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A Day To Look Forward To

Hey everybody!

Hinata: U-Uhm, H-hello...-twiddles her fingers-

Naruto: Hinata-Chan! -tackles and squeezes tightly-

Hinata: -blushes- N-Naruto-kun...

Hey, where's Sasuke? -looks around- Usually he's around. He's gonna like this chapter too!

Hinata: O-Oh. I saw Sasuke-san running around the village. Apparently Sakura-Chan might be...well...

Naruto: -sweatdrops- Oh no. Sh-She's not on a rampage again...is she?

Hinata: ^.^'''' W-Well...She stepped out the village apparently and then in about an hour, a few rogue ninjas started flying into and around Konoha.


Hinata: Yeah, the ones who awakened spoke of a pink haired monster and Sasuke-san overheard it.

Naruto: -twitch- I-I better go inform the other nations...before they accidently provoke Sakura-Chan. -disappears-


Sasuke sighed. He was at Kakashi's place and ignoring Naruto's ranting on something that had to do with Hinata beating him at a ramen competition last night. It irked him initially, finding the blond sitting there in the kitchen and Kakashi's lame explanation that what they had to talk about should include Naruto. He still wasn't sure exactly what they would be talking about now, but he was still both troubled and consumed by what happened last night with Sakura. He didn't sleep well, at all. As a matter of fact, all night and his day was spent mostly trying to figure out how he would fix the mishappenings between him and Sakura. She had suggested they just forget about it all, but he found out quite quickly that couldn't let it go. He didn't want to just leave things between them in the air. He wanted to give her and himself closure and he was still unsure of how to go about it. It was irritating. It seemed that every time they seemed to take steps towards each other, they took an extra two steps back and it had only furthered his resolve. Hell, if he needed to put aside work for a bit just to fix things between them, then he would. Anything for this not to be an issue between them anymore.

The silver haired man walked in, having changed into a pair of grey sweatpants and a white t-shirt in contrast to the suit he was wearing just a little while ago. On his face a white bandana to cover it as usual. Sasuke couldn't refrain from glaring slightly, the pictures he had seen earlier returning to him mind. He had deleted them after his small fight with Sakura, deciding they were not credible with the way she reacted, but it didn't change his bothered feelings of them. He had questions and he wanted answers. They had only been half answered with Sakura's claim and now was his chance to get some answers from Kakashi. It had been on his mind every time he had to look at or speak to his adviser throughout the day. Even though he was sure he was just misreading the entire scenario of their closeness, it didn't quell Sasuke's anger one bit.

Seeing Sakura in the hands of another man...it made him feel unreasonably angry. Even if that man happened to be some long time friend, it incited him an urge to fight. Even now his fingers twitched, itching to hit Kakashi with full force.

"So, what's this about?" Sasuke questioned, controlling himself to the best if his ability. Kakashi sat down at the table, Sasuke on his right and Naruto on his left.

"Well, to be simple, I want to advise you as usual." Kakashi started, closing his eyes with contemplative thought. He needed to find the right words to say in order to keep his promise to Sakura, whilst pushing Sasuke in the direction he should be going if they were right about Sasuke's feelings.

"If so, why is dobe a part of this?" Sasuke grumbled, annoyed. The blond grinned, placing his hands behind his head and leaning back in his chair in a relaxed posture.

"Because you're dumb and need my advice too." Naruto chimed in. Sasuke's glare shifted to Naruto, scowling in contempt.

"You're the dumbest person here." He snarled. Naruto scoffed.

"Screw you, Teme!"

"Screw yourself, idiot."

"That's enough you two." Kakashi intervened, crossing his arms. The two quieted instantly. Kakashi had that effect on the two. They respected him and his words. Always giving him their undivided attention when he had something to say. He supposed it was out of knowing them for as long as he had. He knew Sasuke from young adolescence and had known Naruto since he was a child beside Sakura. His eyes lowered in remembrance, an image of a small Sakura hiding behind a protective Naruto as he approached them. He was going to ask if they needed help, only to be attacked by Naruto on the spot in mistaken defense. He ended up buying the both of them some food and walking them home, only to find that the two lived alone.

No parents. No older siblings. Just themselves and each other. Sadly enough, it wasn't uncommon in Konoha's slums. They weren't the first and would not be the last.

"Sasuke, I'll keep this brief, as I don't want to meddle into your affairs." Kakashi started. Sasuke waiting, listening quietly.

"Feeling something for someone is quite a hassle isn't it?" He said, catching Sasuke off guard. His eyebrow raised, puzzled with this sudden question. Why was Kakashi talking to him about this?

"What are you going on about?" Sasuke growled, not liking that he couldn't really see where this conversation was heading. He was used to being able to predict sentences ahead of his own, even if he didn't start the discussion.

"Well, you're not all that experienced with the dating scene, teme." Naruto chimed in. Sasuke grunted, turning his gaze away from both men. It didn't really bother him that much, but now he could tell where this was heading.

"Leave me be. I don't want your help with that. I can figure this out on my own." Sasuke pushed away, closing his eyes in finality. What happened between him and Sakura was private and quite frankly, he wasn't happier that Kakashi and Naruto were getting involved.

"We just want to make sure you're on the same page, Sasuke." Kakashi interjected. Their dark eyes met and Sasuke waited, knowing there was more Kakashi had to say.

"Do you really want to go into something blindly as you are now?" He asked. Sasuke's eyes lowered. He had been doing fine so far, save for everything that happened in the past week. He couldn't help but wonder if maybe a bit of advice was in order. At least for what was happening. He had thought he was going about things smoothly, only for everything to explode out of nowhere. He had gotten the clue that maybe, Sakura had gotten upset about Karin and not really with him. She had maliciously and mistakenly remarked on that Karin was "precious" to him, rather than be worried over the photos he had shown her. It was only at his mentioning of Karin that her demeanor and attitude changed. He was almost certain that was his mistake, but it hadn't crossed his mind at the time, blinded with his anger towards her.

"Mind your business. I can handle it." Sasuke mumbled. Kakashi sighed hopelessly. He needed another approach.

"Sasuke, you need to consider—"

"Stop thinking and analyzing and make a move on Sakura-chan already, asshole!" Naruto boldly cut Kakashi off. Kakashi sighed again. His new approach did not mean being so direct. Sasuke had always been a calculating man. He preferred to think before he leapt and it was what had brought him continued success. However, that didn't work with love. Sasuke visibly flinched in his seat.

"...This is what you wanted to talk about?" Sasuke questioned, his eyes lowering to the side to avoid their gazes. Naruto and Kakashi exchanged glances.

