Sakura was pushing herself to him even tighter. He separated his lips, but kept them hovering over hers purposely, teasingly. He couldn't hold back the smirk that lined his lips when she kissed him instead. He obliged her, feeling her hands rub into her hair.


Sasuke and Sakura's eyes both snapped open, wide eyed and in complete shock. There were met with another sound of a picture being taken and this time coupled with flash. Slowly, they looked to their left and there stood a grinning Naruto, eyes filled with wild excitement. There was a moment of complete and utter silence between the three as two stared at him with their still flabbergasted eyes.

"So, this is why you were ignoring me." Naruto chuckled out. The two stayed silent, still staring at him. Naruto raised his eyebrow at the lack of reaction from the two. They hadn't even moved.

"What?" He said, tilting his head. The first one to move was Sakura, dashing out of Sasuke's arms and screaming in a rage.

"NARUTOOOOOO!" Sakura screamed grabbing the blond and putting him in a headlock. Sasuke sighed in exasperation, closing his eyes with indifference while crossing his arms. Damn it. Of course he couldn't get something so simple like having her to himself in private. Not even his office was safe. The only place that appeared to be safe was Sakura's place.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow! OW! OWWWW SAKURA-CHAN THAT HURTS!" Naruto whined, subjugated to Sakura's wrath.

"BAKA! SASUKE-KUN DIDN'T TELL YOU TO ENTER! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!" Sakura yelled, her face redder than a tomato. In reaction to her anger, her hold on him got tighter, her other hand punching Naruto on the head repeatedly.

"OOOWWWW! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! JUST PLEASE LET GO! STOP HITTING ME!" Sakura growled angrily, releasing the blond who was rubbing his now throbbing head. Sakura crossed her arms, glaring irritatedly at Naruto. Why did he have to barge in? She pouted looking away.

"Geez, I didn't think you'd be that upset! Come on! The pictures came out nice too!" Naruto tried appeasing Sakura, showing her his phone. She couldn't help but peek at the picture she was being shown, and a blush painted her cheeks again. Naruto must have snuck into the room with the silence of a ninja, because the picture was taken at their sides. Sasuke was leaning against his desk, holding her tightly. She was against him like a woman not wanting to depart from her lover, her hands wrapped around him. Their locked lips pictured nothing but passion. Her face contorted into one mixed between happiness and embarrassment, her blush reddening gradually until her face was entirely beet red.

"BAAAKKAAA!" Sakura screamed dashing out the office and down the hall. Naruto and Sasuke watched her, Sasuke's look being completely displeased and Naruto's one of complete amusement and joy. He really never did get any kind of reaction like that from Sakura. He gave a big grin, chuckling to himself.

"Was that truly necessary, or are you just simply that stupidly inconsiderate?" Sasuke questioned with a sigh. Naruto grinned at Sasuke, his face glowing like that of a child's.

"Well, I would've said before, stupidly inconsiderate, but after that reaction, I'm gonna go with 'truly necessary'." Naruto laughed at the end of his statement and Sasuke could only give him a grudging look. Seriously, it was one frustration after another today. Something in fate's design had to have been messing with him. Naruto, noticing the look, sighed and gave an apologetic smile.

"Alright, alright, no need to look at me like that. I'm sorry. I didn't think you guys would be doing that! Hell, I didn't think you would do something like that in your own office. Geez. How long has this been going on and why didn't you tell me?" Naruto asked. Sasuke closed his eyes, turning to walk over to sit at his desk. His lunch hour ruined, he had no choice but to look at his emails and go over today's agenda. Worst part about it was it was more out of distraction rather than necessity. His body was still reeling back from Sakura's being against his. His lips were still tingling and his blood was rushing all over him. He was still mentally cursing Naruto.

"It happened last week. After you left with Hinata." He answered truthfully. Nothing important was in his emails. A proposal he knew was coming and was going to reject. A request for approval of vacation. An application for employment that should have been sent to his HR department for review.

