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A Night Worth Remembering

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Sakura typed away at the computer, smiling pleasantly in absent thought. Today was a busy day, as usual, but she didn't mind it one bit. After all, she had always been a busy body and she preferred it that way. She didn't like to be bored and she didn't like to spend her time doing nothing. She would very much rather work a fourteen hour day over doing nothing at home. Two weeks of being back at work was a blessing to her. She was all for completing tasks and being of help. She felt the work was its own reward and she prided herself with getting anything and everything done.

"Hello Miss?" Her eyes lifted from the computer screen, still typing without looking.

"Good Afternoon sir. Do you have an appointment today?" She questioned, smiling politely. The young man smiled back, raising an eyebrow at her diligence.

"Indeed I do. But I'd very much have an appointment with such a beautiful lady like yourself." The man replied, grinning. Sakura gave an uncomfortable laugh. She was often flirted with on a day to day basis, but that didn't mean she was happy about it. It was a bit off putting and more often than not, she was actually both disturbed and disgusted by it. She hated the leering looks some men gave to her almost shamelessly and she could only pray that she could get through a day without being mentally stripped down.

"I'm glad we could finalize this deal Uchiha-sama." She heard from behind the man. Sakura mentally thanked Sasuke's promptness. He always got things done either on time or early. It made these interactions short and over with.

"Hn. I'll have Sakura fax over the confirmation papers." Sasuke said, checking his watch. Sakura smiled to the man in front of her desk.

"That's Uchiha-sama. He'll be right with you." She said as she always did. She could hear Sasuke having a few final words with his previous appointment. This is usually where it ended.

"I really rather be with you." He said suddenly and Sakura's eyes widened. Usually, it ended the moment she showed Sasuke's presence. How shameless was this guy? In front of her boss…

...in front of her "something more" than just a friend.

Over the last two weeks of seeing him everyday, she couldn't help but recognize they had gotten closer. The slight misstep they had a little over a month ago was like a blur now, overshadowed and out done by inside jokes between them and the occasional laugh. She had lunch with him almost everyday—sometimes he had a meeting scheduled so it couldn't be helped—Sasuke had even taken to driving her home after work, or anywhere else she may have had to go. They were friends for sure, yet, Sakura couldn't help but feel these moments where she was so fond of Sasuke her heart could burst out her chest just so it could be in his hands.


"Say, how about you come work for me at my law firm instead? I'm certain I can pay you the same amount if not more. After all, I'm sure a gorgeous woman like you deserves a higher pay." The man pushed, his leering eyes going all over her. Sakura bit her tongue, doing her best not to simply stand and knock the guy off his feet.

"I'm fine where I am." She answered.

"Yes you are." The man grinned. Sakura looked back down at her computer.

Ignore it. Ignore it. Ignore it. Ignore it.

"What are you doing after work? How about you join me for dinner tonight gorgeous? We can get the interview process done over a nice candlelit meal." He asked. Sakura looked up at the raunchy man this time unable to hold back the glare in her eyes, no matter how slight it was. This man was just going to far.

"I believe I heard my secretary say she's fine where she is. Dinner and an interview won't be necessary." The two heard an angered voice behind the man. The man turned, sleazily and sheepishly grinning and stretching out his hand for a handshake. Sasuke only glared at the man, a bubbling rage already storming inside of him. If it wasn't something that would have had him in the news for a week straight, he would have slammed the guy's face into the desk. He hands were in his pockets and he had a feeling that if he pulled them out, his body would move on it's own and start wailing on the bastard.

"Aah! Uchiha-sama! Thank you for agreeing to meet with me. Please forgive me, but I just couldn't resist. I'm envious of you. To have such a beautiful secretary at this desk, I'm sure you have plenty of clients coming in just to see her alone." Sasuke's glare grew harsher, still not taking the man's hand.

"Sakura, a word in my office." He motioned for her. Sakura raised a confused eyebrow, standing on command and walking towards the office door. She paused at Sasuke's side looking at him to only see the still dark look on his face. His glare was malicious and Sakura knew that look better than anyone. He was livid.

"Aa, I'll wait here I suppose?" The man hassling Sakura stated, wryly smiling with the obvious noting that Sasuke had yet to shake his hand. Sasuke scoffed, turning his back to the man.

"No. You can leave." Sasuke dismissed, meeting Sakura's eyes and motioning for her to go inside his office. Sakura stared for a moment in surprise before giving him a smile only he could see and walked on.

"E-Eh!? U-Uchiha-sama, wa-wait! W-What do you mean?! We had our appointment today for one thirty!" The man stammered and received the same pissed off glare he got from Sasuke even when he wasn't looking. He heard what the bastard said the instant he walked out of his office and as always, the moment he heard someone even dare to try and flirt with Sakura he was enraged. Luckily, the previous client he met with was someone who knew his family well. The moment the man had noticed the instant glare in his eyes and the loss of attention, the man quietly bid his farewell, which Sasuke regarded with only a silent nod of respect and thanks. Looking at Sakura and catching a small glare in her eyes was enough for him. He knew the bastard was being a sleazy prick and to Sakura no less. If this were some other world, he'd impale the man through the chest with his own bare hand.

"I don't work with people who attempt to steal from me." Sasuke answered, his tone of voice an accusatory maliciousness.

"Steal from you?! What is this ridiculous accusation?!" The scum questioned.

"Did you not just try to harass my employee to be yours?" Sasuke asked rhetorically. The man flinched, his eyes widening and filling with anger.

"What?! For that you would cancel our meeting?!" The man scowled. Sasuke smirked.

"What's mine is mine and I won't allow you an opportunity to try and take from me again. After all, you're the one applying to be one of my lawyers. I'm not losing out on anything. Actually, I'm saving money not bothering to sponsor a sleazy, disgusting, thieving piece of shit like you." Sasuke sneered, turning his back on the man once again.

"Now get out and don't make me call security." Sasuke ended, walking into his office with Sakura. Just before he closed the door behind him, he heard the guy curse loudly, giving Sasuke a certain degree of satisfaction. Sakura gave a laugh, covering her mouth to try and muffle her giggles. Sasuke smirked.

"Nice one." Sakura chuckled. Sasuke walked over to her, leaning against his test.

"Damn pig. Sorry you had to even bother meeting him." Sasuke sighed, closing his eyes and crossing his arms. Sakura smiled.

"It's not your fault." She said, shrugging a shoulder. Sasuke looked over to her.

"You haven't taken your lunch break yet. Are you hungry?" He asked.

"Just a little. I'm alright, though. I got pretty busy so my mind really wasn't on food. By the way, I'm still getting those weird emails. They go to my spam folder of course, but they haven't stopped." She brought up to him. Sasuke's eyebrows furrowed. She had told him about a week ago of odd emails she was receiving, none of them which read anywhere near professional. They were usually a string of curse words towards the reader of the message. Sasuke however was almost certain that somehow, someone figured she was spending a lot of time with him and harassing her about it. It was evident when one of the messages read that she didn't deserve "my Sasuke-kun" to which he had to explained to Sakura that it was bullshit. He told his technicians about it and they were supposed to get to the bottom of it.

"Tch. Just ignore them. I'll call the technicians about it again today and get to the bottom of it. I'm sorry you have to even deal with that." He apologized again. Sakura shook her head.

"You said the secretary before Karin had to deal with this too right? It's fine." She waved off. Sasuke sighed.