"Yes…" Kakashi answered. Sasuke's eyes shifted back to Kakashi, a weary look in his eye. He remained silent, knowing full well how important Sakura was to the two men before him. In retrospect, this was the equivalent of meeting her father and older brother. While he had known the two for years, it didn't change Sakura was their precious one. Even for him, she was precious. He didn't want to have that fight last night and he had shamed himself with even raising his voice to her, even if it was just the slightest bit. Every glare and every seethed word he had taken note of, with his own silent promise to make up for it.

"So what, you're giving me your blessing? Why are you fine with me courting her? Shouldn't you two be more protective or something?" Sasuke asked with his eyebrow twitching slightly. He knew for damn sure if he had a little girl, there was a possibility her suitors just might have a car accident on the way to dinner. Or maybe they would go missing. He wasn't joking either. He could already feel it was so just thinking about it. It was backed by his current reaction at just the mention of a man with Sakura was instantaneous rage. She wasn't even his yet. Sasuke was sure he wouldn't be open to the idea of giving away his daughter—if he ever had one.

"This is us being protective Sasuke. If your serious about her we both trust you, but you don't know what you're doing. We want to give you a push in the right direction. It is our insurance that you won't hurt her." Kakashi explained. Sasuke's eyebrows furrowed, understanding what Kakashi was saying. That being said, he still wasn't glad that they were meddling in his affairs with Sakura. It was personal and private. It wasn't really any of their business.

"Sasuke-teme…" Naruto grabbed his attention. He regarded him with silence, an indication that he was listening.

"Sakura-Chan is very precious to me, to the both of us. You are one of my best friends. There is no one I would trust more with her than you." The blond declared softly and Sasuke was unprotesting. He sighed, looking away again.

"But there's something I noticed and that is you're definitely taking your time. It's obvious you and Sakura have something between you two, so it shouldn't be too hard to take a step." Naruto continued.

"...like what?" Sasuke mumbled. Naruto slammed his hands down, standing and grinning with determination, completely elated Sasuke was considering their words.

"TAKE HER ON A DATE TEME!" Naruto screamed. Sasuke felt a burning on his cheeks and ears, his throat feeling a sudden dryness. He lifted a fist to his lips in nervousness, turning his head and trying to hide his tingling face. He had to clear his throat, feeling it become scratchy and itchy. Kakashi chuckled and Naruto's grin got even wider with that reaction.

"You can still start off slow. Just try to do something you both like." Kakashi suggested.

"Sakura-Chan likes taking walks like you do! That's an easy start!" Naruto informed. Sasuke looked down. He hadn't been on one of his a late night walks in a while. Between everything that had happened, he found himself unable to take a moment to take the calm, night stroll he used to look forward to.

A walk by Sakura's side...sounded nice.

"Hn." Was the only thing he could say, too flustered at the moment to come up with an even remotely intelligible response. A walk through the park, maybe during noon or the early hours of the evening? If he remembered right, he had a space of about three hours in this Friday, which was in two days. He stood, coming to a decision. Maybe he could go ask her in person now if she was up for it.

"Oh and Sasuke…" Kakashi called. Sasuke looked to the older man.

"You hurt her, I'll kill you." The silver haired man threatened, a dead serious gaze in his half lidded eyes. Naruto held a fist to Kakashi.

"Get in line! I'm first!" Naruto yelled. Sasuke rolled his eyes, turning to leave.

"Whatever." He mumbled. The two were left alone, sighing with each other in relief.

"That went better than I thought it would." Kakashi mumbled, closing his eyes and crossing his arms. Naruto nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, actually. I thought we might have to beat some sense into him." Naruto remarked. Kakashi chuckled.

"I guess he really is serious." Kakashi murmured.

"Oh, he is. He poked her forehead." Naruto said, beginning to take his leave. He promised a night out with Hinata. Kakashi choked on his own spit, eyes snapping open in surprise.


"Yup. See ya tomorrow!" Naruto confirmed and left. Kakashi's eyes lowered, a thoughtful look coming to his eyes.

"Guess we were worried over nothing." Kakashi mumbled to himself.

Sasuke stood for a moment outside Sakura's door. He was hesitant and even though they had both apologized to each other last night he was reluctant to see her right now. He wondered if she was still angry with him at all, even if it was she who apologized first. He was still her boss after all and for all he knew, it could have just been an apology to keep her job, not that he had any intention of doing so. Itachi had been very helpful in her place, but he still...missed her. He wanted to see her. He wanted to be greeted in the morning by her and bid farewell in the evening.

He missed her coffee. Itachi tried, but his coffee was barely subpar to hers. He thought he just liked her coffee, but having had it every morning for over a month and now not having it for the better part of two and a half weeks proved that she had some kind of special touch to it. She made it strong enough that he got his caffeine fix, but it was easy on the taste buds. Itachi either made his coffee way too strong or pathetically weak. When he got his coffee from other places, it just didn't have the same goodness she made it with. He wondered if she had some sort of trick. Or maybe it was just a magic touch. Maybe she was just keen on the mixture between the coffee grounds and water ratio. Either way, he honestly was growing impatient for the day she returned to work to make him a coffee.

Hesitantly, his fist lifted, an unsure bite of his bottom lip came before he could get the first knock in. He had never done this before. What was he even going to say to her? He hadn't planned this out at all on the drive over. That small miscalculation made him curse himself. In any other meeting, he had the first couple of conversations planned out ahead of time, with several different scenarios played out. He should have done the same with this but he really had no idea what to say. In the end, he resigned to saying what came to mind in the moment. He'd go from there. But now that it was about to happen in just a few moments, he found himself beyond nervous. Maybe he should think this through first. He was about to turn and abort mission. He wasn't ready. He could feel his hands become sweaty.

But he had already knocked and from the other side of the door, a voice sounded. Her voice. His eyebrows knitted together.

"Who is it?" He stayed silent for a moment. Taking a few steady breaths, he decided to steel himself. With a gulp, he turned back to face the door again.

"It's me...Sasuke." He announced. There was a silence for a moment and instantly he felt apprehensive. She didn't want to see him. He should have given more time for her to calm down after their fight last night. After another few seconds, the door still hadn't opened and Sasuke resigned himself into the previous thought. She needed some more time. He was rushing. He shoved his hands into his pockets, his eyes lowering and staring at the ground. Maybe he was beyond fixing things. Maybe she had lost interest in him? Maybe she had no interest in him to begin with.

"I...can come back another time if you—" He was cut off with the clicks and clanks of her locks being undone. The door opened and there she stood, in a black t-shirt and navy blue shorts. Her pink hair framed her face but he noticed how some of it had been placed up in the back. His eyes caught a few pencils stuck into her hair.

"Are...you busy?" He asked. She shook her head.