"EEHHH! Why did you guys keep it a secret from me?!" Naruto whined, slamming his hands onto Sasuke's desk, not phasing the CEO one bit who stayed staring at his laptop.

"Tch. It wasn't a secret." Sasuke grumbled, eyeing an email in particular. He had been waiting for this one. The head of his technicians department. Possibly concerning the emails Sakura had been receiving. Naruto scoffed, crossing his arms begrudgingly.

"Then how come neither you or Sakura-Chan told me?" Naruto questioned, his tone resentful. A child upset that he had been kept out of the loop. Sasuke scoffed, his eyes scanning the contents of the only email he bothered to open.

"As if we had the time to bother with calling you about us." Sasuke grumbled, continuing to read. His eyebrows furrowed, continuing to read. Naruto gave a haughty smirk, never one to miss the opportunity to be mischievous.

"Oh, I get it. Couldn't get your hands off her, huh?" Naruto said, his smirk widening at the scornful glare Sasuke gave him, distracted from the email entirely.

"You know, after all these years, I'm just starting to realize just how manipulative you really are. I have no idea how Sakura put up with you on a day to day basis." Sasuke grumbled. Naruto grinned.

"Aaahh, come on! Don't paint me to be the bad guy! You got exactly what you wanted didn't ya? If it wasn't for me, you'd be a fumbling idiot. Well, just look at you now!" Naruto laughed, holding up the photo he showed Sakura. Sasuke couldn't help but look at it, eyeing the very same thing Sakura saw. In reaction, his cheeks burned, a glare coming to Sasuke's flustered eyes. He stood up hastily from his chair, slamming his fist into the desk.

"That was not your place and even Sakura acknowledges that!" Sasuke yelled, a blush still painting his cheeks. Naruto laughed. This reaction from Sasuke was better than the one he had gotten from Sakura. Sakura's was slightly expected but this reaction from Sasuke was a marvelous wonder of the world. This moment in time needed to be recorded for the history books.

"Aww, no need to be shy! I ship it! I've shipped it longer than everyone else!" Naruto proclaimed grinning. Sasuke glowered further, his blood red cheeks and ears completely betraying his scorning gaze.

"Idiot! It's only been a week!" Sasuke snarled. Naruto shrugged.

"With how fast you fell in love with her, we might as well say it's been two months." Naruto smirked, obviously referring to the first day he met Sakura. Sasuke's teeth gritted.

"Tch! You are just the damn worst!" Sasuke snarled. Naruto grinned, mentally noting how Sasuke didn't deny what he just said.

"I know! I'm the best!" Naruto claimed proudly. Sasuke scoffed, looking back down at the email, his eyebrows furrowing at a sentence he read. A request for a meeting with his technician as soon as possible. Naruto eyed the look, pushing aside the playfulness he had before with a look of concern coming to his blue eyes.

"What is it?" Naruto asked. Sasuke closed his laptop, looking to Naruto.

"I'll be back. I need to go." He spoke seriously and affirmatively. Naruto knew that tone meant nothing would deter him or slow him down and so, the blond nodded looking to Sasuke again.

"Is there anything you need me to do?" He questioned as Sasuke walked passed him.

"No. Get back to work."

Sakura sighed, walking out the building and checking the time with her phone. A whole forty minutes left until her lunch break was over and she was in desperate need for some air after what transpired with Naruto upstairs. She sighed, cursing underneath her breath. She really lost her cool back there. One minute, she had lost herself to Sasuke's affection and was drowning in it, the next her life had become a comedy. She groaned quietly, walking down the block and smacking her forehead. Stupid Naruto. Dumb, idiot! She wished she had locked the door now.