"It's most likely some crazed fangirl." He grumbled. Sakura giggled.

"If you say so, Sasuke-kun." She said, walking over to the window. Sasuke turned, his eyes following her and staying on her as she looked across the cityscape. He stared at her back, watching as she folded her arms to cradle each other. What was she looking at? What did she see? He walked up behind her.

"You know what I always think about?" She spoke softly. He remained silent, knowing she knew it meant he was listening.

"I imagine everything before all of this. Before we "modernized" and whatnot, what was Konoha like? How big was it? History books tell us only part of the story. Documentation from people of the time is one thing but...being there was probably another, don't you think? Like, imagine it! What if hundreds of years ago, Konoha was a village full of ninjas who could do all sorts of cool stuff!?" She said, turning to face him with a big grin on her face. He took a moment to ponder about it. After a moment, he simply couldn't fathom how different the world before cars, phones, corporations and other things of today's society was. It probably was a hundred times more different to experience the times rather than to read and infer about it, though he wasn't imaginative enough to think of a society/village full of ninjas. That was the flaw of history. All the texts, documents, paintings and records in the world could never give the experience of being there.

"You know, you sure do think of and pay attention to a lot of weird things." He said smirking. Sakura's eyes grew confused and baffled, an eyebrow raising.

"Eh? What do you mean? Am I weird?" She asked. Sasuke shook his head.

"No. Just…" He trailed, thinking of what he really wanted to say.

"Your mind is a wonder of its own Sakura. You see almost everything and you pay attention to even more than that." He started, walking to look at the window. He looked at the sky, something he found himself doing more often, ever since she had pointed it out to him during their time at the park together. Even just last night, he had caught sight of the stars. Even though he was alone at the time, he couldn't help but think of how if she were there, she would have proclaimed how beautiful it was. He would have agreed too. Instead, since he was alone, he could only think it to himself and hope that his thoughts were somehow connected to hers and she could think the same.

"You see things I have long been blind to and it's...new. It's different. Not in a bad way either. To be able to open another person's eyes to things that are directly in front of them, is quite a wonder of the world in itself isn't it? You should consider yourself as such." He explained. Sakura stared in silence, eyes baffled as she took in his words.

"To think I have one of the great wonders of the world working for me. I am quite the lucky man." He said in hopes of flattery. It appeared to work. She gave a sweet smile, and a blush appeared on her cheeks. She gave a short giggle, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear and grinning.

"Well, you make me feel even luckier." She said softly, her eyes looking into his. The moment their eyes met, just as always, his entire world faded away to just her. She was his entire focus and she was his world. She said she felt even luckier than he did, but there was no way she had the same amount of luck that he did. To stumble upon her, to get close to her as he was now, to be here, standing with her at this very moment, he was luckier than she ever would be. He was the luckiest man alive and no one on this entire planet could top him on that.

"Will...you join me for dinner, tonight?" He asked a bit hesitantly. She blushed harder, eyes lowering and looking away from him.

"I would love to...but if I'm not mistaken, you're scheduled at the funding venue for the International Cancer Research Institute at the Marquee. Naruto, Gaara and Neji are supposed to be there as well." She reminded, his eyes widening with remark.

"That's tonight?" He questioned incredulously. She nodded. He cursed under his breath, his eyes shifting to glare away from her and nothing in particular. Once again, she made him forget everything important. What time was it? What is it he had to do in the next half hour? Why did she do this to him? Why was she so distracting?

It was annoying. She, constantly capturing his attention and thoughts only to be ripped away from him due to his responsibilities.

"Tch. I should have just told Naruto to act as my representative as well." Sasuke grumbled, running a hand through his hair. While he did have to attend them, he hated party venues. Even if they were for a good cause or even just to increase business and his status, he despised having to stand and talk to strangers who quite frankly, kissed up to him due to his familial history. He'd much rather spend his night with Sakura rather than strangers who kissed his ass.

"You sure you want Naruto of all people to act as your representative?" Sakura questioned with a smirk and a raised eyebrow. His own eyebrow twitched at the thought. Naruto was only attending in order to ensure a few deals already in progress. He was also going to be there to promote Uchiha Corps to other potential prospects. However, having him there without his supervision would be the worst executive decision he ever made as a CEO. Especially since there would be alcohol there and the blond was a lightweight when it came down to drinking.

"I guess I have no choice." He murmured. Sakura laughed, giving a knowing grin.

"Don't worry. I'm sure it won't be that bad." She tried to ease. Exasperated, he sighed and looked back to her.

"Do I have space open tomorrow night?" He asked. Sakura looked up in thought.

"Hm...I honestly don't think so. You have an open space between seven-pm and nine-pm but, if I'm not wrong, you'll need that time between to travel." Sakura answered. Her eyes suddenly lowered and her hand clenched in front of her chest. He eyed her, eyebrows furrowing with concern.

"What's wrong?" He asked, turning to her fully. Sakura's eyes saddened, remembering a phone call she had received from earlier. She, honestly, didn't want to tell him about it. Bring up the word travel had just reminded her of it, while she did have a note on her desk about it. She had gotten busy and forgot about it, though she was initially disheartened when hearing the phone call.

"...Otsusuki Hagoromo called a little while ago." She spoke, looking back up at him. Sasuke raised an eyebrow. The named man was an old and longtime partner of the company. He was one of the people Sasuke could not and did not ignore or deny. Frankly, it was the Otsusuki family that he respected and even answered to, having been regarded by his father as the reason the Uchiha name had its status. Apparently, they were even distant relatives, connected in some way through marriages and cousins.

"Hm? Is that so? What did he want?" Sasuke questioned.

"Well...he said he requires your attendance to a three week long cruise happening in a month." Sakura answered. Sasuke's brow creased together further. There was a moment of silence between them. He definitely wasn't a stranger to leaving Konoha for business. He often left for sometimes months on end thanks to being a CEO. Phone calls and even video chats weren't always the best forms of communication when it came down to deals and projects and if it was the Otsusuki's asking for his attendance, it could not be denied. Usually, he'd accept without a second thought. But not seeing Sakura for over three weeks was already so daunting and irritating to him that he'd rather risk being disrespectful and denying the invitation all together.

Leaving her...he didn't want to.

"Is...that so…" He mumbled. Sakura looked to the ground.

"Yes…" He stared at her, the thought of taking her with him crossing his mind in an instant. He didn't want to leave her. Her giving that look about it was even more damaging. It was all too cruel. Taking her with him however, was not an option; not with the Otsusuki's. They were even more entitled than his own family line. The last thing he wanted was for any of them to catch an eye for Sakura in anyway. If any of them wanted her for any reason, even he would not have the power to stop them. She'd be flown or shipped out with her things the very next morning if they wanted it. He sighed.

"Very well. Send me the details through email later." He watched as Sakura's eyes widened, looking up at him in an instant.

"S-So...you really have to go?" The question brought a pang to his chest. The sound of hurt and disappointment laced in her voice made him want to apologize to her on his knees. Maybe she thought he wouldn't go. Maybe she thought he'd decline because of work, but that simply wasn't the case. While he was gone, as always, Kakashi and Naruto, the two people he trusted most would take care of things in his place.

"The Otsusuki's are longtime partners of the company. If they require something of me, it's in my best interest to do whatever it is they want, unless it is a ludicrous request." He answered, glaring at the ground. He did have sway over them himself due to the nature of their relations, but still, it was irritating when having to answer to them. Especially now.