"No. Not really...just doing some studying. I have an exam Sunday." She answered. He had almost forgotten she still had her schooling. Maybe it would be a bother to invite her out for the time being.

Stop thinking and analyzing and make a move on Sakura-chan already, asshole!

Naruto's words crossed his mind with emphasis. Maybe they were right. Maybe he was reading to much into things. If Sakura said no, with the excuse that she needed some time then that would be that.

At least she would still know he wanted to spend time with her.

"What are you doing here, Sasuke-kun?" Her voice tore him from his thoughts. He sighed, one of his hands lifting to scratch the back of his head with his tension. He hoped he didn't look too anxious, but he was sure that he looked like a nervous wreck.

"Well...I...uhm…" Bad start. He was losing his words. He cleared his throat, trying his best to center himself.

"About last night and last week...I wanted to make it up to you. I…" He hesitated again. Why was it hard to talk? With anyone else, he'd get his words straight and he'd get his way but right now, this was different. He wasn't sure of anything. Was it getting hotter here?

"Well, I was wondering if maybe you'd want to join me Friday evening...maybe for a walk or dinner or something. Or…" He now couldn't look her in the eye. He was fumbling and now this was feeling awkward. His heartbeat picked up and he was looking anywhere and everywhere that wasn't towards her. A paint chip at the edge of her door, the dark brown color of her hallway floor. Anywhere that wasn't towards her. In fact, he wanted to disappear right about now. Why did he let Naruto and Kakashi talk him into this? This wasn't appropriate at all. This was stupid. This was crazy. This was ludicrous. What was he thinking? What was she thinking?

"Y-Yes. What time?" His eyes widened, shooting up to meet hers only to see a blush on her face and a small, shy smile on her lips. His heart raced further. Everything around her became black and there was only her in his sights.

"Does six sound alright?" He asked an autopilot, far from thought. She nodded.

"Okay...guess I'll see you then. Where should we meet?" She asked.

"Is Sarutobi Park okay? I can pick you up if that is better." He looked down again, unsure of himself. His hand had retreated to his pants pocket again now, feeling a bit restless and fidgety though he did his best to hide it. He found himself staring at his shiny work shoes, one of them grinding nothing beneath his shoe in a back and forward motion, without his warrant. What if she wanted something more expensive? Should he take her to dinner at an expensive restaurant instead? The bar?

"No. That's okay. I can meet you there. Sarutobi Park is not a far walk from here." She waived and lowered her eyes. A fluttery feeling took place in her stomach. She couldn't help but enwrap her fingers together, placing them above her heart with a slight fear that it would burst from her chest without warning. Her heart was faster than a speeding train. Sasuke had said this was to make things up to her but could she consider it a date? He seemed so nervous. Frankly, she had never seen him like this before. Was it just due to the fight they had? She didn't hold it against him. Actually, she blamed herself. She had gotten emotional between the mention of Karin, her insecurities and the bit of alcohol in her system. She had been meaning to apologize to him again more forwardly, rather than the two worded text she sent him.

"Good. I mean great. Err...well, I mean, it would be alright to pick you up. It's not a big deal really. Even if its nearby, I don't mind." Sasuke fumbled yet again. He was hoping to be a perfect gentleman to her. He didn't want to seem lazy or rude. If she wanted a ride, she would have one at the ready. Maybe he would just pick her up anyway? He bit his tongue behind his closed lips and mentally smacked himself for possibly being a little too forward.

"No, no. It's fine. I don't mind the short walk." She dismissed again. He was about to say something, before another voice cut him off.

"Oh! Sakura! Good evening! Haven't seen you in a while!" A male voice interrupted. Just next door a spiky dark brown haired man gazed at her, not regarding Sasuke at all. His dark eyes were a bit odd, animalistic-like though it was obvious they were happy to see her. Sasuke frowned, eyeing the man. Sakura only regarded him with kindness, as she did with everyone.

"Good evening Kiba! Long time no see! Where is Akamaru?" She asked, stepping a bit more out into the hallway. The tan skinned man grinned, chuckling. The canines of his teeth seemed especially sharp. Sasuke wasn't sure of it was some kind of birth defect or a style choice.

"Inside. I'm about to walk him now if you want to see him." The similar aged man offered, bringing out his keys and beginning to unlock his door. Behind it, large thumps and scratching could be heard, along with excited whimpering and whining. Sasuke's eyebrow raised when the man called Kiba was beginning to open the door and it slammed shut with a large weight. Kiba's eyebrow twitched and Sakura laughed in amusement.

"I guess he heard me?" Sakura suggested. Kiba gave a sigh, the whimpering and scratching from inside his apartment not stopping in the slightest.

"Looks like. You've always been his favorite." Kiba shrugged, entering his keys and pushing the door open again. Sasuke stared with slight reservation, though it was a bit easier to hold down his jealousy. Sakura had just agreed to a date with him and on that note, he wasn't as angry about her speaking with some man as he was before. Actually, he was glad she was being seen with him.

Perhaps his presence had shot down this dog's hopes of even the slightest chance with Sakura.

Interrupting his thoughts, a large white haired dog shot from the apartment, running around Kiba before he froze upon seeing Sakura and Sasuke. Sasuke's obsidian eyes widened. The dog was massive, possibly large enough to be ridden on by a grown man such as himself or Kiba. He had brown patches on his ears and his currently stiff white tail began wagging, his sight on Sakura.

"Akamaru!" Sakura cooed with greeting, bending down her hands on her knees. The large dog panted, his tail wagging more profusely before he dashed and pounced on Sakura. With his grand size the dog knocked her to the ground, on top of her and licking and face in his own greeting. Sakura laughed. Kiba sighed.

"Ah geez! Akamaru!" Kiba grumbled, walking over and grabbing the dog to lug him off. Sakura was helped to her feet by Sasuke who noticed she hadn't been in pain.

"Sakura, is your wound okay?" He couldn't help but ask in concern. Still laughing she looked up at him, her hand still in his.

"It's fine actually. I still get a little sore but—" She halted, looking into his eyes. They were a bit close and with her hand still in his she was feeling drawn to him. Her heart fluttered, mesmerized by his gaze and he fared no better with their eyelock. He was entranced, staring into her and taking in the smallest details of her eyes. Healthy emeralds and now that he noticed it, he could see small hints of darker and lighter greens, almost resembling the shape of a flower. Sakura blushed, just realizing Sasuke's hand still held hers. It was bigger than hers and gentle to the touch. It was so soft and warm.

"Uh, sorry for interrupting. Did you say wounded?" Kiba's voice broke their connection. They flinched with realization blinking and turning their heads towards Kiba. Their hands released each other with reluctance. Sasuke glared at the interruption, his lips scowling with disdain.