"Hey, you!" Someone called from behind her. The busy and crowded streets of the business district left little room for maneuverability and Sakura's anxiety rose. Other than Sasuke, Naruto and her closest friends, she didn't like being surprised or even approached from behind. After an incident years ago, she always gained a jolt of fear that caused her to act on instinct. She'd jump straight to aggression and it wasn't a personal thing. It was out of fear one that was probably amplified by one of her first lessons in her life and that was always keeping an eye over her shoulder. Be aware of your surroundings. She tried her best to control it when walking down busy streets like this, reminding herself that not everyone was out to get her. Taking deep breaths she whirled around, looking around only to see the red haired woman she now knew to be Karin. Sasuke's former secretary. She calmed herself as the woman approached. There was no threat. There was no need to regress to her defensive state of being. The woman came face to face with her, glaring at her. Again, Sakura told herself to remain calm. There was no need to be afraid. So long as no one approached her from behind she was fine.

"You're Karin, right?" Sakura questioned, giving a glare of her own. Red eyes behind her frames scoffed, placing her hands on her hips.

"Who do you think you are?!" Karin yelled at her in the street, gaining some attention from people passing by. Sakura lost all her previous anxiety, an anger forming as she remembered the woman clinging to Sasuke. As a matter of fact, she was certain her voice matches the scorned unknown calls she had been getting. Being met with a glare from Sakura's green eyes, Karin's teeth gritted. The calls and emails were supposed to drive this chick away from Sasuke. She was supposed to feel uneased with working and being near him.

"Watch your tone with me, chick. I'm not someone to mess with." Sakura snarled. Karin glared further, questions racing through her mind. Why? Why had Sasuke kissed her that night? Why did he go home with her every night and not leave until the next day? It wasn't fair. How had this bitch in front of her managed to get Sasuke's attention without knowing him longer than two months! All the attention she had tried to gain from him without an ounce of reciprocation and yet he actively pursued her. Karin would now enact a manipulative game and she was going to win, no matter the cost. She did not pay hundreds of dollars to get this girls phone number off the information highway only to fail at intimidating her with harassment. The woman had even began ignoring the restricted phone calls and emails and still stuck around Sasuke.

"Is that supposed to scare me? Stay away from my Sasuke-kun, bitch!" Karin yelled angrily, her clenched fist shaking angrily. Sakura scoffed, a haughty smirk coming to her lips.

"Your Sasuke-kun? He obviously thinks otherwise. Stop stalking him and get a life already." Sakura sneered, placing a hand on her hip. Karin gave a haughty laugh.

"You really think he has feelings for you of all people? How did he get you to believe that? Did he kiss you? Did he tell you how he wanted to know everything about you? Did he sweep you off your feet and go to bed with you?" Karin said maliciously, knowing everything that happened between them. She had frantically climbed up to Sakura's fire escape that night and saw everything with terror. Now she would use it to her advantage. Sakura's eyes widened, not understanding how Karin could be spot on. It sounded like her first night with Sasuke. How could she know about it?

"H-How did you—?"

"Do you really think you're his first? A handsome God like Sasuke-kun? Don't make me laugh! He said the same thing to me!" Karin grabbed Sakura's collar, ready to use force if necessary.

"You listen to me. Sasuke-kun is mine! You'll see! When he gets tired of you, he'll come crawling straight to me!" In an instant her wrist was grabbed tightly and Karin gasped. Sakura's hold was tight and strong, the glare in her eyes becoming malicious. If Karin had to equate those eyes to anything, she'd say they belonged to the eyes of an experience killer and her grip was only tightening.

"Get. Your hands. Off me." Sakura snarled between gritted teeth, her voice the very definition of threatening. So much so, Karin instantly understood that Sakura was no ordinary woman. This woman would be tough to even crack. As a matter of fact, it may be impossible to intimidate the woman directly. Karin snatched her wrist away, rubbing it. Glaring back into the woman's menacing eyes, Karin unofficially declared war and stepped back.

"I'll get you back for this." Karin growled. Sakura stared, unfazed and indifferent to the obvious threat. She had been through some of the most dastardly things that could happen to someone and she sure as hell had long lost a fear of empty threats. Would this woman even really go such a distance over Sasuke? She doubted it.