"I understand." She said quietly. Her heart sank at the answer. Sasuke would be gone for three weeks next month and the thought of it was enough to trouble her. Yes she had gone a number of days without seeing him, but for him to be gone for such a length of time, it brought an unpleasant feeling in her. He would be out of Konoha, far away.

"M-Maybe...you…" She trailed and he stared back at her, watching as her eyes shifted around, avidly avoiding his gaze.

"Maybe...I can go with you?" She finally asked, her voice hesitant. His eyebrows furrowed, his eyes closing with finality. He wished she could. He'd give the world to bring her along, but the last thing he wanted was for them to take any kind of liking to her. He knew they would. Afterall, he certainly did and she didn't even try. If he had become fond of her like this, he was certain the Otsusuki's would go mad over her. They'd take her from him and even if he fought it, it would be futile.

"I don't want to involve you in this. The Otsusuki's aren't the kind of people I want you around at all." He answered. Her eyes shifted away from his again and once again he watched a look of hurt come to her eyes. That look, he despised it. He despised seeing anything other than her smile on her face. His hand lifted, cupping her cheek softly and bringing her to look at him again.

"Don't make that face. You said it's happening in a month right? That's a while from now and even when I leave, I'll be back before you know it." He tried to ease. Sakura blushed, her eyes closing with comfort and turning gently into his palm. His eyes warmed watching as her soft and smaller hands grab his on her face and hold it in place. His heart was banging against his chest, staring at her.

"I'll reschedule your appointments for those weeks." She claimed, opening her eyes to look up at him and give him a promising smile. He said nothing, only entranced by her beauty. Sasuke felt his heart go a million miles per hour.

Sakura's lips parted about to speak before the two were interrupted by yet another knock on his door. He gave a glare towards the door for interrupting her. His hand fell from her face and in his heart, a scorn for whoever dared to even knock on that door.

"Just a minute." He called. Sakura looked up at him.

"That's your two o'clock; Ms. Takana Shirahana, the woman who is holding tonight's venue. I believe you'll be discussing how much you are donating as well as future prospects in cancer research by the science departments." She informed. He frowned.

"I'm not in the mood to get back to work." Sasuke murmured. She chuckled.

"No need to become a spoiled child Sasuke-kun. Talk to you in a bit. I will be getting back to work." She said back, turning and walking away from him. He stared at her back, watching her go and his teeth clenched together behind his frowning lips.

"Sakura." He called out to her. She turned only to be pulled into an embrace, held tightly in his arms as he looked at the ground behind her. As small a gesture as it was, he could ask for nothing more. His nose was pleased by her strawberry perfume, his body sent shivers when feeling her gently wrap her arms around him.

"What's wrong?" She asked softly. He stayed silent.

"I just...want a moment like this." He whispered quietly. Sakura's eyes widened, a blush coming to her face and a smile gracing her lips.

"You're so spoiled." She said playfully, nudging into him. Sasuke smirked.

"An Uchiha always gets what they want." He said almost proudly. Sakura chuckled.

"You're certainly proving that." She murmured and he smiled. They finally parted and Sakura reluctantly pulled away from him. He watched her open the door, a dark haired woman standing outside.

"Please excuse me." She said to the woman outside, bowing her head in respect before walking to her desk.

"Uchiha-sama, is it? Thank you for agreeing to meet with me tonight." The woman said, smiling a bit flirtatiously. Sasuke gave his infamously stoic look, reaching out to shaking her hand.

"Thank you for being prompt. Now, shall we begin?" He asked as they sat at his desk.

"If I consider it I'll give you a call." She heard Sasuke say. The day had gone by smoothly and now Sasuke was getting ready to leave.

"Thank you, Uchiha-sama. I will await your word." Sasuke nodded to the man as he walked out and left. Sakura looked over, seeing Sasuke sigh and rub his head with his newly bandaged hand.

"Sakura, how long until the venue tonight?" Sasuke asked.

"About two and a half hours." He looked at her.

"Need a ride home?" He questioned. She smiled softly and looked down at her computer screen, beginning to type.

"It would be great, but I'm not leaving office right now, Sasuke-kun. There are some documents I have to scan through to find and send to a law firm requesting such records. Then I believe there are some phone calls and that in itself will be an hour so—" Her computer screen shut off before her very eyes much to her shock.

"EEEEEEEEHHHHH!?" She cried out in agony. She looked around in search for a solution only to find Sasuke standing there with the computer's power cord in hand, a dull but annoyed look on his face.

"I asked if you wanted a ride. You can take care of that on Monday. Let's go. You're off the clock." Sasuke growled with a twitching eyebrow. Sakura pouted, shaking her fist in the air.

"Sasuke-kun! Stop being so mean!" He smirked in amusement, tossing the cord on the floor and walking. Another thing he found out about himself thanks to her was that he liked to tease her. It was fun to get a reaction out of her and more often than not, he would always recall her animated reactions later, finding them fondly humorous. She was quite the character and he didn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

"Come, Sakura I won't say it a third time." She fumed, glaring with frustration and she grabbed her purse.

"Sasuke-kun!" She whined, rushing to get to his side. He snickered, smirking with even more amusement than before as she scolded him about a document she didn't save and an appointment she had to confirm and so on so forth.

"Gaara is expecting a call back from me too about the Terumi deal! I said I would and now you're forcing me to leave! Not fair Sasuke-kun! Meany! I don't want that to be part of my workload on Monday! I oughtta—"

"Do I really work you that much Sakura?" He questioned, effectively cutting off her nonstop rant as they stepped out the elevator. Sakura froze an eyebrow lifting with confusion.

"Eh? What do you mean?" She questioned. He eyed her with a side glance.

"I know you work hard and want to do your job to the best of your ability, but it's not necessary for you to worry about more than you have to. The company won't burn to ashes overnight because of a few missed calls." Sakura was surprised at his words. She took work seriously and she was surprised that Sasuke was saying she was doing too much. For a man like Sasuke to say such a thing, it was almost mind blowing. He was basically saying she herself was working harder than he even wanted her to.

"S-Sorry…I just...want to do my best for you." She said quietly, looking away with a blush. Sasuke's eyes widened slightly, before he gave a prideful smirk. This woman was everything he expected and demanded of his other employees, yet she did it simply out of want.

"Hn. My employee of the year and you've only been with me for about two months." He quipped, unlocking his car doors. They entered and Sakura laughed lightly entering. They drove off, talking and teasing each other for the half hour drive it took to get her home. They pulled up to her apartment building, slowing to a halt and double parking.

"Thanks for the ride, Sasuke-kun. I hope you have a goodnight at the venue." She said in farewell. He grunted.

"Let me know when you are inside your home." He said looking away from her. He heard the click of the car door opening and the breeze of the fall air on the side of his cheek.

Until, there was a peck kiss on it. Short, brief, rushed and shy, but sweet and genuine. His eyes flew wide and his head snapped to her but she was already hastily turning to leave the car.

"G-Goodnight, S-Sasuke-kun!" She stuttered, already closing his door behind her. His eyes were wide staring and following her as she ran—tripped, not so gracefully—to her apartment. His face was burning. His heart was racing. He wasn't quite sure if he remembered how to breathe. Did that just happen? Was that his imagination toying with him again? But no matter what he did, he could still feel her lips on his cheek. His mind tried desperately to shake the feeling off in order to cope with it being nothing but his imagination but it was still there. The sensation of her lips tingling against his cheek. His cheeks and ears burned and without a single thought in his blanked mind, his hand reached slowly to graze where she kissed.