"It's nothing to worry about Kiba." Sakura answered, the blush still on her face. He blinked, just realizing the scabbed and small cut on her face, oblivious to Sasuke's glare.

"Huh? What happened? Did you get into a fight? Your face..." Kiba asked with concern. Sakura looked down with insecurity, touching the cut. She was a woman after all. She really, really hoped it didn't scar.

"Something like that. But it's nothing, really." She replied. Sasuke looked at her, eyebrows furrowing with her look. He noticed fully that Kiba's remark touched a nerve and it furthered his dislike for the other man.

"Hey, don't make such a face! You're still gorgeous, beautiful!" Kiba suddenly complimented. Sakura's eyes lifted, giving a thankful smile. Sasuke was trying not to ring his hands around Kiba's neck.

"Thank you Kiba. I'm hoping it won't scar." She said, twiddling her fingers.

"Hey, if it does, you'll just look like a beautiful badass." Kiba grinned and Sasuke's glare intensified. His hands clenched into fist and as if sensing his hostility, Akamaru began growling, stepping in front of Kiba. Sasuke's glare moved to the dog. Annoying mutts, both of them.

"What." Sasuke seethed, the dog flinching and instantly scurrying around Kiba. He pulled on Kiba's pants leg, an obvious signal it was time to go. Sakura giggled and Kiba raised an eyebrow.

"Sorry. That was weird of him. Come on boy. Time for your walk." He said.

"See ya, Sakura." He waved, walking with the large dog following his side. The canine companion looked back for just a minute only to catch Sasuke's glare in his. Sasuke scowled back and it made the dog animatedly flinch and go off running, whimpering and yelping in fear.

"Hey! Akamaru! Wait up!" Kiba yelled, running after the dog. Sakura laughed.

"Haha! Looks like you scared Akamaru. Not a dog person?" She laughed out. Sasuke's eyebrow twitched in irritation.

"Not when they annoy me." He grumbled. Sakura's Sakura's soft chuckles dialed down, looking to Sasuke. She rubbed her hand up and down her forearm, feeling a bit nervous again.

"Uhm...Sasuke-kun…" He looked to her, eyeing her sudden timidness. Seeing his gaze, she knew he had his attention and her eyes lowered to the side.

"I-I...I wanted to say sorry for last night. I-I shouldn't have gotten like that. I shouldn't have yelled at you." She apologized like she wanted. Sasuke stared, his brows creasing together.

"I'm sorry too. I was inconsiderate and rude. I didn't respect your feelings." He apologized back. Sakura's eyes widened, lifting back to his.

"No, it—" She started only to feel him grab her hand again. Her eyes were a bit wider, a blush creeping on her face.

"Sakura…" He cut her off. He liked the feel of her hand in his and he grabbed the other, lifting it between them.

"Forgive me." He whispered. She stared into his dark eyes, shocked. Her gaze softened, feeling a tingle in her chest. She wondered if Sasuke ever apologized to anyone like this. While she didn't know it, he really hadn't. He never apologized to anyone really.

"I already have." She smiled at him brightly and Sasuke found he was enchanted by its light. Slowly, a smile came upon his face.

"Hn. Thank you." He mumbled, and slowly brought one of her hands to his lips, placing a kiss on it. He heard her gasp and he smirked, pulling away. Swiftly, he turned, walking away.

"See you Friday." He said.

"S-See you F-Friday." He heard behind him, before rushed footsteps and the closing of the door. Since he wasn't that far, he could make out the sound of a squeal behind the door. He smirked, feeling himself blushing. Walking out her building he couldn't stop smirking, his eyes low on the ground and only thinking of what Friday would bring.

"Oh. You're leaving?" He heard, noticing Kiba. Even the man and dog who irritated him just minutes ago weren't a bother anymore. Seeing him, the dog's tail cowered.

"Yeah…" Sasuke murmured, dazedly. Kiba chuckled, not oblivious to the look.

"She does have that effect on people. Can I know what she said to get a scary guy like you to look like that?" Kiba laughed, as if he knew the change in demeanor was because of Sakura. Sasuke passed by and slowly ran a hand through his hair. With a smug look in his eyes, he turned, walking backwards in the direction of his car. Kiba and Akamaru stared. Oh, he had no problem at all with bragging about this, especially to another man she appeared a bit close with

"She said yes." He said out loud, smirking at Kiba's surprised look. Turning forward, Sasuke was only going to leave it at that. That would leave the guy to wonder.

Kiba looked down at Akamaru, his face grimacing.

"Aww man. Looks like I missed my shot. Told you she was out of my league." Kiba mumbled, walking up the steps with his shoulders slumped. Akamaru whined as if sharing his owner's grief.

Entering his car, Sasuke sat there for a moment, taking in everything that happened. With a breath released as if he had been holding it, a big grin made its way to his face. He gripped his head, remembering his own words. He almost didn't believe it. This felt unreal.

"She said yes…" He murmured, confirming it to himself. His grin widened.

"She said yes!" He repeated the second time with an excited yell. Slamming his hands onto the steering wheel of his car, he felt lighter, as if a weight had been lifted from his entire body. He wanted to run laps! He wanted to announce it to the entire world.

Pulling out his parking spot, he drove off, for the first time ever, looking forward to something that wasn't his solo walks.

Sakura was upstairs blushing madly. With her tomato red face in her hands, she was spiraling, reeling from what just happened. She played it back. Sasuke invited her out. She said yes. They talked and he kissed her hand. He kissed her hand. She squealed for a second time, running to her bed room and jumping on her bed. She buried her face into her pillow, letting out an excited scream. Turning onto her back, she panted with exhilaration and clutched at the area her heart was. She whimpered, feeling her heart running at a million miles an hour.

"My heart is gonna burst..." She mumbled to herself and Sakura found that she didn't care. This feeling she had been given rushed throughout her body, filling her with an amazing amount of joy. She was smiling so grandly, she almost couldn't feel her cheeks.

"Sasuke-kun!" She squealed. She heard knocking on her door and with the adrenaline in her body she sprung out of bed, running to the door and opening it without a care of who was on the other side. Kiba stood with Akamaru, eyeing her glowing grin.

"Hi again, Kiba." She greeted brightly. Kiba smiled softly, sighing in defeat. Yep. Definitely not in his league.

"So, he proposed or something?" Kiba playfully asked. Sakura laughed, blushing and smacking him in the chest.

"Get in here!" She excitedly pulled the long time friend of hers into the apartment ready to spill the beans on everything. She ran grabbing her phone. Someone else needed to know about this. She felt like throwing a party.