"Good luck." Sakura grumbled, turning and walking away. As she walked she heard Karin scream behind her, sensing an attack of some sort. She swerved, grabbing Karin at her throat and gaining attention from people around them as she slammed Karin against a building wall. Karin coughed, glaring at her.

"Look at you. You think you're worthy of being by Sasuke-kun's side? An animal like you? You're nothing but a pity to him. That's probably the only reason why he's bothering to entertain his time with you." Karin struggled between gritted teeth. Sakura glared. The woman had dug her own grave by trying to attack from behind and Sakura didn't give a damn about what anyone thought at that moment. If Sasuke was here, not even he would be able to quell her thirst of a fight. Karin smirked down at her, catching her silence.

"I did some digging. I know all about you. Just you watch. He'll see you as the street rat you are. I'll do everything to win him and make him see you're nothing. Compared to him, you're nothing but a peasant!" Sakura listened, not believing a word she said. Sasuke wouldn't think such a thing of her. He knew about a bit of her past. Maybe not all of it and surely not even a third of it, but he knew enough to understand the things she had gone through and the things she had done. He understood her. He respected and cared for her. There was no way he thought of her in such a way.

Did he…?

"Stay away from me and Sasuke-kun." Sakura snarled in warning, releasing Karin and turning to walk away as Karin coughed out her lost breaths.

"This isn't over. Not by a long shot!" She heard Karin snarl behind her and she did her best to ignore it.

All she wanted right now was to be with Sasuke.

Sasuke drove to Sakura's house, eyeing her every now and then. She had been oddly quiet the whole ride and even seemed a bit distracted and bothered. He noticed that when she returned, she seemed to be hiding something from him and though he brushed it off after being assured she was fine, he could only feel that something was wrong. They left work together and she only responded when he asked or said something, which wasn't normal for her in general. She was always the first one to initiate a conversation. She was always the one to ask him questions but ever since stepping into the car, she had been uncomfortably quiet.

As they walked to her apartment, still she was silent. Her eyes looked lost in thought and it wasn't that mysterious look she gave from time to time, that brought him wonder and curiosity. This look brought him nothing but worry. She was bothered with something and he only hoped that it had nothing to do with them. She tossed her purse onto the couch.

"I'll go make us dinner. Anything you want in particular tonight?" Sakura asked, not bothering to look at him. Sasuke's eyebrows furrowed, watching as she went to her kitchen cabinets and began pulling out seasonings and spices. He didn't like it one bit and slowly he walked up behind her, watching her pause in movement, still holding a bottle of seasoning in her hand.

"What's wrong?" He questioned, only to gain the same answer she gave before.

"Nothing...I'm tired." She excused. At that moment, Sasuke didn't believe her one bit. He turned her in his arms and she avidly avoided his gaze, bothered and distraught. He didn't like the look at all and gently grabbed one of her hands.

"You're lying." He said bluntly, his reading of her not being wrong in the slightest. She still wouldn't look him in the eye and she still seemed to have this wall put up around her. The very thing he wanted to tear down now seemed more prominent now than ever before. He didn't understand it. Was it because of what Naruto had done earlier? They had been fine together. It had been when she came back from lunch that he noticed something was wrong and she wouldn't tell him anything. She only dismissed it as "nothing" and went about her business but he could not ignore her. He couldn't ignore the obviously bothered look on her face or the distraction in her work.

"You know I don't like being lied to." He reminded and Sakura's face grimaced. Her frown deepened and her heart ached. Of course, as always, Sasuke saw right through her. What Karin had said earlier had indeed gotten to her. Was she really worthy of being with Sasuke? As always, her mind was a curse of its own, taking in all possibilities and probabilities. It calculated the situation and ever since leaving Karin, she found herself questioning if this was alright. Did she belong with Sasuke? Shouldn't he find someone of his status and league? She was just a girl from the slums. His secretary. She had worked hard all her life and Sasuke had been born into his success. They were from different worlds and Sakura wondered, even if she didn't have malicious intent and even if her feelings were genuine, was it really alright to be with him? It was, wasn't it? She felt strongly for Sasuke. She wanted to be with him. He said he wanted to be with her but was it true? Was it okay? Was it alright? Would he get bored of her?