His phone ringing made him jump back into reality.

"Uchiha." He answered as calmly as he could, forcing himself to drive.

"Hyuuga here. Where are you Uchiha? We are waiting for you to get our suits for tonight. That asshole tailor won't work for anyone except you, even when we told him you'd be here soon." Sasuke's eyes narrowed at Neji's words. What was with everyone else ruining his mood whenever he was in a good one. This had to have been the universe's taunting prank on him. Dangling Sakura in front of him with tease before shoving the undesirables of life in his face instead whenever he tried to reach out. It just wasn't fair.

"Mind your tongue about Mario. He has been in my family for years, it's only right that I have his loyalty." Sasuke rectified.

"Hn. When will you be here?"

"Twenty minutes."

"We've been waiting forty TEME!" Sasuke hung up instantly. He sighed in irritation. He supposed if he took the highway he could try and cut the trip in half. The truth was he needed time to gather himself. He could still feel his cheek tingling where her lips were. It was nearly enough to make him forget the road. His phone rang again, pressing the button on his steering wheel to answer.

"Uchiha." He gruffed in slight frustration.

"U-uhm...hi Sasuke-kun, it's Sakura. I-I'm sorry, i-is everything okay? You sound angry." His ears perked, eyes lighting. Did his tone of voice really give that impression? Did she think he was angry with her?

"No! No, I apologize, Naruto was just irritating over the phone before you called. That's all. Everything okay?" He questioned.

"Heheh. So nothing new? I was...just letting you know I got upstairs." She sounded shy making him smirk. He could see the blush on her face. It must have been as red as tomatoes, especially after that stunt she pulled.

How dare she fluster him with a sneak attack like that. He had a mind to pay her back for that.

"Good to hear. Thank you, Sakura. One less thing I have to worry about..." He said, his voice finding a softness it wouldn't have had before her call.

"O-Of course...Sasuke-kun. Goodnight." He felt a smile crawl onto his lips.

"Goodnight, Sakura…" He murmured. Two beeps from his car indicated the end of the phone call. He found himself calmed, suddenly he was imagining her shy, soft smile, that beamed with light. He couldn't stop seeing her lips. He couldn't stop feeling her lips against his cheek. His hands gripped the steering wheel.

Damn it. Damn it! He needed to see her. He needed—

His phone rang again. This time he looked at the screen for caller ID, seeing Naruto's name. He scoffed, rejecting the call.

Her voice was the last thing he wanted to hear right now.

"I would like to thank all the guest for attending tonight's venue and for all your generous donations. Please enjoy the night and I hope to converse with you all further."

Sasuke sighed for the nth time that night, standing in a circle with a finely dressed Naruto, Neji, and Gaara. The three stood in a ballroom of Konoha's Grand Marquee, each in fancy suits, all worn to perfection thanks to Mario's excellent work in tailoring. Sasuke's choice tonight was a black silk button down, a light grey vest over it. Over that, a specially made black blazer, the cuffs ordained with diamond cufflinks. The place was a marvelous work of old time architecture, the floor colored with gold and crystal chandeliers decorating the ceiling.

"I don't want to be here." Sasuke grumbled beneath his breath. He checked the time of his silver rolex. There was a whole two hours left for this event. Why did he have to get here so early? Why couldn't he take Sakura to dinner instead of this? Why did he even agree to go to this thing?

"Me and you both Uchiha, but we'd probably get chewed out by both the press and the Otsusuki's if we don't." Neji answered. Sasuke grunted, remembering the Hyuuga had some relation to the Otsutsuki's like his family did, though they were just as distant as his were. Gaara rolled his eyes.

"These events are still pointless though. It's only to save face by showing face." The redhead mumbled.

"Hmph. I suppose even with companies as prestigious as ours we have to keep relevance." Neji said, sipping the red wine they had been served not too long ago. Sasuke drank as well. Maybe this would have been a lot more bearable if he had brought Sakura along with him here? But then again, he also despised the thought of the other businessmen in the room leering their eyes over her.

"Pardon me. Uchiha-sama of Uchiha Corporations?" He heard. Sasuke turned to look behind him. He mentally grimaced. A woman in a plain white button down and tan blazer and skirt. A notebook and pen in hand. Purple hair with bangs pulled into a high and slightly spiky ponytail. He had no doubt she probably even had a recorder handy on her. A reporter. He knew what they looked like without having to look twice. He was hoping to avoid them all night like he usually did. He supposed between grudging about being here and thinking of Sakura, he got too distracted to avoid them. Mentally sighing, he faced the woman fully.

"How can I help you?" He asked dully, sipping his wine.

"My name is Anko Mitarashi, with the Konoha's Daily Tribune, good evening. I'm simply here to cover the venue tonight and am hoping for a short interview." She said, giving a grin. Sasuke eyed the woman. He had heard of her before. He knew of a few articles she wrote. As far as he was concerned, he knew that she was often trying to expose corruptions and misdeeds of corporations, especially for one owned Orochimaru. Sasuke mentally sighed again. She probably was sniffing around and somehow found out he was involved with the man thanks to the new insurance plans he was creating. He knew Orochimaru was a snake. If there was one man on this entire planet he did not and would never trust at all, it was him. Even so, his tie to the medical chairman who had to approve the insurance plan proved to be of use to Sasuke. As much as he intended to stay as far away from Orochimaru as possible, working with the man often times yielded results he needed.

Then again, this just might be an opportune time to promote the new insurance plans. Everything had been approved and now all they were waiting for were applicants and approvals for those applicants. All effective dates would start in just another two weeks, which was when he intended to tell Sakura about it. Indeed, if this reporter wanted to make him out to be some kind of accomplice to the corrupt man, Orochimaru then he would use her to promote himself.

Sakura would read it and be pleased.

"Good evening. I don't mind an interview with Konoha's most prestigious papers. How would you like to begin?" He began to expertly handle. The woman seemed taken aback, probably not expecting him to accept so easily. That indicated one of two things. She either truly thought he was part of something corrupt or she was just that surprised of him accepting to do the interview so easily. Either way, he now knew the woman was going to try and hit him with a few hard questions, of which he knew for sure she was going to get nothing out of by asking them of him.

"W-Well thank you sir. I would like to start with your attendance to tonight's event. Can you tell me about Uchiha Corp's donations and/or any future prospects for the International Cancer Research Institute by your company?" She questioned. Sasuke finished sipping his glass.

"Uchiha Corps has pledged to donate three point five million of this quota's revenue towards the Institute with hopes that it will further researching of a cure to a disease affecting millions of lives around the globe. I have also signed that each science division of Uchiha Corporations all over the globe work closely with the institute and aid in all findings, experiments and conclusions. I aim to give as much as I possibly can to a promising and humanitarian cause." He answered clearly and professionally. The woman named Anko wrote fast and precisely, probably taking down every word he said despite probably having a recorder somewhere. For all he knew, her pen itself was a recorder. His father had taught him to take nothing to chance when it came down to reporters. They were always out for a story. Always looking for some kind of big scoop to bring their names to fame. That's why Uchiha Corps kept its nose cleaner than a whistle. Even if there was some kind of misdeed done in Uchiha Corps, it was handled, covered and cleaned up quicker than the reporters could even find it.