"INO! GET OVER HERE! GET OVER HERE FAST!" She squealed. On the other end of the line, the blue eyed girl raised an eyebrow.

"Neh? What's got you all happy? Did something happen?"

"JUST GET HERE!" She yelled hanging up. Wait. Not just Ino.

She paced, calling numbers for numerous people. Hinata, Tenten, Temari, Shikamaru, Naruto. Kiba watched on with a raised eyebrow, sitting with Akamaru on the floor of her living room as she paced back and forth with each call. Kiba gave an amused look, snickering to himself.

"Well, looks like we really got beat, eh Akamaru." Kiba sighed, unheard by the excited pink haired woman. Akamaru laid down, lowering his head to the ground with a whimpered groan. Defeat.

Sakura dashed, plopping herself to sit in front of the two. She being Akamaru's favorite, the large white dog moved, laying and curling around her instead of being next to Kiba. The dog was massive enough to encompass her sitting body, his head on her lap and tail by her knee with her crisscrossed decision.

"So, I'm gonna take the answer to my question is a yes?" He questioned, still amused. Sakura blushed, though a grin never left her face. He was wrong and she and Sasuke were far from that, but her joy at something so simple, could not be matched. She wondered how she would react to Sasuke proposing, if she was this blissfully elated when he had only asked her for a date.

"No. He didn't." She laughed. Kiba raised an eyebrow.

"Huh? Then what's your deal?"

"I'll start from the beginning!"

"Sasu—" Itachi paused, raising a raven haired eyebrow. Upon seeing his brother at the restaurant they had met at for a meeting, he couldn't help but notice the smirk his brother had. This was a different smirk. As a matter of fact, it was akin to a smile and as his brother sat at the table, the smirk did not leave him. His lips were twitching further upwards as if trying to hold back a grin.

"Who are you and what have you done with my brother?" Itachi asked in bafflement. Sasuke lifted the menu looking at the various meals and offers, but it barely registered in his mind. All he could think about was Friday. All he could think about was Sakura.

"Don't be an idiot, Itachi." Sasuke sighed. Itachi rolled his eyes, shaking his head.

"I'm not the one smiling like one." He countered, eyeing his brother. Sasuke looked back. He didn't have a comeback in mind for it and in his elation, he only shook his head.

"Whatever." He mumbled.

"No, seriously. What's with you?" Itachi deadpanned, he lifted his drink. Sasuke flipped a page in the menu.

"Nothing. Just…" Sasuke's eyes softened. He closed the menu and put it down on the table.

"I...have a date." He mumbled, not looking towards Itachi. Itachi's eyes flew side open from. Not being able to contain his shock he turned his head and spat out his drink in a spray, the liquid drenching into a woman's long brown hair to the right of him. He coughed, still slightly choking from some of the alcohol that got caught in his throat.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" She screeched, standing. Still coughing, Itachi stood and offered her his napkin.

"I-I'm so sorry miss." He coughed some more, before freezing, his eyes wide at the dark eyed woman. Her eyes widened with his and Sasuke watched the exchange with a raised eyebrow.

"I-Izumi?" Itachi asked in disbelief.

"I-Itachi-kun?" She looked over to Sasuke gasping.

"Is that you Sasuke-Chan?" She questioned, baffled. Sasuke's smirk dropped, his eyebrow twitching.

"I told you years ago not to call me that." He grumbled. She giggled, looking between the two.

"Wow, it's been so many years since I've seen you two. You've grown quite a bit." She said, smiling with delight. Itachi cleared his throat, regaining his composure.

"Yeah. So have you." Itachi complimented. She gave a soft blush, before her name was called.

"Izumi, are you alright?" A man stood and questioned. He appeared to be around her age, with black hair that was a bit lighter than Sasuke's and Itachi's raven locks, with dark eyes. Itachi eyed them, watching as the man began to stroke the napkin through her wet hair and part of her dress. Itachi's jaw tensed.

"I'm alright Tenma. Thanks." She regarded and Itachi's eyes widened.

"Tenma?" He mumbled. The dark eyed man looked over, eyes lighting with surprise.

"Itachi?" A smile came upon his face.

"Wow man! It's been years!" He exclaimed. Itachi tensed, watching as Tenma looked back down to Izumi.

"Well, I guess this date's over huh? I can take you home to wash your hair and change if you want." Izumi's eyes flickered between him and Itachi, before she finally looked into Tenma's eyes.

"Sure, Tenma. Thanks." She said softly. The man took off his blazer and wrapped it over her shoulders. The August air would be cool through her wet hair and skin. Itachi watched as he placed an arm around her.

He did his best not to frown, his eyes solely on Izumi. She looked back to him.

"It was great seeing you again. Let's catch up some time!" She said smiling.

"Yeah! Let's get some drinks. Shinko's in town too! We can all hang out." He said smiling. Itachi nodded rigidly.

"Sure." Tenma pulled out a card, passing it to Itachi, who took it slowly. Itachi looked down at it. Real Estate broker.

"See ya!" He said. Izumi's eyes lowered. A server came, cleaning the spilled mess on the ground between them.

"Have a goodnight, Itachi-kun." She said softly. Itachi looked back at her, a slight pain coming to his eyes. There were many things he needed to say to her. But he couldn't. He said the only thing he could.

"Goodnight, Izumi." He said softly.

"Nice seeing you again Sasuke-Chan." She waved. Sasuke sighed.

"Stop calling me that." He mumbled.

"You haven't changed one bit." She chuckled. Sasuke grunted.

"Hn. Get home safe." Sasuke said as his farewell. It was enough as it indicated he had some regard for her well being. She giggled, her eyes moving back to Itachi. Her brow lifted and with a knowing and sad look in her eyes she smiled, walking away with Tenma's arm still wrapped around her shoulder. Itachi watched them go, placing the card in his pocket and eyes lowering. Sasuke observed as Itachi retook his seat and there was a silence between them. Itachi grabbed his drink.

"...I guess it wasn't just me you left all those years ago." Sasuke said quietly. Itachi's eyes lifted from his drink, a somber expression in them. He didn't answer. He didn't have to. He straightened in his chair, closing his eyes and became the picture of composure. He drank his beverage.

"...There are things you don't know or understand about those years ago, Sasuke." Sasuke glared.

"Yeah. That's what you always say." He growled, his good mood gone sour. Itachi gave a knowing look to his younger brother.


"Don't. Save your breath. I don't care anymore." Sasuke growled, cutting him off. Itachi's eyebrows lifted with sorrow.

"I know it was hard, after mom and dad—"

"You don't know a damn thing because you weren't there." Sasuke snarled, his glare hardening. Itachi looked down.A server came to the table, along with the man they were here to meet just as he was about to say something in response.