Was it nothing but pity?

"Sakura…" He called her name, breaking from her thoughts. She finally looked up at him, seeing nothing but concern in his eyes. Sakura bit her bottom lip. They had only been together a week. It was too early to have this kind of conversation wasn't it? Still, she couldn't help herself. Her insecurities and worries got the better of her and grabbed his forearms.

"Sasuke-kun...you...you want to be with me, right?" She asked, scared of the answer. His eyes widened in bewilderment. Were his feelings not clear? Why was she asking him this?

"Yes. Is that not what I asked of you?" He answered, placing his forehead against hers. Finally her eyes met his and Sakura washed all doubt that had been placed by Karin from her mind. She was a naive fool for even bothering to let the other woman get to her.

"What brought this on all of a sudden?" He questioned. Sakura's arms found their way around his neck hoping what he said was true. He seemed absolutely concerned and even worried. He didn't like her talking like this and she finally decided to tell him about what happened today. She told him everything that happened between her and Karin and he listened, a glare coming to her eyes. He stared down at her, a seriousness coming to his gaze. Karin was now going too far. He was going to have to take care of her and stop her fanatic antics.

"Did she hurt you?" He asked after she told him of the whole ordeal. Sakura shook her head.

"No. I...just…everything she said..." She hesitated only for Sasuke to kiss her. He lifted her onto the counter, hearing Sakura gasp in surprise as Sasuke kissed her even more feverishly, his tongue swirling with hers. She moaned, leaning to kiss him back further. They separated, a string of saliva disconnecting between them. She stared down into his eyes with her slightly elevated state, his inky irises simultaneously pleading with her and adoring her.

"Don't listen to a thing Karin says. None of what she said was true. She was lying through her teeth." He said softly. Sakura looked down at him from her slight elevation. He caressed her face, watching as she turned her face into his palm.

"So...you're...okay with being with me? I don't have any status or wealth. My name doesn't mean anything and—"

"None of those things are important to me. I don't care about any of that." He cut her off. He placed his forehead against hers, staring into her eyes and hoping to get his point across clearly.

"None of that matters to me and the last thing I want you to ever think about is my status and wealth. Just know me. Just understand me like you have. Just be with me as Sasuke. Nothing else." He ended and Sakura almost felt ashamed of herself. Of course. How could she let Karin get to her like she did? Sasuke had not once, used his status or wealth as an incentive for her to be with him. He didn't offer her money, or anything beyond what was necessary. He only acted as a gentleman, wanting to impress her with himself—not his money or power. Likewise, it was not at all what Sakura was after. She liked him for everything beyond that. He was sweet and kind. He was thoughtful and considerate. She could make do without money, as she had always had a lack of it her whole life.

This time she kissed him. This time, she stuck her tongue into his mouth and Sasuke found himself in absolute heaven, losing all thought. She moaned, feeling Sasuke's hand at her waist and one on her thigh. They pulled away panting and Sasuke couldn't get enough. He wanted more. He wanted to show her just how much he wanted her. He kissed her feverishly again, in between her legs and Sakura's body moved on it's own. Hands rubbing down his chest, she felt Sasuke's hand rub up her thigh, the skirt she had been wearing today riding up with his touch and Sasuke had no thought in mind. All he wanted was her. He needed to make sure she knew that she was the one he wanted. Sakura moaned out as he parted, moving to kiss and nip at her neck. Her mind blanked for a moment, feeling his hands beginning to roam, caressing her curves and continuing to kiss her skin. He was acting out of his own impulse and desires. One of his hands lifted, softly grabbing one of her breast and Sakura gasped and moaned, feeling him palm at her. His kisses and nips at her neck turned into sucking on her skin and Sakura gasped arching into him.