"Quite generous of Uchiha Corporations. I understand Uchiha Corporations is one of the most leading and profitable companies in the world, but can it even truly afford to be so generous after the disturbing shooting in its headquarters?" She asked. Sasuke held back a glare, keeping a cool and collected look in his eyes. Of course she'd bring up that incident. This was the exact reason he hated reporters. How did she know that wasn't a sensitive topic for him. After all, it was Sakura who had gotten hurt in that situation.

"That matter from over a month ago has been handled and settled. It is no longer a hindrance to the rest of Uchiha Corp's affairs. As CEO, I can only be thankful for the health and safety of my employees and continue to do what I can for Konoha and the world. My donation and provision to the Institute is my proof of that." He answered. That was his bite back at her. He saw it in the flicker of frustration in her eyes that covered itself when she began to write down his words. Sasuke was now officially certain she was looking for dirt on him. That would be quite the cover story; Uchiha Corporations participating in misdeeds and wrongdoings. He almost pitied her. She wouldn't find a thing. Not even what he did to Danzo. Before Itachi left, he had him do a bit of reconnaissance on Kiriu. The former CEO had long since fled Konoha along with his family. His ownership of the prison was still being finalized, but other than that, his hands were washed of the Danzo matter as if it had never happened. She wasn't going to get anything on him.

"As expected of an Uchiha to push forward. Sources of mine say you have been cooperating with Orochimaru, owner of BioTech Incorporated, a company known to have a few shady dealings and theorized to be corrupted by the owner himself. Do you have anything to say about these allegations? Why would Uchiha Corps be dealing with such a man if not corrupt themselves?" She questioned harshly and there it was. The question he knew she was dying to ask.

"Actually, the only cooperation going on between Orochimaru and I is through his medical chairman in order to gain approval for a new insurance plan I hope to make effective in about a month's time." He explained, swirling his almost empty wine glass. A silent signal for another. There was always a watcher at these venues. Someone who ensured all the elites in the room got everything and anything they asked for. After giving the signal, he took the final swig of his glass and continued.

"The new insurance plans should be available by late September, early October, complete with low monthly payments, low copayments for any visits whatsoever and many other medical benefits that will not only improve medical care for the insured, but make medical care easy and affordable even for those currently unable to afford insurance. Cancer patients as well can expect to receive an amazing amount of coverage for very little payment for any services they receive, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy." He included smoothly, smirking almost haughtily. It worked in his favor to say such a thing at such a venue, the best part being he was telling the truth. Of course, he never lied when it came down to his company, but the fact that she was asking him about this at a venue for cancer research would make nice reading for the press. In fact, knowing the woman was highly against Orochimaru, she'd probably omit that the man was even slightly involved in such an honorable ordeal and he'd even be more praised by the populace. The widening of her eyes and disbelief proved it so.

"I-I see. And this is your insurance plan, correct?" A server came to refill his glass.

"Indeed. I plan to call it…" He paused, taking a sip closing his eyes.

"Sakura Care."

"Interesting. Who will have access to this new insurance plans?"

"The plan will be available to anyone and everyone, other than the wealthy, those already with health insurance and the upper class. If all goes according to my intentions, the plan will be instantly available and applicable to those with preexisting conditions such as HIV, AIDS and of course, any and all forms of cancer." He ended. He chose the name for a reason and he really did hope Sakura approved. Naruto said she would be elated when he approached him about it. He could only hope so.

"What if those already with health insurance would like the lower cost of your insurance plan?" The woman questioned. Sasuke nearly smirked, reading the woman. She really was a good reporter. She knew she wasn't going to get any dirt on him. A story about Uchiha Corps however, could not be passed on. She was going to make his new insurance plan the story and it was exactly what he wanted. She played right into his hands.

"Those already with insurance but wishing to make the switch to Sakura Care can do so once open enrollment begins for the next year. To further elaborate, once required to either renew or enroll for health insurance between November and December." He answered. The woman grunted, bowing to him.

"That's all my questions. Thank you Uchiha-sama." He gave a curt nod, sipping his drink. He watched the reporter stalk off, hearing her grumbling to herself quietly.

"Hmph. That was a certainly shameless promotion. Did you also just get out of paying for advertising all at once?" Neji growled, his pearl eyes that matched Hinata's glaring enviously at the Uchiha. Sasuke turned back, smirking at the rival and partner in the business world.

"Well, of course I'll still pay for the advertising. However, I think that getting the word out early hardly constitutes as shameless promotion." Sasuke excused, a haughty smirk still spread on his lips. However it was Gaara's turn to smirk.

"By the way…"Sakura Care"? Nice touch. Does she know about it yet?" Gaara questioned. Sasuke glared this time.

"Shut it, Sabaku." Neji's eyes lighted with sudden recognition.

"Wait a minute? Sakura? As in, Tenten's friend?" Neji asked, looking to Naruto. Naruto gave a foxy grin.

"Yep." Sasuke glared at the blond.

"I said shut it, idiot." Sasuke scowled. The blond did not have to reveal his personal affairs. Naruto laughed and Neji's look flew over to Sasuke.

"Seriously? Why the hell would she go for a bastard like you?" Neji questioned incredulously. Naruto laughed harder. Gaara smirked.

"Tch. You're certainly one to talk." Sasuke scoffed. It was Neji's turn to glare.

"What is that supposed to mean Uchiha?" Neji snarled. Sasuke smirked.

"If I know Sakura, what makes you think I don't know Tenten herself?" Sasuke questioned. The pearl eyed man glared more ferociously.

"You ever say her name again, I'll bury you myself Uchiha." Neji threatened. Sasuke smirked further. While he harbored a hatred for both Gaara and Neji, he couldn't help but agree with the redhead's taunt towards himself before. He liked pissing off his rivals. He may have had the displeasure of working with the Hyuuga, but it brought a certain degree of satisfaction to watch him lose his cool. Is this what Gaara saw on his face when he pulled that stunt with Sakura on her first day of working with him? It must have been priceless.

"Hm? But she is a good bartender and friend of Sakura. After all, it was straight from Tenten that I had to hear you actually got a date." The brown haired Hyuuga's face scowled further, his face fuming with anger.

"Tch. I'm going to—"

"You shouldn't say such damning things around reporters, Hyuuga." Sasuke cut off, eyeing another tell tale reporter making their way towards them. It was obvious he had his eye on Neji and quite frankly, Sasuke just spared him from saying something the reporter might just mention in the tabloids. Neji stiffened, reading Sasuke's gesturing glances behind him and the fellow CEO sighed, rolling his eyes.

"This night really can't go fast enough." The pearl eyed man grumbled, running a hand through his long brown hair. As expected, the reporter introduced himself to Neji, giving a slew of questions Sasuke tuned out as he sipped his wine. Gaara excused himself, intent on avoiding reporters just as Sasuke, Neji and plenty of other businessmen wanted to. Sasuke and Naruto walked, doing the same.

"So, it's been two weeks since your date with Sakura-Chan. How's the hormones?" Naruto questioned jokingly. Sasuke scoffed, eyeing the boisterous blond with a glare.

"What the hell are you going on about dobe?" Sasuke questioned. Naruto smirked.