"Uchiha-sama, correct?" Sasuke shifted his eyes to the man he was meeting.

"You must be Sai." Sasuke gruffed, slightly thankful for the interruption. The pale man gave a smile that looked rather fake. He gave a small bow and took a seat.

"Indeed sir. Thank you for the invitation." He said. Sasuke grunted.

"What can I get you gentlemen for the evening?"

"Ah! I'll have the momen tofu. For a drink, I'll have some sake." Sai said happily.

"Your steamed tuna and scotch." Sasuke ordered dully.

"I'll have more wine...I'm alright on food." Itachi said quietly. Sasuke eyed him before closing his eyes and taking calming breaths to relax himself. The server nodded.

"Coming right up!" The server smiled and departed.

"So, what is this meeting about Uchiha-sama?" Sasuke looked to Sai.

"Hn. Simple really. With Danzo removed as the Kyoto branch manner, I'm sure it's obvious that there is a seat that needs filling." Sasuke stated and Sai perked, his eyes closed with that still seemingly fake smile. Sasuke eyed him. The guy looked too happy. It bothered him a bit. If it wasn't for Kakashi's intake, Sasuke would have shot down the very thought of putting this guy in a top position of one of his branches.

"Yes. Am I jumping the gun in asking if I'm getting promoted?" Sai asked. Sasuke's eyes closed with satisfaction. Sai's intuition was as Kakashi described. That was a plus.

"No. Actually, you are spot on. Think you can handle being a branch manager?" Sasuke questioned. Sai gave a chuckle.

"I'll have a bit to learn but it should be no problem! I will be sure to meet your needs as best I can." He replied. Sasuke grunted in approval.

"Very well."

The drive home was silent for the two brothers. As Sasuke parked in the driveway, Itachi looked at him. They sat for a moment, the air still tense between them.

"Sasuke...you know I was around as much as I could be." He said softly. Sasuke's teeth gritted.

"What are you looking for Itachi? Forgiveness? A pat on the back? A medal? A fucking cookie?" Sasuke snarled. Itachi frowned, looking away.

"I'm not looking for any of those things, I just want you to try to understand my side of things." Itachi stated quietly. Sasuke slammed his fist into his door making Itachi flinch.

"Understand? Understand your side of things?!" Sasuke yelled explosively. Itachi stayed silent.

"What the hell do I need to understand Itachi?! What?! That you were always caught up? That you were always busy with whoever and whatever it was you were doing?! Well I don't care! I don't want to understand your side of things! You made your choice! You bailed on everything! You always have!" Sasuke screamed, opening the door and exiting. Itachi followed, closing his side of the car door calmly while Sasuke slammed his, already stalking off towards his house.

"There was more to my absences, Sasuke!" Itachi yelled after him, following his brother with haste. Sasuke stopped, snapping to him.

"Yeah? Is that so? Well then, why not tell that to someone who gives a damn! Tell that to Izumi! Tell that to mom and dad, who spent months and years worried and stressing about you. I bet they'd love to know the reason behind all your misdemeanors, your late nights, your absences!" Itachi's eyes filled with sorrow and his heart panged with pain.

"Hey! It's cool though! You at least came back for their funeral! They can have comfort in that! Too bad that father had to turn in his grave though, when you declined ownership of the company!" Sasuke screamed, walking towards the house. The door had already opened and Sebastian stood there staring worriedly.

"Young Master Sasuke, is ever—" Sebastian was about to ask only for the hotheaded Uchiha to storm passed him without an ounce of acknowledgement. Itachi walked over, catching the eye of the old butler. His eyes turned somber, seeing the disheartened and hurt look in the older sibling's gaze.

"That fight again, sir?" Sebastian questioned knowingly. Itachi looked off to the side, quiet.

"I'm sure you will get him to hear you out one day." Sebastian comforted, patting Itachi on the shoulder. Itachi closed his eyes.

"I can only hope so. Goodnight Sebastian." Itachi said quietly. Sebastian bowed in farewell.

Sasuke was pacing in his room back and forth. He needed to let off some steam but there was nothing that came to mind right now. Nothing really calmed him after a fight like that. Maybe some training? He had been slacking at his martial arts. Deciding he would do so, Sasuke took off his clothes angrily tossing them without care and changing into shorts. He tied bindings to his hands and forearms. Then again at his legs from his ankle to just below his knee. He walked out his room, making his way down the hall and up a set of stairs.

He opened the door, pausing when he saw Itachi there. He had changed out of his suit as well, standing there in a white muscle t-shirt and black sweats. His older brother looked to him, eyeing him with a worried and concerned expression.

"Tch. What are you doing here?" Sasuke grumbled. Itachi closed his eyes.

"You usually come to train to let off some steam. I thought I'd help out with that...especially considering your anger is with me." Itachi explained truthfully. Sasuke glared. He honestly did not want to see Itachi right now but he also was not above getting the chance to get a nice punch to Itachi's face. He began walking towards him.

"Hn." The moment he was within his arm's reach Sasuke threw a punch only to be blocked with Itachi's reflexes. Sasuke glared, following his strike with a kick to the legs, taking Itachi by surprise. They sparred, countering each other's strikes and movements. After about an hour or more, Itachi was struck, the force making his head jerk to the right. Sasuke was about to go for another, but Itachi caught his hand. The two panted, sweat glistening on their bodies.

"You bastard." Sasuke grumbled. They usually sparred until one of them landed the first hit on the other. Itachi turned his head to face Sasuke and gave him a sullen gaze. They dropped their hands and Sasuke began to walk away. He was somewhat satisfied.

"Sasuke…" Itachi called out. Sasuke stopped.

"You will never have to forgive me. As you said...I've made my choices. But I am always going to be there for you to the best of my ability. Whenever your ready to try and understand my reasons, I'll tell you anything and everything you need to know. Just…" He trailed and Sasuke's eyes lowered.

"Just know that I will love you always, little brother. I always have." Itachi said softly. Sasuke closed his eyes, sighing.

"...Sakura agreed to go out with me Friday." Sasuke informed quietly. Itachi's eyes widened in surprise. He knew this was Sasuke's way of saying they were on good terms. Especially since he was telling him something rather personal. A smile reached Itachi's face.

"So you finally took that step." He said softly. Sasuke looked down. A small and light blush burned on his cheeks.

"Yeah." He murmured.

"Nervous?" Itachi asked walking up to his side. Sasuke turned his head, hoping to hide the blush on his cheeks.

"A little…" Itachi chuckled.

"Don't worry. You'll be fine." He said softly, patting him on the shoulder. The two walked down the hall, only to be interrupted with the ringing of Sasuke's phone. His eyebrow lifted at the caller's name. Naruto? What did he want? Walking beside him, Itachi watched as Sasuke answered.