"Sasuke-kun…" She moaned out shyly. Lost to his fantasies, he rubbed her bosom, squeezing and massaging her as he moved to make another mark on her neck. His other hand moved to unbutton her shirt losing himself to her moans. His kisses lowered, nipping at her exposed collarbone and squeezing her breast in his hand, hearing her whimper at his touch. Her hand grabbed his on her chest, panting and gripping it tightly.

"S-Sasuke-kun...wait..." She whined and it snapped him back to reality. Gently he pulled back to look at her. His gaze was heated and glazed, staring at her for a moment before he seemed to fully come back to reality. His eyes widened, noticing his hand on her breast and a hard blush came to his face, also realizing he made marks on her neck. Her unbuttoned blouse showed off her cleavage and he almost got a flashback to one of the first lustful dreams he had of her.

"S-Sorry…" He apologized, parting from her a bit, removing his hand. Sakura stared, noticing him become flustered. Still having having him between her legs, she could still feel his body; it was shaking and trembling, albeit the tremors feeling repressed and withheld. She stared down in inquiry. Did he want to do something like that with her more than she thought? Would it be moving to fast? Did that even matter with how strongly they felt for each other? She would be lying if she said she wasn't into it right now. She'd be lying if she said she wanted him to stop. Even so, she felt it was too soon to do something like that.

Despite that thought, her body was tingling. Her blood was rushing and she felt a particular ache coming from her as he backed away, out of her arms and away from her body. She watched him run a hand through his hair, sighing in what seemed to be a release, turning from her. Her body could still feel him. His touches were still felt and it filled Sakura with a want for more, even if she had stopped him. She stood, walking up behind him and grabbing his hand, placing her head against his shoulder.

"I-It's alright Sasuke-kun. I-I'm sorry. I-I...just don't want to move to fast." She quietly excused. He turned to face her, shaking his head.

"There's no need to apologize. It's my fault. I...lost control of myself for a second. I didn't even realize what I was doing...forgive me. I didn't mean to..." He said softly, eyeing the mark on her neck. It as easily seeable, two bright red hickies he had made and his hand gently lifted to caress it. She shivered, the currently sensitive skin causing her whole body to react with his touch. She blushed, staring up at him and his eyes couldn't help but wander, looking down at her exposed cleavage. He leaned in kissing her cheek.

"Why don't you go take a shower, relax after all you had to bother with today. I'll order out for us instead. Pizza and a movie tonight?" He offered. Sakura couldn't help but smile, feeling a relief wash over her. Sasuke truly was a gentle and caring man.

"Alright." Sakura said quietly, walking past him. When he was alone he sighed. He cursed himself. He had gone overboard. He had totally blanked for that moment. He looked down at his hands still feeling her body. Hearing her moans. His lips parted, hearing his name being moaned shyly as she had again. His heart was still beating fast, his mind lost to what just transpired.

Alone and to himself, he smirked. He was far from satisfied. His senses were far from satiated. In an instant, he declared a challenge to himself and to Sakura. He'd play along for now. He'd go at her pace and allow her time. When the time came, she would belong to him and Sakura would be unable to resist him any longer.

His first seven days of being with her; heaven. An absolute joy despite the frustrations of work in his life and he looked forward to much, much more. For that, he'd be patient.

He walked into the living room, having finished ordered the pie that would arrive soon. He flopped onto the couch, sighing and pulling off his tie. His attention was caught by the ringing of a phone, beside him, Sakura's bag laid. Her phone stuck out and he gave a glare at the caller ID; Unknown? A blocked phone number? He had spent time with Sakura enough to know she knew everyone who called her. His lips frowned, remembering his meeting with his technicians earlier.