"Oh come on. Don't give me that. The fact that you accepted that bribe of mine some time ago means that you think about her in more ways than with her clothes on." Naruto quipped. Sasuke glared harshly. No. He did not need this right now. This was not the time and place to get images in his head and he didn't need the distraction.

"She's like your goddamn sister moron. Are you seriously going to talk about this? Here?" Sasuke growled, taking a sip of his drink. Naruto sheepishly chuckled.

"Yeah, she is but she's also a grown adult just like you are." Naruto pointed out. Sasuke scoffed again, closing his eyes and holding his head up with pride.

"That doesn't mean I'll disrespect her by speaking about such derogatory things. Especially with you." Sasuke snarled, shooting a glare to the blond, only to be met with a haughty and mischievious smirk.

"Well how good and noble of you. But it won't change one thing." Naruto said smiling.

"And that is?" Sasuke asked grudgingly. Naruto gave a daunting smirk, a mischievous flicker in his usually innocent eyes..

"I bet you can't wait to make her scream your name like I can't for Hinata-Chan tonight." Sasuke froze eyes widening and gaze snapping over to Naruto. The blond's smirk widened. Sasuke face was of pure and utter turmoil. That sentence he just uttered had just set off a chain reaction. A destruction of all that made Sasuke a stoic and indifferent CEO. A God broken into a wanting and needing mortal man, tempted by the devil's thoughts.

For Sasuke it was all too much. Fantasies and thoughts flooding his mind. Dreams he tried but couldn't forget recurring in his imagination, causing a crimson red blush to spread from his cheeks to his ears. He hastily drank his wine and Naruto laughed at how flustered the Uchiha became.

"Fucking moron!" He seethed underneath his breath, stalking off to where the bathrooms should be, Naruto's laughter behind him. He damn near cleared a path as other guest of the venue parted his fast paced steps and the moment he opened the bathroom door he slammed it behind him. A multitude of curse words and angered insults spewed beneath his breath as he placed his glass on the sink counter and held onto it. His grip on the rim of the sink was tight as his head hanged downcast, trying to contain and steady himself.

"I bet you can't wait to make her scream your name like I can't for Hinata-Chan tonight."

His teeth gritted. Why? Why did the moron have to say that? Why did he say that?! Wasn't it enough that he was tormented by her in his dreams and drifting thoughts? Did he need such torment during his waking moments? In what was supposed to be a professional setting no lesser. His throat felt tight, his tie was choking him. With that threat, he pulled down his silver tie, unbuttoning the first two buttons of his shirt. His shut his eyes trying to block out his thoughts of her. Her voice. Her touch. He could feel himself begin trembling.

"Take me, Sasuke-kun." She whispered. His teeth and jaw clenched even tighter.

"Please make me yours Sasuke-kun." His heart was racing. His blood was rushing. He was now damn near begging her mentally to stop. Mentally begging to stop looking at him with those pleading eyes. Stop tempting him. Stop driving him mad. Stop taking over his mind.

"I want you." He panted, eyes opening to glare with frustration.

"Sasuke-sama…" He commanded his mind to stop but it made no difference. He turned on the faucet, splashing cold water on his face.


"Tch." He clicked his tongue, snatching his glass and chugging the entire glass of wine, still full having only been refilled just a minute ago. He eyed the empty glass, his mind finding no solace with the instant buzz he got from chugging the alcohol. His eyebrow twitched. Grudgingly, he fixed his tie and buttons again, glaring at himself in the mirror, as the feeling of her lips on his cheek from earlier, moved to places he wished he could actually experience right now.

God damn it all.

"Let's fucking go already!" Sasuke slurred, whispered and yelled to a tipsy Naruto. The evening had passed in a blur as Sasuke downed glass after glass of wine, somehow managed to hold himself together for a few meetings with other partners and businessmen, confirmed a few more possible future projects and even managed to avoid other reporters all together. Thankfully, the announcement was made that the venue was now ending and Sasuke was the first to snatch Naruto by the shoulder and drag him out the door. He dragged the laughing idiot out the door to the valet and glared at the man for the keys.

"Sir, are you in the position to drive? Madam Shirahana is providing drivers for those in nee—"

"Shut up and get me my damn car." Sasuke snarled. The valet said nothing more, almost turned to stone by the Uchiha's damning gaze. Naruto laughed.

"Geez Sasuke-teme! No need to be so -hic- rude!" Naruto slurred. Sasuke glared at the man who caused him nothing but distress and agony.

"I could kill you right now -hic- idiot." Sasuke seethed. Naruto smirked, his drunken eyes gleaming with knowledge.

"What? Had you thinking about -hic- Sakura-Chan all night?" Naruto asked. Sasuke was almost proud of the restraint he had as to not cause a scene by ringing his hands around his supposed best friend's neck.

"What the hell -hic- is your deal!? Why would you—" Sasuke started yelling.

"Because I want Sakura-Chan happy. That's why." Naruto cut him off, freezing Sasuke in place. Suddenly, that look of mysterious thought and contemplation Sakura often gave was now in Naruto's eyes. He was staring at the ground, hands in pockets. Sasuke's eyes widened slightly with familiarity. This was a look he had seen on Naruto's face a few times, though it was gone faster than it remained on Sakura's. Was it only because of her that he was actually recognizing it now? What did it mean? What else had he ignored? Naruto was admittedly his best and probably only true friend. He was just as grateful to the knucklehead as he was grateful to Sakura. The blond had stuck by his side and did everything he could to allow Sasuke some kind of semblance of a life beyond work and it was only recently that he realized it. All the hankering for him to come out to bars and hangouts. Bombarding him with emails and texts to have friendly lunches and dinners. Naruto had been trying to do what Sakura had done. The whole time.

"You should've seen the way she was talking about that date of yours. She was...so happy. I don't think I've ever seen her smile like that before." Naruto informed, the look unchanging from his features. Sasuke's eyes widened.

"S-She spoke to you about it?" Sasuke asked instantly. What did she say? Did she have just as much fun as he did? Was...she just as flustered about what almost happened as he was? Did she enjoy all the walking and talking they did? Sure, a lot of it was from her, but he enjoyed listening no less. All her stories. Learning of her love of the kids. Learning about her. He enjoyed every last moment of it. He wanted so many more moments like that with her. He looked at Naruto, practically begging him to tell him every word that she spoke. Naruto grinned his characteristic, large foxy grin.

"Well, wouldn't you like to know? Yeah, she told me all about your little ice cream in the park date. Had fun with those kids?" Naruto pointed Sasuke in the chest. Sasuke gave a slight look of horror. She spoke of it. Damn it. Now he really hoped that she didn't notice when he was watching her licking the ice cream. Naruto's grin turned into that gentle, understanding smile and his eyes gleamed with joy.

"That's another reason why I want to push you guys together. I...want you happy too. She brings out this side of you that I didn't think could ever have existed for someone like you. You've changed so much because of her and I know for a fact it's for the better. I've never seen you happy at all, yet, when she just as much as enters the same space as you, your eyes light up. Your attention goes straight to her and when you look at her, I can't tell you'd do anything and everything for her. You'd die for her. I know it. The same way I'd give my life for her and Hinata-Chan, so would you. She's...that precious to you." Naruto continued, remembering Itachi's very words to him in private during Sakura's recovery. Itachi was the first to recognize that she was precious to Sasuke and after just another month of observing both Sasuke and Sakura, both separately and when they were together, Naruto saw it too. Sasuke didn't even seem to realize it sometimes; his instantaneous reactions to things around and concerning her. Sakura also. Where Sakura had always been a caring and loving soul, she was also a closed woman. She always hid what she truly felt and unless it was something that absolutely needed confrontation, she couldn't hide herself from Sasuke. They belonged together and Naruto wanted it so. His two best friends deserved each other and Naruto was all in for it. He'd do whatever it took to see Sakura's shimmering eyes and glowing smile, just as it was when she was telling him about her and Sasuke's date.