"What do you want dobe? It's late."

The screaming and cheers of females were heard throughout Sakura's house. Sakura was beyond herself with happiness and she sat with everyone, sharing a bottle of wine she brought out once everyone got here.

"Told you he was totally into you! Day one!" Ino cheered, drinking her second glass for the night. Sakura blushed, smiling. She hadn't stopped smiling since Sasuke left. Naruto chuckled, pulling Hinata to him by the waist.

"I called it too!" Naruto proclaimed, raising his glass to drink. Sakura looked up with surprise.

"Huh? Really?" Sakura questioned. Naruto's grin widened, nodding with confirmation.

"Totally! He wouldn't admit it at first but I called him out on it the day he met you at that cafe! No way he would have just handed a job out to some stranger he just met. That's not his style at all. Especially to a girl. Trust me. He actually tries to avoid girls like they're the plague." He informed, shrugging sheepishly. Sakura blushed. Ino and Temari had both told her that same thing, though she didn't believe it. She figured it was just him doing a favor. She remembered when she asked the next day, he only said that he needed a new secretary. She thought that was more believable.

"Neh? Wasn't he named Hottest Business Bachelor of the year though? I saw it on News Weekly! Why does he avoid women? To be honest, before I met him and saw what a stiff he was, I thought he was a total ladies man." Temari said, raising an eyebrow. Naruto laughed.

"Nah! Not at all. He's always been a loner. He spent almost all his years of school running away from hoards of fangirls. I personally think it left a mental scar on him. He's never talked to or acknowledged any girl he if he didn't have to." Naruto claimed.

"The few people he lets in his circle have to have been around for some time for him to even consider you worthy of breathing the same air as him. Not sure what you did Sakura-Chan, but you managed to get Sasuke to do something girls have been wishing on stars for him to do!" Naruto said, winking at Sakura.

"W-Well…" Sakura started, tilting her head to the side a bit and swirling her glass.

"Ugh! Why do you get to be so lucky, forehead!?" Ino whined. Sakura laughed.

"I don't know. I guess I'm just lucky." She shrugged. Kiba sighed.

"Not for nothing, after you told me everything Sakura, I thought it was obvious. Hell, I would have done the same if I had a bunch of money and a company. I bet he didn't even fire his secretary until after he hired you." Kiba said smirking. Sakura giggled.

"No way! I mean, he must have been looking for a new secretary at least." Sakura whimpered, a deep blush coming onto her face at the thought.

"I think Sakura-Chan's right. I'm sure Sasuke-san was indeed looking for a secretary, even before he met Sakura-Chan." Hinata's timid voice agreed. She walked over, placing her finished wine glass in the sink and considering the petite enclosure of Sakura's apartment, she was not far and returned in just under five seconds. Hinata was not a drinker, though she enjoyed a drink every once and a while. Kiba took out a wad of cash, pumping it into the air with his fist.


"I'LL TAKE THAT BET! DATTEBAYO!" Naruto yelled. Shikamaru sighed.

"What a drag. Fine. I'm in. Fifty on he didn't." He sighed out. Sakura's eyebrow twitched.

"Hey! We're not making a bet on this!" Sakura yelled out. Naruto grinned mischievously, nudging Sakura's shoulder with a small push of his elbow.

"Heh! Why not Sakura-Chan, scared?" He chuckled out snarkily, making Sakura flinch. She punched Naruto on top of his head, glaring with challenge.

"Baka! You're on! Fifty on he did fire the secretary before!" Sakura yelled, her eyebrow twitching.

"Heh! You're gonna owe us all money forehead!" Ino said, bringing out her money.

"Shut up Ino-pig! Temari?!" Sakura questioned desperately. The pigtailed blond smiled apologetically.

"Sorry, Sakura. I'm going with Shikamaru on this." She said shrugging. Sakura's face paled.

Naruto plus Kiba plus Shikamaru, plus Temari, plus Ino equalled two-hundred and fifty dollars. With a nervous and twitching eyebrow, she gazed to the last person who said she had agreed with her.

"H-Hinata?" She whimpered. The navy haired girl looked away, pearl eyes looking down and bringing her fist to her lips with thought. Sakura shrieked rushing over to the shy and timid girl, grabbing her hands.

"B-But Hinata! You said you agreed with me! Y-You can't possibly changing your mind!" Sakura whimpered. Hinata avoided her gaze, a shy blush of embarrassment coming to her face.

"S-Sorry Sakura-Chan." She whimpered. Sakura gasped, before her shoulders slumped forward. Three hundred dollars. If she lost, she would have a total payout of three hundred dollars.

"You know what, I'm feeling confident! I'M RAISING MY BET TO ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!" Kiba suddenly yelled out. Sakura snapped to him.

"Wait! You can't just—"

"YOU'RE ON!" Naruto screamed. Sakura stomped her foot.

"You can't just change the bet!" Sakura yelled out, shaking her fist.

"Well, we didn't close our bets, so technically—" Shikamaru absently stated.

"SHIKAMARU!" She cried out.

"One hundred it is!" Ino agreed excitedly.

Sakura whimpered, as the others joined in on the raise. She could only hope Sasuke would admit he fired his previous secretary first. Otherwise, she was out six hundred dollars. She deflated, dropping slowly to her knees only to slump over a worried Akamaru who stood beneath her. She slumped onto his massive body, muttering incoherent obscenities in her hair. She had to be right. She couldn't be wrong, could she? Could she? How were they even going to find this out?

"Bets are closed. For Sakura's sake." Shikamaru proclaimed sighing, eyeing the woman he had known since childhood.

"Heh! We can settle this right now too! I'll give a quick call to Sasuke right now!" Sakura;s head shot up from Akamaru's fur, still hanging off his standing body. It was pretty late. They shouldn't bother him. She was sure he had a long day.

"W-Wait! He must be busy, or tired! Let's ask tomorrow! Or I can ask him on Friday!" Sakura quickly tried to delay. Naruto however, already had his phone on speaker and the dial rings sounding as he shushed everyone. Sakura could only listen in terror.

"What do you want dobe? It's late." Sasuke's velvet voice grumbled with irritation. She gripped onto Akamaru's fur for support. The massive dog sat, bringing Sakura down fully to her knees. He turned licking her face for comfort. She could only cling to him, muttering a quiet "kill me."

"Hey, Teme! I just got a question for ya and I want your honest answer! Alright?" Naruto obnoxiously claimed.

"What is it that you need to know so late at night?" Sasuke growled in annoyance. Naruto snickered. Sakura's heart began palpating. Between the rush of today with Sasuke and now, she was certain she was going to have a heart attack. She hadn't even made up a will. She was going to die.