"Uchiha-sama, thank you for meeting with us." The head of his I.T. department bowed, along with two of his assistants in utmost respect. Sasuke stared, his cold and indifferent look giving the man little regard. He grunted, cuing them to raised their heads to him.

"Be quick. I do not have a lot of time left." Sasuke ordered, the man giving a curt nod in understanding.

"Understood Uchiha-sama. We have finished a thorough investigation into the emails you brought to our attention." Sasuke's eyes narrowed.


"We have already taken action, however, we have detected a security breach into our systems. There is evidence of use through our system mainframe from an unknown party. The email does not appear to be tied to any of our current employees, leading us to believe this may be a hacking situation. We have opened our best firewalls to ensure only current employees may use the system and tonight, we will reset all systems to ensure employee security."

"By employee security...you mean information, am I correct?" Sasuke questioned, this issue being one that particularly startled him. Someone had hacked into his company system? Who? He was certain no one had the balls to even attempt such a thing and if they had, they were pretty damn good. His system was nearly airtight, and while Sasuke wasn't a very technical man, he was certain he had put into place the best in computer protection that he could. Did that mean there was someone working from the inside? Was there a former employee who understood his systems security?

"Indeed, Uchiha-sama. My department is still looking into any and all security breaches."

"Can you trace them?" Sasuke questioned.

"We are doing our best to do so, Uchiha-sama. We shall have an answer for you as soon as possible." The technician answered. Sasuke grunted. As he expected of his employees. Thorough and exceptional.

"Very well." Sasuke accepted, turning and departing from them.

A security breach that possibly threatened the collected information of his employees. Emails sent to Sakura and now an unknown phone call to her phone? He grabbed it, watching it ring and listened for Sakura's shower running. She had gotten in not too long ago and the fact that she hadn't come out meant she didn't hear her phone. Slowly, he answered, putting the phone to her ear and not saying a word.

"You there, slut?" A woman's voice, one that sounded too familiar to him. His eyes narrowed, glinting with rage at the greeting this person obviously thought was being given to Sakura. He held his tongue, listening for more confirmation.

"Not talking huh? Feeling ashamed of yourself for stealing my Sasuke-kun?" Sasuke's glare hardened. This was about him. Like the emails suggested.

"I'll make you regret the day you even met him! He's min—"

"If there is anyone I belong to, it certainly isn't you." He snarled viciously, having enough. He had an idea of who this was and he was not going to let this slide. This was absolutely the last straw. He heard the other person on the phone gasp in terror, probably not expecting it to be him on the phone.

"Don't call this number again." He threatened, only to hear the phone disconnect. He scoffed, placing the phone back where it was. How long had Sakura been getting those calls without telling him. He sighed. She must have thought that it didn't require his attention and figured she'd handle it herself.

He would have to chat with her later as well.

The snake like man eyed thanked the waitress who just served him, a sadistic smile that feigned genuinity playing on his thin lips. She hastily walked away, as if sensing an aura of malice and malintent. The woman wasn't wrong, as his golden eyes followed her. Being brought his appetizer of miso soup, he reached for the spoon only to stop, sensing a coldness in the air. A man entered the private room he sat in, a soft melody of the violin and piano being played from the main public space of the restaurant lightly muffled to the room. While the melody was calm and slow, the air had become ominous as he looked into the cold, dark gaze of the other male before him.

"Hello, Itachi-kun. Long time no see." The snake like man said smiling. Itachi glared, dressed in an all black suit and neared the table, sitting down across from him and remaining silent. His glare hardened, staring back at Orochimaru with a look that was obviously not pleased.

"You know I'm not here for an idle chat, Orochimaru." Itachi damn near seethed, though his tone remained calm and collected. The man across from him chuckled, smiling innocently.

"Ah and here I thought you would enjoy a nice meal with me. It's been a long while since I last saw you. We might as well catch up a bit." Itachi glowered. The man across from his was the very image of polite and manners but Itachi knew better. He knew that behind that plastic smile and unreadable gaze was a malicious man and a dark intent that lacked value of life.