"That stupid teme won't tell me anything! Come on Sakura-Chan! You have to tell me! How did it go?" Naruto pleaded, giving Sakura puppy eyes and clasping his hands together, damn near begging the pinknette. Sakura laughed.

"If he won't tell you, why should I tell you?" She questioned, raising a taunting eyebrow and placing her hands on her hips.

"EHHH?! BUT I'M YOUR OLDER BROTHER! TELL MEEE!" Naruto whined childishly, stomping his foot. Sakura chuckled, shaking her head and questioning which one between them was actually older as well as an actual adult. Without a choice and knowing Naruto would not relent, she spoke about everything. About how Sasuke listened to the stories of their childhood, how they played with the kids from the clinic. How they walked together hand in hand and he bought her ice cream and how he stared at her. How she couldn't help but feel so drawn and captured by him that her heart may as well have burst out her chest and exploded.

The entire time, a smile never left her face. Her eyes glowed and lighted with absolute joy and excitement. A true and beautiful smile Sakura never gave to another man in the history of her life.

Sasuke stared in almost disbelief. Had he really given away all that from just the few moments he even got to spend with the female subject of their conversation?

"Say...you remember years back, when we first met? You and your mom caught me in the garden trying to get the best flowers for a—"

"A pretty girl named after one...I remember." Sasuke cut him off. Naruto smiled, looking down.

"I've always wanted to give Sakura-Chan the best things in the world. I've always wanted to give her the best flowers. The best protection. The best home. The best friends. Only the best for Sakura-Chan...even if she never asked for it. She's never asked for a single thing in her life. She's always worked and fought hard for things she wanted and over time, I got sick of watching it. Having to constantly watch her strive and struggle when she deserves the very best. I'll go to extreme lengths and fight for Sakura-Chan to have the very best." Naruto gave his characteristic grin again, the three whiskers on his face stretching with a big grin and his eyes shut with trusted excitement.

"If I want Sakura-Chan to have the best man in her life; someone who will give her their very best besides me, I can't think of anyone better than you, Sasuke." Sasuke stared, eyes in complete shock.

"I told you back at Kakashi's, I trust you. If I could trust anyone with Sakura-Chan and be able to sleep at night, it would be you." Naruto said. The valet finally pulled up to them with the car. The two entered after receiving the keys. The two friends sat in the car together, a silence overcoming them as Sasuke began to drive.

"Just don't forget. The day you ever hurt her, I'll kill you with my bare hands, teme." Naruto reminded, grinning and holding up a fist. Sasuke smirked. His hand lifted into a fist bumping with his one and only friend.


Sakura sipped on whiskey, thankful to have a moment of absolute peace. She sat at her sofa with Hinata, the beautiful navy haired pearly eyed girl having a bit of sake herself. Dressed comfortably in shorts and a cropped shirt, that hung off her shoulders. Similarly, Hinata was dressed in a white tanktop and shorts as well, having nothing to do for the day. Sakura drank again, hoping for a buzz to hit her sooner rather than later. She honestly blamed Tsunade for her drinking habits. Even when studying she found herself with a drink in hand and oddly enough, she really could think better with the substance that usually fogged up other minds and thoughts. Despite that though, she could always count on Hinata to give her a moment to breathe and collect her thoughts.

"So, the calls are still happening too?" Hinata asked, continuing their conversation. Sakura nodded. While she had only told Sasuke that she was getting only spamming emails, she was indeed even getting unknown calls and texts to her cellphone. She didn't know how or who, but it wasn't even like she could call the number back. She had once lashed out and cursed back at whoever the woman was on the phone, only to get hung up on. It was becoming irritating and while she did believe Sasuke when he said he wasn't involved with a woman, she could only get angrier and angrier as the harassment continued. If they had no right over Sasuke, what would push a woman to be as troublesome and just plain crazy as to bother someone consistently. She and Sasuke weren't even official yet.

"Yeah. I got one on my lunch break. I told Sasuke-kun about the emails and he said he would take care of it, but I still haven't told him about the phone calls. Thankfully, I was able to tell him it was some telemarketer." She sighed out, drinking. Hinata's pearly eyed narrowed with concern, becoming slightly serious.

"This could be some attempt to try and drive you guys apart. You should just ignore those calls and emails from now on like Sasuke-san said." Hinata advised. Sakura nodded in congruence, a slight unease coming to her features. Hinata placed a hand on her friend's shoulder, giving her a promising smile.

"Don't fret too much about it Sakura-Chan. I've known Sasuke-san for a while now thanks to Naruto-kun and I feel I know him pretty well. Sasuke-san is a very reserved person and he seems very fond of you." Hinata tried to ease. Sakura smiled softly.

"I know...it's just...It bothers me to think about it. I…" Sakura trailed, looking at the brown liquid in her glass.

"I...feel strongly for Sasuke-kun. My heart won't stop racing whenever he's around and my stomach fills with butterflies every time he just as much as looks at me. I...don't know what got into me when I kissed his cheek earlier…" Sakura murmured quietly. Hinata chuckled.

"I remember how I could barely stand around Naruto-kun. Remember? I used to faint almost everyday and I couldn't even get a full word out of my mouth without stuttering." Hinata remembered fondly, giggling. Sakura chuckled. Hinata was a complete mess when first meeting Naruto. Her face would turn entirely red whenever he was around, she would burn up and often faint the moment he did anything that could even be considered flirting, even when he was completely ignorant and unaware of what he was doing.

"Yeah." Sakura laughed out with the navy haired heiress. Hinata smiled softly.

"I don't think you have to worry so much like I did. Back then, I was completely insecure and unsure if Naruto-kun would even notice me at all. But then he took me out on a date and we grew closer and closer. Even though you and Sasuke-san went on a date, I think and feel you guys were close already even before that." Hinata said with belief in what she was saying. Sakura blushed lightly, smiling gently ask she remembered everything between her and Sasuke. She couldn't deny it. She and Sasuke seemed to be tied by fate itself, their pull to each other irrefutable and undeniable. They had yet to make anything official but Sakura couldn't help but feel her heart belonged to Sasuke and Sasuke alone.

"Maybe…" Sakura said hesitantly. Hinata grinned.

"No maybes! Just say I'm right." Hinata chuckled. Sakura giggled with her.

"Okay, okay. You're righ—" Knocks on the door interrupted Sakura and the two shifted their glances. Sakura looked at the time from a clock on her wall.

"Hmm. Must be Naruto here to pick you up." Sakura said intuitively, standing to walk towards the door. Hinata remained, drinking her still half full wine glass.

"Who is it?"

"It's us!" Sakura raised an eyebrow. Us? That was definitely Naruto's voice but who was he with? Opening her door, Sakura's eyes flew in surprise.

"S-Sasuke-kun?" She questioned in surprise. Beside a grinning and well dressed Naruto, Sasuke stood, hands in his pockets and staring at her softly.