"When did you fire Karin? Before or after you hired Sakura-Chan?" Naruto asked. She flinched. She had certainly died. Hinata, noticing Sakura's mental breakdown, came to kneel by her long time pink haired friend, rubbing her back in circles and giggling as softly as he could.

"Why the hell is that any of your business idiot?" Sasuke growled on the other end of the line. Sakura did her best to send her brain waves through the cellphone, hopefully to reach Sasuke's brain. Maybe it would will him to hang up on Naruto right now. Maybe he wouldn't even answer the question. However, Naruto had an ace up his sleeve. He knew exactly how he was going to get Sasuke to divulge this information. Sasuke was a business man and Naruto had an offer he knew Sasuke couldn't and wouldn't refuse. Sasuke may have been a respectable man, but he was a man none the less and no one knew this better than Naruto. He smirked with intent.

"Ah! Come on! Just answer the question! If you do, I'll send you a picture of Sakura-Chan at a beach party from last summer!" Naruto bribed with a coo. Sakura flinched, head lifting and mouth opening, only to be tackled to lay back against her wooden floor and for her mouth to be covered by Hinata, Temari and Ino. Sakura's screams of protest were completely muffled as she thrashed and writhed with terror. Kiba rushed closer to the phone, staring down at it wildly with an anticipating grin. Shikamaru raised an eyebrow of intrigue. No. No way Sasuke would accept such an offer. Why was she terrified? He wouldn't. He wouldn't.

Silence was heard on the other line. Naruto grinned mischievously and knowingly. Of course, Sasuke was a bit of a greedy negotiator. He wasn't going to accept for such small profit.

"Alright, alright, I hear ya loud and clear. I'll sweeten the deal. How about, not one, but ten different pictures of Sakura-Chan at a beach party from last summer?" Naruto offered. Sakura thrashed even harder, her screams growing louder but still muffled. Sasuke heard nothing of her turmoil from the other line at all.

"...Why do you want to know when I fired Karin?" Sasuke asked. Sakura's face turned entirely red, her eyes wide and and body freezing. Even her struggled screaming had stopped. No. She knew that tone of voice from Sasuke. She had heard it in his countless briefings, his offers, his consideration of proposals given to him at work. He couldn't...he wasn't actually considering this, was he?! No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

"Just wondering and it's obvious you're not gonna tell me without receiving something in return. So, what do you say? I'll send you the pictures right after you answer. They're all on my phone. When did you fire Karin? Before you hired Sakura-Chan, or after?" Naruto asked again. There was silence once again that for Sakura lasted an eternity. She couldn't feel her heartbeat anymore.

"...Hn. I fired her after." Sasuke answered and then the call was disconnected instantaneously, obviously in expectation of receiving what he was promised. Kiba shouted in approval. Shikamaru was frozen in complete and utter shock. Naruto was laughing so hard, he had fallen onto the floor. Ino and Temari were smirking. Hinata was looking down worriedly at Sakura.

"U-Uhm...Sakura-Chan?" She called out worriedly. The group gathered around the unmoving girl. Her eyes were swirls, her lips pulled into a weary and disbelieving smile.

"He didn't really...accept. He...this is not true. My life is over. Kami-sama...please have mercy on me. Kill me." Poor Sakura muttered in her stunned and coma-like state.

"Welp, we broke her." Kiba sighed.

"She did just lose a bet and now owes six hundred bucks." Ino said shrugging. Shikmaru sighed, rubbing the back of his head.

"I don't think that's what broke her Ino. Well..maybe it's part of it but, definitely not the straw that broke the camel's back." The man lazily refuted. Temari snickered.

"Definitely not." She confirmed. Naruto scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

"Aahh, maybe that was a little too far." He sighed out, still grinning. Hinata looked up at him glaring scoldingly.

"Naruto-kun! That was beyond too far!" She cried out, now feeling guilty she had helped them achieve an answer. If she had known Naruto was going to do such a thing, she wouldn't have helped them hold down Sakura. Naruto flinched, laughing nervously.

"Gah! Sorry Hinata-Chan! It was the only way to settle the bet." Naruto excused. Shikamaru sighed, kneeling and lifting Sakura into his arms bridal style.

"Well, I'm gonna guess this little party is over." Shikamaru sighed, walking Sakura to her room and placing her on the bed. Ino shrugged her shoulders.

"I'll stay over. For when she wakes up." Ino volunteered.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, watching his phone and having a weird feeling about what transpired on the phone call. Either way, as he walked, he stared at his phone in expectancy, waiting for something and Itachi noticed it. Still walking side by side, Itachi raised an ebony eyebrow.

"Hm? What was that about?" Itachi questioned. Sasuke shrugged, his eyes still on his phone, knowing where he was going without needing to look up. He knew his house like the back of his hand and the vastness of it made it almost impossible to bump into anything.

"No clue. He wanted to know if I fired Karin before or after I hired Sakura." Sasuke answered. Itachi raised an eyebrow.

"Huh? Why?" Itachi questioned in confusion.

"No clue." Sasuke repeated. Itachi's eyes lowered in thought.

"Odd. I wonder why he wanted to know such a thing. As a matter of fact, why did you bother to give him an answer?" Itachi inquired. Sasuke could barely swallow the choke up of saliva that had balled up in his throat. As if saved by the bell, a few beeps from his phone sounded, indicating a number of received messages. Sasuke's eyes lowered to his locked phone.

Naruto - New Multimedia Messages Received

"What's th—"

"Good night, Itachi." Sasuke instantly dismissed, walking in the opposite direction towards his room. Itachi raised an eyebrow.

Once in the privacy of his room, Sasuke looked down at his phone, staring down at it for a moment. He supposed this was somewhat wrong, but upon hearing Naruto's offer, he honestly couldn't say no. His only gripe with it was that Naruto had such pictures, but then again, they had been long time friends.

Unlocking his phone and seeing the message contacts, an irrepressible smirk plastered on his face instantaneously.

He had a lot to look forward to, other than a date.

So...Hinata what's the situation out there?

Hinata: -byakugan activated- U-Uhm...w-well...


Hinata: S-S-Sakura-Chan...uhm...came back.

-twitches- A-And?

Hinata: -watches Naruto running around freaking out, Sasuke trying to damage control, Sakura destroying city blocks-

...It's bad isn't it.

Hinata: Y-Yeah...

What the hell happened?!

Hinata: Well, if I remember right, one of the ninja's I helped said something along the lines of "We shouldn't have attacked that monster."

-sigh- Welp. Let's go Hinata. We gotta try to survive this until the next chap.

Hinata: R-Right.


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