"The only reason I'm here is to keep you in check. Don't forget our deal, Orochimaru." Itachi snarled, watching Orochimaru pick up his cup of sake. He drank, smiling in appreciation and chuckled.

"I have not forgotten at all Itachi-kun. You may rest your suspicions. I do not intend to go back on my word." His voice slithered and Itachi's eyes narrowed, far from trusting.

"I know you've been in contact with Sasuke." Itachi said, frowning. Orochimaru raised an eyebrow.

"Is that so? Well, I assure you, it was Sasuke-kun who reached out to me. He wanted help on a new insurance pl—"

"Do you really consider me a fool Orochimaru?" Itachi questioned. Orochimaru's smile never wavered, obviously keeping up his poker face as he tilted his head with supposed confusion. Despite this, Itachi knew a lot more than he had let on to begin with. This was the dark world of business after all and Itachi had been a member for a long time.

"Whatever do you mean?" Itachi scoffed, his glare steeling into one that would make his father proud and rivaled Sasuke's immensely. The infamous Uchiha trait was enough to even slightly shake the man before him, though he kept up his laid back guise.

"Did you really think I wouldn't find out about you posting Danzo's bail?" Itachi questioned and the instant he did, Orochimaru's smile dropped. He frowned, a malicious look coming to his eyes in a flash, his true nature being revealed. Such a thing didn't happen often but most certainly Itachi confirmation that he wasn't wrong. and Itachi leaned forward, his hands folded in front of him.

"You must have forgotten I have eyes everywhere. If you're plotting something, you can consider our deal null." Itachi threatened. Orochimaru's stoney eyes stared, the gleam of his golden eyes disappeared and in them as the eyes of a killer. Sinister and distant, those eyes were met with the same murderous intent in Itachi's gaze.

"...I assure you. Danzo's release is for my gain and nothing more." Orochimaru spoke slowly and assertively. Itachi's scowl deepened as a sudden smile appeared on his face.

"Surely, you recall he was one of my experimental subjects. That is all I require of him." Orochimaru was played off. Itachi stood deciding this little drop by was over. He knew Orochimaru was playing him for a fool and for now, he'd play along. This meeting was more or less to reaffirm that he still had his eye on everything and everyone.

"Leaving so soon?" Orochimaru questioned the departing Uchiha. Itachi only walked, not bothering to reply, even as he heard Orochimaru chuckle behind him.

"Very well. Farewell, Itachi-kun. Until next time." Orochimaru said softly. Itachi left, walking out. Orochimaru sighed, returning to his miso soup. As it turned out, it seemed he would have to hasten his plans if he wanted to obtain his true goal. As in all games of chess, it was imperative that he checkmate the king. Considering the knight was already on the move, it was imperative that he move his own pieces at hand.

Maybe he should indeed consult his bishop. After all, apparently, he didn't have a rook in play, considering the other King had took it for himself. Trapping Sasuke would, indeed, be a bit tricky.

-running and panting- Th-That's *pant* all every *pant* body!

Sasuke: You think I'll stop chasing you!

Oh my God, someone save me!

Sakura and Naruto: -watching from a distance- ...

Naruto: Bet you ten bucks Lone Wolf get's caught in another two minutes.

Sakura: Raise you fifty she gets caught in the next thirty seconds.

Naruto: Neh? You think so?

Sakura: Lone Wolf and three hours of cardio? She's at her limit. I'm actually surprised she even lasted half an hour. Must be that wolf spirit of hers.

Naruto: Nah! I got faith in her! She can go a little longe—


Sasuke: Got you, you little shit!

Naruto: -.-''''

Sakura: -smirks- Pay up.

Naruto: -sigh- Alright, alright. Let's go save her first.

Sakura: Oh, since Lone Wolf can't do it, I'll end the chapter for her. See ya next chap everybody!


Sakura: A-ANATA! -runs-

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