"Hey Sakura-Chan! Just thought we'd stop by and hang for a bit. Unless Hinata-Chan is ready to go now?" The blond questioned. Sakura sidestepped to let them in.

"No she's not finished yet. Come in." Sakura said smiling. The two walked in and Sakura made her way to the kitchen. Naruto went straight to greeting Hinata while Sasuke followed Sakura.

"Do you guys want drinks too?" Sakura asked, eyeing Sasuke behind her.

"I'll have a glass of wine." He took up her offer.

"You drinking whiskey tonight, Sakura-Chan?" Naruto called out from the not far distance it was between the kitchen and living room.

"Yeah!" Sakura yelled back.

"I'll have the same!" He replied.

"Don't give the idiot whiskey. He's tipsy from the wine at the venue." Sasuke told on Naruto, rolling his eyes as he heard footsteps stomping up behind him.

"Shut up Teme!" Naruto yelled. Hinata came in giggling. Sakura eyed the good friend of several years.

"Your call, Hinata-Chan." Sakura said, handing Sasuke his glass of freshly poured wine. Hinata eyed Naruto only to receive pleading puppy dog eyes and a hopeful smile, his hands clasped together with his plea. Hinata chuckled.

"Just one and you better be able to drive us home Naruto-kun." Hinata said giggling. Naruto hugged her with a big grin on his face.

"You're the greatest Hinata-Chan!" Naruto proclaimed, rubbing his cheek against hers. The navy haired woman couldn't help blushing.

"N-Naruto-k-kun…" Sakura couldn't help but giggle. Some things never do change. She poured but the drink into an appropriate glass and gave it to the blond she called her brother.

"So how'd the venue go?" She asked, looking at Sasuke. He closed his eyes and grunted.

"Annoying." He grumbled. Sakura chuckled drinking her glass.

"You think everything is annoying." She laughed out. Sasuke smirked.

"Nothing is more annoying than you though." He quipped. Sakura stiffened, glaring before closing her eyes and stomping her foot.

"Why are you always so mean, Sasuke-kun?!" She whined. Sasuke didn't stop smirking as he looked down at her. He was just about a head or so taller than her. It was rather cute to watch something so small and frail looking to fuming with him.

"You make it too easy." He shrugged, drinking his wine with a smug look on his face. Sakura harrumphed, turning away with a twitching eyebrow and drinking her whiskey.

"I'll show you one of these days." Sakura grumbled under her breath, a slew of muttered and incoherent sentences laced with a few curse words here and there, continuing. Sasuke lowered his ear.

"What was that? Something you need to say to me Sakura? I couldn't hear you from down there." He continued to tease, jabbing at her height.

"Sasuke-kun!" She whined out again. Naruto and Hinata chuckled, catching the two's attention. Naruto grinned, having an arm wrapped around Hinata's waist.

"Oi, teme! Stop being an asshole!" Naruto taunted playfully. Sasuke glared.

"Stop being a moron, dobe." Sasuke growled.




"Dobe!" Sakura and Hinata eyed each other, questioning looks on their faces as they silently asked each other what they should do in this predicament they found themselves in. Sasuke and Naruto were going back and forth, name calling and scowling at each other. This was officially equivalent to being stuck with two arguing kids. Hinata gave a pleading look, being the shy and timid woman she was, she knew it would be up to Sakura to get them to cut it out. Sakura gave a curt nod.




"Piece of shit!"

"Quit it you two!" Sakura yelled out over them. The two silenced instantaneously; Naruto all too aware of Sakura's wrath and Sasuke not wanting to get on her bad side and find out about it. Afterall, it never left his mind how she could easily take a man of his size down. He had training of his own, but even he questioned whether or not he'd actually be able to get the upperhand in a spar with Sakura. Where he kept up his training to stay fit and healthy, she had experience to back up with her training. She had been in multitudes of fights and he could definitely say she wasn't a weak opponent.

"S-Sorry Sakura-Chan." Naruto mumbled. Sakura and Hinata eyed each other before the two snorted and laughed together, earning a confused look from the men with them. They exchanged confused glances with each other, a silent conversation between them as they questioned what just happened. In the end, Naruto shrugged and smiled. Sasuke did the same already knowing the conclusion they had been brought to.

Who cared? So long as the ladies were happy, that's all that mattered.

"Bye you guys." Sakura waved as Hinata and Naruto went down the steps from the entrance of her apartment building. Hinata and Naruto turned once on the sidewalk and waved back.

"See you tomorrow, Sakura-Chan?" Hinata questioned. Sakura nodded, waving as the two departed. Next to her, Sasuke stood, watching as Naruto and Hinata got into a car not too far from the building. He sighed.

"I'm gonna go too." He announced, turning to face her. Sakura nodded, smiling up at him.

"Yeah, okay. I'll see you in the morning." She stated softly. Sasuke stared at her. Between the drinks and the constant thoughts of her all day and night, he was doing his absolute best to keep himself from doing anything drastic. He wanted to try and control himself yet, he found himself being drawn to her. He didn't want to leave her. Just like earlier.

That reminded him...he still had to pay her back for that little stunt she pulled earlier.

In an instant, his arm was wrapped around her waist and she was pulled against him. Sakura gave a light shriek, her eyes wide and staring up at him as he stared down at her. He stared into her eyes, his face just inches from hers.

"You know…" He started. Sakura stayed staring into his eyes, wide and completely caught off guard. His hand wrapped around her waist held her both gently and tightly at the same time. Her heart was slamming against her chest as a blush appeared on her face.

"I haven't forgotten about that little stunt of yours in the car earlier..." He murmured, making her blush harder and his hand lifted to her face. He leaned forward, all doubt and restraint being cast away with her body against his. The drinks in his system threw away his care and worries. He had long stopped thinking and analyzing.

He wanted her and he knew it. He had nothing more think about.

"This...is my vengeance...Sakura." He whispered softly, his eyelids lowering. Sakura's eyes became half lidded, her arms lifted, one hand rubbing up his chest and the other over his shoulder to wrap around his neck.

"S-Sasuke-kun…" She whispered. No more hesitating. No more waiting. No more wishing and fantasizing and imagining.

Their lips met, the two both shy and gentle with each other before Sasuke's desire of her won over his insecurity. He claimed her lips with more tenacity, caressing her face and holding her even tighter, pulling her to the point where she had to stand on her tiptoes. His tongue entered, claiming hers and he found himself addicted. Her lips were soft and sweet against his. The whiskey on her tongue made him drunk with her and his claim on her became more adamant and wanting. A shy moan escaped her, muffled by his lips and gently he pulled from her. In doing so, he found it was completely against what his body wanted.

"Sasuke...kun…" She whispered breathlessly. He caressed her lips.

"Stay." She said just as softly, a single word that he was begging to hear from her. He wanted to. He'd do anything on this earth to stay by her side, all day and night. His lips lowered to kiss her again.

"As you wish." He murmured against her lips.


Sakura: -laughs and blushes- A-Anata!

Naruto: -grins- Geez teme, no need to be impatient.

Sasuke: I should've been able to kiss my wife a long time ago. -twitch twitch-


Sasuke: ...what?

U-Uhm...nothing. Next chap just...well...err...

Sasuke: Spit it out!

Don't hate me.

Sasuke: Hate you? Why would I-

SEE YA NEXT CHAP! -runs off-


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